The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Manners Maketh Man

by Pan

Chapter 6

There are three surefire ways to make time fly: impending deadlines, a humdrum routine, and immortality.

I haven’t had a deadline or a routine in centuries, which should tell you exactly why I find time going past so quickly.

Gun to my head (a poor choice of words, perhaps, considering I’m immune to physical harm) I would have guessed that it was a few weeks, maybe a month or two since I’d last seen the Vaughn men. In fact, it was over a year.

How the time does fly when you’re having fun.

Ah. I suppose that’s the fourth way to lose track of time.

Immortality, and having a lot of fun.

I had actually returned to the neighborhood for completely innocent reasons—after leaving the Vaughns, I’d had one of the best burgers I’ve ever experienced. It was so good, it had stuck in my head even a year later. As I was retracing my steps, I noticed a cheerleader walking down the street—she had an athletic build (which I suppose should have been a hint) and an impressive bust.

My powers have allowed me to sleep with women with breasts as large as houses; one would think after countless decades of expanding women’s bosoms, I wouldn’t be intrigued by the tit-size of a random teenager…

But for all my powers, I am human, and large breasts is a perpetual turn-on for me, so I abandoned my quest for meat between two buns and followed the teenage cheerleader into her strangely-familiar house.

A quick scan soon told me exactly where I was, and reminded me of the changes I’d made last time. Michael and Colin, obeying Mark’s every word…as long as he included the magic word.


It was child’s play to ensure that everyone ignored me—as far as they were concerned, I wasn’t there. I invisibly trailed the cheerleader into the living room, where I was delighted to see Colin, the patriarch of the family, sitting completely naked in the middle of the couch, his eldest son kneeling between his legs.

I settled into the comfortable seat that I’d taken last time, propped my head onto my hand, and leaned forward, waiting to see what would unfold.

Since I’d left, the family had installed a fully-functional home gym. A quick probe confirmed that it was Mark’s doing, of course—he’d said “please” when making his request, and the family couldn’t resist.


Colin had just finished a workout, and was coated in sweat. His workout shorts were at his feet, Mark’s knees resting on them as he looked up at his father adoringly.

The new gym wasn’t the only change, I realized as I explored the sports-obsessed family’s minds. Mark had left for college—before my influence, he’d been planning on going across the country, but after everyone had settled into their new roles around the house, he’d decided he would miss it too much, and taken a scholarship at a nearby school.

It was the beginning of spring break, and Michael had come home to get his fix.

A quick probe told me that the boy was surprisingly popular at school. I’m sure before my meddling, he would have been just as popular (an athletic white guy would struggle to avoid it), but despite being a scrawny incest-obsessed gay, he’d managed to find his fair share of friends at school. Ruling the roost at home had given him a lot of self-confidence, accomplishing his sexual goals had given him an inner satisfaction, and over the last few decades, being gay in college had somehow become a social boon.

I’d like to claim that my efforts were at least partially responsible for that.

He still enjoyed sex with his family more than anyone else, but in weeks where he couldn’t find the time to come home, he’d even managed to find a few folk on campus to fuck. I’d only extended his ‘please’ power to his direct family members—I didn’t want him to rule the local area—but as I said, he’d found himself and his people.

I was almost proud of the boy.

His sister Katey was the middle child, a senior in high-school, and part of the cheerleading team. She was sitting on the couch with her naked father, not blinking an eye.

A quick probe told me that after my last visit, Mark had ‘pleased’ his sister to never find anything unusual about what he was doing, about what he was getting up to with his father and brother. Sure enough, Katey was happily just using her phone as Mark’s nose travelled all over his father’s naked, sweaty skin.

“Please, Dad,” he’d said as soon as his father came upstairs. “Watch TV naked.”

“Of course,” Colin had replied, lowering his pants and switching on the tube. “Nothing like cooling off and relaxing after a nice workout.”

Immediately after that, Katey (and I) had entered, and so I sat back, smiling as I watched what had become a regular occurrence in the Vaughn household. Mark’s mother was in the kitchen, getting dinner ready—I wondered what he’d done to make her okay with his new relationship with her husband…but as I’ve said before, I’m a patient man. I knew that all would become clear in time.

“Please, Dad,” Mark said, the words he’d uttered a thousand times sending a pulse of arousal through his body. “Ignore me.”

“Who said that?” Colin said jokingly, and Katey looked up from her phone.

“Mark did.”

“I know, honey, I was just…”

Colin trailed off as the commercial ended, and his son began fondling his balls.

For the next few minutes, I sat and watched as Colin watched TV, Mark explored his father’s sweaty, muscular body, and Katey stared into her hand-held screen. I still hadn’t bothered ever using a phone—I’d gone to all the trouble of learning how to telegram, and then it had been replaced so quickly. It had been fascinating to watch humanity’s eyes collectively drop, and I’ll admit I was a little curious as to what was so intriguing about them…but communication devices are for those with others in their life. I was alone, and always would be.

Mark started by giving his father a sort of massage. His thin hands travelled up and down Colin’s rippling muscles, squeezing and carressing them, appreciating their form. I didn’t need to explore his mind to know that this was something he’d done countless times since I’d last seen them (this, incidentally, was when I realized it had been over a year since my last visit).

When you have the ability to implant an obsession—not a temporary obsession, but years of obsession—you start to learn the patterns. Thanks to me, Mark had spent more than a decade sexually obsessed with his father’s body; his muscles, his form. Even now, even when he had access to his father’s exposed skin, he still took every chance he could to appreciate it, just in case this was the last time.

And so in what I could see had become an almost ritualistic routine, Mark ran his hands over Colin’s naked body, feeling and appreciating every part of it, wiping his sweat around. Once he had touched every part of his Dad’s form, he began to taste it—his tongue explored his father’s arms, his legs, his nooks and crevices. It was truly fascinating to watch; obsession always is.

I could practically taste Colin’s sweat as Mark hungrily licked it up, occasionally stopping to sniff the particularly strongly-scented areas; his father’s armpits, his ballsack, his sweaty forehead. Despite being told to ignore his son, Colin was unable to stop his body reacting to the stimulation—his cock hardened as Mark sucked his ballsack, and soon his erection was pointing proudly at the ceiling; impressive, for a man his age.

Not that I was one to judge on that front, of course.

As Mark all but made love to his father’s naked, sweaty skin, Katey was sitting beside them on her phone, mindlessly texting.

“What are you watching?”

Very little surprises me these days, but I have to confess: Katey’s question made me jump, so enthralled I was with Mark’s worship of his father.

Moonlighting,” Colin grunted. I hadn’t even noticed what was on.

“Isn’t that Bruce Willis?”

Colin shuddered as his son’s tongue travelled slowly, lovingly up the side of his shaft.

“Yes,” he panted, trying desperately to ignore his son’s administrations. “This was where he got his start. What do you know Bruce Willis from?”

Looper,” Katey said, her eyes dropping back to her phone. Colin breathed a long sigh of relief as Mark began deep-throating him, as though he was somehow afraid of being ‘caught’, despite making no efforts to hide what was happening.

For the next few minutes, the only sounds were the rerun detecting from the TV, the clacking sounds of Katey’s nails against her phone’s glass screen, and the choking sounds that Mark made as he deep-throating his father.

The next time Katey spoke, I was ready for it.

“Hey Mark,” she said, glancing over at her brother, apparently seeing nothing amiss about his head rapidly bobbing up and down on their father’s cock. “Did you hear about Mr Stephens?”

Mark pulled his mouth away from Colin’s erection, causing another pleasure-shudder from his father. He casually stroked it with one hand as he answered his sister. “No?”

“He got fired today,” Katey said, her gaze returning to the screen in front of her. “No one could work out why, but Amanda just IM’d me—she reckons he was dating a student.”

“Mr Stephens? Really?”

I grinned. I could all but see Mark revisiting the fantasies he’d had about the teacher over the years. A quick peek told me that Mr Stephens had been his gym teacher—muscular enough to remind Mark of his father.

“Yeah,” Katey said. “One of the girls on the lacrosse team.”

Mark rolled his eyes at his ex-teacher’s heterosexuality, and resumed fellating Colin. Katey continued as though nothing was amiss. “Her parents found out, and called the school. Crazy, huh?”

“Mmm hmm,” Mark grunted around his father’s cock, making him twitch at the vibrations.

Katey fell silent, and a mischievous grin appeared on Mark’s face. “Hey Dad,” he said. “Keep watching the show, but stop ignoring me now. Please.”

As though someone had flipped a switch, Colin came to life. Clearly worked up, his dominant side came to the fore once more.

“I’m going to fuck your face,” he grunted, grabbing Mark’s hair and moving it back to his crotch. “I’m going to fuck your face until I cum down your throat.”

Mark looked like he was in heaven: his naked, muscular father was forcing his cock down his throat as hard as he could, his eyes fixated on the television in front of him, his little sister beside them, acting as though nothing was happening at all.

“Dinner’s almost ready,” Caroline said, poking her head in. The mother. Glancing at her, I could see where Katey got her chest, although not her athletic build—Caroline certainly wasn’t out of shape, but she didn’t seem to have the same obsession with fitness that the rest of the family had picked up.

“Thanks, honey,” Colin said through gritted teeth. “Your son has almost sucked the cum out of me.”

“Sucking your Dad’s dick again, are you?” Caroline asked her son with a half-laugh. “Oh deary me. Well, boys will be boys…be quick! Dinner isn’t going to wait for you, not again.”

With that, she pottered back to the kitchen, leaving me with a smile. Apparently where Katey had been instructed to ignore what was happening entirely, Mark’s mother had been told to acknowledge it, but find it completely normal.

I couldn’t help but wonder what other surprises the family had in store for me.

* * *