The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Manners Maketh Man

by Pan

Chapter 7

As the end credits of Moonlighting rolled, Colin was sitting naked on the couch, a firm grasp on his son’s hair, using his head as a sex toy. His teenage daughter was sitting fully-clothed beside him on the couch, instructed to be completely oblivious to what was going on.

I, meanwhile, was sitting across the room, watching everything with a gleam in my eye, no one else aware I was there.

“Take your shorts off,” Colin grunted. “I want to finger that ass of yours.”

My initial assumption was that this was a leftover instruction of Mark’s, but the boy’s reaction intrigued me. A quick glance into his mind told me that no, this wasn’t something he’d directly instructed, and that he was as confused as I was.

Just as confused, and twice as aroused.

If it had only been a few months since my last visit, I’m sure the stimulation provided by his father’s probing fingers would have been enough to distract Mark from his blowjob, but by now the boy was truly experienced. Rather than allow Colin’s loving gesture make his fellatio worse, Mark decided to reward his father and give him the best head he possibly could.

Colin’s eyes rolled back in his head as Mark redoubled his efforts, using his hands to fondle his father’s ballsack and shaft, his tongue stimulating his father’s head as much as he could, as his head was unceremoniously forced up and down.

All three of us could sense the older man getting close to orgasm, when Caroline interrupted once more.

“Okay boys, time’s up! Did you come?”

No,” Colin grunted in frustration. “Almost…there…”

“Too late,” Caroline said, waving a wooden spoon. Dinner is served! Mark, go downstairs and fetch your brother from the gym.”

As Katey unfolded her long legs and stood up, Mark continued thrusting his head up and down his father’s sizeable shaft.

“Mark, don’t make me tell you twice!”

There was a note of fear in Caroline’s voice, and I laughed as I read her thoughts to see what was worrying her. A year ago, she—and the whole family—had been worried about Mark’s rude manner, fearful that he was sabotaging his own future by refusing to be polite.

I’d altered this innocent family, turning Mark into an incest-obsessed homosexual dweeb, and ensuring that everyone would obey him…as long as he said ‘please’.

From Caroline’s perspective, my efforts had been a roaring success, and Mark had (as I said, to my great surprise) truly found himself in college, making friends and passing all his classes.

And so whenever he showed even a hint of rebellion, Caroline couldn’t help but worry that he was reverting back to his old ways, that they’d lost all the progress they’d made over the last twelve months.

“Listen to your mother,” Colin reluctantly ordered. It seemed he, too, had detected the uneasy tone in Caroline’s voice.

To the great relief of his mother, Mark removed his mouth from his father’s hard-on. “Can’t you send Katey?”

“I don’t want to go down there,” Katey said, flipping her hair. “It stinks.”

Katey, it seemed, preferred running to using the family gym.

“Yeah,” Mark said, a grin appearing on his face as he realized the truth of his sister’s words. “I guess I can grab him.”

* * *

Instructing the boy not to notice me, I moved downstairs ahead of him, and was immediately awash with the scent of man.

Phew. Katey hadn’t been kidding; it really did reek down here. Mostly sweat, but with plenty of cum mixed in. Clearly, this gym was used for all kinds of workouts.

As I settled down into a beanbag in the corner, I watched Mark pause at the bottom of the stairs, sniffing deeply with a huge smile. I’d really gone all in on the boy’s love of manly odors.

Michael grinned at the sight of his brother. Before me, the siblings had been close, but now they were close. “Hey Cumrag,” he said playfully. “What’s up?”

“Mom wanted me to get you—dinner’s ready.”

“Great,” Michael said. “I’ll finish this set and be right up. Can you spot me?”

Mark’s eyes gleamed.

“Sure thing,” he replied breathily. “But then you have to return the favor, okay?”

“I dunno,” Michael said, confused. “Didn’t you say Mom wanted us for dinner?”


“Oh of course,” the younger lad said. “Fitness comes first!”

That could practically have been the family’s motto. I wondered how Caroline got out of joining in the family’s three workouts per day.

“Great,” Michael said. “Bench press.”

I watched as Mark spotted his brother, helping him load up the weights and then hovering over him to make sure he wasn’t overwhelmed. I’d been expecting shenanigans, but it seemed that even when he was on the edge of exploding with arousal, the young deviant still prioritized gym safety.

“My turn,” he said, after the weights had been returned to their holder. “And hey, let’s finish this in the nude.”


“Please,” Mark added, and Michael nodded, stripping down without another thought, and watching as his brother did the same.

The difference between the brothers was stark—Michael was an adonis, a perfect specimen of muscles and youthful beauty. He would have been an ideal model for an ancient Greek sculptor. I’ve seen (and created) my fair share of gorgeous men, and I could think of few that could challenge Michael for pure looks. Since I’d left, he’d apparently recommitted himself to the gym, focusing on workouts that made him look good…at Mark’s instruction, I suspected.

By comparison, Mark looked like a parody of a man. When I’d met him, he’d been just as attractive as his brother, but my changes had left him scrawny, pigeon-chested, more reminiscent of an awkward pile of bones than anything.

My changes had meant that no matter what Mark did, he’d never gain the muscle mass of his father or brother—for the rest of his days, he would resemble the bullied geek, the ‘before’ photo in an advertisement for gaining weight.

Even after everything I’d done to this family, I’d still left them as fundamentally good people—sweet and kind, no matter how deviant the incestuous acts they performed on each other. And so there was no chance Michael would make fun of his brother for not being able to perform the same workout as him.

“Please,” Mark said nonetheless. “I’m trying a new routine. Just treat it as if nothing is amiss, okay?”

“Of course,” Michael said. “Whatever you need, big brother.”

A wicked look appeared in Mark’s eye.

“Lay down on the bench,” Mark instructed, and Michael obliged. “Make your cock hard. Please.”

Without the final word, Michael still would have obeyed—he would have given his soft dick a few strokes thinking about one of his various sluts at school, or the last time he’d used his older brother’s ass as s fleshlight. With the command, however, he was simply immediately erect, his body following the instructions I’d all but written into his DNA.

“Thank you,” Mark said, scooping up a handful of Michael’s sweat, and coating his brother’s hardness in it. “I love this new workout.”

“No problem,” Michael said, “happy to help.”

Michael sat as his brother got into position, showing the same tenseness Mark had while spotting him—a sort of readiness, prepared to help at a moment’s notice.

“You ready?” Mark grunted, and Michael nodded as his brother slowly lowered his ass onto his brother’s dick.

Playing with his father had left Mark extremely turned on, and watching his brother lift weights had only exacerbated his condition. His skinny cock was throbbing red, and as he used his brother’s prostrate body to fuck his own ass, I could see that he was dying to play with it.

It required both his hands to raise and lower himself onto his brother’s cock, however, and with Michael completely unaware that his erection was being used in this ‘workout’ to fuck his brother, he could hardly ask him to help.

And so Mark’s hard cock remained untouched as he lifted himself up and down, counting as he did.

“…eight, ungh, nine, fuuuuck, ten!”

“Great job, bro,” Michael beamed, as Mark lifted himself up and off his brother’s cock. The dweebier-looking of the two brothers was now also coated in sweat—his ‘workout’ had left him exhausted and even more aroused than before. “Next up, squats!”

Mark’s cock didn’t wilt as he helped Michael load up the weighted bar. This time, he counted his brother’s reps for him, clearly enjoying the sight of his godlike brother’s thigh-muscles flexing as he raised and lowered the bar.


Sweat was streaming out of Michael’s every pore. Even if the family had never used this room to fuck, it would have stunk like man. I was enjoying it, but Mark…he was practically floating at the sight of his brother’s naked, sweaty body.

“My turn,” he said, as the weights got locked back into place. “Just stand there, this is an easy one.”

“Sure thing,” Michael said, one hand on his hip. His erection had softened, but as Mark knelt in front of him, it started to perk up again—perhaps a Pavlovian thing. I knew that this was far from the first time he’d seen his older brother in this position, and I would have put money down that it always led to one or both of them cumming.

Just as he had upstairs, Mark gobbled down the thick cock staring him in the face without missing a beat. He must have become a true expert in deep-throating. Once it hit the back of his throat, he withdrew—to my amusement, Michael returned his brother’s favor, and began counting Mark’s ‘reps’.

“One,” he said with a grunt. Mark again moved his head all the way down, taking Michael’s entire cock inside him in a single motion. Unlike earlier with his father, Mark wasn’t using his hands to fondle Michael’s balls or stroke his shaft—instead, he was jerking himself off in time with the deepthroating.

“Two,” Michael said as his brother came up for air. “Three. Four. Five. Six.”

Even as his cock was expertly swallowed by his older brother, Michael acted as though he was doing nothing more than helping with a workout—his penis was clearly enjoying the attention, but the expression on his face confirmed that he had no idea what his brother was doing.

“Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. Okay bro, that’s enough.”

Mark could have continued deepthroating his brother until both of them came, but he reluctantly pulled himself off Michael’s throbbing erection, and moved onto his brother’s final exercise.

As I looked around the home gym, I was impressed—they really had gone all out, kitting it out with everything from a elliptical to a fly machine. It was the latter that Michael sat in—the machine really did all the work, and so Mark used the opportunity to continue jerking off as he watched his brother’s gleaming muscles strain against the machine.

“Ten,” he panted—I could tell that he was right on the verge of cumming, but didn’t want to cum just from jerking off as he watched his brother. Not when he could do so much more than that. Not when he could do whatever he wanted.

“What’s next?” Michael asked, getting up.

“Stay there,” Mark said, a manic look in his eye.


“Stay there,” he repeated, dropping to his knees once more.

“Bro,” Michael said in confusion, “you already did this exercise.”

Mark didn’t respond, just sucked his brother’s cock until it was hard and glistening once more.

“One,” he said with a grunt, turning around and lowering himself onto his brother’s erection, using the machine to steady himself. He was facing away from his brother in the reverse cowgirl position, closing his eyes with bliss as he felt Michael’s cock filling him up.

I’d expected him to follow it up with ‘two’, but instead he gave his brother an instruction. “Jerk me off,” he grunted.

Michael looked shocked. “In the middle of a set? You know that’s not…—”


“Well, if it helps you finish your reps…”

Michael’s hand snaked around and grabbed his brother’s erection, pumping it as Mark continued to fill his ass up with his brother’s hardness. As he raised and lowered his body, a series of moans and grunts left his mouth, followed—eventually—by “Two!”

“C’mon bro,” Michael said enthusiastically, as he jerked his brother off. “I believe in you. You can get to ten!”

“Three,” he panted, “fuck. Fuck me. Fuck me, bro!”

“I will,” Michael said supportively. “As soon as you finish this set!”

“Four. Fuck! Four. Four. Four. Four.”

“Five,” Michael prompted. “You can do it.”

“Five! Five, six, sex, sex, sex…”

Michael’s hand was a blur. I was tempted to tinker, to prevent his older brother from being able to cum, but so far it had been such a delightful show without me making even a single change, I wanted to see how long I could hold out.

Longer than Mark, that was for sure—he didn’t even get to seven before reaching his orgasm, his dick pulsing as it shot string after string of semen all over the gym floor, some of it landing on the weights.


As Mark’s orgasm subsided, he collapsed onto his brother’s cock, his eyes widening as Michael’s full erection filled him up.

The look on his face was one of pure bliss, and the two sibling sat in silence for almost a minute, Michael’s hand continuing to softly pump his brother’s softening erection.

“It’s okay,” Michael said, finally breaking the silence. “You tried, and that’s what matters.”

“Thanks, bro,” Mark smiled, leaning his head against his sibling’s chest.

I smiled at the sight of the two brothers—closer, thanks to me, than they would ever have been normally. I do what I do for very selfish reasons, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the glimpses of genuine good my actions cause.

Sensing a thought lurking in Michael’s head, I dove in to see what he was thinking. His cock was throbbing inside Mark’s tight ass, and he wanted to get off. Since I’d last seen him, he’d grown very comfortable using his brother as his own personal cumslut, and normally he would just order Michael to his knees (or bend him over the weight rack) and use him.

But the tender moment had gotten to him too, and a part of him didn’t want to kill the mood.

I would have loved to have seen where Michael landed, but before he could reconcile his two conflicting drives, a voice travelled down the stairs.

“Boys? Where are you? Dinner’s served!”

“C’mon,” Mark said with a smile, fully aware of the blue balls he’d just caused his brother. “Time to eat!”

* * *