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Part Five

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Matthew and Lyn had just gotten back from what they both found out to be their last day having to take classes at the school. Mr. Smith had given Matthew the news of his powers and the lesser but still important news that he was allowing him to skip the rest of the classes, along with the test at the end of the year—Mr. Smith knew that Matthew would pass it anyway. After Matthew had been told, Lyn was also given the same news Matthew was, excluding the part about his powers. Lyn didn’t have any, and she didn’t have any idea Matthew had them, for Matthew had asked Mr. Smith to retain that information from Lyn. Matthew wanted to tell her instead. He wasn’t sure how she’d take the fact that his subconscious mind made her fall in love with him, but he knew how he was taking it—like a blow to the heart with a shotgun. The one girl he loved with all his heart, and her love for him was only an illusion. Matthew said nothing on the drive back to Lyn’s house. Lyn asked what was wrong several times, but he just stared out the window, not wanting to believe what Mr. Smith had convinced him of. The powers could’ve been considered good news, but the fact that Lyn’s love for him was false completely negated the happiness he would’ve felt about anything, let alone this new ‘magic’ he had been told of. The more Matthew thought about it, the more strength it required of him to not let himself cry. This was truly the saddest he had ever been in his life, which seemed to be only one let down after another ever since his parents died in the car crash.

Maybe if they hadn’t died, none of this would’ve happened. He might’ve went to another school, where he would never have met Lyn and fallen in love with her, only to have his love crushed. He might’ve been able to stay with his parents, and not have to live the majority of his pre-teenage years in the hell that was the orphanage. He might’ve been able to keep his sister, who had died in a house fire about a month after his parent’s fatal car crash. He knew that if his parents were alive when his sister went to her friend’s house that day, they would’ve been able to save her—he had received a call from his sister while the house was burning—she told him she had been trapped and the house was burning. There was panic in her voice. To this day, he could remember exactly how she sounded right before the line went dead and she was burned alive. Perhaps if her friend had cared more, enough to go back into the house and rescue his sister Brittany, instead of taking shelter in the safety of the outside world. Perhaps if someone had called 911 sooner... But Matthew knew that it wasn’t her fault she died. When smoke is thick enough, it prevents you from getting enough oxygen and your brain ceases to function at a normal level. Brittany had no idea to dial 911 by the time she found the phone, and because her boyfriend (whose house she was at when it caught on fire) was too scared to run into the house, or even his neighbor’s house and call 911. He simply stood there, panicking and staring at the fire, not even remembering the girl he had forgotten inside. Matthew knew he would never forget Lyn if they were suddenly trapped in a burning building. Matthew would do anything he could to save her, although he wasn’t sure she would’ve done the same for him if he hadn’t gotten the powers he had.

Matthew was sitting on Lyn’s couch, thinking these thoughts and staring out the window, into the dark rainy night. Lyn was sitting next to him, staring at him, wishing he’d say something to her. Anything. She didn’t know what it was that was so deeply disturbing Matthew, but she knew that she’d do anything to fix it for him. She loved him completely.

Matthew finally blinked, and turned to look at her. “Lyn, do you love me?”

“Of course, Matthew. I love you with all my heart!”

Matthew winced a bit, and continued... “Lyn, how long have you loved me? Ever since we met, or starting a few weeks ago?”

Lyn looked at him, a bit puzzled as to why this was making him so depressed, or what it had to do with his depression.

“I’ve always loved you Matthew. I just never found a way to express my love for you until recently. I only spoke up recently because... Well, I don’t know. I just suddenly found inspiration to tell you how I felt, and share my feelings with you.” she replied to him.

Matthew saw in her eyes that she wasn’t lying. He now knew that her love for him was real, and not created by his own mind. Their bond was even stronger now, and it became impossible to break. Matthew leaned into Lyn, and hugged her tightly, and Lyn hugged him back. Lyn still didn’t know what his sadness was about, but it was gone now, so she felt relieved. They were both completely happy once again.

“Lyn, I have something to tell you.” Matthew said as they broke the hug.

“Yes, master?”

Matthew smiled at her, and then continued. “Today, besides telling me about not having to go to the class anymore, Mr. Smith also told me something about myself I had never known before, and I asked him not to tell you because I wanted to tell you, personally... Mr. Smith told me that I have... Uh... Powers... Like psychic powers, almost.”

Lyn didn’t believe Matthew. But she also doubted herself for not believing him. She was pretty sure that Matthew wouldn’t lie to her, especially right after the serious conversation they just had. Matthew somehow realized her disbelief, and decided to prove it to her, by attempting to read her mind.

“Lyn, here, I’ll show you. Let me try to read your mind. Think of a number between one and infinity.”


Matthew attempted to connect his energy to her mind and read what she was thinking of. It was shockingly easy for him to read her thoughts, just not easy for him to find the thoughts he wanted to read—the thoughts about the number. He saw a number float past him in her mind, and he thought he’d use that, since it was his best guess.

“Uhh, I’m not good at this yet, but is it 1043?”


“Well, let me try again. I know this seems weird, but I want to prove it.”

Matthew once again dove into her mind, this time with even more ease than before. He now could also weakly navigate around her thoughts, but he didn’t know where to go. He saw lots of thoughts, but still not the one he was looking for. He was slightly embarassed when he saw a few of them, and almost felt like he was invading her privacy. He was, actually. Eventually, another number floated past him, and he was sure it wasn’t the number she was thinking of, but before he could look around more, he was thrown out of her mind. He’d run out of energy again, although he noticed he lasted much longer in her mind than he lasted when he was using third eye to see what was going on outside of the room when Mr. Smith first told him of his powers. He figured he was getting better at it.

“Lyn, I ran out of energy before I could look around more. This probably isn’t right, but was the number 4749?”

“No, it wasn’t...”

“Oh... You probably think I’m going insane, don’t you?”

“No, I don’t. I just think you’re tired from all the stress you’ve had recently.” Lyn smiled caringly, while rubbing his back with one of her hands.

“Maybe I’ll be able to show you later.”

“I’m sorry I don’t believe you, Matthew...”

“It’s alright.”

And they sat there, content merely in each other’s company, until suddenly, the phone rang loudly and made Matthew jump. Lyn walked over to pick it up.

“Hello? Yes, he’s here. I’ll get him.”

She handed the phone to Matthew, and a familiar voice passed through the line.

“Matthew! Quickly! This will sound insane, but you and Lyn have to gather up as many important things as you can and get away from your house!” There was panic in the person’s tone.

“Who is this?” Matthew asked. He couldn’t put a name or face to who he was talking to, and until he did, he wasn’t going to trust this person.

“This is Mr. Smith, from the school! Don’t waste your time talking to me! Pack and drive as far from the house—wait, no—the city as you can! I can’t explain now, but you must do as I say if you want to live!”

There were other times in his life when Matthew might’ve had a second thought about leaving his town for fear of his life, but those were times when he didn’t have control of his own life. Recent events changed that.

“OK, bye!”

“Be sure to leave within five minutes!” Matthew clicked the phone off (with his now shaky hands) and got up to tell Lyn.

“Lyn, pack as much as you can in the car. We’re leaving in five minutes, or as soon as possible.”

Lyn looked at him in fear, which Matthew didn’t realize wasn’t because of the situation. Something went up his spine, but he ignored it and quickly went around Lyn’s house, taking all of the things he had just moved there with him, and helping Lyn with some of her things after his modest collection was done. More than once an item was dropped, only to be kicked into the garage, to be picked up last-minute. Picking things up now would only slow them down. And after what felt like too long, they had as much as they thought they would need and were already pulling out of the driveway of Lyn’s house. For some reason, all of the streets of the town were empty. This was odd because despite the fact that Lyn didn’t live in a densely populated area, there had always at least been cars parked near close houses. But now the city seemed like a ghost town. Matthew had a sensation that felt like acid was being poured down his throat because of how scared he was. Lyn looked at Matthew, concerned. She didn’t ask any questions, though. She knew that all the mysteries of life would be explained in time, even though right now she really wished that whatever this was would be explained. She didn’t know that Matthew felt the same way. They eventually were out of the city, and into the long lonely stretch of highway that went through the desert around the outskirts of that town. It was the only proof that people had ever been in the desert, aside from the city behind them. After a minute, Matthew calmed a bit, and spoke up...

“Lyn, that was Mr. Smith. He didn’t explain much to me, besides that we had to get out of there within five minutes, and that we have to get out of town if we want to live.”

“That’s all he said?”

“Yeah. I would’ve asked him about it, but I didn’t want to—", but before Matthew could finish his sentence, everything went silent, including his voice. It seemed like the sound was drained from everything. Matthew tried talking, and so did Lyn, but to no avail. A few seconds later, they felt (but didn’t hear) rumbling. They turned around in their seats and looked back at the city. They thought the apocalypse had come.

Above the city, there was a giant white storm which looked like a blizzard of some kind, except that it was concentrated over only the city. There were dark clouds in every other direction as far as you could see. Green-colored lightning was striking every part of the city, and some buildings were falling down as they were struck. There was a glowing white speck flying around above the city as well, and every so often, yellow sparks would fly out of it, hitting the ground. They might’ve been in awe if they weren’t fearing for their lives at that moment—it was an amazing sight to see. Because I was out of harm’s way when I saw all of this, I was feeling the awe that they weren’t. It was like all of the pain and suffering that mankind brought upon the earth was finally being brought back against them. It was a judgement day, but not the judgement day. The apocalypse had come early for this tiny part of the universe, and Matthew and Lyn had cheated Death, for now. Matthew and Lyn had nothing more on their mind other than getting out of there at that moment. Although they were out of the city, they were still relatively close, and neither of them had the ability to predict how this doomsday would continue. Eventually, all the sound came back, but it sounded flat, almost as if being played from a portable voice recorder.


And then all the sound there ever was came back, and they were deafened. It was a wall of white noise, and neither of them could hear anything, except for everything. They covered their ears, but it was no use. They didn’t have time to think, and couldn’t think at that moment. Everything went white.

Someone was asleep, but it had just woken up. They didn’t know who they were. All that person knew was that he or she had just witnessed the most dramatic thing a human (or whatever they were) could ever see. Eventually, it realized someone else was saying something, but it didn’t know who. All the whiteness drained out of it’s view, and someone was standing over them. It didn’t know who it was, but it looked like someone you should know. Eventually, whatever it was that was lying on the ground realized that it was Matthew, but that’s all it remembered besides that and the previous event. He was in too much pain to get up though, or to try and talk to the person hovering above him. Matthew’s hearing quickly returned, and he realized the person standing over him was male. His memories of Lyn and everything else returned, and after that, the pain ceased and nearly everything became clear to him again, except he wasn’t on Earth anymore, and the place he was in had a dreamlike quality. He wondered if he was dreaming lucidly, or if he had passed into a coma from something. He didn’t recall anything specific happening that would put him into a coma, but he didn’t have any reason to believe he wasn’t in a coma either. Matthew got up, and the person standing above him moved aside.

“Who are you?” Matthew asked, slowly.

“...M-Matthew, you’re alive! It’s amazing you survived whatever the hell that was! I owe my life to you, man.” The person was talking quickly, and his voice sounded familiar as well. His clothes looked like they weren’t from Earth. They were pitch black, and looked like they were made of plastic. The person was also wearing a hat and gloves, whose color matched that of the pitch black trenchcoat. The person’s boots were the only item of clothing that seemed to have any real texture—they had straps on them, like combat boots, but they were more pointed and bigger. The person’s clothes actually reminded Matthew a bit of the kind of clothes goths wear. Matthew wasn’t a goth, nor did he know any, but he didn’t judge people by how they looked. The person’s face was what had looked so familiar, though (most likely because it was the only flesh that was visible). It had a sharp nose, small lips and a flat figure. His face wasn’t rounded, and what was visible of his hair (on the sides—his hat covered where any hair might’ve been) was dark, but not nearly as dark has the suit he was wearing. One of his eyes had a dark green iris, and another had a dark red iris. Everything about his person was dark, except for what Matthew had seen of his personality.

“What are you talking about? And who are you?” Matthew asked, a bit nervious because the person wearing the dark clothes seemed right at home talking to him, as if they were lifelong friends. But Matthew didn’t have any idea who he was.

“Oh, shit, I forgot you don’t even know anything about this place. Matthew, it’s not important who I am. In fact, it’s better you don’t know right now. Don’t ask why, either. You shouldn’t know that. And stop trying to figure out who I am—I can see it in your eyes! Trust me, you could... Uh, go insane if you figure out who I am. So trust me on this.”

“How do you know who I am, and I don’t even know who you are?”

“Stop asking questions like that! Anything related to information about me isn’t important! What I have to tell you about right now is—” but another voice off in the darkness around them cut him off.

“Get on with it!” the voice was scratchy, but it sounded similar to the voice of the person in dark clothes.

“I’ll do whatever I damn well please! And you’re the one in the cage, anyway!” the man in dark clothes responded, turning to face the darkness behind him, which was where the voice came from.

“...He’s got a point.” another voice said, more quietly.

“Shut up!” the first said.

“Anyway, Matthew, right now... You’re in your own mind.” the man in black smiled as he said this, as if it were a joke, but Matthew somehow knew it wasn’t a joke.

“What?!” and suddenly, some of the darkness around them vanished to reveal the cage behind the man in black, and all the people in it. There were hundreds, at least, and all of them that Matthew could see looked almost like the man in black, except for variations, such as scratches, a bigger size, meaner looking, tiny, and there were some that looked like they had too much caffeine. One even looked dead. One was trying to kill himself. One was just staring at Matthew, with a creepy look in his eye. Most of the people in the cage were looking at Matthew, aside from the dead and suicidal ones. Matthew shuddered and looked back at the man in black, remembering being told to ignore them. He didn’t know why he was listening to the man in black or why he trusted him, but he did.

“You catch on quickly, Matthew. Oh, and just call me... Call me X for now. That’s mysterious enough.”

“OK, my mind can’t be this empty. I’m not that dumb, am I?”

“No, you’re not dumb. Anything but. You’re a genius, actually. You just don’t know it yet. The reason your mind looks like this is because—yes, you guessed it!—you’re in a coma, and most of your brain was damaged in whatever happened that made you white out.”

“So... Will I be like this forever?”

“How the hell am I supposed to know? Actually, the only way you can change this, and learn everything I’ve warned you not to think about right now is if you fix your mind. Luckily, you’re a very smart boy, and your brain knows how to fix itself, basically, although you have to give it a little push. Your mind is going to be a little funked up, but that’s only because it’s damaged right now and it’ll be fixed once you do what I tell you you should do. It’ll be like something out of some crazy drug trip, man! ...I wish I could come with you.”

“Why can’t you? I have no idea where everything is in my mind, much less the damaged version of it.” Matthew replied.

“Oh, I have to keep these guys in the cage. A lot of them could damage your mind even worse if they got out. And there’s some pretty crafty ones in there. You wouldn’t want that to happen, would you Matthew?”

“I suppose not.”

“That’s a good boy. You can always tell you’re not going insane when you listen to logic!”

“Uh, ok?”

“Oh, right. You have to learn what it is you actually have to do. Sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself today, aren’t I? Well, basically, what you have to do is this... You have to find the core of your mind, and... Well, your instincts will tell you what to do there.”

“But where is the core of my mind?”

“Over there.” He pointed in one direction in the darkness, and some of it cleared so Matthew could see. There was what appeared to be an abyss that stretched miles and miles, and a mountain at the end of the abyss. The abyss had white mist floating over the top, so Matthew couldn’t tell if it was really an abyss or not. The mountain appeared to be millions of miles high, but it was far enough away that Matthew could see the tip, which is where he assumed the core of his mind was. He sighed.

“I have to get through the abyss and climb that mountain?”

“That’s no abyss. There’s lots of stuff in it.”

“But what about the mountain?”

“Oh, that little hill? You’ll have no problem—there’s an elevator at the bottom.”

“Wow, ummm. That’s really handy.”

“Yeah, which is why I’m glad your mind is organized that way. You’re a very smart person, Matthew. Oh, I’ll help you put the first few steps forward. Here you go...”

Suddenly, Matthew was flying through the air and then falling through the mist of the abyss. He eventually landed on his face, but it didn’t hurt because he’d landed on a rubbery surface, like a trampoline. Then the voice of the man in black returned to him...

“I can’t put you any closer than that, Matthew, or I would’ve. You’ll have to get through the rest yourself. Watch out for the monsters that lurk in your thoughts, and good luck. Oh yeah, and don’t worry too much—it’s not as far as it might seem.”

The monsters part wasn’t of any help to Matthew’s confidence at that moment, but he was glad to be warned of things that might attack him. He wished his mind wasn’t so big. After consideration, he decided he didn’t wish that, and his next thought was that he should begin his journey.

He got up, dusted himself off, and felt something in his pocket that wasn’t there before. He pulled it out, and it was a compass. He somehow knew instinctively that it pointed towards the mountain. He wished everything was that easy.

For the first time after being flung in into the abyss, Matthew took a look at his surroundings. He’d landed in the middle of a circle of trees, and each one had a different color of leaves at the top. There was a white, a black, a gray, a yellow, a green, a red, an orange, and others. Upon closer inspection, a few of them looked dying. Matthew figured he’d fix them by fixing his mind, so he started walking towards the mountain (following the compass). Once outside of the circle of trees, the grass that was in between the trees abruptly ended, and there was sand, like a desert. And there were many oil rigs pumping oil up from below the sand. Matthew didn’t know what that meant. The desert seemed silent, which reminded him of what had happened to put him into the coma, and it sent shivers down his spine. Luckily, he could already see the elevator doors at the bottom of the mountain, although they were still far away. He started running towards the door, and his feet hitting the ground were the only noises that echoed across the desert, until he heard other footsteps behind him. He stopped and listened.... But heard nothing.

He turned around to look, and only saw more of the oil pumps, moving silently. It was an eerie scene—the silently moving pumps, the sudden lack of footsteps, and the sand. Suddenly, something caught his eye, but before he could look it was already flying above him, and behind him, going towards the door. He turned to look at it, and then suddenly he heard the footsteps behind him again, and quickly turned around, looking in the opposite direction of the door.

And he had a knife up against his neck.

“Who are you?” the figure asked. The voice was heavily distorted, as if a disguise. He saw nothing of the figure besides the black robes it was wearing, and the two glowing dots where eyes would be, in the darkness that the hood of the robes created on the figure’s face. The robes also had a flat panel on the front of them, with writing in some other language. The voice sounded like the wind in one minute, and then it sounded like an earthquake the next.

“Who are you?!” the figure asked again, but more forcefully, and Matthew realized he hadn’t said anything, out of shock.

“I-I’m Matthew.” he stuttered in reply, and the figure’s glowing eyes quickly widened and it took its knife away from Matthew’s neck.

“I’m sorry, Matthew. I haven’t seen you around here in forever. You’ve been out of your mind for a long time.”

“Uh, what? Who are you?” Matthew replied.

The figure winced, and then the robes faded away to reveal a woman wearing the same flat piece that was on the robes, but as a complete garment. She had long blonde hair, and a face slightly rounder than Lyn’s. She looked taller now and less anonymous than she did when she had the robes on. She had two beautiful blue eyes that made her look more like a predator than prey, which wasn’t too far off if—like Matthew assumed—she was a guard for his mind. Her skin was slightly paler than Lyn’s, and she had very full, soft lips.

“My name is Synthia.” she said, and her voice now sounded normal... And sexy.

“Oh.” Matthew said, getting lost in her face.

“Why are you here?”

“Huh? Oh, well, it’s a long story, but we’re... um... I’m in a coma. And someone guarding a cage told me I have to get to the top of that mountain.” Matthew pointed towards the door.

Synthia smiled seductively and said “Oh, I’ll help you there.", and suddenly they were flying across the desert over the oil pumps and sand. Synthia wasn’t paying attention, she was looking at something to the left.

“Synthia, look out!” Matthew yelled, but it was too late—they ran right into a monster that appeared out of nowhere. They both flew back into the sand, and the beast turned it’s head to look at them, and Matthew got a good look at it. It looked like a giant dinosaur, except with 15 eyes on each side of it’s head, and claws at least 4 feet long. And it looked hungry... And mad.

Matthew quickly got to his feet and looked around. Synthia was about 15 yard to the left of Matthew, and she was almost completely buried in sand, and she didn’t look like she’d be getting up anytime soon. Matthew looked back at the monster, who was now looking at Synthia. It roared towards the sky and walked over to Synthia. It was going to eat her.

“NOOOO!” Matthew shouted. He had just met her, but somehow he’d already became friends with her, like he’d known her his whole life. And somehow, she symbolized every family member and friend that he had ever lost, except now he had a chance to stop it, and he wasn’t going to let that chance get away. He ran up to the beast, and it stopped after noticing him. It roared again, but that didn’t stop Matthew. And just like before, when he was fighting the bullies in school, all of his rage focused and he once again felt like he wasn’t doing anything, but watching himself do this from afar. He jumped up towards the beast and held his hands out to attack it, but he was quickly struck down by it’s huge claws, leaving giant scratch marks across his chest, but he just ignored them, and attempted to attack it again, without jumping. He put his hands next to each other and a glowing orb formed between them. He released it, and the orb flew at the monster, knocking it backwards into the wall, covering the door.

Matthew ran over to Synthia. “Synthia! Are you alright?!”

She didn’t respond.

“Synthia! Wake up!” Matthew said, in a panic. Even though the monster hadn’t done anything to her yet, he was still very concerned for her.

“Synth—” Matthew said again before he was picked up by the monster from behind. It’s grip was so tight that Matthew couldn’t breathe or speak, and it had knocked the wind out of him. He was doomed again, but he wasn’t going to let this happen. He had gotten so far, and he wasn’t going to let it all escape from him now. Suddenly, his body dematerialized, and every atom that he was composed of went through the skin of the beast. Matthew was destroying the beast from the inside out, and he didn’t even realize he was doing it. Each atom’s temperature skyrocketed, causing the beast to overheat and melt into a pile of ashes. Matthew’s atoms floated out of the beast’s remains and his form reappeared next to Synthia, who was now awake and had saw the whole thing.

“Synthia! You’re awake! Are you ok now?” Matthew said.

“Wow, Matthew..... That was amazing.” she replied.

“Yeah, but are you alright?” Matthew said, ignoring her look of awe.

“Yes, I’m perfectly fine... Thanks to you.” she looked at him with lust in her eyes and thrust her chest out at him a little.

“Oh, that’s good. Well, I have to get going to repair my brain now. Bye!” Matthew said and ran off.

“Wait—Matthew!” she said, reaching her arm out for him, but he was already in the doors and going up the elevator.

“Damn it, I finally meet Matthew, and I’m too damn subtle for him to notice me! Pfft, repair my brain. Yeah, I can tell your brain is broke if you can’t catch a hint like THAT.” she said to herself in anger.

“What an idiot, that Matthew... I wonder when he’s coming back?”