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Moulding a Model Student

Chapter 4: Put a Little Air in that Egghead

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Synopsis: Straight-A student Ada Deshpande just studies, studies, studies. She refuses to waste time on friends, family or lovers, and represses all her stress and anxiety. Her teacher Ms Ishikawa, on the other hand, thinks this model student should take a load off her mind once in a while.

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‘There, Miss Deshpande, see how relaxing it feels to let silly schedules slip from your sleepy mind,’ said Ms Ishikawa. ‘No, no, Miss Deshpande, please don’t keep those heavy eyes open on my account. Don’t keep that heavy head up on my account. You have nowhere to be, nowhere to be but here with me. Just lay your heavy head down on my desk and let your heavy eyes close… Good girl. You work so hard. You deserve a little rest. In fact, you work too, too hard, so you need a lot of rest… That’s it, just relax… Now, Miss Deshpande, because you’re such a stellar student, I’m going to teach you a little extracurricular lesson. I’m going to teach you that study isn’t worth all the anxiety and worry you put yourself through…’

* * *

By the time I had finished with Ms Ishikawa, I was an hour and half behind schedule. But this was no waste of time, this was an investment. This potion, this magic potion, Ms Ishikawa gave me could suffocate the libido, freeze all warm affection, and blinker and blind the mind to all distractions—the perfect study aid! I never paid much attention to my classes or my teachers (they took time away from studying), but Ms Ishikawa plainly paid attention to me. She plainly saw in me not just a good student, but the best student. I admit I was not a perfect student. I may never have had sexual intercourse, may never have had friends, may never have gone anywhere other than school, home and the library, but nonetheless I still, sometimes, wanted sex, friends and exploration—Useless, pathetic desires!

When I reached home, I ran up the stairs towards my room. Half-way up the stairs, father yelped after me from the bottom of the stairs.

‘Ada!’ he said. ‘It’s five-thirty!’ He sounded like a child whose mother had come home late. ‘I- I mean, you did say—I mean, I expected—You always come back at—’

‘Something came up,’ I said, barely looking over my shoulder at him. ‘I am behind schedule.’

The word ‘schedule’ struck him dumb, for he knew that my schedule stood above all plans of mice and fathers.

‘Our heart-to-heart is cancelled,’ I said.

It was called a ‘heart-to-heart’, but it was only for the sake of father’s heart that I squandered a whole fifteen minutes per day on conversation. If I ever opened my heart, blood would dribble and deluge out, until our conversations would run for a whole half hour. Such time-consuming bleeding would hobble my schedule, force me to reduce my study-load, and those missed studies, building day after day as I pointlessly opened the dams of my heart, would whittle a wider and wider hole in my knowledge until I would fail my exams, and so fail to enter university, and so fail to get a job, and so I would have to live at home all my life, and father would hate me, hate me, and throw me out because I had wasted his money and his care.

And all because I opened my heart.

I locked my bedroom door behind me. I closed the Introductory Quantum Physics textbook on my desk and set it atop my six other textbooks. I took the Ishikawa’s magic potion from my pocket and pulled the cork. I’d drink it, and thus purge my mind, geld my libido, cauterize my fellow-feeling, blind myself to distraction. I paused with the vial to my lips. That warmth I felt when mother was alive, would I also lose the memory and possibility of that warm- NO! No! Bad nostalgia! Dangerous nostalgia, which made me love a dog which should be put down. I gulped the potion.

It tasted of strawberry. And did nothing. I walked around, hoping to get it flowing. I struck my arm with a pen because drug addicts did that and it seemed to help.

Still nothing! Ishikawa lied! I was shaking with anger. All my muscles went taught as violin strings, plucked and shaking, jittery and trembling. Coils of electricity roiled under my skin, tickling me, tingles which radiated from my stiffening nipples and leaking sex. I fell to my knees and pressed my sweating face into my bed. My lips parted as I breathed harder as my cheeks warmed as my chest burned as my vagina set an inferno blazing through my stomach and legs. The arousal wouldn’t slow. Moving made my clothes nuzzle my skin, and the nuzzle made me shudder, the shudder made my clothes nuzzle, tease, fondle me more. A thousand fabric fingers stroked my breasts, my pussy, my whole body, and I grabbed the sheets and screamed.

I came. My first orgasm in years…

* * *

I pealed open my eyes to find myself facedown in my pillow… Was my pillow always this warm? This smooth? Did it always have two massive mounds and a heartbeat?

I tried to jump away from the brown breasts sandwiching my face, but the sleeping black girl just hugged me tighter. The girl was naked. And I was naked. And we were in bed. That meant—No, impossible! I didn’t even know how two girls had sex.

The girl’s pink-haired head shifted and groaned. ‘Mm’up, mm’up,’ she said as she blinked her eyes open. When her eyes saw mine, she woke up entirely. She kissed my clenched lips. ‘And you said you were a virgin.’

Her hug weakened and I shot out of bed.

‘Virgin? Yes! What!?’ was all I could say. I looked around: this was my room. I pinched myself, slapped myself. I wasn’t waking up.

She sat up in bed, not bothering to cover her breasts or vagina. ‘Surprised you have any voice left after all that screaming.’ She stretched her arms behind her, jutting her massive breasts forward. ‘Like what you see?’ she said, winking. ‘You wouldn’t stop kissing them.’

The phantom-feel of smooth, warm skin brushed my lips, which opened to nibble a pert nipple—I shut my mouth. I slapped my face. I retreated backwards until my back hit the cold window pane. I ducked beneath the window before the neighbours could see my shame.

I really had had sex! That wasn’t meant to happen, not until I was a tenured theoretical physicist. I didn’t even know this girl. I didn’t know where she’d been. What if she had an STI? Oh, God, she had an STI and now I have an STI and so I’ll need an antibiotic but it won’t work because I’ve got a superbug and instead of sitting my exams I’ll be dying in hospital—

My vision swam. Strawberries filled my nostrils, sweet strawberries, sweet, yummy strawberries fluffed up my noggin. ‘Superbug’? Was that a cartoon?

‘Are you… alright?’ asked… the girl.

‘Oh, my gosh!’ I jumped off my bum and onto the bed next to her. ‘What’s your name!?’ I grabbed her hands and pressed them to my chest. ‘I am such a bitch! Fucking you and not even asking your name!’


‘I’m Ada Smithson Deshpande,’ I said. ‘Oh, oh, we should add each other on…’ Facespace? Chirpr? ‘Can you tell me how to use social media?’ I slapped myself. ‘Naughty Ada! Bossy Ada! Bitchy—’

She kissed me, pinning my tongue down with hers. She twirled the hair on the back of my head as her tits squashed into my chest. She broke the kiss and pressed her palm over my begging, puckered lips. ‘I’m Stacy, Stacy Arthur Emsley.’ She pulled my head to her shoulder and stroked my hair. ‘And don’t worry, you’re not naughty, bossy or bitchy—Except when you need to be.’ She growled in my ear as she ruffled my hair. My eyes fluttered and my skin tingled. ‘I’ll teach you how to add me. I’ll teach you a lot of things.’ She nibbled my ear and whispered warm breath into me. ‘Like how to eat out.’

‘Eat out… like Chinese food?’

Her eyes almost fell out of her head. ‘You’re real sheltered for a sex kitten.’ She slid out of bed and onto her knees. She patted the edge of the bed. ‘Just sit here, feet on the floor.’

I obeyed. She looked at my hands laid on my lap and smirked. What’s so funny? She put her hands between my knees and pushed them apart.

‘Um,’ I said, ‘what are you doiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnng!?’ My tongue rolled out of my mouth and my eyes rolled to the back of my head as Stacy licked my pussy. Licking pussy? That worked!? I couldn’t ask, because my tongue was tied and because her tongue was heavenly. I bucked my hips as she licked me towards cumming, tickling trembles through my tummy, thighs and-

The door flung open.

‘Ada, I know I’ve set you very few boundaries,’ said daddy, ‘because I’ve always expected that you would make the best choices, but I feel you are now abusing my respect.’

I tried getting up and explaining myself, but my legs were jelly and my tongue was lead. Daddy—dad—father was gawking from the doorway, his eyes uncomprehending and blinking, staring at me then Stacy then at anything else. Father kept speaking as though he was a recorder that wouldn’t turn off.

‘I permit you to come and go from the house as you please, but I draw the line at bringing in rowdy friends who scream their heads off.’ His face burned red as he realised what all the screams and thrashing must have meant.

Oh, God! He was going to tell me that my screaming had awoken the whole neighbourhood and that the police had been called and so I would receive a criminal record for disturbing the peace and university recruiters will sure as certain check my criminal record-

My head swam and strawberries filled my brain. My noggin emptied out, but my tummy felt like an ice cream box after all the ice cream’s been scooped out. I just wanted to hug daddy until my stomach stopped rolling. So I did hug him. I ran to his side, wrapped my arms as far around him as I could, and buried my face in his chest. He jerked, but I hugged him tighter.

‘I’m sorry, daddy!’ I said into his shirt. ‘It’s just I get so worried and can’t make it stop and I know we’re not that close so I don’t want to bother you but…’ I clenched my teeth as tears squeezed from my eyes.

He patted my head. ‘T-there, there, don’t, um, you know, feel afraid to come to me, dear.’ His rigid posture melted. ‘We can, well, talk about it—or anything, really—in our heart-to-heart—or whenever you want, and however long you want!’

My tummy rolled less and my throat opened. I stopped rubbing my drying tears into his shirt and just smiled up at him.

Stacy patted me and daddy on the shoulder. She’d gotten… dressed. Her clothes looked like underwear.

‘Girls like her,’ said Stacy to daddy, ‘get real vulnerable after popping their cherry, so keep an eye on her. ‘And just in case you need me,’ she said to me, ‘for anything.’ She gave me a slip of paper with a phone number on it.

My cheeks burned. I giggled into daddy’s arm.

‘See ya,’ she said.

‘Yes—I mean,’ said Daddy. He tried to face her but didn’t want to pull away from me. ‘Bye—Nice to—Don’t—’

Her footsteps faded. As I hugged daddy while my first girlfriend left the house, I realised this was the best day of my life.

* * *

This was the worst day of my life! Apparently losing your virginity makes you turn off your alarm. I had missed three classes. I ran through the school corridor so I wouldn’t miss a fourth.

‘Miss Deshpande. Miss Deshpande!’ Ms Ishikawa had popped her head out of her classroom after I’d rushed by. ‘I must speak with you!’

I slowed to a jog, ready to give her a piece of my mind because her potion had fucked me up royally, but…

‘I need to get to class.’ I ran.

‘Come back here, young lady.’

I stopped running. I had to go to Ms Ishikawa, but I had a class to get to, which could be put off, except it couldn’t, just like I couldn’t put off going to Ms Ishikawa… My mind jerked around in circles as I stepped forward and back, turning to Ms Ishikawa and turning back to the corridor. Ms Ishikawa looked shocked and… amused.

Ms Ishikawa put an arm around my shoulder. ‘Don’t think about your classes, young lady.’

My heart and lungs untensed. Why was I tense? I was tense because I was disobeying my teacher. Ms Ishikawa led me to a seat by her side at her desk.

‘Good girl.’ She petted my cheek. ‘Now let’s have a word.’

She gazed at me with me kind, drowsy eyes, as her perfume rolled off her neck. Have a word? How could I speak? The most risqué thing about Ms Ishikawa was her low-cut top, but my tongue was as tied as when a fully nude Stacy licked me, licked me despite Ishikawa’s potion—because of—

‘Your potion was a shambles!’ I yelled before swallowing my voice. We were not alone in the classroom.

There was a single Chinese girl in there, with her textbook, exercise book and eyes wide open, staring at us. She was… Sofia Liang? I didn’t bother to remember the names of classmates, but Sofia had a way of… impressing herself on your senses. The way she would get so close you could feel the warmth from her cleavage, and walk her fingers up your arm while you were just chatting, a chat you would have to leave immediately because you needed to have a cold shower. But this girl could not have been Sofia Liang. You couldn’t see her cleavage, for one thing. For another, she wasn’t using her textbook as a pillow.

Ms Ishikawa snapped her fingers over her head. ‘Young ladies, pay each other no mind for now.’

‘Don’t change the subject,’ I glared into her gazing eyes. ‘That potion you defrauded me with—it made me worse!’

‘How so?’

I blushed as the warmth and softness of Stacy’s breasts bloomed over my face, as the strength and deftness of her tongue entered me. ‘It made me worse… in the ways I wanted to be made better.’ I both hoped she wouldn’t see my blush and that she would let my blush do the speaking for me.

‘I think I know what’s going on,’ said Ms Ishikawa. ‘And unfortunately, it means you will fail your exams.’

My blush drained away as I felt ice cold and red hot. I couldn’t breathe. My nose and throat closed—before opening. I gulped in strawberry air.

Exams, schams, whams, why should I care? They were, like, months away.

‘What’s that perfume?’ I sniffed Ms Ishikawa’s neck. ‘It’s just like my girlfriend’s, sweet and sexy—Not that I think you’re sexy—Not that I’m saying you’re not sexy!’

She was sexy, mature sexy. She wouldn’t show you anything, but she made you know she had stuff to show. I squirmed in my seat just looking at the black cotton hugging her hips and the-

SNAP! ‘Wakey, wakey.’

I blinked. My thighs were spread. My knuckles pressed against the seat, my wrists rubbing against my… I smashed my legs together and crossed my arms.

‘As I thought,’ said Ms Ishikawa. ‘Do not worry. You are in no danger of failing your exam. I just wished to confirm my diagnosis.’

‘What diagnosis?’ I batted away her hand which was trying to stroke my neck.

‘My mentor, who taught me all I know of the dark arts, warned me about this. In most patients, that potion you took totally expiates the social drives. In others, those drives were not so much removed as… repurposed. High stress—’

‘Give me the antidote.’

‘Never interrupt, young lady, and no, there is no antidote.’

I wanted to scream in her face, break her ears with how she’d ruined my life, but I must never interrupt teacher.

‘Your condition can only be managed. As stress and anxiety make all your bottled-up impulses burst out, stop bottling them up. Unscrew the cap and sprinkle them here and there, hang out with friends, kiss your lover, talk with your father.’

She really thought it was so simple to slot ‘hanging out’, ‘kissing’, and ‘talking’ into my schedule. My grades reigned above all, so my schedule reigns above all. So, anxiety and stress set me off? For all my teenage years I’d squashed down my anxiety and stress—now I just needed to squash them quicker.

Sofia Liang gave Ms Ishikawa her exercise book with an awkward bow. ‘Maths, Ms Ishikawa.’ She stared at the edge of the desk as Ms Ishikawa sliced red crosses next to every question. ‘I don’t get it, Ms Ishikawa. I paid attention, Ms Ishikawa, but I don’t know what all these “d”s and “lim”s are, Ms Ishikawa.’

Ms Ishikawa looked over the test again, bearing witness to these mind-boggling errors in calculus with a straighter face than me.

‘You are improving, Miss Liang.’

That was improvement!?

‘And you, Miss Deshpande, will wipe that look off your face and help your hardworking classmate improve even more.’

Like hell I would. My schedule is packed even without teaching a bimbo two plus two-

Young lady?’

‘Yes, of course, Ms Ishikawa,’ I said.

It wasn’t Sofia’s fault she was an idiot. I mean, it was her fault. But she was trying… and failing.

‘Oh, and Miss Liang.’ Ms Ishikawa took a small box from her desk drawer, too small for anything larger than a… chocolate ball? Ms Ishikawa held the chocolate like a diamond between her thumb and forefinger, and Sofia gawked and stammered at it as though it really were a diamond. ‘Shush, shush, shush, Miss Liang, you have been a very good girl, and so deserve your reward early this week.’

Ms Ishikawa placed the ball between her own teeth. She kissed Sofia. After the crunch of chocolate, Sofia let flow a long moan into Ms Ishikawa’s mouth. Ms Ishikawa pulled away, leaving Sofia with a lolling mouth and hands pawing at the front of her skirt.

‘Miss Deshpande,’ Ms Ishikawa said to me, ‘you saw nothing, young lady.’

Saw what? What was this charlatan talking about? And why did Sofia look like… well, what she always used to look like: a slut two seconds away from sticking her hands down her skirt.

‘Well, now, girls,’ said Ms Ishikawa, ‘I’ve talked to both your teachers, and you two have the rest of the day entirely free, free to have a long, vigorous, penetrating discussion about calculus.’

* * *

‘How is this difficult!’ I yelled at Sofia. A librarian shushed me, and a group of girls across the library glanced up from their phones to giggle.

Sofia just sucked her pen as her eyes rolled off the textbook and onto a girl’s thighs. I grabbed the back of her head and rubbed her nose in the question.

‘What is the gradient of x-squared at x equals two?’

She gawked at the graph from every angle. One of those angles made her glimpse the arse of a librarian leaning over a desk. I slapped the desk.

‘Two!’ she said.

I glared.

‘You know,’ she said, ‘I am getting better. Like, last week, I didn’t know what that little two by the x did. The only Xs I used to see were on my porn- No!’ She pinched herself. She muttered to herself, ‘Ms Ishikawa said never talk about porn with strangers; don’t talk about porn with strangers; don’t talk about porn…’

Her eyes glazed over as her breath grew huskier. Well, she wasn’t talking about pornography.

This was another reason why I didn’t socialise. What did I get from it? Why was I tutoring this bimbo, who doodles parabolas into cocks and balls? Because Ms Ishikawa told me to. Because she told me to? Must I keep doing what she told me to? Must I waste hours shovelling pages of elementary calculus into this airhead, neglecting my studies, losing the upper-hand among my cohort, being one A-mark amongst many, sinking to a B to a C to a D as Sofia’s ignorance became a bottomless well which swallowed my learning, until we would both walk into the final exam, see the paper, and cry—

My vision swam. No! Stop swimming! I refused to become a bimbo next to this bimbo. It was just the potion, just chemicals—think, Ada, think around the chemicals—Mind over brain, Ada—don’t let your thoughts become air, like the funny air in here, the funny, yummy, strawberry air that I wanted to gobble up.

Sofia jolted when I sniffed her neck. ‘You smell amazing,’ I moaned. I breathed in peach perfume. Heat tickled my lap. ‘You smell yummy!’ I licked her neck. ‘Yuck!’ I licked the taste off on my ink-stained hand. ‘Yucky yuck!’ I kissed her lips. She tasted heavenly.

She pushed her tongue down my mouth, but then she pushed me away.

‘No,’ she said. Her nose touched mine. ‘Shouldn’t.’ She gripped my shoulders as she pursed, bit, puckered, sucked in her lips, trying to stop her lips touching my lips. ‘Shouldn’t, shouldn’t, shouldn’t, not since the last time I was caught fucking here.’ Her eyes went glassy as her lips parted. She licked her lips. She licked my lips.

I wasn’t just going lie back and take it. I’d learnt a thing or two from Stacy. I reached down to her inner thigh, stroking the line between skin and seat, brushing my hand up her tensing glute and under her skirt. She stuttered a moan into my mouth as she pushed her pussy against my hand. She reached around my back and, before I knew it, she’d dropped my bra to the floor. She grabbed my tit, and sucked my neck, so I could see beyond her head… and at the librarian.

The librarian’s jaw was clenched enough to crack itself. Her eyes glared shock and contempt at the same time. ‘Come with me!’ she yelled. ‘Both of you come with me!’

* * *

Sofia and I awaited judgement in the librarian’s office. Through the window into the foyer, I saw the librarian doing indignant charades of our sex acts as she ranted at Ms Ishikawa. I couldn’t hear what they were saying and so tried to learn lipreading in the moment. Was I going to be suspended? Expelled? Handed over to the police!? Oh, God—

‘You okay?’ Sofia kept nuzzling my neck. Even while the librarian chewed us out, Sofia couldn’t stop nibbling my ear.

‘No! I am not okay!’ I took a deep breath. I didn’t want to make another scene. I shimmied my chair away from hers.

She shimmied her chair towards mine. ‘Wanna talk?’

‘No!’ I kept my lips clenched. ‘I mean, what would you know about it? School actually means something to me. If I get expelled, then that means no university, no job, no money, no home —’

‘That’s stupid.’ Sofia was smiling.


‘You’re like the smartest girl in school,’ she said. ‘They show you in the brochures and stuff. They’d never expel you!’

‘But we —’

She patted her cleavage—her chest. ‘Don’t worry! When I was caught frigging myself during choir, they only gave me a sat det,’ she boasted.

‘You don’t understand. You…’ I paused. I was panicking, but my head wasn’t swimming. I couldn’t smell strawberries. I was in possession of all my mental faculties as well. ‘Why am I not kissing you?’

‘D’you wanna!?’ she asked so eagerly her face knocked my cheek.

‘No, it’s just that after… a thing I did, every time I…’ Why was I revealing this? And why did it feel so relieving to reveal these things? I did it this morning, too, with father. Foolish Ada! Opening up is like scratching a scab.

‘Was this “thing” a Ms Ishikawa thing?’

I stiffened. If even an idiot like her could deduce it—

She clasped my hands in hers. ‘She’s, like, totes my favourite teacher, and not just because she wears…’ Her eyes glazed and her breaths grew husky. I tried pulling my hands away, but that just woke her.

‘That! This! Because of this!’ she said. ‘Before Ms Ishikawa, I’d try thinking about anything, then I’d start thinking about —’ She scrunched up her face and bit her cheek, as her hands became a clamp around mine. She exhaled. ‘So I stopped trying to about anything else. But then Ms Ishikawa hypnotised me—‘


Sofia pointed out the window to where Ms Ishikawa and the librarian were arguing. Were arguing. The once wild gestured and ranting librarian now had her arms and mouth dangling down as Ms Ishikawa talked. Her blinks grew longer and longer until she fell forward into Ms Ishikawa’s embrace.

Hypnosis? If she could do that, why did she bother to concoct that magic potion… Because I was an idiot. A fucking magic potion! I had been tricked! I had been brainwashed-

‘D’you wanna talk about it?’

I looked back at Sofia. Like father’s, her eyes weren’t judging, her eyes welcomed the effluence of my soul. Her eyes were bottomless wells into which I could throw away my precious time, and throw away worries, and anxiety.

‘Do you,’ I said, ‘do, do you want to go somewhere after school?’