The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Author: Flying Decadent


Email Status: Valid as of October 2017

Story Codes Added Updated
Adoring My Robot Overlord mc ff ds sf 21 Dec 2019
Adoring My Robot Overlord 2: Supersoldiers Subdued mc ff ds sf 11 Dec 2021
How to Tame Her with Slumber mc mf ff md fd ds 23 Dec 2017 26 May 2018
Job Hunting mc mf md ds 17 Nov 2018
Moulding a Model Student mc ff ds 21 Oct 2017 23 Feb 2019
Mummy Knows Best mc fd ma hm ds in 16 May 2020
My Hand to My Conqueror mc ff ds 22 Sep 2018
Please, Please, Sir, Put Me in My Place mc mf ff md fd ds 10 Aug 2019
Sexual Harassment Troubleshooting mc mf md ds hm 08 Oct 2022
A Super Woman’s Place mc mf md bd ft sf cb 04 Feb 2023
Thou Ensorcelling Witch mc ff ds 14 Oct 2017
Weak as a Kitten mc mf md hm ds 26 Oct 2019
You! Play Like a Girl! mc ds hm 07 Jul 2018 11 Aug 2018