The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

How to Tame Her with Slumber

by Flying Decadent

Added 23 December 2017

Updated 26 May 2018

Reader’s Pick: Anynom

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Louise, a young suffragette, has been forcibly engaged to the odious chauvinist Mr Leashem. Little does Louise suspect that Mr Leashem can make any woman very compliant. Will Louise find herself forsaking her deepest ideals? Will she find herself fighting against them?

Chapter Length Added
Chapter One: Mesmerism will Fix Her Liberal Ways 7732 words 23 Dec 2017
Chapter the Second: Mrs Leashem’s Coming-Out 9440 words 06 Jan 2018
Chapter the Third: The Mesmeric Shepherd 6430 words 20 Jan 2018
Chapter the Fourth: A School for Submission 5459 words 03 Feb 2018
Chapter the Fifth: Unfounded Opinions 4148 words 24 Feb 2018
Chapter the Sixth: The Line Between King and Tyrant 3316 words 24 Mar 2018
Chapter the Seventh: Neither a Borrower, nor a Lender, nor a Spender 2917 words 24 Mar 2018
Chapter the Eighth: For Her Own Good 2079 words 21 Apr 2018
Chapter the Last: So Shall You Reap 6458 words 26 May 2018