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My likes: I enjoy most md and ff stories but do read some good fd stuff as well. I’m more of a fan of traditional hypnosis. The idea of slowly falling into a sleep-like state is so erotic, it always excites me more than the brainwashing stories. But to each their own, I say.

My picks:

After Sales Service by Mesmer Eyes

Another nice one from my friend, Mesmer Eyes who proves he saves some of his best ideas for himself. Taking control during a car ride is nice and the inventive trigger phrases allow the hypnotist to have fun with his customer in more ways than one.

The Black Cat by A Nony Mouse

Several great fd stories with a great hypnotic villianess. The systematic domination of each of the heroes is nice and getting them to help her in her captures is also a nice touch.

Bloodlust by KMB

Hypnosis, vampires, celebs, what’s not to love? Plus, KMB does a great job piecing together a neat story admist some very erotic situations. A bit violent but still quite nice. Hope he gets around to the sequel one day.

The Butler Did It by Mesmer Eyes

I’ve always enjoyed ME’s work and this is one of his best. A sinister hypnotist and the way first the maid then the lady fall under his power is nice. The inductions are well done and the sex doesn’t get in the way.

Charisma by Hypno Sister

I liked the initial induction using the cat and the other with a photograph, unusual inductions and the surprise of the hypnotist at how much control she has is a nice touch that livens up the action.

Callie Colt: High Plains Grifer by Wolfden

A lot of the mc stuff isn’t quite my tastes, but the doctor hypnotizing the heroines on a stagecoach is nice, even though it’s not part of the main plot. Very nice.

Charmed, I’m Sure by Zen Archer

One of the few celeb stories on the site, I just like the idea of Alyssa Milano really being a witch and how she uses her powers to make a lucky fan feel even better over meeting her.

Circus Tricks by Scifiscribbler

Induction by the snakes was wonderful and the scene of the man undressing them while getting the names and info was incredibly arousing. And the circus role-play was excellent, showing how people can lose themselves under trance.

Cure For Adultrey by Hypno Sister

Looks straightforward, but shifts directions in an interesting way. The seduction of the sister-in-law and revealing her sexuality and turning it loose is excellent and makes the inevitable seduction all the better.

Dimitro’s Watch by Merle Taylor

The old man aiding the younger in seduction is excellent and makes the threesome very interesting with the two women almost reveling in being made to love him.

The Dorm by Begbie Rentonspud

While the instant hypnosis isn’t that hot, putting the girls under at any time with easy suggestions and using them to get one another is intriguing and rises this story over its cliches.

Dream by MagicCarpet

The idea of dreaming about hypnosis then having it occur is intriguing and the woman falling into a trance just by role-playing is something I wish was explored more but serves well in this story.

The Enigma Folders by Databastard

As a fan of celeb/TV stuff (as my other writings show) and a big fan of the show this story not so subtly imitates, I greatly enjoyed this. The excellent inductions, the thought out protagonists and the nice ending all equal a read that’s fun no matter who the characters are based on.

Emily by la Duc de Kavilere

One of the best ff reads since RC’s unfortunate departure. The way the hypnotist takes over her subject into a slow love scene is wonderful and the fact that the best friend sits there, hypnotized only a few feet away, just adds to the incredible feel of this story.

The Experiment by E

One of my favorites since finding this site. The way the main character slowly seduces all the women is nice. Balancing the hypnosis among the mother and daughter, using Beth to ensnare others and the terrific night of games adds up to one of the best hypno reads on the site.

Howell’s Way by Colleen Whyte

Very good. The instant induction, the great outfits and the wonderful way the school is slowly taken over as seen by the principal equal one erotic read.

Hypnotic Shorts by Brave New World

Yes, I’m prejudiced since BNW gave me my fanfic start but I really enjoy this series. Great inductions that branch out in different directions, the way he plays with his harem, having a woman as a fellow hypnotist and unknowing slave, they all get to me like few stories do.

Illusions and Just Friends by BioParadox

Two stories similar in tone and style which are both excellent. The inductions are just right in terms of length and erotic tone and the nice outfits are a great touch as he seduces them by touch as he takes down their minds.

Highway Hypnotist by FranZAM

The way the protaginist seduces his friend slowly, over the course of the road, building to a night together is incredible and is one of the more realistic treatments of hypnosis and sex that I’ve read. And the scene in the pool is erotic to the max.

Hypnotic Roomates by Anonymous—010

One of the best ff reads on the site, the first part all induction, the second all control, the roommate taking full advantage of her friend’s state to one of the best ff scenes I’ve read. Gives me a rise every time I read it.

Hypno Who by Chili Peeler

While I’m not a fan of the whole incest thing, the idea of the man controlling all the women in his life and making them want sex with him while awake is intriguing. And the twist at the end gives the tale an entirely different tone that shifts upon rereading it.

Julia by Franz ZAM

How the protagonist goes from dreaming of sleeping with his friend to taking full advantage of her is a thrill and the last chapter with him hypnotizing an old friend is a wonderful end note.

The Lesbian Hypnotist Next Door: A Love Story by Simon Bar Sinister

This story is great on so many levels. The idea of two hypnotists working together is always intriguing and having her teach him the ropes is unique. However, the twists, such as him helping her break her addiction of one girl and then making love by proxy, prove that characters really make these stories not just inductions and sex.

Maturing, Uncovering the Power and My Sister Suzy by URN My Power

I’m a bit prejudiced, since Suzy uses a prop from one of my stories, but URN does a good job mixing vampires and magic with good old-fashioned mind control giving us protaginists that may not be moral but are not corrupt either. Great read.

Mesmer’s Daughters by Ifurita X

I stay away from incest in my own work but sometimes enjoy reading it and this is great. The sex is nice and taking the sister with her is a nice move on the hypnotist’s part. Hope X sheds more light on this and the history of the hypnotist.

Movie Mania by Downing Street

Man, why can’t we have movies like this in the real world? The movie itself is intriguing and the women taking on the traits of the bimbos in it turns me on every time and the costumes are a nice touch.

My Cousin the Hypnotist by Hypno S

Takes a familar approach and makes it unique, with control being established, the woman turning out to already be a hypnotized slave and her mistress falling under someone else’s control, making the sex scenes all the hotter.

My Sex Slave by Mountain Man

The initial induction is nicely done and continually putting her under is hot and adds to the thrill.

Pleasure Cruise by Anonymous 23, Artie and Wiseguy

Everything I like is here. MD, FD, MF, FF. the subplot of the abusive hypnotist getting his comuppance, the husbands switching wives, so much that a second read is a must-have.

Return of An Old Flame by Wraith

Very nice, hypnotizing the girl over dinner and then “persuading” her to open up, a very nice reading.

Roommates by Wax Tadpole

Light on the induction but big on the eroticism, the control over the women expanding and changing over time, a few interesting situations and another case of hypnotic lovers coming together over an old flame, something I always love.

Sandman by Wiseguy

The obsession of the hypnotist dominates this story as he gives in to the temptation to totally control this woman in all things. And fighting her friend is also a nice touch.

Screen Saver by Artie

Consenting hypnosis isn’t usually my thing but I do like how the girls go from friends to lovers to hypnotic soulmates, a mutual interest that pays off big time.

Service Call by Data Bastard

A great fd hypnotist and unique situations make this story, as does the terrific twist in part two. Keep it up.

Sitting Target by Mesmer Eyes

Another nice ME one. The way the protagonist sort of falls into the hypnosis interest is nice and the induction method is neat. All around, a nice story that brings a lot of erotic touches together. Keep it up, ME.

Trances by Michael K Smith

I admit to enjoying “good-guy” hypnosis and this is a prime example, the protagonist helping others but unable to avoid the temptation of helping himself to some pleasures as well. But he’s a good guy and that gives the story a unique tone.

Indian Casino Summer by Hypno S

Hypno S does a good job stringing together his hero’s conquests and even tweaks a bit at various other mc fic while he does. The inductions are very nice and the way the hypnotist grows to enjoy his influence is nice as well. A great read.

One Way or Another by Jukebox

Aside from a cool induction, the story really rests with the way the victim tries to rebel only to fall back under his control. A bit dark but still good.

Vanessa’s Education by Hypno S

Hypno S is turning into a favorite and this is his best. Big with plenty of varied inductions and role reversals, Vanessa learning what it’s like to be on both sides of the hypnotic fence, the sense of not being sure who’s going to be put under by whom just adding to the erotic thrill. Awesome read.

If At First You Do Succeed by Flibinite

A great tale, with one of the best lengthy inductions I’ve ever read. While the idea (villain takes over heroine) isn’t new, Flibinite gives it some new touches that make it special. Great read.

Recovery by Trilby Else

While most of Trilby’s work is a bit dark for me, something about this one strikes me. While the recurring theme of the phone calls may seem repetitive, he makes them a little different and the nurse being drawn into the trances are just as great.

Your Man: Agent Moran by Hypno S

S has the distinction of being the only author to have all his stories as my picks and this one is a good one. I like the set up of the hypnotist working for the government and each chapter has its own style. Part one si the intro, part two hints that our hero may have talents even he doesn’t know about and part three starts a story I’m more than looking forward to, topped by a surprisingly consenting relationship with a hypnofetish cop. Cannot wait to see him take this further.

Tara’s First by Tara B

Simplistic at first but it’s grown a bit. I’ve always been a sucker for the whole “hypnotized hypnotizing someone else” bit and hope Tara continues talking more about the teacher and his unique connection to his students.

Outtakes by Hypno S

Still another awesome Hypno S story. A nice break in his “Your Man, Agent Moran” story but quite hot on its own. And you just can’t beat an induction method like spirals painted on breasts. Hope S continues this one as well.

Snappy the Hypno-Clown by Iron Nick

A goofball idea but it works. Interesting induction method and the way he “plays” with the two women is very good. A nice, funny little tale.

The Server by Wiseguy

Very good. Looks straightforward, abeit with an awesome induction but the twist at the end is quite nice.

The Amazing Bullgrin by Svengarlic

While the set-up isn’t new, I do like the setting of the women controlled into cows and the brief fight by the heroine is nice too. And the image of her unique outfit near the end is a hot one.

Evilena—Sweating in the Principal’s Office By Mistress Evilena’s Servant

Having done the old “student hypnotizes principal” thing myself, I know how attractive a concept it is and Evilena does a nice bit with things like the principal being taller but still enslaved. Very hot read.

Sharp Practice by Mesmer Eyes

A nice concept I’m amazed no one has done before. The fact that the woman knows what’s about to happen and is helpless even to move gives it a very nice touch. There’s the small matter of how they’re able to make love when she should still have pins in her but it’s still a great read.

Taking the Teacher by Witchman

Starts with the old hypnotize the teacher thing, does a nice domination bit, the daughter getting a hypnotic friend and the best part of the teacher hitting bottom only to find hope and possible revenge. Nice erotic read.

Serving the Seniors by Witchman

A nice induction method and establishment of control with the older woman using her age to bend the younger to her will. Hope he returns to this.

Professor of Submission by Kiara Kitten

A nice twist on the old “teacher hypnotizes student” bit with the teacher actually waiting until she’s not his student to let his programming kick in, a nice touch.

Legacy of Dot by Aerosol Kid

It’s the costumes that get me, the way the “hero” and “villain” play their games both in “normal” mode and costume persona, which just adds to the thrill. Great read.

All Her Eggs by URN My Power

A great one, with the creation of such interesting alternate identies, leading to fun before a nice twist with the identities crashing together and then creating a unique solution.

Alternate Hypnosis by Rezzz

Aside from a nice induction and deepening techniques, it also address some of the moral issues of hypnotic control, something not many stories do.

April’s Rain by Dor_01

It’s always nice to see hypnosis reversed and the growing domination by the former hypnotized turned hypnotist is cool to see. I enjoy how she’s hooked into smoking and that adds to her personality shift. And the scene where she hypnotizes the hospital patient and gets the nurse too is a great touch. Hope for more.

Coming of Age by Wiseguy

Putting the guy under while he watches a hypnotized girl strip is the big draw of this and the aftermath of him realizing what happened is cool. I wish I got birthday presents like that....

Confidence Trick by Mesmer Eyes

A very nice one. The victim pretty much deserves what she gets and the sex is hot and the nice twist makes it worthwhile. Hey, ME, any chance we can “read” that novel you mention in the story?

Hypnotic Encounters by Lucky Guy

While I don’t know if they’re real or not, they are quite nice and varied. I especially like the ones where he explores the girls who have already been hypnotized, like the former model and opening up his prim boss was a delight too. Hope for more Encounters soon.

Hypnotist Musician by Lefty

Nice induction in the bar and triggering at the cabin so a friend can take part was cool too.

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall.... by A NOny Mouse

An inventive induction and domination, just what the Mouse is good at, interested if it’ll be taken further.

A Modern Christmas Carol by J. Darksong

While we all know where it’s going, it’s still nice to see all the lesbian dominating “memories” the victim goes through and how the trio have a lot of fun putting the bitchy boss in her place.

Moving Day by J. Darksong

The idea that the woman has several alternate personalities in her waiting to be called on by hypnotic triggers, is very good and I hope to see more of it.

Nothing Ventured by ScottS

A nice induction and then opening her up for a lot of fun, just the sort of thing I like.

Painting a Submission by CSC Monkey Girl

Hypnotizing her by the painting is nice as is how he has her think she’s in it to arouse her. That all this is happening right in the museum just adds to the hot factor.

Tea for Two by Hypno Sister

Another example of the seemingly harmless woman being a sexual dominatrix, something nice. The induction is good as is creating the lesbian personality, hope we see more tea times soon.

Dairy of a TV News Gigolo by Rinky Dink

A whacky title but it’s a good story, with nice inductions and the twist with how he accidentally drives his first slave away is nice. Rinky Dink has some nice MC talent, can’t wait to see him develop it.

Dialouge by Smartass

I know how dialouge only stories can be tricky but Smartass makes it work well, letting you imagine the induction and sexual scenes all through the (somewhat one-sided) conversation between the hypnotist and patient. Good work.

In the Spirit by J. Darksong

A hauntingly (in both senses of the word) beautiful tale that leaves you guessing. Is this woman really a ghost, a reincarnated lover or a hypnotic predator. And the ending is a nice Twilight Zone touch that leaves that up to the reader, a nice touch.

Lost in Space by Mistress Evilina’s Servant

A nice flashback, all told by the woman with a great ff scene and the twist at the end, while somewhat predictible, was still very good. A nice twist on alien abduction themes.

On Campus Vampire by Hypno S

Telling each chapter from the POV of a victim is good and the part where he has the professor hypnotize new victims for him was great. Hope to see more of this soon.

Post Hypnotic Suggestons and Triggers by Marquesa’s Obediant Thrall

A lengthy title but a good tale. I always like the ones where the victim doesn’t believe they were really hypnotize and having her reinduction trigger be a kiss is a nice touch. And the domination sequences were quite good as well, leaving a great ff tale.

Return to the Dorm by Begbie Rentonspud

I made the original a pick so how could I not for the sequal? A great follow-up, especially the early scenes when his hypnotic power doesn’t seem to be working right. And it’s nice to see the changes in some of his subjects since he left and his reestablishing control is quite nice, a great return.

Treat by Databastard

A great “girl with glasses” tale, Databastard getting into how losing the glasses is a sign of losing control, which adds to the thrill of an already great erotic read. Hope we get more visits to the library in the future.

Birthday Presents by Svengarlic

I just like the way this flows, the guy reactivating a trance in his boss to get the night off, then seducing the women to his own private party. I especially like how the ladies even joke about what he’s going to do to them, not knowing that’s what he has planned. A good present all around.

Lana Leads the League by Textrance

I enjoy the ones where the victim is unknowingly led in by an already hypnotized friend and this is good. Opening up for the nudist colony is nice and the twist with the husbands is good too.

Emperical Research by Wiseguy

This is so good. The hypnotized woman hypnotizing the hypno-writer, how can you not love that? And the nice scene at the end is good too. Wiseguy is a great writer.

My New Assitant by Polo

The stage hypnotist and the hypnotized assistant is a cliche but Polo really makes it work. The slow seduction and dominance is incredibly erotic and the thought of those outfits is good too.

Sarah’s New Squeeze by Juni

It’s just a great turnaround: The famous celebrity hypnotizing someone into sleeping with her, a great twist on so many stories. And the love scene is pretty hot too.

Nyoka the Jungle Girl vs Queen Pulika by A Nony Mouse

Mouse just loves dominating hypnodommes and this is a great one. And the image of just who Nyoka is based upon makes a second reading all the better.

Path to Empowerment by Dreamreaper2K

All dialouge but it works. The slow twisting of the roommate’s mind is so believable, it’s scary. And the imagination can take it from there.

Here Now the News by Nick Vegas

The tapes set things up wonderfully and the brief image the anchor has of her young rival under her control is even better, whets the appetitie for the payoff at the end.

When Cheerleaders Attack by Rinky Dink

Another twist: The supposedly innocent girl taking over the militant lesbian. The romance is a surprise but it works well here. Here’s hoping Rinky tries it a bit more.

Amber’s Repose by Jaimie

Very nice. Not overt induction but still very good and I like the slow seduction the MCer uses. Hope he continues this, it’s getting good.

Pet’s Teacher by Mistress Joanne

I can’t believe no one has thought of such a great focal point, hypnotizing someone by having them look at the download bar of a file. A great touch and the distant induction is quite hot. Can’t wait to see them come face to face.

Relax, We’re Family by Greg Vance

I like how it’s almost like a script, with letters signifying who’s talking. A nice induction and I like the idea that he makes his subjects think they’re doing this of their own free will. Hope he branches out beyond just the family for fun.

Shifting Gears by Artie

A nice romantic tale, a definite break from most FD stories. The inductions truly help the “victim” and I like the dual romances he has with the two hypnodommes. And getting to turn the tables a bit on them is a nice touch as well.

White Good Heaven by Hypno_fan

I’ve done the “hypnotic washing machine” bit myself so I know how good it is and the dominance factor the hypnotist uses is great too. Wish my laundry came out like this.

Fire & Ice by Juni

I liked the whole captive in the aslyum thing and being taken by a young man in the second chapter after getting a guard in the first was a nice twist.

Good Girl by Mesmerr

A great dialouge only induction. I liked how he had the girl begging to be put under, even knowing what would happen. A nice tale that left a lot to the imagination.

Hypnotist’s Assistant by Hypno S

A great lengthy tale. The way she sets herself up as so dominant is nice and I liked the little touches like the young hypnotist and the nice double twist with the professor. Hope we see more of her.

Practice by Mesmerr

A long and inclusive story as I liked how the main character slowly but surely turned into a dominant hypnotist with the women around him. Great “power corrupts” tale.

Room & Board by Hypno S

Another great S one, with the two sisters soon dominated and not even realizing it at first. The image of them stripping, one oblivious to the world as the other was taken, was quite sexy and I hope he does more with it.

Amanda and her Friends by Dou7gx

A nice little ditty here. I like the way she sets about transforming the nerd into a slut just on a whim and the inductions are nicely done. Hope to see more of this.

European Vacation by Hypno S

A bit darker than most of S’s work but still very good. The train scene is quite erotic and the multiple takings inside the castle are well thought out. A good Gothic read.

Hypno Mind Party by Hypno S

The interview induction is a bit cliched but the party scene more than makes up for it with the spinning dishes and the way she’s dragged into things despite her protests. Very erotic read and excellent inductions too.

Hypnohottie Ep I: Birth of the Wolf Women by Nico

Goofy title, great story. Always nice to break form and have the ladies agreeing to be hypnotized and the inductions were good. Nico also plays around with something not touched on as much as it could be, the way the hypnotist uses the trance to change the perceptions of her subjects. And the “mating” at the end sets up more fun to come.

Jedi Mind Trick by Hypno S

The connection between hypnotist and subject gives the story a heart and makes the read more intriguing. Also intriguing is the way he accidentally enslaves her and then tries to live with it. Plus, nice induction and the way “the Force” is used is fun.

Lingere Shop by Polo

An excellent induction and Polo comes up with an original way to get the subject to undress. It works out well and makes for a sexy scene. That it happens in a store during working hours with her boss hypnotized only a few feet away makes it even better. And the last scene lets us know the show is just beginning.

Meeting Megan Again by Textrance

Excellent inductions and control scenes, with the hypnotist’s dominance quite fun to watch. The way the subjects truly enjoy being entranced makes it all the better.

Pawn by Trilby Else

Very nice writing here, sliding around the aspects of control and weaving a wonderful fantasy. The characters come alive and make the story all the better which means hotter scenes and a true heart to it all. Very good.

Accupressure by Smartass

Improves as it goes along with the deeper massage inductions. Part three, where the supposed “victim” hypnotizes a roommate and boyfriend is especially hot.

Cassandra: Vampiress by JRPraz

Nice long and lovely vampire tale. Like the psuedo-celeb aspects, the fighting for control among the female vamps and the seduction of the witch. Very hot.

Evolution of a Hypnodomme by Dreamsender

I happen to know the author and can tell you how amazing a hypnotist she can be and yet enjoys trance herself. It shows here, with a fantasy that I’ve actually touched on in real life.

Thespian Endavors by scifiscribbler

This one’s mainly the goofy trigger phrase, the accidental discovery and then some rare consenting hypnosis which pays off hotter than I expected. A very good tale.

Ties That Bind by Peter Control

I’m not an mm guy but the sudden assault induction in part three of the hot wife is very good and I do wish he’d done more with the co-worker he hypnotizes in the office. But it’s still good.

Giveaway by Trilby Else

Ah, leave it to Trilby to give us a real vampire mc story: Dark and scary yet erotic as hell. The POV of the victims as they fall under the vampire’s power is spooky yet arousing and the control aspects are unique. Can’t wait for more.

Hypno-Town by Neo Whyachi

A sexy set-up and the inductions, if quick, are nice. Hope he can continue with the control aspects of the women over this one guy and the inevitable clashes between the various female hypnotists. This has a lot of ways it can go and can’t wait to see them.

Mesmera Inc by Evil Puma

The setup is good with the control over the ladies nice but the part I like is the flashback to olden times and the control over the elf and the warrior. Hope we see more of these past times.

Cordelia’s Silver by Wiciarus D

A nice ff tale. I like the long-term control and the second chapter, with the flashback, is especially nice. It makes for a good erotic read that doesn’t become too twisted.

Driving Tess by Atama

I’ve always liked these stories about relationships that use hypnosis. THe fact that it’s not planned, simply a way to pass time, gives it a good “realistic” edge and adds to a hot scene.

Fish Story by Amowat

Two great things here: the way he keeps the first person dialouge true to the character so you can believe he’s relating this to someone. And the nice twist at the end regarding the fishing analogy that gives the story a good touch.

Having a Basket “Ball” by Rinky Dink

It’s the nice twists that keep the story intriguing, such as the sexuality of one character and her surprising connection to another. I hope this leads to more fun down the road.

Hypnotic Shop by Multiple

A little discontinued but still a very nice read with good inductions and controls. It could be kept a little tighter but it holds together

Twins Taken by Boubd

A nice idea, one hypnotized, the other no idea of what awaits him, both taken together, it’s a hot read.

Australian Reverie by Tropos

A nice dream-like quality to this with a unique induction and having it be from the POV of the now-transformed girl makes it a good read. The little “waking up” bit at the end is good too.

Cat’s Lair by Raven’s Den

An old plot but it works here. The cat’s-eyes are very effective and make the story more erotic and the takeover of the wife in part two is quite hot, as are the domination aspects.

Cleaning Night by Dr. Smooth

An idea I’m suprised no one’s tried before. The induction is good and the reaction of the title character at finding someone at her beck and call is quite natural and makes the love scene hot. Interesting to see if this night repeats in the future.

Fortunes Told by Witchman

“Adapting” various hypno-themed movies for the site is something that could be done more and this is a great work. The sudden assault inductions make the control aspects better and the sex as well.

Love Letters by Mountain Man

What sells me is the matter-of-fact discussions with mother and daughter about being hypnotically dominated. The way they talk about it like it’s perfectly normal make this story great. The “historical flashback” in part three just continues the trend. Makes you wonder how many other letters are lying around.

The Program by Hypnolook

The instant induction is okay but its the role playing that makes it intriguing, the alien and vampire fantasies making it more erotic and elevates it above the usual “instant device hypno” style.

Old Pete by Witchman

A soaking wet girl staring hypnotized into a fire while stripping? Gotta love it.

Blast From the Past by Lucky Guy

A good flashback in between the story of a well-detailed induction and the hint of reigniting this old flame gives it a feel of anticipation that helps the story along.

The Experiment (Mountain Man)

Great first person POV, made all the better as we know her “fantasies” are anything but. The varied ways it goes, the hypnotic seduction of the friend and the last chapter in which she learns how she’s been used but no longer cares, makes it all the better.

Girl in the City by Juni

I like how the cop builds up his hypnotic control over her before having his fun, a nice reality touch.

Light Focus by Nile

A brief but good tale with a nice induction and control aspects, hope we see more of this author.

Drive=Obey by Wyldlfe

A good set-up and the interesting induction sequence leads up to a nice control story.

Juni’s Lesson by Juni

I just like the cat’s cradle balls as an induction device, something long overdue.

Just Another Guy by Hypster

Nice multi-chapter set-up and how he “tests” it out first on a friend makes the promise of his ultimate conquest all the more intriguing.

Liszt’s Magnetic Influence by Juni

All of the Juni/Liszt stories are good so I thought I’d choose the first one, a wild idea but it works with a great induction.

Spy Juni by Juni

Maybe not good for the heroine but for some reason, it just calls to me. Excellent induction.

Willful Wendy by J Darksong

One of those ideas that you’re amazed no one has done before. It’s about time someone did a “hypnosis does not equal instant slavery” story and the brilliant ironic touch of the “dumb jock” figuring out what the genius couldn’t just makes it all the better.

Change of Mind, Change of Conviction, and Change of Heart by J Darksong

A great trio of tales as a hypnotist broadens his range among various women. The way he changes the sexuality of one prime target in the second tale is good and the interesting backstory regarding characters in the third is an excellent twist.

Freerange by Trilby Else

A super-sexy vampire tale with awesome control scenes and the seduction of the heroine thrills and arouses throughout. It makes for one hot read.

Nice Guy by NGMEZ

A terrific debut. I love the multiple inductions and the way he controls the girls, especially the induction of Rachel and the pool fun. I can’t wait to see him get cooking and look forward to more in the future.

Serving the Babysitter....Once in Love with Amy by A Nony Mouse

What begins as a simple one-part tale expands into control and a nice third chapter revealing quite the range for our main character. A nice “build-up” tale.

A Tale of the Old West by A Nony Mouse

A great setting makes this one, as does the image of the hypnotized woman drawing a bath after being induced by candle. Yet another great Mouse tale.

Chocolate Experience by Hypno Sister

One of the best mixes of induction/imaging I’ve seen with her putting the subject under and then using the “ice cream” motif as an excuse for the fun. Excellent job.

Going the Other Way by TexTrance

An idea I’m amazed no one has done before. What helps is the great build-up to the actual fun, and the matter-of-fact way they take their trances is a good touch.

Guilty Pleasures by AMOWAT

Funny, I didn’t like the prequal but this is excellent. The induction and the way the woman is lost in the fantasy created for her are both wonderful and the costume is an excellent touch as well.

Ideals of Others by Colleen Whyte

The way it builds is great, from changing the wardrobe of the main character, then her friend, making both love their new lives and the twist at the end make for a great twisted read.

Break From the Norm by J Darksong

A great induction highlights this tale, the hint of fun but no actual action, which sometimes can be even more erotic. And a great induction it is.

Foot Massage by nadiencendia

A popular fantasy and a good induction. He lets you imagine the woman’s feet used to control her in a wonderful way and the action is pretty good too.

Hypnotic Cab Ride 1-7 by Witchman

A terrific sprawling multi-story saga, with great settings and pairings. The way the two policewoman helplessly fall into trances again and again is expertly done and how others are pulled into it is the icing on the cake.

Stacy Moves In by A Nony Mouse

I liked the second part of this better with the hypnotist making a rare mistake but benefiting from it with the policewoman. As always, Mouse paints a wonderful domme.

Stranger In A Small Town by Tara B

This was a wonderfully talented writer stolen from us too soon. The seduction in the sauna shows how far she might have gone so this is a fitting memorial

Balcony by Jane’s Heather

A nice approach here with a dominating theme and an intriguing capture, very good job.

Disco Fever by Jane’s Heather

Yes, technically, no actual mc but the “induction” is good as is the dominating control and the twist ending is a great touch that makes the second read better.

Path of Control: Greg’s Story by Compass Rose90

Starts with the old “hypno-mistress website entrances student” but a nice twist when his supposed “rescuer” takes him as well. Can’t wait to see it continue.

Small Town Hypnotist by Neo Whyachi

Short inductions but good set-up and I greatly enjoy how she dominates the town before the twist at the end.

Ulterior Motives by BB Zed

A strong debut with the innocent hypnotist bullied by a dominating friend into taking advantage of thier other friend. The wild love scenes and control sequences are terrific.

Vampire on the Move by Hypnolooker

A bit dark but very good vampire tale with nice control and a twisted protagonist. Hope to see more of this author.

Doctor’s Orders by A Nony Mouse

Double induction is good and unique that she concentrates on the wife more than the husband to make the control so much more erotic.

Hyp, Hyp, Hooray! and Hyp, Hyp, Hooray! Again by A Sinister Bent

Both very good tales. First is your standard “hypnotize bitchy cheerleader” one but the second is very good with the various controls and the unique denemouent. Plus erotic scenes.

Love Thy Neighbor by Mesmer Eyes

Plays like a twisted version of “Gillmore Girls.” The shifts in control are very good and the nice twist at the end makes it even better.

Q&A by Neo Whyachi

I just love how the hypnotist uses it to figure out what guy makes the better boyfriend. A touch I’m surprised hasn’t popped up before.

Regression Therapy: Jack’s Story by A Sinister Bent

A twist on the old “warp VIP’s mind” tale with the age regression and the aslyum trip. Plus a great lady tist.

Stacy’s Mom Has Got It Going On by Mistress Evilena’s Servent

Whacky title but good story with a great induction and mixing the sex with control to make it better. Plus, the approval of the daughter is a nice touch as well.

Stacy Werd and the Revenge of the Hypno Slaves by Rinky Dink

I admit some bias but I love how Rinky works a great story in with hot scenes and inductions. A more than worthy sequal to one of my own favorite tales.

Alpha Zeta Hypno Tao by Neo Whyachi:

Not the only “hypno-sorority” story out there but this one appeals to me because of the nice twist at the end and the hints the sorority could be rebuilt elsewhere.

Amanda’s Mom (Has Got It Going On):

A nice tale of switching hypnotists, with the mother showing the daughter still has much to learn and nice controlling inductions. Another good Neo one.

Enchanting Weekend by Darkmind:

It looks easy enough with the nice pool induction but the twist regarding her dark past is a nice touch that gives a new tone to the tale.

Hypnosis In The Snow by Neo Whyachi:

Snow settings are always appealing to me and I like how he makes this more of a romantic tale.

HypnoTickling by Michael McGann:

A nice induction method and the way he makes the sexual side more inducing is a good touch as well. Very nice move.

Making Them Do Things: The Contest by Mountain Man:

Again, MM does a great job of the lady in trance and her perceptions being warped around. It makes the contest payoff itself all the more sweet.

Owned by Oni by Jane’s Heather:

A very interesting protaganist and even more interesting situations, especially the female marshall in the beginning.

The Pendant by BB Zed:

A very erotic “accidental hypno” tale. I like how the hypnotist herself has a tough time believeing how good she is. And the love-making is exquiste.

Precious Pendants by NGMEZ:

Another great start for NGMEZ, with terrific control sequences and erotic encounters. Can’t wait for more of this.

Regression Therapy: Jill’s Story by Sinister Bent:

A bit dark at times but the trance deepenings are nice and the regression makes sense in the storyline.

Angie Baby by A Sinister Bent

A nice touch with controlling the father, which could lead to more fun down the line.

Craig’s Girl by Cathy345

A wonderful induction and it’s rather realistic how he plays with her mind to get what he wants. One hopes this can continue.

Ensnared by Stargzerz

Excellent control and domination scenes with the tist flexing her muscles on the main character in wonderful ways.

Fantasy to Reality

The way the two themes merge together into an excellent hypnosis session gives it an arousing quality.

Harsh Lesson by Neo-Whyachi

I just love the table turning and how the two girls know what’s going to happen but can’t stop it before being taken.

Linda Steps Out by A Sinister Bent

A wonderful sly induction method and I like the way her true amount of control is revealed as the story goes along.

Hypnotic Job Interview by Neo-Whychai

Another nice twist of the assistant aiding in the induction and the promise of more fun to come.

Hypnotic Seduction by Julian D’Angelos

One of the best detailed and realistic inductions on the site, giving it an extra edge.

My Angela is a Centerfold by wcw43921

A wonderful romantic theme as we see something rarely shown: How hypnotic sex can be a boon for the subject as well as the tist. Lovely story

Night at Club Diablo by Cathy345

Ah, the old hypno show theme. It always promises fun and this one doesn’t disapoint with the main character confused over her sudden changes before giving in.

Pay to Play by Crystaliss5542

A very original induction method leading to a nice control scene. Plus, I know the author and she’s very well versed in the ways of trance.

The Pianst by Ms_Myrrh

I like the twists and turns as the control shifts and you don’t quite know who’s the dom over who. A nice way to shake things up.

Tales of a Fake Hypnotist

The double twists with the secretary were excellent touches and establishes a deeper story than what lay on first glance.

Welcome to the Hotel Evilna by Mistress Evilina’s Servent

As a fan of redheads and female cops, this is a special treat. The way Evilina dominates in multiple inductions to gain control gives it a great build-up that makes the pay-off all the better.

Ensnared in a Tangled Web by Flying Pen:

I love the old massage technique and how it’s spread out in multiple sessions that make the pay off all the more sweet.

Evilena:Sweating in the Psychologist’s Office by Mistress Evilena’s Servant:

The excellent turning the table technique is what makes this work even better than most Evilena stories and has you rooting for her a bit.

Jolene by BB Zed:

A nice idea and intriguing induction and I like how the hypnotist states that she doesn’t consider what she does an affair.

Leasehold by Trilby Else:

Another great ff read from Trilby. I just love the multiple inductions/triggers and the nice settings for the sex scenes give it an extra edge.

Lucky Coin and Hypnotic Coin Encounters by ghytrenas:

Two great tales with a device we’ve all wanted to use. The way one flows into the other makes it even better. I hope we see more of the coin.

The Ride Home by Just Divine:

A tad dark, true but I just like the ambush induction and hot sex scene.

The Yellow Eye by Spidey:

A short but fun one with nice supernatural device and even nicer sex scene.

Angela’s Secret by the Concealor:

A nice induction and control sequences and have to admit, I like the tickling angle as well.

The Audience by Dreamfire:

A terrific multi-character tale involving a show I’m sure many of us would like to see. I do hope she can continue this to show more of them in this unique setting and circumstances.

Awake From Dreaming by A Sinister Bent:

A wicked scenario and I like how we drop into her plight “in the middle” as it were. A good take on how reinforcement is necessary for such radical transformations.

Christmas Good Deed by Dreamfire:

A beautiful romantic hypno tale that shows a real life quality that makes it readable any time of the year.

Chopping Wood by Mesmer Eyezzed:

The initial takeoverof the man is good but I enjoy the way she remote controls him into inducing the wife and then has her take him over as well.

Delusion by A Sinister Bent:

A brilliant idea of a controller being controlled and getting a taste of her own medicine. The concept of them working together is intriguing while her plotting seems tailor made for a sequal.

Fulfilled by Hypnotic Finale:

The ending may be a bit dark but I like the setup with induction and control sequences that are quite excellent and erotic.

Hypno-Hospital by Neo Whyachi:

A nice set of vingettes, each one short but sweet and leaving room for more to come.

Key to Rebecca by A Sinister Bent:

I like the double whammy induction, first the program then the key itself which was an excellent touch.

Let’s Not Be Friends by Hypno S:

It takes its time with setup and induction which makes the final payoff of control all the more satisfying and another great read from S.

My Life With the Crazy Caper Crew:

It looks like a whacky “Scooby-Doo” take off but goes in wonderful directions with touches of romance, heartbreak and an intriguing conspiracy idea that leaves the door open for a sequal.

Re-Assimilated by Ted:

The way the victim slowly gives in to her mistress before she turns dominant is what sells me as does the nice inductions.

Snowfall by BB Zed:

I do love snow-based scenes for some reason so this is a treat, particulary given it’s with a lesbian theme.

Swaying the Jury by A Sinister Bent:

I’m amazed no one has done this idea before. The way she plays with her fellow jurors and sets them together gives it its erotic edge. A shame we couldn’t have gotten the whole jury box in but it was great as it was.

Chance Meeting with a Girl I used to Fuck by Morosso:

A long title but good story with detailed induction and love scene that makes it a fun read.

Disertation Tutor by Hypnolust:

A powerful “captive” induction and great use of control and the fact they’re just temporary slaves in a ritual is a good touch.

Hypnotist Academy by Neo Whyachi:

Once again, Neo is great with multiple lesbian pairings and inductions and this has a lot of potential to get even hotter. Can’t wait to see it develop.

Kitten Girl by Ogawa:

A nice multi-part tale with slews of hot lesbian sex and inductions and the whole mulit-costume use is the icing on the cake. I also like the hypnosis girls tape angle as well.

Magic Bracelets by A Sinister Bent:

I love the bracelets themselves as induction tools and the control she exhibits over her subject is also good as we see how she treats it all rather playfully, giving it a hot touch.

Nina Seduced by Hypnopup666:

A good induction with a hot subject but I like the whole fantasy/reality divergence at the end, which gives it more of a fun flair.

Oral Sedation Dentistry by Gh:

Very good structure with the mother obviously already entranced but not knowing it and the shifting viewpoints of subjects and hypnotist are great to read and add to the thrill of it all.

What I heard on Speakerphone by Hypno S:

A great idea I’m surprised no one has used before and having the wife ensnared even knowing of the hypnosis was a great twist.

You’ll See Things More Clearly by Latexman:

I did one like this with the induction during the eye exam but using the rubber is good as well as is the domination of the patient.

Beach Therapy by Jypsy Jones:

The idea of induction by a swimsuit is brilliant and helps set this apart from other beach-set tales.

Cabin Fever by Sweetlori:

An excellent tale of control and playing with the victims in a unique setting.

Captured by the Light by Sweetlori:

One of the best female/female school-set tales. I love how the victim is seduced without words, just that magic pendant.

Cassie & Ophelia by Optimus and Wildwolf:

An odd tale overall but I like the way he emphasizes the way the snake talks while inducing the trance, which is highly erotic.

Paladin by Trilby Else:

Another great Trilby tale. The image of the swimmers entranced at the pool is incredibly charged but the twist of the Asian teacher being a slave herself gives it extra punch.

Playing Along by Wiseguy:

The way the hypnotist doesn’t even expect it to work sets this apart and I love the entire costume motif. And of course, there’s the brilliant twist at the end that makes it worth reading again.

Queens: Four of a Kind by JAPA:

A very interesting tale. We know how it works with the hypnosis but the entire playing card motif is a nice touch that makes it a great read.

Sailing Away from Reality by Wind60sailor:

The only cruise-themed tale that can rival Wiseguy’s. The lengthy hypnosis scenes are expertly written and shifting to the wife’s point of view in the last chapter is a brilliant touch.

School by Jypsy Jones:

A great multi-chapter tale. I love the way the heroine seems to go under for one teacher but turns the tables and controls her back and the other scenes are simply wonderful to read.

That Would be Wrong by A Sinister Bent:

I love how the title plays into things and I admit to being a sucker to the ‘magic pendant getting multiple victims’ tale which does quite well.

A Daughter Only a Mother Could Love by AzueSky:

An interesting setup and I liked how the tist used “it’s not really hypnosis” to ensnare them. The bit of the “ritual” was also quite good.

Benoit by S.P. Riley:

A well detailed and long story but the nerve pinch is a great idea that leads to some of the more inspired induction scenes around.

Cousins by MzBarbara:

A nice candle induction and intriguing control scenes make this stand out, even if incest isn’t always my thing.

Hypnotic Juxtaposition by ghytrenas:

A nice wrap up to the “hypno coin” trilogy with control constantly shifting so you don’t know who’s getting whom next.

Hypnos University by Pancho Lopez:

I can’t resist a title like that and the various small tales do well showing a place where hypnotic control of women is completely accepted, giving it a unique flair.

Party Favors by Zebulon:

An old standby but the multiple inductions and controls at the party itself give it some new flair and make for an erotic time.

Pool Haul by Silver:

I just love the double control with the special tape and how it takes her even deeper. I hope he continues this soon.

Queens College by Hypno S:

A nice Hypno S one with resistance of the subject and incredibly detailed inductions, leading to some good control scenes.

Stalking Angie by le Duc de Kavalitis:

This one calls to me as it reflects a real-life relationship I had with a woman once. Hope this turns out happier.

Tourist Attraction by Voyer:

I don’t know what’s hotter: The image of the woman standing stock still and staring while in the skimpy bikini on the diving board or the takeover by watch. The twist at the end is also quite nice.

Worm by Trilby Else:

As always, the way control is always shifting and makes it hard to tell who’s a slave or who’s the hypnotist (although sometimes they’re often the same) is something Trilby pulls off better than anyone.

Agent of P.S.Y.C.H.E. by John Smith

A terrific setup with a super hypnotist recruited and showing his stuff with the wonderful erotic dreams. And her reaction on waking up was priceless. Can’t wait for more adventures.

Digital Lullaby by the Worm

I love how it’s set up to get the roomate instead of the girlfriend at first. Then it moves to the great fun of turning her into a sexpot, a slow progression wonderfully done with a nice payoff at the end.

Downsizing Lisa by Dan Collins

One of my fave tricks which is the accidental induction. But I also quite enjoyed his slow progression of the woman from professional to slave with great control scenes.

Gypsy Charmed by AmandasHypnoLips

WOW, is this hot! The seductive fortuneteller, the control over the victims, the induction methods, the outfits and that wonderful end scene. One amazingly hot ff read.

It’s All Fun and Games UNtil Someone Loses Their Mind by the Worm

The image of all the women staring mesmerized at the screen is amazing and I love how the hypnotist dominates them so much, going from one to the other and the hints of her minipulating past through it all.

Julie’s Hypnotic Erotic Adventure by Adrian Jones

An old theme but this really does it well. I especially like the remote control taking of her friend and the speakerphone scene with both of them was wonderfully arousing.

Mesmerism by AmandasHypnoLips

Wow, a great Victorian era story. I liked how it was all about the setup and the induction itself instead of just the sex. The induction method was quite good and I do hope for a follow-up.

Applied Hypnosis Lifestyle by URN My Power

A good multi-chapter tale that gives nice insight to the mindset of the women controlled as well as the hypnotist himself.

Becky by Jypsy Jones

It stars off with great short tales of women taken (the cop one is very nice) but soon grows more deep and emotional, a great tale.

The Chronicles of Dare Doll: Dr. Nightingale, I Presume by Trent Wolf

Very well done, with good details on the induction/seduction of the heroine in her regular guise and then controlled in her heroic persona, with good details on the hot outfits.

Hip Knot Ties by FranZam

The incest is a bit much but the tie as induction method is very inventive.

I Can Explain Everything by A Sinister Bent

Great start with the wife walking in and his induction while explaining what happens makes the payoff better.

Midsummer Knight’s Dream by le Duc de Kavaliere

The long-awaited sequal to “Emily” mixes together a great tale of lovers meeting with a wonderfully deep fantasy.

One Long Day in December by Jypsy Jones

A nicely paced story of hypnotic domination at a college with some interesting twists and turns.

Opportunity Knocks by BB Zed

A nice take the hypnotized babysitter cliche with the accidental discovery and the teaming with his wife.

Pied Piper by Nab

I did my own version of this but this is a good take too with the way the pipe works.

The Rain by Maxmillian Cummings

A good start but the control aspects of the two women make it even better.

Tryouts by Jypsy Jones

The cheerleader angle is wonderful but even better is the twist it gives to the old “hypnotic minipulator” cliche.

Vampire Hypnotherapist by Hypnolook

Terrific take on the vampire tale with the control of the cop and the nice twist at the end.

Wherever I May Roam by Madam Kistulot

A nice take on superheroines with her helping using her hypnotic abilities in unique ways.

Deal Me In by Captain Eazy

The cards as the induction tool is a great idea and the way he mixes the sex with the games, making them thier cards, is even better, causing a great read.

The Baby Sitter and the Unethical (?) Therapist by b4uweremine

Aside from one of the better titles out there, the story is also good for spreading out among different times as the girl grows so he consolidates his control and sees its effect, a nice “ladder” theme.

Evilena: Love THy Neighbor by Mistress Evilena’s Servant

The perfect description of the cop leads to the wonderful control over her, another fine Evilena tale.

Magpie by Colleen Whyte

A nice setup and the induction/control scenes are quite good as the office is turned upside down.

Raider and the Lost Lamp by Mythical Traveller

The simple idea of an explorer becoming a genie is fun enough but the twists of her being freed and the diary left behind are even better. That she has to obey her master no matter her independent streak sets up even more fun to come.

Tender Loving Care by Wiseguy

Another fine romantic tale of relaxation leading to control as only Wiseguy can do it. Having her “reading” a hypnotic tale is just the icing on the carke.

Therapy by Archibald

Utterly fantastic with what you think is control one way, then a sudden shift twist that can set up even more to come.

Viva Las Vegas by b4uweremine

A nice idea of him discovering her trance by accident with very interesting control sequences and erotic couplings.

The Bitch is Back by Lisa Teez

Terrific story with control shfting about and the doctor using his secretary while still thinking he calls the shots, a great twist on things.

Bittersweet Memories by John Smith

Seems an obvious setup but takes a few nice twists and mutliple inductions to make it better.

Campfire Light by Mesmerr

The induction by firelight is good and the imagery of taking her outdoors is a great erotic read.

Everything in One Basket by Mudak

A nice entry in the “couples see therapist” genere with good control and acting out scenes.

Evilena and the Young Witch by Mistress Evilena’s Servant

We all know who it’s based on and an excellent tale of control on a train with magic charm.

Evilena and the Race Car Driver by Mistress Evilena’s Servant

Again, a wonderful tale based on a real person and taking her in a gym is just terrific.

Fan Favourite by Dou7gx

The smoking is a bit much but the dual inductions are good especially the girlfriend.

The Flight Instructor by Mesmerr

Just love the propellar as the induction tool and clouds for deepening.

Friendly Games by Sir Hubris

A nice take on the “best friends hypnotized by buddy” genere with good control sequences.

Good Company

More excellent fun from Wiseguy with his terrific take on couples meeting for fun at a convention and multiple pairings and control.

Out of Afrika by Mesmerr

A very interesting induction and the detail to the lovemaking in the train is utterly amazing.

Outcall by Trilby Else

Another great one from Trilby of multiple control and wonderfully told from the POV of the entranced to give it a new dimension.

Rewriting History by Wind7sailor

A great take on using hypnosis in a fun way, shifting memories and some hot sex scenes as well.

Sea Dogs of the Bare Caribbean by Captain Eazy

Having done the “hypnotic pirates” theme myself, love seeing it again here with a great induction and sex scene.

Secret Gardens by Dixon

Wonderful ff tale with inductions well detailed and control established leading to a nice payoff.

Take my Breath Away by Jukebox

Wonderful dual induction of the couple here with nice wording.

Under the Spell of Youth by Nick Vegas

Nice that the hypnotist uses her for someone else and I like the control with her friend as well.

Dragon Spirals by TexTrance

One of the more imaginative induction tools used and a nice conversational aspect afterward.

Ever After by FourLetterWord

Simply excellent in the duo takes on her being taken with the moon as induction tool and the flashbacks make it even more erotic to read.

Hungry, Like the Wolf by Jukebox

A very imaginative story with some intriguing twists and hypnotizing her into a werewolf was a brilliant touch.

Look Into My Mind by A Sinister Bent

A worthy sequal with the hypnotist managing to control the mind controller in a great way and keep in power.

Mountain Magik by Mesmerr

The setting makes this great, using it as the induction and the wonderful love making as well.

One Night at Fat Jack’s by A Sinister Bent

For some reason, the female pool hustler appeals to me so well and the long control/humiliation is great too.

One Way to Cure Those Pre-Wedding Nerves by Mudak and Robotunit8

Intriguing idea of the therapist helping her and then actually letting her go for her wedding, a bit of a twist on an old formuela.

The Reluctant Master by Desmond

Excellent detail in the setups and I enjoy how the control shifts between them in a believable way.

The Sargasso Club by A Sinister Bent

Another great ASB story with a lovely induction of the reporter and her corruption was great too.

Spirals by Lost

Another great induction tool and the control aspects are excellent as well.

The Submission of Rose by Thanos

A great multi-chapter control saga emphasizing the great hypnotic triggers and power for a hot read.

Train of Thought by Mesmeri

Just love the train induction theme and between women makes it hotter.

Undertow by 8-Bit

An excellent idea I’m surprised hasn’t been used before and the romantic overtones make it even better.

Yes, Mustard! by Wiseguy

Just so imaginative in how they play with it and the hot games they use it for.

Flesh For Fantasy by Jukebox:

A very good twist on the old “blackmailing hypnotist” theme and love how her addiction leads her down a dark path.

Love Bites by Jukebox:

Simply great in the way the role playing is done and the hypnotist turning on the vamp is a sexy dynamic.

The Mice Will Play by Wiseguy:

Always love the theme of hypnotized slave hypnotizing and spreading it to the neighbor, and getting him under too, was an excellent touch.

My Wife’s Surprise by SoulBlazer:

I do enjoy couples using hypnosis and the babysitter setup was nicely done to lead to the real fun.

Start of the Plan by Mesmeri:

Nothing like an excellent super heroines controlled tale and the multiple inductions and controls make this one of the best.

Vampire Fantasy by qxvw198:

A brilliant idea of someone caught in a couple’s role play and turning it into a very real hot time, great threesome work here.

The Domination of the Scarlet Squad by hypnokink:

I just love the serpent’s head as the induction tool and good control of the heroines.

An Experiment in Therapy by mr. potestas:

Nicely detailed with the therapist pulled into the control over a patient and then his lover, both done with great inductions and sex scenes.

Fallen Future by Thralen:

A nice new dimension for a hypno tale, mixing post-apoclypse take with very erotic scenes.

Here Comes the Bride by Jukebox:

Simply brilliant concept I’m shocked no one’s done before and very erotic in the induction and control.

A Lesson in Hypnosis by Psionic X:

A fun mix of real induction and fantasy as I’m a sucker for pirate stuff.

Moment of Weakness by Jukebox:

Amazing mix here of shifting viewpoints and control with terrific sex and induction making it an arousing package.

Mystify Your Mind by J. Darksong:

Truly fantastic with some hot induction and control but also a truly moving romantic story that shows some heart to the fantasy elements.

Nothing Else Matters by Jukebox:

Thrown right in the middle of it which makes the story work all the better in hot flashes.

Party Tricks by A Sinister Bent:

Another wicked ASB tale with the woman getting her richly detailed comeuppance in wonderful fashion.

Playing Doctor by Neo Whyachi:

A great reversal of a cliché as I love the control of the patient over the doctor for a unique “examination.”

Sleepers by J. Darksong:

Brilliant work here as you can tell the truth behind each lady and makes it even better to read their missions with a chill and a thrill.

The Superfemmes get Freeked Out by wcw43921:

On the surface, a classic heroines controlled tale but a hot sex scene and some nice twists elevate it

Teacher Surprise by Dede:

I wish we’d get the continuation of this as I love how the mother and daughter trance and play with the teacher so many times.

True Colors by Jukebox:

Wonderfully in depth with shifts in control and layer upon brilliant layer that keeps you guessing until the end and wanting to reread all over again once you’re done.

Bachelorette Roulette by halycon:

A fun induction tool and some nice control sequences to spice up a classic theme.

Enter Sandman by Jukebox:

The sheer detail of this is stunning as he replicates the Bard’s language quite well while still delivering a terrific hypnotic fantasy.

Experiment’s Diary Book 1 and 2 by mcis:

Not a fan of incest but the deepening of the corruption is brilliantly done as the sequal is great with the slave seducing a friend in expert ways adding to the erotic feel.

Healing Time by Vanderbilt:

A wonderfully haunting tale with interesting turns and far more emotional than you’d give it credit for.

Just Can’t Get Enough by Jukebox:

A fun idea of a subject who doesn’t want to wake up and a hypnotist more caring of the situation than you might expect.

Ms. Kane’s Hypnotic Lessons by Sean Flynn:

One of the best versions of the hypnotic teacher with her amazing control over students and faculty, fantastic inductions and erotic love scenes making this a great lesson plan.

The Relax Inn by Hypnomonkey:

As a wrestling fan, I can appreciate the theme and the fun induction/control of each of these beautiful women.

Talking In your Sleep by Jukebox:

A brilliant idea with interesting ways it shifts about and a great ending scene of control.

Back and Forth by grandmaster656:

A bit rough at times but do like the twists on a therapist handling his harem while still trying to help them.

Beth’s Corruption by ghytrenas:

One of the better “seduced by psych professor” tales in how the girl is controlled before her class who don’t even realize the depth of her slavery.

Consensual Consequences by Clare de Luna:

Incredibly detailed and erotic as hell in its situations with great induction and even better deepening/control of these women pushed into a new life of willing slavery.

Electioneering by Jukebox:

A quirky idea with a unique induction tool and the question of choice used to break the subject down.

In the Zone by Frederick:

Absolutely terrific in its detail of his control of this tennis player and how he manages to make her into his personal love slave with hot sex scenes as well.

My Angel by The Secret Admirer’s Love Slave:

As a “Phantom” buff, this really appealed with a great play on the old story in a well written love scene.

Secret Journey by Jukebox:

A great take on the costume hypnosis theme with the girl shifting to different personas for some hot fun.

Suicide Blonde by Jukebox:

A truly heartfelt story that uses hypnosis in a more beneficial way than usual but still fun.

Step by Step by Jukebox:

You can see where it’s going but still amazing watching it happen as the supposed “help” for these people ends up taking them over for a hot control sequence.

Champion of the Kingdom by Clare de Luna

I always like hot fantasy genre stories and this is a great one with multiple controls and spells, all hot to read and enjoy.

Clarification Question by willgb5602000:

The “student hypnotizing teacher” cliché may be a bit worn but this story does a nice spin on it with the first-person view and the introduction of her friend and the twist regarding who’s really in charge was nicely done.

Déjà Vu by le Duc de Kavaliere:

Wonderfully done, brilliant in how it mixes the flashbacks and the mystery of the past with a lovely romantic theme that makes the payoff so sweet.

Give Yourself to Me by Jukebox:

Taking the “script” motif to a nice literal way with very good induction and control as Jukebox makes it hot as always to read.

The Joker by Jukebox:

An old motif but nice how it works with the card inductions and the control at the end makes it hot to read.

Mapping a New World by Daedalus1138:

An inventive induction method and nice how it uses a map to rewrite her will, good induction tale here.

Are We Having Fun Yet? By Flibinite:

I love fortune teller stories as it’s such an easy concept and this is one of the best, deepening the trance and the fact she’s doing this for the two, not herself is a unique touch but still hot.

Beautiful Lie by Psionic_X:

Wow, amazing turns here, you see it coming in some ways but he layers on other bits you don’t expect for a dark yet hot tale that reminds you your reality is often what you make of it…or is made for you.

Butler to Boss by qxvw198:

An old concept but it works here with the nice trancing and control for hot sex scenes.

Candle Seduction by Lucky Guy:

The heat of the story is blistering from the induction to the sex and the fact it’s all real life makes it even better.

Chasing Cyndi by J. Darksong:

I love multi-chapter stories of hypnosis and this works wonderfully as he lays in how temptation can corrupt but with a nice ending to it all.

Fascination by Jukebox:

Beautiful imagery and very hot with the induction scenes and how it pays off.

Jacquelyn’s Ordeal: Blood and Shadows of the Mind:

I hope he continues soon as this was a very hot vampire tale from the encounter/seduction at the party to the battle in mind and bedroom, it’s an amazing piece that deserves a follow-up.

A Collection Over Time by Have Her Sleep And Obey:

Wonderful mix of induction and theme from the trancing to how she “winds up” her new toy, a very hot read.

As You Wish, My Lord by Imperator Mentus:

I always love stories where the subject has no idea that they’re not the scheming, dominant force in a conversation or the sex and the twist at the end makes me hope for a sequel.

Grope Therapy by the King of Hearts:

Absolutely amazing as hell, the mass induction of the women and deepening control before the hot sex and love how he works his dominance in a great tale.

Home by Nine by mightysopor:

At first it looks the typical, albeit well-written, “massuse hypnotizes unwitting client” tale but the bit at the end elevates it well.

Irrestible by King of Hearts:

Absolutely excellent instant induction method leading to fun control scenes, a short but quite hot read.

Thalia’s Harem by Kingfisher:

A very well-done lesbian harem tale, love the inductions and sex scenes along with dominant control and even a touch of love as well, rare among these stories but good here.

A Tomboy’s Training by snut:

One of the best twist endings on the site that makes you want to re-read the story over, which is a treat as it’s already a fun tale of a bitch being tamed just made better by its inventive ending.

Zero Degrees of Seperation by Mudak:

A unique setting in many ways to put a spin on “reality TV” scenarios and fun segments to keep you entertained.

Fixing Filthy Habits by b4uweremine:

I love how he shifts from crystal to eyes to get her under and good control leading to hot sex scenes.

Her Sacred Oath by Slider:

After a long absence, one of the original EMCSA authors returns with a great detailed talk on control and linking her beliefs to her submission makes it better.

His Lucky Break by dreamsofcontrol:

I love accidental inductions and this is a great one with the lights and camera to seduce the model for a very hot time.

Hypnotist at the Bijou by HypAndy:

Fun in the various inductions and controls, longer than the usual “stage magician” bit and enjoy how the women are soon into it.

Mom’s New Lifestyle by Witchman:

Another great Witchman tale of the daughter realizing what’s happening but unable to resist the great induction and control, wish he’d write more of it.

Say My Name by mightysopor:

Very good build on this with meeting, induction and slow control before the payoff, a great work.

Self Control by Dorlas:

A nice spin on how her turned into a hypnotized slave really is helpful to her and hot induction.

Sunrize Radio by lonewolf9999:

It can be harsh at times but like the control and also how it addresses ramifications of all this.

Twelve Days by J. Darksong:

Terrific humor as it builds along, leading to the nice twist of the final gifts for a surprisingly romantic tale.

Dictation by HypAndy:

Always a great writer, HypAndy does better here with the various secretaries controlled and wonderful erotic situations to improve the tale.

The Dream by Debi:

I always love “dream inductions” and this is a great one leading to a hot hookup of the ladies.

Emerald City Trilogy Part 1 and 2 by J.S.A.M.:

Fantastic mixes of super-heroine and hypnotic domination in various ways, both stories amazingly hot reads.

Evilena Sounds a Note by Mistress Evilena’s Servant:

I do love a great Evilena story and this is a fine one using the metronome as induction and dominating the older woman nicely.

Happy 42nd by J. Darksong:

A great romantic domination tale showing how hypnosis nicely sparks up a marriage.

Halloween Screams: An Anthology of Sapphic Treats by Madam Kistulot:

The first story is the hottest to me of the women taken by firelight but all four tales are great hot reads.

My Menagerie by 4UrPleasure:

Very nice set-ups with how he controls his harem and deepens it for some hot sexual scenes.

Team Player by J. Darksong:

A nice spin on the “hypnotized college players” bit and love how matter of fact the dom is about it.

Amanda and Tyler by Marque A.:

Covert hypnosis is always fun but better is how wiling she was and the tub setting just adds to the fun induction.

The Borrower by AngelBlair:

Short but sweet induction and control aspects make this a hot ff read.

Falling For Her Tits by Sammynona:

A fun bit of the controller getting a taste of her own medicine and the various settings make it even more erotic and wicked.

Playing With Fire by Softi:

I do love the “watching induction and caught yourself” aspect and Softi gives one of the hotter examples here.

Sirena by AngelBlair:

A lovely fantasy setting enhances this with the voice induction and the thief brought low for a hot read.

Stark by Pan:

A wonderful fantasy setting mixed with multiple inductions and control to make this a read I’d love to see filmed one day.

Wide Awake by Jukebox:

The way the woman is convinced she’s okay in all this and no idea taken under is incredibly erotic and one of the best multiple induction tales from a master writer.

Fair Share by Greyscribbler:

A fantastic multi-chapter tale of a woman not intending to control her roommate but unable to resist the temptations and amazing how it develops and spreads.

Fix You by Jukebox:

A great tale of domination and induction mixed together for a steamy bit as Jukebox is an expert at.

The Friend Zone by Ice Bear:

This entire “Friend” series is great with how the women just take all this as totally natural and not grasping how they’re his slaves. Little induction but the control is amazing.

Golden Slumbers by Jukebox:

Victorian-era stories are always great so no wonder Jukebox does wonders with this, an old-styled induction and excellent love scene.

Gymnast Recruitment by Airegin416:

Great work mixing the massage and drugs for control and you can’t go wrong with hot gymnasts under control.

Hypnosis and the Circle of Pleasure:

Excellent work with both the induction and the fantasies he weaves to come so real in her mind.

Teething Problems by Jypsy Jones:

Another winner from this great writer with control shifting and mixing amid some very hot and sexy lesbian scenes.

Abby’s Plan by Olorin247:

An intriguing setup of accidental hypnosis with deep themes and a lovely romantic touch. It comes together into an interesting tale that sparks up a cliché.

Amnesiac by 321:

The mysteries and layers of control and flashbacks make this a great story to put a dark spin on a “loving” marriage.

Family Needs by NoEridge:

A great mix of shifting viewpoints and controls and always a sucker for “therapist put under” story.

Green Card by 321:

An interesting tale of multiple inductions, a touch of romance and an interesting ironic twist at the end for a good story.

How to Tame her With Slumber by Flying Decadent:

So much to love from the period setting to the various induction methods, shifting control and terrific climax. The great language also helps to pull you into the tale.

My Mom is a Supverillain?!? By HypnoticHarlequin:

A wonderful mix of super-heroes, hypnosis, lesbians and some fun humor for a story that turns into a bizarre mother-daughter bonding tale amid hot action.

Raise Your Hand by Sleepy Hypno:

A classic “hypnotic class” set up but a very nice twist near the end to elevate it.

Sandor by eviltwinmordred:

It looks your typical “fantasy setting” which I love. But some intriguing turns and a fun romantic threat turn it into something special.

The Sword & The Rose by eviltwinmordred:

Maybe not much sex but as a fan of that period of TV, love how perfectly it’s replicated in hypnotic control.

Thief of the Mind by Sleepy Hypno:

A great mix of the e-mail set-up and switching narratives for an intriguing tale to boost some excitement.

Action Force: The Anachurian Candidate by 321:

Perfect setup like a classic TV show and the various inductions and controls shifting makes it even better.

Brenna’s Note by Scalar Seventh:

A wonderfully done fantasy tale and love the shifting perspectives along with the use of music to entrance.

Deep Undercover by 321:

Much better than it sounds with layers of hypnotic personas buried under the women and interesting turns to elevate it more.

Appraisal by notrioushypno:

An inventive induction tool with the mirror makes this a hot dominating tale.

Dreaming Near the Fireside by sagnarel:

Fire-inspired inductions just work for me and this is one of the best. An old-styled setting just adds to the appeal.

Hostel by 321:

A good long tale with control constantly switching around and fantastic inductions/triggers to always entertain.

New Dogma by Bengin Rasputin:

The constant triggering just appeals to me as well as opening this more conservative woman up to a brand new life of wild fun.

Seeing Things Through a New Lens by Dr. HypnoD:

He claims this was inspired by one of my stories so have to give props to how great this is.

The Somnabulist by le Duc de Kavaliere:

le Duc always entertains with these stunning Miss Scarlett tales and you can’t go wrong with her inducing her lover multiple times.

Bella Beguile, Shadow of Vengeance by Dazzling Lady:

A fun take on her establishing control and some twists to make it fun action piece.

Cora by NickelModelTales:

A fantastic sci-fi setting and great control and power.

Fangs Out by notorioushypno:

Nothing like a great multi-chapter vampire tale to spark things up.

I Think You’re Right by Boratus:

I love a good “stumbling onto someone else’s slave” story and this is great, especially the clever ways he gets around the Doctor’s control for his own fun.

Keep Your Eyes Open by Jukebox:

Another fantastic induction from a master of them.

Liliana Meets Nora by Dazzling Lady:

A fun tale of what seems to be two rival hypnotists who realize it’s better to…partner up.

The Mysteries of Adman Dupuis, The Deep Sleep and The Dorvak Protocol by eviltwinmordred:

Put together as a great trilogy of wild mystery tales with deepening and control power. Light on the sex but high on the eroticism.

Obsession Is Such An Ugly Word by Jukebox:

A masterful induction with the hypnotist using the subject’s own beliefs against her to nicely assert control.

Return of a Small Town Hypnotist by Dazzling Lady:

A terrific follow-up with the dual ensnaring and very steamy control scenes.

Scarlet Valentine by le Duc de Kavaliere:

As usual, a lovely Miss Scarlett tale themed to wonderful romance amid some very hot inductions.

Cabin Fever By Hypno S:

A terrific timely setting and you can never beat “hypnotized by firelight and stripped” inductions.

Captured by 321:

Just something steamy about some bad-ass commando ladies transformed into hot slaves in moments for a fun tale.

The Drovak Reckoning by eviltwinmordred:

More of this complex but still fascinating mystery.

Hypnotic Roomates Return by Schoonergonda:

After nearly a quarter-century, one of the first EMCSA classic finally gets a follow-up which is just as hot and steamy as the original tale.

Language Barrier by Jukebox:

A fun idea of how one doesn’t need words to ensnare a beauty into amazing times.

Mystery at the Museum by 321:

I love “screenplay” formats and this works great by letting you imagine some of the hotter parts.

Party Planning 101 by The Entrancer Arrives:

We need more “large groups hypnotized at meeting” tales and this is a great idea.

Bella Beguile: Talent Scout by DazzlingLady:

A great turn of the master hypnotist falling into a trap for a wildly sexy tale.

Cliche Chronicles: Practical Demonstration and Cliche Chronicles: Recruitment Process by Hypnospects:

I love how he uses “cliche” so boldly but it still works with the first a turn on the classic “hypnotic teacher creates harem” and the second a fun spin on recruiting for strippers to make for fun inductions.

Computer Problems by ghytrenas:

The mix of inductions is good from metronome to computer to massage for a very erotic payoff.

Jing-Mei and Liliana: Girls’ Weekend by DazzlingLady:

Another fun turn by a great author on a “girl’s weekend” gone awry in some sexy ways.

More Than Meets the Eye by Hypnospects:

A good idea of how magical a hypnotist’s powers can be and intriguing in where it goes.

Tales from The Spiral: An Interview With A Hypnotist by DazzlingLady:

A great tale looking like a dominant hypnotist using a sexy reporter but a surprising heart and romance to it as well.

Various and Sundry Hypnotists by DazzlingLady:

Another great turn of multiple inductions and battles for control creating a fanciful fun ride.

Zoinks! By Jukebox:

A delightful send-up of a certain classic cartoon show and fun turns in the plot.

After Class by semi lucid:

A nice turn on the classic “student hypnotizes teacher” tale thanks to her wonderful slipping into trance without realizing it’s not the first time.

Call the Police by Jukebox:

A brilliant tale of the cop slowly sliding under the hypnotist’s control before the woman who realizes she’s next.

Casey and Alexandria by DazzlingLady:

It can be tough keeping DazzlingLady’s brilliant and intricate stories separate but this is a fun one of her hypnotist partners working together well.

Cliche Chronicles: Pet Sitting by Hypnospects:

A fun story with the slow build of the snake’s control before the fun ending.

Dental Phobia by BedHead:

The hypnotic dentist is a great turn and this is better for building up the brainwashing before the main fun.

The Detention Club, Teacher Teacher, I Declare and Teaching Them A Lesson by A Sinister Bent:

A great trio of tales. The first falling in media res as we see the students using a teacher. Then the second how it happened with great induction. Then the payoff of the teacher now turning the tables on the adult students for some wonderful control sequences.

Hypnotist From Outer Space Unrated Version by S.B.:

A terrific story of the man affected by this movie and the “live-stream” aspect makes it a standout.

Isn’t Doctor Maple The Best? By Sammynona:

A nice turn on the “waiting room” cliche with how the doctor herself is surprised by the subjects dropping each other and a fun control aspect.

Parasol by Jukebox:

Just for the fun induction method as a hypnotic umbrella is a tool that should be used more in stories.

A Quick One While He’s Away by Jukebox:

Living up to its title as a quick story but also fun in the man using his friend’s wife at the right opportunities.

Rumor Mill by Jukebox:

Man, I just love a good story where the subject has zero idea she’s under or that her being nude and having sex with a co-worker is even that odd.

Steel Starling by Annaliese:

Short but delightful story of a superhero cosplaying as herself with the man unaware of who he truly has for a lovely finish.

Tambourine by semi lucid:

A fun tale of the professor convincing his wife she’s in his power and a romantic turn on things makes it better.

Analyzing Angie by A Sinister Bent:

Yes the hypnosis is hot but there’s emotion here, almost tragedy of this young woman retreating into a world to escape her pain that makes it work.

Aurora Is a Pretty Girl: Pretty Girl Sleeps by SleepyShamrock:

A lovely tale with the descriptions of her watching someone fall into trance and then joining in to suck you in.

Chaos at the Carnival! By HypnoticHarlequin:

A fun take on a classic cartoon for the community with some intriguing touches to keep it fresh.

Cliche Chronicles by Hypnospects:

Another obvious setup but fun with the mix of the “movie” and the erotic action.

Extra Tuition by Kallie:

A fun take on the hypnotist professor learning too late her latest prey is far better at it for some fun control stories.

Hypnotic Affairs: Goodspeed and Chen by Dazzling Lady:

Some of these tales can be complex but I enjoy the odd “partnership” of this pair amid some wild action.

Inside Information by Hypnospects:

A great use of the old super-heroine control motif with the “inside lady” involvement.

Savanna: Hypnotic Homemaker by Dazzling Lady:

A nice story of a “homemaker hypnotherapist” who has her fun with the setup for bigger stuff down the road.

Vampire Money by Jukebox:

It’s genius how it goes from a cliche story to a turn on the “vampire hunter” tales and another fine Jukebox entry.

Armored Hearts, Tamed Soul By The Old Guard:

A great idea of using hypnosis more than magic and love seeing this proud warrior tamed so often while still having her spirit.

Captured At the Con by Hypnofur:

A fun setup on the couple expecting to be hypnotized, just not this way and some sexy situations.

Honeymoon Suite by The Pen Is Mightier:

An inventive method of getting the ladies together for a run romantic tale.

It Runs In The Family by Sammynona:

A nice long and inventive tale of hypnotic lesbian domination with some good inductions and control of the ladies to make it a fun read.

Keeping Kayfabe by Scifiscribbler:

As a wrestling fan this appeals and a fun idea of “getting into character.”

Natural Hypnotist by S.P. Riley:

A brilliant tale from his control to the terrific twist at the end that makes it worth rereading for a surprisingly emotional story.

The Plants by Hypnospects:

A good tale as always fun to see a disbeliever realizing how deep into slavedom she really is.

A Commanding Weakness by Kallie:

A fun sci-fi tale of shifting control and just hot imagining a female officer dominated so easily.

Donna’s Trance Trigger by Sammynona:

A great story in the guy spending so long thinking this is “role play” not that he has hypnotic control over his crush with some fun situations.

Dr. Long’s Grateful Patient by Wendy Wantsome:

Good work mixing “before and after” effects of therapy and hot to imagine the husband entranced right before his wife’s affair.

A Key To Nothing by Jukebox:

Key inductions are always good and the fact it wasn’t planned makes this even hotter.

Making The Grade by A Sinister Bent:

I just love Bent’s tales of control and domination and the dean used like this is fun.

Mistress Alexis’ Harem by Me-Chan:

A good build with the various induction methods and ladies going under and loved the “teleconference” induction.

Needle Drop by Jukebox:

A fun sequel to a past story with a unique induction method for control.

Sleight of Mind by A Sinister Bent:

Like a good magic trick, all is not what it seems in a “hypnotist-slave” relationship for a delightful tale.

Thesis Defense by Skaetlett:

Nothing beats the old “professor sways student” setup and this is great in the control aspects.

Under a Rest by Semi Lucid:

It looks like a fun noir setup but the final chapter is worth it to make it a surprisingly warm hypnotic romance tale.

Weak Minds Think Alike by Crimson Citizen:

A good take on the old “protective friend goes under too” with the language barrier an equally fun touch.

Zodiac by Jukebox

As usual, Jukebox has fun with the “subject with no idea she’s going under” and the fortuneteller spin is always a good one.

Zoom In by Jukebox:

One of his specialties as the woman about to expose the hypnotist instead succumbs nicely.

Asset Management by Nyx Hypner:

Ah, you can’t go wrong with a great spy story with a unique take on “sleeper” agents.

Changing Places by Hokan:

Already intriguing in hypnosis at a girl’s school but the identity swap adds a new layer to it with some great triggering scenes.

Earth Girls Aren’t So Easy by 321:

So much fun here in the mind control but the fact the aliens are clearly idiots just makes it funnier.

I Have to Warn You by Pan:

An intriguing setup and some good turns to make this a fun one-shot by a good author.

Kat’s Kradle by SoVeryFascinated:

An amazing tale of lovers using hypnosis to help someone but an intriguing twist on the ‘villain” making it stand out as an emotional tale.

Stagecoach to Ritchfield by Greyscribbler:

We need more Old West themed stories and this is an amazing one of brainwashing and warping this woman in a single ride.