The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Title: My Neighbor, Soon to Be Lover

Chapter: 6

Synopsis: A teen reprograms her older neighbour to become the lover she imagined him to be

* * *

Do you know that feeling when your heart stops and the world stands still?

I’ve been having a few of those lately—especially regarding Jacob ‘Thick Cock’ Fimmel.

And here I was again, stuck in one of those moments.

I was probably only holding my breath for a few seconds but it felt like ages.

I couldn’t breathe as I locked eyes with Jacob, his meat in his palm as he slowly eased out of my mother.

It must have been my imagination but I swear I saw him smirk at me.

But how could he? He couldn’t see me...could he?

I stood there, frozen, my palm still covering my clit as the last of my orgasm throbbed through it.

I must have made a sound when I orgasmed. Why else would he be looking my way?


Shit, shit, shit.

Please don’t come and check. Please don’t.

Stay where you are.

The seconds went by and my mother’s voice reached my ears.

“Oh, fuck Jacob,” she groaned. “You make me cum every time.”

Finally, Jacob pulled his gaze from the closet and grinned down at my mother. He was slipping off the condom now and my mother rolled onto her back.

He slapped her ass as she did so and it was like the sound finally brought me back to reality.

Jacob Fimmel, man of my dreams, just fucked my mom.

They dressed in silence, my mother donning her nurse’s uniform and Jacob his suit.

The only indication they’d literally just had sex was Jacob placing his hand passively on my mother’s rump as they exited the room.

I watched that hand, eyed it.

I’d always wanted that hand to hold me like that.

Dreamt of it.

Wished for it.

I stayed in the closet for minutes afterward listening, waiting for a chance to exit my hiding place.

I heard the front door close and assumed he’d left but then I heard my mother shuffling around in the kitchen.

Her light footsteps were coming back around to the bedroom and soon she walked in, sipping a strawberry smoothie.

She was humming again.

The same time she’d been humming before.

Round and round the mulberry bush
The monkey chased the weasel
The monkey stopped to pull up his socks
Pop goes the weasel

I frowned as I watched her.

She was smiling. Happy.

My frown deepened.

I hated that.

Well, I didn’t hate it. I was jealous of it.

The envy must have turned my eyes green because it was coursing through my body.

She had that look a woman got when she’d just had good dick. I’d seen it so many times before. A glazing over of the eyes with a soft smile on the lips.

I’d never had that look before.

It’s not something one gets when one masturbates.

It’s also not something one gets when one tries to use teenage boys to mimic the real thing.

My lips set into a hard line as I watched my mother brush her hair.

She was still humming and I found it so unnerving.

That tune.

Why that tune?

Mom never hummed.

Did Jacob make her that happy?

Did his loving provide that much goodness?

Would I ever get to experience it?

I stood there, trying not to make a sound as I pondered this, a slow fear rising in my body.

What if I never got to experience it?

What if I never got to feel that thick meat stretching my pussy lips open, making me scream and squirm as he carved a path within me?

What if I never got to feel Jacob’s cock jerk within me?

I could almost cry but there was no time for that because another fear gripped me as my mother turned towards the closet and began walking toward it.


My heart thumped.

Shit. Shit.

I should have made my escape when they both left the room.


My mother paused right in front of the closet and, for a second, I was sure she was going to open the closet door and see me standing there, hand still in my pants, all flushed and sweating.

Then she’d know I’d been there all along.

That I’d seen everything.

And, worst of all, she’d know I’d enjoyed every frickin’ second of it.

But, lucky for me, she didn’t open the closet door.

Instead, she mumbled something about not bothering to change her clothes and waiting till she returned to shower.

Checking her watch, she spun around and headed out the bedroom door instead, carrying her strawberry smoothie in hand.

I breathed a sigh of relief and gulped.

My throat was dry.

It took a good few minutes before I heard the front door slam.

I waited another two minutes before I exited the closet.

Damn, it had been hot in there.

I almost fell when I stepped out, my legs were weak—whether from my orgasm or just from standing without moving for so long, I didn’t know.

My eyes darted over to the bed and landed on the spot where they’d been.

I still couldn’t believe I’d seen it happen.

I’d seen it happen right in front of me.

Raking a hand through my hair, I walked slowly to my bedroom. I needed a shower. And I needed to think.

* * *

My shower was the longest one I had ever taken.

I don’t know how long I was in there for, standing underneath the spray as the scenes from before ran through my mind over and over and over again.

When I finally exited the bathroom and walked into my bedroom, towel draped lightly around me and my hair hanging damply around my face, I wandered over to my bedroom window.

Jacob Fimmel and my mother were having an affair.

I let the towel slip from underneath my arms and began drying myself slowly as the words repeated in my head.

Did his wife know?

How long had the affair been going on?

I’d had no idea it had been occurring. That meant they hid it well.

It was only through me hypnotizing Jacob that I found out.


I can’t believe it was that powerful.

Was I really that good at it?

Jacob had literally let me know a well-kept secret just by me hypnotizing him.

Did he even know he told me about everything?

What else could I learn if I did it again?

I’d been avoiding him these past three weeks, so shaken by what he’d revealed. I didn’t want to face him again.

But maybe I should.

I paused drying myself as I thought about it.

I definitely should.

Just then, a waft of cold air tickled over my naked body and I focused on the window. I’d left it open. As I grasped the handle on the window to close it, the cold air made my nipples harden and goosebumps immediately appeared over my body.

But the goosebumps weren’t from the cold.

In his backyard, looking right at me, was Jacob Fimmel.

I froze, one hand on the window, the other holding the towel, which hung limply from my fingers.

It felt like all my senses started firing at once but still, I couldn’t move or respond.

Jacob Fimmel was looking at me.

A smile spread across his lips and he raised a hand to wave.

It was only as I raised my hand to wave back, the towel now dangling, that my mind kicked into gear and I realized one thing.

Jacob Fimmel was looking at me.

Jacob Fimmel was looking at me naked.

My eyes widened and I froze for another second.

He wasn’t looking away.

But he wasn’t looking at my body either. He was looking me in the eyes.

Flushing red, I waved back and ducked farther into the room.

Oh shit.

I was trembling now but not because of fear. I was trembling because that little exchange somehow excited me.

He was looking me in the eye but it had taken some effort.

He’d wanted to let his gaze wander.

He’d wanted to look at me.

I slid unto the floor by my bed and rubbed my hand over the goosebumps on my arms.


This day was probably more than I could take.

Hurriedly slipping into a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, I chanced another look out the window to see that he’d gone to lie on one of the lounge chairs by the exactly the same position as I’d seen him that day.

The first time I’d seen his cock.

The only thing was that this time, he wasn’t naked.

I briefly wondered why he hadn’t gone back to work but then figured he didn’t have to. I knew enough about him to know he was the owner of some sort of IT company.

If he didn’t want to go to work, he didn’t have to.

Still, that now familiar feeling of jealousy coursed through me.

He didn’t need to but he’d taken time off just to fuck my mom.

Lucky bitch.

I decided I needed to focus on other things so I grabbed my text book and flopped on my bean bag.

I tried for a few minutes, really tried, but I couldn’t study.

The events of the day were still fresh in my mind.

Leaning back into the softness of the bean bag, I slipped my hand beneath the waist of my shorts and closed my eyes.

I saw myself on the bed, Jacob Fimmel’s large manly frame behind my small one.

“Daddy,” I whispered and his hand descended on my naked ass.

I groaned into the pain and pleasure as he spanked me, imagining he was spanking me just like he spanked my mother.

I imagined my hands were no longer my own. They were Jacob’s and he was now grasping my breast while his other hand rubbed my clit.

“Oh Daddy,” I whispered. I don’t know why I was using the term but it made it more hot.

I wanted Jacob Fimmel to be my big daddy.

I wanted him to own me with his cock.

I wanted him to fucking pin me down and give me every inch of him till I couldn’t take any more.

The thought made me feverish and I licked my lips as I neared my climax, my eyes fluttering as the emotions built within me.

“Jacob,” I whispered, “big daddy.”

I was just nearing my peak when the ring of the doorbell stopped me in my tracks and my eyes flew open.

I wasn’t expecting anyone.

Annoyed that my fantasy had been interrupted, I pulled my hands from my shorts and got up from the bean bag.

When I finally reached the front door and opened it, my heart immediately began hammering in my chest.

“Layla.” Jacob Fimmel smiled at me.

“M-Mr. Fimmel,” I whispered.

Damn, he didn’t look even in the least bit worked up. Just hours before, he’d been naked sweating over my mother.

“I realize you’ve been a bit busy over the past few weeks but I’ve had the urge to ask you to help me again. You know, with that thing,” he said.

Oh yes, during the session, I did tell him to come back but I’d been avoiding him ever since.

“Oh, sure. Did I help that last time?” I tried to sound normal but it was hard. All that I was seeing in my head was his thick cock spreading apart my mother’s pussy lips.

“Oh, you have no idea,” he said, and something I couldn’t quite read passed behind his eyes.

“I’ll pay you,” he said and my eyes widened.

“Oh, I could never. I’m not a professional and—”

Jacob reached for my hand and raised the back of my palm to his lips. He paused there as he smiled and put a light peck on the back of my skin.

“You help me and I’ll help you,“he said.

But I wasn’t thinking about what he said.

All I was thinking about was that the hand he was holding was the one I’d just had down my shorts.

It smelled of my pussy. It had my pussy juices on it just before.

And Jacob Fimmel just kissed it.

I don’t know why but something in his eyes told me that Jacob Fimmel could smell that sweet scent of pussy on my fingers.

And, of fuck,

...he was enjoying it.

* * *