The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Title: My Neighbor, Soon to Be Lover

Chapter: 7

Synopsis: A teen reprograms her older neighbour to become the lover she imagined him to be

* * *

“Mr. Fimmel…” I breathed. It felt like my heart stopped for a few minutes. Jacob Fimmel was standing right in front of me. The same Jacob Fimmel that had fucked my mother. The same Jacob Fimmel who I’d just been thinking about with my hand in my pussy.

“No, excuses.” Jacob smiled and let go of my hand. “I’ve tried everything to help me sleep. You’re the only person who has managed to make a difference. I’ve actually have been sleeping better.”

He flashed me another smile as I swallowed hard.

“Ok…” I couldn’t find my voice. All I could see was his naked ass rising as his thick dick descended into my mother’s cunt, over and over again.

Jacob’s brow furrowed slightly.

“I’m not bothering you, am I? I know you have school and…”

“Oh, no no. I’m not busy right now.” I lie.

Shit, what was I doing? I couldn’t do this again. Last time was a fluke and it had ended in a really, really shocking revelation.

He grinned at me then and his eyes lit up. “Great.”

There was a pause before I realized he was waiting on me to invite him in.

“Um, come in.” I stepped aside and gestured to the living room.

It felt weird having him inside the house again...especially because he’d just been in here fucking my mother!

I stared at his back as he headed to the couch. Shouldn’t I be angry at him? Shouldn’t I be furious at them both?


I frowned.

I wasn’t angry at all. Instead, I was...nervous?

Damn. It’s weird the effect he had on me.

I watched as Jacob settled into the couch and lifted his legs up. He put a cushion behind his head and crossed his arms over his chest.

I noticed immediately that he was dressed in a t-shirt and shorts. His legs were long and strong. I could see the muscles peeking out without him even flexing.

How could a man of his age still look so damn hot while the guys at school looked like...well...wimps? They were in their youth yet he was an older guy. Shouldn’t they be the ones all virile and strong? Shouldn’t they be the ones that made my panties go wet?

I paused as my eyelashes fluttered in fast succession.

I’ve never been attracted to the boys at school.

None of them.

I’ve only ever been attracted to Jacob.

Jacob Fimmel.

“Layla?” He glanced over his shoulder to see me still standing at the door. “Everything ok?”

“Um, yea.” Catching myself, I closed the door. Wiping my clammy hands on the back on my clothes, I moved over to sit on the couch across from Jacob.

The last time we’d done this, he’d said things.

I was a bit scared what might happen this time.

A bit scared and a helluva lot anxious.

“Ready?” I asked.

Jacob nodded and flashed me another smile. “Do your magic,” he said.


Here goes.

I do the same thing I did last time, the same process I learned in class, the same process I’d thought I hadn’t mastered.

I had him focus on that spot on my forehead, said all the right words to put him under, and after a few minutes, Jacob was laying in the seat, breathing softly, his eyes closed.

For a few seconds, I thought he was sleeping.

Time for the test.

I needed to know if he was under as far as he was supposed to be.

“Jacob, your arm is so heavy. It will be impossible for you to lift it. Jacob, try to lift your arm.”

There was slight movement on his arm, but he didn’t lift it.

A thrill went through my spine. I’d done it again.

What could only be described as a wave of power washed through me at that moment.

If I told him to strip naked at that moment, he’d have no choice but to do it. The thought made me giggle before it hit me.



If I told him to strip naked, would he?

I sat there staring at Jacob for minutes, my eyes growing wider and wider at the realization.


Fuck fuck fuck.



Taking a deep breath, I whispered. “Jacob, raise your arm.”

None of his arms moved, and a sinking feeling developed in my belly immediately but as soon as it came, the voice of my annoying professor echoed in my mind from a distant memory.

‘Always be specific with instructions when giving orders during a hypnosis session.’


I hadn’t told him which arm to move.

I decided to try again.

“Jacob, raise your left arm.”

Jacob’s left arm rose into the air and I gulped.

“Drop your left arm,” I ordered, and his arm fell.


Another rush of unexpected power coursed through my veins and I licked my lips.

I decided to go just go a step further to test my theory.

“Do a monkey face.”

I watched as Jacob pulled his ears and stuck his tongue out.

A giggle erupted from me. This was really too good to be true.

I sat there looking at him incredulously until the gravity of it all really hit me.

Moving closer, I went to kneel beside him.

Raising my hand over his face, I hesitated and gulped.

Was I really going to do this?

I blinked a few times and took a deep breath.

Yes. I was going to do this.

When my finger touched the skin on his face, I expected his eyes to fly open and for him to glare at me.

But he did no such thing and it only made me feel braver.

I ran my finger down his cheek and paused just at his lips.


I licked my lips.

I wanted to kiss him but maybe that would be pushing things too far?

My gaze wandered down his body to pause at his crotch and I gulped again.

“I wanna do it so bad…” I whispered so low I was sure he couldn’t hear me.

“Damn...” I licked my lips.

“I really really wanna…” I closed my eyes. “Touch your cock.”

I realize I’d said that last part a little too loudly and my eyes flew open, fully expecting to see Jacob looking back at me incredulously...but he wasn’t. His eyes were still closed and...and...oh my God….

His right hand was slipping into his shorts.

I’d unintentionally given him the order to touch himself.

I froze in shock, opening my mouth to shout that he shouldn’t do it but I couldn’t move and no words came out.


I watched him grasp himself in his hand and he was...hard?

I started hyperventilating immediately, my eyes glued to his hand as he massaged himself in his shorts.

Oh my God.

I don’t know what came over my but I the next words came from my mouth before I could even think.

“Show me…” I breathed and watched as he slipped his shorts low enough for his dick to spring free.

Ok. So I’m pretty sure I needed a defibrillator because my heart was going to fail at any second.

His dick was there, big mushroom pulsing and all, already glistening with precum and I felt my pussy clench in response.

Oh fuck.

Oh fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

What the fuck was I doing and why the hell wasn’t I telling him to stop?

Oh fuck.

I glanced at Jacob’s face and there was a soft smile there. Apart from that, he seemed like he didn’t know he was FUCKING MASTURBATING IN FRONT OF ME!

I glanced frantically the door, as if my mother would walk through any moment but I knew she was still at work.

No one was going to come in and catch me.

But damn…

Should I be doing this?

My pussy clenched again and I moved unwittingly closer to his dick.

A bead of precum was right at the tip and it was fucking teasing me.


I’m sure I was going to hell but I wanted to lick that drop of precum.

And my pussy clenched again at the thought.

I’d been so worked up all day I was really, really, really horny.

I stuck my tongue and hovered it over the drop, my eyes darting at Jacob. He still seemed unaware.

I sighed deeply.

Just one taste.

Just a little bit.

I’d finally know what he tasted like.

And it would be only this once.

I couldn’t do this again.

I lowered my tongue onto the smoothness of his mushroom tip and my eyes rolled back in my head as I suppressed a moan.

He was fucking delicious—a little salty with a hint of lemon.

I covered his mushroom tip with my lips then. I couldn’t resist.

And I sucked on him, taking his mushroom in my mouth and rolling it around my tongue.

My pussy clenched again and I slipped my hand into my panties, rubbing my clit furiously.

A loud moan left Jacob’s mouth and, damn, that was all I needed.

I’d never cummed so quickly before in my entire years of masturbating to porn on my laptop.

I shook, my mouth still over his dick, as my orgasm rocked through me.

This was heaven.

This was Jacob.

And, at that moment, as I glanced back at his face, the end of my orgasm flowing through me, I knew I couldn’t ever not do this again.

I released him from my lips and took a few seconds to breathe.

I couldn’t believe what I had just done.

It was just a little suck. Nothing big.

But I’d orgasmed.

And, well, I shouldn’t have put my mouth there without him knowing.

This was wrong, wasn’t it?

It had to be.

It WAS wrong.

Then why the hell did it feel so good?

Jacob was still rubbing himself and I gulped.

I should tell him to stop.

I really should, because I could already feel my pussy clenching again and I knew exactly what it wanted.

It wanted to be clenching around something.

And that something was here, right in front of me, still slick with my saliva and Jacob’s precum.

“Jacob, stop rubbing yourself and please put your cock away,” I said shakily, “...before I do something I can’t undo....” I whispered that last part, trying to fight the emotions flowing through me.

I watched as he slipped his still hard cock back into his shorts and I hung my head.


If Jacob found out…

I gulped again.

And still, my pussy clenched.

Shit. I was in so, so much trouble.

I went to sit across from him again and sat there for several minutes, watching him.

His cock was slowly losing the erection and I sat in watched it lose its hardness. When it finally looked like it was down, I decided to wake him up.

The longer he stayed in this situation, the harder it was going to be for me to stop.

Composing myself as best as I could, I took a deep breath before chanting the wake up ritual I’d had to practice for my exams.

Jacob’s eyes fluttered in the next few moments, and he glanced over at me.

“Layla,” he said. I was sure he could hear my heart beating against my chest because it was the only thing I could hear.

“How do you, em, feel?”

Jacob raised up on his elbows and frowned a little then I watched him rearrange his dick as his frown got deeper.

Oh shit.


He knows, doesn’t he?

“I don’t know,” he said, glancing over at me.

“What do you mean?” I ask, almost breathless. I was pretty sure he was going to say he knew what I’d done.

“I don’t know,” he murmured. “It feels different this time than it did the last time…”

I gulped.

“I’ll have to give it a few days…” He smiled at me.

I gulped again. “D-do you remember anything?”

His eyes locked with mine then.

“Should I?” He asked.

“No,” I answered a little too hastily and I hoped he didn’t pick up on that.

“Well, no,” he smiled at me, “I don’t remember anything.”

A part of me relaxed a little.

“But,” he said, “we have to do this again. Maybe longer sessions would be better?”

He glanced at his watch.

“You were really quick this session, Layla.”

I nod and gulp.

“I think I need to do some more studying before we continue this.” And that was the truth.

Sitting upright, Jacob narrowed his eyes as he looked at me.

“You’re acting differently, Layla,” he said. “Did I do something wrong?”

I shook my head immediately.

Oh God. No. You didn’t do anything. I did it. I did everything.

“No, no you didn’t. I think I might have done something wrong.” I could feel my cheeks getting red.

Jacob shook his head. “Never doubt yourself, Layla.” And then he stood and began walking to the door. My heart rate increased even more, if that was even possible.

He didn’t know?

He didn’t realize what I did!

The possibilities began going through my mind immediately and I was unable to stop them.

“And besides,” he said, pausing at the door, “I wouldn’t want you to stop. I quite like these sessions.”

“Me too.” A shy smile spread over my lips.

Oh God.

He had no idea.

I’d liked it wayyy more than he thought.

My pussy clenched in agreement.

* * *