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My New Apartment, Part 4: Deeper and Deeper

(written by pshadme—June 2001)

“Hello sweetie. You are a very tired young man.” I barely heard what Caroline saying as I blinked and wiped the sleep from my eyes. I tried to lift me head off of the pillow, but it felt so heavy.

“That’s ok honey, just lie there. Take a few moments before you try to get up.", she said like a nurse who was rehabilitating someone.

“Caroline...” I managed, before I felt my eyes roll back in my head. My head mashed back into the pillow like it was on a bungee cord. I felt so dizzy.

“Don’t speak, Sammy...just lie there. You’ll be up soon enough and we can discuss what’s happened.", she said with a hint of concern in her voice, but quite ingenuous.

I was regaining my bearings and although I still was lying down, my eyes were open and I was becoming more aware of my surroundings. We made eye contact and I nodded to show that I was ready to talk with her.

“Your body seems to be very disconcerted by something in the house and it’s making you very weak. Do you have any allergies or anything?", she leaned over me with her wide eyes and her beautiful breasts heaving out of the sides of her tank-top. The closeness of her erotic presence again awakened the stiff hard-on that had been common to my 24 hours in her house. I suddenly felt lightheaded again as my penis engorged to an almost uncomfortable erection. Caroline noticed my intense arousal and offered...

“Is that it? Is the shift in blood to that thick penis I saw last night when I tucked you in coming directly from your brain? I must be causing your young body such turmoil. I feel horrible.” Her tone was such that I was beginning to feel ashamed for making her feel uncomfortable.

“I was just so happy that you found me attractive that I must have overdid it, I...”

“No please, Caroline,” I interrupted, “please don’t blame yourself.” What was I saying?!...that was exactly it. Her incredibly sexy demeanor was rushing blood so quickly and so consistently from my brain to my prick that it was making me lightheaded, just as she suggested. It was all her doing, but still I persisted, “I should just learn to control myself. You shouldn’t apologize for your beauty. My lack of self control is to blame and I will try to get a handle on it.”

Caroline jumped all over my poor choice of words and deftly slipped her fingers up the left leg of my shorts, gently surrounded my shaft and, “Well maybe I can help you with that.", she said so seductively with her right eyebrow raised and her tongue slightly parting her lips. I quickly sucked in a breathe at the startling turn of events, but Caroline simply stared into my eyes and began stroking my erection ever so slowly. My body was practically shaking as she continued to massage my swollen member and then exacerbated my condition be sliding her left hand up other shorts leg and began lightly tickling my balls. I was getting so excited, but her light touches were frustrating and each time I felt close to orgasm, she would slow down again.

“Is this helping, sweetie? You must be so pent up after absorbing all of the teasing that I’ve presented you with. seem to be getting bigger as I’m touching you. It must still have a quite dizzying effect on you. The harder you get, the more fuzzy things get...isn’t that right my sweet little boy.” Her nails were so gently raking the underside of my scrotum and the soft massage of her right hand had now incorporated an occasional passing of her thumb over my pre-cum soaked tip.

“So hard and so hard to think straight. I see now why you were sooo weak to resist my advances....soooo helpless to keep some self control around me. You obviously have a lot of lust for me in your body and it is affecting your thoughts. All of your thoughts are being affected by me...all your thoughts are of me and so all of your lust is for me. All of your thoughts and all of your lust. My body controls all of it, my scent controls all of it, my eyes control all of it. You are sooo helpless to control your lust for me.” Her eyes bore into mine as she droned on...

“Sooo helpless....filled with lust for me....sooo helpless to resist it...too weak to control it. You are getting harder and harder and it is getting harder and harder to think. Stop thinking about it, just relax and let me control your lust.” Her fingers were maddening, her eyes were locked on mine and her voice was pouring into my ears.

“Soooo help-less now...just reeelaaaaax...look deeper into my eyes...fall deeper into the pleasure my fingers are bringing you. Deeeeeper and deeeeeeeeeeper, sweetie. You cannot resist my touch...listen to my voice relax you as my fingers excite you....relaaaax.” Her fingers were like a whirlwind of soft touches around my hypersensitive organ. “ are soooo is soooo hard to resist me. Your lust is increasing, your excitement is increasing, your control is gone. I am in control and you are getting more and more lightheaded as I pull all of the blood from your brain to this beautiful cock. You are sooo dizzy now, less and less oxygen to your brain, less awareness of your mind, more and more awareness of your increasing lust for me. Look in my eyes as everything gets dimmer.”

As her hand softly pulled at the head of my penis, my eyes were pulled deeper into hers. “You want to cum soooo bad, but you will not be conscious long enough to fulfill that dream. It will all become a dream... this is all a dream...a fantastic dream...a will fantasize about the control I have over you more and more. It will become an obsession for you. Every time I arouse you, you will become weaker to resist me and more and more submissive to me...secretly begging to have me make you cum. Your mind pleading with me to make you cum, but you will never be brave enough to admit that to me, just more and more submissive in the hopes that my fingers will complete the torture that you are enraptured by right now.”

My eyes were tearing and I remained motionlessly staring into her gorgeous green eyes as Caroline continued her seductive assault between my legs. Like a roller coaster, each time I reached the pinnacle of arousal, her fingers withdrew slightly or changed speeds. I would then plunge downward and each fall would take longer to recover from. It felt as if hours were passing as I lay there on Caroline’s couch with this incredible woman between my legs. Each time she eased up, my mind went from being so wrapped with concentrating on her fingers pushing me over the edge, to a completely helpless relaxation when her words again would fill my head.

“Deeeeeper and deeeeeper little are falling deeeper and deeeeeeeeeppppeeer for me.", over and over again as she slowly brought my arousal back to its next fevered pitch.

“Just fantasize about me giving you that ultimate reward. It will always be so close, but not quite there. Sooooo frustrating, but sooooo necessary. Only I can give you this feeling and you need me to tease you more and more. Your mind needs it and your body cannot go without it. You will not attempt to bring yourself to orgasm. You will only try to spend more and more time with me and please me more and more in the hopes that I will make you cum. You will NOT bring yourself to orgasm, you will only wish that I will. Everything about me will become a sexual torment for you. Near or far, in whispers or silence, in touch or sight, my smell and appearance, clean or dirty...stronger and stronger my control of your lust will grow...your will becomes weaker and weaker as your excitement grows more and more. This fantasy will dominate your thoughts...your dreams and ultimately your actions as you submit to my suggestions...obey my commands...obey me and accept all of my suggestions as your own thoughts. All of my suggestions and innuendo will become your thoughts and you will act on them without control. You only need my control.”

“Relax deeper for me...pull this feeling, these ideas, deeper and deeper into your subconscious. You need to sleep now, Sammy and dream of this feeling dominating your body...controlling your mind and having all your thoughts begin and end with me and the hope that I will fulfill your dream. Harder and harder...soooo excited, but more and more difficult to keep those tired, heavy eyes open....sleeep sammy...sleeeeeep now...your are so excited, but so sleeepy. Sleeeeeep now...reeeelaaaaax and are sooo hard, but you must sleeeep now. Sleeeep and submit to Caroline.