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Synopsis: Robberies, kidnappings and Assassinations are being done by strange shiny white latex clad women. Is there a connection to the new spa in town?

Thank you to SpacegirlElle for her assistance, her ideas, her inspiration and her awesomeness.

The New You Spa and Tanning Salon

Part 2

A black sedan sat with four women and a male. The five looked strange, dark tanned, staring blankly ahead clad in outfits of shiny black PVC and wearing 60s style black framed glasses. The women had their hair pulled back into pony tails.

There were two brunettes, a blonde and an auburn haired girl.

The male was wearing a shiny black PVC suit with his penis in a sleeve in the front of his PVC pants, and boots.

The females each wore a shiny black minidress with long sleeves, thong bottoms with camel toes and pantyhose under the bottoms with ankle high stiletto heeled boots, wrist length gloves, and their hair was pulled back into pony tails. Their breasts were big and firm 36D and their minidresses showed cleavage.

The five had tanned skin like they had been in tanning booths or been to Hawaii. They had butt plugs in their anuses and catheter’s in their urethras. They had IV devices in their left wrists. They wore black framed glasses 60s style, like the old military style glasses—BCGs—“Birth Control Glasses” Their eyes were fixed and unmoving.

The male was a now robotized James and the four were missing women—one a housewife, one a college student, and two were missing models.

The robotized James pulled a cell phone from his suit pocket and pressed an autodial button, “Report” a familiar voice said.

“WE ARE IN POSITION MISTRESS” James said in a monotone voice.

“Proceed my Robots” the voice said.

“YES MISTRESS” he said as he hung up. Then four of them got out of the sedan as one of them, the blonde sat at the steering wheel. The blonde was the missing College student.

The auburn haired girl was a missing housewife and the two brunettes were missing porn stars/models, kidnapped the day before after attending a club they failed to return home.

Emma was now just like Tiffany, Melanie and other Slaves serving Stella Van Herrin. But how did it get to this point?

Five days earlier

“Who is this Mistress Melanie?” James said.

“Mistress Stella” Melanie said.

“Fuck! I knew it! The name you said in your sleep…………..she is the reason you broke up with me!” James said.

“Yes. She is everything to me. To us. And she will be everything to you” Melanie said.

“No! She will not!” James said defiantly, “So you are robotized?”

“No. Not at present. Not as you are about to be. We are Slaves but can assume a Robot persona when activated by the Mistress. You will be permanently robotized. Emma will soon be one of us and oversee your robotization.”

“No! Melanie! Fight this!” James said.

“There is no fighting the will of Mistress Stella” Melanie said as she injected James with a hypo and he passed out, his last images of his Emma orgasming in the seat next to him……………….

Melanie reported, “Mistress we have the Agent, she is undergoing pre-processing………she appears very suitable” as Melanie fondled Emma’s 34D breasts, “And I have injected the male. He will soon be ready for the new Robotizing process Mistress.”

“Good Melanie my Slave. Show me he is useful and he will be yours to use. Otherwise he will be eliminated” Stella said.

“Yes Mistress of course” Melanie said.

“Uhhhhhhhh” Emma moaned as she arched her back in wild orgasm in the seat then with a hard orgasm passed out. Melanie lowered the visor and Emma’s eyes were open fixed and glazed—she was unconscious. Melanie smiled, she was ready for the next phase. Melanie fondled her saying, “Soon you will taste the Mistress’ pussy and belong to her forever as we do.”

By the time they arrived at the mansion of Stella Van Herrin, Emma was naked and sitting in the seat staring blankly ahead as Melanie had undressed her fully as they drove. James was naked with a massive erection staring blankly ahead as well. As they parked Melanie opened the door and said, “Come” to both of them and both naked people walked like sleepwalkers behind Melanie.

James was under a type of hypnotic control from the injection he had received and started an irreversible process turning him into a robot.

Emma was a partially brainwashed Slave and she followed Melanie awaiting her next training. She was now eager to serve and learn. And eager to have more orgasms. She thought nothing of James now.

Tiffany led James to the robotizing area while Melanie led Emma to Stella their Mistress.

Melanie took Emma in to the “Throne Room” of Mistress Stella and Stella was being serviced by one of her black latex rubber clad Sex Slaves and she saw Emma and said, “Oooooh excellent! She is lovely! Welcome Slave, you may service me” as Emma knelt before Stella and Emma slid her tongue deep into Stella’s shaved pussy. Her clit had a silver ring in it with a jewel. As Emma licked it she shuddered as it sent a tone through her head, through the nanites in her body, singing to them, and singing to her.

Melanie said, “Mistress this one gave in quickly, she desires to be a Slave or Robot. Her libido and fantasies are very vivid and desires to be both submissive and dominant Mistress.”

“Excellent! She will be like you and Tiffany………..and the male?” Stella said.

“Tiffany is preparing him now Mistress” Melanie said.

“Good. I want this one finished, and have her process him with you” Stella said.

“Yes Mistress of course” Melanie said bowing to Stella. Melanie looked at Emma, who now eagerly lapped at her new Mistress’ pussy. The naked Emma licked her pussy deeply and licked the clit ring and she shuddered as she orgasmed over and over. And after some time Melanie joined Emma and the two traded licking their Mistress’ pussy for sharing it and French kissing in between, her cum intermingling with their saliva and Emma, like Melanie and Tiffany and others, belonged to Mistress Stella forever.

Stella relieved them with another latex clad Sex Slave as the two naked Slaves went for Emma’s final processing. Melanie placed Emma in the “Slave Processor”

Emma cooperated fully, kissing Melanie and said, “I want to serve the Mistress forever Melanie.”

“Yes and so you shall Emma. We belong to her now. The nanites in your body and her cum are now part of you. Her clit ring sings to your mind. To your essence linking us together Emma” as Melanie squeezed Emma’s breasts and French kissed her again as she shackled her into the machine. Emma kissed back, her mind free of any thoughts of her boyfriend and former life. Only serving Stella Van Herrin. “Once processed Emma the nanites in your body can be used to create clothes, turn you into a robot, anything the Mistress desires. You will robotize James once we have finished”

“James?” Emma said thinking of him for the first time in hours. “J-James yes. He was my boyfriend. He…………” Emma said interrupted by Melanie as she kissed her again.

“Yes Emma WAS your boyfriend. He is nothing to you now. A bug. A pest. A dangerous nuisance to be squashed or killed or to be put to work serving the Mistress, and us” Melanie said.

“Yes Melanie. Yes! He must serve us! And the Mistress! He must serve us” Emma said now an acolyte of Stella.

“Yes Emma good girl” As Melanie placed cups on Emma’s 34D breasts and pressed a series of buttons on a console and a dome lowered over her head and shiny black dildos raised up into her anus and vagina. Power was activated and Emma moaned loudly as her brain and the nanites in her body were reprogrammed.

When the process finished James was no longer even a memory. The dome raised up and Emma stared at Melanie, her shackled released, the dildos retracted and stepped forward.

Melanie took Emma by the hand and walked to a closet looked box and as she stepped inside they were instantly at “NEW YOU SPA AND TANNING SALON”. They bypassed the front and naked Melanie led Emma past rows of women under hair dryers in the salon, all women under the hair dryers had vacant, dreamy far away looks on their faces.

Melanie took Emma into the hot sauna.

Melanie stayed with silent Emma as the two enjoyed the heat of the sauna and of each other as they kissed again, their nipples were erect and they were sweaty from the sauna heat. Emma mouthed the words she now heard clearly in mind. “I WILL OBEY THE MISTRESS.”

Emma was mouthing the three words she heard in her mind over and over……..”I will obey.” Emma was given a “vitamin” shot, more drugs, chemicals and special nanites. Like the same ones already in her body, these nanites or nanotech were nanotechnology designed by Herrin Robotics.

This was Emma’s second injection of ten and at ten she would be permanently changed—permanently robotized. She was now caught up with Melanie and Tiffany.

Melanie and Emma moved next to the hot tub. Cum drizzled from their pussies as they were walked to the next area. The two made out in the hot tub and her pussy was shaved. Melanie and Emma made out as they soaked and listened to the muzac playing overhead. Muzac with a subliminal command only someone drugged could heard, drugged like in the sauna, “I am a Slave…….I must Obey………I am a Slave……I must Obey……”

Melanie then led Emma for a massage, and she supervised as one of a pair of beautiful redheads—twins, clad in a shiny black PVC bikini and a shiny black collar around her neck walked in poured oil on Emma and began massaging it in to their skin. The woman massaged them in every joint, every fold of skin including her crotch. The women then said, “Over”

Emma rolled onto her back as she stared blankly at the ceiling mouthing the words she heard in the muzac “I must obey” over and over. Emma’s hazel eyes vacant and mindless staring only at Melanie.

Melanie then led Emma to the shampoo area as the oil had soaked into her skin making it smooth and shiny………..Emma put her head in the sink as instructed and a blonde clad in a shiny black PVC bikini and a shiny black collar around her neck shampooed Emma’s shoulder length brown hair working special free will numbing shampoo into her scalp.

As Emma had her hair shampooed, Melanie herself lapped Emma’s pussy. As part of their conditioning she felt the pleasure given by a Slave and being a Slave and for the Slave pleasuring her it was part of her conditioning.

Emma gushed as they felt Melanie’s tongue in her sex…………It felt good to obey…………Emma MUST Obey.

Emma orgasmed over and over in Melanie’s face and they switched and Emma went to work at Melanie’s pussy.

Emma brought Melanie to orgasm after orgasm and then Melanie led Emma to the hair dryers.

Melanie supervised as a dryer/hood was lowered over Emma’s head, and a towel was laid over Emma’s 34D breasts and over her crotch concealing the dildos which raised up into them from the chair. As the dryer/hood turned on so did Emma.

As her hair was dried, she underwent final brainwashing and reprogramming.

With each treatment both Melanie and Emma would lose more of themselves and become more Slave. And with the nanites they would become Robots.

As part of Emma’s programming, a cell phone ringtone was one trigger, but there were many. Emma learned and listened to Stella her new owner and Mistress. She now truly existed only to serve her will.


The two naked women, Melanie and Emma stepped back through the door and were instantly back at the mansion of Stella Van Herrin.

Melanie took Emma in to the “Throne Room” of Mistress Stella and Stella was being serviced by one of her black latex rubber clad Sex Slaves and she saw them return and both Emma and Melanie bowed fully as Melanie said, “She is yours Mistress.”

Stella was pleased and said, “Tell me Emma my Slave, is this true?”

“I am yours Mistress. I am your Slave forever” Emma said with the same look as Melanie now.

“Excellent! Welcome Slave, you may service me again” as Emma knelt before Stella and Emma slid her tongue deep into Stella’s shaved pussy. This time her skill was much better and she was more robotic and rhythmic. Stella came very quickly.

“Excellent! Well done Melanie she is perfect. Take her to process the males.”

“Yes Mistress of course” Melanie said bowing to Stella along with Emma as they walked out the two thought of suitable Slave skin outfits and their nanites formed shiny black latex rubber outfits on their skin. They had full bodysuits/cat suits, arm length gloves and thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots.

They arrived where James was held and Tiffany was sucking on his penis and milking him.

“What are you doing to that male?” Melanie said.

“I am milking him, once robotized he will be sterile” Tiffany said coldly.

“Yes………….continue” Melanie said.

Emma looked at James as if she had no idea who he was anymore—she didn’t.

“I am finished, he is used up. He is ready to be robotized” Tiffany said.

“Good give the seed to the lab and they will use it for breeding stock, Emma take over his processing” Melanie said.

“Yes Melanie” Emma said French kissing Melanie as James was aware enough to react.

“No……………Emma?” James said as he watched them kiss.

“Silence male your word is nothing! Soon you will obey every command” Emma said coldly as two women carried James to a platform over a tall glass tube. The two women were robotized women picked up at a Club the night before. One Nadine had short dark hair and the other her best friend Vera.

Nadine was a raven haired woman with short black hair. She had moved from Europe—Belgium a couple of years earlier. Nadine had gone out with James before Melanie and Emma, and the two were close friends. They had been close and fuck buddies before Melanie came along. James had also been with Tiffany before Melanie.

Vera was here visiting Nadine while her husband remained in Belgium. Nadine had fantasized about being lovers with Vera and so she was trying to make this a reality. She took Vera with other friends to a club, and was working on her.

Nadine had encountered Mistress Stella on another night at the club and offered to help her dream(s) come true. Nadine foolishly accepted her offer.

Vera was married to Karl, and Vera and Nadine grew up together, went to the same school, shared all each other’s little secrets, and were on the same swim team where Vera was the better of the two. Vera got married while Nadine stayed single. Her husband Karl was good friends with free Nadine and they had no kids. They had met for years at least once a week and talked about everything except Nadine’s fantasies about being abducted and robotized (which was one reason why she made such a superior Robot) and now she would share this with Vera in real like. She was the sweetest person free Nadine knew. Vera was about the same height as Nadine 5′2″/1.70 MT and very athletic. She was a beautiful redhead and just had her teeth done. She was a paralegal at a law firm.

Vera was out with Nadine and her other friends at a local club, also controlled and owned by Mistress Stella, Club Lesbos.

Five girlfriends are out at dinner. Nadine, Vera, Annie, Sonja and Petra are all out for a night of dinner, drinking and dancing. Nadine was the group leader and was a copy writer in a PR-agency and enjoying the weekend off. As they went to the club to dance, they chose Club Lesbos so they would not be hit on by a bunch of horny men. They just wanted to have a girls’ night out and have fun. Nadine was working on Vera, with the help of the club owner she met the night before…………..

Later as they arrived at Club Lesbos, they saw women in shiny latex, leather and PVC outfits and the music was loud and there were women dancing and kissing.

The music was loud, and there were women kissing and making out. The women walked in and Vera felt uncomfortable. Nadine led Vera and the others to a booth in the VIP Area of Club Lesbos.

In an adjacent booth Nadine saw Stella who sat with two women, and had two shiny PVC clad women standing guarding her. Under the table had another latex clad woman busy at work at her shaved pussy.

Stella sat clad in shiny black latex arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots, a low cut leotard. She wore lightly tinted glasses. Her long straight black hair was pulled back in a ponytail. She looked sexy but elegant in a way Nadine could not understand. She looked the same the night before when Nadine met her but her memory of that night was fuzzy at best.

The two sitting with her stared blankly ahead, their drinks on the table empty, having drank them. Nadine did not recognize them but they were both porn stars/models. One of them a woman named Jessica clad in a shiny black leather full length sleeveless Mistress Dress slit on the back, stiletto heeled shoes, arm length gloves, and she had a bracelet on her right glove and necklace as well as a ruby ring.

The other women was named Crissy staring blankly ahead, clad in the same attire, a latex minidress with stiletto heeled platform boots—shiny black ones with 8″ heels giving her 6 inches to her height.

Both women smelled like perfume and sex and Stella sat fondling them under the table with her gloved hands. Fingering their pussies and then licking her gloved fingers. She was whispering to them or talking to them since the music was so loud, and Nadine saw the women though staring blankly ahead were mouthing words back to her.

The two guarding Stella were black PVC clad women with enormous 38DD breasts tucked into a shiny black latex rubbery PVC bustier leotard with thong bottom giving them camel toes. Arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots which added 6″ to each woman’s height. Their faces emotionless and blank, but their eyelids and lips silvered. Their hair down and long. These women were guarding Stella and had guns in their boot tops and other devices including what looked like lassos or whips.

Stella smiled at Nadine as she held up a drink to her.

Nadine ordered drinks for her friends, and she toasted them and Vera and the others began drinking. After two drinks Nadine saw her friends were giggling and already acting drunk.

Nadine looked at Stella who smiled and nodded. Nadine now noticed the woman under the table was busy at her pussy; She was a beautiful woman wearing shiny black PVC platform stiletto heeled boots and nothing else. Her pussy was shaved and she eagerly licked and lapped her Mistress.


The woman licked non-stop. Had Nadine been able to see her eyes, they were fixed and unmoving, and she was not enjoying the act in fact this was a task she thought singularly about. She had been a nosey Policewoman but was now a near mindless Sex Slave. She was content and obedient now.

Nadine asked Vera, “Vera how do you feel?”

“I feel sooo drunk Nadine……….we should go home…………Karl……….”

“Never mind Karl Vera………think about me……….” As she kissed Vera. Her friends giggled, they were all so drunk—and drugged—they would not care if Nadine and Vera began having sex on the table in front of them.

Vera resisted momentarily but then started kissing back. Nadine then pulled a dildo from her purse she received from Stella the night before. She had used it herself last night as instructed, and now she slid it into Vera’s pussy and activated it. Vera shuddered as Nadine told her things in her ear, “Vera you love me……..only me……….forget Karl he is just a memory now. You love me………I love you……..we are together now…….We have always been best friends and together………You will divorce Karl and marry me Vera……….you must do this………you must obey me…….I am your one true love and your dom. You must obey me”

“yesssss Nadine……….feels sooo good……..yes I obey you and love you……only you……….uhhhhhh the dildo………….ohhhhhh making me……obey you……..yes obey……..” Vera said getting glassy eyed.

“Yes Very you obey me, only me, your one true love” Nadine said.

“Yessssss my one true love…………..” Very echoed.

Nadine looked over at Stella who was smiling and nodding.

Nadine whispered to Vera, “That woman over there is Stella……..Mistress Stella………a woman who opened my eyes and my mind last night as I am opening yours. We will serve her together Vera, together”

“Yesssss Nadine together my love” Vera said as they kissed.

Nadine then focused on her other friends……………….

Karl received a simple letter;





Now both women robotized had dark tanned skin, 38DD breasts and each wore a shiny black minidress with long sleeves, thong bottoms with camel toes and pantyhose under the bottoms with ankle high stiletto heeled boots, wrist length gloves, and their hair was pulled back into pony tails. Their minidresses showed cleavage. Both had tanned skin like they had been in tanning booths or been to Hawaii. They had butt plugs in their anuses and catheter’s in their urethras. They had IV devices in their left wrists. They wore black framed glasses 60s style, like the old military style glasses—BCGs—“Birth Control Glasses” Their eyes were fixed and unmoving.

James struggled against Vera and Nadine, but they were strong—very strong. Their robotized muscles were enhanced and strengthened by their Adrenal glands being stimulated all the time as Robots. “Nadine?! No please……….not you too…………” James pleaded.

The robotized Nadine and Vera ignored his pleas as did Emma and Melanie.

Stella watched on a monitor as a Sex Slave pleasured her. Stella Van Herrin, which of course was not her real name. Herrin in German meant Mistress. This seemed like a “too obvious” choice for a name to use in America but Stella enjoyed the fact that the name was giving away who she was in plain sight. Stella was much older then she looked. Publically for her companies, Stella was born in 1976 in Berlin Germany and she appeared to be about 40 years old but the truth was much more disturbing. She was alive during WW2 and participated in experimentation on women for the Nazis. Not that she was one of them but she used them and use this to get subjects for her tests. She hated the Nazis—hated men. She thought they were wasting the real potential of the technology and power. Her real name was Baroness Stella Von Weisskopf, born in 1910. She was well over 100 years old. She had aged normally until age 21 then she aged one year for every 4 or 5 years. She hid this fact by moving frequently and eliminating those who became suspicious. Over these 63 years since WWII Stella Herrin developed her enslaving drugs, her Robotizing processes including those she stole from a French woman, and all of her other advances. She acquired wealth with her successes and taking it from each of her victims. She had no use for males as they were the ones responsible for wars, death and carnage. Stella wanted only women as her Slaves and Robots and her new servants eliminated all males they encountered.

James struggled against Vera and Nadine, “Nadine no please!”

Emma spoke up, “Shut up male! They cannot answer you, nor do they care to. Soon you will be just like them/”

As Emma spoke, Nadine and Vera shackled his arms above his head.

James yelled “No please!!!!” as the rag of an outfit he was given to wear was forcibly removed then raised him up and a trap door opened and James found himself hanging over a tall thick glass chamber. He could feel the heat and smelled noxious gases coming from the chamber as he looked at Emma as she seemed pleased. He yelled, “No Emma please I love you!” as he saw Emma at the robotizing controls. She began lowering him in as James thrashed around screaming.

He was lowered slowly into the chamber and he could feel the heat and electrical shocks on his feet. As he was lowered this moved up to his thighs then crotch then his whole body as he thrashed around, hard to breathe. He felt shocks in his head as he finally passed out. Like a puppet on strings he was limp and as he passed out he orgasmed as he ejaculated hard.

Emma saw this and smiled, as she knew her Mistress would be pleased.

Hung nearly lifeless in the tube, gas and mist sprayed on his naked body as the shocks continued and his skin began to take on a rubbery texture and the pale James began to tan…………….and tan………….and tan…………………..

A short time later he was hoisted out and placed on a table, his limp body was cleaned and dried off. He stared blankly ahead at the ceiling. Emma fondled his erect member then he was fitted with a catheter in his urethra to a small drain tube. A new butt plug was forced tightly into his anus. Emma smiled as she did this to her former lover.

The robotized James sat clad in a shiny black PVC suit covering him completely as though a business suit had been dipped in shiny PVC with ankle high combat type boots, matching wrist length gloves. He had thong underwear like the females with a butt plug and hollow dildo over his penis. His skin was tanned like she had been in a tanning booth or gone to Hawaii. He had a catheter in his urethra and an IV device in his left wrist. His eyes were fixed and unmoving.

Emma fondled him and said, “Now you will serve us this way for a hundred years and you will never age now. You belong to the Mistress and I will show her how valuable a male Robot can be” James stared blankly ahead seemingly not hearing her.

Then Emma put a pair of the black framed 60s style glasses onto James’ face and flipped a switch to “TEST” and the robotized James stood and walked through a test program for his new Mistress. Emma then flipped the switch to “VOICE/PROGRAM” and he went to obey signals his robotized brain was receiving. Emma knew the Mistress would be pleased.

To be Continued……….