The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

“The Odyssey”

by ThatSquickGuy ()

Chapter 3

Part 4: Expanding Ranks

Marybeth was leading David and Dr. Floyd back down to the large room they had discovered before. They had left Frank up on the surface to start pumping the slime around the island into their storage tanks on the shuttle. Frank had objected to coming down to the planet at first, but eventually, Marybeth had convinced him to join their away party again.

He had seemed slightly relieved that Marybeth had wanted to come back. “It’s nice to see her excited again. She’s been acting kind of weird lately.” Frank had told David before they left the Odyssey.

Marybeth was acting like she was returning home, David thought. She was so enthusiastic.

“It’s just up ahead.” Marybeth said happily and picked up her pace down the empty corridor.

David slowed a little and locked his comm only to Dr. Floyd and motioned him to do the same. “Are we sure it’s safe?”

“The slime did not seem to affect Ensign Hutchison and that was without a suit.”

“Yes, but going down there again? It seems pretty risky. We don’t know what other problems there might be. Other than collapsing floors, of course.”

“She said that she’d discovered some more writings on the walls in the pit, but that she couldn’t make them out on the damaged recording from her helmet. I’m very interested why that section of the area seemed sealed off from the rest. Could it be that the ancient civilization was trying to contain something?”

“Look, I know you’re interested in it, but we still can’t really analyze this stuff in the lab. This slime could do anything and you’re willing to be waist deep in it just to copy some drawings on the wall?”

“Since this will be our last chance to see this in person, I am, Dr. Bowman. I’ve studied alien civilizations my whole life and I’ve even gotten to meet a few in person, but I never tire of seeing more. There is always more to be learned.”

“Couldn’t there be a safer way?” David asked, rhetorically.

“True discovery is never without risk.”

“There’s something to be said for common sense sometimes, you know.”

“You are as interested in the slime as I am in the planet’s ancient civilization. If this slime was something you could never see or study again wouldn’t you want to take advantage of every opportunity to investigate it?”

“I guess…” David and Dr. Floyd came into the big room where Marybeth was already setting up the equipment to begin their decent.

“Safety first.” She said as she drove another spike into the ground.

Very soon, Marybeth and Dr. Floyd secured themselves to the ledge above the opening and began slowly climbing down. David was content to stay up on the ledge and away from the slime. He wanted to be able to get help just in case anything went wrong.

It was a lot slower going descending here as the wall was jagged and rough not like the entryway into the cave system. Their lights flashed all over the massive chamber and reflected off the opposite wall. David noticed that it seemed to be wet with the same slime that was now just a few centimeters below their feet. David grimaced as they landed with a wet squish and sank up to their knees.

“Come on, David.” Marybeth said. “The slime’s fine.”

“I think I’ll stay up here.” David called after them. “You two can have fun.”

“Everything will be fine. When I was down here the first time, I noticed that the slime on the far wall was different than most of it. Maybe this is where it comes from.” Marybeth tried to coax him down. “Don’t you want to see something amazing?” She said, sweetly.

“Fine. I’ll look.” David said very reluctantly. “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” He mumbled to himself. He attached himself to the cable and descended into the pit. David resisted the urge to make a joke about how this was a lot slower than the last time Marybeth was here. He set down with a splash of slime. “Well. There goes this suit.” David chuckled, trying to relive his nervousness.

“Okay, the symbols were over here Dr. Floyd.” Marybeth ignored David’s comment and had already started squelching her way towards the distant wall. Dr. Floyd set out after her holding his fairly large stone rubbing kit above the slime. David shook his head. He always said physical copies were best, but this was a little ridiculous.

“You know, something feels off about this place. Like we really shouldn’t be in here.” David took a big step and sank even further into the slime. He sighed and started moving towards the wall. As he approached, he noticed that the slime didn’t seem very smooth on the wall. It was almost like it was bubbling. Maybe she was right about the slime coming from here. Despite knowing that there was only a wall back there, David kept looking behind him. He had the strangest feeling he was being watched.

Marybeth had reached the wall and was waiting for the others. “It’s right over here, Dr. Floyd.” She was pointing down towards the bottom of the wall near the edge of the slime.

David and Dr. Floyd caught up with her. They were now almost up to their waists in slime. David noticed that the bubbles seemed darker than the rest of the slime. Almost like the slime was flowing over something.

Dr. Floyd bent down almost at Marybeth’s feet to look at the markings and start making his rubbings. As David went to look at the bubbles, he saw Marybeth working some of the controls on her suit. With a quick hiss of gas, she unlocked her helmet. She quickly whipped it off and shook her long hair free.

“Marybeth!” David moved over closer to her.

“Ensign Hutchison!” Dr. Floyd stood up.

“What are you doing?!” David was even more worried now.

“It’s okay! I just got tired of my helmet. This might take a while and I wanted to be comfortable. I’ve been down here before like this and nothing bad happened.” She smiled as she tried to reassure them.

“Yeah, but last time you didn’t have a choice. Here…”

David got a little closer and reached out to take her helmet to put it back on her. This is what Maryhost was waiting for. Before David or Dr. Floyd could react, Maryhost quickly pushed the buttons on their suits to unlock their helmets. She then smacked the top of their helmets sending them flying off before the stunned men could do anything to stop her. They fell with a wet splash into the slime behind the men.

The men, still stunned by Marybeth’s insane behavior, watched, in what felt like slow motion, as she reached up and pulled two of the bubbles off the low ceiling above her. Their looks of shock rapidly turned to sheer terror as they saw something start moving in the bubbles.

“Marybeth!? What is…”

Before David could finish his thought, two large, grey tentacles shot out of the pods in Maryhost’s hands; finding their way unerringly into the mouths of the men as they screamed. The Masters’ slime splashing all over their suits. Their echoing shouts were quickly cut off. The men fell backwards into the slime as the Masters’ venom took hold. The Masters dropped out of Maryhost’s hands and started crawling along the men’s twitching forms. Maryhost stood over them smiling and shivering slightly as her Master rewarded her.

“You will love your Masters.”

* * *

Frank was starting to get worried about everyone. They had said that they would only be gone two hours and now it was going on three. He knew he couldn’t call them or Odyssey due to the interference, so he was stuck. Just sitting here in the cockpit of the shuttle. The large containers that were strapped to the outside of the ship had been filled so he didn’t have much to do but worry. He’d give them another half hour before he headed down to look for them, he reasoned.

Finally, he saw them coming over the edge of the cave. They looked fine, if a bit slimy, and it looked like they had brought something else up in the watertight bags that Frank saw Marybeth take. Each of them had one and it looked like they were full.

“More slime?” Frank mused to himself. He opened the back of the small shuttle and went out to meet them. “Hey guys! I was starting to get worried about you.”

“Don’t worry. We’re fine.” David clapped him on the shoulder and carried his bag into the shuttle. As he pulled his hand away, he left a wet, slimy spot on Frank’s suit.

“They’re waiting for us. We should take off soon.” Dr. Floyd hurried into the shuttle carrying both his and Marybeth’s bags.

“Everything go okay down there?” Frank asked.

“Everything went perfectly.” Marybeth smiled. “Come on, Frank.” She led the way into the shuttle.

“Right behind ya.” Frank headed in as well. Marybeth was tending to the full bags near the back of the shuttle as Frank walked up towards his seat. He noticed that despite their hurry David and Dr. Floyd hadn’t sat down yet. “You coming?” Frank called back to her.

“In a minute.” There were some shuffling noises like Marybeth was moving things around.

Both David and Dr. Floyd were standing rather impassively in the cockpit. Frank was surprised by how they were acting. “So… what’s in the bags?”

“You will find out soon.” David said with a smile in his voice.

“O… kay…” Frank was a little unnerved. “Dr. Floyd, did you find what you wanted down there?”

“I found everything I need…” He said, very calmly.

“That’s good…” Frank said, uneasily. The two of them were looking at him very strangely.

“Okay, I’m ready.”

Frank turned to see Marybeth completely nude walking towards him. What should have been an erotic sight to Frank was now terrifying because of the completely blissed out looked on her face. And it wasn’t just her face. Her nipples were obscenely aroused and her pussy was already dripping wet. What was going on!? Had she had sex down there? Why had she taken off her suit? Why was she exposing herself that this?

“Marybeth, wha…” Before he could complete his sentence, David and Dr. Floyd had grabbed his arms and forced him to his knees. “Ow!” Marybeth knelt in front of him and removed his helmet. “What’s going on?!” What are you doing?!” His eyes darted around to the faces of the people he thought were his friends. He fought and pulled as hard as he could, but the men had vice-like grips.

“Don’t worry Frank. Soon, you’ll understand everything.” Maryhost smiled and let out a small moan.

Tears were welling up in Frank’s eyes. “Marybeth…” She looked like she was choking a little; then her eyes rolled back into her head as she opened her mouth. Frank saw something moving inside her mouth and let out a blood-curdling scream. It was almost instantly suppressed.

Very soon, Maryhost was straddling Frank’s face as she implanted his Master. She still loved Frank and knew that she had to give him one of her Masters. She loved her Master and knew that soon Frank would love his as well.

“You are Host. Host obeys Master.” She repeated as she enjoyed the wonderful orgasmic reward from her own Master for obedience. The other Hosts were putting the Masters’ pods they had brought up into the cargo containers outside. She knew that no one would be able to tell it wasn’t just more slime when they brought them back on board. The Masters were so amazing!

Despite the horror of the last few minutes, Frank’s erection was steel hard. His new Master (Master!) was teaching him that obedience brought pleasure. It felt so amazing! He loved his Master and he loved Marybeth (no) Maryhost for bringing him this perfect gift. She had always been the best thing that had ever happened to him. Now, she had given him something even better. His Master.

Even though Frank still couldn’t move, she loved the feel of his mouth on her pussy as she rubbed against him. Just like when they had been together before. She ran her fingers through his soft hair and imagined the Master spreading its tendrils through his brain. Changing him, controlling him. The Masters were so powerful. And so good to their Hosts. Thanks to the Masters, they were now much more than just lovers. Now they could be together in a way much more intimate than any lovers. They would be part of the Hive together. They would spread the Hive. Together forever with their Masters.

“Host obeys Master.” The Master’s voice echoed in Frank’s mind.

“I obey Master.” Frank repeated his Master’s command.

Once the Master was fully implanted, Maryhost slid off him and quickly made him as nude as she was. Maryhost kissed him as he continued learning from his new Master. Her soft lips combined with the taste of the Masters’ slime were amazing. Though still paralyzed, he felt every soft caress as Maryhost kissed and licked her way down his strong chest. It was just like how she was before. But now she was better, His Master told him. She had a Master. She obeyed her Master. She obeyed the Hive. Now he would too. The Masters had a great purpose for him.

Maryhost gently took his cock into her mouth and started skillfully licking and sucking his shaft. It was amazing! It almost felt like she had multiple tongues. Like small tendrils were wrapping around his dick. This pushed him to new, unbelievable heights of pleasure. He came right in her mouth as he learned his new, all-consuming purpose: Spread the Hive.