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Omega Girl 5

by J. Darksong

Added 05 December 2009

Updated 12 December 2009

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Lacie’s world has fallen. Through her inaction, Jeremiah King has conquered and enslaved the world itself, and now seeks to conquer all other realities as well. Thrust unfairly from her world of bliss, Lacie returns to find her world changed, twisted into a desolate parody of itself, where evil rules the day, and all others who dared to stand against King’s tyrany gone, either enslaved to his will, or slain outright. Can a fallen heroine find the courage and strength to challenge an enemy that no one, including herself, has been able to defeat?

Chapter Length Added
Chapter 1 6301 words 05 Dec 2009
Chapter 2 6060 words 05 Dec 2009
Chapter 3 3955 words 05 Dec 2009
Chapter 4 5444 words 12 Dec 2009
Chapter 5 4621 words 12 Dec 2009
Epilogue 3681 words 12 Dec 2009