The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Originals and Outsiders: Assemble

by asianpersuasion

Added 16 March 2019

Updated 30 March 2019

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Super powered heroes aren’t the apple of the public’s eye, but that doesn’t stop Nick, Jason from being recruited to join a team of young teenage superheroes to try and learn how to save the world. Taught and mentored by the great heroes of the previous generation like Luminaire and Darklight or their headmaster, Kyle Albinn, the young kids soon find themselves way in over their heads...

Chapter Length Added
I: The Walker in the Dream 3086 words 16 Mar 2019
II: The Man On The Train 3078 words 16 Mar 2019
III: The Girl in the Light 3439 words 23 Mar 2019
IV: The New Kids On The Block 9127 words 23 Mar 2019
V: The Warrior In The Fire 5048 words 30 Mar 2019
VI: The Boy And The Rope 5788 words 30 Mar 2019