The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Out of Mind-Control 2 — Still A Mystery

by Catsuit78

Chapter VII : Friday

The next morning, Jenny waited under a railway overpass. She now wore dark jeggings, heavy boots and a black leather jacket. It was quite cold and a bit foggy. She had put a woollen beanie on her head and looked at her watch impatiently. Then, a black sedan stopped in front of her. Jenny opened the rear door and got in.

“Why do we have to make this so complicated? I’m still being chased by the police. I just can’t wait several minutes at a random street corner to be picked up,” she complained to the woman next to her. It was the syndicate’s lawyer.

“The boss is just very careful. Nobody knows his identity. Even I don’t know his whereabouts. And it is supposed to stay that way. So we have the usual precautions. When you call me for a meeting with him, I chose the pick-up point. And, of course...” the lawyer said and handed Jenny a black cloth bag.

“Yes, I know. And I just want to talk to him. Project Emergency turning out shit doesn’t mean that I don’t want to have my reward. I did everything I was supposed to do. You fucked it up!” Jenny said, took the beanie off and put the black bag over her head.

“We did not ‘fuck it up’, Jenny. The assassination failed, but we gathered valuable information. And if Laura hadn’t allowed Lilly to have her brains fucked out by Nora each evening instead of sticking to the plan...” the lawyer hissed back.

“Anyway, we had a deal! I just want to get my reward. I want Trish. You don’t even have to reset and reprogram her. I can do that by myself. Just give her to me. And now put your blindfold on so that we can go on,” Jenny said and let her hands slide over her spandex-clad thighs in anticipation.

“Oh, I won’t come. You can discuss that with the boss yourself. He only sees one visitor at the same time ... and I have another appointment now. So the driver will bring you there as usual,” the lawyer said calmly and then addressed the driver who stopped the car so that she could get out.

About 15 minutes later, the car stopped in an underground parking in front of an elevator. The driver, a drone clad in a black spandex-catsuit, helped Jenny out of the car and searched her for weapons. She also had to switch off her mobile phone and give it to him. Then, he lead her into the elevator, unlocked a button with a key and pushed it. After the doors had closed, Jenny pulled the bag off her head. She blinked, sighed impatiently and put her beanie back on. Finally, the elevator stopped and the doors opened.

Jenny went through a long and narrow, poorly lit corridor with just one door at the opposite end. In front of the door, Jenny stopped and inhaled deeply. Then, she knocked.

“Come in,” she heard the boss’ hoarse voice. Jenny opened the door, entered the dark office and sat down in a leather chair in front of the big desk.

“Sir, I ... uhm,” she stuttered. She was in the right and she was here to claim her reward. But sitting just five feet in front of the forbidding boss in this dark atmosphere was quite challenging.

“Shut up, Jenny! Our plan did not fully work out as desired. I know that,” the man said and leaned forward so that his rubber mask emerged from the darkness, “But Project Emergency was just a trial balloon in little. We have other projects, bigger projects.”

“I’m really sorry about Project Emergency, Sir. But I...”

“Shut up! I don’t want to hear you whining about that, too. I am a man of business. And you are right, we had a deal. And you fulfilled your obligation. So you have to be rewarded.”

“Thank you, Sir! Thank you very m—” Jenny said but fell immediately silent as the boss just raised his hand. Her breath caught as this was normally the moment when the evil genius tried to gain the accessory’s trust to get rid of him easily. But the boss just sat back into the darkness.

“She will be kidnapped, reset and delivered to your new residence we bought for you on Cayman Islands.”

“Thank you, Sir. May I just ask for a bit of additional programming ... now that you’ve already offered to kidnap and reset her,” Jenny saw her chance, got a piece of paper out of her jacket and worked up her courage to stand up, “May I step forward and show it to you?”

The boss just nodded and Jenny approached the desk slowly. She put the piece of paper on the top. The boss read it and nodded, “Consider it done. But don’t mistake my generosity for clemency. I don’t want to see neither you lunatic nor that pain-in-the-ass cop ever again. Understood?”

“Understood, Sir,” Jenny nodded and smiled humbly.

“So, where is she now?” the boss asked and reached for the telephone receiver.

Instantly, Jenny’s smile vanished.

“Right here!” she shouted, leaped forward and tried to rip the rubber mask off the boss’ face. But the boss had already stood up. So Jenny jumped on the desk and kicked the boss’ chest. He fell to the ground but picked himself up and stormed out of the back door.

Jenny jumped off the desk. She closed her eyes for a second and changed her appearance back to Trish’s with thick brown curly hair growing out of her head and pushing the beanie off. She followed the boss through the back door.

It lead into an abandoned hall with hundreds of cubicles. In each cubicle there were a desk, chair, computer and telephone. Everything was slightly covered with dust. It was the hall where Trish had ‘worked’ as a call-centre drone some months ago. Trish scoffed and walked carefully down the main aisle as she had lost sight of the boss and the hall was only lit by a single row of neon tubes above that aisle.

After some steps, Trish stopped for a moment, knelt down, unsealed one boot’s heel, opened it and pressed a button to call the Inspector and reinforcements. Then, she stood up and took another look around the hall. There was an incidence of light lasting just a second as the boss opened a door in the opposite wall and went through it. Trish started to run there but had to stop a moment later as a group of five security drones with batons in their hands approached her from all sides.

The men zeroed in on her and looked at each other to prepare for attack. Trish just reached into her pockets and produced a pair of leather gloves. Watched by the men, she put them on calmly, closed her tight leather jacket’s zipper and clenched her fists so that the gloves’ leather creaked. Trish looked straight ahead and sighed boredly.

“Sorry, boys. I’m still not in the mood. So I’ll make it quick.”

Before the security drones could react, Trish had jumped up in the air and had severed the power cable that connected the neon tubes. The tubes fell on the floor and flew into pieces rendering the hall unlit. Trish landed on the floor, closed her eyes for a second and as she opened them up again, she had changed to infrared vision.

She saw the men still standing in a circle around her. They tried to adapt their eyes to the almost darkness and swung their batons around hoping to hit Trish. One of them searched his flashlight. But Trish just sneaked in the middle of the circle and hit him unconscious with a kick of her boot. The other drones instantly jumped towards the noise. But Trish had already jumped back. As the drones still couldn’t really see a thing, two of them accidentally knocked each other out with their batons.

One of the remaining two drones then switched on his flashlight. The cone of light first caught the other drone standing just two metres in front of him. He signed towards his colleague not to move and tried to find Trish. As he heard the cracking of the shattered neon tubes, he instantly pointed his flashlight in the noise’s direction. But Trish had stepped on the broken pieces on purpose and now already stood right in front of the drone and knocked him out. As the flashlight hit the floor, it illuminated Trish’s athletic body and especially her jeggings-clad long legs and her well-formed buttocks standing in the midst of the unconscious men. The last drone then stormed at Trish with his baton. But Trish just stepped back into the darkness and let the drone follow her there.

The drone put his baton in front of him and looked for his flashlight with his other hand. But that rendered him less attentive and so Trish could grab him by his throat easily and push him against a column so that his feet hung a foot above the floor.

“Give up. I don’t want to hurt you,” Trish said. But the drone had to obey his programming and kicked Trish in her belly. She fell backwards and had to let go off him. As she jumped into the darkness, the drone grabbed the flashlight and the baton from the floor and leaned back against the column.

He searched for Trish in front of him with his flashlight and panted heavily. He sighed in relief as he couldn’t spot her. But all of a sudden, Trish’s hand appeared from the back of the column, grabbed the drone above his left clavicle and pressed against a nerve so that he instantly blacked out. Trish held up her hand for a second and parted her fingers between the middle finger and the ring finger forming the shape of a V to thank a character from a 1960’s space TV series for that pinch and to wave bye-bye to the unconscious drone. As the drone hit the floor, Trish had already reached the door in the opposite wall.

It lead to a hidden staircase on the top floor. As Trish kicked a door open and entered the CEO office, the boss leaned over Laura’s desk with his back towards Trish. Two security drones stood in the office. So Trish again prepared for attack. But as the boss had typed something into a laptop and shut it, the drones instantly turned around and left the office. Trish frowned and looked at the boss. He turned around and folded his arms. Trish walked slowly towards the sturdy man who still wore his intimidating mask.

“Well, well, well ... I have been so careful. And then I forgot your ability to change your appearance. Of course, you have Jenny’s DNA because that hormone-driven imbecile couldn’t keep her lips off you. Tell me, did you arrest her?” the boss said hoarsely and leaned against the desk’s edge.

“Not yet. She boarded a plane to her new domicile in the Caribbean right after manipulating me for you,” Trish said and took position in front of him.

“So here we are. Alone. I ordered everyone to leave the building. Because I don’t have any use for this shrunk company anymore. Laura has disappointed me badly.”

“Oh, enough of this masquerade!” Trish jumped forward, grabbed his mask by the chin and pulled it off his head, “You are under arrest ... Laura!”

“How did you know?” she said still with the boss’ hoarse voice created by a microchip attached to her throat by a band-aid. But then, she just pulled her hair out of her neck and revealed the band-aid she had already worn the other day. “But I have to disappoint you again. Laura is not the Syndicate’s leader. She is under my control and I am speaking through her, just like I did through Lilly until Wednesday evening. So arrest Laura if you like. But she is just a mind-controlled drone.”

If Trish would have been equipped with something like a rev counter, its pointer would now have darted at the red zone. She had uncovered everything, had tracked down Laura and then this? Again a diversion or had Trish still not reached the end of the line? She tried not to freak out and just clenched her fists. Then, the door opened.

“I don’t think so, Laura!” the Inspector said and entered the office together with Ally. “The thing in your neck is just phoney. It was a nice move trying to make us believe that the Commissioner was the boss after all by the totally unnecessary extraction manoeuvre yesterday. Policebots found him last night and he is now treated in hospital. The thing in his neck was real but it was nothing else than a device to fry his brain whenever necessary. However, in case we are wrong, the thing in Laura’s neck is real and we are actually speaking to someone else being the boss: Go on, prove it! Electrocute her, too!”

“No need to! Electrocution is not its sole purpose. It’s a non-invasive controller at the same time. Lilly was supposed to use the same version on the Lieutenant on Wednesday evening. Laura is just a disposable puppet on a string. You have to belie—Hey! No!” Laura tried to explain and then shouted as Trish just rolled her eyes, grabbed Laura her by her neck, pushed her head on the desk and pulled the band-aid off.

“I said ... enough of this masquerade!” Trish shouted and let go off Laura. Laura stood up and exhaled. Then, she pulled the other band-aid off her throat and started laughing with her own voice. She took off the jacket that had been equipped with cushions so that she looked like a muscular man when wearing it. She also took off her tie, opened her shirt’s top button and sat down behind the desk.

“Oh, I could have achieved so much together with Melissa, Jenny and Lilly. But somehow you have this bad habit of always interfering with my plans,” Laura shook her head, poured herself a glass of whisky and looked at the Inspector, “So how did you find out about me this time?”

But the Inspector just looked at Trish. Trish smiled an concentrated for a moment.

“No, Trish, they assured me that it was ... that is was just about expanding and diversifying their portfolio,” Trish repeated the Commissioner’s confession using his voice. Then, she added with her own voice, “When I came here the other day ... after Jenny’s escape, when you tried to set me on the wrong track that Grincher controlled Policebot 28 although it was actually Nora being controlled by Lilly ... you also used those exact words. And in the press conference introducing the TEC you did it again. So the Commissioner was your true accomplice, an accomplice you eventually tried to get rid of by that thing in his neck.”

“Is that all you’ve got? Using certain words? Pure coincidence!” Laura scoffed.

“Maybe coincidence, but not only once. Because you told me right here in this room that you also considered your father a commercial dinosaur.”

“So what?” Laura scoffed and took another sip of whisky.

“Dr. Grincher said those exact words as well ... the day your father had been shot right here in this very room,” the Inspector joined in, “So the both of you must have been accomplices at least. I even think that you made him a drone and pulled the strings right from the very start. Making him your scapegoat ... again and again. We will go back to CACHE today...”

“This time with the warrant we received this morning, of course! And we will search that underground floor and have a chat with Dr. Grincher,” Ally stressed smilingly.

“Oh, CACHE! Short for ‘Corporation for Acquisition and Conversion of Human Equipment’. Those facilities are just the first branch ... the first one of dozens. You won’t find anything there. I already took care of that,” Laura laughed and made a dismissive gesture.

“No problem. Because we also have Nora as a witness, the fact that she wore a white TEC suit manufactured here by Lilly and not a black one ... same goes for the maid you gave the Commissioner. And I will hunt down Jenny and make her testify against you,” Trish numerated.

“And Nora is working on restoring Lilly’s memory as we speak. But we will also find Dr. Grincher and Rebecca and use their data to prove that you used Grincher and Masters to kill your father and transform your sister against her will,” the Inspector finished.

“Well, he and Melissa failed in the end but were quite good actors in the beginning, pretending to hate each other, competing with each other. Very useful pawns,” Laura explained and looked at the glass in her hand.

“But why?” Trish asked.

“It had been clear since years that I would succeed my father. But as I realized that his stubbornness endangered this company to fall behind the technological progress, I confronted him. Grincher had developed the technology that is in you and in Lilly, Miss Creeks and those policebots. But my father wanted to stick just to the basic WEP. He was too afraid of the risks, of potential misuse.”

“Well, judging by the recent events, I’d say he was right,” Ally remarked.

“Rubbish! No one cares about people, the wellbeing of mankind and shit like that when there’s a lot of money to make. That’s just how business works! For decades!” Laura rolled her eyes, “But my father did not agree with me on that. And so he sent me to Japan to ‘cool down’. I ... I had to do something about this business, about my heritage!”

“And so you founded the Syndicate over there, let Miss Masters have her revenge for your father’s cold shoulder and made Dr. Grincher a drone. It was you who wanted to get rid of your father,” the Inspector concluded.

“But ... but why the attack on your life at the airport? Why endangering yourself with that Bluetooth controller in your coffee? And why ... Lilly?” Trish asked.

“I just had to make really sure that I was considered the victim all the time. The Bluetooth controller had an emergency cut-out. And transforming Lilly into a robot was actually part of my plan. She was weak, unreliable and had inherited a major part of my father’s shares. So I had to make her resilient and dependable, had to give her Nora’s expertise ... for that project and future projects.”

“Oh yes, future projects like killing the Mayor and putting the blame on me so that you could get rid of me and my abilities and could install the Commissioner as your next pawn in the city hall,” Trish rolled her eyes.

“You think you’re so clever. But that’s just chicken shit!” Laura said and drank the rest of her whisky.

“Don’t worry, Laura. We concluded that you wanted the Commissioner to be head of administration to issue more WEP and TEC licences for you and PRISM to flood the market with your latest mind-controlling technology,” the Inspector said.

“Yes, and Dr. Grincher and Rebecca recently acquired some big companies for you to get access to new markets for new mind-controlling products and to have big workforces that can be dronified. Even this week they took over the biggest employer of this city,” Ally added.

“Hahaha! Oh yes ... and then, all of those companies will merge with CACHE and PRISM and become the biggest conglomerate in the world. Oh, making money is so sexy .... and mind-controlling people to spend all of their money for my products is even sexier. Well, I have to give you credit for sorting that out,” Laura chuckled and poured herself another glass of whisky.

“So it’s just about the money?” Ally asked flabbergasted.

But Laura just held her glass up in the air. She looked at it and its content and smirked. She then took an ice cube out of a container on her desk and held it above the glass, “Money. Right. But that’s just what’s above the surface. You are only looking at the tip of the iceberg...”

“Noooooo!” the Inspector shouted and jumped towards Laura. But she let the ice fall into the glass, looked at it for a second, downed the whole whisky and pushed a button on her desk. Her body instantly jerked, she fell on the floor and smiled at the Inspector who ripped the rest of her shirt open. Underneath she wore a silver spandex suit.

“The latest version ... if hmm ... if you try to take it off, it’ll kill me. But ... uhm ... even if you do it ... hmmmm ... even if my head is chopped off ... uhmmmm ... Syndicate will re-grow another one and carry on,” Laura moaned as the suit aroused her rapidly. Then, she closed her eyes and orgasmed heavily. As she opened her eyes again, she just stared ahead.

“Frank? How did you know that she was about to do that to herself?” Ally asked.

“Oh, I didn’t know,” the Inspector said and inhaled deeply. “I just can’t stand the sight of someone putting ice into 18-year-old scotch.”

“What?! You ... uhm! Frank!” Trish rolled her eyes. But then, she looked at totally apathetic Laura. “OK ... So she knocked herself out to prevent us from interrogating her. Damn it!”

“So is there anything else she already said?” Ally asked.

“Earning more money seems not to be her sole objective,” the Inspector frowned.

“She said something about future projects. Twice. And she said that the Syndicate will re-grow another head. So more accomplices?” Trish wondered.

“Yes. Tip of the iceberg ... they are surely up for something else. Something bigger.”

“Bigger? Well, they took over Lev Erage Inc., the biggest employer. If they install the WEP there, they control nearly half the people in this city. And the company is also the largest producer of computers and microchips in the country,” Ally remarked.

“Maybe we find something in her laptop,” Trish went over to it and opened it. Then, she stared at the screen and her jaw dropped.

“What is it, Trish?” the Inspector said and joined her. He looked at the screen.

time until detonation — 2 minutes : 28 seconds

“Trish, grab Laura! I take the laptop. Ally, run! We have to get out of here!” the Inspector shouted.

“Elevators and stairs are too slow. But I have an idea! Follow me!” Trish said, took Laura, threw her over her shoulder and went to the hidden staircase.

As they opened the door to the roof, they spotted a helicopter. Trish threw Laura inside and sat on the pilot’s seat.

time until detonation — 1 minute : 47 seconds

“I didn’t know you could fly such a thing!” the Inspector said as he sat down next to her.

“Me neither. But wait a minute!” Trish said an closed her eyes.

“Hurry up, Trish. We don’t have a minute!” Ally shouted from the back.

time until detonation — 1 minute : 31 seconds

But Trish just sat there being watched by Ally and the Inspector and waited until the operating manual had opened inside her mind and had been consumed by it. Then, she opened her eyes again.

“OK, let’s go!” she exhaled, turned some switches and the rotors started to move.

time until detonation — 58 seconds

“Go, Trish! Now!” Ally shouted.

“This is not a movie, Ally! The rotor has to reach operating speed first,” Trish said calmly and stared at the rev counter for quite a while without doing anything else.

time until detonation — 34 seconds

“Trish!” Ally urged her again.

“Almost there!” Trish shouted back and watched the counter’s pointer.

time until detonation — 1 second

A moment later, several explosions could be heard underneath and the whole building shook. It was like an earthquake taking place.

“I think gravity won’t wait for that!” the Inspector shouted as she saw that another wing of the building started to collapse. “Come on, Trish!”

Then, a crack appeared in the concrete roof, then another one and another. Clouds of dust shot up in the air. The cracks became bigger and worked their way across the roof like a spider’s web. Ally screamed out loud as the helicopter shook heavily.

But as the dust settled a bit, they saw that they had not been devoured by the concrete. The building had just collapsed underneath the now floating helicopter. Trish just winked at the Inspector and Ally, took a pair of mirrored sunglasses from the dashboard and put them on.

Then, she rolled the helicopter over and landed it safely in a park next to the site. The three of them got out and looked towards the collapsed building and saw dozens of drones standing next to the debris shaking their heads in disbelieve as their implants shut down automatically.