The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Peter and Wendy

Chapter 2

The Director said to Wendy “Peter phoned me about ten minutes ago saying he wanted nothing more to do with this research and subsequently handed in his notice, I just came down to try and talk him out of it. We need to find him; you go and look in his apartment while I call the gate”. Wendy ran as fast as she could back to his apartment and banged on his door”.

He eventually opened it, carrying a suitcase, Wendy said, “I apologies if your decision to leave has anything to do with me, please let us talk about it before you go. I know the TV in my apartment was nothing to do with you. I need you to stay, if anyone can fix this, it has to be you. I cannot express strongly enough how sorry I am for upsetting you, please can we not find somewhere quiet to talk. Before she could say any more he pushed passed her intent on walking out but he got no further than the end of the corridor.

Two burley Policemen grabbed him and removed his suitcase they then manacled his hands behind his back with handcuffs and dragged him away. Wendy picked up the suitcase and put it back in his flat as the two policemen returned and handcuffed her before marching her off. She was thrown into the back of a van and she found Peter already there. The doors were closed and the van moved off. It did not travel far and stopped, outside the Guardhouse. Wendy and Peter were manhandled out of the van and into a cell.

When the cell was locked they were left alone. Wendy said nothing for several minutes and then she said “Look I’ve said I am sorry, I now know it wasn’t you but some incompetent maintenance man, please can we just talk”. Peter remained quiet for a further few minutes and then he said, “It may have started with a mistake but trying to correct one mistake compounded it into several more and I turned into someone I dislike. I cannot continue this work if that is what it makes me become. Wendy said, “You have not harmed me, you have been very gallant, what makes you think you have turned into someone you dislike. Peter said, “I engineered a scene where your falling out with your fiancé was inevitable then I humiliated you with your night dress. Of all the people in the world that I do not want to hurt, I have caused you suffering on a gigantic scale”.

Wendy was still confused she was not aware that her feelings for Peter were contrived and that the breakup with her fiancé was engineered so she said, “Look Peter we have got to talk. You said yesterday, that you needed time to explain it would appear we have plenty of time here in this cell neither of us can go anywhere”.

Peter started his tale, he provided details of his formative years and what his sister had done to him, he talked through his school life and how her influence affected this and how she had made him socially inept. He brought her up to the last few years and his breakdown and what happened when he went home and found two boy twins dressed in latex girls clothes and severer bondage and what that did to him. He told how he used his sister as his subliminal message experiment guinea pig. All his pent up anger and humiliation was put into the subliminal messages and to protect everyone else he wrapped them up using her name.

Peter paused there and Wendy said, “And what was your sister’s name”? Peter whispered “Wendy”. Wendy quietly said, “So I was given the TV with your sister’s subliminal messages and because my name is also Wendy they all became embedded in my brain. I don’t feel that bad, Ah! Now I understand, you have tried to remove them and you think you have made them worse”.

Peter said, “This is where I have difficulty in justifying my actions even to myself, there were three messages, two of them were very hurtful and one was trivial. In you, the hurtful ones were embedded very deep and the trivial one didn’t take. When you came into the lab on that first day the mention of my name triggered one of the hurtful ones and you were in such a state, I had to remove it. I couldn’t think of a foolproof way, so I created a method where I could fine tune the corrective process until I got it right. However I only removed that one and I opened your mind to unlimited pain in the process. The other message is your struggle with Latex. I gave her the latex fetish she had given me only ten time worce.

So now I have been responsible for giving two very hurtful instructions to the one woman in this region of space that I could fall in love with, no I should say HAVE fallen in love with.

Wendy said, “I cannot think of any other problem so the one you fixed is fixed and I am sure we can work around this Latex thing, why can we not start again”. Peter continued, “You don’t understand, when I removed your pain I did it by making you a potential slave and now that I love you, I cannot accept that”.

You should let me worry about that, if as you say, I am potentially your slave, perhaps I wouldn’t mine that. Could you demonstrate how you make me your slave”?

Peter said, “Wendy, you are no longer my research assistant you are now my slave and as such you will do whatever I say. You can never administer any mind control method on me. Please forget that I have said this”.

Peter then said “Wendy would you please kneel down in front of me”. Wendy obediently knelt down in front. Peter continued, “Now using your teeth, put down my zip and takeout my penis”. Wendy looked at him with horror and did as he commanded. Peter then said, “Do you want me to continue”? Wendy was relieved that he had stopped but then she realised how aroused she was. She was enjoying this not being in control. She then said, “You may proceed if you make me love it”.

Peter said, “Give me your best ever fellatio and when I come you will swallow every drop and it will be the best taste you have ever tasted”.

Wendy dropped her mouth on to his large cock and started licking, kissing and sucking, then she started ridding it with her head, while it was all the way in it was down her throat and when it was out she could breathe. She continued until he came and then found she no only loved it she adored it. When she sat back up she was licking her lips with a huge smile.

Peter said, “Unfortunately, I don’t want to turn this off, now that I own you, will you marry me”.

Wendy said, “I should be appalled at being owned, but I think I like it more than a litttle, so yes I will marry you, then you will have to look after me”.

Shortly after that, the guards came in and said to Peter that the Director would like to speak to him. Peter said, “Ok, you can take these off now”. “Hold out your wrists” said the guard who then unlocked Peters hand cuffs and then offered to unlock Wendy’s. Wendy said, “I’ll keep mine on for a little while longer”. They walked out of the guardroom together and found the director standing outside. He said, “I see you two have settled your differences, are you both ready to go back to work. Peter said, “We are going on a trip to Scotland, and then there will be plenty time for work”. The Director said, “Our backer’s would like a demonstration of the subliminal message generator as soon after you return”.

While they had been talking they had walked slowly and they were now at the apartment block where they both lived. The Director said, “While you are away we will move your stuff into a married quarter”. Peter thanked him and said “I will build you another generator as soon as we get back”.

Back in Peter’s rooms, Wendy was sitting on his only arm chair and Peter was sitting on the bed. Peter said, “I have a confession, I may be unusually bright, and approaching thirty years old, but sexually, I am a virgin”. Wendy said, “I am by no means an expert, we could learn together, I have a favour to ask. Could I have another go at milking your cock”, Wendy got down on her knees smiling, The look of eager anticipation in her eyes made Peter smile and he said, “Please be by guest, Have you decided if you want those hand cuffs off yet”.

Wendy replied, “I need to tell you something, This morning when I got up and you were not there, I could not take off my nightdress or knickers, I sat there for almost an hour and then I thought, what do I care what I am wearing, If my master wants me to wear it, I will. After that, I did not care until I was ready to leave my rooms. Then, I knew I should not go out dressed in bedroom wear so I put on this coat. Once the coat was on, I knew I would need an instruction from my, Master before I could take it off and I was very happy. When they put the handcuffs on, again I knew that I could not take them off until my Master instructed. You think you turned me into a slave in that cell, but in reality, I turned myself into a slave last night. I realised then, that this is what I have wanted all my life”.

After Wendy had finished her assault in his penis and had consumed all his discharge, she said, “I could become addicted to this”. Peter said “Stay there and I will go and pack you some things”. Peter went to Wendy’s room and placed four outfits in a suitcase, three of them were latex and one was her best frocks. He put her highest heeled shoes in and her makeup, wash bag and an evil looking vibrator he found in her top drawer of the bedside table. Returning he picked up both suitcases and said, “Come on slave”. They walked down to the guardroom and Peter asked if he could borrow the key to the cuffs and could then arrange for a lift to the station.

The police officer handed a key to Peter and he put it in his pocket. A car was then brought around and they were driven to the station. Peter carried the two suitcases, Wendy followed behind to the ticket office, and Peter bought two first class return tickets to Carlisle. On the platform waiting for the train to Crewe, Wendy was the centre of attention in her rubber coat and handcuffs, but she did not care at all.

When they were at last on the train, Peter asked if she was alright, and Wendy replied, “This is to most liberating thing you could have ever done, I do not feel embarrassed or humiliated, walking around tile this, I am just gloriously happy doing what you want”.

They were sitting in a compartment in first class all by themselves and Peter said, “I wonder if there is an instruction manual on being a Master”. Wendy moved closer to Peter on the bench seat and put her head on his shoulder saying, “Wait a week or two, and then I think you could probably write one”.

Peter was very happy, Wendy’s state of mind was very refreshing all his worries had evaporated; he knew he could never be evil like his sister Wendy. When the ticket collector came to check the tickets, he appeared concerned about Wendy’s attire and asked “Are you alright madam, this man isn’t harming you”? Wendy said, “I am fine, we are going to Gretna Green to get married and I am blissfully happy”.

The collector looking relieved said, “Well, I wish you both every happiness”, and then left the compartment.

At Crewe Peter removed the handcuffs, as Wendy wanted to use the toilet. When she came out of the Ladies, she said, “I have been a naughty girl”, and then she handed the rubber bloomers to Peter. Peter looked astonished for several seconds and then smiled.

On the train from Crewe to Carlisle, they once again had a compartment to themselves and Wendy opened Peter’s flies and then taking out his erect penis, she lifter the skirt of her coat and positioned herself on his lap so it slid into her already lubricated pussy. She slowly rode his manhood in time with the wheels going over the joints in the rails. After fifteen minutes, they both came together and Wendy, said, “I’ve have been needing that, all day”. She was still sitting there when the ticket collector came, and when he saw the look on their faces, he did not ask them to show their tickets.

Wendy was trying to hold on to his willy for as long as possible and was pleased when she felt it getting bigger again. She stayed on his lap for the remainder of the journey and she came four more times. At Carlisle, she was concerned that someone would see the dribble going down her legs, but then she thought, it is not down to me, why should, I care.

They took a taxi from the station across the border to Gretna and booked into a small hotel. Peter arranged for two adjoining rooms and then helped Wendy into hers. Leaving her suitcase on a stand, he went to a next room and deposited his. He then returned to Wendy and said, “I am going to find out what we need to do regarding the wedding, do you want to stay here or come with me”. Wendy said, “You decide”.

Peter said “Lie down on the bed and put your arms over your head. When she had complied, he took out the handcuffs and feeding them through the rails of the headboard manacled her hands. He then took the large vibrator out of her suitcase, inserted it into her pussy and turned it on. He then pulled back on the latex bloomers and said, “Hopefully, the batteries will last until I come back”. Wendy squirmed on the bed as her stimulation was taking hold and she whispered, “Thank you”, as Peter walked out locking the door.

At the Blacksmiths, Peter registered their intention to marry, and was told; they had to be resident in Scotland for two weeks before the Wedding could take place. Peter gave the address of the hotel and told them that it was not a problem; the ceremony was booked for two weeks on Friday. Before returning to the hotel, he found a little bookshop and there was a section for newly married couples. In here he found two books one was entitled “Making love to the same woman for the rest of your life” and the other one was called, “Erotic sexual encounters”, he bought them both. When he took these to the salesclerk, she asked him if he was interested in any of the special clothing and toys they had in stock. When he asked what sort of clothing the young girl showed him some sexual playthings and some latex knickers, However these were not like knickers Peter had ever seen, they was complete with two large attached dildos. Peter bought all the pairs she had and some of the toys.

As he walked back to the hotel, he started scheming and decided she would wear the first one for dinner that evening. Before going to Wendy’s room, he deposited all his purchases in his room.

When he opened Wendy’s door, he found her with the corner of the pillow in her mouth and she was in the throes of her fourth orgasm. Her eyes were closed so Peter pulled down the kickers took out the vibrator and mounted her.

She came again before Peter and screamed into the pillow. As they lay on the bed together, in their post orgasmic contentment, Wendy whispered, “I love you, what you did there was extraordinary, I have come more times since leaving Crewe, that I have ever come before. Peter reached up, and unlocked the handcuffs and then said, “Remove your coat and night dress, while I run a bath”. He half filled the bath with warm water then called to her, she walked into the bathroom with not a stitch on and Peter saw for the second time what a beautiful body she had.

He told her climb into the bath and do, nothing he would be responsible for cleaning her. He washed her hair using her expensive shampoo and carefully cleaned every inch of skin with tender care. When she was thoroughly clean, he lifted her out and dried her with the hotel’s fluffy towels. Peter then said, “If you liked that would you do that to me”. Wendy said, “Stand there and don’t do a thing”, then pulled the plug, drained the bath and then started filling it again. As it was filling, she started undressing Peter and removed his clothes and shoes just as the bath became ready.

She guided him in and then proceeded to wash him as he had washed her. When she was finished, she pulled the plug and told him to stand. When he stood in the bath she wrapped a towel around him and moved in to kiss him. They caressed for several minutes and then she finished drying him. Before he left the bathroom, he once again poured water into the bath. She asked, “What are you doing”, and he told her she needed to wash the latex clothing she had been wearing. He showed her how to do it and instructed her that from now on it was her job to keep both their latex clothing clean.

While Wendy was washing the coat, Peter returned to his own bedroom, and collected a pair of the kickers and some of the toys, he had bought at the bookshop.

He returned as she was hanging the clean latex over the bath so they could drip dry.

When she came into the bedroom, a new outfit was laid on the bed with some new items. Peter said, “I did a little shopping earlier and I found some interesting playthings. Wendy was about to say something when he said “Close your eyes and don’t say a word until I am finished”. Wendy stood at attention with her eyes closed waiting.

Peter “tickled her pussy with the butt plug, used her own virginal juices, to lubricate it, and then got her feet through the leg holes in the knickers he pulled them up and both dildos were relatively easy to push in. When he pulled the kickers all the way up this forced the two protrusions all the way home, Wendy gave a quite moan. He then clipped two nipple clamps on her nipples that we connected via a short chain. Next, he dressed her in a latex bra and a latex button through dress with a shirt collar and long sleeves with button cuffs.

He straightened the dress removing all the wrinkles and then he reached in and kissed her before saying, “You can open your eyes and talk now, but you must not mention or touch your new toys unless they become unbearable”. Wendy opened her eyes and said, “You are really getting into the evil Master mode now, but again you have failed, I feel exquisite”. Peter told her to entertain herself while he got dressed then they would go down for dinner.

Wendy tried to push the dildo in her pussy with her hands but they would not approach it. Therefore, she sat on a wooden chair and forced the butt plug to vibrate. She was still bouncing up and sown on the chair when Peter returned wearing a cotton shirt and latex trousers. He held his hand out and she took it standing. Without either saying anything, they walked hand in hand down to the dining room.

After they was shown to a table and they had both sat down, Peter told Wendy of the two books he had purchased and she asked, “Which one are you going to read first”? They talked unreservedly throughout an acceptable dinner and retired to the bar. There were four other couples in the hotel all, young and obviously in love. In the bar, two of the men talked to Peter about the clothes Wendy and he were wearing and one was keen to know how he persuaded Wendy to wear them. Peter explained that he and Wendy had had a latex fetish for a long time and it was fortunate they, had found each other. This seemed to satisfy the men and they congratulated him on his good fortune.

When the bar closed, they were both feeling very merry and the Peter guided Wendy up to the bedroom. They both entered Wendy’s room and Peter checked the latex in the bathroom. The knickers and nightdress were still wet, so Peter said, “You had better sleep in what you have on, except of course your shoes. Wendy removed her shoes and after cleaning her teeth got into bed. Peter kissed her and said “Good night”. He returned to his room, performed his ablutions, changed into his latex pyjamas and got into bed. Peter slept very sounding, however Wendy had to lie on her back all night, which was not her norm and the dildos affected her dreams.

She awoke in the morning as horny as she could ever remember and found when she tried to go to the toilet she could not touch the knickers so she could not remove them.

She walked out into the corridor and knocked on Peter’s bedroom door. When he opened it still wearing his pyjamas, she rushed in saying, “I need a wee, and I cannot remove these unmentionables”. Peter took her into his en-suite and pulled her knickers down around her ankles. She sat down on the toilet and relieved herself, while she sat there; she looked at Peters button-less fly on his pyjama bottoms and said, “Have you got something hidden there that could stoke my fire”. Peter replied, “Ok step out of those and come back to bed with me”.

When she had finished on the toilet, she found Peter already in bed and she crawled in beside him. He undid the bottom four buttons on her dress and then pulled her on top. His erect penis soon found it’s honey pot and she started riding him, keeping her breasts from laying on him. She came twice before he finally blew his stack and she collapsed onto him before jerking back up. Peter undid some more buttons on the front of her dress and then gripping the chain linking the clamps gave it a gentle tug. Wendy winced, Peter said, “You feel any pain from those clamps as pleasure”. When he tugged a second time she moaned and then dropped her whole weight down on him”. She was soon fast asleep, so Peter closed his eyes a dosed off as well.

They finally awoke just in time to make a late breakfast and when Wendy returned to her room, her bed was made and the latex clothing from the bathroom was folded neatly on her suitcase. In Peter’s room, his bed was also made and the knickers from the bathroom floor had been washed and were laid over the edge of the bath.

Peter dressed in a latex shirt and trouser combination and walked into Wendy’s room carrying another pair of the pleasure panties. Wendy was sitting on the bed still in her button though dress, she had worn with all the buttons closed, for breakfast.

As he came in she said, “I was just thinking, my nipples feel lovely but could this be masking damage or harm”. Peter said “Stand at attention and close your eyes”. He proceeded to remove the dress, then the bra and then the clamps. Next, he examined closely her nipples. There was a small amount of bruising but no breaks in the skin.

He then said, “Until I say otherwise, you will not feel anything from your breasts or below you waist”. Lifting her feet one at a time his inserted her legs into the knickers. He lubricated the rear plug as he did yesterday and then inserted two larger protrusions into her two orifices. He pulled the knickers up and smoothed her bum, there was no response from Wendy so he replaced the claps on her nipples and fitted a clean bra.

He then put her arms through the sleeves of her rubber coat and pulled it up over her shoulders. He fastened all the buttons and then tied the belt around her waist. When he was satisfied with her appearance, he said “Wendy, you will only believe that you are wearing what you feel now, the clasps, bra and knickers are beyond your awareness and they will have no impact on your thoughts. You will believe that you removed all the clothes you wore at breakfast and pulled on this coat before I came into the room. We are going for a walk and you will begin to be aware of these underclothes when I say “Its time to go back”, Now forget I have just said this and everything that has happened since you came back from the dining room, and you will become aware when I knock on your door”.

Peter quietly walked out and then knocked on her door. Wendy called out, “Come in”.

Peter opened the door and said “Good you are ready lets go for a walk”. Ensuring that both the bedroom doors were locked, they walked hand in hand down the stairs and out of the hotel. There were a number of foot paths near the hotel so they started down one that ran at ninety degrees from the road. They walked off into the countryside, met only two couples enroot an old couple with a dog who were very friendly, and talked for several minutes. The other couple only said hello as they passed. They walked for until twelve thirty and Peter said, “I think it is time to go back”. Wendy did not immediately respond but after they had walked for two minutes back towards the road, Wendy stopped and said, “You have been on your evil mind controller mission again haven’t you”. I was happily walking along with you feeling the air on my pussy when all the time you had impaled me with giant shafts. I can also feel that embrace on my nipples again. How did you do that”?

Peter said, “Do you feel aroused now you can feel the shafts”. Wendy replied, “I feel more than aroused I have obviously climaxed a number of time as I have walked, either that or I have peed there is a lot of liquid in these knickers”. Peter said, “Wendy go back to forgetting that you are wearing underwear, you can no longer feel them, see them or touch them. Every time you orgasm while you walk, you will tell me you love me and carry on without being aware that you have said anything. Now forget I have spoken”.

Peter walked on and Wendy soon caught him up. After ten minutes or so, Wendy said, “I love you Peter” and continued as if nothing had been said.

After a little while Peter said, “We are not going to get back in time for lunch, what would you like to do this afternoon”. Wendy replied, “I have never been to Scotland could we not see a bit more of it before we go back to work. Peter said, “Ok, lets go back to the hotel and make some phone calls”. They arrived back at the hotel just after two o’clock and had sandwiches and a drink in the bar. Peter had asked the receptionist where they could go before going into the bar. The receptionist came in saying, “I had made reservations from tomorrow night as follows, three nights in Edinburgh, three nights in Glasgow, two nights in Ayr and the last two nights in Dumfries. That will give you a couple of days back here before the wedding”. Peter thanked the receptionist, just as Wendy said, “I love you Peter”. Before the receptionist left the bar she said, “For tonight we have moved you both into one room”. We are rather full tonight and we thought you would not mind”. Peter asked, “And how have you made the reservation in all these other hotels”. The receptionist smiles and said, “I only asked for a double room in each”. Peter accepted this saying “That will be fine; by the way, which room are we in tonight”? “You are both in your room sir”.

After they had finished their lunch, they want up to Peter’s room and found one of the cleaning staff, hanging up Wendy’s clothes in the wardrobe. Peter noticed that she was caressing the latex as she put them way, as soon as she finished she apologised and ran out.

When they were alone in the room, Peter pulled Wendy close and kissed her. Wendy returned the kiss pushing her breasts into his chest. When she broke off, she stood up and started looking through all the clothing the maid had put away. Peter asked, “Are you looking for anything in particular”. “The knickers I was wearing yesterday”, replied Wendy. Wendy continued to search she did not find the knickers but she found a long wooden box in Peter’s things and she asked, “What is this”. Peter replied, “I was looking through the research again for the chemical trials and reduced the testing samples in the first instant to 241and there are four that are the most likely to produce a result. In the hope that we could find an opportunity to test them I brought those four along”.

Well our maid seems to have taken my favourite knickers so perhaps we can have the first trial here today. Peter picked up the phone and call reception, when the call was answered he asked that the maid who moved Wendy’s clothes to come back up. While they were waiting, Peter sent Wendy into the bathroom to clean the clothes they were wearing for their walk, He had instructed her to remove her knickers if she needed the toilet and then return them without noticing.

Several Minutes later there was a knock on the door. Peter opened the door and invited the girl in. He started, “When you moved the clothing from next door to here a pair of knickers has gone astray, they were already in here lying on the top of my suitcase”. The girl looked very nervous as she said, “I am terribly sorry, when I saw them, I had to try them on and when I did they were so nice I wanted to wear them for a little while, in fact I still have them on, I will go an wash them and bring them back”. Peter said “Before you go, we need to discuss this more fully. What you did, was theft and I don’t know what the hotel policy is regarding the sealing of guests property by members of staff, but I suspect you job could be in jeopardy.

The girl pleaded, “I only borrowed them, I did not attend to steal them, let me go and take them off and I will return them clean”. Peter continued, “I do not see that there is a difference, do you always try on guest clothing while you clean the rooms”. The girl being more stressed, said, “No this is the very first time, I’m very sorry and I will never ever do it again”. Peter continued, “I don’t think your apology is going to swing it, you will have to make my silence worth my while”. The girl became even more anxious and said, “What do you mean, I am not into the BSDM thing”.

Peter said, “I am a scientist and if you let me conduct a little experiment on you I will let you keep the knickers and will say nothing of this incident, if you don’t agree to help me you can say good by to your job”. The girl responded, “That is black mail”. Peter replied, “Not at all, you have a choice, a bright future or the dole queue”.

The girl sighed, “Ok I’ll do it what ever it is”. Peter opened the box and said, “Pick one of these vials”. She picked the third one and he picked up the syringe that was also in the box and drew up 50 milligrams into it. He then cleared the air from the syringe and then injected her in the arm. “What happened now”, said the girl.

“We wait”, replied Peter, “for about ten minutes”. During the ten minutes, Peter interrogated the girl and found out, she was called Natalie and she was eighteen, her Parents lived in Annan, and she lived in at the hotel. She didn’t have a boy friend and left school at 16 with four GCSEs.

When the ten minutes was up, Peter said “Natalie, “for then next twenty minutes, you will forget all the names for the days of the week. You will not be able to think of that name or say it and you can only remove those knickers you have on to go to the toilet whenever you must or to clean them once a day. You cannot discuss this with anyone or given any information about me and my fiancé”.

Peter looked at the girls glazed eyes and said, “What are your knickers made of”.

The girl whispers “Rubber”. Peter replied, “Whenever you hear someone say, rubber or latex you will orgasm, you will also do whatever you are told to do when ever anyone starts a sentence with your name”.

Peter waited for a further twenty minutes until her glazed appearance lifted and then said “Please sit at the writing desk and write down the days of the week”.

The girl sat there for four minutes without writing anything and then said, “I cannot remember the names or how to spell them”. Peter said, “What do you remember after I injected you”. The girl remembers some of the integration but nothing else”. After a further ten minutes, he asked the girl again to write the days of the week, but she failed again. After a further ten minutes, she wrote them all down correctly.

Wendy was sitting on the bed having returned to the room during the interrogation and she said, “I hope you like my rubber knickers”. The maid shuddered as she came, and almost fell to the floor, she just manage to hold onto the corner of the table.

Peter said, “Ok that will be all, you can go now”. The girl almost ran out of the room. When she had departed, Peter said, “that will be good test, we can see if it still holds when we come back here”. Peter marked the vial and check the stopper was secured there were eight or nine doses left in that container and more than a hundred back at the lab. He then cleaned the syringe and put it all away.

They had a wonderful time travelling Scotland; they shopped in Glasgow and Edinburgh, once they had found where the fetish clothing shops were and visited many famous monuments. They did not find any further opportunities to test any of other vials. They arrived back at the Hotel in Gretna three days before the wedding and the Latex wedding outfits Peter had ordered in Edinburgh was waiting for them.

There was no opportunity to see the maid until the next morning and when they did, Wendy asked her if she had acquired any more latex. The girl’s reaction was outstanding; the orgasm that shook her was very visible. Peter whispered in her ear, “If you come to our room after dinner this evening, I have brought you a present”.

Peter had been wearing nothing but latex since the second day in Edinburgh and he had thrown all his normal clothes away to make room for the purchased items.

In the afternoon, they both walked down to the forge and Peter introduced Wendy as the intended bride. They spent a long time with the registrar, Mrs Wilson, and she asked if they intended to wear latex on their wedding day. Wendy said that they had decided to start as they meant to continue, so yes they would be dressed in latex for the ceremony and she hoped it would not cause a problem. Mrs Wilson, said, “Not a problem at all, I have a latex outfit and I would love to wear it if you agree. Peter said, “I have arrange for two witnesses to come from the hotel and hopefully they should be wearing latex also”. Mrs Wilson was very keen to know how they had persuaded anyone at the hotel to wear latex; she had been trying to find a female latex loving friend in the vicinity for years.

Peter said, “I’ll make sure you can have them both after the ceremony”. Mrs Wilson was not sure what he meant but was pleased there was someone in the area with whom she could converse.

That evening Peter had words with the receptionist and asked her if she would be willing to act as witness to their wedding. The receptionist apologised and saying, “It is not the hotel policy to allow staff to take time out for weddings. If they did it for one they could be called on to do it for everyone and then the hotel would suffer.

Peter said he understood but he would like to discuss this one time with who ever makes such policies. The receptionist was flummoxed for a second and then said it was her responsibility for such decisions. Peter then asked if she would come to his room after dinner so he could discuss possible alternatives. The receptionist tried to decline but Peter was very persuasive and she eventually capitulated agreeing to be there when she finished at ten o’clock.

After dinner Peter and Wendy went straight back to their room to wait for their guests. Peter sat on the chair reading one of the books he bought when he first arrived and Wendy was washing all the clothes they had worn through out the day.

At a quarter past nine the Natalie knocked on the door. Peter let her in, and he explained that the experiment had been very successful and he needed to end it. He therefore, needed to give her a neutralising injection. The girl asked about the present and peter said, “One thing at a time. Let’s do the important things first”. Peter produced the syringe and injected the drug into her arm. Wendy talked to her and produced a latex dress and matching shoes with a five-inch heel. Wendy said, “You took such a shine to my knickers that I thought you would like these”. The girl was over whelmed but before she could accept or decline the gift, she glazed over.

Peter waited a further five minutes, then said, “Natalie from now on you will do what ever Mrs Wilson the registrar or |I tell you to do. If either of us, provide you a new truth, it will become your new truth, no one will ever be able to persuade you that it is not. You must always take ownership for all your actions and can never divulge to anyone or anything that you are not in total control of yourself. You no longer need to orgasm when you hear the words “rubber” or “latex”, however on hearing them you will feel a very happy and pleasant sensation in your pussy and your breasts”.

Peter put down his script and Wendy said “come and sit on the bed, you prefer the company of women to that of men”.

Peter and Wendy were both silent for the next quarter of an hour until Natalie’s expression started to clear. When she was bright again Peter said, “Take your gift into the bathroom and change into it. At ten o’clock Cynthia from reception will be calling I want you to help Wendy to restrain her as soon as she come into this room.

Natalie picked up the dress and shoes and disappeared into the bath room. Peter tool out the handcuffs and ball gag he bought in Glasgow and laird them next to his recharged syringe.

While he was waiting, he went back to his book. Natalie came out of the bathroom at five to ten and sat on the bed with Wendy. Wendy told her how lovely she looked in latex and the smile Natalie produced was infectious. At four minutes past, ten Cynthia knocked on the door and Peter indicated that Natalie should hide behind it. With everyone in place, Peter opened the door and thanking her for coming, then invited her in. Peter stepped back and Cynthia following him in as he closed the door behind her. Natalie and Wendy pounced, knocking Cynthia to the floor. Peter was quick to push the gag in as she screamed stifling the output and then he handcuffed her hand behind her back. The girls continued to sit on her while Peter injected the drug. He had considered that Cynthia had a stronger Character than Natalie so he had increased the dose.

He went back to his book until Wendy said, “She has stopped struggling”. Peter instructed his two slaves to get up and he examined Cynthia. He then instructed Natalie to forget everything that had happened in the room and for her to go reminding her that she would be wearing her current outfit on Friday and would be a witness at their wedding. After Natalie had left the room, Peter lifted Cynthia up and sat her on the bed. He then picked up his script and started her programming, “Cynthia, from now on you will do whatever Mrs Wilson the registrar or I tell you to do. You must always take ownership for all your actions and can never divulge to anyone or anything that you are not in total control of yourself. If either of us, provide you with a new truth, it will become your new truth, no one will ever be able to persuade you that it is not. You also now have a latex fetish, you want to wear latex against your skin whenever possible, normal fabrics will cause it to itch at first and then become painful. In addition to latex, you have two more overwhelming needs. These needs are very strong and if you do not succumb to them as lease once every 12 hours you will become very sad and melancholy leading after 24 hour to depression. These two needs are to be bound as you are now, a gag in your mouth and cuffs on your wrists. When you go to bed each night you will always wear latex knickers was built in dildos, a latex catsuit or long night dress and your two needs.

When you wake up you will remove all your clothes dress in the clothes Wendy provides and re manacle your wrists. You are to attend our wedding dress in latex and after the ceremony; you will offer yourself to Mrs Wilson. If you have a boyfriend you will ditch him, from now on you only like women and especially Mrs Wilson.

Peter went back to his book and at a quarter to eleven, Cynthia became mobile. Wendy produced the clothes they had bought for her and gave her, the key to the cuffs. Cynthia unlocked the cuffs giving the key back to Wendy and then started removing her clothes, being a very tidy person she folded each one and placed it on the end of the bed. When she was naked she pulled on the knickers and eventually pushed the dildos home. She fitted the corset with it’s build in bra and front fastening.

When the zip was fastened, it pulled in her waist, stomach, and gave her the beginning of an hourglass figure. Next she put on the dress that would not have fitted if it was not for the corset, it had a tailored bodice and was tight around her bum and from there dropped straight to her knees. Lastly came, the rubber-lined boots, which had five-inch heels and came up to the top of her calves. When she had finished she picked up the cuffs and relapsed her hands behind her back.

Wendy picked up a shopping bag with more latex clothes in it and passed the handles to her Cynthia’s hands. Cynthia tried to say something but all that came past the gag was a muffled squeak. Peter said, “Off you go and we will see you tomorrow”. Wendy tied the handcuff keys to a ribbon and put the ribbon around Cynthia’s neck before dropping the key down the front of Cynthia’s dress. He opened the door and let her out, carrying the other clothes.

Wendy went into the bathroom and got ready for bed and when she came back, Peter went in to do his ablutions. They made love twice before falling asleep and slept soundly all night.

Next morning they dressed and went to have breakfast, there was no one at reception and there were three couples waiting to pay. Peter went behind the desk and pulled out the accounts that were checking out and swapped room keys for the account. Two paid be cheque and the last one paid in cash. Peter thanked them all for there patronage and wished them a happy journey.

When they had all departed they went into breakfast. All throughout the meal the telephone in reception rang without being answered. When Wendy was finished hers Peter instructed her to man the phone and if she were to make excuses for Cynthia she was to make them as embarrassing as possible. As soon as Peter had finished his, he went up to Wendy and asked if she was coping. Wendy replied, “Once I found this book, I managed to get everything under control. Peter said, “I will search for Cynthia”. He searched all the staff rooms and eventually found Natalie, he asked her where he might find Cynthia, and she told him she still lived at home which was about a hundred yards down the back lane. Peter instructed Natalie to show him and while they were walking Peter asked why no one took over reception, when she didn’t report for work. Natalie said, “There was no love lost between Cynthia and any of the domestic staff. She is a back stabbing bitch who always lies to protect her arse at the at the expense of anyone else”.

Peter said “We will see if we can change that as soon as we find her”. When they knocked on the door of Cynthia’s parent’s home, there was no reply. Natalie said “Her Mum and Dad both work in Carlisle and they would have left for work early. Peter searched all the stones and pots around the front door and found a key. He opened the door and they both went in. You search down stairs and I will look up stairs. He found the parent’s bedroom and then a spare bedroom and lastly Cynthia’s room. She had made it home the bag of latex clothes was by her bed but the bed didn’t look as though it had been slept in.

Peter checked another two doors on the landing, one was an airing cupboard and the other was locked. Peter went to find a key and found one on Cynthia’s father’s bedside table. He unlocked the door and found stairs going up to an attic. He climbed the stair just as Natalie reported there was no one down stairs. When Peter reached the attic he found what he was looking for. There was small workshop in the attic and Cynthia had obviously tried to get the key to the hand cuffs from around her neck, herself and failed and had starting trying to cut them off and had either slipped or something else had slipped but she was not going anywhere. Peter removed the gag first and then removed a piece of timber that was trapping the chain of the cuffs at floor level. When the timber was removed Cynthia stood up and said “About time I have stuck here since a quarter to twelve last night”. Natalie said, “Do you see what I mean”? Peter said, “Cynthia, since you are very late for work, you had better run there as you are, you don’t have time to change and you don’t have time to remove the cuffs. In future you first responsibility is to support the hotel staff, each and every one of them is more important then you, you must be respectful to all and obedient to Natalie”. Cynthia quickly descended the attic stairs and ran out of the house. Peter locked all doors he had opened and returned the keys to wear he found them. Natalie ran back ahead of Peter and Peter strolled behind.

When he got back to the Hotel Cynthia was behind the reception desk and the handcuffs and key was on the top of the cupboard in full view of everyone Peter put the ball gag next to them and walked off to find Wendy. He found Wendy back in the room lying on the bed, Peter asked, “Are you all right, what happened”. Wendy said, “It was manic, because no one had answered early morning the phone never stopped ringing and I took 82 bookings. When Cynthia came back she still had the cuffs on and the key was still were I out it. I removed the cuffs and told her to take over”. I am not used to being on the telephone that much and I feel worn out.

Peter told her to rest while he went for a walk.

He walked in the direction of the Blacksmiths Shop and met up with a young couple who were getting married later that morning. They were having an argument as Peter approached them and after saying hello he asked if he could help in any way. The young girl said “This all stems from you and your fiancé and you rubber fetish, He wants me to try some and I have said definitely no, he is being persistent. You cannot help because you are bound to support his side of the argument”. Peter replied, “Not necessarily, I don’t need to sell my way of life to anyone, what are your objections”. The girl replied, “I don’t like the feel of it, it is cold and clammy and it makes my skin crawl”. Peter said, “come with me and talk to my fiancé, she can let you try something and if you definitely do not like it the argument is over”.

The boy urged the girl to agree so in the end they all walked back to the Hotel. Peter asked the boy to stay down stairs while he took his fiancé up to see Wendy. Peter and the girl walked into Pater’s room and found Wendy asleep on the bed. The girl tried to back out using walking Wendy as an escape clause. Peter said “You go into the bathroom and take your clothes off and I will find you something while Wendy wakes up”. The girl disappeared into the Bathroom and Peter charges the syringe and then took a rubber dress out of the wardrobe. He knocked on the bathroom door and when she opened it slightly he gave her the dress. When she closed the door Peter nudged Wendy and aroused her. He explained that there was a young girl in the bathroom trying on one of her dresses that may need some help. Peter showed Wendy the syringe but said nothing. Wendy nodded and went into the bathroom. Moments later they both emerged, the girl was wearing the dress and it was fully closed up to the neck.

Wendy was asking her what she sensed and as she moved out of the bathroom her foot caught in the doorway, she hollered as she fell on top of the girl, they both crashed to the floor and Peter injected her through the latex on her bum. Peter moved away before they picked themselves up Wendy apologised and the girl said something sharp stuck in me, is there a pin in your outfit. Wendy said “I don’t think so, I’ll have a look and she started removing her clothes. The girl became embarrassed and Peter told her to go back in the bathroom.

While she was out of the way, Wendy made lots of noise with her clothes taking them off and then putting them back on. After the right delay Wendy shouted I have found it. There was no response from the bathroom so Peter went in and checked the girl, she was all glazed over so Peter asked her name and she whispered in a mono tone, “Rosemary”. Peter continued, “Rosemary, You now love the feel of the dress you are wearing and would not mind accepting your boyfriend’s desire when you are married. In fact when you say your vows, Love honour and obey, from that moment one that is exactly what you will give your husband always. All your love, all you respect and absolute obedience. If he wants you to wear latex you will do it because he wants you to, do it as a show of respect and wear it for al long as he wants to show him how much you love him. When you wake up you will go to your man wearing this and tell him you quite like it and that you love him. Then come back here and change before you go to your wedding.

Peter sat her on the toilet with the lid down and left her there. Peter and Wendy sat on the bed a waited. Wendy had a pin in hand waiting to show Rosemary. After a while there was a sound of Rosemary standing up and Wendy shouted again “I have found it you were right”. Rosemary came out of the bathroom and Wendy held up the pin saying “I have no idea where it came from”. Rosemary said, “I’ll just show Geoffrey and I will be right back”.

Rosemary returned five minutes later and got changed back to her normal clothes in the en-suite.

When she was dressed, Peter said “Best of luck with the wedding and see I didn’t try to persuade you I just urged you try it”.

After she was gone, Wendy asked was that necessary”. Peter replied, “Probably not but the more practice I have, the easier it gets and the better I feel about your situation”.

They spent the day in Carlisle, window shopping and returned to the Hotel in time for dinner. Peter was glad to see Cynthia sitting behind the reception desk wearing her latex dress and she did not look too unhappy. When he asked her what sort of a day she had experienced. She replied, “Very busy all day but I manage a break at lunch time. Wendy said, “What did you do on your break”. Cynthia said, “I helped Natalie clean your room and then after I had some pussy juice for lunch and I rested with my toys”.

Peter said, “Natalie had turned out quite well, don’t forget Cynthia, you and Natalie are need at the Blacksmiths at 11:00 tomorrow”. Cynthia smiled at said, “We won’t forget Professor”.

After changing for dinner, they took their table in the Restaurant. There were six other couples in the room, five young couples probably waiting their two weeks and two young ladies, travelling together. Wendy watched the two women with interest and asked Peter what he thought of them. They were both attractive and dresses alike, Peter said, “They are either sisters or lovers”. Wendy said, “Lets have a bet, I say there are sisters and if I win, you have to buy me a car when we are married”. Peter replied, “Ok, I’ll take lovers and if I win, we can practice some more”.

After dinner, they retired to the bar for coffee and liquors. All the residents were there and Wendy sat next to one of the young girls. While Peter was out of the room relieving his bladder, Wendy struck up a conversation with the pair and discovered that they were not siblings but university graduates who were on a trip around Scotland before starting work. They had both secured employment, but had deferred taking up their posts until September.

Wendy asked what were their degrees and what kind of jobs had they secured. The first girl called Mary was a botanist and had secured a post in a MAF research facility in Yorkshire. The second girl called Pauline and had graduated as a psychologist before securing a post at an MOD research facility near Nottingham. Wendy was intrigued and asked if she knew what kind of research she was doing or which team she would be assigned”. The girl baulked at the question as said, “The establishment is secret and I can not divulge what area I will be working or who I will be working for”.

Wendy said, “Of course I am sorry I asked, but I’ll wager that you will be working for Professor Pandragon. The girl exclaimed, “What do you know about Professor Pandragon”. Wendy replied, “At 11:00 tomorrow morning, I will become Mrs Pandragon. Pauline said, “I was going to ask you and your partner about your clothing choices, but I may now have to find an alternative position, I do not indent to work for a depraved employer”. Before Wendy could reply, Peter returned and asked, “Can I get you ladies a drink”. Wendy asked for a Baileys, Mary asked for a Babycham and Pauline asked for a Bloodymary.

As Peter was giving his drinks order at the bar. Wendy asked, “What makes you think he is depraved”. Pauline replied, “No sane man would parade around in rubber clothing or make his partner do the same”.

Peter returned with the drinks and Wendy said, “Peter can I introduce Pauline and Mary they are collage friends who having just graduated, are enjoying a motoring holiday in Scotland. Pauline here thinks you are depraved for making me wear Latex and although she had secured employment before embarking on their journey, she is now looking for another Job”. Peter replied, “I am confused, why is she changing her employment now”. Wendy replied, “Because she does not think it is a sane gesture wearing latex in public and she does not want to work for an insane employer”.

Peter continued, “Do I understand this correctly, Pauline is our new psychologist, and she has preconceived prejudices about people who choose non conformant dress”.

Wendy said, “As always, you have hit the nail right on the head”. Peter said, “We don’t want to cause this young lady and further embarrassment, so drink up dear and we will retire”. Wendy soon put her empty glass down and stood up. Peter did the same and they walked out hand in hand without saying another word.

Back in their bedroom, Wendy said, “How long do you think it will be before there is a knock on the door”. Peter said, “If she does not want to continue this dialogue, she is not the psychologist we need”.

Wendy was in the en-suite preparing for bed, when there was a gently knock on the door. Peter opened and both young ladies were standing there. Pauline said, “Mary has convinced me that my prejudice is irrational and I should try to make amends, I however think my denigration of your sanity may be too brutal to overcome”.

Peter said, “Very possibly, had you waited any longer before you knocked on my door you would not have been employed by me, as it is I am yet to be convinced, do come in”.

Peter sat on the chair and urged the girls to sit on the bed then he said, “So it was Mary’s decision to call, perhaps I should employ her”. Mary said, “No it was Pauline’s idea, I just helped her make up her mind”.

Peter said, “I am very happy and content in my choice of clothing, I do not expect others to follow suit or shy away. They are free to choose what they wear, I am fortunate that my fiancé is in accord with this inclination”. Pauline said, “Another word for inclination is fetish and in the psychology teaching fetishism is a deviance”. Peter replied, “A deviance from what. There are many industries making latex clothing and associated paraphernalia, employing thousands of people. In a market economy, these would not exist if there were not the numbers of so-called fetishists to buy their produce. These people would not consider themselves deviant however some of them hide because they can not accept the prejudices of others”.

Pauline argued, “There are many links between fetishist of one sort or another and activities that harm or endanger life”. Peter countered, “If you are referring to the BSDM community, most of the participants are consenting adults. There are those among us with naturally occurring submissive tendencies, and there are those who are naturally dominant. Of course, if the dominant contingent were criminal or deranged they could exploit the submissive members of the community and give the whole genre a bad name. There is no evidence to support that proportionately there are more or less of these insensitive souls in the fetish world to that of the general populous. There is strong suggestive indication that a greater number of submissive people, are protected in a small community than in the wider community.

Pauline said, “How, is this supposition derived and where, is the tangible evidence”.

Peter said, “There are some 9040 murders each year across the whole Country, how many of these do you suppose were conducted by members of the BSDM community”. Pauline replied, “I have no idea, but based on your arguments I would guess very few”. Paul said, “I would concede two”.

Wendy opened the Bathroom door in her baby doll nightdress and bloomers and Pauline gasped then said, “I am sorry your attire took me a little by surprise, I had never considered the visual effect of someone wearing latex, and you look gorgeous”.

Wendy sat next to Pauline and taking her hand caused it to stroke her latex covered thigh. Pauline delayed for several seconds before pulling away. Pauline said, “You are trying to make me like it and it will not work”. Wendy said, “Most parents, when sitting at the meal table will petition their children to try a vegetable before they say they don’t like it”.

Mary said, “So what you are really saying is the Pauline should not formalise her prejudices until she had at least tried it once”. Peter replied, “I don’t think that is a generalisation for everything, we know that some things are harmful to one’s health and we would not expect her to try those before deciding, however with everyday products like vegetables and clothing, I think she should”. Wendy said, “Mary, what is your stance on this subject”. Mary replied, “Seeing how good you look in your night attire and how comfortable you both are with your choices, I would be prepared to try it”. Pauline exclaimed, “Mary, you should be supporting me”.

Peter said, “Is that normal Pauline, to rebuke Mary when she does not follow your lead, is she you’re submissive that you habitually dominate”. Mary said, “I hadn’t realised before but I do seem to follow Pauline’s direction, this trip was her idea”.

Peter said “Stop, it was not my intention to drive a wedge between two friends, I think we should call this a night”. Both girls stood and Pauline moved to the door, Wendy held on to Mary and whispered in her ear, “If you would like to try some, come back later”.

Mary nodded and quickly caught up with Pauline, they left the room together. Peter charged his syringe, just in case, and went into the en-suite to get ready for bed.

He was just getting into bed when there was a gentle tap on the door. Wendy opened it and was surprised, to see Pauline standing there on her own, and she said, “Do come in dear”.

Pauline entered and seeing Peter in bed apologies. Peter said, “Do not worry, come in and sit down and how can we help you”.

Pauline replied, “You have stimulated a lot of thought about my relationship with Mary and I am not happy, I would like to discuss how you build a relationship on trust that you two appear to have”. Peter said, “Trust is not something given lightly. It comes from other prior considerations, I love Wendy, I love her mind, I love her body, and I love it when we have sex, I am however the dominant partner and as such my trust in her is unequivocal”. Wendy said, “I love Peter with everything I am and would do anything for him, I expect him to watch out for me and in that I trust him absolutely”. Pauline replied, “So you are saying that there are many different forms of trust depending on which side of the dominant or submissive side you are”.

Peter said, “Have you decided yet, what you want to do and where you would like to work”. Pauline said, “You like putting people on the spot, here I am talking about relationships and you want me to think about my future, no I haven’t thought about it”. Peter continued, “Well let’s think about your future, do you see Mary as part of that future”. Pauline replied, “Yes, I see Mary in my future, I could not bear it if we lost our friendship, if we did, life would not be worth living”. Peter said, “This friendship, is it a spiritual issue or is it physical”. Pauline coyly replied, “We were moving towards the physical, before this evenings chat”. Peter said, “That does not denote that things will change for the worse, many submissives become more comfortable with their persona when their submissiveness is established and when thy find a dominant master whom they can trust. Mary obviously trusts you otherwise; she would never have embarked on this journey. If you let me talk to her, I will overcome any anxieties she may have”. Pauline opened her mouth to speak, but was interrupted by another gentle tap on the door.

Wendy got out of bed and opened the door to find Mary in her dressing gown and slippers. She said, “Have you got Pauline in there”. Wendy replied, “Yes we were just talking about you, do come in”. Mary sloped into the room and looking at Pauline saying, “What were you saying, about me”. Pauline replied, “We were talking about trust in relationships”. Peter said, “Pauline was concerned, that our chat earlier, could have affected your trust in her”. Mary said, “She needn’t worry, my trust in her is unconditional”. Pauline stood up and kissed Mary passionately.

Wendy moved to the wardrobe and extracted a number of latex items and then taking Mary by the hand walked her into the en-suite. Peter said, “That takes care of your worried regarding Mary, now what about your employment future”. Pauline replied, “If you will have me I would be delighted to work for you as long as you don’t make wearing latex a condition”. Peter said, “I think you would look lovely in latex but clothing is a matter of choice”. What he did not say, that it may become his choice.

Pauline said, “It had been a pleasure meeting you and I am looking forward very much to working with you”. Peter replied, “There is no need to run away, are you not intrigued to see how Mary is fairing in the bathroom”. Pauline said, “I am in two minds, what happens if she becomes a rubber fetishist, how will that affect our relationship”. Peter said, “Are you frightened to take on the role of dominance even though Mary obviously wants you to. If you do, you can tell her whether to be a fetishist or not”. Just then, the bathroom door opened and a vision in latex appeared. Mary was obviously wearing a corset that shaped her body impressively and over it she had on a pain top and a short flaired skirt. Her arms were not visible, her shoulders were held back and her breasts were pushed forward. When she came into the room, it became apparent that her arms were bound in a latex arm binder pulling her elbows together behind her back.

Pauline shrieked, “Mary you look incredible, where have you been hiding that body”. Wendy said, “Bring her back, before breakfast tomorrow and I’ll take it off”. Pauline escorted Mary out of the bedroom leaving her dressing gown and slippers behind.

Peter made love to Wendy twice before they went to sleep in each other’s arms.

Next morning, Pauline knocked on the door and when Wendy opened it she said “You are getting married today, is it an all latex occasion”? Wendy replied, “Yes it is”. Pauline said, “Could I borrow some clothes, I would like to come and I can bring Mary as she is”. Wendy gave her an outfit from the wardrobe and she disappeared before Peter came out of the en-suite.

After breakfast where Pauline and Mary failed to appear Peter and Wendy went back to their room to get ready for the wedding. Peter had a cream shirt, silver tie and a navy blue, double breasted suite. The trouser had razor sharp creases and the whole assemble was made from latex. Wendy had a pale pink top and a cream two piece suit with a knee length straight skirt and a tailored jacket again all in heavy weight latex. Peter had spent a great deal of money on their clothes for the occasion but as he had not spent any of his sizable salary for years, he had more than enough without touching his investments which were growing at an almost alarming rate.

They checked each other out and once they were happy they put on their shoes. Peter’s were black rubber brogues and Wendy’s were cream latex pumps with a 5.5 inch heel. When they were ready, Peter went in search of Natalie and found her in the house keepers store room getting changed. He told her she looked lovely and that she needs to ensure Cynthia was ready, Peter also instructed her to fit Cynthia with her gag and cuffs. He then went to knock on Pauline’s room, when she opened the door she looked ravishing in latex. Mary was sitting on the bed and was still wearing the clothes from the previous night. Peter asked why they missed breakfast and Mary said, “We had it in our room, so Pauline could feed me, she makes a wonderful Mistress”. Peter said “We will be leaving in about ten minutes if you would like to walk with us”. Pauline complemented him on his outfit and said they would be ready.

Peter returned to Wendy, who was touching up her makeup. At 10:45 Wendy and Peter went down stairs. Cynthia, Natalie, Mary and Pauline were waiting. The witnesses would have to be Pauline and Natalie, as the other two were manacled.

They all walked out of the hotel together. Natalie had persuaded another of the maids to man the reception. They walked down to the Blacksmiths and Wendy was given a lot of signals from passing motorists.

Mrs Wilson was waiting in the wedding chamber dressed in a floor length latex dress with long sleeves, tight bodice and a full skirt, it looked amazing. She was delighted when all six came in their assortment of latex clothes.

Being a civil marriage it did not take long and soon Mrs Wilson declared them, Man and Wife. The book was completed and Peter, Wendy, Pauline and Natalie all signed in their designated places. Outside there was an area set aside for photographs and Peter had arranged for 100 pictures to be taken. Mrs Wilson was invited to join them and everyone except Cynthia wore enormous smiles. Cynthia just drooled past the ball gag. When the pictures were all taken, Peter instructed the photographer to develop two whole sets one to be sent to him and one to be given to Mrs Wilson. When the Photographer was no longer there, Wendy talked to Pauline and Mary and Peter Took the two hotel employees to Mrs Wilson.

Peter explained that Cynthia was a submissive and would love to have Mrs Wilson as her Mistress and the Natalie would also be a submissive if Mrs Wilson wanted.

Wendy, Pauline and Mary were slowly walking back to the hotel. Peter caught them up and Pauline asked where the other two were. Peter said that they had stopped to talk to Mrs Wilson and would follow on shortly.

Back at the hotel, Peter and Wendy finished packing, Wendy asked if they could travel in their wedding clothes and Peter agreed so everything else was packed. Wendy’s suitcase was very full and she was having difficulty closing it, when Pauline knocked on the door. She was still wearing the latex outfit, she had borrowed and said, “I’ve come to ask a favour, Could I borrow these clothes a little longer and I will return them in September. Wendy said, Not only that, you could take some more, I can’t close my suitcase. They picked out another five outfits including underwear and Wendy ensured that there was a pair of the dildo panties included.

Wendy suitcase closed with ease and once they were ready, Peter went down to settle the account. He was pleased to see Cynthia once again behind the reception counter.

She smiled as he approached and Peter asked if everything was alright. Cynthia said, “Everything is wonderful I have a new friend who I think I love”.

Peter paid his bill adding a sizable gratuity for the staff. He ordered a taxi to the station and phoned a garage in Nottingham. He then went to say goodbye to Mary and Pauline. He found them in his room talking to Wendy. Mary was still in her latex outfit but the arm binder had been removed. As Peter entered she threw her arms around him and said “Thank you, you have made me the happiest woman in Scotland”. Pauline performed a similar action on both Peter and Wendy and told them, “She was the second happiest woman, in Scotland and was looking forward to working with them in September.

As they were walking down the stairs, with Peter carrying two heavy suitcases, he whispered to Pauline, “Let me know if you want me to find a job for Mary in our team”.

There were more friendly embraces before they got in the taxi even Cynthia and Natalie were there. Once they were on the way, Wendy said, I didn’t want to spoil their thunder but I am the happiest woman in the British Empire.

Their journey home was not uneventful their attire caused a lot of interest not always friendly and Peter was very confident and was able to quell the aggressive occasions with a calming dialog.

When Mr and Mrs Pandragon arrived back at the research institute, they were taken to a freshly decorated married quarter and there was a brand new MGB sports car outside. There was milk and bread provided so, before Wendy could change her clothes, Peter said, “would you go to the grocers and buy something for dinner before they close. Wendy replied, “I won’t have time there is not a bus for another half an hour and that will be too late. Peter handed her a set of keys with a leather MG fob attached.

She shrieked in delight, and minutes later the car disappeared down the road.

While she was away Peter emptied the suitcases and put everything away and the called the director. He told him about the thoughts he had considered while he was away and would need a conference with the policy makers as soon as practical.

The Director said he would set one up as soon as possible. Peter changed out of his wedding suit and then sat down in his new lounge to wait for Wendy.

He was happier that any time in his life and he just hoped his bubble wouldn’t burst. When he heard the car return two hours later, he open the front door and watched her park, he had anticipated she would go for a ride, and when she got out he smiled, she ran up to him, hugging him tightly saying, “Thank you it’s lovely, I’ve always wanted a sports car, how did you know”. Peter said, “Did you remember to go to the grocers”. She replied, “I only bought Breakfast, I am taking you out tonight”.

As Wendy was putting the shopping away, Peter asked do you want to get changed before we go out or are you happy in your wedding outfit. Wendy replied, “If I had my way I would wear this until it wore out, however I should keep it for special occasions, so if you would like to choose something for me, and I’ll get changed.

Peter laid out a corset stocking blouse and mini skirt. Wendy asked “No kickers”. Peter replied, “No knickers, I am feeling lucky tonight”.

Wendy took him to the restaurant where she broke up with her old boyfriend and they had a very good evening.

Next morning they returned to work and Peter found two new televisions waiting to be modified.

He fabricated his subliminal message generators and modified both sets. Wendy was making more batches of the four compounds Peter had taken to Scotland.

The Director called Peter on Tuesday saying he had set up a policy meeting in London for Thursday and a car would be provided.

End of Chapter 2