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I love mind control stories. There’s just no better way to make love than by getting into someone’s head. The best stories are well-written, with a definite plot and direction, consequences that follow from actions, and at least one believable character I could feel for. Many of them feature a woman in the submissive role. And the best of them combine ‘on-camera’ mind-control with a fully-developed sexual encounter, leading to a satisfying climax. (Pun intended.) I usually avoid punishment scenarios and revenge fantasies; I like to believe that the encounter was better for all involved, even if the act itself wasn’t quite consensual.

With my picks, I’m going to focus mostly on those gems, old and new, that others may have missed. For the record, let me state that I am a huge fan of Anynom, artie, and Wiseguy. You cannot go wrong reading any of their stories, or any of the stories that they’ve recommended.

The Chronicles of Jack Cutter by Luvman

This is one of those cases where I wish I was the main character. I would love to find a book of magic, and be able to use it to seduce my hot teenage sister, her best friend, my money-grubbing girlfriend.... I just wish that the author would return to continue this story; he left off just when things were getting really interesting!

Dream by MagicCarpet

This was one of the first stories I read on the site. I absolutely love the concept of a woman turning control of herself over to a man she trusts. I had wanted to write a sequel, but because the author couldn’t be contacted for permission, I was forced to start from scratch. That became the story Willing Submission; now you know where I got the idea.

Garamond Special Limited Italic All Caps by Pleaser

A totally unique take on what mind control entails. This isn’t a subliminal message; it’s bold and in-your-face! I also like the style in which it was written, cleverly combining instant messaging with a first-person point of view. Plus, I have a weakness for earth-shattering orgasms. More! More!

A Gift Beyond Imagining by Flibinite

A slow, sensuous story. Woman receives mysterious e-mail and mysterious gift; both turn out to be from her best friend. This builds and builds to multiple climaxes, with a few surprise twists thrown in. Too many stories emphasize the mind control over the eroticism; here, they’re blended beautifully.

The Hypnotizing Megan Chronicles by Chase The Wind

This started out as a one-shot story, and grew into an ongoing adventure. A group of friends, including some couples, catch a stage hypnotist’s act. They all turn out to be amazingly hypnotizable; but Megan, in particular, discovers a hidden wellspring filled with submissiveness and bisexuality.

It’s Funny by TheFarmHorse

It’s funny, but the most amazing things happen when you hypnotize your sister-in-law, and then your wife, while they’re on E. You’re apt to get a lot more sex, and maybe get involved in your first incestuous threesome. If you missed this gem the first time, check it out now.

Lucky Tickets by JimC

I love a story that deals with unintended consequences. This may be the ultimate take on the concept; the hero of the story finds a roll of magic tickets, and uses them, at first, to learn about sex. Along the way, he has to handle unrequited love, betrayal of trust, breaking up, and all the other aspects of real life. After you read this, visit the author’s site; he has a number of other wonderful stories, both in and out of the mind control genre.

Magic Lessons by Ravenswing

Longer stories are great. You get a feel for the characters; you get to know them, get to root for them. I’m also a sucker for the ‘underdog gets the girl’ scenario, and the ‘regular guy gets supernatural powers’ subplot. There are a lot of great stories like this one on the site; what gives this one the edge is that the good guy has a touch of kink in him, and so do all his girlfriends. Mmm, bondage.

Marianne’s Photo Session by Mountain Man

One of my favorite writers took a sabbatical from this site; I’m so glad he’s decided to come back. I’ve enjoyed all of his stories, which revolve around an alpha male hypnotizing or brainwashing a submissive female into recognizing her true nature—and then having his way with her. In this story, he’s so subtle and skillful, the women are convinced that it was all their idea. And maybe it was.... Don’t forget to give his other stories a look, as well.

My Wife The Professor by Not Yet Famous

Did you miss this one the first time through? On his birthday, the husband of a college professor gets to experience the results of her research first-hand, as she invites two young ladies to dinner—two young ladies that have been brainwashed with subliminal CD’s. The only problem is that the author ended the second chapter on a cliffhanger, and never came back to write the third. Read the story, and then let’s all start an e-mail campaign to demand the ending! ;)

Toys by MagusJosh

Wow. A woman finds a blue rubber ball, which reacts to her touch. It envelops her, covers her, traps her, and brings her to the heights of pleasure. This may very well be the perfect single-person mind control story.

Hidden Desires, Awakened Powers by AmandasHypnoLips

Sarah, the main character, goes from being a Domme to a sub, and then back again, losing her pesky innocence along the way. Very playful.

Baroque Seduction by Lucky Guy

Let us take you back, long ago, to a Time when the Art and Skill of Mesmerism was brand new, and a young Duke makes use of this amazing new Ability to seduce the Lady of his Dreams.... This is one of my absolute favorite authors; check out his Hypnotic Encounters and you’ll see what I mean!

Carmel by FranZam

Just like with the author above, it’s hard to find one of this guy’s stories that someone else hasn’t picked; he’s just so damned good! This is one of his earliest tales; Carmel is a shy sweet girl, and not all that attractive. But she blooms under the careful attentions of her belly-dancing instructor, into a sultry self-confident seductress. The story is gentle and slow-moving, teasing and building, just like belly-dancing itself.

Cloistered by Witchman

I love going to Renaissance Faires. And I often dream about what I would do with the pretty wenches, in their saucy outfits. Maybe I’ll be of a mind to invent a hallucinogenic aphrodisiac, and then have an accomplice slip it to one of them. Maybe I’ll follow the victim to a place down below and out of the way, and have my wonderful way with her. And then, just maybe, I’ll surprise you with a twist ending, too!

Dating Serviced by Abe Froman

I’ve always wondered what would happen if I lied when placing a classified ad. Fortunately, I’ve never had to; I really am 6’4”, 225 lbs., with a $100K job and six-pack abs.... ;)

This story mixes science fiction with a touch of humiliation; fortunately, the people involved have had their looks changed, and their attitudes to match. I hope the story line continues for a good, long time.

Donna by Just Joe

Just Joe writes long paragraphs, containing very long sentences. I forgive him, because his romantic hypnosis scenarios are just so hot! In this one, the best of a good bunch, he takes Donna through a public orgasm at dinner, sex in the back of a cab, sex while hypnotically paralyzed.... If you can handle his writing style, check out his other stories also.

Enchanting Weekend by Darkmind

Poor Sona. Her nice friend Eric manages to hypnotize her, so that he can possess her graceful beauty. Unfortunately, her cruel incestuous brother had gotten to her first, and now Eric must both defend her and protect his own life. Some days, it just doesn’t pay to get into bed...!

Ethics 101 For Mind Controllers by This Guy

I like this guy. (Pun intended.) Every one of his stories would make my list. What’s special about this one is that John and Rhonda have a very serious discussion about the ethics of being able control someone. Rhonda thinks it’s hypothetical; John knows it’s not, and eventually proves it. Kind of reminds me of the Larry Niven short story, “What Can You Say About Chocolate Covered Manhole Covers?” but with mind control instead.

Electric Net by Nightpen

What is it about “geek gets the girl” stories? Oh, yeah, it’s because I’m a geek! :D

A lot of stories involving made-up science either overemphasize the science part, or rush through it to get to the sex. This story does a wonderful job of incorporating the science with the sex. A wonderful first effort; I’m very much looking forward to future chapters.

Encyclopedia by This Guy

How could nobody have ever picked this one? Nice young man goes door-to-door, selling sets of encyclopedias. (Remember those days?) Of course, this nice young man has a special persuasive ability, which he uses to convince Christine that she needs a set. And then to show him her set. And then her daughter’s set, too—we’re not still talking about encyclopedias, by the way!

Exchange Student by Ivan The Terror

Another little gem that a lot of people missed. Horny 16-year-old Tom seduces sweet 17-year-old Allie, a sweet Swedish exchange student that has come to stay with him for a while. Night after night, he wears down her resistance, overcoming her platonic feelings and less-than-perfect grasp of English. It’s too bad that it was the author’s only submission to the EMCSA.

Family Game Night by Drtybstrd

Dirty bastard indeed! I’m only jealous because I wish I had come up with the concept first!

In a turnaround on the concept behind JRParz’s fantastic Master PC series, the program uses the people to fulfill its nefarious plan, by forcing them to play an X-rated parody of the game of Life. Poor Dave unwittingly invites his whole family to play, forcing body modifications and sexual encounters on himself, his hot parents and even hotter sisters! Someone e-mail me the hotlink... please!

Fletcher’s Possession by Fletcher360X

Poor Lisa gets led down the garden path to a life of subservience, by the wealthy, maddeningly enigmatic Fletcher. It’s all part of his master plan ... to marry her! But she has a few surprises of her own.

A Flower For Mina by Secluded Night

I love this story! It has everything I could ask for—a sweet nerd, a romantic plot, reluctant-lesbian sex, three-way sex, the victims helping in their own enslavement—I could go on, but I feel the need to take a short break just about now.... ;)

Fringe Benefits by Starro

This is a first story!? The author hits a home run in his first at-bat, with this wonderfully-developed piece about a near-future society where that sweet but private person who lives next door could really be a cog in a vast and profitable corporate machine. Using lasers, subliminals, and implanted devices, men and women—but more women!—are converted into drones, living computers with full personalities, who exchange data by having sex. And they need to exchange a lot of data!

The Gym by Maldoror11

The problem that I have with too many female-dominant stories is that they are also man-hating stories. Being a man myself, I prefer to be loved. Quite often. Just like Chris, the lucky gentleman in this piece. Even his mistress’ name is lovely. Serene. Serene. Sssrrreeeennnnnn....

Hypnotic Eye Beams by The Flying Pen

I may have mentioned how much I love stories that have real-world consequences. In this sweet tale, Terry hypnotizes his girlfriend Susie, at her request. She starts smoking cigarettes with long-handled holders, at his. But then their mutual friend Carrie walks in on one of their sessions, and poor Terry has to explain his actions. Of course, it didn’t help that Carrie had listened to the same special CD’s that Susie had, and now Terry has to resist temptation....

Hypnotist’s Holiday by mandala

I’m willing to bet that this story was one of the inspirations for Wiseguy’s Busman’s Holiday. Marvin the stage hypnotist, a bit of a nebbish in real life, is hit on by two lovely women following a performance. From night till dawn, he has their way with them in his hotel room, at their insistence.

Imprint by Ano Otoko

This is not just a mind control story. It touches on some of the deepest wellsprings of emotion in the human psyche. Despair. Loneliness. Submissiveness. Redemption. Love. Love reciprocated in full. And some of the tenderest, ring-of-truth lovemaking scenes I’ve read in a long time. Sigghhhh....

In Focus by Zagatto

Another wonderful debut! A photographer finds a magic camera lens, and discovers that it can affect what he sees when he looks through it. He uses it to seduce a beautiful naked woman, sunning herself in a secluded mountain spot. Then she uses it to return the favor!

Killer Eyes: The Making of a Hypnotiste by Arel Gaze

This story starts off slow, with the good stuff starting in the second installment. Hot girl wants to use hypnosis to nab hot guy, so she practices on her brother, and then tells him to practice on her. Both of them make use of the opportunity to indulge in a little private sex-ed! I hope the author returns to continue the story; s/he hasn’t even left us an e-mail address so we can beg for more! :—/

La Bandera Bella by Bankington

There’s just something about slow seductions. You just know they’re gonna lead to a big payoff! And Bankington doesn’t disappoint. Cecilia, a very pretty Latina who’s failing Spanish, gets help from her smart-but-plain tutor Paul, his language CD’s, and a special set of headphones.... Of course, it’s all for her own good; she not only learns Spanish, she learns how to look for love where she might otherwise miss it.

Learn To Relax by Synaptic Virus

Synaptic Virus’s take on Covert Hypnotist’s story is amazing! He took a good short story, about teaching a young lady what she really wants, and converted it into a 5-part tale, about teaching a young lady what she really wants! You really want to check this out!

Magic Family by JAX

A word of caution. This author doesn’t let his knowledge of English get in the way of telling a story. And just about every one of his stories focuses on taking lots of pictures of his sister, and then getting her into his bed.

If you can get past that, however, each of his ten stories is a quick, hot read. I think that this one and Sweet Sixteen are the best two, but feel free to decide for yourself.

Maryanne’s First by Maryanne

I miss this story. And I hope the author sees this, and has pity, and returns it to the archive. This is a beautiful piece about a young lady who allows herself to be hypnotized at a party. It turns out that being hypnotized has always been her deepest fantasy, and she holds back nothing. Perfect pacing, hot sex, a tale so well-written you’d think it really happened—and maybe it did....

No Inhibitions by Julian D’Angelos

I swore that I wasn’t going to single out any of the stories that Wiseguy had picked! After all, I’ve already told you that I love all of his stories, and every one of his recommendations, haven’t I?

Oh, well. :D This one is just too damn hot not to rate its own mention. This is, in my opinion, about as close to perfect as a romantic mind control story can possibly get! Beautiful red-haired Alicia is seduced, over and over again, using as many different forms of suggestion as the author can come up with, crammed into this long and loving tale.

Old Pete by Witchman

A classic tale of suave, sophisticated older man getting the girl—with hypnosis, of course! Beatrice gets caught in a storm; her gentlemanly widower neighbor Pete invites her to dry off and have a hot chocolate. Using nothing but a relaxing fire, he brings her to pleasure; his pleasure is all in the giving. It puts a whole new twist on the term “sexagenarian!”

Painting by Darkmind

As a rule, I don’t enjoy ‘pathic stories, but this little jewel is just too cute to resist! Told in the second person, which is exceedingly difficult to do well, this story puts you at the mercy of a not-so-innocent carnival artist. Too bad you won’t be around to enjoy the rest of my picks!

The Picture of Dorian Gray’s Mother by Anaonymous-024

As in the above pick, the power is in the paint! Dorian paints his mother as she is, and then slowly changes the painting—and her—until she is as he wants her to be. Just another incestuous, slow-building descent into darkness. Yawn. ;)

The Power by rlfj

An epic masterpiece! Young man acquires abilities after nearly dying in a car accident. Instead of being bitter or manipulative, he uses his power to enjoy life, and bring joy to others around him, including his mother and sister. Joy, of course, meaning sex. And lots of it!

Relax, We’re Family by Greg Vance

This is the story that JAX should have written! (Then again, maybe he did!) Horny young man uses hypnosis to relax his mother and two sisters—no pesky rivals to get in his way, no sir! Hot sex, hot imagery, one hot tale. I would love to see it continue; are you listening, Mr. Vance?

Sis by Fury

A short but sweet story from way back. Brother hypnotizes sister to be more like his girlfriend; they both wind up being his slaves. Long on induction and short on sex, but in this piece, it feels right. Besides, there’s something to be said for anticipation!

Six Pills of Domination by ElSol

When I first picked this story two years ago, it was based on a much shorter version. The author has since expanded it five times over, turning a sweet piece about not letting absolute power go to one’s head into a character study about not letting absolute power go to one’s head. There’s plenty of sex, and even more domination, but I’m still happy to root for David to win out in the end. ElSol is a master at weaving the sex with the plot until the two are nearly inseparable; would that I had the same skill.

Smooth Talking: Susan At The Restaurant by The Lycanthrope

One of the best examples of how NLP and subliminal suggestion is supposed to be used. From the first paragraph, Susan the waitress is kept off-balance. And what happens when your balance is off? That’s right; you fall. In Susan’s case, right into a bed. Definitely one hot read.

Sweet Oil by Tabico

Tabico tends to write somewhat darker stories about innocent girls being co-opted by a dominating mistress. And the sequel to this tale, Hot Oil, continues that pattern. That one’s not really my cup of tea. However, this surprisingly sweet number pushed all the right buttons.

Sorority roommates discover that a mysterious massage oil has the power to remove free will for a time, allowing them to explore their deep-seated lesbian fantasies. They invite one more girlfriend in, and take turns massaging each other into submission. Submission leads to pleasure. Pleasure leads to more submission. Wow.

Watch The Birdie by mandala

I am such a sucker for romantic stories disguised as ‘pathic ones! Joan gets picked up by a man with a magic camera, who kidnaps her and forces her to enjoy herself; and then he reveals who he really is...! It’s too bad the author seems to have disappeared; I really love his stuff.

Whose Dreams by Tabico

Hmmm! Tabico has a male-dominant story! Who knew! ;)

Ms. Carleson, a single mom with a hot teenage daughter, is brainwashed by the devious—and deviant—young man she hired to clean her pool. Eventually, so is her daughter. Everyone has a lot of sex. Good stuff, well paced and hot. I’d love to see more like it. And all kidding aside, check out her other stories, especially Socket and Arundsen’s Device.

Zarah by FranZam

This story is a wonderful example of what I believe is the right kind of relationship between a Domme and her male sub. Respectful. Giving and taking. Lots of hot sex. And a few surprises. I wish he was still writing; maybe he’ll see this and come back.

Beltane by Dreamfire

Beltane, or May Day, is one of the high holy days of the Wiccan religion. This story is written as if it could have happened; and maybe, somewhere, it did.... One of the most erotic love stories it has ever been my privilege to read.

Big Sister by Tropos

You know, it always seems that royalty gets all the perks: the coolest digs, the hottest women, the most influential friends, the most useful mind-controlling cocaine.... Plus, you’ve just gotta love a character with the delightfully clever surname Braxton-Hicks!

Birthday Presents by Svengarlic

Somewhat of an oldie, but still a goodie. Unscrupulous master Tom has no problem hypnotizing his friends and co-workers into becoming his loving sex slaves. Even when they have other plans. Also gets my vote for most memorable trigger phrase: “Swinging tit pizza maker!”

Business Trip by Unknown-007

One of the first stories I ever read on the archive; and sadly, never finished. Still this 4,500-word piece manages to stand on its own, as a tale of a man, a witch, and the married motel receptionist she leaves him as a present, after she has her own way with him. I can only imagine what the next chapter would have been like; someday, maybe I’ll write it.

Cora, the Craft, and the Company by Downing Street

Very few writers can pull off a believable revenge story the way that Downing Street can. Cora is the ultimate downtrodden woman who, with a little bit of mystical help, manages to turn both her body and her life around, making all the right people miserable along the way. An unusual female-dominant perspective from one of the masters of male-dominant mc fiction.

Courting Kass

Whoo! What a debut. This futuristic inter-species romance has everything you could want: a desperately clever human; an unattainable, multi-breasted cat-woman; insurmountable odds; and, of course, the obligatory surprise ending!

Dick Jones by Imagineer

One of the cleverest takes on an old idea that I’ve read in a long time! I mean, come on; how many stories do you know that come with their own FAQ chapter? That successfully break through the “fourth wall,” without distracting from the action? Or that can use a two-dollar word like “defenestrate”—properly?

The unnamed star of the tale has a problem: he’s been cursed so that every time he gets aroused, his dick takes over control of his body—and the body of anyone else within range. He seems doomed to a string of enjoyable but meaningless one-night-stands, until one day a mysterious woman enters his life. Then things get really weird.

Hypnosis Homework by HypnoFan

This is, believe it or not, one of the charter stories that kicked off the EMCSA! Alas, like so many others, it was off to such a great start.... I’d written the author about whether he planned to continue, years ago; his reply, sadly, has been lost to time. :(

Joshua is a lucky man; not only has the beautiful Denise agreed to let him practice hypnosis on her, she has brought along two of her friends along, as well. Unfortunately, part four, which began to continue the story from inside the head of one of the subjects—ah, hell, you know the rest.

Julia by FranZAM

Yes, this is my third pick from this author. I can’t help it; he’s really good! This tale stands out for both its long inductions and long seduction. And then, just when you think things are winding down, there’s a wonderful three-way to close out the tale!

Just Friends by BioParadox

This one has always pushed my buttons. Innocent Jennifer is taken advantage of: first, by her “platonic” friend Kurt; then by Christine, his other slave; and finally, by Kurt again, right next to an equally-helpless Christine! The author promised a continuation; maybe after he sees this, he’ll be inspired to revisit this erotic tale. Also check out his other stories, especially part two of Illusions.

Ninety Nine Laws of Mind Control by Topaz172

It is a shame—a crime—a travesty! that this quality documentary hasn’t already received a Reader’s Pick! Or, for that matter, that it is not already required reading in every “Abnormal Psych” class in this (or any other) nation! :D

Topaz172 is best known for his erotic m/m fiction, and for his ongoing “Cupid Boy” saga. This, one of his older pieces, has been too-long overlooked, despite being one of the funniest spoofs to be found anywhere on the EMCSA.

He’s also a regular contributor at the Erotic Mind Control Forum,, where he has begun serializing Cupid Boy in graphic novel form. Feel free to come on over and check it out; his artwork is even better than his story-telling, and believe me, that’s saying something!

Olivia’s Lust by Olivia

Another wonderful first contribution! Olivia has come up with a new twist on an old cliché: she is capable of generating a lust-inducing pheromone, but there’s a catch: it only affects other women. Being actively bisexual, she has no scruples against using her power to seduce straight women into sharing their husbands. And that’s not all....

The Pusher by M Collins

I really debated with myself about whether or not to include this entry. The problem is, the first two and a half chapters (out of three) are extremely hot; but the flashback that concludes the third chapter is way too nasty for me to even pretend to enjoy.

Like so many of the earlier stories in the archive, it’s obvious that the author intended to continue the piece, but never actually did. So feel free to do what I do: enjoy this tale as far as you’d like, and when you reach the flashback, proceed with caution—or not at all.

Realizing The Wet Dream by Anonymous-016

Blowing the dust off of another forgotten treasure. It wouldn’t surprise me if this was the direct inspiration for JRParz’s Master PC series.

The gimmick here is that Scott, a teenage computer nerd, has been chosen to receive a mysterious reality-altering computer program by the mysterious Dr. Sucrin. By demonstrating a sense of responsibility with his newfound power, he is treated to additional levels of control; all directed toward the ultimate goal of having a meaningful sexual relationship with his extremely hot neighbor, Lindsay.

The Reconstruction of Stephanie by A Sinister Bent

Here’s a recipe any mad scientist would enjoy: one part camp, one part satire, one part plain-woman-gets-transformed-into-hot-and-obedient-nymphomaniac! And after you read this, check out the equally enjoyable sequel, And The Winner Is....

Retirement by Jafar

A delightful take on the age-old question: What happens when a powerful businessman retires? Why, he gets his choice of pretty playthings: neighbors, strangers, even his own daughter! The best part about this tale is that the victims sometimes try to fight their conditioning; but once they’ve lost ground, even through trickery, they never get it back. Special added bonus: the “To hell with someday, this will all be yours right now“ subplot, as he introduces his grandson to his decadent world—and the delights of having a sexually uninhibited mother!

Samhain by Trey Gallant

Better known as Halloween, this holiday is directly opposite Beltane on the calendar. Similarly, this story differs somewhat in theme from Dreamfire’s: instead of being consensual, the lovemaking here has been brought about through the use of enchantment. Which makes sense; trickery and treats are part of the spirit of the occasion!

Bridget, an Irish redhead living alone, is visited by two children and their uncle Ron. While the children slumber, she tells him the tale of the Queen and the Hunter—and then, with hypnosis (or perhaps a spell), takes full and willing advantage of him in order to complete the ritual.

Sex and the Magic Book by Katie McN

Lesbians, magic, and mind control: what a combo! Sally and Theresa find a book of spells; in jest, Theresa starts reciting the one that brings her best friend under her will. The hot session of lovemaking that follows proves that the magic really does work—doesn’t it?

Smart Drug by Sam

One of the oldest pieces in the archive. And, sadly, overlooked until now. Not a lot of sex, but this sweet tale of revenge and corporate takeover is worth a look anyway. Jake, a chemist for a pharmaceutical company, discovers a drug that makes any suggestion sound like a good idea. He uses it to seduce his sweet (and unknown to him, willing) co-worker, and then his bitch of a boss, as part of a plan to take over first the company, and then the world.

Sure, it’s old-hat now; but it wasn’t, back then. Especially, check out his attention to detail: for instance, his list of enslaving commands has nearly forty bullet points!

Take a Swim by URN My Power

A short but hot piece by this talented and prolific writer. Paul’s talisman turns pool water into a mind-control potion; he can have practically any woman he wants. So what does he do? Besides the obvious, he also enslaves a beautiful but blind (and therefore doubly helpless) young lady into becoming the head of his new harem.

Talent by MHaHStADT (Don’t ask.)

At 36 chapters, this qualifies as an epic; no doubt about that. But don’t let its length intimidate you—not that you would, anyway. ;) This is one of the most erotic sagas around, and more. For one thing, it has (in my opinion) the best sex-and-food scene outside of 9-1/2 Weeks, and the best virgin deflowering scene found in print!

A brief synopsis: Man wakes up from an accident in a hospital, and discovers he has special powers, which he promptly begins to use to seduce his nurse, and then a pair of teenage schoolgirls. Unfortunately, it turns out that he has been given his abilities deliberately—and for a far more noble and sinister reason than he had expected....

Unorthodox Therapy by Rajah Dodger

It really is amazing how many classics have been overlooked. This sweet gem actually predates the formation of the EMCSA! Marci has been seeing a therapist, who unbeknownst to her, has been working with her bosses to turn her into a bisexual slut slave. She has two full-on lesbian encounters with her boss, but in my opinion, the scene with the pizza delivery boy is especially hot!

Who Expanded My Wife? by Vahktang

What would you do if, one day, your wife’s breasts started growing? Would you cheer loudly? Or use every means at your disposal to discover the reason why?

Of course, Max and Anita never expected to find the answer where it ultimately turned up. Nor did they expect to receive the special “presents” that came with their new knowledge. But isn’t that what makes living worthwhile, anyway—the joy of new experiences? :D

Africa by Archibael

This story is not that erotic—not to me, anyway. So why am I recommending it? Because it is one of the best damn pieces of literature it has ever been my privilege to read! Archibael has managed to take a simple premise—the conflict between knowledge and wisdom—and turn it into a memorable and haunting parable on the folly of ignoring what you don’t understand.

Are You Chicken? by Elod Bob

“Patient in hospital after trauma” stories are a dime a dozen; but this one’s the thirteenth. Instead of waking up with his abilities already in place, our hero struggles back to consciousness as his mind struggles to find meaning in the thoughts he’s suddenly noticing. Props to the author for this hot tale—though, again, the final posted chapter implies a continuation that’s now long overdue.

Bawdy and Soul by Downing Street

How is it that nobody else has picked this one yet? My theory: most of the readers who prefer m/d stories were scared away by the f/d tag, while most of the ones who prefer f/d stories were scared away by the author’s reputation. But for me, this is female dominance done right: a woman so caught up in her pleasures that she sweeps everyone else along for the ride—including the mischievous demon who offers her the opportunity in the first place.

The Best of Intentions by Telomere

This is the first of two stories by Telomere that I’ve added to my picks this time around. It’s a fantastic and surprisingly sweet tale set in the very near future, where a particularly perceptive (and altruistic) AI program makes use of the latest technology to bring together two women who deserve each other. A perfect balance between “awww” and “ah-ah-ahhh!” Enjoy.

Cinematic Technique by lost

A hot little number about two sisters, three devious guys, and the ultimate in ‘blue’ movies. Carol and Darcy are talked into watching a very special movie, which helps them to see the men they’re with in a different way. Not as explicit as I would’ve preferred, but very sweet and erotic nonetheless.

The Clinic by Gh

Science fiction—true alien-encounter science fiction—is tough to pull off, even in as forgiving a genre as this one. Writing a solid sci-fi piece and keeping it erotic is nearly impossible. But only nearly, as Gh proves in his very first story. Cynthia Fallow is the infertile wife of an obnoxious husband, who threatens to divorce her if she doesn’t produce an heir, stat. In desperation, she goes to a high-end fertility clinic, but things there aren’t exactly as they seem. Contains—not furry, exactly, but something similar—so if that isn’t your thing, consider yourself warned.

Cupid Boy by Topaz172

Topaz172 is best known for his works of m/m fiction—and if you’re not into that, it’s far too easy to miss out on his incredibly fertile mind and wicked sense of humor. The entire ‘Cupid Boy’ series is a perfect example. Dougy is just like you or me—except that at puberty, he morphed into that rarest of mythological creatures, a genuine cherub of love. Okay, not so much a cherub as an incredibly attractive (to both sexes) teenager—and not so much love, as pure wanton sexual lust. But you get the general idea. But wait: I haven’t even gotten to the talking yucca plant, or the evil cheerleaders, or the cum-drinking were-hypnotist. . . ! Oh, the heck with it; just go read the stories and find out for yourself. :—)

Dark Thoughts by Jeff Renolds

You know, it’s easy to write a story about someone gaining ultimate power, using it for sex, and then running into a shadow conspiracy. And it’s been done to good effect before. It’s a little tougher to write a story about gaining ultimate power, using it for sex, and then regretting some of the early carefree decisions that you’d made. But when you put the two concepts together, that’s when magic happens. In brief: Alex learns to do scientifically what had previously only been done through natural talent and trial-and-error. And then he ups the learning curve, by almost immediately having to deal with the fallout and consequences of his actions. The author has been taking his time about adding chapters to this, but when he does, they’re spot-on perfect. Check it out.

Darkzone by Telomere

How do you write a dark story? Start with a dark cave. Make the cave sentient. And hungry. Then feed it some spelunkers—one in particular, in an “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” kind of way. I was honestly disturbed by how erotic I found this piece. Still am.

Enchantment “Obey” by Snowmancums

And for a refreshing change of pace, there’s absolutely nothing deep and meaningful about this little number. Just a mindless romp about a guy who comes up with a chemical concoction that causes him to win over his roommate’s girlfriend—and later, another of his casual friends. Much fornication ensues.

Eroticon Virus by Lovelynice

Andy, an American exchange student living in Japan, comes up with what he thinks is the perfect plan to get into his host’s two daughters: convince them that they’re the victims of a sex virus gone awry. Unfortunately, his hoax website takes on a life of its own, somehow morphing into a genuine threat to national security when said virus somehow shows up for real. My favorite part: poor Atsuko is helplessly subjected to continuous lesbian pleasure from the students and teachers at her exclusive girl’s school, in a desperate effort to contain the virus’s contagious side-effects. Whew!

Green by Olorin247

Sex in the shower is often awkward. It can be even more so when one finds a mysterious stranger already waiting in there for her. Not to mention developing a sudden obsession with a very specific color, as well as an unusual desire to be especially reasonable and accommodating. What I like best about this one is that it takes the POV of the subject, who’s been mesmerized without her knowledge or consent; very hot.

The Hornometer by Mudak

You know what you don’t see enough of these days? One-man conspiracies that lead to a lot of gratuitous sex. And that’s exactly what we have here: George Erasmus is not just the owner of a jewelry store, he’s the creator of a special device that turns prudish and inhibited women into sexual dynamos. Of course, for such an amazing gift, eventually there’s going to have to be a price paid. . . .

How I Became My Stepbrother’s Slut by Farleven

So I was poking around in the ‘gr’ category, when I stumbled across this older gem. It’s a first-person account of a young woman’s descent into sexual subservience at the hands of her newly-empowered stepbrother. She tries to fight the feelings, but in the end she has no real choice—and soon, neither does her best girlfriend.

How Porn Broke Into Tamara Divine by bobwhite

I admit to quite a bit of bias on this one; the author was kind enough to solicit my opinions while this story was still a work in progress. However, that doesn’t change the fact that this is one smoking-hot f/f masterpiece! Good girl Tamara has both her body and her mindset gradually altered, including somehow being given the ability to seduce otherwise-unavailable women into compromising their own morals. There aren’t many things harder to pull off believably than the idea of two straight women both caught in a web of lesbian lust, but that’s exactly what happens here: over and over again.

I Bet... by Gasman

This is different. A horny young lady, instead of simply taking over her big sister and some friends, decides instead to give each one of them a specific fetish for a single part of her body. I do hope there’s a continuation; I’d love to see what happens next.

I’m Yours (Signed, Sealed, Delivered) by Smartass

This story is my ultimate sexual fantasy. To wake up one morning, only to discover that the woman I most desire has been sent to me for a full week, by forces unknown, to be my willing lover and abject slave. To together enjoy the seven most perfect days ever, once I get over the initial disbelief and my own hang-ups. And then to be a part of what happens afterward. . . . Sigh.

Joker’s Wild by Decker

So, is it spelled “psych” or “sike”? Either way, the surprise ending to this short piece turns a standard strip poker hypnosis fantasy into an interesting character study. Oh, and the sex is pretty hot, too. ;—)

Let The Programming Begin by HypnoDave

This is one of those frustrations that comes with the territory: Reading a story, getting into it, seeing the author post a “To Be Continued . . .” and then—nothing. Sigh. Even so, this is a very hot read about a couple that’s decided to add hypnotic sex play into their lives, not to mention Susan, a hot-to-trot clerk from their local video store. Now if only the author would return, at least long enough to write about the threesome he promised but has yet to deliver. . . .

The Maruseng Web by Dogstar

There aren’t nearly enough of this kind of story out there—by which I mean containing a central female character whose main goal isn’t having everyone bow down to her, but enjoying themselves instead. Janine uses a special herb to convince people to make love to each other; most of the time these people already wanted to, but something had been holding them back. It does get a bit confusing at times—for one thing, three or four of the women’s names start with the letter C—but overall, it’s just a really long romp with no horrible consequences for those involved.

Master of Puppets by Tang

Body modification is hot. Tattoos and piercings are hot. Intelligent dialog is hot. Involuntary mannequinism is hot. Lesbian threesomes are hot. A woman losing her free will and having it replaced with ultimate devotion and sexual pleasure is hot. In short, this story is hot.

Master PC: Rumor Mill by William Pratt

Here’s an interesting recipe: Take a meat-and-potatoes idea (the ‘Master PC’ series), prepare a huge batch (throw in dozens of characters), mix well (lots of overlapping commands), flip over (most of the commands are unintentional), and fry (so are the consequences). The end result is a delightful goulash of over-the-top situations, a veritable smorgasbord with plenty of heat and spice. Well done. ;—)

Mike and Amy: Married to a Hypno-Nympho by Eyeofnewt

I remember when the first chapter of this story was all there was. It was a fairly hot—but still somewhat conventional—story about a married couple who went to see (but wound up becoming part of) an adult hypnosis lounge act. What the author has done since, that has elevated it to becoming one of my recommendations, is explore the unintended new sexual dynamic created by the loving couple’s post-hypnotic suggestions.

Perfect Wishes by Billy_Ray77

Here’s a surprise: A man wishes for super powers, and then uses them (mostly) ethically and wisely. It’s told from the first person, which is my favorite reading (and writing) style, and while there’s plenty of sex, none of it is evil or coerced. One caveat is that it does take quite a bit of time for the erotic aspects of this story to kick in, but—as with W.G.’s classic masterpiece, ‘The Reward’—the long setup is worth it.

Please Smile by Kaki Bangku

The author admits that English isn’t his first language, and the paragraph structure is long beyond belief. Even so, I was enraptured with this uncomplicated tale of a family portrait photographer, who uses his mesmerizing lighting equipment to coerce a family of four into a variety of compromising poses while he records their loving acts. The surprise hook is that the narrator very much desires to join in the festivities, but has no choice but to stay on the sidelines; he just can’t risk being trapped himself by the mind-numbing lights.

Pleasure Suit by Synaptic Virus

Talk about your no-brainers (and I don’t just mean the star of the story)! The author has already earned one of my picks. The story he based this one on is here as well. How could this miss? Answer: it can’t. Penny treats herself to a cutting-edge sex toy, a full-body suit designed to provide her with the ultimate in solo sexual satisfaction while—unbeknownst to her—it reprograms her into becoming a pleasure-obsessed submissive slut. The only downside is that it ends as if the author expected to continue, but then (for whatever reason) changed his mind. I hope he sees this tribute and has a change of heart.

Read All Instructions Before Use by softi

Boy, am I overdue! I told the author, back when this story first came out, that I was going to make it one of my picks. Oh well, better late than never.—Oh, right, the story: Out of desperation, frustrated actress and neophyte witch Cheryl summons a demon and demands a boon. The demon agrees to grant her request, on one condition: that she survive a night of lustful temptation. Lustful temptation follows; oh, does it ever.

Resolve by Bad Penny

A burning-hot short piece about a young woman who craves the control she’s been placed under, even while she attempts to shrug it off. Pure stroke material, and very well written besides.

Safe At Last by Zabu

This is a rather long, and surprisingly erotic, rewrite of a story about a young nerd’s first steps toward mastery? masterness? masterhood. Mike found out that his father had a supply of mind-control drugs, and applied his own smarts to acquire some and test them out. The story focuses on his first three conquests, and while it’s more than a bit by-the-numbers, it’s still one helluva hot read.

Seeing The Light by Flibinite

It’s refreshing to see the occasional refreshingly honest story about mother and daughter love—even if the love in question is rather more intimate than would normally be expected, and happens to occur on Halloween, and is brought about by some particularly hypnotic jack-o’—lanterns. After all, the love’s what’s really important, right? ;—)

Strings by K

We’d all love to see the calculating bitch get hers, wouldn’t we? Well, that’s exactly what happens here. Tammy pisses off the wrong man, and as a reward, he turns her into his puppet—literally. What makes this story special is that the descent isn’t instantaneous; we get to hop a ride inside Tammy’s head as the transformation occurs.

Turning Her On by Ms_Myrrh

A sweet short stroke piece, about how much two women love each other—especially when one of them, who only thinks she’s been roleplaying at being a slave, turns out to have really been one.

Twisted Tales (various authors)

I would never be so crass as to promote my own stuff, and I’m not about to start now. Instead I’d much rather call your attention to several of the other tales in this collection, inspired by a contest at the Mind Control Forum: to make a story out of someone else’s randomly assigned idea. My favorites include ‘Seidh, Od, and Other Hnossir’, a saga combining Norse mythology with modern-day tourists; and ‘Gingerbread’, Hansel and Gretel with an incestuous twist.

Watching Heidi by Cafetray

I’m not normally a fan of “caught in the mistress’s web” stories, but this one sort of snuck up on me. Linda is a good aunt, trying to do the right thing. Her niece Heidi went to a party without her permission, so she tracks her down to make sure that she’s okay. Heidi is—okay, I mean—and soon, so is Aunt Linda. Yum.

Whispers by Mt Biker

One of my hot buttons is the idea of accidental or unanticipated control; I’m a fan of serendipity. This fills the bill nicely; the narrator is pleasantly surprised to discover that his special affinity for animals extends to people as well. (Despite the previous sentence, there is no—repeat, no—bestiality in this story, thank goodness.) To be honest, I could have done without the final paragraph and its unnecessary twist ending, but 99% of this story is a stroke fantasy about two hot sisters who develop an unintended fascination with tight leather clothing. And really, what’s wrong with that?

Witchcraft by Greg Altmann

I enjoy the basic conceit of female dominance—the idea of one lucky man being tended to by a woman (or women) in charge. Unfortunately, many (most?) such stories here at the EMCSA leave me a bit cold; instead of being pampered and taken care of by his mistress, the man often seems to be belittled or denied his pleasure instead. One notable exception to this “green and mean” stereotype is this little epic. Doogie breaks up with his domineering girlfriend, only to learn from some serendipitous (and sensual) new friends that his ex was far more than she’d seemed, and hadn’t been planning to take her hooks out of him quite yet.