The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Reader’s Picks: Chase The Wind


So many types of mind control fascinate me it’s hard to categorize—it’s almost easier to say what I don’t like. But I won’t. I write what I most like to see—the beautiful and bold being embarrassed and humiliated. I like to see come-uppance, though without the author degrading the story to the point where a mere triviality sets the protag off on a mind-washing rant. I prefer m/f or f/f, md. I also enjoy good quality humor and the ability for the author not to take themselves too seriously without getting cheeky.

An all-time favorite concept of mine is when a person’s being controlled, drastically changing their behavior and they have no idea that they’re doing anything different. Conversely, I also like it when they are completely congnizant of their plight, yet not able to do a damn thing to stop themselves from doing what they have most definitely do not want to do. And I just relish the embarrassment caused by the aforementioned actions.

Chemistry of A Good Idea

I never get tired of this first segment. The later chapters aren’t quite as good as the first, but Pause88 sparked on a titillating segment whereby the protag is somewhere between realizing that she’s being taken advantage of and enjoying every minute of it. Almost reminds me of the all-time classic by Chris A—“Freewill 504”. Every suggestion is a good idea.

The Property of Raging Pythons

I LOVE this story. I can’t count the number of times I’ve read it. Great pacing and many wonderful scenes of embarrassment for our haughty lawyer protag. She takes an unusual method of mind control (subliminal messages in a video tape) and then enjoy Lara as she becomes a maid and unwilling sex-groupie for an amateur rock band. Lara (the author) has a real nack for drawing sweet humiliation out of a story. Doubly blessed as the stories are lengthy but there are many scenes to enjoy. Definitely left me wanting more. And, of course, if you do want more, check out Lara’s other stories. Mental Captivity is another good one.


Bornblitz can put a good turn on a word. However, this one stands out from his other works because when I’m not reading/writing erotic MC stuff, I write/read fantasy. This piece is a delight as it blends the two—fantasy and MC. He also has a semi-romantic ending and this is a good example of when an author uses romanticism well.

Harry Boobday

What a timeless classic. Another one that I’ve read multiple times and enjoyed it every time. Extremely well written story that could be posted anywhere and be appreciated. A great example of a story where the author just sounds like they’re having a blast writing it. Giving the neighbor lady Turrets Syndrome is priceless. I wish I could list more of Downing Street’s stories and I probably will in the future. He’s such a good writer.

Poor Twisted Me J. Darksong usually tends towards the romantic, but in this take on an EyeofSerpent tale, he certainly knows how to embarrass a psychiatrist. Delicious, direct, to the point MC. Has the added twist of not wasting the reader’s time in long inductions and is given from the point of view of the victim. Nice little ‘twist’ at the end of the story as well.

Dating Service

Jafar is an excellent writer, and though he doesn’t put ‘humiliation’ in his descriptions, many of his stories are wrought with it. This particular selection promises some incest, which thankfully, hasn’t come into play yet (as of the 8th chapter). I’m not a fan of incest by any stretch. This entire series is delicious in it’s squeezing out embarrassing situations for this obviously intelligent woman.

Tales from the Institute.

An oldie but a goodie. I’m quite surprised these takes on “The Book” have never garnered a reader’s pick before since they’re inventive, short, one shot hits and very well written. Not to mention “The Book” is arguably the single most influential MC piece ever written. A must-read by any-MC fan. My particular favorite is the fourth installment. It’s an incredibly unique take on MC—the telepath is essentially controlled by anyone she mentally overhears. Exquisite.


Well written, smooth, fast paced. Not a lot of time wasted on setup, yet the story hammers home it’s point. My only wish is that at the end, you could see what happened to the couple. I also include this one since it was a direct inspiration for my very first story, “Hypnotizing Megan”. I tried to elaborate on the humorous stage hypnotist concept that Robotdoll did in this story.

Three Girls and a Cabin

I mention this story for several reasons. One, it’s the very thing I wish I could do, but seem to be unable to—make a very, very effective yet short story. Two, it’s very hot and goes into a type of MC that I love—one where the person has no idea what they’re about to do and where they’re struggling to find out what it is they’ve been programmed to do. Three, I like to highlight a story like this, since it was written almost six years ago and it’d be easy to overlook this little gem. My only complaint about the story is I wish it were longer—and that’s a complaint that every writer loves to hear. I wish Hypnogoat, whereever he or she is, would write some more.

MasterPC: Gaps in Time

Since I’ve included some oldie but goodies, I thought I’d also include a total newcomer (writing wise, anyway) to our scene. Abe Froman totally nails MC humiliation about as much as humanly possible in this series. Actually, there’s a point where you really start to squirm on just how humiliated our protag is getting. And just when you feel she can’t take anymore, he springs a little surprise on you. Well, mutliple surprises. Abe’s very creative in his humilation and he doesn’t go towards the gross, though there’s a touch of the sadistic. Just enough to keep a reader on their toes.

I Can’t Stop Myself By Julien Sorel

I wanted to add this story initially, but I tried to focus my initial picks on some of those who’d never been picked before, and Julien has. This piece just hits all my buttons and it does it extremely fast. It’s arguably one of the shortest stories on the archive, and I come back to it again and again when I need a quick hit. The grammar’s not the best, but you’d be hard pressed to find a story that gets HOT so fast.

Pulling Strings by Jay Petto.

I missed this story somehow when it first came out. I’ve told Jay I hope he continues the scene with just a bit more humiliation. I won’t spoil the surprise for you, but it’s actually an extremely well-written piece. He can turn a phrase when he wants to. A delightful read.

An Uncontrollable Incident by Likes ‘Em Sloppy

This is a non-consenual piece, as are most the picks I have. This one just works for me. The embarrassment evident in some of the characters is great. The different take on the fact that protagonist is neither a victim or the mind controller is both inventive, and not often seen.

Ever Hear The One About The Blonde ... by MichelleLovesTo

Another interesting story where the protag is not the controller. A turn around on a revenge piece. Delightful revenge and the story moves along at a good clip. Note, the fun parts (to me) really begin in Chapter 2.