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The Property of Raging Pythons

by Lara V Cataluna

Added 14 August 1999

Reader’s Pick: Chase The Wind and Handcuffgirl

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Lara is completelly annoyed with her obnoxious neighbors who consist of aspiring bandmembers with a taste for playing their loud music well into the night. One night, after watching a video rental she wasn’t supposed to watch, she finds herself compelled to obey orders from her hated neighbors—and they make sure Lara works real hard at her apologies for being such a bitch to them. Will her real heartthrob, her handsome yet authoritive boss, manage to save her from the “Raging Pythons?”

Chapter Length Added
Part 1 5959 words 14 Aug 1999
Part 2 4412 words 14 Aug 1999