The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Reader’s Picks: Handcuffgirl


I love humiliation and bondage. As well as clothing fetish stories I like it when the girl unwittingly participates in her demise. Lots of description is a must.

Business Reversal

Caitlin’s humiliation is exquisite. Mr. Street portrays her wonderfully. She knows what is happening, but can’t do anything about it, and is forced to watch herself slide into bimboism.

Dripping Oil

An old favorite, the girl just can’t understand why she does what Tom says. Cowgirl really humiliates her in the driveway.

Lovebright Academy

Sex and descriptive fetishes in a high school, you can’t go wrong.

Oral Exam

Tammy just doesn’t seem to care that she is becoming a bimbo, she just goes with the flow.

Race Queen

WOW! High powered lawyer to Japanese slave girl, with lots of descriptive clothing.

Remodeling Faith

Faith just can’t seem to understand why she keeps dressing so slutty, wonderful job Imagineer

Simon Says

Another old favorite. Lots of slutty clothes, and a step-mom that is happy to obey!

Summer Holidays

Downing Street is a genius, could life really be like this for someone with mind control powers? One could only hope.

The Arts

Plenty of humiliating moments in this story. Marlissa really knows how to put a girl in her place.

The Property of the Raging Pythons

I love Lara on her shopping trip. One of my all time favorite scenes.

Acid of the Mind

Yum-yum, Dr. Sondgaard just keeps asking Damien to prove is powers . . .

Beauty and the Boots

Magic boots make a salesgirl into a slut, boots fetish galore.

Bimbo Eyes

Downing Street has done it agian, Carol makes a wonderful slut. Her fetish dress code is so much fun to read about.

Carlotta’s Colourful Christmas

Lawyers make great sluts, Mr. Street seems to understand that. ;)

Child Psychology

Dahlia is a graduate student that just doesn’t understand how why all the girls are turning into sluts. Fetish heaven.

Conversation Pieces

A uninigue format, one person talking, Downing Street makes it work great.

Cromwell’s Court Case

Mr. Cromwell seems to be having problems, but then all the women in his life turn into bimbo-sluts, yummy.

Happy to Oblige

Just as the title says, Debbie is happy to do oblige her young student, and Johnny wastes no time turning her into a proper slutty teacher.

Harry Boobday

Cecilia boobs just seem to grow and grow, and she just doesn’t seem to mind at all.

Heather Hurts Her Hand

Head librarian get to become a bimbo slut, love the bracelets Downing Street.

Investigative Journalism

Ammiee has great results from Dr. Melrose, no inibitions and a great fashion sense.

Movie Mania

I wish this movie would play in my hometown, we need more bimbos

Patient 614

Everyman needs nurses like this. A nurse fetishes dream.

Sleep Time

Fetish in the office, need I say more.

Split Ends

Suzanne has so much fun on here bimbo shopping trip, she gets a Porche and a good fucking!

The Conditioners

You’ll need plenty of time and batteries to read this long tale of Male vs. Female domination.

The Practice

Let the women come to you to be turned into sluts, great idea Marlissa

Big League Changes

Nicole goes to Japan to be a baseball player, and winds up an OTTII bimbo. She’s much happier servicing the team than being on it. Wonderful job James J. Craft

Bimbos and Bellies

Wow! Two domme lesbian witches try to get each other pregnant. Great job Chrystal Wynd!

Bimbos and Cuffs

Chrystal Wynd does it again! What could go wrong when one sexy girl lets another one handcuff her to a bed?

Bimbos and Cuffs: Full Circle

The curse is almost over, and our heroine is out for some revenge! Another gem by Chrystal Wynd.

Blonde Concepts

Samantha goes on a company tour and gets a full bimbo makeover. Yet another sexy story by Chrystal Wynd.

The Collar—A sinister story by Sinsub.

Shannon programs a collar to completely enslave her. Will her husband carry out the plan though?

Courtney’s Ebony Goddess

A pop princess decides to become her general manager’s slave. When she tries to end the game though, she finds out she can’t.

The Hotter Than Hell Anthology: chapter 5 / New Girl

Wow! Downing Street is AMAZING! Jolene notices that all the women in the office are starting to act submissive towards all the men. Is the new girl somehow responsible? Will Jolene fall into the trap with all the other submissive sexpots?

The Hotter Than Hell Anthology: chapter 9 / There are no Bad Girls

Lucille wonders how the ‘Reform’ Prison manages to rehabilitate sexy female offenders so thoroughly. Soon she’ll get an ‘inside’ look at the process.

In the Clutches of Baroness Blackleather

A-MA-ZING! Comic book heroines at their best. Crime fighters by day, lesbian BDSM porn actresses by night? One of the best stories on the site. The author does a great job writing the dialogue and scene breaks just like a comic book or the old batman tv series. Thank you Marcus!

Iris and the Virus

I think I’ve listed every story by Downing Street, but if I missed any, they’regreat too! In this particular one a sort of ‘bimbo’ virus is spread around a high school, catching a sexy teacher in the middle!

The Journal of Juliet Samson

Great story by Rilawid. Juliet keeps a journal of her employment, where she does lots of research on BDSM gear, and has intense fantasies about her boss. The strange requirements he has for her, like only masturbating with his permission, only add to the fantasies.

Pink Elephants

Downing Street again! Roy claims he can control women’s minds. Clara doesn’t believe him, but can’t explain her obsession with yellow boots. Will she resist the temptation, or give in to her desires?

Policy Changes

A super sexy story told as a series of emails. Beautiful Brit Abigal Harding’s South Asian company is bought out by the OTTII corporation. Soon Abigal accepts a series of new positions and surgeries to help her serve OTTII. Another great story by James J. Craft.


The more Melody listen’s to her phone’s strange ringtones, the sexier she wants to look! Yet another fantastic story by Downing Street!