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I’m pretty well-rounded in what I like, and enjoy a wide variety of mind control possibilities. The main thing I look for in a story is that it captures my imagination and takes it to a place where I forget that I am reading. Sexual orientation, even though mine is “exclusively female”, doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with making a story erotic for me. The ability of an author to erotically engage me, whether an overtly sexual story or not, is what I am interested in, and have been for the entire time I’ve read the EMCSA. I want to be enrolled into the story. This list certainly doesn’t mention every story I like, but it gives a good cross-section, and tells of authors that are worth looking into.

Last note: I know that there are some authors here who have several stories listed. I’m not advertising for them per se... I just see different things in each of the stories listed that touch somewhere another story by the same author may not. Besides, if you think their stories smell like the socks your brother wore for two weeks, then you have several listings to help warn you!

“The world is at peace... we’re just too busy fighting about it to notice.”



Hollow Life, by cat_slave

Stark and seductive, wonderfully erotic and mind-shaping, this story is huge in scope both emotionally and transformationally. It’s the first part of a three-part arc (the “Hollow” arc, of course) in the ‘Ancients’ series by Eye of Serpent, of which Cat is a frequent contributor. Just wonderful, lush, sizzling stuff.

No less grandiose is “The Ponygirl Express.”

Don’t let the length fool you... Cat manages to create MC Concentrate, boiling her story down into fetish induced blasting heat. She puts in just enough detail to make a wonderful character, Hannah, and a wonderful corruption, via... well, that would be telling! Read. Enjoy. That’s an order.

Presents, by Alphax

This story has become a classic, and it’s one I tell people to read if they’ve never read erotic mind control. Alphax did an incredibly wonderful job of being both sexually raw and emotionally gripping. It’s almost as if you can feel the ache along with Diana as she goes from fear to enthusiastic acceptance. Fabulous story.

Tapestry: Worn Edges, by EyeofSerpent

Eye of Serpent is one of the most prolific authors on the EMSCA. For me, this story stands out... it shows an amazing ability to interweave events with emotions and complex inner conflicts and motivations. Celestial Fu is evil, and yet has a sweetness, almost a child-like glee as she performs her perverse shaping of Corelle’s mind. Corelle D’Amber is strong, but there is nothing like seeing an invincible person finally gasp and succumb. Eye has a sense of the epic, and although this story is the beginning of a set of three, it can stand alone as one of the most moisture producing stories I have ever read.

Other faves by Eye include “Shockingly Black” and “Unfinished Works in a Forever Afternoon.”

SB was the final jumping off point into my own writing... it was this story that helped me turn the corner from wanting to write, to writing erotic fiction. The second and third parts go way out on a limb, as Claudine and her niece inevitably allow their hidden perversities to rule them, and infect others. So deliciously sexy! I dare you to read this and not get turned on. “Unfinished Works” is, quite simply, inspired. It is, in my opinion, quite beyond any other story on the archive. Quite honestly, it isn’t for everyone. It is both tender and savage, both brutal and forgiving, and incredibly revealing, I think, about both the characters and the author. I could be wrong, but it’s a nice thought. It takes place mostly in the mind of an elderly woman, although not obvious. I can’t say much more except that it reminds me of the final line from “A River Runs Through It.” This is a hauntingly beautiful story.

Wicked Wanda, by Caesar

Caesar overcomes several spelling and grammaticalmistakes to weave a tale of sin and corruption as Wanda grows in magical power and begins to corrupt her family. The gradual, almost casual shift from innocent to perverse is enough to make me do something over and over... and I mean more than read! He paints a picture of a very normal home, a realistic home, turned upside down... and it makes the incredibly evocative ending “a consummation devoutly to be wished.”

Snared, by MindBender

MindBender was, for a long time, the writer who kept me coming back for more, and showed me the possibility of consistently well-done erotic prose. In that way, he was the first to inspire me to consider writing my own erotic stories. In this story, his victim is “ensnared” by a seemingly typical waitress at an all-night diner, and made into her slave. The growing confusion he feels and his inability to fight his new compulsions are wicked and delightful, and the twist at the end is a nice touch to a very hot story. Other favorites of his are “The Pyramid” and “The Femily,” which, sadly has never been finished.

Quicksilver, by Chris Chris

Chris Chris had me from the opening in this one. It has to be, hands down, the most heat-producing opening scene I’ve ever read. I wanted to be the girl in the bed! As the story progresses, it slows and then builds for an incredibly obsessed and twisted ending, and although I’m not usually a huge fan of “alien invaders” stories, this one overcomes my objections and sends me through the roof in ecstasy.

Buffy, the Vampire Slayer: Spike’s Revenge, by Why Now

I’m not a lover of fan-fic, generally, but this story is ingenious and sexy. It is wonderful to see what a fine line there is between holy and evil. The description of Buffy’s “awakening” is pure eroticism, and I couldn’t help but get involved with the story. Perhaps followers of the show have a different take... I don’t watch the show, but I loved watching evil win... one of my favorite fetishes.

The Spell, by Unknown-18

This is the story of a magician who seduces a young man after a chance meeting at a party. It’s m/m, but I don’t care. The magical tools and spells have incredible phallic symbolism, and the way that Unknown-18 (the author) brings these two together, with the boy not even aware of the reasons for his actions, nearly makes me want to get a sex change so I can join in.

Dark Forest, by trilby else

tribly else is a storyteller of textures. In this case, dominance and submission are his brushes, a fetish shop is his palette, and the characters his amazingly beautiful canvas. Madame, the mind controller, has motives we cannot fathom, but it doesn’t matter. From the way the story is written, we can see her influence being spread through the fabric of society, corrupting with the darkness of the minds of her patrons. Everyone is secretly involved in their own fantasies and the fantasies of Madame... and in the end it doesn’t matter which. This is a definite must-read for those who enjoy a dark setting with even darker implications.

For a longer trip through trilby’s vision, check out “Escapee.” And to see what he means by “pathic vs. romantic”, read “Depth”. Again, his lush brushstrokes paint the characters into dark corners of forbidden fruit and delicious agony, while making it sexy, all at once.

Sabrina and Tabitha, the Teenage Witches, by JRParz

JRParz has a particular take on things, which he will readily admit. For me, this story is among his best. The seductions are playful, hot, and irresistable, and the twists and turns of this story of love, sex and good and evil (and who knows which is which) are incredibly arousing (which I’m sure he would be pleased to hear). Sabrina is kind and innocent... Tabitha, her double, is evil and horny. When they meet, it is like mixing up a batch of TNT... and just as breathtaking to watch as they explode together. And her aunts get treated well too... a happy ending, and it’s just as sexy as the rest of the story. And for dessert, treat yourself to “Daughter of Desire”, which is a delicious and sexy romp of secrets and lovely betrayal.

Daughter Knows Best, by Mark Anthony

Another alien takeover story, but it looks at the human side. I love the conversions and the playful/tender feelings. I don’t often presume to want a sequel, but I would love to see one here. Laura is portrayed well as a changed woman who keeps some of her human sensitivities, and the inner conflict of her mother in this story is heart-wrenching and panty-drenching... just go on and read it. Very well rounded, from humorous, to touching, to horrific, to erotic.

Shocking Pink, by blankpage

Take “Shockingly Black,” give it a heart and cover it with velvet, and you have the story blankpage has written. Incestuous, and filled with the horror and irresistibility of all the Shocking stories, but it also has a level of grief, love, and a sweetness that neither EyeofSerpent’s or my own foray into this Universe contain. And let’s face it... watching someone get corrupted and hating and loving it is pretty heat inducing. Another wonderful tale by blankpage is “All Hallows Eve.” Is blankpage a romantic? Are politicians corrupt? This author is the best at svelte, sweltering, heart-toasting romance, and this is a wonderful example. Go read and decide for yourself. Well, not about the politicians.

The Kind Men Like, by Daphne

This one I particularly like because of the immediacy of the control, and the questions it raises, like aging, or how someone could ever get out of the jam she is in as this story comes to a very hot climax. The cynical character is one that I can love while loving her downfall as well.

Nicknames, by Cactus Juggler

Perversity runs rampant in this story, and I just can’t resist its pull on my libido. I usually don’t go for degradation, but the personality transformations are so adept in this story, that while the victim is in “nickname” mode, she isn’t really a victim at all. Not for the squeamish, but definitely worth a look if you don’t mind a little fantasy nastiness. If you like well-described obsession, this is for you.

Behind the Scenes, by Voyer

This one has nearly no sex, in the typical sense. What got to me were the descriptions. I was dizzy and captivated be the sights and sound of the virtual world that Voyer created. There is more excitement in the implication the Voyer presents here than there is in a lot of straight-up sex stories. I love the way this woman just automatically responds. Despite some perception flaws, it works for me, and if you haven’t figured out what that means yet, go talk to JRParz.

Arundsen’s Device, by Tabico

Never mind that I always mispronounce the last names of her male characters... this is an author whose mind is enviably inventive, with just the right amount of twistage to make every subject she takes on sing with arousal. I can barely stop my jealousy of her skill long enough to add this story! Then add “New Tunez”, “Cross My Heart,” (two related stories), “Balphagor” and “Mind Worms: Facility” to the list, and you can begin to see the scope of Tabico’s incredibly hot work.

Beauty and the Boots, by Downing Street

Don’t ask me why I like this story so much. I’ll try to explain, but I’m not sure that I can. It’s just such a darned happy story. The abandon and joy with which Ruby goes after and dominates everyone is wonderfully infectious, and Downing Street manages to keep me involved in a story that I would be less than enthusiastic about were it told with less skill. Fun stuff, and just plain giddy.

Delerium, by Aerosol Kid

Being a musician, and having attended several academies and camps when I was younger, this piece really hits home for me. AK manages to takes into the other-worldly-yet-absolutely-real sense of conservatory life. I just wish Interlochen or Tanglewood had been like this!

Researching the Role, by Colleen Whyte

This is the kind of mind control that I both love and is extremely hard to do well, but Colleen Whyte does it very well. Imagine a book that changes your whole outlook on sex and life and love... and then imagine not knowing that it’s done so. Very sexy. Very nice.

Three Short Pieces, by Boris Ludmenkov

Boris, one of the more outspoken writers of EMC (when he does speak) gives us a nice treat: Three short stories of MC and domination. I won’t say much more, but this is EMC writing as well as I’ve seen it done.

Birth of Obedience, by Iago

This story is near and dear to my heart, but it was the inspiration of where my own Goddess Julia series has gone. Although it may seem biased, since we’re now soert of “Parallel Collaborators” in this universe, this story was inspirational to me at a time when I needed it most, and I still go back and read it in when I want a lascivious, erotic jolt. If you get through the first part with your hands still unoccupied, well, you’re simply missing out!

Spellbound, by Thrall

I suppose it’s in bad taste to call a story titled “Spellbound” charming, but it fits. Laura and Tom indulge in the dubous quest of “fairy-filming”. Much to their surprise, they find not only a fairy dance, but a dance presided by the Queen of Fairies herself. I am a lover of resistance to mind control before succumbing to it, but this is done so well that it doesn’t matter.

It is a tale of a sort of mythic evil where there is no loser except the mortal who loves the “victim”, like the real fairytale, “The Ice Queen”, which is gives it a sense of allegory seldom found in stories on the archive. And it’s not overdone. The horror is draped in a kind of innocent sweetness, so there’s no sense of the author jumping up and down pointing at the story to make sure you see how well it’s done.

No surprises, but absolutely wonderful to watch unfold. This is the first submission to the EMCSA by an author from whom I hope to see much more.

Fulfilled, by Lisalynn_me

I love the innocence of the two girls who are seduced in this story, and the fact that they are not handled identically. I think what drew me in was the remembered logic during college (“THIS stranger isn’t dangerous to accept a ride from...") when Necessity is the Mother of Bad Judgement.

In this case, though, it’s erotic and wonderful, and has a nice element of almost mechanized serial recruitment that I happen to like VERY much. This author is very much worth reading, and it was difficult to choose between this and other words she’s written. I’m really looking forward to what comes from her keyboard/pen in the future!

Succubus—by Alei

This is a classic MC tale, but told with startling freshness. The Succubus herself is an interesting mix of eros and cruelty, but watching the corruption of the delightfully snotty and self-serving Chelsea—the gasping at revelations, and the horror that comes with them along with irresistible pleasure... this is quite a hot ride. Scary and arousing.

A Tenpack of Trixies—by Thrall

Starting slowly, this tale shows everyone at their worst. People using people using people loving people using people... it has the sadness of a trilby else tale but it also has one of the hottest conversions on the archive. The siren song that is played to the cast is nearly tangible, and the outcome deliciously evil and hot. Another mix of revulsion, kink and arousal. Worth reading every word. This story is destined to be a classic.

Loveknot—by trilby else

I try not to include stories by authors I’ve already recommended. I really do... but trilby has outdone himself this time. His seduction of a reporter investigating the possible mind control of a defense lawyer is like that downhill slide into bliss. It is painful and yet joyful at the same time, full of the shifting loyalties and betrayals for which trilby has shown an incredible knack, but does it in a way that makes me wish I could find this particular MCer. But what he accomplishes in his brainwashing section is spectacular. It uses a method I’ve wanted to explore with such incredible power that I could only sit and shiver as I watched the words go by. Do not miss this story. If you aren’t aroused by the story, you should be aroused by the writing. Way, way beyond good.

Pain and Pleasure by Kaereni

When I first looked at this story, I almost stopped reading because of a character called “Dark Barbie.” What a mistake that would have been. Karen and Susan, Mistress and pet, are taken into the fantasy world in which one of Kaereni’s characters has control. What makes this story sing beyond the basic struggle against the “evil” Barbie while feeling untold pleasures, is the love the two women share, and the protection and pain and sacrificial giving that shows how it really can be for a Mistress. It’s told in a way that makes it all the more believable, in a casual style that gets under your skin and stays there. It’s both scary and beautiful, and my only regret is that there is not more of the story to see. Yet.

Alone With Myselves by mike z

I’m not usually a huge fan of ethereal dream stories, but this one is a real treasure. It’s mind-trippy without getting lost in the fluff, and it feels as if every vision, every moment has purpose, and it generally turns out to be so. The villainess in the story is darkly ambiguous as well—and it becomes a matter of wondering who the villain is... is it the mysterious Chimaera, or is her villainy a clever bit of propaganda imposed by a future government? In the end, as in all MC stories I love, it doesn’t matter... those she owns are Hers. This story and author are well worth the time to explore.