The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Title: The Rise of the Veritas

Part 5

Earth Date: 15th July 2239

Log: Agent Amanda Forrester

Location: Planet Verius VI

This dispatch is late because Earth Return has tightened security around the city. Earth Return knows that someone transmitted an unauthorized signal to Federation space and the security wing did a search of the quarters of all the women in the city.

As usual, rumors swirl in the city about a possible female spy and how the Mind-Runners were involved in the discovery of the signal. As I sent the dispatch via a secret military frequency, I wonder if there might be something in the rumor of Mind-Runners’ involvement.

In theory, it is possible that the Mind-Runners’ powers run via some natural ability to tap into electromagnetic spectrum and the ability to notice changes in the spectrum. Of course, this theory only holds up if telepathy and empathy are also part of this spectrum.

However throughout human history, we have been monitoring brainwaves so could it not be possible that emotional waves are similar to brainwaves, only that we humans have not discovered them yet? Could it be possible that the Mind-Runner has a natural ability to tap into this spectrum? Of course all this is speculation without a Mind-Runner to run test on.

The search by Earth Return was done with a light-hand. To our knowledge, Earth Return does not possess high-level communication scanners and I get the feeling that the security personal don’t really know what they were looking for. That’s why I believe there’s some truth on the rumors of Mind-Runner involvement.

Outside the search, the biggest news in Restart was the return of one of the “findings group”. It seems that Isiah Tashime had commissioned a group of researchers to join certain herds of Mind-Runners on their wanderings a few years ago and one of the group has now return to Restart with their findings.

The findings have been released to the general public and it makes for so reading. I have attached a copy of the findings to this dispatch but here is a rundown of information.

“The herds of Mind-Runners are nomads who run a circuit around the continent, stopping at various camps along the way for rest. The various herds all consider themselves to be one big family so when they leave a location, they always make sure everything is prepared for the next herd that will move in to replace them.

These ‘resting spots’ as they are called are not fixed. If the Mind-Runners feel that a spot has been hurt too badly by their continued stay, they will leave the resting spot for a few years and replace it with a new spot. The herds keep in contact via their telepathy and inform each other of their decision this way. Distance between the herds is not a problem via this form of communication as mind-pictures are received almost instantly. It is as if the Mind-Runners are of one hive mind because if one Mind-Runner sends a mind-picture, the other Mind-Runner will receive it immediately no matter how far away he is.”

This could be a scientific breakthrough. If the researchers are correct, we may have stumbled upon a new, better way of communication. Even as I send the signal now, the Federation will only receive this dispatch in 2 weeks. However if distance is truly of no concern for telepathy, it could change the whole way humankind tackle the dangers of space. If these claims are correct, then the Mind-Runners’ communications is much better than humans as it is faster and there’s no danger of equipment breakdown.

With the return of one of the “findings group” however comes a problem. I have mentioned in my last dispatch about a group of humans in Restart that has taken to mimicking the Mind-Runner’s culture and beliefs. These humans have formed a group in Restart and are calling themselves the Veritas.

The Veritas have poured over the researchers’ findings on all aspects of the Mind-Runner’s culture and beliefs and had copied some of them. Men of Veritas have started to grow their hair long, at least shoulder length, while some others have even taken to walking around shirtless in public. I am very uncomfortable with these open displays of allegiance to the Mind-Runners but the people in Restart are tolerating them. Word is that some members of the council are approving, even encouraging, the Veritas.

This group is still small however and almost every member in the group is a male. I do not believe the Veritas will have much long-lasting impact in the city but the forming of the group is another disturbing sign that all is not well in Earth Return and the humans here have started to lose their human heritage.


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