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Sigil Story #4: Fertility

* * *

Author’s Note: This story contains adult content. Do not read if you are under the age of 18. Additionally, this is not an accurate representation of hypnosis or non-consensual sex at all, as it exists in a fantasy setting. Non-consensual sex/sexual acts and hypnosis of other people in real life is highly immoral and illegal, and I do not condone such acts. All characters in this story are above the age of 18. By Skaetlett © 2022, do not repost without explicit permission.

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#4: A woman gets denied IVF, and a kind(?) witch has a different way to fulfill her dreams.

* * *

Skye left the clinic, trying to hide her tears. As horrible as her situation was, she wasn’t going to let a bunch of strangers see her cry. Being told by the doctors that you can’t get IVF because your insurance won’t drop tens of thousands of dollars—well, it would upset anyone. But to Skye, who had put in so much time and effort, it was heartbreaking.

She had done everything right. She played by the rules, maybe skirted them every now and then. Her body wouldn’t allow her to conceive, and the doctors shrugged instead of offering real support. Skye deserved to be pregnant—to have a big family—just like she wanted. And the only reason she wouldn’t get that is because of her abysmal health insurance.

Skye clutched onto her sweater—her comfort item—and made her way through the city. Her head lowered, her eyes glued to the ground, she kept a radar out for a quiet place. Somewhere she could let it all out, until her roommate would grab her.

Eventually, she found a dark alley between two skyscrapers. Skye weaseled her way through the cracks. She wandered in deeper, and deeper, until the passersby couldn’t see her. Until she couldn’t see them, either.

Whatever companies resided in one of the buildings had clearly just moved in. Which meant Skye had a place to sit, on one of the banker’s boxes. Her body collapsed down, and she began to let it out. Her cries were as quiet as she could keep them. Skye resolved to take as little time sobbing in public as possible, so she could go home. And cry more there.

One minute, two minutes, five minutes passed, filled only with crying and gentle sobs. Eventually, though, she got on her feet.

“Going so soon?” A woman’s voice piped up. Skye stumbled back around and nearly collapsed again. Her eyes met her silent company. The woman who... was she sitting there this whole time? It didn’t matter... her eyes were deep hazel, with an unreadable look. Sympathy? Pity? Desire? She wore a long black dress with a translucent cloak around her. Skye didn’t immediately respond—though her breath had stopped—so the woman continued. “Care to chat to an old witch?”

“Were...” Skye shook her head. “Were you there this whole time?”

The woman hummed. “Mm,” she tilted her head, “yes. I wanted to give you space, though. I apologize for startling you.”

Skye’s face turned a deep red. “I-it’s okay,” she murmured. “I’m just having a hard day.”

The stranger stood up. Skye only then realized how much larger she was than Skye’s tiny body. “Care to chat to an old witch?”

“Well...” Skye bit her lip. Was it really okay? Who knew who this woman was, but... she still had a bit longer before her ride would get there. “Sure. I’m—I’m Skye.”

“Primrose,” the witch introduced with a small curtsy. “It’s my pleasure.”

Skye nodded awkwardly. “I just... my insurance denied IVF. So I can’t have children. I’m just hurting a bit about it. I’m sure I’ll feel better once I’m home.” Skye averted her eyes. She felt weird telling this woman about it, but maybe telling a stranger would be better than dumping on her roommates. “It’s... not really that important.”

The witch clicked her tongue. “But yes it is! That’s what you want, isn’t it? To have children, to bear a huge family.”

Skye smiled at the thought. Thinking of that fantasy at least made her feel better. Even if it was a distant dream. “Yeah,” she murmured. “It’d be nice to have that.”

“And you don’t have someone who can fulfill that wish in... other ways?”

Skye snorted. “No,” she said solemnly. “I’m infertile. And single, anyways.”

Skye wasn’t sure how Primrose would respond to that, but she didn’t expect a smile. “Well,” Primrose started, “have you tried magic to help?”

“Ah...” Skye sighed. She hoped this witch wasn’t part of some pyramid scheme. “I’m—I’m not sure I believe in that stuff.”

Primrose narrowed her eyes. Skye still couldn’t get a good read on her expression. But she could tell Primrose was eyeing her up and down. Did she see Skye as prey, or something? “Well, is it worth a try? It’s free, painless, and what do you have to lose anyways?”

“I...” Skye wanted to resist. Something didn’t feel right. But her heart—and her womb—guided her to listen to what Primrose was suggesting. “I guess... it couldn’t hurt to try...”

“Wonderful!” Primrose clasped her hands together. “Then, shall we get started?”

Skye bit her lip. “What are you going to do to me?”

Primrose didn’t immediately respond. She walked around Skye, her hands raising. Skye couldn’t turn around in time. Primrose wrapped her arms around Skye, and ran one across the top of her stomach. “I would put a... design here, let’s say. And with my magic, you’ll become more aware of your power. You’ll see your body as a vessel. And with that visualization, your body will be able to carry children. Just like you want.” Primrose whispered into Skye’s ear. Skye felt something in herself heat up—like her body accepted that idea for her.

“And... if I don’t like it, I can stop it?”

Skye could feel Primrose’s smirk on her skin. “Yes, dear. If you don’t like it...” Her hand was already crawling its way under Skye’s shirt. “I will take it off. And everything will go back to how you know it.”

‘How Skye knew it’ wasn’t that good, after all. So maybe... maybe magic was worth a shot. Skye couldn’t think as clearly with the way her stomach was traced with Primrose’s fingers. Skye gulped. “Okay,” she said. “I’ll try it.”

“Good vessel,” Primrose praised. Skye inhaled sharply, not expecting how good those two words would feel. Primrose traced more delicately, carving something into Skye’s skin. Her nails were sharp. They didn’t hurt Skye, per se, but they weren’t exactly painless.

Skye barely noticed Primrose’s other hand weaseling up Skye’s skirt. Skye gasped lightly as Primrose’s hands began sliding up and down her panties. Why was she allowing this? Was the idea of having children via magic that appealing to her? Appealing enough that she would allow herself to be violated?

“Good vessel. Good vessel. Good vessel.” Every time she repeated those words, Skye felt her pleasure build a bit more. Primrose’s fingernails reached the start of the design, and her hand lowered. “You’ll feel that kick in, soon. All you have to do is relax.”

Primrose’s hand slipped under Skye’s panties. Her other hand began groping Skye’s tits with vicious need. “Good. Vessel.”

Skye tried to steady her breathing—a herculean task. She could feel something... moving in her reproductive system. It was strange. She physically felt it working—as if a light had come on, making its efforts visible. Skye panted and huffed. The more Primrose toyed with her body, the harder and faster her system worked. She could almost hear it chanting. Chanting to be filled. Chanting to be used. Chanting to be put to use. Those feelings only became stronger as Primrose’s hands left.

Skye felt her panties pushed down. Her eyes rolled up. All she could think about was being filled. Carrying a part of someone else in her. Someone else using her body as a vessel. She could feel blood rush in her womb. “What...” Skye asked weakly. “What did you do?”

“That’s the effects of the sigil, vessel,” Primrose explained. “See? You can feel it. You can feel your system working, wanting to be pregnant. Your body is fertile. And these fertile hips, your fertile system, it deserves to have its efforts acknowledged. Don’t you agree?”

Skye wanted to disagree. She couldn’t. Attempting to think of disagreeing made her unaware of Primrose pushing her panties down. Her cunt was dripping. Her body felt ready in a way it hadn’t before.

Skye’s brain was too fogged up with fertile, desperate thoughts—so much that she couldn’t fight back when Primrose pushed her weak body down against the boxes. Primrose towered over her, lifting up her dress. There at the ready, was some kind of pseudo-dick. It was transparent, but looked realistic other than that. And the cum dripping from it sure looked real enough.

The vessel panted heavily as she eyed it. She couldn’t resist. The thought of being pregnant coaxed her on. “I suppose you don’t have objections to bearing my children then?”

“I... I...” Skye couldn’t respond. Her heart beat at the speed of light. Her brain couldn’t form a coherent sentence.

Primrose was fine with that. “I’ll take that as a yes.” Skye couldn’t struggle as Primrose put Skye into a breeding press. Primrose’s magi-dick began to slide effortlessly into Skye’s cunt. “You see? This is better than IVF. You want to know why?”

“W...why?” Skye asked weakly. She could barely think with the way her body moved internally.

“Because this speeds up pregnancy,” Primrose explained. She began to thrust in and out, going deeper with each thrust. “It’ll only take a couple weeks before you conceive. And even better, it increases fertility.”

Primrose pushed all the way in, expanding Skye’s system to make room for her. “So you can expect to have triplets, at least, every single time.”

Skye tried to form the words. She was overwhelmed. Her body was overwhelmed. Her system spoke for her with the way she thrust back needily, trying to get Primrose to pump cum in her. To pump babies in her. “That’s...” she whispered. “Too... much...”

“Oh, don’t worry,” Primrose licked her lips. “You’ll have plenty of help. Most of your job will be bearing my children, over and over, for the rest of your life.” Primrose chuckled dimly. “We can stop once we’re at... 50, 55 maybe. At least, we can pause then.”

“P-please,” Skye whimpered. She wanted a big family, yes, but not that big. She had a feeling that wasn’t her choice, though. Her hand trailed to where the symbol was placed, pulling at the skin, trying to peel it off her.

Primrose pumped faster, stronger, even deeper every time. “Don’t bother,” she snapped. “You won’t be able to get that off no matter how hard you try. You’re my vessel, forever. Why aren’t you happy?”

Skye shook her head.

“Smile for me,” Primrose ordered. For some reason, Skye followed that command. Her lips curled into a frightful, weak smile. “Wider.” She smiled wider. Instinctively, Skye spread her legs wider at the same time. “Smile for me. You want to bear children, right?”

“Yes,” Skye whimpered.

“So you want to bear my children.”


Primrose’s thrusts grew more violent, more impatient. Primrose demanded again, “do you want to bear my children?”

Skye didn’t respond.

“Answer yes,” Primrose threatened, “or I’ll double the amount of children I stuff you with this time.”

Skye panted. “Yes.”

Primrose smiled. “Good vessel.”

And then she pushed all the way in. On cue, she pumped an enormous load into Skye’s pussy. Skye’s system responded, forcing her into climax herself, to make way for Primrose’s magi-sperm. Primrose kept thrusting, pushing more and more loads into Skye’s cunt.

Skye could feel her system even stronger. She could feel cum reach her eggs, multiple times. She could count the time Primrose impregnated her. Once. Twice. Thrice. Four times, Primrose’s cum reached her eggs.

She was now bearing quadruplets.

It was what she wanted. In a twisted way. Soon, Skye began to believe this was what she wanted. To bear children, over and over again, for a cruel witch.

“Good vessel,” Primrose purred, feeling her womb. “You’ll be a fantastic parent.”

Primrose kissed Skye. Skye’s lips hung open, allowing for Primrose to ravage her face too. “Reach your hands to your neck, dear.”

Skye obeyed. Primrose spoke firmly, “create.”

A collar appeared from Skye’s hands, in a similar way to Primrose’s magi-dick. Skye tried to process what was going on, but Primrose answered her questions. “Good news for you, vessel,” she said, “now you can use magic, too.”

Primrose scooped Skye up with her hands, holding her impregnated body still. Skye’s head spun. All she could feel was the four pregnancies stuffed in her.

“But only with my permission.” Primrose kissed her again.

“Let’s go back,” she said, “where you can carry my children safely.”

And then they disappeared, reappearing in her lair. Where Skye proceeded to fill out her new role, over, and over, and over again.

Skye couldn’t have been happier.

* * *