The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Three Crates

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright © 2018

Chapter 5 — Miracle Maiden Checkup

I walked in to the room where Miracle Maiden was still being assaulted by the mechanical dildo and could smell the sex as soon as I had opened the door. She was clearly part way to another orgasm, which appeared to be the latest in a string of over 50 since I had started the machine running almost 24 hours ago.

I watched for a few minutes as her breathing increased, her chest heaved and then her whole body shook once more.

I walked over to the side of the framework and took hold of one end of the lasso as I paused the machine, “So Miracle Maiden, how are you holding up?”

Her head flopped to the side and her eyes were half glazed over as she answered, “I... I... I’m ok.” she managed to get out and I knew it was the truth as the lasso compelled it.

“Tell me, are you enjoying yourself?”

She scrunched her forehead as she tried not to answer, “Please... I... I... I... yes....” she finally admitted and I could see the shame in her face.

“Are you ready to admit your true nature and submit to me?”

I watched the fire of hatred burn in her eyes as she responded, “I... n... n... nev... no!” she managed to get out before slumping back in to the framework at the effort.

“Well, I knew you’d be a challenge, maybe tomorrow...” I said as I let the lasso drop from my hand and I turned the machine back on.

“Please! No! By Hera no more!” she cried out as I left the room.

* * *

Miracle Maiden had lost count of the orgasms, but there was definitely something stirring deep inside of her. The first few had been much like any orgasm she had had in the past, pleasurable sure, but not anything else. Then, at some point in that first day, it had changed.

It wasn’t like all of a sudden her orgasms were a thousand times better or anything, but bit by bit, each one seemed to rock her closer and closer to her core.

By the time The Organizer had come in to check on her, she had known he had been right, that the god’s had used the Nymph to base the Amazons on.

She still refused to believe that it would break her though and she fought it with each breath she took. But he had held the lasso, compelling her to tell the truth, she had found it impossible to say the one word she most wanted to, never.

It had shook her to her core when she realized that after just one day of the machine’s dastardly work, never had become not yet.

Now after yet another day, she knew deep down that it was only a matter of time. Oh her Amazonian strength would let her hold out for a week or more, at some point she would succumb to her Nymph origins.

The tingle of her lasso brought her back to the moment, The Organizer standing beside her as she panted trying to recover now that the machine had been stopped.

“So Miracle Maiden, how are you today?”

“I... I’m tired.” she managed to get out, a truthful statement if not the most informative.

“Are you still enjoying it?”

She wanted to say no, but the lasso forced her lips to only speak the truth, “Yes... yes I am.”

“Very good. Now tell me what you enjoy about it.”

She was horrified, but the lasso forced her to speak, “I... I like the pleasure. The feeling of the orgasm as it comes over me. Letting go of the fight as it does.” she said as she blushed furiously.

“Are you ready to admit your true nature and submit to me?”

“No... no... no!” she cried out, the lasso not having to do anything to provoke her response.

“Obviously, but that’s fine. Let’s see how you’re doing after a week.”

Miracle Maiden’s eyes widened, “NO! Please! Just let me go!” she cried out as he walked from the room after restarting the machine.