The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Three Crates

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright © 2018

Chapter 6 — SolarGirl Final Phase

SolarGirl had taken to the each cycle far better than I had expected, the last cycle only taking a few hours to complete. Perhaps it was her reduced intelligence, or some of the other programming from phase 1 or 2, but either way she had completely succumbed to the brainwashing.

Looking at the readout, phase three had comprised primarily of sexual preferences and had included a set of simulators that engaged the various body parts as the cycle progressed:

[100%] I love my lips wrapped around a dick!
[100%] Giving blow jobs makes my pussy tingle!
[100%] I love to have my titties fucked!
[100%] My tits are the most important part of me!
[100%] I love having sex!
[100%] Having a cock inside of me makes me useful!
[100%] I love having anal sex!
[100%] Having a cock inside of me makes me useful!
[100%] I love having cum sprayed on to my face!
[100%] Having cum on my face makes me orgasm!
[100%] I love to have my face fucked!
[100%] Having a cock inside of me makes me useful!
[100%] I love liking pussy!
[100%] Women are sexy too!
[100%] I love having my pussy licked!
[100%] I’m just The Organizer’s silly little bimbo fuck doll!

Phase four had focused on ensure her loyalty to me:

[100%] I love The Organizer!
[100%] Giving myself to The Organizer is the purpose of my life!
[100%] I love to obey The Organizer!
[100%] Obeying The Organizer is the purpose of my life!
[100%] I love to protect The Organizer!
[100%] Protecting The Organizer is the purpose of my life!
[100%] I love to pleasure The Organizer!
[100%] Pleasuring The Organizer is the purpose of my life!
[100%] I love to be owned by The Organizer!
[100%] Being owned by The Organizer is the purpose of my life!

Now, the firth and final stage was ready to being:

[0%] I love my tities, but they’re too small!
[0%] My tities should be bigger!
[0%] I love big fake titties, they’re so sexy!
[0%] Being a fake plastic doll would be just the best!
[0%] I love to have plastic surgery!
[0%] Plastic surgery makes me a better fuck doll!
[0%] I love having my ass slapped!
[0%] Begging for my ass to be slapped makes me so wet!

I started the cycle running and knew SolarGirl would be ready before I finished lunch.

* * *

SolarGirl sat in the metal framework, the monitor having just finished telling her all of the latest things she loved and wanted and she let out a string of giggles at how happy she was.

She lifted her arm from the restraint, which had long ago been unlocked, and scratched an itch on the end of her nose just as she heard the door open.

She quickly replaced her arm in to the framework and felt her pussy moisten once more as she knew it would be The Organizer’s footsteps that she now heard coming towards her.

The footsteps stopped behind her and the monitor in front of her changed from her smiling face to the side view of the framework, where she could see The Organizer standing behind her. She watched his hand lower down and grab her ass and she let out a moan.

“Oh god that feels so totally good baby!” she let out as he squeezed a bit harder.

“Does it now? Tell me, would you complain if I gave it a good hard slap?”

“Oh my god no baby! I totally love my ass slapped!”

She watched his had raise up on the monitor and then come down on to her ass, “Oh god yes baby! Slap it again! Do it harder! Harder!” she cried out and he obliged her, landing blow after blow.

At some point her pussy was buzzing with so much pleasure she felt her whole body shake with an orgasm.

“Good girl... now get up, we have somewhere to go.”

SolarGirl jumped up from the framework and jumped up and down in a giggle fit, “Like, where are we going baby?!”

“Don’t worry about it, just nod that pretty little head of yours and agree with everything I say. And here, put these on.” he said, handing her a small pile of clothes with a pair of high heels on top of them.

giggle Like of course! I totally love agreeing with you!” she nearly squealed and quickly got dressed before he lead her from the room with the metal framework that she so loved sitting in.

* * *

SolarGirl stood in the exam room, naked, needy and horny as always, as the doctor drew marks all over her body.

“So your sure this will work?” The doctor asked The Organizer with a questioning look.

“Of course I’m sure, your scalpes will do just fine.”

“But... she’s...”

“Yes, I know, but that Rayton collar has made her skin as penetrable as anyones.”

SolarGirl wasn’t really follow what they were talking about, so she let out yet another giggle, it was best that way, it made her feel so good to do so when other were talking over her head.

“When you told me you had a special job for me to do... I mean... I never.”

“But you can do it, today?”

“Yeah, of course, no problem.”

“Alright, good. Get her done and I’ll pick her up tomorrow. After your done your surgery, just take the collar off and put it in this.” The Organizer said as he handed the doctor a black bag about the same size as the collar around her neck.

“Is that safe?”

“To take it off? Yes, she’s fully conditioned now. Once you take the collar off her powers should come back quickly enough and her healing factor will kick in. She’ll be all healed up by the time I come back tomorrow I expect.”

“Really? That’s going to be quite something to see.”

“You might be right, why don’t you record it for me.”

“Sure, I can do that.”

“Great.” The Organizer said and turned to SolarGirl, still standing naked and giggling.

“Alright SolarGirl, now do what the Doctor and Nurses say. I’ll be back tomorrow to pick you up.”

SolarGirl nodded and giggled, “Like, do I get to fuck the Doc too?” she beamed, hoping he’d say yes.

“Sure, I’ll tell you what, tomorrow, after he gives you a clean bill of health, you can give him a blow job. How does that sound?”

“Oh my god yes! I love blow jobs! giggle