The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Three Crates

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright © 2018

Chapter 7 — A Week With Miracle Maiden

I walked in to Miracle Maiden’s room and saw the machine continuing to pound away at her. Though unlike my last visit, it was far more pleasant smelling.

I’d had someone come in each day and clean up the mess, along with providing her a meal every other day, I knew her Amazonian strength could hold her through it without daily nurishment.

I moved over to the machine and shut it down, unhooking it from the metal frame that held Mirical Maiden in place and pushed it to the side. The blissed out look on Miracle Maiden face made it clear she had just had yet another orgasm from it the machine.

I wiped some spittle from her chin and she let out a moan at the physical contact.

I took hold of the lasso with one hand and gently shook her head from side to side with the other, “Miracle Maiden, are you there?”

A moan followed and then she gasped as her eyes fluttered for a moment, “You... you... please... yes I’m here...” she managed to get out as her eyes rolled back from behind her eyelids.

“How are you feeling today Miracle Maiden?”

“H... H... Horny...” she let out in a half moan.

“That’s good Miracle Maiden, that’s very good. How long have you been horny for?”

Miracle Maiden felt the lasso course through her, she had to tell the truth even as her mind started to fight against it, “Al... Always.”

The shame crashed over her, it was true, even before the machine, even before she had been captured. She had always felt it, pushed it deep down inside of herself, refuseing to acknowledge it, but now she had no choice.

“Always? Even when fighting Dr. Tormentor?”

“Yes.” her lips formed the word without resistance.

“Even before you joined the league?”


“Even before you left your island?”

“Yes, yes, yes... always!” she shuttered as the truth washed over her.

“Good, good. You see that wasn’t so bad, accepting what you are, now was it.”

She so desperately wanted to say no, but the lasso refused to let her lie, “No... it wasn’t.” she replied, her body slumping without her even realizing it had been tense.

“Now, you’ve fought it all week long, you’ve railed against it, but it’s finally won out. Tell me what you are deep down underneath that Amazonian facade.”

“I... I... I... I’m a... Nymph!” she cried out as an orgasm crashed over her.

“Oh that’s very good Miracle Maiden. Now what do Nymph’s do?” he asked.

Miracle Maiden had known many Nymph’s over the centuries, they were slutty, sex obsessed creatures that bowed before any being that paid them attention. The Nymph would always call them master and obey their every want and desire.

“They... they have sex.”


“They... they... submit to their master!” she cried out and another orgasm crested.

“Very well done, very well indeed. Tell me, now that you have admitted your true nature to me, are you ready to submit now?”

Miracle Woman dug deep down, harnessing all of her rage and hatred of the man and stuttered out, “N... n... no!”

“Well perhaps you’d like to see how your friend, SolarGirl is making out then? SolarGirl, please come in here.”

“SolarGirl... what have you done to her?” she cried out as she saw the her friend approaching the door, then as SolarGirl she stepped through it and in to the light of the room, she let out a gasp.

“SolarGirl... what has he done to you?” she let out as the twisted vision of her former friend came in to view. Her breasts, always large to begin with, were now much larger, larger than her head if Miracle Maiden had to guess. And how that sat on her chest, so high and round, they seemed more like two basketballs than breasts.

That was the most obvious change, but there were others, her face was different, her lips puffier and painted bright pink. Her normally dirty blonde hair was almost white and was longer than it normally was. And her waist, it was cinched in though she could see no obvious corset. Her hips flared out from it making her look like some kine of parody of her former self.

To top it all off, she was decked out in a tiny white outfit, that looked similar to her old costume if someone had removed 90% of the material. All of this stood on top of a towering set of heels that Miracle Maiden could only image that SolarGirl would have to use her ability to fly to remain upright.

“Hiya Miracle Maiden! Like, it’s so good to see you! giggle” SolarGirl replied and jiggled her massive rack from side to side as she did, a bright wide smile across her lips the whole time.

“SolarGirl... quick, do something... free me!” Miracle Maiden cried out.

“Like, totally sorry Miracle Maiden, but The Organizer told me not to do anything you asked.” SolarGirl said, her inflated lips forming in to a pout for just a second.

“But, like you know what he totally told me to do?” SolarGirl beamed, her smile quickly returning to her face.

“Oh dear Hera, what?”

SolarGirl just giggled and wiggled her hips as she sauntered over to Miracle Maiden, before leaning over and extending her tongue, licking at Miracle Maiden’s sopping wet pussy.

“Oh Hera, please... SolarGirl... no!” she cried out as the pleasure coursed through her and she felt yet another orgasm building.

Miracle Maiden couldn’t hold it back and soon her friends licking brought her to orgasm once more. SolarGirl bounced up and down in glee at having done so.

“Well, that was fun to watch, but alas, your not quite ready yet I see. All right, I’ll come back in a few days, maybe another week?” he said as he moved the machine to put it in to place once more.

Miracle Maiden’s face burst in to shock as what little of her rage and hatred that had survived SolarGirl’s onslaught was washed away with fear, “NO! NO! NO! Please dear Hera no! I’ll do it! I’ll do anything! Please... please... please Mas... Mas... Master I am yours, do with me as you please!”

The words flowed through her, the lasso confirming the truth of them to, not only him, but herself as well.

“Anything I please?”

“Yes anything! I’m nothing but a slutty little Nymph! Please Master, put your cock in side of me and use my body for your pleasure!”

“You will be my devoted servant, my slave, my property?”

“Yes Master, I am your servant, your slave, your property! Command me, enslave me, use me!”

Miracle Maiden heard the machine being pushed back and then felt her Masters cock push up against her needy little pussy, “Yes Master! Fuck me! Fuck my pussy with your glorious cock!” she cried out as he slide in and the first of many orgasms rocked her.