The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Time Manipulation Mind Control

by mypenname3000

Chapter 10: Slut’s Frustrated Passion

Justin Sampson

“Now you listen here, you naughty little bitch!” Coach Johnson snarled as she ripped down Sam’s panties, a look of shock crossing my girlfriend’s face. “I can eat any cunt I want in this locker room.”

I couldn’t believe this was happening. Shock rooted me in place as my girlfriend’s brown bush came into view. Sam struggled to stop the lesbian coach from eating her pussy. She cried out my name as she fought to keep Coach Johnson away from her pussy.

“Justin! Help!” Sam cried, her eyes wide behind her glasses.

Anger shot through me with a fiery heat. I wasn’t furious at Coach Johnson, but at myself. Once again, I’d given a command without thinking through the consequences. The woman believed she could lick any pussy who came into her locker room now. That included my girlfriend’s pussy. And what about the girls who came in the next class?

They wouldn’t know that they could have an orgy in here.

“Shit!” I growled as I darted forward, my hard cock flopping before me.

“Stop this right now!” Sam hissed, both her hands pressed on the coach’s forehead. “I did not come in here to engage in lesbian coitus with you, Coach!”

“But I have to educate you!” Coach Johnson groaned, a strained, throaty quality to her voice. Her tongue thrust out before her, wiggling as she struggled to clear those last two inches to my girlfriend’s snatch.

I grabbed Coach Johnson by the shoulder and wrenched her head back. She glared at me, anger flaring across her face. She struggled to escape my grip, fighting hard. She had strength, her body possessing lean and compact build of a woman who pumped irons. She had a desperate look in her eyes as she struggled to obey my commands. I fought against her, but my hands, sweaty from fucking, slipped. I struggled to keep gripping her shoulder, but I couldn’t hold her back.

Her head dived for Sam’s pussy.

I needed to stop her!

A surge of power, diverted from the reservoir building up inside of me, raced through my body. It was like tingles that happened when my extremities fell asleep, those pins and needles of numb flesh. It raced down my arm to my hand. To my fingers. It poured into the woman.

She froze.

I gaped as she stopped moving, utterly paused. Her hair, sweeping about her shoulders, had halted in midair in a way that physics wouldn’t allow. Gravity should be pulling her tresses down and momentum should keep them whipping to the side.

I didn’t mean to freeze her. Didn’t know I could freeze her.

“What is going on?” Sam gasped.

I had no idea I could individually pause someone. Could I hypnotize Coach Johnson like this? I didn’t know, but I had to act. I leaned down and hissed in Coach Johnson’s ear, “You can only lick the girls’ pussies who are in this current class. No others. You can’t lick Sam’s pussy. You can’t lick your students who are in your other classes. Only this one.”

I released her. Time resumed for a few seconds after I let her go.

Her hair finished whipping around. She blinked, shaking her head. She stared up at Sam and said, “Oh, what am I doing? I can’t teach you. You’re not in this class.”

Coach Johnson rose on unsteady legs, confusion sweeping across her face. She looked at the other girls having an orgy, all but Aurora and Petra writhing in lesbian passion. Those two were standing together, holding each other’s hands.

“Mmm, I need to go teach Tracy. Those big boobs you have need to be educated.” The gym coach stumbled away, licking her lips. I let out a relieved sigh.

I glanced at my hands. This was such an unusual development. A useful one, but it drank up all my energy reserves. I could freeze one person, but it would delay how much longer it took until I could freeze everything. It felt like it used far, far more energy to hold one in stasis. I’d only frozen her for, what, a few moments? But it had wasted the last thirty minutes of my power’s buildup.

A twenty-fourth of my energy reserve.

I had to be careful about how to use this. What if I had done it when I was half full. Could I have wasted even more energy?

Then I realized that Sam was staring at me. Her eyes were blinking owlishly behind her glasses. She calmly pulled up her panties and then bent down to snag her sweatpants bunched around her ankles. I tensed, realizing she knew.

“Fuck,” I muttered.

* * *

Salome “Sam” Shapiro

As I drew up my sweatpants, everything became clear in my mind. Justin had frozen the coach for approximately thirty seconds. There was no denying that he’d utterly arrested the movement of her hair, defying multiple laws of physics. He had somehow generated a local time distortion centered solely around her.

I assessed my boyfriend. “You can stop time.” My eyes flicked up and down him. “You are behind the anomalies with the atomic clocks.”

“Yeah,” he said, a sheepish look crossing his face. He stood tense, like he was afraid. He scratched at the back of his head.

“That quip you made on the way to school was the truth. You can stop time with your mind. Is it only local?”

“I didn’t know I could freeze one person until just now. Normally... I freeze everything. Mostly.” He added as an afterthought.

“Interesting.” My thoughts sorted through possibilities. “How do you do it?”

“Not really sure. There is just this sort of... potential energy that grows inside of me. Power gatherers, then I can apply it to stop time.”

“You build up the potential to affect spacetime inside of you,” I stated, my mind dissecting his words. “Just like a battery storing an electrical charge?”

Justin nodded his head.

“Where does this temporal charge come from?”

“It appears to be external,” Justin answered. His forehead furrowed. “I really don’t understand how I build it up. Just that I can.”

“Is this connected to Project KRONOS?” I asked.

My boyfriend answered with a blank look.

“So you have never heard of any government project like that?” I asked despite already knowing the answer now.

“Project KRONOS is a government thing?” He gave me a look. “Sounds, like a conspiracy theory thing.”

I nodded. “I admit I do have a fascination with those sorts of things. I am a member of a number of websites and forums, both on the dark web and the normal internet, that dabble in this sort of things. My sources say that Project KRONOS was an attempt to manipulate time. Further, my source says that the NSA is operating in the area. They might be posing as those sewage workers lurking around our campus.”

He frowned. “Searching for the source of the time discrepancy?”

“It is possible their calculations of the event are more precise than those of us on the internet have figured out.”

“Shit,” he said. “But... come on, they couldn’t prove that someone was freezing time. I mean, it’s pretty crazy. How would they know who was doing it?”

“I presume that is why they have their agents roaming our school.”

He frowned. “Are you sure that they’re part of the government?”

“Well...” I shifted. “No, it could just be all a coincidence. The company’s name uses the same letters as the National Security Agency. My sources say they use an acrostic of their abbreviation for their fake business’s name.”

“Nasty Sewage Assault...” Justin’s eyebrows furrowed. “That is kind of a stupid name. I just thought...” He shook his head. “So, what, the government gave me these powers? And my sister?”

Was she responsible for the time that didn’t fit the pattern? “The... lunchtime event was her?”

Justin nodded his head.

“Interesting. And, to your knowledge, you have had no contact with any sort of government agencies? You haven’t received any strange injection or had any weird medical procedures performed on you?”

“No, I mean, I haven’t even been to the dentist in over a year,” he said. “I don’t remember the last time I saw a doctor.”

“Hmm, perhaps this is just a conspiracy theory trying to explain this strange phenomenon. Still, we should be on our guard around those sewage workers.”

Justin nodded his head.

“And you can also hypnotize people, right?” I asked.

He froze. I don’t mean that time stopped, just that his body went entirely stiff. He swallowed, giving me a wary look.

“That is why I find it acceptable that you have sex with your mother,” I continued, “and why I am no longer jealous about Aurora.”

“Yeah.” He ran his hand through his messy, black hair. “You mad?”

“No. You didn’t make me into a slut like them.”

“You’re my friend,” Justin said. “I mean, I like you.”

I nodded my head. “You just made me bisexual and to accept things about your new lifestyle.”

“Well, I mean, if you did like me, I didn’t want there to be any sort of... issues.”

“Very practical,” I said, nodding my head in approval. “I could’ve wasted a lot of emotional energy on being jealous of Aurora or your mother. It would probably have destroyed the affection I felt for you.”

A smiled across his lips. “That’s the Sam I know.”

A sudden rush of bubbling warmth rose inside of me. I acted without thought, seizing Justin’s kissing him hard. His lips felt so wonderful on mine. The blood rushed through my veins as I clung to his naked body. His arms wrapped around me, holding me.

* * *

Justin Sampson

It shocked me that Sam kissed me with such enthusiasm. Then I relaxed and enjoyed. I hugged her tight, cock rubbing against her sweatshirt-covered stomach. Her mouth was hot and eager on mine. She kissed me with such enthusiasm. I savored it.

Then she pulled away from me, her freckled cheeks blushing crimson. Catching me in the middle of the lesbian orgy hadn’t put color on her cheeks, but kissing me...

I grinned like a foolish boy.

“I shouldn’t have done that in the middle of your PE class,” she said, fiddling with her sweatshirt. “Classes are still in session.”

I shook my head. “You’re one of a kind. That’s what I like about you. Love about you.”

A smile slid across her lips for moment.

“So you’re really not mad at me?” I asked, still not quite believing it.

“As I said, you didn’t make me your slut,” she said calmly. “And since you are a great pervert, that is truly saying something.”

I glanced over at the orgy. “I am a big pervert.”

“So we shall continue dating. How often can you stop time?”

“Every twelve hours.”

She nodded her head. “Yes, you did disappear right after 8 AM. I thought you went into the restroom to screw your sex slave. I wasted time waiting for you to return.”

“Sorry,” I said, scratching at the back of my head. “I just got excited for the orgy. I didn’t think about anyone noticing me vanishing.”

She cocked her head. “Understandable. It is quite the... stimulating sight.” She glanced over at the orgy. “So you can’t do it again after eight tonight right?”

I nodded my head again.

“Interesting.” She adjusted her shirt. “Well, I have to get to class. Enjoy your orgy.”

As she left, I turned around to face the orgy. Coach Johnson was devouring my sex slave Tracy’s pussy while she feasted upon Rebecca’s hot snatch. Aurora, still holding Petra’s hand, gave me a questioning look. I could see the tension on her face.

“It’s fine,” I said, my thoughts mulling over the possibility that the NSA could really be on our school. That they were searching for the source of this time distortion. For me and my sister.

“Oh, good, Master,” Aurora said. She wrenched her hand from Petra’s grip. “Whore, go suck your Master’s cock clean of your filthy ass!”

“Yes, Aurora,” Petra groaned.

The Hispanic girl raced forward, now completely under my mind-control power. The command I had given her, to be sexually frustrated until she surrendered and became my willing sex slave, had transformed her. No longer was she one of the three bitches who used to make my life miserable.

Now only Paris was left. How long could she last?

Petra’s large, golden-brown tits heaved before her. They were such big, lush breasts, like my mother’s. I smiled as the sex slave fell to her knees before me.

“I’ll suck your cock clean, Jefe!” she moaned, grabbing the base of my still-hard dick.

She didn’t hesitate to engulfed my cock that was fresh from her asshole. Her lips sealed tight about it as she sucked. Her tongue fluttered around the edge, buffing the sensitive crown of my dick clean of her filthy ass.

Pleasure shot down my cock. My hands clenched. I let out a growl of pleasure as I savored her submission. Her head shifted from side to side, twisting her mouth around my cock is she polished me clean. Then she bobbed, working her tight lips up and down my cock, taking more and more of it as she eagerly cleaned me.

“Mmm, she is taking care of you, isn’t she?” Aurora asked, her dark-purple strap-on dildo swinging before her. She shuddered, her green eyes twinkling with mirth.

“Yeah, the little whore is loving my dick.” I glanced down at Petra. “You’re doing such a good job.”

She sucked harder, a wanton moan humming around my cock.

“Aurora, Coach Johnson’s pussy is looking lonely.” I grinned at my chief sex slave. “Why don’t you introduce your dildo to the dyke’s cunt?”

“You are the best Master ever!” she said, thrusting both her arms into the air like a cheerleader holding pom-poms. Well, she was a cheerleader. Her round, barely legal breasts heaved. Then she whirled around, her golden ponytail slicing through the air behind her.

I watched as she darted towards the kneeling coach. She fell down behind the dyke feasting on Tracy. Aurora didn’t hesitate. I watched her cute tush tighten as she rammed herself forward. Coach Johnson moaned into Tracy’s snatch, the dyke clearly loving being speared.

I loved spreading pleasure.

I couldn’t look away from Aurora as she fucked the gym coach, her rump clenching every time she drove the dildo into the lesbian coach’s cunt. Her ponytail danced down her lithe back, switching back and forth as she plowed over and over into the dyke’s pussy.

It made my dick throb in Petra’s clingy mouth.

My Hispanic sex slave took more and more of my cock with every bob of her head. Soon my dick was nuzzling into the back of her throat. She whimpered, pulling her hand away from my shaft’s base. On her next bob, she swallowed the tip of my cock, skillfully sliding it down her gullet.

“Oh, my yes, you’ve deep-throated a dick before, whore!” I panted.

She just gripped my hips, taking more and more of my dick. She had to clean my entire shaft of her sour musk. She moaned the entire way, humming and massaging the tip of my dick. The nineteen-year-old whore knew what she was doing. She sucked me with such enthusiasm.

I groaned when her lips nuzzled into my dark bush. My entire dick was down her gullet. I twitched in her, my balls growing tighter with my cum. She moaned louder, humming, giving me all the pleasure she could. Her dark eyes shone up at me with glossy need.

I could see the submissive love in them. She was my sex slave as much as Aurora, Tracy, and Rebecca were.

“Fuck,” I groaned as she slid her lips back up my shaft. She sucked the entire way. “That’s how you clean my dick after its been in your ass, slut!”

“That’s right!” Aurora moaned, her flesh slapping into Coach Johnson’s ass. “Every time, whore!”

Aurora flashed me a grin over her shoulder, her green eyes twinkling. Her cheeks were flushed, her excitement bursting on her lips. She was having so much fun fucking girls with her strap-on. It was hot to watch. My dick throbbed in Petra’s sucking mouth.

The Hispanic sex slave raised her mouth up my shaft until her lips just reached the swell of my tip. She swirled her tongue around my sensitive crown, sending flutters of rapture rippling down my shaft. My nuts tense, coming closer and closer to boiling over.

“I’m going to spurt so much jizz into your mouth, skank!” I growled. “I’ve dreamed of flooding your mouth with jizz.”

“Now you get to cum in her mouth whenever you want, Master!” howled Aurora.

“Yes, I do!” I groaned as I erupted.

My balls unloaded their jizz into Petra’s sucking mouth. Cum spurted from my cock with powerful eruptions. Her eyes squeezed shut as she moaned in obvious delight. I heard her gulp down my seed, loving it, so eager for every drop spurting into her. I grunted with each blast.

It was heavenly.

Ecstasy filled me to my limit. My mind drank in the bliss with every blast as my balls fed Petra every drop of jizz she hungered for. My orgasm peaked in me. I swayed there, hearing Aurora gasp and moan as she came fucking Coach Johnson.

There was no way the NSA could know I stopped time. I bet those sewage workers even weren’t government agents. I pushed that all out of my mind, distracted by the chorus of feminine voices echoing around me. I loved my powers. Every one of my PE classes would be an orgy.

I surveyed the sights.

“Justin,” called Melissa, the Black girl leaning back on the tiled floor of the shower area. She spread her ebony thighs, exposing her shaved pussy, her pink, inner depths spreading apart. They glistened with her passion. “I don’t know how I missed that you’re such a stud, I am so wet for you. Cumming on Coach Johnson’s mouth wasn’t enough. Please, please, ram that dick in me.”

I grinned at her, stroking my hard cock. I’d made PE into my favorite class ever. I fell to my knees between her thighs, her dark fingers grabbing my beige cock. She guided me towards her hungry hole as I leaned over her. I braced myself on my left hand, my right seizing her round breasts. I squeezed her ebony flesh as the tip of my dick rubbed against her nineteen-year-old cunt.

I thrust into her depths. She whimpered, her face contorting in delight while her snatch clung hot around me. She shuddered, her thighs locking around my hips. My throaty moans burst from her lips while her eyes fluttered in delight. I squeezed her tits, pleasure rippling down my shaft. The bliss poured through me.

“I’ve never fucked a White guy before,” she moaned. “Damn, I should have. You White boys have great cocks.”

I grinned at her, drawing back my hips. Her cunt clung to my shaft, silky delight squeezing around me. I groaned, adding my passion to the echoing moans of the women around me. Flesh slapped flesh. Lips smacked as they sucked and nibbled and licked at hot cunts or hard nipples.

I slammed into Melissa’s depths, the silky friction becoming ecstasy that flowed down my balls. My meaty nuts smacked into her again and again. I stared into her dark eyes as she writhed beneath me. Pleasure rippled across her face while her snatch clenched and relaxed on my plunging dick. I squeezed and kneaded her ebony breasts, loving the contrast of my pale fingers on her flesh. It was so exciting to be in her. I was fucking one sexy Black girl.

“Damn, Melissa, you got a hot cunt!” I groaned, thrusting into her. “You know how to fuck, don’t you?”

She let out a throaty moaned. “I’ve never had a complaint before. Ooh, you know how to use that dick. Oh, yes, I’m gonna cum good on this cock!”

“Enjoy,” I groaned, thrusting harder, our flesh slapping together.

“I am, Justin!”

I leaned down and kissed her. She moaned into my lips as her breasts pressed into my chest. I squeezed her right tit, kneading it as her body moved beneath mine. Her hips undulated, stirring her cunt around my plunging cock. The pleasure built and built in my balls.

It was heavenly being in her. I grunted into her mouth as I buried into her again and again. My entire body drank in the delight. Her silky embrace spurred me to plunge into her cunt faster and faster. Her fingernails bit into my back, crushing me against her chest. Her thighs were locked around my waist.

“Yes, yes, make me cum!” she howled as she broke her kiss. “Make me cum on this cock! This big, White cock!”

“Damn!” I grunted, her pussy growing hotter. “You want to explode on my dick, slut.”

Her eyes flashed with passion. “Ooh, I am a slut in here. I never thought it would be, but... Your dick is driving me wild! I just want to fuck and cum in the locker room!”

I slammed into her pussy’s sopping depths. “Can do it! Explode!”

“Yes!” she howled.

Her pussy spasmed about my dick, writhing about it. She trembled beneath me, passion flicking across her ebony features. Her fingernails bit into my back as she clutched me tight. Her snatch rippled around me, sucking at my dick. She was so eager for me to spurt into her pussy.

I hammered her climaxing pussy hard and fast. I buried into her writhing twat with all my passion. The pressure swelled at the tip of my dick. The growing ached drove my hips to keep pumping. I grunted, my face tensing. I hit that point were I couldn’t stop. I plunged my cock into her snatch with a wild thrust, her pussy sucking at my balls.

“Cum in me, Justin!” she moaned.

“Yes!” I growled and buried into the Black girl’s writhing cunt.

Jizz exploded out of me. I groaned as I fired blast after blast of my spunk into her. Her pussy milked me, drawing out all the jizz from my balls. Pleasure washed across my mind, stars bursting in my vision. A dizzy, heady thrill went through me.

I was cumming in this girl because my powers. She craved me because I hypnotize her. I gave her this bliss. I give all these girls bliss. I reveled in it, grunting with her moans. Enjoying the locker room orgy with them.

“Can I lick her clean, Master?” Rebecca asked, her face smeared with Tracy’s pussy cream.

Panting, coming down from my orgasmic high, I answered, “Fuck yes, you can, slave!”

Melissa giggled beneath me. “Ooh, come lick me clean, slave. I like this class.”

“Me, too,” I said.

* * *

Krystal Sampson

“I want you to have read Chapters 5 through 8 by tomorrow,” Miss Daisy said as my classmates left the room.

I chewed on my inner cheek, this growing tightness in my chest. I took Ji-Yun’s hand as we moved with the other’s flowing out into the hallway. A commotion drew my attention to large group of students. They were laughing and cheering as I heard group of guys grunting and growling like animals. I heard someone call out that Pearline was being fucked like a bitch.

“She’s drenched in cum,” a guy said.

“What an utter slut,” a girl sneered.

At least that was progressing. The entire college would know that Pearline was a nasty whore. I hope a line of guys was queuing up to fuck her. President Brooks would make sure that no one stopped her. It was smart of my brother to give him that command.

What other commands had he given now?

“This afternoon is going to be so awesome,” Ji-Yun said, my Korean girlfriend’s squeezing my hand. “Her pussy is going to be full of your brother’s cum. Wouldn’t that be hot? You loved licking his jizz out of your mother’s cunt.”

I shuddered, hating that I had loved doing that. There was something so... exciting about eating a boy’s cum, my brother’s cum, out of my mother’s snatch. And now I would get that chance to eat out Miss Daisy’s cunt. It had me shuddering.

But if my brother gave her this command, he must have come across her after I ate her out. Then he’d implanted his own perverse commands into her. But how did he know that I had played with her?

I groaned, remembering that I stole her panties. My idiot-brother figured out the reason why her panties were missing. So he’d given her a command to make her lead me to eating her pussy full of his cum.

“Ji-Yun,” I said, trembling, dreading what her answer might be. “Why do you want to see me eat my brother’s cum out of a girl’s pussy?”

“Because incest is so hot,” she said. “Especially a little sister eating her big brother’s cum out of a girl’s pussy. Or just loving him in general.”

“So it was just a fantasy you had before I accidentally made you into a lesbian?” I asked her, hoping she would say yes.

She swallowed. Her slanted eyes blinked. “I’m not sure. I don’t think I ever... masturbated to it before but... Where else could it have come from?”

“So you want to see me have sex with my brother?” I asked her.

“Wouldn’t that be so hot?” she asked. Her face glowed with excitement as she stared at me. “Just imagine it. How hot it would be? Your brother’s cock sliding into your pussy. Him loving you. Then I can lick you clean. I would get to eat the mixing of your incestuous juices. I want that so badly.”

Such ecstasy burned across her face. “I’m going to kill him.”

How could I get back at him? What could I do to him make him pay for messing with my girlfriend?

“That’s why it’s going to be so hot when you licked his jizz out of Miss Daisy’s pussy.” Ji-Yun smiled at me. “It’s one step closer to him.”

Damn, I could almost see myself drifting towards at least trying to fool around with Justin. If I hadn’t realized he’d messed with Ji-Yun...

My brother was craftier than I thought. Fucking asshole!

* * *

Justin Sampson

I strolled with a high rushing through me when I left the girls’ locker room, the orgy over at the end of the hour. My new group of sex slaves all broke apart, each heading to their own classes. None of them were in my math class with Professor Viên Lê.

I hated math with Professor Viên Lê. He was a dick to all the boys, but fawned over all the girls. It was clear the Vietnamese man had a thing for the barely legal coeds. Especially the pretty ones.

I dragged my steps as I headed to the main building. My phone was blowing about Pearline getting gangbanged by group of guys, my sister’s fun well underway. I only ordered people to not post about my antics, but they were free to post about others.

I hoped Ji-Yun and Miss Daisy was nudging Krystal towards having sex with me. It was a long shot, but how else could I fuck my sister? I was glad Miss Daisy asked me to have that private meeting with her during lunch so I could fill her pussy with cum. My sister deserved to have a tasty treat after school.

That put a jaunt to my step. I sauntered as I entered the main building and—

I spotted one of those sewage workers. He was staring down at his phone while nearby a large group of students were cheering and shouting. It had to be the gangbang of Pearline I was hearing about. So was that guy government agent observing it, or a regular guy enjoying a schoolgirl gangbang? The guy looked like a schlub. Not fit and strong, but balding and with a portly figure that filled out his dumpy jumpsuit.

I shook my head, heading down a different hallway. Maybe it was best if I just avoided him. Just to be on the safe side.

Guys I passed in the hallway all shot me big grins. Some gave me high fives. Now I was the man for turning Aurora into my sex slave. Wait until they learn that Petra was also mine. I passed Petra’s ex-boyfriends, Steve, holding hands with Lance, Paris’s ex-boyfriend. I’d accidentally made those two and Chris into a trio of gay lovers. They seemed happy.

Maybe they were always secretly gay, and I just help them admit the truth.

I groaned as I spotted my math class ahead. The hallway was thinning of students now, the hour about to start. I dragged my feet, wanting to hold off as long as possible before entering. Now that I had my powers, I just wanted to enjoy it. What did math matter when I could brainwash people?

I groaned and slinked down the last section of lockers that spanned between one classroom and Professor. Viên Lê’s. I stared at my phone, seeing that I had two minutes. I browsed through social media, loving the pics and vids of Pearline getting fucked were popping up. I don’t know what my little sister’s problem with the Black girl, but Pearline was getting fucked hard. She was begging for more while being splattered with cum.

I had no interest in joining in the gangbang. I owned a harem of sex slaves I could fuck at will. Why did I need to enjoy sloppy seconds? Or, in Pearline’s case, sloppy hundredths.

Sighing, I finally stepped into the classroom. Professor Viên Lê was at the blackboard, staring at it, his shoulders tensed. He set down a piece of chalk, the students talking as they settled in. Most everyone was already in their seats. I sighed, staring my desk. It was time to suffer through this class while imagining all the things I would do with my naughty sex slave. And with Sam and Miss Daisy during our lunch “study session.”

I blinked, Professor Viên Lê was facing the classroom now.

I hadn’t noticed him turning around. Or moving a few feet to his right. I let my mind wander on unimportant things. I needed to focus in here. It was math time. And that was the best class I had. I hurried to my seat, sat down, and stared with rapt attention at the blackboard.

At Professor Viên Lê.

I was so eager to learn his lesson today. The short man surveyed us, his black hair slicked back. All the girls in the class calmly stripped. Just like they should. It didn’t bother me at all those naked breasts appeared. Brittany, the English exchange student, dropped her skirt, revealing she hadn’t worn any panties to school today.

She wasn’t the only girl that was missing her panties.

They all folded their clothing and sat back down, their firm, young breasts quivering. Professor Viên Lê nodded his head in satisfaction, surveying his classroom. I didn’t give any of the naked girls a second look. I was enthralled by Professor Viên Lê as he launched into his lesson.

Math was amazing.

The class passed so fast. I absorbed so much. My wrist was cramping from writing down all the notes. Pain was the price to gain every bit of knowledge Professor Viên Lê possessed. As the class wound down, Brittany was working naked on a problem at the blackboard while Professor Viên Lê enjoyed a blowjob from Matilda. I sighed, disappointed that the class was almost over.

Professor Viên Lê grunted, cumming into Matilda’s mouth. He groaned and nodded his head. “Satisfactory. Next time, use more tongue.”

“Yes, Professor Viên Lê,” Matilda said, hopping brightly to her feet. She licked her lips, cleaning up some white jizz.

“Okay girls, you can put your clothes back on. Everyone, do your homework. I expect perfect scores from everyone, or there will be consequences.”

Of course there should be consequences.

“Brittany, don’t think I won’t spank that tight ass of yours if get anything wrong,” he said.

“I’ll make sure it’s correct, Professor Viên Lê,” Brittany said as she headed naked back to her desk. She grabbed her skirt and stepped into it.

“Class dismissed,” he said, grinning. The first time I’d ever seen the Vietnamese professor smile. I don’t know why. He was the best teacher ever. He should be proud of molding us all into the best math students of all time.

I stood up and walked out of his classroom. The moment I did, I blinked, shaking my head. My dick hardening, thoughts of my sex slaves dancing through my mind. I had one more class to attend before lunch and having the fun with Miss Daisy. My phone chirped. I hadn’t checked it once during math class.

Why would I?

It would be rude to Professor Viên Lê.

I pulled it out and saw message from Aurora. “Master, I finally found Paris. She’s been hiding in the girls’ bathroom by the drama class of all places. I’m about to start live streaming what she’s up to. You’re going to love this.”

I nodded my head, debating what I should do. Did I really need to go to my computer science class?


I brighten when I saw Tracy sauntering down the hallway, her big breasts jiggling in her blouse.

“Slave, follow me,” I said.

“Yes, Master,” she said brightly, hurrying after me.

“Damn, another one, Justin?” asked Mike from my gym class. “Is it true that you and Coach Johnson were having an orgy in the locker room while us guys were waiting around with our thumbs up our ass?”

I winked at him.

“And you didn’t invite me, man?” He said that like we were friends.

“Maybe tomorrow,” I told him and headed to the nearest restroom to watch the naughty video.

* * *

Aurora Pritchard

I started streaming video, sending the link to Master and his other sex slave. In the moment, he was watching the private Facebook vid. It totally violated the terms of service. That thought sent a wicked thrill through me as Paris’s pants and moans echoed through the seldom-used bathroom. She was in the far stall, pleasuring herself. She sounded both aroused and frustrated.

“Please, please, just cum!” she whimpered. “Why can’t I cum?”

“You know exactly what you need to do to cum, whore!” I shouted and thrust open the stall door.

The metal banged into the stall divider. Paris flinched as she sat on the toilet seat, her hiked around her waist, her pink panties bunched around her ankle. She’d stripped off her designer dress, draping the expensive outfit over the side of the stall divider. Her breasts were exposed, her bra hiked up and over her small, conical tits. Her pink-brown nipples were hard, her right hand pinching one. Her left was between her thighs, four fingers buried into her waxed-bared snatch. Her cunt lips were wrapped around those digits. Despite being startled, she still thrust her digits in and out of her snatch while shuddering on the toilet.

She stared at me in shock, her wavy, dark-brown hair dancing about her flushed face. A look of frustration and desperate need crossed her expression as she shuddered on the toilet. She worked those digits in and out of her snatch, staring at me as I filmed her with my phone.

“Please, please, I just need something!” Paris moaned. She stared at me. “Please, Aurora, I need to cum. My pussy hurts. I just can’t get off.”

“You can’t get off until you admit what you are,” I told her, loving this. My pussy was on fire. Her legs twitched before her, her toes curling as she shifted on the toilet. Her small breasts jiggled as she masturbated herself with such furious passion.

The scent of her spicy cunt filled the air. I breathed in again as I aimed my camera right at her pussy, capturing all four digits plunging into her juicy, nineteen-year-old snatch. She twisted her nipple, tugging on it.

“I’m so desperate! I just need to cum, Aurora!” Her eyes found mine. “Eat my pussy, Aurora! You’re so good at it. Just make me cum, please!”

“Just admit what you are,” I told her.

“No!” she hissed. “I’m not his slut. I’ll never be his slut!”

“Then you’ll never cum.”

“You don’t know that!” she snapped. Her back arched, the toilet creaking beneath her. “Just give me something, Aurora! Please!”

I fumbled around my purse with my left hand, my right keeping my phone pointed at her. I pulled out my dildo, clutching the dark-purple shaft in my hand. It was still sticky from fucking Coach Johnson. I couldn’t stop myself from tasting it, loving the spicy juices. Then I tossed it to her. It landed on her small breasts.

“I fucked a bunch of girls with that today, including Petra.” I smiled as she scrambled to catch it as it rolled down to her stomach. She snagged it with her right hand, staring at me with such gratitude. She ripped her four fingers out of her pussy and plunged the dildo into her without hesitation.

Her slutty cunt swallowed it to the hilt. She moaned, her wrist working it in and out of her snatch as she brought her pussy-drenched fingers to her mouth. She sucked her own sweet cream off of them as she fucked herself with the sex toy.

“Petra’s already submitted to him,” I said. “She’s already admitted what she is.”

“You’re lying!” Paris moaned. The rich girl shuddered. “She never would do that.”

“’Look at that skank writhe in need,’ Petra wrote,” I said, reading the stream’s chat. “’She just needs to admit to be Justin’s sex slave like me then the puta will explode!’” I gave Paris an arched look. “See, Petra is loving the show. And Justin’s watching, too.”

“Oh, god, no,” Paris moaned, still thrusting the dildo in and out of her cunt. “Not him.”

“Just admit it and be his sex slave,” I told her. My pussy was on fire. I wanted to touch myself.

I could touch myself. My left hand darted down then shoved up beneath my skirt while my right held my phone pointed at Paris slamming the dark-purple dildo over and over into her cunt. I trembled as my fingers climbed up my inner thigh, the ripple of heat racing before them like the breaking waves before the bow of a steaming ship. I groaned, reading the comments flying up the screen.

“This is so hot to watch with Tracy’s big tits sliding up and down my dick,” Master typed. “Shit, look at that whore masturbate herself! She can’t cum!”

“No, she can’t, Master,” I moaned, my fingers reaching my pussy. I stroked up and down my shaved flesh, loving the feel of my hot, silky delight. Tingles rippled through me.

“Oh, god, is Justin really watching this?” moaned Paris. She thrust her dildo in and out faster and faster, churning her cunt to a boiling froth. “Oh, god, this can’t be happening!”

“Oh, it is, slut,” I moaned. I thrust three fingers into my juicy snatch, shuddering as they stretched me open. I fucked them in and out of me, pleasure fluttering through me as I watched Paris attempt to cum.

She pinched her clit and rubbed her fingers against her bud with her left hand while the right thrust the dildo in and out of her juicy snatch. Her cream coated the shaft and glistened on her flushed flesh. Her thighs shuddered while her small tits jiggled. Her gorgeous, nineteen-year-old face twisted with rapture.

“I just need a little more,” she panted, jamming that dildo deep into her.

“Then just say your Justin’s slut like me!” I groaned. “Then you’ll cum so hard.”

Her face twisted with agonized ecstasy. She shuddered, her head shaking back and forth. “No!”

Her defiance echoed through the bathroom. Her “No!” rippled back at me as the toilet creaked. She humped up into the air as she drove the dildo in and out of her pussy. Her face contorted, her jaws clenched tight like she feared relaxing them.

She feared what would come out.

I worked my fingers in and out of my juicy snatch faster and faster. My orgasm built as I watched her struggle with her passions. I bit my lip, keeping the camera aimed at her. Making sure that my Master witnessed her vain struggle. I rubbed my own clit, sending sparks that showered through my cunt.

My juices rippled down the back of my hand. I was so wet. This was so amazing. I frigged my clit faster and faster with my thumb while I curled my fingers up inside of me. I searched for that special spot. My G-spot. My fingers caressed across the walls my pussy and—

Pleasure burst in me as I brushed one spot. “Yes!” I moaned. “I’m going to cum watching you masturbate, Paris!”

“You are such a bitch, Aurora!” she moaned, shuddering toilet. “You’re enjoying this!”

“Yes,” I hissed. “Friends would have been thrilled that I found happiness in my new lifestyle. They would be thrilled that I found joy with my Master! And you were a bitch!”

My orgasm swelled closer.

“You tell her slut!” Master posted in the scrolling chat.

“Yes, she deserves it. She just needs to admit what I realized today,” Petra added.

“This is so hot to watch,” Rebecca typed. “This is so much better than paying attention to Professor Viên Lê’s dumb math class.”

“Professor Viên Lê’s math class isn’t dumb!” Master typed. “You will pay attention in his class, slave!”

I shuddered, ignoring that weird comment as my orgasm swelled inside of me. Paris thrashed on the toilet, her entire body spasming. She was getting so close to her climax. I could see her hovering on the edge of exploding. Her sweet musk filled the air, mixing with my tart passion. My cream flowed hot down my left hand as my fingers attacked my G-spot.

“Yes!” I howled as my orgasm exploded in my pussy. “I’m cumming, Paris!”

“Fuck you, bitch!” she gasped, bucking, convulsing, jamming her dildo over and over into her in a fruitless attempt to send ecstasy rushing through her body.

My eyes fluttered as the waves upon waves of euphoria washed through my body. They inundated my mind. They bathed me in euphoric bliss. My juices gushed out around my plunging fingers. My pussy writhed about them, drinking in their stimulation as I thrust them in and out of me.

My clit pulsed, aching as my thumb massaged in fast circles. I pressed hard on it, savoring the ecstatic edge that almost became pain, just hovering on the side of rapture. My ponytail swayed down my back as stars burst across my vision.

“Just admit that you’re his sex slave, slut!” I howled. “Become Master’s, and you can experience this ecstasy.”

“I will never be that fucking nerd’s whore!” Paris howled. She ripped the dildo out of her pussy and threw it at me.

I gasped as the dildo hit me in the stomach, bouncing off in a spray of pussy juices. It landed on the bathroom floor. I didn’t care, still heaving in the ecstatic pleasure. I swayed as Paris gained her feet, her entire body flushed and trembling. She ripped her dress off the stall divider.

“I’ll find a fucking doctor who will fix me!” she snarled as she pulled her designer dress over her head, hiding those small, but beautiful, tits.

“No doctor will fix her,” Master typed. “Damn, I want to cum all over Tracy’s tits.”

Panting, I leaned back against the sink counter. “Yes, jizz all over Tracy’s tits. Just coat them, Master!”

I knew he was erupting right now. I trembled, savoring my orgasmic bliss. Paris marched past me in a huff, her entire body bristling with need.

“The doctor won’t save you,” I called as she barreled through the door. “Only Master’s cock. You’re his!”

Then she was gone. I smiled. I shouldn’t take satisfaction in her suffering, but the things she said to me yesterday...

* * *

Justin Sampson

“Justin, you will pick me up at exactly 5:25 PM for our date tonight,” Sam said the moment she walked up to me.

I was still riding a high of fucking Tracy in the bathroom, first cumming on her tits then fucking her up the ass from behind while she sucked the jizz off her own nipples. It was a great way to end Aurora’s life-stream of Paris’s frustrated attempt to masturbate. It couldn’t be much longer before that slut gave in and became my next slave.

Until then, I had my “study session” with Sam and Miss Daisy during the lunch hour.

“5:25 PM?” I asked, giving my girlfriend a look. “That’s very... precise.”

She nodded. As we headed to our meeting. She explained why in great detail. I smiled, loving my life. I didn’t even care that one of those sewage workers passed me in the hallway. He didn’t give me a second glance.

The government had no idea I was stopping time. I could get away with all this.

To be continued...