The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Time Manipulation Mind Control

by mypenname3000

Chapter 9: Begging to Be Owned

Krystal Sampson

“When is Justin going to unpause time?” I asked, standing roughly where I believe that I was when he froze time to begin with. At least I thought it was the right section of my college’s hallway. It was hard to remember after the naughty things I did.

My cheeks burned from the shameful pleasure of eating out my time-frozen mother’s pussy full of my brother’s jizz. I couldn’t believe I enjoyed doing that. I was a hundred percent gay. Right? I definitely liked girls. And pussy. The taste of Brittany, the English exchange student, lingered on my lips. She had a juicy snatch. I devoured her with Ji-Yun, my friend and lover.

“Your brother’s a horndog,” Ji-Yun said. She gave me a big smile that spread across her delicate cheeks. She had that porcelain, Korean doll-like look. Her silky, black hair was gathered in a braid that fell down to her tight rump. I loved how it swayed as she wiggled her body. “Maybe we can find another pussy full of his cum for you to eat out.”

The sly look my friend gave me made me shudder. A part of me wanted that. Another part of me wondered if I’d messed up Ji-Yun with my commands. I accidentally made her a lesbian or bi the day before, but it also seemed like I’d opened her up to be more honest about these... incestuous fantasies she had. Not that I judged since I had so many incestuous fantasies about my mother. Fantasies I could indulge in now. But Ji-Yun was... fixated on me eating my brother’s jizz.

I didn’t want to think about that implication. My brother didn’t give my friend any commands while she was frozen in time earlier. If he had, he would just turn her into his slut. Justin had a one-track mind.

But if he had messed with her...

A tinge of anger fed into my frustration. I just wanted to stop waiting here. It had to be time. He said ten minutes. Though everything was paused, the clock on my cell phone still worked. It couldn’t find a signal, so it was running off its internal timer, I guessed. It would sync up with the satellites when time flowed again.

I stamped my foot, letting out a frustrated moan. My brother better not have messed with my Ji-Yun.

“I swear, I want to march through school and find out what skank—”

Energy rushed around me like a wave. It splashed over me. Reality lurched about me. Students frozen in mid stride, moved again like nothing had happened. A cacophony of sound—their steps, their conversations, the rustling of their clothes—assaulted my ears. Ji-Yun winced beside me, shaking her head as the students flowed past us.

“Finally,” I said, nodding my head in satisfaction. “Let’s get to Miss Daisy’s class. I want to see if my commands to her took!”

Ji-Yun nodded her head, her hand clutching mine. We took two steps forward when this Black girl name Evelyn stop before me. She blinked and then groaned, her body shuddering like a sudden wave of arousal washed through her. I grinned as her hands shot down then slid up beneath her skirt. Right there in the middle the hallway, she wiggled her hips and drew down a pair of dainty, lilac panties. As she stepped out of them, a couple guys paused and grinned. They stared at her like a pack of hungry animals.

That was all boys were. Hungry animals. Justin was the worst.

Evelyn straightened. She thrust her balled-up panties at me, saying, “Please, enjoy the scent of my hot cunt on my panties.”

“Thank you, Evelyn,” I said, not hiding my grin as I took them from her. I gave this command to every hot girl I came across while time was frozen. I brought her panties to my nose. The warmth of her pussy lingering on the cloth made my fingers tingle. I inhaled, savoring her spicy musk.

“Oh, my God, can’t believe I just did that,” Evelyn moaned then darted away.

Ji-Yun giggled beside me. “You’re just a big lezzie perv, Krystal.”

I inhaled Evelyn’s panties again then moaned, “Yep!”

A group of guys darted past us, almost growling and snarling like the animals I believed them to be. They pushed through the hallway, guys shouting at them, girl screeching as they leapt out of the way. “Assholes!” someone shouted. “You fucking cock-suckers almost trampled me. Fucking dicks!”

I shook my head. Boys were such animals.

* * *

Salome “Sam” Shapiro

I leaned against the wall next to the single-use, gender-neutral bathroom. The door to the boys’ restroom lay to my right, the girls to the left beyond the small bathroom’s door. Justin had to be in one of them fucking his sex slave Aurora. Where else could he have gone? I had only turned my back for a moment to check my phone.

I wanted to tell him what I’d learned.

I watched the septic worker in the gray jumpsuits, the logo for his company on his back. A large explosion behind the name of the company. Nasty Sewage Assault! NSA. According to Ipso_Custodes’s post on a message board, the NSA (National Security Agency) was in the area searching for the location of the strange time distortions that threw off all the atomic clocks in the world by nanoseconds, a unit time so small it took only the most precise instruments to measure. Atomic clocks being off was an unprecedented event. It would have to take a distortion in spacetime to cause it, affecting gravity in a wave radiating out from around here.

It excited me as much as my new relationship with Justin. I want to talk to him all about it. To tell him of my suspicions that the Nasty Sewage Assault workers were actually NSA agents hunting down the source of the gravitons at our college.

But would a good girlfriend interrupt her boyfriend? I was so new to this. Justin deserve to have this fun with his sex slave. Did I have any right to disrupt that? I could be patient.

Luckily, the conversation on the message board was heating up as I posted my suspicions. I kept watching the worker out of the corner of my eye. He held what appeared to be a cell phone in his hand, sweeping it around. Was it actually some sort of instrument? Something to detect minute variances in local gravity?

This was also fascinating.

The potential NSA agent vanished around the corner. I squirmed, a part of me wanted to follow him. I pushed up my glasses then continued posting on the forum, putting in a physical description the potential agent. This was much more important than going to my useless gender studies class.

Shouts echoed down the hallway. I glanced up to see a group of guys rushing around the corner, running in an almost hunched-over manner. I cocked my head as their shouts sounded almost animalistic. Like bestial excitement had burst out of them. With a roar, they raced even faster, charging down the hallway past me. My head tracked them as they barreled right towards...


The Black girl had straightened up her clothing from getting fucked outside the college by her cohorts. I found that to be mild interest, surprised that such lewd behavior was tolerated at our school. It was like things were... changing. People were not acting the way they should. And yet... somehow it felt right.

My forehead furrowed as the baying pack of guys swarmed Pearline and grabbed her. They ripped at her clothes. She let out a moan of wanton delight, gasping, “Yes, yes, you can fuck me too, boys! I’m a slut!”

I shook my head. It was definitely odd. Like Justin’s parents showing up at school and...

Well, the sex part wasn’t odd. Was it? I mean, Justin could fuck his mother, but... but incest... That was illegal. So why did I find it acceptable for Justin to fuck his mother, but not for another person to do that?


Things were definitely getting weird in our school. What had happened? I need to learn more about this Project KRONOS. I needed to talk to Justin about all this. A wave of annoyance washed through me.

How long would it take him to fuck his sex slave in the bathroom?

“Yes, yes, ram those cocks into—” Pearline’s words were cut off as she took dicks now from both ends.

* * *

Justin Sampson

I groaned into the kiss with Shelly, a gorgeous blonde that was in my gym class. Her round, naked tits pressed against my side as she clung to me. She kissed me with such hunger, making it so hard to think. She had been mind-controlled by me when I froze time in the girls’ locker room. I just restored it, unleashing an orgy.

Two other girls were pleasing my cock. Tracy and Rebecca were both nuzzling around the tip, their hands stroking up and down my shaft. Their soft lips nibbled on the spongy crown, their mouths brushing together as they jiggled in delight. They were so eager to please me.

Because they were my sex slaves now.

I didn’t intend for them to be my sex slaves. I just wanted to start an orgy in the girls’ locker room. What nineteen-year-old college student wouldn’t want to be in the middle of that? Before I unpaused time, I let my sex slave Aurora fuck Tracy with a strap-on dildo. At the same moment, I fucked Aurora from behind, moaning how she was my sex slave. That I owned her pussy.

Tracy and Rebecca, who was standing right by us, heard me talking. They didn’t know I was speaking to Aurora. They just heard those words and it changed them, rewriting their thoughts and hypnotizing them the believing they were my sex slaves. Now they were horny and needed to worship me.

“Enjoy them,” Aurora moaned beside me as my sex slave was pushing Jeanette down onto all fours. Aurora still wore her strap-on. It was clear she was eager to fuck the petite nineteen-year-old. I could see my sex slave’s excitement out of the corner of my eyes as she lined up her dildo. “Mmm, yes, Master, you’re going to enjoy having a whole harem of sex slaves. Ooh, and soon Petra and Paris will be begging to join, too!”

She was so right. I should just enjoy this. Tracy and Rebecca would be happy now, and soon I would have a whole harem of sex slaves. All those girls who ignored me would serve me. And Sam, too. My girlfriend could join in on the fun.

I just needed to be more careful about the words I spoke when time was paused. I needed to think about the unexpected consequences. Like turning Aurora into a sex slave. Or my parents showing up at my college with my dad begging me to cuckold him and my mom dripping wet and aching to be fucked by me.

I groaned at the pleasure rippling out of me. My two new sex slaves’ mouth licked and sucked on my dick. At the same time, Shelly felt amazing as she humped against me. She rubbed her shaved, wet pussy on my thigh. The coed slut ground her cunt against me as she moaned into the kiss. Her tongue thrust into my mouth, dueling with mine. Her juices coated my leg and dribbled down towards my knee.

“Coach Johnson,” moaned Melissa. The Black girl was shuddering as she leaned against the end of the row of lockers while our school’s dyke PE teacher munched away at her snatch. At least that command was working out. Inside the locker room, Coach Johnson could eat any pussy she wanted. She could indulge in her lust for her students’ pussies.

“Oh, my God, yes!” Melissa moaned. “She’s got her tongue jammed so deep in me!” Melissa cupped her round, ebony breasts. Her fingers sank into them as she enjoyed the lesbian coach’s ministrations.

“Aurora!” groaned Jeanette. I heard the slap of flesh against flesh. I caught a glimpse of Aurora’s blonde ponytail dancing on her back as she fucked the kneeling girl. “Oh, yes, yes it’s so hot. I’m so glad you’re fucking me, Aurora!”

Rebecca’s and Tracy’s tongues fluttered around the tip of my dick. I groaned into Shelly’s mouth. My hands slid down the blonde’s back to grip her ass. Her butt-cheek clenched and flexed beneath my fingers as she ground her hot cunt against my thigh. She whimpered into the kiss, clutching to me. Her nipples were diamond-hard as they rubbed on my chest.

It was incredible. I had three coed sluts, two who were my new sex slaves, loving me. I could get to enjoy this every day. What was a better way to spend my PE class than having orgies in the girls’ locker room?

I groaned as one of my sex slaves sucked the tip of my dick into her mouth while the other one licked at the shaft. I bet that was Tracy nibbling and kissing down my cock’s length since the girl was working on the right side. Tracy’s side. She went lower and lower until she reached the base.

Tracy moaned as she nuzzled her lips into my pubic hair and smooched down to my balls. I grunted into Shelly’s mouth as my brunette sex slave sucked on my nuts. She went back and forth, her tongue bathing each one while Rebecca bobbed her mouth on my shaft. The cheerleader-slave sucked my cock with such enthusiasm.

“Oh, yes, you’re enjoying your new slaves, aren’t you, Master?” Aurora moaned as she thrust away. The slap of her crotch against Jeanette’s rump echoed through the locker room.

I broke the kiss with Shelly and groaned, “Yes!”

“I’m so happy,” Tracy moaned. “Rebecca, let me suck on his dick now.”

Rebecca popped her mouth off my dick, that last moment of suction sending a jolt down my cock. Then she moaned, “Enjoy him, Tracy.”

It was so hot as the two girls switch positions. Rebecca threw herself into sucking on my balls, making my sensitive nuts send jolts of pleasure up to the tip of my shaft. Tracy engulfed my crown in her hungry mouth, her tongue dancing around the spongy tip.

“Jesus,” I groaned, my hands squeezing into Shelly’s rump.

“I know,” Shelly moaned. Her shaved pussy felt incredible on my thigh. “I want to cum just from grinding on you, Justin! This is so hot. Ooh, I love this. Why didn’t we ever do this before? Why would I ever think this was wrong?”

Aurora laughed, her ponytail bouncing on her supple back. Then she gasped as two of the girls, the Latina Rita and the black-haired Courtney, latched onto her nipples. Both girls were sucking on Aurora’s tits as she fucked Jeanette hard. Aurora’s head snapped back up as she moaned out in delight.

“Enjoy yourself, slut,” I growled.

“I am, Master!” Aurora gasped, her cute ass flexing as she drove her dildo into Jeanette’s cunt.

“Oh my God, yes!” Jeanette moaned, the petite girl trembling as she took the fake cock deep in her twat.

“Mmm, I’m going to cum all over your thigh, Justin,” Shelly hissed in my ear.

She rubbed her hot snatch up and down my leg then worked her hips in slow circles. I loved the feel of her silky pussy lips. The hard nodule of her clit caressed me. She nipped my ear as she panted, her hot breath washing over my neck.

It added more stimulation to the delight Tracy and Rebecca gave my cock and balls.

The two sluts were switching back and forth, sucking on my dick for a few moments, letting me feel their hot mouths around my dick before passing it off to the other. Tracy sucked with a hungry need, eager for my cum to fire into her mouth. Rebecca’s tongue was so lithe as it swirled all the way around my tip in between her hard sucks.

When they weren’t bobbing their heads on my dick, they were kissing at the shaft or nibbling on my balls. They both stared up at me, their brown and blonde hair swaying together as they switched back and forth. Worship shone their eyes. That same need to please me that I saw in Aurora’s green depths. Every moment brought me closer and closer.

“I went to cum all over both your faces,” I growled. “I’m going to coat your faces in my seed.”

“Yes,” Rebecca moaned. The blonde cheerleader licked her precum-stained lips “Do it, Master!”

Tracy popped her mouth off my dick, handed it over to Rebecca, and groaned, “Yes, yes, show all these other girls that you own us!”

“He owns me, too!” Aurora is. “I’m his head slave.”

“When you obey Aurora,” I groaned as Rebecca’s tongue danced across the crown of my dick before she sucked hard, “you’re obeying me.”

“Yes,” my brunette sex slave moaned.

Rebecca popped her mouth off my dick making a wet sound echoing over the moans the other girls. Tracy captured the crown of my dick in her warm mouth. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked with aggressive desire. My balls tightened, my jizz approaching a hot boil.

Eyes flicked around the room. Two girls, Ellie and Veronica, were sixty-nining nearby, feasting on each other’s pussy with such hungry need. Melissa still squirmed against the end of the locker, grinding her pussy on our coach’s face. The Black girl had her head thrown back, gasping out in ecstasy. Aurora moaned, cradling Rita and Courtney to her breasts as she plowed into Jeanette’s cunt faster and faster.

“Oh, my God, I’m going to cum!” Jeanette moaned. “Oh, my God, Aurora!”

“Do it!” my sex slave. “You’re my lezzie slut right now! My Master’s watching this! We’re making him so hard!”

“You are,” I groaned as Rebecca sucked my dick into her mouth, Tracy nibbling on the shaft.

“Yes, yes, cum!” Shelly moaned, her pussy molten against my thigh. “Oh, fuck, Justin!”

Shelly’s ass clenched beneath my groping hand. She slid her pussy high up my thigh, coating me in her cream. She clutched me so tight, her mouth nibbling and chewing on my chin. She shuddered against me, her nipples so hard. She whimpered out in orgasmic delight.

A flood of her juices gushed down my thigh. I groaned, groping her rump as she shuddered against me. She climaxed just from humping against me, grinding that hot pussy on me. I loved it. It made my dick ache more and more in Rebecca’s sucking mouth.

“Justin!” groaned the cumming slut. “Oh, my God, this feels incredible! I could just hump against you all day!”

“Just a randy bitch,” Tracy moaned before she sucked on my ball.

“Uh-huh,” I grunted, cum swelling in my balls.

The moans of the orgy raced around me. All these girls were loving each other. They were licking and sucking and fucking each other. Melissa ground her pussy against Coach Johnson’s hungry mouth. Aurora fucked Jeanette’s cunt hard with that thick dildo. Rita and Courtney sucked and nibbled on my cheerleader-slave’s nipples, spurring Aurora to fuck Jeanette faster and faster.

Tracy and Rebecca swapped places. Tracy’s hungry, sucking mouth plunged over the tip of my dick. She bobbed her head fast, taking as much of my dick in her mouth as she could. I groaned as Rebecca flicked her tongue up and down my shaft, her dainty hands cupping and massaging my balls.

“Oh, fuck, yes!” Melissa held, the Black girl squeezing those ebony tits. “Coach Johnson, yes! You love eating my juicy cunt! Oh, my fucking god, yes!”

I watched her cum on the coach’s face. I watched her shudder and shiver, the pleasure surging through the Black girl. Her head threw back, her fingers digging into her round tits as she was lost to the sapphic ecstasy.

“Oh, my god, that’s so hot,” Aurora moaned, her crotch smacking into Jeanette’s rump.

“Yes,” Jeanette moaned. “Melissa looks so beautiful cumming on Coach Johnson’s face.”

“Yes,” I groaned, my dick throbbing in Tracy’s hungry mouth.

Then she and Rebecca swapped again. My cheerleader-slave swirled her tongue about out of my dick. Her golden hair danced about her shoulders as she stared up at me with worship. Shelly ground her cunt on me, moaning and gasping, more of her juices flowing down my thighs. Tracy went back to playing with my balls, sucking on them, caressing them with her tongue.

I couldn’t hold out much longer.

“Aurora!” Jeanette cried out. “Oh, my God, I can’t believe I’m cumming! I’m cumming from getting fucked by a dildo!”


Aurora slapped Jeanette’s ass and grunted, “Because you’re my lezzie slut right now!”

“I am, Aurora!” moaned the petite girl.

It was like those words had set off my sex slave. Aurora buried to the hilt in Jeanette while her ponytail danced down her lithe back. My sex slave cried out in rapture, her head tossed back. Her body shuddered. I caught a profile of her round breasts heaving as she shuddered. This was so hot to watch.

I was so glad my sex slave got to experience this pleasure. I wanted Aurora to have all the rapturous orgasms she could enjoy.

“Fuck!” I groaned, Rebecca’s tongue caressing the spongy tip of my dick. “I’m going to cum!”

“Yes, yes, cum, Justin,” Shelly moaned as she kept grinding her hot cunt on my thigh. “It’s the best!”

“I want to erupt on your faces, slaves!” I growled.

“You heard our Master!” screamed Aurora, her face twisting in orgasmic rapture.

Tracy and Rebecca sprang into action. Both grabbed my dick, pressing their cheeks together as they leaned in to please the tip. They stared up at me, one pair of blue eyes and another brown begging me to spill my jizz across their faces.

“Jizz all over our faces, Master!” Tracy moaned.

“Just coat us in your spunk!” gasped Rebecca.

My two naughty sex slaves fisted my dick, Rebecca’s hand above Tracy’s. It was too much. They both wanted it. I couldn’t deny my new sex slaves my jizz. With a loud grunt, I erupted.

Rapture fired out of my dick as my cum exploded onto their faces. Ropy lines of jizz splashed across both their features. I groaned as the ecstasy barreled into my mind. It lifted me to such heights of bliss.

Stars burst across my vision. I hugged Shelly tight against me as I unloaded more and more of my jizz. I coated their faces. I painted them in my pearly seed. My jizz splattered across their features. I groaned at how naughty they looked drenched in my seed.

“Oh, my God, that is so hot to watch,” Shelly moaned against me, still grinding that juicy snatch on my thigh. “Fuck!”

More of her cream gushed out of her as she plunged into another orgasm.

“That’s so hot, Master!” Aurora moaned, watching me over her shoulder as she just gripped Jeanette’s hips.

Rita and Courtney were no longer sucking on her nipples, but were on the ground, kissing each other, groping each other’s tits. The two loved each other with a passion, consumed by my commands.

“Ooh, I want to taste,” Aurora said. She ripped her dildo out of Jeanette’s juicy pussy. As the last of my spunk spurted out of my cock, Aurora turned to join her fellow sex slave. I smiled, buzzing from my orgasm and—

“Jefe!” A new voice screamed at the top of her lungs. “Fuck me!”

Petra rushed at me.

* * *

Salome “Sam” Shapiro

I tapped my foot, my impatience mounting. How much longer was Justin going to fuck his sex slave? It had been fifteen minutes already. Surely, he should have unloaded in her cunt by now.

I glanced down the hallway where the barking, growling boys were gangbanging Pearline. She was utterly naked now, her ebony flesh coated in their cum. They were jerking their cocks, splashing ropy spunk across her features when they couldn’t get into one of her juicy holes. Not long ago, President Bill had come around and had shooed away the proessors and staff trying to stop it.

Very unusual.

The ginger-haired “sewage worker” was also watching the animalistic boys fucking Pearline. He held a smart phone, taking pictures, clearly interested in their pleasure. He had a big grin on his face, the sort of perverted look that Justin would have if he witnessed it. I glanced over my shoulder at the bathroom door.

Justin would love to see this.

I pushed down another flare of impatience as I studied the “sewage worker.” Was he an NSA agent? He was interested in the sex, but it was such a fascinating thing to watch. Pearline’s ebony tits bounced and jiggled, pearly cum dripping down her swaying mounds’ sides. There was a perverse part of me that wanted to lick the jizz off of those breasts. Especially if it was Justin’s.

I squirmed, looking down on my phone. There was a new post.

Ipso_Custodes asked: “SalomeIsBored, is anything else weird going on that your college?”

“There is a Black girl getting gangbanged,” I reported. SalomeIsBored was my handle. President Bill stopped anyone from interfering. He allowed it to progress. It is very unusual.”

“Gangbang?” posted PleromaBirthright.

“That is very interesting,” commented FuckZuckerberg.

“Interesting. That is messed up. It shouldn’t be happening at a college. What else is going on, SalomeIsBored?” asked Ipso_Custodes.

I almost started typing about Justin’s parents, but I shouldn’t divulge my boyfriend’s secret. This strange hesitation gripped me. I didn’t normally hesitate to talk about anything. No subject was off limits, and yet... I also didn’t mention his sudden acquisition of a sex slave. Another... bizarre thing. My forehead furrowed. It perplexed me that I didn’t want to share this. I didn’t want to post this on the Internet. Justin wasn’t ashamed of it, nor was I.

Something affected my mind?

“Those Project KRONOS have anything to do with mind control?” I asked.

“If our government’s intelligence agencies are involved, I want to put it past them,” Ipso_Custodes posted.

“MK Ultra!!!” FuckZuckerberg typed.

I really need to talk to Justin. If there was some sort of government mind control program running around, changing how people acted. He needed to know. It might be affecting him. It might be affecting me. Was that why I was suddenly... so open to telling him about my feelings? Why did I think it was okay for Justin to have sex with his mother, but it would be wrong for anyone else? Why did President Bill think it was okay for Pearline to be gangbanged in the middle of the hall?

I grasped the handle for the single-use bathroom. I twisted the knob and threw it open, expecting to find Justin fucking Aurora hard and...

It was empty.

I frowned, swelling the lingering scent of Justin’s mother’s pussy. I thought Justin and Aurora had dived in here. Did they go into a different restroom? Where else could they have gotten to so fast? They couldn’t teleport... Or... If Project KRONOS was messing with time, space could also be affected.

First, I had to confirm if Justin was around.

Without hesitation, I plunged into the boys’ restroom, passing their urinals while marching for the three stalls in the back. They were painted beige instead of the pink of the girls’ restroom. I thrust the first stall open.


Second. The third. Nothing. Justin wasn’t in here.

I whirled around and marched out of the bathroom. Pearline was gasping in delight, the slap of flesh on flesh echoing down the hallway. The guys were baying like a pack of hounds now, most of them jerking off their dicks as they watch their two friends fuck the girl from either end. I marched past the single-use bathroom, ignoring them, and entered the girls’ restroom. There were seven stalls here.

I checked them all. Empty.

Frowning, I opened my phone. I had an app. It wasn’t precisely... legal. I had to jailbreak my phone to install it. I punched in Justin’s number and waited to see if I could get a ping off his GPS. I had to talk to him. This was so important.

He was in the girls’ locker room. What was he doing in there?

* * *

Justin Sampson

Petra, her clothing still disarrayed from masturbating before the locker rooms, rushed to me. Her right breast bounced before her, exposed. I stared at the heaving, golden-brown mound as the Hispanic girl rushed closer. Her light-brown, curly hair danced around her expression. She had a wild look on her face, her dark eyes glassy.

Her fingers had a juicy gleam about them.

“Justin!” she moaned as she fell to her knees beside Tracy, who was still kissing Rebecca, the two sex slaves licking my jizz off each other. Aurora was on the other side, kneeling by Rebecca. Aurora had a look of such glee on her face. “I’m so glad to find you in here!”

“You need something, Petra?” I asked, not concealing the smile growing on my face.

“Yes, Petra, is there something you wanted to tell Justin?” Aurora asked, her gloating glee dripping from her words. “Something that you claimed was... impossible.”

“Yes, you are right, Aurora!” Petra stared up at me. “Justin, make me your puta. Make me your sex slave like Aurora!”

My smile grew. “Why?”

“Because... I just realized how sexy you are. It’s been driving me wild all day at school. I can’t think of anything else. I can’t stop myself from touching my body. I’m so horny. I keep almost cumming and cumming, but I never get there. I just know that you’ll satisfy me. That if I’m your sex slave, I will finally get all the pleasure I crave. Please, Justin, make me your puta!”

“So you really want to be my puta, huh?” I asked Petra, loving the way she squirmed before me, golden-brown boob exposed.

She nodded her head. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I can’t deny this horny ache. I know I will cum so hard if I submit to you. That’s what I need. Please, let me be your slave, Jefe. Please!”

“Well, how can you say no to that, Master?” Aurora asked. “She’s as much a whore as I am. And she’s finally realizing it.”

“I am, Aurora,” Petra said. “I’m so sorry for being in a bitch to you. I’m just so confused. And my boyfriend, Steve, is fucking your boyfriend and Lance. It’s all so fucked up. None of this makes any sense. I just need to cum.”

“Then strip. Show me that body.” I licked my lips, staring down at her. “Show me that you’re utterly devoted to serving me.”

“Yes, Jefe!” She grabbed her blouse and ripped it over her head, her curly, light-brown hair spilling about her flushed face. Her tits jiggled, the exposed one swaying more than the one still held in her bra. She reached behind her and unfasten her bra, exposing both of her large tits. They were just soft, so pliant. They reminded me of my mother’s tits, though Petra’s had such a delicious, golden-brown hue to them. Her nipples fat and brown. She wiggled on her knees, working up her skirt and panties in one go, exposing her triangular tuft of pubic hair leading down to her shaved vulva.

Cupping her tits, she stared at me with that adoration. “I’m your sex slave, Jefe!”

“Yeah, you are, slut,” Aurora moaned.

“Tracy, Rebecca, stop licking my cum off your faces. Save some for your new fellow sex slave.” I glanced at Petra. “Well, slut?”

The Hispanic whore didn’t hesitate. She groaned and pressed her face towards Tracy’s. She licked up a line of pearly spunk running from Tracy’s neck up to her ear. I groaned as one of the bitches who used to make fun of me now eagerly lapped up my cum off another girl’s face. I smiled as I stared down at my harem. Aurora nuzzled against Rebecca’s cheek, doing the same thing as Petra.

They were sluts for my cum.

Tracy turned her head, letting Petra find new places to lick. The Hispanic whore moaned as she gathered more and more of my pearly spunk. The jizz gathered on her tongue before she yanked it into her mouth. She moaned, savoring the flavor. She was such a wonderful sex slave. Petra found more and more of my pearly cum to enjoy.

Then she was kissing Tracy. Their tongues were dancing together. On the other side, Aurora was snowballing my jizz back and forth with Rebecca. I groaned as I took in this wonderful moment, the moans of girls gasping and shuddering echoed around me. Shelly gasped as she was pulled away from me by Coach Johnson. The blonde girl who was humping against my thigh now ground her cunt on the older woman’s hungry mouth. Melissa grabbed Jeanette, the pair falling into a hot sixty-nine.

“Goddamn, I love stopping time,” I muttered. “This is fucking amazing.”

My four sex slaves moaned and groaned as they shared my cum. The two blonde cheerleaders had their lips glued together now, Aurora’s round breasts nuzzling into Rebecca’s firm tits. Aurora still wore her strap-on. It glistened with Jeanette’s pussy juices. An idea slowly rose in my mind.

I smiled.

I glanced at Petra, her tongue dueling with Tracy’s. The two sluts clutched each other, their faces almost merged together as they loved sharing my cum. As if they felt me watching, Petra and Tracy broke the kiss to look up at me.

For moment, a line of spittle connected their lush lips. It snapped.

“Do you want me to do something else, Jefe?” asked Petra.

“Yes, I do. You been such a pain in my ass over the years. Been such a fucking bitch to me.”

She swallowed. “I just didn’t know, Jefe. I’m so sorry. I’ll do anything to make up for it. I’m your puta. Use me. Abuse me. Just let me cum!”

“I’m going to fuck you so hard up your ass. It’s only fair, right?” I gave her an evil grin.

“That’s only fair, Jefe.”

“And while I’m fucking your ass, you’re going to be riding that pussy up and down Aurora’s strap-on.”

Aurora broke her kiss with Rebecca, her green eyes bursting with joy. “Thank you, Master! I love fucking Petra with my strap on.”

Petra nodded her head. “Our maricón boyfriends used to love watching that. They were probably wishing they were sticking each other.” Anger flashed across Petra’s face. “¡Chingados!”

She did not like being cheated on.

Aurora stretched out on her back, her hand gripping the base of her dildo. It thrust up into the air, a dark-purple shaft of rubber glistening with Jeanette’s dew. She waggled it as Petra crawled around Tracy and Rebecca to reach her. My Hispanic sex slave had such a naughty grin on her face, staring at the dildo like it was a siren leading her to such naughty pleasures.

Petra threw her limber thigh over Aurora’s waist. My chief sex slave held the dildo up, aiming it right at Petra’s shaved snatch. The dark-purple tip nuzzled into my Hispanic sex slave’s plump lips. Petra’s back arched as she sank down it.

“¡Madre de Dios!” moaned Petra. “I love riding a dildo.”

She looked over her shoulder at me, giving me a smoking look. She reached behind her, parting her golden-brown butt-cheeks. She exposed her puckered sphincter. “The only thing that would make it better, Jefe, will be for you to slide that big, thick dick into my asshole.”

“Fuck her ass, Master!” Tracy moaned.

“Can I eat out Tracy’s pussy while you do?” asked Rebecca.

“I want you two sluts sixty-nining while I fuck Petra’s asshole!” I growled, advancing on my Hispanic slave.

Tracy and Rebecca squealed in delight. They shifted around as I passed them, eager to devour each other. I would make sure my sex slaves had all the pussy they wanted to eat.

I fell to my knees behind Petra. I stared at that rump. I smacked my cock against her right butt-cheek, making it jiggled. I loved the sight. She had a plumpness about her that excited me. A peachy ass.

I slid my cock down into her butt-crack. She whimpered, knowing this would hurt without any lube. But I could tell that she wanted. She wanted to make me happy. She would get pleasure in her pussy from me fucking her asshole.

I found her butthole, lined up, and thrust.

She let out a throaty groan as her sphincter resisted. With only my precum lubing my tip, I had to push harder. But her anal ring surrendered after a moment. My dick popped into the velvety grip of her hot sheath. I groaned as I slid deeper and deeper into her. My back arched as my crotch smacked into her rump.

“¡Puta!” she groaned. “You’re so huge, puta!”

“And you’re so fucking tight, slut,” I growled, my hands squeezing her breasts. I squeezed those big, soft mounds. “Now fuck us, slut. Take your punishment and your pleasure. You’re mine!”

Her bowels clenched down on my cock. She whimpered out, “Yes, I am yours, puta!”

She moved her hips, riding up Aurora’s dildo while stirring her asshole around my dick. I drew back, loving the way she whimpered and moaned, a mix of pain and pleasure rippling through her voice. The friction was incredible. My dick drank it in while my balls grew tighter and tighter.

I slammed back in, driving her down Aurora’s dildo. My first sex slave gasped in delight, her face twisting with pleasure. I stared at her over Petra’s shoulder, loving the pleasure brimming in her green eyes.

Her hands joined me in squeezing Petra’s breast. We kneaded them as I fucked my cock in and out of Petra’s hot bowels. Aurora’s fingers were so lithe as they danced around mine, circling around my thicker digits gripping the Hispanic slut’s heavy mounds.

Petra gasped, “Yes, yes, play with my nipples, Aurora!”

I thrust harder into her bowels, finding a rhythm with her hips as she slid her cunt up and down Aurora’s dildo. “You love us doing this to you, don’t you? You love my cock fucking your ass!”

“I do!” she whimpered, her bowels squeezing tight around my cock. “Oh, yes, yes I love it! It hurts, but in a good way! I’m such a puta! Just a dirty whore.”

“Are you a pain slut?” I grunted, my hips thrusting harder, my balls smacking into her taint.

“Big time!”

“So you love it when I do this!” Aurora purred.

Petra squealed in rapturous delight. Her bowels clenched hard on my thrusting dick, increasing the velvety pleasure massaging my sensitive tip. Petra lithe back arched into my chest. Her moans echoed through the locker room, merging with the other sounds the lesbian sex gasping around us.

“What did you do to her, Aurora?” I grunted, my balls thwacking again and again into Petra’s taint. They were full of cum. Ready to spurt into her depths.

“I’m pinching her nipples, Master!” Aurora moaned.

“She’s abusing my nubs!” Petra screamed. “I’m going to cum like a filthy whore, Jefe! May I cum? Please?”

“I don’t know,” I grunted, slamming my dick as hard as I could into her bowels. “You haven’t made me or Aurora cum yet. Don’t be a selfish cunt!”

“I won’t be, Jefe!”

“Just keep riding my dildo, Petra!” Aurora moaned. “Ooh, you’re massaging my clit. It drove me closer and closer to cumming. Oh, Master, she is driving me wild!”

“Cum, slut!” I ordered as I pounded my Hispanic slave’s tight bowels.

Aurora’s squeal echoed through the locker room as I pounded Petra’s tight bowels. It was clear that my first sex slave was cumming. She gasped out her rapture as Petra ground the base of dildo into Aurora’s clit. The sounds they made built my own orgasm, along with the sounds around me. All these girls were panting and moaning, cumming in sapphic delight because of me. I gave them this bliss. I let them experience such rapture, this pleasure that they were too afraid of to indulge in. They denied themselves because society had told them was wrong. I told him that was right. That they should indulge in here.

I had amazing power. This thrill surged through me. I would change so much. I would give out my commands with my harem of sluts led by Aurora, my girlfriend Sam at my side, and my mom and sister cheering me on.

Krystal would be mine.

I slammed into the depths of Petra’s asshole. The velvety grip caressed the tip of my dick. The pressure swelled. My balls smacked into her taint. They boiled over with cum. I gripped her breasts and threw back my head, howling out my rapture.

My cum fired into her bowels. Hot spurts jetted out of me, each one sending pleasure rippling through my body. I loved this moment. The wonderful, Earth-shattering moment of spurting my jizz into my sex slave’s asshole. My fingers dug into her tits as I snarled out my pleasure.

“Now you can cum, slut!” I growled.

“Yes, yes, cum with us, Petra!” howled Aurora.

“Thank you, Jefe!”

Petra’s bowels writhed about my dick. As I spurted the last blast of my cum into her depths, her flesh rippled about me. She screamed out in pleasure, shuddering between us. I held her tight, loving the fact that this bitch was turned into my sex slave. She would worship me. Love me. She would be so happy serving me. She and Tracy and Rebecca and, most importantly, Aurora.

I stared down at my first sex slave, such joy bursting in her green eyes as she shuddered through her own orgasm. She beamed up at me. Such a wonderful, naughty soul. I was glad I said those words to her. That I had unleashed all her passion.

“Damn,” I groaned. “We are going to have so much fun.”

“Yes, we are, Master!” Aurora moaned.

Nearby, Shelly came on Coach Johnson’s mouth. I watched the lesbian coach lick her student’s pussy. It was such a hot sight to witness. Then that dyke pulled her face away and grinned. Her tone body was all lithe muscles and sensual flesh. She swept her gaze around the rest of the orgy, clearly looking for another pussy to enjoy.

* * *

Krystal Sampson

Miss Daisy kept smiling at me as she stalked the classroom, her gaze smoky. I sat with my back straight, drinking in her attention. Ji-Yun beside me was equally beaming. It was such a fun day so far. My pockets bulged with other girls’ panties, and now my favorite teacher, the delicious and busty redhead, was staring at me with such hunger. She had those dainty glasses—sexy, librarian glasses—perched on her nose. Her youthful cheeks burned brighter as she gave me such smoky looks.

Pencils scratched around me as students worked on their English essays. Miss Daisy approached my desk, kneeling before me, almost thrusting her bountiful cleavage into my face. Her green eyes smoldered behind her glasses as her hand, almost absently, brushed mine resting on my desk.

Tingles raced through me from her fingers.

“Krystal,” she said, her voice breathy, “I was wondering if I could speak to you. After classes.”

My pussy clenched. My commands had worked. “Oh,” I said, trying to play coy while my insides burst with such excitement. “About what?”

“Oh, I thought you would be interested in a special study session. Something a little more intimate then we can do in a full classroom.”

I fought so hard not to squeal out a girlish excitement. My eighteen-year-old body trembled. “I think I’d like that, Miss Daisy.”

The teacher gave Ji-Yun a sidelong glance. “Maybe we could make it a... threesome? I’m sure Ji-Yun would love to join.”

I nodded my head, my heart bursting with joy. I loved the ability to stop time and mind-control women. It was awesome.

“Good,” Miss Daisy said. She leaned closer, her voice going to a whisper that I could barely hear. “I hope you enjoy eating pussy.”

That was so bold. “I do.”

“Good, I just know you’ll enjoy licking your brother’s cum out of me. I’ll have so much of it in me.”

Then she rose, leaving me flabbergasted. Justin’s cum? He was going to fuck her? He must have given her some sort of perverted commands. He wanted her to be full of cum when I played with her. A sharp jolt of fear passed through me. I glanced at my friend.

She smiled back at me and arched her eyebrows. Had Justin...

No, no, he couldn’t have done something to her. Not my Ji-Yun.

* * *

Salome “Sam” Shapiro

I burst into the girls’ locker room, took three steps past the sinuous entrance, and stopped. I blinked at the sight of the lesbian orgy before me. Girls were gasping and moaning, feasting on each other’s pussy. Tracy and Rebecca were engaged in a wild sixty-nine, and beside them Jeanette and Melissa were writhing together, their ivory and ebony bodies pressed tight.

Coach Johnson, her face glistening with pussy juices, moved away from the trembling blonde. She saw me, stalking towards me. The gym coach’s breasts swayed as she sauntered to me. A shiver of heat shot through me. This is all so... arousing.

“Sam!” Justin said, ripping his cock out of what looked like Petra Hidalgo’s asshole. He rose, giving me such a foolish grin. I went to dart around Coach Johnson to reach him, but the gym teacher snagged me. I gasped as her fingers dug into my arm through my baggy sweatshirt. She pushed me back against the end of the row of lockers.

Her tongue flicked out across her lips.

“Sam Shapiro,” she purred. “You got out of my PE class last year. That little note claimed you needed to focus on academics and not your physical education.” She tutted me. “Well, I need to rectify that. I need to give you such a thorough physical education now.”

She fell to her knees before me and grabbed my sweatpants. She yanked them down. “Stop that!” I shouted, struggling to grab them. A part of me wanted to let her, but I had to talk to Justin. “What are you doing?”

Her hands reached for my panties next. Her fingers hooked the waistband. I snagged her wrist, shaking my head. I didn’t have time for this. I didn’t need to have this crazy woman eat my pussy. I needed to speak to Justin.

“Stop that!” I snapped.

“Now you listen here, you naughty little bitch!” Coach Johnson hissed. She ripped down my panties, her arms stronger than my grip. “I can eat any cunt I want in this locker room.”

“Justin!” I shouted as she buried her face between my thighs.

To be continued...