The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Time Manipulation Mind Control

by mypenname3000

Chapter 15: Sister’s Wicked Pleasures

Krystal Sampson

I clapped my hands together, shouting, “Come on and cum in her! I don’t care if you’re gay!”

“I’m getting closer, Mistress,” grunted Steve. He was Petra’s ex-boyfriend, one of the three guys my brother turned gay yesterday by accident when he first paused time and started this wonderful mess. Steve had a fit, muscular body that I was appreciating a lot more since my girlfriend, Ji-Yun, turned me bi a few hours ago. He thrust forward into Pearline’s sloppy cunt. She was my Black sex slave. I commanded her to kneel on the ground and take the fucking.

She obeyed with eager joy.

“Yes, yes, cum in me!” moaned Pearline. She used to be my bully. She just wanted to love me. And since I turned her into an utter ho-bag when I paused time this morning, she enjoyed taking cock after cock, making a huge, yummy creampie for me to enjoy.

I licked my lips. I really enjoyed devouring cum out of a girl’s pussy. And since my brother was too busy to give me what I craved, I didn’t have much choice but to use the mind-controlled, gay guys who’d become his personal army.

“I know you’d rather be balls deep in some guy, but you just need to cum in her. I know her pussy still feels great about your dick.”

“I know my pussy loves his cock pounding me, Mistress,” Pearline moaned. Her tits jiggled beneath her. She lowered her head, groaning, adding her moans to the mostly lesbian orgy raging through the gymnasium. The hundreds of girls that belong to my brother were all loving each under the watchful eyes of the ever-growing number of police officers that were showing up.

My brother’s power was growing. Good thing he liked me so I could enjoy the perks.

“Fuck!” Steve growled, throwing back his head. His glasses shifted on his face as he unloaded his cum into my slave’s cunt.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Pearline moaned.

“Flood her with all that yummy jizz,” moaned Ji-Yun. She was on her back while Brittany, another girl my brother gave me for my own personal harem, was between my girlfriend’s thighs. “Ooh, flood her with all that cum in your balls. Krystal is such a slut for it.”

“Yep! I am a complete slut for cum. For creampies.”

Steve ripped his dick out of Pearline’s pussy. Her cunt gaped open, the flood of white cream leaking out of her. More pearly jizz stained her thighs. I couldn’t resist any longer. I threw myself down behind her, grabbing her ebony rump. My tongue licked up her thigh.

Cum melted on my tongue. It was salty and seasoned with my sex slave’s tart pussy cream.

I lapped higher and higher up her silky, inner thigh. I gathered more and more of that wonderful jizz. Even when I was a pure lesbian, I enjoyed the flavor of my brother’s cum leaking out of our mother’s pussy. Now that I was bi, it was an even better treat. The spunk spilled over my chin and cheeks as it poured out of my sex slave’s cunt. She had five loads of spunk in her.


I reached her cum-filled cunt and nuzzled into her messy folds. The hot jizz seasoned by her tart pussy juices spilled over my lips. It poured into my mouth. I just had to seal my lips around her hole and drink the delight. There was so much in her. A river of salty spunk spilled into my mouth.

I gulped it down.

“Yes, yes, enjoy yourself, Mistress!” Pearline moaned, wiggling her hips.

I was. I dug my fingers into her rump, squeezing and kneading her as I enjoyed more and more of that delicious spunk pouring into my mouth. I swallowed it. I gulped it down and shuddered as it warmed my belly. My heart thundered in delight as a billowing heat rushed through my nethers. I squeezed my eyes shut, my hips wiggling back and forth. My own pussy was on fire.

I had to do something about that.

Just as I was about to plunge my fingers into my cunt, delicate digits grabbed my butt-cheek. I shivered, knowing that touch.

“Ji-Yun!” I squealed as my girlfriend nuzzled into my pussy’s depths.

I missed her moving behind me, just too wrapped up in enjoying the yummy spunk leaking out of my sex slave’s cunt. Pleasure fluttered through me as Ji-Yun’s tongue lapped through my folds, teasing my petals.

It was incredible. Pleasure rippled through me in hot waves. Ecstatic joy sloshed into my mind. I kneaded Pearline’s rump and thrust my tongue deep into her snatch while enjoying my girlfriend’s naughty licking.

“Mmm, you’re so wet and juicy, Krystal,” Ji-Yun moaned. “This turned you on.”

“I want to cum so hard,” I moaned before jamming my tongue back into Pearline’s depths.

As Ji-Yun’s tongue found my clit, I scooped out more and more jizz from the depths of my sex slave’s cunt. My clit throbbed every time Ji-Yun’s tongue flicked in. Sparks showered through me. They landed on the tinder inside my pussy, bringing me closer and closer to a blazing bonfire.

I shuddered, so eager to blaze. So in need of that burning passion to sweep through me.

My hips wiggled which rubbed my clit across Ji-Yun’s lips. She sucked on my bud. My pussy clenched as I moaned. I groped and kneaded Pearline’s ass as I feasted on her cunt. The salty jizz had run out, but her tart juices still flowed. I lapped them up, making my sex slave gasp and moan in delight.

“Thank you, Mistress!” she gasped. “Thank you, thank you for eating my pussy. For loving me. I’m going to cum!”

I knew the feeling.

Ji-Yun nipped my clit. That spark of excitement flooded through me. I gasped, my eyes shooting wide as the pleasure slammed into my growing orgasm. It detonated in the depths of my cunt. Rapture rippled through my body.

“Oh, yes, yes!” I howled into Pearline’s juicy snatch.

My fingers dug hard into my sex slave’s rump as I quivered and shuddered in orgasmic bliss. Ji-Yun sucked on my clit as my pussy convulsed. My juices gushed out, spilling over her face. I bathed her in my passion while my mind melted.

I loved it.

My tongue jammed deep into Pearline’s cunt, swirling around through her tart depths. I fluttered it against her silky pussy walls as my body shivered through my bliss. I feasted on her. I devoured her cream, inspired by my pleasure coursing through my body.

“Mistress!” howled my sex slave. Her rump tightened beneath my fingers. “I love serving you!”

Her juices gushed out over my face. I bathed in her tart cream. As my orgasm peaked in me, carrying me to the blissful heights of eternity, I reveled in my sex slave’s cream.

I loved it. I hoped Justin never had to turn off that dumb machine. I never wanted to give this up. There were so many hot girls that we could dominate. So many delicious pussies that I could lick the salty cum out of.

I lifted my head and cast my gaze around. Where was my brother? He was missing out on this awesome orgy.

* * *

Justin Sampson

My heart screamed in terror as I fled from the howling horde of naked girls chasing after Sam and me. I clutched my girlfriend’s hand tight as I pulled her along the hallway. I could hardly hear the slap of our naked feet on the linoleum floor. It wasn’t our college. It was close.

This was Mary Glassner College. Not Mark Glassner College.

Sam and I were in a parallel reality, a different universe. And it was a fucked up one where my little sister, Krystal, was leading a horde of naked girls through the hallway. They thought I’d escaped from their custody, and that Sam was a traitor for setting me free. They wanted to capture us both. Punish us. I didn’t like the sound of that. I had no idea what had happened in this alternate reality. I didn’t want to find out. I wanted to get back to my own universe.

I ran like I never had in my life.

Sam clutched my hand with a desperate grip. I threw a look back at her, her face flushed, her loose braid black hair bouncing behind her. There was fear in her dark eyes, her glasses slipping on her nose. She shoved them up as we rounded the corner. The hallway led to the library. The double doors were open and...

“Fuck!” I snarled, panting hard as I was approaching the limits of my exertion. “We can’t go in there.”

“Yes, we can,” Sam said.

I slid to a stop in the middle the hallway. Classroom doors flanking both sides. She tugged at my hand, trying to haul me down the hallway. I didn’t like the idea of going into the library and being trapped. My instincts screamed at me to find another choice.

“There are plenty of spaces to conceal ourselves in the library,” she insisted.

“But it’s a dead end.” I looked around, needing to think. Those slapping feet and howling screeches were coming closer. It sounded more like a flock of harpies than a pack of schoolgirls. “They’re going to search it.”

“And? You have any other ideas?”

I darted for the nearest classroom door. Internally, I prayed, Please, please, let this door be unlocked!

I grabbed the knob, twisted. It opened. I dragged Sam into the dark classroom, the only light flooding through the windows on the far side of the room. I kept the doorknob turned and closed the door slowly, quietly. I couldn’t make any noise. When it was flushed shut, the sounds of the howling girls nearer, I turned the knob with as much care as I could, letting it latch silently.

Then I twisted the lock.

I backed away, breathing heavily. Sam took my hand again, drawing me towards the windows at the far end. I whispered, “We just have to be quiet. They’ll think we’re in the library. The moment they start searching it, we’ll slip by and get back to our reality.”

A shiver ran through me then a pit opened in my stomach. I shot a glance at her, asking, “Our reality will still be there. Right?”

Sam nodded her head. “I believe so.” She drew in deep breaths, her small breasts rising and falling. “I cannot... say for... sure.” Her words were broken by her pants. Her entire body was flesh. “But... hopefully...”

I put my arm around her shoulder, pulling her to me. She clung to me, trembling. I wanted to shake, too, but I needed to be strong for her. I was her boyfriend. This mess was partly my fault. I had the chance to end this sooner. Now we were trapped in this crazy world.

“Where did they go?” a girl shouted.

“They must have gone into the library,” the haughty voice of Paris said.

“Check the classroom just to be sure,” Krystal ordered. “We’ll work our way down them one at a time. They’re trapped either way.”

I groaned.

Someone clapped sharply. “You heard them, sluts, our Queen gave us a command!” Aurora barked. “Start searching!”

Doors began banging open. Girls reported that the classrooms they searched were clear. I backed closer to the window and stopped on something that shifted beneath my foot and clinked. There was a chain on the ground connected to a pair of manacles. It was bolted recently to the wall. I could see the drywall dust piled beneath it, left behind by the installation. There were more of them around the room. It looked like they were drilled into each of the wall’s studs.

What the fuck?

“Justin!” Sam whimpered. “They’re about to find our—”

Someone tried to open our door. The handle rattled. “Mistress, here. Someone’s locked this door!”

“Batter it down!” hissed Krystal. “Find my bastard brother and that traitorous bitch. I want them punished!”

“The door’s solid,” I said, my fear surging through me. “They’re not going to batter it down right away.”

“But we’re trapped, Justin,” Sam groaned.

There had to be a way out. Something that I could do. I turned around, searching. Could I use the chains or the...? Windows! They opened. We were on the second story, but we were at the back of the school. In our world, there was a grass field outside. Plus there was a ledge right outside the window. Hope surged through me.

“Help me get the window open!” I snarled. I could see the field outside. This looked just like our college campus. This would work.

“What?” Sam demanded as pounding thuds hammered the door. The girls were ramming their shoulders into it, gasping and grunting as they struggled to knock it down. “We’re on the second floor. We’ll hurt ourselves.”

“What do you think they’re going to do to us?” I demanded, wrenching open the window.

“That is a compelling argument, Justin,” Sam said and attacked the screen, prying it out of the way. She bent the aluminum frame to get it free then threw it down to the floor. She was eager to escape. Clearly, she didn’t want to find out what “punishment” meant.

I threw a look at the door, watching it shake with the impacts. I didn’t want to know either.

“We need something heavier to break this down!” Aurora shouted. “Go get some baseball bats from the gym or something!”

That was a good sign. They were having a hard time getting through the door. If they thought to attack the doorknob, Sam and I would be in a lot more trouble. I helped Sam through the window. She stepped out on the little ledge, whimpering. I followed her out, my cock and balls swaying beneath me. My nuts almost caught on the windowsill. Doing shit like this naked was not ideal.

I looked down. Swallowed

It was higher than I thought. We were only on the second floor, but it looked like it was a twenty-foot drop.

I knelt down and took Sam’s hands. “I want to lower you down, okay. You won’t have as far to fall.”

She nodded. Then she stepped out over the edge, lowering herself. She winced as her naked belly rubbed on the edge. I gripped her arms, sliding her lower. I groaned. She was a slender girl, but it was still hard holding her weight over the edge. I lowered her as far as I could. She stared up at me, her eyes wild.

I let go. Sam let out a little shriek then hit the grass. Her knees bent, absorbing her impact, she rolled over onto her side. She lay there panting, shivering.

“You okay?” I asked.

“Yes. Come on, Justin, hurry.”

I threw a look over my shoulder. The door rattled again. Swallowing, I shifted around on my knees. It was my turn to slide out over the ledge. I lowered my legs and winced as my cock slipped past the edge. I really, really wish I had put on some pants. The edge scraped up my stomach to my chest. I gripped it with my arms, wanting to keep lowering myself until it dangled by my fingers. I want to get—

My grip slipped.

“Fuck!” I shouted.

The school building blurred past me, and then I hit the grass. The impact jarred up my legs. I fell backward, hitting hard. The air rushed out of my lungs in a mighty cough. I groaned, staring up at the blue sky. I blinked my eyes, flexing my toes.

Sam’s face appeared over mine, her glasses a little askew. “Are you hurt?”

“I’m fine,” I grunted. “Come on. We need to move.”

* * *

Salome “Sam” Shapiro

Justin stood with a groan. He flexed his legs and toes. Then he grabbed my hand. We didn’t so much as run as move at a swift jog. We kept close to the side of the building and slowed as we approached the corner. Justin slowed to a stop to peek out in search of any danger. I quivered behind him, shivering. I needed to think. To gather my thoughts. This was so crazy. To think that a parallel reality would be this different.

What had happened here?

“Okay, we’re clear,” Justin said. He pointed towards the fence that surrounded our college. “There is a gate that leads out to the rear parking lot. We can get out that way.”

“Justin,” I hissed, “that won’t get us back to our reality.”

“Shit!” he snarled. “Right, right, I’m not thinking straight. I just want to get the fuck out of here. Clearly, the Krystal of this reality is the one who’s taken charge, and she has some weird ideas.”


Then I saw something on the horizon. A column of smoke. It billowed up into the sky, thick and greasy. I frowned, wondering what was on fire in that direction. Then I noticed other plumes. There were dozens of fires. I also heard a faint, clattering sound. It almost was like... gunfire. It was similar to all the fireworks going off on the Fourth of July, but there was also something... sinister to the noise.

“Justin, I think things have gone very wrong in this world.”

“No shit,” he said. “My little sister wants to capture me.”

“No, look at the horizon. Listen to those sounds.”

He stood still for a moment, studying the distance. I pressed up against him, feeling the solid presence of his body. He was something real and tangible from our universe. I drew comfort from his arm being around me. I rested my head on his shoulder.

“We’re going to get back to our reality, and turn off that damn machine,” he said. “This madness isn’t going to spread to our world.”

He spoke with such confidence. I believed him.

“Okay, there’s another entrance near here. We just follow the building around to get there. It should let us back in close to where we crossed over to this world.”

I visualized what he was describing and nodded my head.

We slipped out around the corner, Justin leading, me holding his hand and drifting behind him. He skirted down the walls, heading towards a small group of bushes. I could see the main entrance to the school grounds, wincing at the group of armed women at the front holding some sort of rifles. They were all facing outward at the street. None were looking back at us.

I heard the rattle of chains.

“Bushes!” Justin hissed.

Justin pulled me into a nearby bush and we ducked. My heart beat with such a frantic pace that I thought it would rupture. I clung to him, a new wave of terror watching over me. Had Krystal and her horde of girls found us? Had they already battered through the door and had discovered we’d fled out the window? I wanted to ask Justin, but a feral instinct told me I needed to be quiet. This animalistic part of my brain begged me not to move a muscle.

The clink of chains grew louder. It was the rattling sound of dozens of chains all clattering together. Justin shifted. He let out an angry snarled beneath his breath, perhaps a swear word. Despite the fear, my curiosity seized me.

What was going on?

I pushed up my glasses and gazed in that same direction. Through breaks in the foliage, I spotted a group of naked boys, all chained together like they were prisoners. They were being escorted by a group of nude coeds. Several of them held floggers or flails, strange implements to see schoolgirls wield. They would crack them on the asses of any of who they felt weren’t moving fast enough, barking encouragements and threats.

“Yep, it’s time for you to be drained,” said a girl I recognized from my useless gender studies class. I also recognize several the boys, including Chris, Aurora’s ex-boyfriend in our world.

“Move those arses, nasty boys,” said Britney, her English accent giving a strange, refined dictation to her commands. “We need to drain your bollocks. Move it!”

I glanced at Justin as the chain gang past us. Drain their bollocks? I mouthed at him.

He shook his head.

The sound of rattling chains dwindled, along with the occasional crack of the flail on a guy’s rump. It sounded like they were being led inside the entrance we were going to use. Justin and I waited in the bushes, time crawling past us. I was counting heartbeats, wondering what we should do. Should we head inside? Should we stay here? How long would it take for Krystal and her horde of girls to realize we’d escape the classroom?

They would flood the college looking for us.

“We got to move,” Justin suddenly said. “We stay here, we’re fucked.”

I nodded my head. Though I wanted to stay here—I felt safe since we were hidden—I knew it wouldn’t get us back to our world.

Holding Justin’s hand tight, I followed him out the bushes. He stepped on the other side, peering to the door where the chain gang must have vanished. The doors were propped open, revealing an empty hallway lined with classrooms that also had their doors open.

“I don’t see any movement,” Justin said. “We need to move fast. Okay?”

I nodded.

“We get upstairs, cross back into our universe, and then we figure out how we’re going to turn that dumb time machine off.”

I nodded again. “Let’s go. I just want to move.”

We hurried towards the school. I shuddered, leaving me feeling so exposed. If one of those women guarding the entrance looked back behind her and noticed us... What if one of the girls who was escorting the boys showed back up? Where had they taken those boys? What did it mean that they were going to drain their bollocks?

We stepped into the hallway, and I heard grunts and groans from boys. The noise came from one of the classrooms. There was this wet sound like something juicy was being churned. Flesh slapped flesh. Then I heard the whimper of girls. Sexual whimpers.

“Are they fucking those captured guys?” Justin whispered as we crept down the hallway.

“Perhaps... I should go first. I’m a girl. They seem to have free reign here.”

Justin nodded his head.

It was so hard to leave him behind. I had to force myself to walk straight-back. I’d read enough books to know that people who act like they’re sneaking looked suspicious. Maybe that was just fiction, but it made a certain sense. If I looked like I belonged, perhaps the girls wouldn’t question why was I here. I passed the first classroom, peering inside. There were more of the manacles, but it was empty of people. Same with the second and third. But the fourth...

“Work your cunts up and down their cocks, girls,” Brittany said, her English diction begin making this feel surreal. She strolled around the center of the room, staring at all those boys now chained to the wall, girls straddling them. “Work those fannies up and down those cocks. I know it’s not ideal. I know you’d rather have dildos in you than those filthy boy-cocks, but we have to drain all that nasty lust out of them. So work those twats, girls!”

“Come on, you filthy boy, just cum in me,” hissed that girl from my gender studies class. Her ass clenched as she worked her cunt up and down his dick. “We need to get every drop out of you. We need to let you contribute to society again.”

“If we can’t drain you, we will have to castrate you,” another girl moaned, her pussy working up and down Chris’s dick. “You want that?”

“No, Mistress,” Chris said.” I’m trying. I’m almost there.”

I swallowed. This was crazy. What had happened to this world? What had Krystal done to it? I licked my lips, studying the room. The women hadn’t noticed me. Brittany had her attention on the girl’s fucking the boys. And those girls were all facing the walls as they worked their pussies up and down their imprisoned guy’s dick.

I glanced down at Justin waiting at the end of the hallway. I stepped past the doorway then motioned for him.

My heart beats so fast as he rushed towards me, his bare feet slapping on the linoleum tiles. What if they noticed him? My skin felt so tight. I wanted to just scream out all this writhing, nervous energy sparking in my guts. He came closer and closer.

He was at the door.

I tensed for the shout, for the girl to see him and—

He was past it.

Justin took my hand. I exhaled a breath I didn’t even realize I held.

We hurried down the hallway, leaving behind that strange scene. Our feet padded on the linoleum tile as we rounded the corner. The stairs were ahead. My fear was bleeding out of me, body shaking as the adrenaline dwindled in my system. I suddenly wanted to throw up and...

I heard a noise.

Girls were coming down the stairs.

Justin squeezed my hand at the sound of the approaching girls. Their footsteps echoed as they descended the stairs. Not fast, but taking their time. Still, we had to move. There were open classroom doors all around us. We could duck into one of them, but it would be hard to hide. If we closed the door, it would look suspicious.

“I am so glad I’m not on ball-draining duty,” said the familiar, Latina accent of Petra. “I can’t believe I used to like dicks.”

“I know,” answered a girl that sounded a bit like Melissa. “I used to let guys slide inside of me and pump their filthy lust into me. I’m so glad our Queen taught us differently.”

“Yeah, I’m so glad we’re not putas any longer.”

“The classroom?” I whispered to Justin.

He shook his head, staring down the hallway, looking for someplace to hide.

“I have an idea,” I told him. “Do you... trust me?”

“Of course I trust you,” he said.

* * *

Aurora Pritchard

“Oh, yes, yes, you eat my pussy, Petra,” I moaned, lying on my back as my Hispanic friend, and fellow sex slave, feasted on my cunt. She had her face buried into my snatch. She licked and lapped, her tongue fluttering up and down my folds. She teased me. She made me feel so good. I trembled, grinding my pussy against her face. I squeezed my tits, kneading them. My fingers dug into my round mounds.

The orgy in the gymnasium raged around us. It was so hot. I loved all the sounds of these gasping girls. The girls that I mind-controlled into being my Master’s sex slaves. I did this. I proved myself the best sex slave in the history of the world.

“Yes, I’m almost there, Petra!” I moaned. “Just make me explode. I want to drown your face in my juices. This feels so good!”

“Hey!” Krystal, Justin’s cute sister, said. The petite girl stood over me, her hands squeezing her budding breasts. She had pussy juices and pearly cum smeared across her mouth and dribbling down her chin.

“Oh, hey, I’m almost done!” I moaned. “Just give me a moment, Mistress! Let me cream on this naughty slut’s mouth!”

Krystal winked at me.

Petra thrust two fingers into my asshole. The slut knew just what I loved. She knew just how to make me explode. It was incredible. My asshole clenched down on her plunging digits while her lips sucked on my clit.

Petra thrust a second finger into my asshole. She pumped her twin digits in and out of my rectum, the velvety pleasure melting into my pussy. My cunt clenched, my body shuddering. Her lips nursed on my clit, her tongue caressing my bud between each suck.

She was driving me towards my orgasm. I squeezed my round breasts, staring up at my Master’s little sister. I could see traces of his own features in hers. Her features were softer, cuter. Their blood-relation apparent.

I stared into her eyes, the same shade as her brother’s eyes, and came.

“You fucking slut!” I howled as my asshole writhed about Petra’s plunging fingers. My pussy convulsed so hard juices gushed out, splattering my friend’s face. I stared into Krystal’s eyes as the waves of pleasure rippled through my body. They washed into my mind, stars dancing around her mischievous face.

I bucked. My ass lifted off the floor, smearing my convulsing pussy against Petra’s hot mouth. She jammed her two digits deep into my spasming asshole, adding another level of bliss to the ecstasy raging through my body.

“I love cumming!” I howled. “I love being your brother’s sex slave!”

“Yes, yes, you’re a filthy whore, Aurora,” Krystal said. She leaned over. “Where did my brother go? There are hundreds of girls here, and he’s not here enjoying any of them.”

“I... I...” I shuddered as my orgasm peaked through me. “Didn’t he go off with... with Sam?”

“Wasn’t that an hour ago?” Krystal asked. “How long does it take to pop a nerd’s cherry? I thought he would be back here reveling in all this.”

“Are you worried?” I asked, my body buzzing.

Krystal bit her lower lip.

“I’m sure he’s happy. He and Sam are having some alone time. They’re in love.” My eyes drifted over to Ji-Yun. The cute, Korean girl lurked behind Krystal. “I’m sure you understand that.”

Krystal glanced behind her. When she looked back, a smile had spread across her lips. “Yeah, I do. So... you think we should give them more time?”

I nodded my head. I knew my master was having an amazing time right now. He didn’t need us wandering around the school and blundering into whatever romantic delight he was sharing with Sam. “Perfectly sure.”

* * *

Justin Sampson

Sam dragged me into the nearest classroom, the approaching footsteps of Petra and Melissa coming closer and closer. In the other world, those two girls loved being my slut. But the alternate version of my little sister had turned them all into lesbians.

Lesbians who hated men.

This was also crazy. My Krystal didn’t hate guys. Yeah, we fought like any siblings before Ji-Yun mind-controlled her, but she never acted like she despised me. What could have changed in this world to turn Krystal into such a man-hater?

Like the other classroom, this one had the chains bolted into the walls. How many guys had the crazy girls chained up and then rode them to “drain their balls.” It was such a weird thing to do. What, did Krystal think that there was a finite amount of cum inside a guy’s balls?

“Justin, I need you to lie down and put your hands in the manacles,” Sam said.

I shot my girlfriend a wild look. “What?”

“They’re almost upon us,” Sam said, her voice sounding brittle. “Trust me. It is better to look like we belong. It won’t be suspicious.”

“What if they’re from the group chasing us?” I asked. “They came from upstairs.”

“Do they sound like they’re chasing us?” Sam asked. “Besides, I did not see either of them in the group. I would remember.” Her dark eyes stared at me with such pleading need behind her glasses. “Please, Justin, you said you trusted me.”

“Fuck!” I groaned and sank down to my ground.

The footsteps came closer.

Fighting my instincts to flee, I thrust my arms over my head. Sam grabbed the manacles and slid a metal cuff over my right wrist. I hated how cold it felt. She closed it, but I didn’t hear any clicking sound. She didn’t lock it closed. It was just a ruse. She “secured” the other one around my left wrist then she straddled my waist.

I groaned as her ticklish bush pressed onto my soft cock. She ground herself against me, rubbing her silky pubic hair up and down my shaft. I could feel her pussy lips on my dick. Her virgin flesh caressed me.

I couldn’t help the sudden swelling in my loins. Especially when I felt a faint trickle of her own excitement bathing my dick. Her small, firm titties jiggled as she ground on me. I could feel her clit swelling hard and rubbing against the spongy crown of my cock.

I grew erect faster.

“Oh, you’re in here alone?” Petra asked, her words startling me back to the reality of the situation.

Beyond Sam I could see Petra and Melissa standing in the doorway, both girls naked. They looked the same as they did in my universe, Petra’s golden-brown tits swaying before her. Melissa’s ebony breasts were smaller, firmer.

“I’m just obeying our Queen’s orders,” Sam said. “I need to drain all that nasty lust from this one’s balls.”

Petra nodded her head. “Is that her... brother?” The Latina girl spoke with such sneering contempt in her voice. “I thought he was kept in a special place.”

“Our Queen ordered me to drain his balls here,” Sam replied, rubbing her pussy up and down my dick. “Who am I to question her?”

My dick twitched and throbbed. Somehow the danger of this moment, lying here, my hands chained above my head, made my cock harder and caused my lusts to swell. There was a perverse passion in being helpless. I had to pretend to be at Sam’s mercy.

My dick twitched against her pussy, the ache building at the tip of my cock. My balls brimmed with another load of cum. Sam’s pussy felt so hot against me, her virgin folds and silky pubic hair caressing me. Smearing her juices on me.

“I know it’s disgusting to slide his dick into your cunt,” Melissa said, “but you’re never going to drain his balls of all that icky lust if you don’t allow him to penetrate you, Salome.”

“Yes, you’re absolutely right.” To my shock, Sam lifted her hips while her hand grabbed my dick. She guided the tip of my cock to her silky folds. I groaned at the first caress of her bush against my sensitive crown.

“Sam,” I mouthed, arching my eyebrows.

Her dark eyes met mine. I knew she wanted to wait to make love until we had our date later this evening. She wanted her first time to be special. I wanted that. She wasn’t a slut or a whore. She was my girlfriend.

Her eyes shone with liquid emotion. She gave me the slightest nod of her head as she pressed my dick against the virgin folds of her pussy. Against her hymen.

“I love you,” she mouthed to me.

She impaled her pussy down my cock. Her cherry tore like tissue paper, ripping before the intensity of her downward thrust. I groaned as her hot, silky, tight pussy engulfed my dick. Sam’s snatch was around me. Engulfing me.

In a heartbeat, she’d taken every inch of me.

“Jesus,” I groaned, staring up into Sam’s liquid eyes. Pleasure rippled across her face as she wiggled her hips around. “Jesus, that’s good!”

“Quiet, disgusting boy,” snapped Melissa. “Just release all your nasty cum and get all that filthy lust out of your system.”

“Yes, yes, all your filthy lust, Justin,” Sam moaned as she rose up my cock.

I wanted to grab her. To hold her. I knew I could rip my wrists free of the manacles, but Petra and Melissa were watching. I couldn’t break the ruse. There were only two of them, but they could scream for help. Anything could go wrong if I didn’t play along with the ruse and...

Sam slid her pussy up and down my dick. She was so tight. Her juicy, silky embrace felt amazing. I never imagined our first time would be like this. Not under these circumstances. She gave up her virginity to protect me. I could feel her love as she worked her twat up and down my dick, stimulating me.

My toes curled as I groaned. Her pussy caressed my dick. The silky friction transformed into an ecstasy that spilled through me. Even with Petra and Melissa watching, it felt incredible. It was this wondrous rush of bliss. Sam whimpered, her firm titties jiggling as she worked her pussy faster and faster up and down my dick. I groaned, my balls swelling with cum.

It would fire so much jizz into my girlfriend’s pussy. I would spurt into her deflowered depths. I stared into her eyes, wanting to gasp out how much I loved her. How amazing she was. I couldn’t say any of those words out loud. So I said them with my eyes. I stared at her as she leaned over me, her fingers caressing my naked chest. Her pussy squeezed and relaxed on my dick.

She whimpered.

“That’s it, Sam,” purred Petra. The busty, Hispanic girl hugged Sam from behind. She nuzzled against my girlfriend’s ear. “I know it sucks having to fuck his cock, but you have to make him cum. Luckily, you can also have some fun doing it.”

My dick twitched and throbbed as Petra’s hand slid down my girlfriend’s belly. Sam whimpered, her cunt squeezing part of my dick as Petra’s fingers went lower and lower. Those golden-brown digits reached Sam’s black bush.

Petra slid through those silky curls of Sam. My girlfriend shuddered, riding my cock faster and faster. Her back arched. She gasped as Petra found Sam’s clit, manipulating it. Sam’s pussy squeezed so tight about my dick as she rose up and down my shaft.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Sam moaned, her head swaying back and forth.

“See,” purred Petra. She nibbled on my girlfriend’s earlobe. “Just let my fingers carry you away. If you cum on his dick, you’ll empty his balls faster.”

“Thank you, Petra,” Sam moaned, her hips wiggling from side to side, stirring her pussy around my dick. “Oh, yes, this feels amazing!” Her eyes caught mine. She winked at me. “Oh, I love it. You feel incredible.”

I wanted to growl out in answer. Her hips rose faster and faster. Her pussy gripped my cock with a silky embrace. The pressure swelled and swelled at the tip of my dick. My balls tightened, coming closer and closer to unloading my jizz into her snatch. My face twisted, the pressure building and building in my nuts.

Petra’s other hand slid up and cupped Sam’s small, budding breasts. A golden-brown thumb swept across Sam’s pale flesh, finding a puffy nipple. Sam squeaked out a gasp of pleasure as Petra massaged all her naughty bits. Her pussy grew hotter and hotter on my cock.

“That’s it, it’s okay to be a puta while I’m touching you,” Petra purred. “Just give in. Explode on him and drain all that nasty lust from him. It will make him docile. He’ll be a good boy-slave.”

“Yes, yes, Justin, please, cum in me!” howled my girlfriend. “I’m going to climax. I want your jizz firing into me!”

“Mmm, yes, yes my touch is stirring you up,” purred Petra. “Ooh, you are going to drain all that filthy lust out of him!”

“Yes, yes, cum in me!” Sam said, her dark eyes staring at me with such passion and love in them. She worked that pussy up and down my cock, her cunt squeezing and relaxing. “Please, please, give it to me!”

I growled, “Yes!”

“Don’t you dare talk, you filthy boy!” hissed Melissa. “Just cum in her. Get all that nasty, filthy spunk brimming with all that lust out of you. Then you can be a good boy and contribute to society.”

“Yes, yes, just cum in me, Justin!” moaned Sam. “I’m going to explode. I’m getting so close!”

“Yes, let yourself go, puta!” moaned Petra. She licked my girlfriend’s ear. “Explode!”

Sam slammed down my cock, engulfing every inch of me. Her back arched, her little tits jiggling. Her glasses slipped down her nose as she let out a whimpering moan. Her pussy grew so hot around my dick. Then, as she rose up my cock, it happened.

My girlfriend came on my dick.

Her spasming, convulsing flesh massaged my dick. Her juices bathed my cock as she reached the pinnacle. Just the tip remained inside of her, my spongy crown drinking in the exciting feel of her. Then she slammed down me. She engulfed every inch of me.

I groaned at the wondrous feel of her embracing me. Her pussy was so hungry for my cum. My balls tightened. That ache swelled and swelled at the tip of my cock. My spunk just wanted to explode out of me. To flood her with every drop of my jizz.

“Cum in me, Justin!” she howled, her eyes staring at me. She mouthed, “I love you!”

My dick erupted.

I spurted my cum into Sam’s deflowered pussy. I gave my girlfriend what she craved. I grunted and groaned as the pleasure spurted out of me. My toes curled as her snatch writhed about my dick. She milked my throbbing cock.

Rapture slammed into my mind. My balls unloaded spurt after spurt of cum into her. Every blast sent ecstasy shooting into me. There was so much. I’d never spurted so many times. It was incredible. My heart pounded in my chest. Sam’s fingernails scratch down my torso as she quivered in ecstasy.

“That’s it, puta, drain all that nasty cum out of him,” purred Petra. “Mmm, I gave you so much pleasure. I helped you enjoy this.”

Sam’s eyes snapped open. She stared down at me, speaking to me, and said, “Yes. You gave me so much pleasure. More than I’d ever felt in my life.”

I wanted to grin. I wanted to have the biggest look of pride crossing my face. I ached to hold her. To crush her to my chest and kiss her. Love her. But those two fucking whores were here. Melissa watched on, her arms folded beneath her ebony tits. Petra kept molesting my girlfriend, groping Sam’s breasts and rubbing her clit.

“Thank you for your assistance,” Sam said. “I have it from here.”

“Oh, no, we’re not going to abandon you to this task by yourself,” Melissa said. “I mean, look at how much jizz is already leaking out of you. How much did he fire into you?”

“A... great volume,” Sam said.

Melissa bent down, staring at the joining of my flesh and Sam’s. “It looks like he’s already cum three or four times in you.”

“No wonder our Queen ordered her brother kept locked up until now,” Petra said. “I bet you will have to make him cum over and over to drain him. Don’t worry, Sam, we are here. We can even... assist if your pussy grows fatigued.”

Sam swallowed. She glanced at me, her pussy squeezing around my dick. I couldn’t afford to have sex that many times. How long until the girls with this reality’s version of my little sister burst into the classroom? How long until they knew what escaped and flooded the campus grounds looking for us? They would find us here pretty quick. We couldn’t stay here. I had to do something.

What? Fear clenched about my heart. I just wanted to get back to my reality. I needed to escape this messed up, parallel universe.

“Well, start moving that ass,” Petra said. “Work that cunt up and down his dick, Salome. He’s not going to cum if you just sit there.”

“Unless you just want us to castrate him,” said Melissa, a light glinting in her eyes. “If you can’t drain all the lust out of him, then he has to be... pacified in another way.”

I swallowed as an idea hit me. I had to take the chance. I didn’t know if this would work. But, fuck it, I was keeping my balls.

I acted.

To be continued...