The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Time Manipulation Mind Control

by mypenname3000

Chapter 3: Cheerleader Slave’s Naughty Idea

Aurora Pritchard

I trembled in my Master’s arms as I stared at the frozen stream of water pouring out of the bathroom’s faucet and splashing into the porcelain basin. It wasn’t cold frozen, but somehow rendered immobile. I could see the droplets of water floating in the air like they were stuck there. I wiggled my naked form against my Master’s equally nude body, his cock rubbing on my rump. His cum still dribbled out of me from the amazing fuck he gave me.

The best fuck ever.

All the joy, the amazing bliss buzzing through my body from my orgasm and from the satisfaction of serving him, vanished. Swallowed by the shock. This was impossible. Water couldn’t freeze like this. It was like... time had stopped.

But... but... that couldn’t happen!

“M-master,” I whimpered, throwing a look behind me. My blonde ponytail swayed over my left shoulder they stared at the shocked expression on my Master’s face. Justin’s dark eyes were wide, his mouth gaping. He squeeze me tight as his eyes flicked down to stare at me.

“Did you feel it?” he asked. “Did you do this?”

“Do what, Master?” I asked, my voice trembling. “Freeze the water?”

“Stop time,” he said.

He thought the same thing I did. He believed that the impossible had happened. I could see it in his sincere eyes. He stared at me, such pleading in his eyes, hoping that I had done this. I wish I had just to fulfill his need.

“Sorry, Master,” I said, twisting around in his embrace to face him. My naked breasts pressed against his chest. I quivered, such fear trembling through my nineteen-year-old body. “I didn’t do this.”

“No, no, you didn’t say stop,” he muttered. “You weren’t even thinking about stopping time but uploading the pic you took. And neither was I. I’m not ready to stop time, anyways.”

My brow furrowed. What was he talking about? It was like... he thought he could stop time.

“I feel like it came from somewhere else,” he said, looking over his shoulder to the bathroom door where...

“President Brooks!” I gasped. The head of our college was just outside. When time froze, he was pounding on the door, demanding to know what we were doing in here. He had read on social media that we were in here. I had taken my Master into the school’s bathroom in the middle of the lunch period to prove to the student body, and to my Master, that I was his slut.

I wanted everyone to know. I just didn’t think that the college’s administration would find out.

But only silence came from there. All the shouts and cheers of our classmates, the lewd shouts the boys made, along with President Brooks’s angry demands were silent. I couldn’t hear anything but Justin and me. Time was truly frozen.

“M-master, what is going on?” I stammered, my mind reeling.

“Someone paused time. I don’t know why you’re not frozen. You weren’t immune when I did earlier.”

“You stopped time earlier, Master?”

His head snapped around to stare at me. His brow furrowed. I saw hesitation glimmer in his eyes and concern tightening handsome face. He ran a hand through his mused, black hair. He really need to get a better hair cut.

I don’t know what I thought popped into my head right now. But... it was easier focusing on how to make him into a handsome guy than to contemplate that time had stopped.


“Yeah, I stopped time earlier today. Just after 8 am, at the start of my second class, I was in the locker room. Your asshole boyfriend and two of his friends jumped me. Chris was about to punch me in the face when I...” He shrugged. “When I stopped time right before his fist slammed into my face.”

I gasped, quivering against him. I hugged him tight, pressing my tits into his chest. “Oh, I’m so sorry, Master. That was all my fault. I was such a cunt. I didn’t want to admit that I had such strong feelings for you.” Tears stung my eyes. “Please, please, forgive me, Master.”

Justin smiled. “Well, it worked out, didn’t it?” He arched his eyebrows. “I mean, I didn’t get punched in the face, and instead I set up your asshole boyfriend—”

“Ex-boyfriend,” I snarled. “I’m yours, Master.”

Justin’s smile grew. “That’s right. I claimed you. While time was stop, I set up Chris and his friends into having a little gay orgy. Everyone at school is mocking them now.”

A satisfied giggle burst from my lips. “Good.” I never really liked like Chris. He was hot. And he was the college’s quarterback, the perfect guy for me to date. It was all about status.”

God, what a shallow cunt I was. Hearing me say it aloud made me realize just how... pathetic I was.

“After that, I...” He stared down at me. “Did anything strange happen to you at the start of your math class?”

A big smile crossed my lips. “The orgasm...” I said with such breathy enthusiasm. “It came on me so fast and out of nowhere then was over in a heartbeat. But it was so intense. Like several minutes worth of rapture burst through me in a single second. And that’s when I knew that I belong to you. That you had the cock that would make me cum harder than anyone else’s.”

He licked his lips, staring at me almost like he was weighing me, considering me. After a moment, he said, “I fucked you while you were frozen in time. I made you cum hard while whispering in your ear that you were my slut. That you craved my dick more than any other.”

My eyes widened. “Are you saying, Master, that you hypnotized me into being your sex slave?”

“I just said slut; sex slave was all you,” he said.

“Mmm, I guess it was,” I said, a strange, ripple of compassion shooting through me. “You mind-controlled me. Oh, my God, that’s so hot. You made me into your slut? Your sex slave! “

The look of shock on his face was priceless. He didn’t think I’d be thrilled by it. Maybe it was the fact he hypnotized me and I had no choice but to want to serve him, but joy burst in me. I threw my arms around his neck and planted a hot kiss on the man I love. Because he brain-washed me into loving him.

This was so hot. So wonderful.

Besides the BDSM stories I loved to read, I also devoured mind control stories. Any sort of erotica where a girl has all the control taking away from her, where she was forced to be a slut and do all the naughty things she always wanted to but was too afraid to do, I read. Those stories made me wet.

Now that girl was me. I got to live out my fantasies because of Justin Sampson. I was such a lucky slut.

* * *

Justin Sampson

Someone else must have stopped time. But who? How did this work? Was I immune to it because I could stop time? What about Aurora? Clearly, she wasn’t immune earlier. Was it because I was holding her this time? I tightened my arms around Aurora, feeling her round breasts pressed against my chest, her nipples two hard points. My dick was so erect, aching against her soft stomach.

Did my touch grant immunity to someone else? Or could I control it?

I struggle to remember that exact moment when the freezing time slid over me, to see if I did anything to... protect Aurora from it. But I was distracted by... by President Brooks pounding on the door. I groaned and pulled away from Aurora’s naked embrace. I stared at the bathroom door; the bony school administrator just on the other side. That asshole already hated me. Now he suspected me of hacking into the college’s system and changing the grades of me and my friend, Eddie. It was the reason Eddie’s parents pulled him out of school and sent him to another, embarrassed that he might’ve done something so shady.

My parents didn’t care, especially not my abusive dad.

“Oh, drat,” Aurora said behind me. “I was going to send Chris a breakup text, but I got no signal.” She giggled. “Having a blonde moment. Of course there’s no signal. Time has stopped.”

“Yeah,” I said while studying the door. “We need to do something about President Brooks. Or we’re going to be in trouble.”

“You said that you set up my ex-boyfriend, right?” she said. “Well, let’s see what we can do to get out of this situation.”

“Last time I controlled how long time was stop,” I muttered. “I don’t know how long this period will last. Someone else did this.”

“Well, we should prioritize. One problem at a time, Master.”

I liked it when she called me Master. “Yeah, you’re right. We better get dressed. Just in case.” I glanced at Aurora’s naked body. The blonde cheerleader had such a perky, lithe form. Her legs toned and tanned, her tits perky and round. She had a blonde landing strip that led down to her cum-stained pussy. My jizz still leaked out of her, dribbling down her thighs. It made her look like such a slut. My slut. “Though it is a shame you have to cover-up that fine body.”

She beamed at me.

She was a strange one. I had no idea how fucked up she was. I didn’t know popular girls had kinky fantasies or went on porn sites. I mean, I knew she was a bit of an exhibitionist slut, always posting pictures of herself in her lingerie on Instagram, putting her nearly nude body out on the Internet for all the horny guys at our college to see and then to shower her with praise.

All this time, it turned out she was looking for a strong man to seize her and take control of her. Damn.

We dressed quickly, me in my jeans and t-shirt, Aurora in her skirt and blouse. I sighed when her thong slid up her thighs and covered her delicious pussy. I’d enjoyed that hole twice. I needed to try out her ass next. She was my slut, my slave, and I knew she’d let me fuck any of her holes. I pulled on my boxers, jeans, and my t-shirt. Dressed, I opened the door.

President Brooks stood before the bathroom door, his fist descending to rap it once again, his bony, fleshless face mottled with anger. He had such a thin body, his dress shirt hung from a skeletal frame, age wasting away all his flesh. Beyond him, the growing crowd of students who were cheering us on were now melting away, wanting to get clear before they were caught up in the school administrator’s punishment. He was here to stop what was going on. It violated the college’s rules. Aurora and I would be in so much trouble if we were caught.

So we couldn’t get caught.

“We should set someone else up,” Aurora said, a considering look in her green eyes. “I mean, if President Brooks doesn’t catch someone in there, he’s going to come looking for us. He knows something happened in there.”

“Yeah, you’re right,” I said. There were plenty of students at the college who were asshole to me. Almost everyone liked to pile on and tease me, whether to my face or when commenting on the social media posts that Aurora and her bitch-friends would make. “Who?”

Aurora’s eyes landed on a redhead backing away. It was Cassandra, one of the girls in my gym class. “Her,” Aurora said, her face growing hard. “You should have seen what she posted about you during PE. She said you had a disgusting hardon, and that you were staring at her ass the entire time like a skeezy perv.”

Well, that was partly true. Cassandra did have a nice ass, and she had been stretching right before me.

“And there’s her boyfriend,” Aurora said, pointing at José, another person from my gym class. “They could be the ones fucking in there instead of us.”

I considered Aurora’s suggestion. José was one of the guys who would join in on any sort of bullying. Often it was me he was picking on with the the others. He never lead it, but he always willing to follow. When everyone started dumping on Chris and his friends after they were caught in their “gay” orgy this morning, José was right there to join in the mocking.

“Sure,” I said. “But we better hurry, I don’t know how long this paused time will last.”

“How long did it last for you?” Aurora asked as we move towards Cassandra and José, slipping past President Brooks’s immobile form.

“Couple hours,” I said. “But I could have restarted time at any point. In fact, I did restart it. For all I know, it would have stayed frozen forever unless I thought about it.”

“Ah, gotcha, Master,” Aurora said. Her brow furrowed. “But we can move them, right?”

“With some manhandling,” I told her. “It won’t be easy, but we can drag them in there pose them.”

“Okay, I’ll take Cassandra,” she said, wrapping her arms around the redhead’s waist.

“You sure you can handle her on your own?” I asked.

“I’m a cheerleader,” she said. Then she grunted as she dragged Cassandra’s form backward. A strained flush crossed my sex slave’s face. “I... got her.”

Aurora look cute as she struggled to drag Cassandra. My sex slave’s toned thighs flexed as her cheerleading sneakers provided her traction on the cafeteria’s smooth floor. I could just stroke those thighs and...

I shook my head, remembering that time was short.

I marched up to José and seized the Hispanic guy from behind, holding him by the underarms, my hands clasped before his chest. Grunting, I dragged him backwards, feeling his weight. While he wasn’t as heavy as Chris and his friends—he lacked the solid muscles playing for our college’s football team, wrestling team, and basketball team granted—but he wasn’t as scrawny as I was.

We worked them past the other frozen students, many of them immobilized in impossible-to-hold poses. Many students were in the process of taking steps, some of them even appearing to be running, both feet off the ground, leaving them suspended. Small objects were frozen in the air, including droplets of spittle hanging before one guy’s mouth.

This power was incredible. I could do so much of it. How long until my energy refilled? It had been a couple hours since PE, and I felt maybe a quarter full. There was no way I was getting another chance stop time today at school. So I should make the most of this opportunity.

We dragged Cassandra and José into the restroom, just squeezing them past the administrator. Both Aurora and me were gasping when we finished. Sweat dripped down Aurora’s flushed face as she manhandled Cassandra to the sink. There, my sex slave shifted Cassandra around, re-positioning the redhead like she was a life-sized action figure.

A naughty action figure.

My dick twitched. The bent over pose thrust Cassandra’s cute rump, clad in a tight pair of skinny jeans, at me. She had a purple thong peeking out the back, the whale tail disappearing down beneath her jeans. It was such a dick-hardening vista. Working fast, Aurora unzipped Cassandra’s pants dragged them down her pale thighs.

I groaned at the sight of that purple thong vanishing between Cassandra’s perky butt-cheeks. “God, I love thongs, Aurora.”

Aurora giggled as she glanced at me. She then smacked Cassandra’s right butt-cheek, leaving an imprint frozen by time in the girl’s rump. The start of a red flush crept across the indented skin, the beginning of a stinging flush. The rules of this power were so strange.

“Wow, that’s cool,” Aurora said. She smacked Cassandra’s other butt-cheek, leaving a similar imprint in the girl’s rippling flesh, a slow blush growing in the center.

My dick grew even harder, tenting the front of my jeans.

“You know, Master,” Aurora said as she tugged down Cassandra’s thong, revealing the redhead’s shaved cunt. The girl had a tight slit with just a little hint of her inner pussy lips peeking out. “If you’re getting hard, maybe you should just fuck Cassandra.” Aurora spread open Cassandra’s outer labia, exposing more the redhead’s inner folds. “Just slide that cock into her and fuck her. She’ll never know. You can cuckold José and get back at both of them for the mean things they said about you.”

“Goddamn, I think I love you, Aurora,” I groaned without thought. My hands shot down to the fastener of my jeans. It snapped open. My zipper rasped as I yanked open my fly. I didn’t care that time might resume at any moment.

All I cared about was sliding into that pink pussy spread open by my sex slave’s dainty fingers.

In seconds, my cock thrust out from above my boxers’ waistband, my jeans sliding down my thighs in a rustle of denim. Aurora grasped my cock and pulled me towards Cassandra’s pussy. I groaned as my sex slave rubbed my dick up and down the redhead’s twat. Cassandra’s snatch grew juicy against my tip. The stroking touch of my cock aroused the time-frozen girl.

Aurora giggled. “She’s getting wet for your cock, Master.”

“Well, can you blame her?” I asked my sex slave.

“Nope,” she said and, without a trace of irony, added, “because your cock is the best, Master. Now fuck the little slut!”

I thrust into Cassandra’s pussy. Her tight, silky sheath engulfed my dick. Her juices were already flowing, somehow lubricating her cunt for my dick despite the frozen time. My crotch smacked into her rump, that naughty sound echoing through the bathroom. Her butt-cheeks rippled for moment, wiping out the imprints left by Aurora’s hand before the pump flesh froze again.

I loved that.

I groaned as I drew back my cock through Cassandra’s silky sheath. I swear her pussy clenched down on my dick for a moment, almost like she didn’t want me pulling out of her. Then I rammed in again, my balls smacking into her clit. I couldn’t believe it the pleasure that shot down my shaft.

Only hours ago, I was a virgin, and now I was enjoying my second cunt ever.

“Oh, God, that’s so hot, Master” Aurora moaned. “José’s right here. He has no idea that you’re cuckolding him, or that you’re fucking his slut-girlfriend. She’s going to cum on your cock, Master. When time resumes, she’ll know that she had an amazing orgasm.”

“Yes,” I growled, thrusting as hard as I could. I threw a look over my shoulder at the paused José. I grinned at the cocky asshole. The Hispanic guy would never know that I enjoyed his girlfriend’s twat. That I pumped her full of my cum.

Pleasure spilled down my cock, warming my balls as they slapped over and over into her shaved pussy lips. Her snatch grew hotter and juicier. Cassandra grew more and more aroused. Her body reacted to my dick fucking into her cunt hard. It was amazing. I drove into her so hard, reveling in using her cunt.

Then I gasped as Aurora’s nuzzled her face into the redhead’s pussy. My sex slave fluttered her tongue around my thrusting dick, caressing Cassandra’s pussy lips and my cream-coated cock.

“Goddamn, you are the best sex slave ever,” I groaned.

“Thank you, Master,” moaned my sex slave. “It’s just so hot watching your dick plunging into her pussy. You are using her. She has no idea. This is so hot. You’re cuckolding her boyfriend and going to make her cum so hard on your dick.”

I groaned as her tongue brushed my shaft again. Aurora whimpered as she licked and nuzzled around Cassandra’s pussy lips. I picture that pink tongue caressing the redhead’s folds, brushing Cassandra’s clit. Just giving her so much pleasure. I knew Aurora loved it. Just imagining it made me so hard. Made me thrust with all my might into the slut’s pussy.

My balls tightened. This was so exciting. I glanced back at José, grinning at him as I used his girlfriend’s cunt for my own pleasure. I rammed into her depths, loving this moment.

“Damn, your girlfriend has one hot cunt. She ever let you fuck her bareback?” I grinned at him. “She lets me.”

Aurora moaned against where my flesh joined with Cassandra’s, her tongue dancing.

I nuzzled up to Cassandra’s ear, my hands squeezing her tits through her blouse and bra. I nipped her earlobe and then moaned, “You’ll let me, Justin Sampson, fuck you bareback whenever I want. It’s your secret desire. If I come up to you and say, ‘Let me fuck that cunt,’ you’ll give up your pussy.”

“She will,” groaned Aurora. Her tongue fluttered against my thrust shaft again. “Hypnotize her, Master. Mind control her!”

I shuddered, thrusting hard into Cassandra’s cunt. I squeezed her tits, feeling her hard nipples through her bra and blouse. Ideas spilled through me. I settle on one that made my dick throbs so hard in her tight cunt. “You’re José’s devoted sex slave. You are his girlfriend and his slut and his whore. You’ll do anything for him because you love him with all your heart. Besides me, he’s the only guy you want. You’ll never cheat on him. Never be unfaithful to him. The only other guy you’ll ever fuck is me. You’ll be unable to help yourself from surrendering your pussy to me. But other than that, you’re his.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” moaned my sex slave. “That’s so beautiful, Master. She’s going to be just like me now!”

“Cassandra, you’ll tell everyone how you’re José’s slave. That you love sucking his cock and taking his dick up your ass. You’ll never deny him. You will always be ready to fuck him.”

Cassandra’s nineteen-your-old cunt spasmed about my dick. It was like saying those words had reached into her mind and triggered something inside of her time-frozen subconscious. She came hard on my plunging cock.

It was incredible to feel Cassandra’s pussy convulsing about my dick. Her hot, silky flesh writhed about my shaft, celebrating my cock plunging into her cunt. When time flowed again, she would scream her head off in orgasmic delight. Only Aurora and I would ever know that it was me who gave her such rapture.

That thought tightened my balls.

“Oh, my God, Master,” gasped Aurora. “She’s cumming! Juices are flowing out of her!” Her tongue fluttered around my cock while I plunged it into Cassandra’s spasming cunt. “She tastes so good? I love tasting pussy! I’ve never had hers, but I always wanted to eat her out. Ooh, she is yummy!”

Hearing Aurora’s bisexual passion, mixing with the delight of plunging my dick over and over into Cassandra’s pussy, swelled the pressure in my balls. I rammed into Cassandra’s orgasming snatch and threw a look over my shoulder at José.

I grinned at him as I unleashed my cum into his girlfriend’s depths.

I grunted with each blast of my jizz spurting into Cassandra’s hungry pussy. The time-frozen slut welcomed it. Her twat spasmed so hard about my dick, massaging my cock. Her flesh milked my jizz out of my balls.

Rapture shot through me. I savored this moment as I unleashed my spunk into another unaware girl’s pussy. My balls empty their jizz into her as the euphoria swept through my body. I gripped Cassandra’s hips as my orgasm peaked.

“Damn,” I groaned as I fired the last blast of my cum into her. “Cassandra, that’s the joy you get when I erupt in you.”

“Yes,” hissed Aurora between the flutters of her tongue.

I ripped my dick out of Cassandra’s pussy, my denim jeans rustling about my thighs. I took it step or two back and witnessed Aurora burying her face into Cassandra’s well-fucked cunt. My sex slave’s mouth moved as she clearly worked her tongue deep inside the redhead’s twat.

“Don’t lick all of my seed out of her,” I panted. “I want her to have a pussy full of my cum when José slides into her. He’ll enjoy my sloppy seconds without even knowing it.”

Aurora ripped her face away from the redhead’s cunt. Her head snapped around, her blonde ponytail swishing behind her. She stared up at me, her face smeared with pussy cream and some of my pearly jizz.

“Yes, Master!” She bounced to her feet. “Let’s get José into position. I’ll get his cock hard so I...” Her voice trailed off.

I nodded my head, saying, “You can touch his cock for this. But only for this.”

She nodded her head. “I promise not to enjoy it.”

I smiled at her.

We moved José into position, Aurora stroking him until his dick was hard. She lined him up at Cassandra’s pussy, the redhead’s hole still gaping open from my dick, and slid him inside Cassandra. I grinned as José entered his girlfriend’s sloppy depths.

God, it was so satisfying cuckolding a guy when he had no idea.

* * *

Aurora Pritchard

I was giggling as we rigged the bathroom door so that it would burst open when President Brooks slammed his fist down on it again. My pussy was so wet. I could still taste Cassandra’s tangy cunt on my lips. It was so yummy. I loved eating pussy, and wanted to devour more. My master deserve to have other girls serve him as sex slaves.

Girls like my bitchy friends. I rubbed my sweaty hands on my shirt, glancing at master as we slipped into the crowd of retreating students. “Time is still frozen. Should we mess with someone else, Master?”

He gave me a huge grin. “Oh, yes, we should.” His eyes flicked around the cafeteria then stopped. “Well, well, well. Look who is over there.”

I followed his gaze to my friend, Paris. She stood frozen, her wavy-brown hair dancing about her face, several strands almost wrapped about her head like she was turning when everything stopped. Even immobilize, she looked elegant and sophisticated, dressed in her Zac Posen dress, her Gucci purse half-hanging off her shoulder.

I licked my lips then said, “Yes, yes we should absolutely mess with—”

The world lurched into motion.

* * *

Justin Sampson

The energy slamming into the time stream rippled past me. I felt it emanating from somewhere close. It had to be another student. Someone in our college. Then shouts slammed into my ears. I’d grown used to the mostly silence. But now all the sounds of the students retreating from the angry school administrator assaulted my ears. A loud bang resounded, a fist crashing into a door.

“Oh, my God, yes!” Cassandra screamed in orgasmic rapture, experiencing the pleasure I gave her.

“¡Por Dios!” José cried out in shock and awe. To him, his cock was suddenly buried in Cassandra’s sloppy, convulsing snatch.

“Oh, my God, yes! Master!” Cassandra howled. “I don’t know how I’m cumming so hard, Master! But I am!”

“M-Master,” spluttered President Brooks. “What are you two deviants doing? José, get away from her right now and pull up those damn pants.”

“What the fuck is going on?” José gasped.

Aurora giggled beside me. I put my arm around her shoulder, pulling her tight. We didn’t get to play with Paris, but seeing the results of our changes was amusing. Cassandra still whimpered, coming down from her orgasmic high. She was José’s sex slave now. It would make up for getting her into trouble. Plus, I did fuck her bareback. Maybe she’d conceive my child. José would then have a pregnant slave, never knowing that I’d cuckolded him.

I smiled; Aurora and I would know.

“God, I am so hard right now,” I groaned.

Aurora patted my crotch, squeezing my dick through my jeans. “I’ll please you right here and now, Master,” she moaned. “If that’s what you want. I don’t care how much trouble we’ll get into.”

I shook my head as President Brooks marched José and Cassandra out of the bathroom, both students looking dazed, José stunned while Cassandra had a dreamy smile on her lips, her freckled cheeks flushed as red as her hair. I grinned, savoring how much pleasure I gave the girl. Her eyes fell on me. For moment, her smile grew naughty like she somehow knew that I was responsible for her bliss. Or maybe she was just remembering my command that I was the only other guy that she craved besides her master.

And then the bony administrator yanked them out of the cafeteria. I smiled as the entire room erupted into conversation. This would be a day to remember at Glassner College.

* * *

Aurora Pritchard

The fun I had with Master during lunch carried me on the tide of buzzing joy for the rest of my day. I couldn’t get the image out of my mind of Justin’s cock sliding in and out of Cassandra’s pussy. I wanted to see his dick plunder more cunts. My friends’ cunts.

Anger flared through me. Paris and Petra were being such bitches to me today. They were supposed to be my best friends, and all they were doing was posting shit about Justin on social media while trying to pretend that their boyfriend, Lance and Steve, weren’t caught having a gay threesome with my ex-boyfriend, Chris. Of course, I knew the truth. They were caught not because they wanted to fuck each other, but because my Master got revenge on them.

Justin was such a stud.

I waited out front of the college like my Master ordered. Paris and Petra were with me, shaking their heads as they tried one last time to convince me that I was an idiot.

I give them both such angry glares, my eyes flicking from Petra’s Hispanic features to Paris’s immaculate face. “Justin is amazing!” I said, stamping my foot. “He is my Master. And you are all sluts if you don’t get it. But I’ll make sure you understand.”

Petra sneered at me. “What’s that supposed to mean, puta?” She arched an eyebrow. “Ha, you think you’re going to force us or something?”

“It doesn’t matter how many posts you make on social media declaring how that disgusting pervert has a better cock than any other guy, you’ll never convince us it’s true!” snarled Paris.

“Oh, my Master will do plenty of convincing.” I gave them both grins. “You’ll see. Just accept it. Things have changed. Our ex-boyfriends—”

“Chris may be your ex-boyfriend, but I’m still dating Lance!” Paris hissed.

Petra nodded her head, her hair dancing around her shoulders. “Those rumors are not true. Our boyfriends are not gay!” Then she muttered something in rapid Spanish. I caught the word for faggot in there.

“Really, what does this look like?” I flipped my phone around and showed them a still frame I pulled off of Justin’s video he took when he unfroze time. There was Chris in between Steve and Lance, the Black guy on his knees before Chris, sucking on his dick. Steve hugged Chris from behind. It looked like Steve’s cock was buried in my ex’s asshole. “I know how much you love looking a gay porn, Paris. I’m sure this will get you off. Just imagine that Black stud of yours sucking Chris’s dick.”

Paris hissed like a cat, whirled, and stalked off. Her slender ass swayed in her designer dress, the flared skirt swaying. Petra shook her head, giving me such a look of disgust, and then hurried after Paris. I didn’t mind. They could be angry at me.

The next time Master stopped time, he would mind-control them. Then they would understand the way I did. Then they would be happy.

We would be friends again.

“There’s my favorite sex slave,” Master said.

The rumbling of Justin’s baritone sent a shudder through my body. My pussy clenched while a wave of heat washed out of me. I whirled around to face him, a big smile spreading across my lips. Squealing, I threw myself at him and kissed him with all my passion. Students whooped and hollered around us. They called Justin a stud. I know he loved the praise. I was so happy to help prove my Master’s masculine prowess.

Maybe he would even fuck me right here, right now. That would be so hot.

I clung to my master as we walked away from our college, my pussy getting hotter and hotter. I couldn’t wait until we got to my house. There would be no one around. I would do such naughty things to him. I squirmed against him, rubbing my hip into his. His hand tightened on my shoulder, holding me tight.

Proving that he owned me.

“Goddamn,” he groaned, “I am so hard.”

“I know,” I whimpered. “My pussy is drenching my thong. Ooh, I can’t wait until we get to my house. My bedroom. I want to do so many naughty things.”

“I’m going to fuck you up the ass,” he growled.

“I’ve never done that,” I said, my asshole puckering. “Chris always wanted to. I guess he’s always been into anal.” I giggled, picturing Chris taking it up the ass from Steve. I wondered if that’s what was happening right now. None of the three had been seen since they fled the locker room. If Justin’s powers hypnotize me into being his slut, and he told my boyfriend and his friends that they were gay...

“Oh, my God, I just need to be fuck by you,” I moaned. “Master, I just needed it so bad. I can’t wait until we get to my house.”

He let out a throaty groan. “How far away do you live?”

“About ten minutes,” I said. I always walked to college to look like I cared about saving the environment and cutting down on my carbon footprint. Right now I wish I’d driven my parent’s car. We’d already be at my house by now.

“Fuck,” Justin moaned. He glanced out a large tree growing on the edge of the park we passed. “God, I almost want to take you behind that tree and fuck you. It’s pretty wide. Might hide us.”

“Let’s do it,” I breathed. “That would make you happy. And you can do it. You can do anything to me. That’s what your mind control did to me.”

“I fucked you up, didn’t I?”

“Uh-huh,” I groaned and nodded my head. “You just took away all the fear being judged that held me back from all those desires I have in me. I’ve masturbated to being fucked in public. I’ve fantasized about my Master just using my body wherever he wants.”

“Fuck it,” he said. “I’m too hard to care now. It sounds so hot to sodomize your ass right here in the park. And it’s kinda hidden. Those bushes behind the tree will keep anyone from seeing us from that direction.”

I nodded my head.

In moments, we were behind the tree and Justin was reaching beneath my skirt. He ripped my thong down my thighs. I hugged the tree trunk, the bark rough on my arms. I could feel the texture through my blouse, rubbing on my sensitive nipples. My asshole clenched when I heard the rustling of his jeans, the pop of his fastener coming undone, and the rasp of a zipper sliding down.

“Master,” I sighed as his dick nuzzled into my right butt-cheek.

I trembled as he dragged his cock down my asscheek to between my thighs. I frowned as he rubbed the tip of his dick into my messy cunt, still stained with the cum he fired into me during lunch. I thought he wanted to fuck my asshole? He swirled his dick around my shaved pussy lips, nudging my clit, stroking my labia. Pleasure fluttered through me. I whimpered, my excitement swelling. Then he brought his cock to my asshole. He pressed it right against my virgin sphincter.

His dick was wet. My eyes widened. He lubed himself with our sexual fluids. He was such a smart, kinky guy. Such a loving Master. My heart trembled. I was so lucky that he chose me. That he made me into his slut. His sex slave! Out of all the girls at our college, it was me he fucked the first time he froze time. Not Paris. Not Petra or Cassandra. Not Shelley or Melissa or Rebecca or Veronica or Deborah or Britney or any of the other cunts I was friends with.

“Me! Master!” I shouted as she thrust forward.

My virgin asshole spread about his dick. He pressed forward with such force my little anal ring couldn’t keep him out. I groaned as his shaft penetrated into my bowels. A strange, velvety heat burned into the depths of my rectum as he plunged deeper and deeper.

His shaft filled up my asshole. My toes curled in my shoes. My body shuddered against the tree. The bark rasped against the front of my blouse, staining it. Ruining it. I didn’t care. Not with his dick filling up my bowels. His curly pubic hair kissed my rump. I took him all.

I gave him my anal cherry.

“Damn, slut,” he groaned as he savored breaking in my asshole. “You’re so fucking tight. So hot. Feels different from your cunt.”

“Do you like it?” I asked, my voice tremulous.

“Fuck yeah I do!”

Master drew back his dick. I clenched my bowels down around him, drinking in the velvety friction of his thrusts. He slammed and hard, his crotch smacking into my rump. His balls thwacked into my taint. I groaned. His weight pressed tight against the tree as he plundered my asshole again and again. He fuck me hard. Mercilessly.

He didn’t care about my pleasure. He just cared about satiating his own dick. About making himself cum. I whimpered, loving this. I needed him to erupt into my bowels. He had to spill his jizz into me.

My orgasm swelled so fast in my cunt.

“Use me, Master!” I moaned, my voice tight. “Just use my asshole. Dump your jizz into me Master.

“I will dump so much jizz into your hot, little asshole, whore,” he growled into my ear as his crotch spanked my rump with every thrust. “My cum is going to drip out of your asshole on the entire walk back to your house.”

“Yes!” I screamed.

Then came.

Rapture rushed through my body. My pussy convulsed, aching to be filled the way my asshole was. My bowels writhed around my Master’s cock. I hugged the tree so tight, my nipples feeling the rough bark as I shuddered against it. I screamed out my ecstasy for the world to hear.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I howled. “I love your cock, Master! It is the best!”

It was. I never came so hard with any other guy. Especially not Chris. The bliss washed through me over and over again as my pussy juices and Justin’s cum spilled down my thighs. He kept ramming his dick into me. His balls smacked into my taint while his crotch slapped my rump. His dick kept the velvety rapture burning in my asshole as he buried into my bowels over and over.

“You’re such a slut, Aurora!” he growled. “I love it. Love you!”

I came harder.

My mind melted in ecstasy.

“Master!” I screamed. “Come in me, Master!”

With a growl, he buried deep into me. He spurted into my anal sheath. His hot cum flooded my rectum. My spasming bowels milked his dick, eager for every drop of his passion. I pleased him with my asshole. I had surrendered my entire body to them. He groaned into my ear, his weight pinning me against the tree as the final blast of his jizz spurted into me.

“Goddamn, you’re the best whore in the world. The best fucking sex slave.”

His words almost made me swoon. Another rush of pleasure surged through me. I whimpered and groaned as I savored him filling up my asshole. His cum sloshed around inside of me as I wiggled and squirmed. Then, with a groan, he slid his dick out of me. It was so achingly slow, letting me feel every inch of him withdrawing out of my bowels. He plopped out of me, leaving my rectum feeling so empty. His seed trickle out of me as I whirled around to kneel before him.

He gaped at me as I fell to my knees, seized his dick, and swallowed his filthy cock with my hungry mouth. I sucked on his shaft, cleaning my dirty ass off his dick. I savored the sour flavor of my asshole, my tongue dancing around his shaft. I polished his dick. My cheeks hollowed as I worshiped every bit of him.

“Jesus fucking Christ,” he groaned as he stared down at me. “Really? You’ll even do this?”

I nodded my head and moaned about his dick as I kept sucking. My tongue buffing his cock clean, savoring that sour, naughty taste. He had to know I would do anything for him. He changed me. He set me free.

I would love him the rest of my life.

I would do every degrading thing for him. I shoved my hand down between my thighs, stroking my cum-soaked pussy, more jizz leaking out of my well-fucked asshole. I jammed three fingers into my depths, stirring myself up while I bobbed my head. I slid my lips up and down on his shaft. I polished his dick. I loved my master.

The pleasure rippling out of my pussy was my reward for pleasing him.

* * *

Justin Sampson

My parents argued downstairs. My father was drunk again; big surprise. I sighed as I sat on my bed, reading the latest Berserk manga. I tried to ignore them. I was such a coward. I was nineteen, a man, and yet I couldn’t stand up to the belligerent asshole. I just cowered in my room wishing I was back at Aurora’s.

I did so much filthy things to her in her bedroom this afternoon. I fucked her in all her holes. She swallowed my cum over and over. The last time I jizzed on her tits and told her she had to fall asleep that way, my spunk drying on them. She was so eager for it, my submissive, blonde goddess. I unleashed something inside of her. I changed her. Made her happy. I wanted to do more to the world.

To help my mother out.

I winced at the shattering dishes. My father roared, “How fucking dumb are you, Bethany?”

I didn’t hear Mom’s response, but I imagined her cringing before him. I ground my teeth, staring at the page before me. I was trying to lose myself in Miura’s work. To escape. But I couldn’t. I had to do something.

And then it happen. I blinked as I felt something... completed inside of me. I sat up, glancing at the clock. It read 8:01 PM. I blinked, realizing it had been twelve hours since the locker room.

Twelve hours since the last time I could stop time. I smiled as my mother shrieked in fear and my father bellowed in drunken rage. I gathered my will. Shouted.


To be continued...