The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Time Manipulation Mind Control

by mypenname3000

Chapter 4: Transforming His Busty Mom

Aurora Pritchard

I shuddered as I lay on my bed, feeling my Master’s cum drying on my nineteen-year-old titties. I became a sex slave today. Justin Sampson, my Master, hypnotized me when he stopped time. I didn’t know how he could freeze time, or how his suggestions, whispered into a person’s ear, could rewrite their minds. I didn’t care how any of it worked.

It only mattered that he made me into his slut today. His sex slave.

He fulfilled all my secret, kinky fantasies. I was the head cheerleader. I was one of the most popular girls at our college. I shouldn’t have such perverted desires. I was supposed to date the quarterback and be perfect. Which I did. I hated it. I was so fake, forcing myself to be what everyone wanted.

Now I just had to be what my Master wanted me to be.

Because Justin Sampson freed me from all that fakery. He gave me what I always truly desired. Whether my new outlook, my new joy, was caused by his powers changing me, or whether I truly felt this way, I didn’t care. To me, I was a sex slave. That was my reality. I loved it.

I glanced at my clock. It was just after 8 PM, too early for me to go to sleep normally, but I was exhausted after a day of fucking. I wished my Master was here. I wonder what he was doing right—

* * *

Justin Sampson

I smiled at the silence that engulfed my bedroom. I could feel it. I’d stopped time once again. Exactly twelve hours after I did it the first time, when I paused everything moments before Chris, my college’s asshole quarterback, slammed his fist in my face. I smiled, sitting up in my bed. I didn’t have to be a coward any longer.

I had powers.

In the moments before I stopped time, I was trying to ignore my parents fighting downstairs in the kitchen. Well, my dad was fighting. My mother was just trying to survive without getting another black eye. I was nineteen, and I should’ve done something about this already. I was a coward. But not any longer.

I threw down the Berserk manga I was reading, and rolled off my bed. I stood up and flexed my bare toes against the fabric of the carpet. As I moved, I noticed the imprints of my feet stayed in the woolly flooring. The carpet fibers didn’t spring back up. Reality was frozen. I could manipulate things, move objects around, even people. However, the moment I stopped touching them, the flow of time stopped and they paused again. It was strange. I glanced back at my manga. The Japanese comic book had stopped in mid-fall, one corner about to touch my bed, the black and white pages splayed open.

I smiled. I love stopping time. So amazing. Freeing. I could do anything.

Wearing only my plaid boxers, I marched to my bedroom door. I ripped it open, the hinges making noise the only sound I heard. There wasn’t even the hum of electricity running through the wall, even though all the light bulbs were on. The electricity was paused, too, the flow of electrons moving through the gas in the bulbs had halted. Even the photons radiating from the excited gas must be frozen.

So how could I see...?

It was mind boggling. I wanted to study all of this, and knew my friend Sam would find this all so fascinating, but my asshole, abusive dad was drunk downstairs beating on my mom. Now was time to do something about that.

I had to put a stop to him.

All day, when I wasn’t fucking my sex slave Aurora, I was thinking about what to do with my powers. How to get back at my classmates who bullied and laughed at me. How to help out my one remaining friend at school, the nerdy Sam. How to get payback on President Brooks for being a cocksucker. And, of course, what to do about my alcoholic dad.

I flexed my fingers as I marched to the stairs. I went down them two at a time, my entire body pulsing with excitement. I knew I could change people. Whatever I said to them while they were frozen rewrote their minds. It reprogrammed them. I did it to Aurora, turning her into my sex slave slut. I also did it to Cassandra and her boyfriend José, turning her into his willing slut while cuckolding him in the process. I also turned Chris and his two asshole friends into homosexuals. They fled the college when they were caught in the poses I left them in.

Like with Aurora, they were accidental rewrites. When I was re-positioning them to make it look like they were fucking each other, I said things out of anger. I didn’t understand my powers then. During my rant, I told Chris and his friends that they were all secretly gay. That they only bullied me because they really just wanted to suck each other’s cocks.

I bet they were doing that right now.

So I knew I could fix my family now. It was a shame my younger sister Krystal wasn’t home. She was over at her friend Ji-Yun’s house. I didn’t blame Krystal for wanting to stay as far away from our family as much as possible. But it meant I couldn’t give her any instructions during this period of frozen time.

Memory of Krystal’s and Ji-Yun’s asses from this morning as they walked to our college before me burned through my thoughts. The way they held hands made me wonder if they were secretly lesbians. If not, I could make them into secret lesbians.

Damn, I loved my powers.

I was hard when I reached the bottom of the stairs and marched across the living room. In five strides, I was thrusting open the swinging kitchen door and finding the mayhem inside. A large glass pitcher had shattered, glass spilling across the floor and around my mother. She was cowering in her bathrobe on the linoleum and—

The sight arrested me.

My mom was wearing her pink bathrobe, and it had half-ripped open from when my father threw her to the floor. Her right breast had popped out, round and soft, a large ring of pink centered around her nipple. The nipple I used to suckle on as a babe. She looked so vulnerable, her brown hair half frozen in a tousle about her face. She had her left hand thrust up before her in a warding gesture. Despite the fear on her face, such lust shot through me.

My mother’s breast looked so inviting.

My cock swelled hard in my boxers as I reevaluated my plans. I gazed at my mother, her thighs lush and sleek, peeking out the bottom of her robe’s hem. My eyes followed those legs up to inviting shadows between them. The sudden urge to witness the pussy that birthed me shot through my body.

Incestuous fantasies danced through my head. I had power. I could do things. I could give her pleasure. Like I did for Aurora. I could make my mom feel loved again. Show her that a man did appreciate her. I could make my father into that man, but why did he deserve her?

My gaze flicked over to him. He was corpulent, his beer gut stretching out his stained t-shirt, three inches of hairy gut thrusting out between the bottom of his shirt and the slipping waistband of his sweatpants. A hotspot of reflected light gleamed on his balding pate, his black hair thinning around the crown of his head, his face flushed and ruddy from drink. He held the beer bottle in his right hand, his left balled up in a fist.

Such anger shot through me. I spent the last decade of my life listening to him explode at my mother during his drunken rages. Nothing she could do was good enough for him. She could never cook a good enough dinner nor have it ready when he was hungry. The house was never clean enough. She never bought the right type of beer. He always found some reason to yell at her. To make himself feel like a man.

What did he do all day? Drink beer? Sleep? He couldn’t work because of his “back” injury. He was on disability, faking an injury then getting some naïve doctor to sign off on it.

That ended now.

Much as I want to indulge in these incestuous desires I had for my mother, and my little sister, I wanted to make sure my father was dealt with first. I trembled with such glee as I marched up to him, staring at his face twisted in anger. Caught in the frozen moment, he almost appeared childish. Not the fury of a grown man, but the temper-tantrum of a spoiled brat.

He didn’t deserve my mother.

I leaned right into his ear and gave him my first command: “You can’t stand the taste of alcohol. It makes you nauseated. Just thinking about it makes your stomach twist and turn. You can’t even touch a bottle. You’ll never drink it again. You’ll never even crave it.”

I grinned, eager to see that realization strike him that he couldn’t find comfort in pounding back beer after beer.

“Next, you’re going to stop pretending that you have a bad back. You will stop using it as an excuse about why everything has gone wrong in your life. Fucking start acting like a man, Dad. You’re going to do things around the house like cleaning it. You’re not allowed to relax at all in the house it’s not been cleaned that day. Carpets vacuumed. Dishes washed. Bathrooms cleaned. Dusting. All the stuff that you make Mom do every day, is now your responsibility. If anything is broken, needs maintenance, you won’t bitch and moan and say you can’t do it, you will do it.”

I shuddered, just picturing him doing something useful for a change. Not just sitting on his recliner like a useless log.

I licked my lips launched then into my third command, “You’re going to get a job. You’ll go out there every day on a job hunt, searching for a way to make money.” I leaned closer to him. I had my lips just an inch from his ear. “When you get your job, you’re going to be the best damned employee possible. You’re going to do your job perfectly. You’re going to excel and make money to support your family like a man goddamn should! It’s the only thing that will give you joy any longer. Satisfaction.”

I glanced back at Mom, staring at that exposed breast. My next command was going to be ordering him to never beat on her again. But now… Now I wanted to change it. A malevolent ache throbbed through me as this idea popped into my head. I licked my lips, my dick so hard in my boxers, twitching and pulsing to the pounding beat of my heart. I stared at my dad while organizing my thoughts, searching for just the right way to control him.

I took a deep breath, fighting to control the lust surging through me. This would change everything for my family. “Finally, Dad, whenever you get mad at Mom, instead of yelling at her, instead of hitting her, you’re going to bring her to me. When you do, you’ll fall to your knees and beg me to fuck her.”

I shuddered, my dick almost bursting out of my boxers.

“You’re going to beg me to cuckold you. It’ll make you so hard knowing that your son is a better man than you. A better lover. That your son pleases your wife in ways you never can. It is the only way you’ll ever get sexual satisfaction. Because you will never touch Mom that way again. She’s all mine now.”

Saying those words almost made my dick erupt. I was just so excited by them. I was taking his place in every way. I was stepping up to take charge of my family after he failed so spectacularly. I glanced at mom lying on the floor, cowering in fear. She didn’t deserve this. She was a wonderful woman. I would show her that again. She wasn’t a slut like Aurora.

I would love her.

I couldn’t resist any longer. My dad was taken care of, so it was time to deal with my mother. To love her. I ripped down my plaid boxers, my dick springing out before me. It was good my dad was here for the first time I cuckolded him. He wouldn’t remember this, and neither would my mom, but I would know.

My dick bobbed before me, the tip so swollen. I was excited. I wished my sex slave was here to help me. It would be so hot watching Aurora getting my mother all wet and ready for me. That would come later. For now, it was all me. I was her son. I loved her. Now I would prove it.

I fell to my knees between her thighs, my dick quivering before me. I stroked up her thighs from her knees, feeling the silky warmth of her skin. I brushed the hem of her robe. Unlike my dad, my mother kept in shape. She did it to please him, hoping that if she looked hot he’d have one less thing to yell at her about. It was so sad that she tried to please him. That she let herself love this disgusting man.

But I would fix that. I would save her.

My hands reached her robe’s hem, pushing up the fabric. I exposed more and more of her flesh, my heart thudding in my chest. The shadows between her thighs retreated. Light spilled deeper and deeper between them until...

She wore a pair of white panties dotted with little, blue flowers. They were nothing special—they weren’t the exciting thongs that Aurora and Cassandra wore—but there was something... enticing about them. These plain, boring panties were my mother’s panties. This was so wrong. So taboo. I shouldn’t be touching her this way. I shouldn’t be seeing her this way.

But I was. Thanks to my powers.

My hands moved with haste to undo her robe’s tie. I threw open the terrycloth, revealing her flat stomach and her other breast. Her tits were locked in heaving movement, frozen as they jiggled from her fall. Her nipples were soft, but that would change. I groaned as I drank in the sight of them. I licked my lips, ready to love her.

But first I had to give her commands. My mother would love me before I molested her. She wasn’t Aurora. She wasn’t a slut to be used. I leaned over my mother, bracing myself on hands planted on either side of her body. I brought my lips towards her ear, nuzzling strands of time-frozen hair out of the way, silky strands spilling across my face.

“Mom,” I whispered into her ear, my hard dick twitching before me, almost touching her skin., “I just want you to know how much I love you. How sorry I am that I let Dad’s abuse go on for so long. He won’t ever hurt you again. You don’t ever have to be afraid of him. You’re not afraid of him. You know he can never hurt you again. You know that if he ever gets mad at you, he’ll instead bring you to me. And that will excite you.

“Because you love me, Mom. Not just as a son, but as a lover. Like a husband. Your body craves my touch. Just thinking about me makes your pussy wet. You know that my cock—the cock that you created in your womb—will love you. Will give you more pleasure than Dad’s or any other guy’s ever could. Your pussy craves me to be back inside of you. You want it so badly.

“You just want to love me much as possible. You’re not ashamed of this love. You don’t care that others think incest is wrong, because you know differently. You know that it’s okay to love your son. To fuck me. To be my lover. To share women with me.

“You don’t get jealous when I’m with other girls. You’re happy that I’m enjoying them. You love it when I have other girls. It makes you wet. You want to do things with those girls. Because you’re bisexual, Mom. Deep down inside, you’ve always craved pussy. Not as much you crave my dick, but you do love pussy a lot. You also want to find hotties to bring to my bed. To show how much you love me. Especially Krystal. You love her pussy the best!”

I shuddered as I said those words. I did it. I would love my mom so much. My hands trembled as they reached for her breasts. I grabbed them and squeezed. I kneaded the tits that I nursed from as a child. My fingers sank into the flesh, my thumb sweeping out to massage at her nipples.

They hardened beneath my touch.

It was so exciting feeling my mother’s nipples hardened beneath my touch. They grew hard, thrusting from my areolas, puckering up into twin fat nubs. I shivered as my thumbs kept massaging them, pressing them into her pillowy breasts. I licked my lips, my dick throbbing before me.

I used to nurse from these breasts.

I leaned forward, the tip of my cock rubbing against her flat stomach. Tingles raced up my shaft, tightening my balls. Then I flicked my tongue out, swirling around my mother’s areola. I caressed her puckered skin, covered by little bumps, with my tongue. I brushed the side of her nipple, loving how it felt. I latched on with my lips, sucked hard.

She didn’t make a sound, but I imagine the moans she would make in the future. Those gasping sounds of pleasure as she enjoyed my touch. I knew her body would feel it then. That when time flowed, she’d be overwhelmed by all the things I did to her now. They would all slam into her in a heartbeat, making her mind melt in ecstasy.

I squeezed and kneaded her tits as I sucked on her nipple. My lips popped off with wet smacks before I engulfed it again. I nipped her nub, loving it. My dick throbbed as the spongy crown rubbed against her smooth belly.

I sucked back and forth. I enjoyed them, loving the feel of them between my lips. I got why babies enjoyed suckling on pacifiers. There was just something so calming about having my mother’s nipple in my mouth. My cheeks hollowed as I tried to suck as much of her tit into my mouth as I could. I engulfed some of her areola, loving the wet sounds I made.

“Goddamn, you are so hot, Mom,” I said, glancing up at her face. I grimaced. She still had that expression of fright twisting her features; her arm raised to ward off my father. “Don’t worry, Mom, you’re going to feel amazing. You won’t ever be afraid.”

I pinched and tugged on her nipples, stretching out her breasts. The left one, so wet with my saliva, slipped from my grasp. Her tit started to spring back to its normal shape before time paused for it. I smiled at the sight of it frozen half-stretched. Ripples were just starting to roll through her pillowy flesh. I released her right nub, chortling at as it paused, too.

I smacked her tit, not hard, just enough that waves rolled across her pillowy mounds and froze.

“God, I love stopping time,” I said, my hips shifting, dry-humping my cock against her belly. “You’re going to lose your mind the first time I pause everything for you, Mom.”

My gaze ran down her body. My dick poked her belly button. I was half-hunched over. I straightened my spine, my dick would be nuzzling at her pussy. I could fuck her. I could just a ram my dick into the hole that birthed me and savor how wet and juicy my mother was.

I bet she was dripping after I played with her nipples. Just ready for me to enter her.

“You’re not a slut, Mom,” I said as I slid down her body. My cock dragged down to her brown bush and pushed her pubic hair out of the way. The curls didn’t spring all the way back into place, my cock blazing a path through her tangled thatch. “I bet dad never has gone down on your pussy. He’s never eaten you, or made you cum. But I will. I’ve watched enough porn. I know how to do this, Mom.”

It was important to me to please this woman. She brought me into the world. If she never gave birth to me, then I would never get to have this fun. Never have this power to stop time. She deserved so much for putting with my father for the last twenty-one years.

I nestled between her thighs, seeing the juices beading on her silky pubic hair. I made her wet. My fingers strolled through her dark bush, pushing the hairs apart to expose her thick labia. I spread open her pussy lips next, exposing her pink depths. More of her passion glistened on her folds. I lowered my head, staring down into the depths of her cunt.

My sister and I came from here.

“Shame that Krystal’s not here,” I told Mom. “But don’t worry, she’ll join the fun soon. Your daughter’s going to eat out your cunt. I promise.” I smiled.” She’ll probably do it while I’m fucking her from behind.”

My dick throbbed as I breathed in deeply, inhaling the aroma of my mother’s sweet musk. My mouth watered at her scent. I couldn’t wait any longer.

Her silky bush caressed my lips and cheeks. My mouth pressed against her cunt. I thrust my tongue into the hole that birthed me, swirling around inside of her. I gathered her sweet cream, imagining the moans of passion she’d make if she wasn’t paused.

“Oh, yes, yes, Justin!” I pretended my mom crying out while I feasted on her cunt. “I’ve never felt something this good before! Your father never did this for me!”

Pussy juices coating my lips and cheeks, I blurted out loud, “Because Dad is an asshole!”

I pressed my face back into my mother’s muff, my tongue flicking and flailing. I stroked her folds, gathering all that sweet cream. I drank it all even as her time-frozen body produced more and more juices. My balls and cock swayed beneath me. I wrapped my arms around her thighs, pulling her twat against my mouth.

I thrust my tongue into the depths of her cunt. I buried it deep into her and wiggled it about, my dick aching in envy. Soon, I’d be in her. But for now, I wanted to make her cum with my mouth. I wanted to love my mother and give her so much pleasure. I would overwhelm her when time resumed, smothering her mind in more bliss than any human had ever felt in a single instance.

“Oh, Justin, yes!” she moaned in my mind. “You’re the best son ever!”

More and more of my mom’s pussy juices spilled out of her depths. I loved her sweet flavor, drinking her cream like it was ambrosia. My hands gripped her upper thighs. I loved the feel of her silky pubic hair caressing my cheeks as I fluttered my tongue deep into her snatch.

I moved my right hand, sliding it down across her stomach and into her brown bush. I reveled in the feel of her silky hairs as I headed towards the top of her slit. With my tongue swirling through her sheath, caressing her pussy walls, my fingers reached her clit.

I massaged her bud.

“Oh, yes, yes, Justin!” her imagined voice said, reverberating through my mind. “You’re going to make me cum! You’re the best son ever!”

“I love you, Mom,” I moaned between licks, my finger massaging her swollen bud.

I sucked on her thick labia, nibbling on them as I rubbed her bud in circles. I couldn’t wait for her to explode. For her to orgasm. My fingers danced faster and faster on her bud.

Then it happened.

Her sweet juices squirted out of her snatch. I made my time-frozen mother exploded in rapture. When she could act again, I knew this pleasure would drown her mind in an instant. I drank down the flood of her cream, jabbing my tongue into her pussy. I felt the rippling convulsions of her snatch. Such a wonderful treat. It made my mother explode.

I was such a good son.

“Oh, thank you, Justin!” she cried out in my fantasy. “Your father never gave me pleasure like this! You’re so much better than he is! But now... Now I need your dick in me!”

I shuddered, my dick aching for this pleasure. I rose up from her pussy, my dick thrusting hard before me. I moved over her body, staring down at her tits frozen with the imprints of my kneading fingers. My dick nuzzled into her soaked bush, finding the hot folds of her pussy.

“Please, Justin, I need you back in me!” Mom whined. I could hear the lust in her voice echoing in my mind. How much she needed this. I couldn’t wait to hear her say these words for real. “Ram that cock into me. Fuck me harder than your father ever has!”

“Yes!” I growled and rammed my cock forward.

I sank into my mother’s pussy. I groaned as I returned to her sheath. Her hot flesh engulfed me, her flesh still rippling and twitching from the orgasm I gave her. My balls, heavy with a load of incestuous cum for her, smacked into her taint. My back arched as I loomed over, bracing myself on my extended arms, hands planted on either side of her.

“Mom!” I moaned. “Oh, my god, it’s amazing to be in you! You’re hot and juicy, Mom!”

“And you’re so big!” I imagined her groaning. “So much bigger than your father! I gave birth to a hung son!”

I grinned down at her, trying to see passion on her face instead of frozen fear. I knew her expression would be consumed with incestuous rapture when I unfroze time, drowning out any negative emotions. I drew back my hips, my dick sliding through her juicy cunt.

“You just had to raise the perfect lover for yourself, Mom!”

I thrust into her depths again, my balls smacking hard into her taint. Pleasure shot through me. It was such a wonderful delight. My fingers clenched against the linoleum as I fucked my mother. I rammed my dick over and over into her incestuous hole. I reveled in the thrill of being inside her.

It was incredible. Every thrust sent rapture rippling through my body. The friction of her silky sheath rubbing against my cock transformed into ecstasy. It was better than being inside my sex slave Aurora. This was so wrong. So forbidden.

A son shouldn’t fuck his mother.

“Goddamn, Mom!” I moaned, reveling the delight of her pussy. “You’re amazing! I’m going to cum so hard in you!”

“But I’m not on birth control, Justin!” she moaned in my mind. “Remember, your father had a vasectomy because he hates fucking me with a condom. If you cum in me... Oh, Justin, I don’t care! Love me anyways!”

My hips pumped away even harder. Breeding my mother would be the ultimate cuckolding of my asshole father. My balls, heavy with my seed, thwacked over and over into her flesh. I buried into my mother again and again, reveling in the thrill.

My tongue flicked across my lips, savoring the lingering flavor of her sweet musk. I groaned as I rammed into her. I filled her cunt to the hilt with my cock again and again. Her flesh squeezed down on me. I groaned, knowing her excitement built in her time-frozen body.

My mother was about to cum on my dick.

That thought electrified my body and increased the pleasure. The ache built and built the tip of my cock. I wanted to unload my jizz into her. I grit my teeth, fighting against the urge to erupt. She wasn’t Aurora. I wanted her to climax first. I wanted her orgasm rippling through her before I fired my seed into her pussy.

“Please, cum, Mom!” I growled. “Explode on my dick!”

I don’t know if my mother’s body responded to the command of my voice, or if it was just a coincidence, but her pussy convulsed about my dick. Her second orgasm burst through her body. I groaned as I drove my dick in and out of her spasming depths. My mother’s incestuous flesh sucked at my dick, eager for my jizz to spurt into her. To breed her.

My back arched as my hips drove into her. The slap of flesh and my pants were the only sounds I heard. I threw a look over my shoulder at my time-frozen father. I grinned at him as I was about to fully cuckold him. My balls tensed, my spunk moments from spurting into her pussy. I was so eager for this. So ready to spill my jizz into the pussy that birthed me.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I imagined my mother screaming. “Breed me while my asshole husband watches. He’s such a cuckold. Such a pathetic man!”

“Yes, you are, Dad,” I growled as I buried my cock into Mom’s orgasming cunt.

My balls boiled over.

My cum squirted into my mother’s fertile depths.

I grunted through my teeth as every pulse of my spunk fired in rapture through my body. The ecstasy slammed into my mind, sending jolts of euphoria rippling across my thoughts. I groaned with every blast. I unloaded so much incestuous jizz into her.

Her pussy milked my cock. She wrung me dry. She wanted every drop. I imagined her moans of satisfied bliss in my mind as I spilled the last drops of jizz into her. My orgasm plateaued. For one glorious moment, I rode the heights of my incestuous climax. And then my pleasured dropped. I panted, nuzzling my face down between my mother’s pillowy tits. I breathed heavily as I luxuriated in this moment.

“God, I love you so much, Mom,” I breathed. “You’re such an incredible fuck. If Aurora was here, she’d lick you clean. She’d worship you like a queen.” I smiled. “I’ll make sure to tell her that.” I looked up my mother’s body. Her face was flushed now. She didn’t look like she was scared any longer, but frozen in a moment of perfect rapture.

As much as I wanted to savor my orgasm’s bliss, I was also eager for all my new commands to go into effect. I rose off my mother, my dick still hard thanks to a minute amount of that same power that let me stop time being siphoned to my cock to give me stamina. I stood, my knees shaky, her pussy juices dripping off my dick. They froze in midair on their plummet to the ground. I smiled, leaving behind a small constellation of creamy stars.

“Fuck, I love my—”

The front door crashed open.

My head whirled around to stare out the open kitchen door into the living room. There was someone moving in there. Someone who wasn’t frozen. My stomach tightened in shock. Was this the other person who had stopped time earlier today? Had they figured out who I was?

I tensed.

My sister Krystal appeared.

“What?” I gaped at the sight of her.

She put her hands on her hips, arching a thin, black eyebrow at me. Amusement spilled off her elfin face. “I knew it!” She exclaimed. “You are the one who stopped time at the start of my second class today. You’re just like me!”

I blinked at the sight of my eighteen-year-old sister. I stood naked before her petite, budding body as she bounced on her feet. Her pigtails danced around her face as she clapped her hands together with such gleeful delight. Then she blinked and froze. Her gaze flicked down to my naked cock. Her cheeks went scarlet. She spun around, putting her back to me.

“Justin!” she screeched. “Oh, my god, I knew you were fucking Aurora all day, but you brought your slut home with you?”

“Uh...” I said, scratching the back of my neck. “I’m not fucking Aurora.”

“Did you... hypnotize another girl into being your slut today?” she asked. “That was one of the reasons I figured out it was you. After I... Well, after I did a few things when time was frozen, too. Then I realized how Aurora went from hating you to being your devoted sex slave. So, who do you have in there?”

“Well... Mom,” I said, then tensed. I wondered how my little sister would take that revelation.

My sister’s spine stiffened. She shot a look over her shoulder at me, her brown eyes wide. “Holy what the damn, Justin!” She whirled around, her pigtails switching the air behind her. “Really? I wanted to do that!”

“What?” I asked, my jaw dropping.

“Wait, did you think you’re the only pervert in the family?” Krystal asked. A mischievous grin spread over her face. “I’m just better at hiding it than you.” Then her eyes widen. “Justin, you were going to hypnotize me into being your slut, too?”

I shifted. “Um... Yeah.”

She stamped her foot. “Really? I’m gay! I don’t want to have sex with my brother!”

I blinked. “You’re a lesbian?” Then a hot lust surged through me. “Are you and Ji-Yun...?”

She suddenly fidgeted. “Um... well, we are... now. I may have... uhhh... hypnotize her into loving my pussy.”

I grinned at my sister, my dick aching. Just this morning I’d imagine my sister and her friend, Ji-Yun, as lesbian lovers. Knowing it was true, made me want to cum. “How did you do that? No wait, probably the same way I accidentally made Aurora into my sex slave.”

“Yeah, basically,” she said while scooting past me. She gave me a wide berth, pressing up against the kitchen door’s frame to avoid touching me. Then she was passed me and darting towards our mother. “Wow, our mom has huge boobs. Mine are just so tiny. Ooh, I can see the indents your fingers left in them. Wow, that’s kinda kinky.”

“Yeah,” I said, stroking my pussy-soaked dick. “So how did you accidentally make your friend a lesbian?”

Instead of answering, she reached beneath her skirt and, to my shock, peeled down a pair of frilly, pink panties. I blinked at that as she stepped out of them. She gave me a naughty grin and brought her panties to her face. She inhaled her own musk, shuddered, then moaned, “God, I love the scent of fresh pussy.”

“What are you doing?” I asked, my dick throbbing. “Not that I mind watching.”

“Listen, I have the opportunity to rub my pussy on mom’s face,” Krystal said, her eyes glassy with lust. “I’m not passing up on this chance.”

I watched her press mom down so she lay stretched out fully on her back. Then my sister sat on our mother’s face, grinding her cunt across Mom’s mouth and chin. Sadly, I couldn’t see anything, Krystal’s skirt hiding her pussy for my view.

Pleasure flicked across my little sister’s face. “If I know you, Justin, you told Mom to crave my pussy, too.”

“Yeah, I did. Can you blame me?”

“Nope!” she moaned, grinding her pussy on our mother’s face. “So I made Ji-Yun gay when I freaked out after you froze everything the first time. I was just getting settled into my gender studies class when you paused the world. I thought I was going crazy. I don’t know how long I just sat in my seat, trying not to think I’d gone insane. I buried my face into the crook of my elbow, squeezed my eyes shut, and wished for time to resume. I felt like...” She stared up at me, her face twisting with pleasure from humping on our mother’s face. “I felt like I could almost make it resume. It was probably because you stopped it that I couldn’t start it up.”

“Yeah, that was what it felt like when you froze it during lunch.”

“So after, I don’t know, an hour or so, I left my classroom and started exploring. I wanted to figure out what had caused this all to happen.” She let out a whimpering sound. “Oh, yes, I’m going to cream our mother’s face, Justin.”

I grinned at her. “Do it, Krystal.” I stroked my dick faster. “Just drown her with your juices.”

“Boy, Justin, I don’t know the last time we really talked.” She giggled. “But I definitely know we weren’t masturbating over our naked mother while our dad stands frozen watching.”

I smiled at her, my dick throbbing in my hand. God, I really, really wanted to have sex with my little sister. “Well, we don’t have to be masturbating. We could do other things.”

She fixed me with a hard look while stopping grinding her pussy on our mother’s face. “Nope. That is not happening.”

I wanted it though. Just when I thought I could do anything, my sister told me I couldn’t do one of those things I craved.

“Anyways,” Krystal continued, resuming grinding on our mother’s face. “I must’ve wandered up and down all the halls, going everywhere but where you must’ve been.”

“Spent most of the time in the boy’s locker room after fucking Aurora,” I said.

She gave me a weird look then shrugged. “Well, I guess I missed you because I did swing by the gym, but I didn’t go into the boy’s locker room.” Her grin turned wicked. “I did peek into the girl’s locker room and ogled the cuties while changing their clothes. I was masturbating pretty hard when, of course, time resumed. I panicked and darted out of there before any of them realized I was somewhere I shouldn’t be. I did see Chris and his jock friends running out of the boy’s restroom.” She gave me a questioning look. “Your doing? They seemed pretty freaked out about something.”

I laughed. “Yeah, I turned them gay. They were about the bully me.”

“Oh, is that why you stopped time?”

I nodded my head. “So, why did you stop time? Did you do it to keep me from getting in trouble?”

She shook her head. “By then, I had already figured out that you must’ve stopped time when Aurora started acting so weird with her posts on social media. You know, talking about being your sex slave and all. It was why I was trying to talk to you before your new slut showed up at lunch.”

“Oh, yeah, I forgot about that,” I said.

She giggled again, her hips squirming from side to side now. “Well, Aurora is quite the distraction. Mmm, I’d love to grip her ponytail and ride her face.”

“God, you are a pervert,” I said and grinned at her.

She beamed back at me. “But, to answer your question, I froze time because I was tired of all the racket. Just knowing you were in their having sex weirded me out. I was still... not as relaxed as I became after that. I fled to the bathroom. Ji-Yun followed after me to give comfort me. But it was a mistake for me to go in there. It put me closer to where you were having sex. I could hear everyone out there shouting and cheering. It was driving me nuts. I just wanted it all to stop. Then I felt it building in me. This energy that I could unleash. It frightened me. I remember how time stopped earlier. Ji-Yun was talking to me, trying to calm me down, but all I could think about was if I could do it. I had to know.

“So I focused on it. I thought about it. And then... Everything stopped.”

“And you had Ji-Yun in the stall with you, her nubile body all delicious and yummy. You couldn’t resist doing something to her.”


My sister’s face scrunched up in bliss. She closed her eyes, the grinding of her hips increasing its pace. She worked her eighteen-year-old pussy across our mother’s mouth. I wish I could see it, but her damned skirt was in the way.

I stroked my dick faster, harder. I was imagining my sister and Ji-Yun in the bathroom stall, the Korean girl frozen, my sister dragging up her friend’s skirt and ripping down the girl’s panties. Krystal would be moaning, telling Ji-Yun that she was a lesbian, not really realizing that she was actually making her friend into a dyke.

It was so hot.

My balls boiled as I pictured Krystal burying her face into Ji-Yun’s bald twat. In my fantasy, neither girl had any pubic hair. Krystal licked and swirled her tongue through her time-frozen friend’s pussy just like I had done to our mother. Krystal’s real moans only added to the fantasy. My orgasm came closer and closer.

“Oh, yes, yes, Mom!” gasped Krystal. “I’m going to cum so hard on your face! You love eating my pussy Mom! You think it’s the best pussy in the world! You want to wake me up every morning by eating me to an orgasm!”

That command almost sent me over the edge. Now I was picturing our mother entering Krystal’s bedroom, pulling down the sheets then sliding up the purple, frilly nightgown my sister loved to wear. I pictured Mom licking her lips before burying her face into my little sister’s bare twat. She would lick so hard. She would make my sister explode.

“Fuck,” I groaned. I fisted my dick so hard. So fast.

“Yes, you’re going to lick my pussy, every morning, Mom!” my sister moaned. She threw back her head, her pigtails dancing about her shoulders. “Yes!”

I could hear the pleasure in my sister’s voice. I knew that she was cumming on our mother’s face. My little sister was shuddering through her orgasmic bliss.

I groaned, my hand pumping up and down on my cock as fast as I could. Lesbian fantasies danced through my head. I wanted to join them. I wanted to have sex with my sister, sharing her with mom, her friend Ji-Yun, and my sex slave Aurora.

With a groan, my jizz spurted into the air. My cum splattered my mom’s stomach. I painted her belly and tits with my incestuous seed. The pearly lines froze on her before the spunk could start running while more drops remained suspended in the air before reaching her.

Every blast shot rapture to my mind. Euphoria slammed across my thoughts. I groaned, my eyes fluttering. The bliss was incredible. It was amazing. I drank it in, my body swaying. The room almost spun around me.

My sister and I both groaned out in pleasure.

And then the ecstasy passed.

“Well,” my sister panted, “that was incredible.” She hopped to her feet. “Night, Justin.”

As I struggled to gather my thoughts, my sister darted past me and out of the kitchen. I could hear her footsteps echoing through the house as she raced up to her bedroom. I shook my head, wanting to have sex with her so badly.

How? She was gay, and I couldn’t time-hypnotize her. So how could I do it?

The thought echoed through my mind over and over as I closed our mother’s robe, hiding my sticky mess. I scooped up my boxers then retreated from the kitchen.

The footprints left by my sister and me were still frozen into thick carpet of the living room. I crossed it. I stumbled upstairs almost in a daze, my mind grappling with this new challenge placed before me.

How could I seduce my lesbian, little sister? What could I offer her to get her to agree to have sex with me?

Why did she have to be gay?

Why did she have to have my powers?

I reached my bedroom and sat down on my bed beside my manga frozen in mid-air. I took a deep breath and prepared to resume time. Dad would still be angry at mom, but my new commands should kick in. He should bring her up here so that he could witness me cuckolding him for real.

But all I could think about was my sister and her bedroom. Damn. I really, really wanted to fuck her.

“Shit...” I muttered. Then I concentrated.

I unfroze time.

* * *

Aurora Pritchard

—now. What was he doing? What naughty acts was my Master up to?

I couldn’t wait for him to stop time again. I knew we would have such naughty fun.

I smiled, rubbing my thighs together. I savored how juicy I was thinking about it. I grabbed my phone, snapped a picture of my cum-stained tits, and sent him a text of it. “Thinking of you,” I typed. “Can’t wait for you to stop time again. Want to have so much naughty fun with my Master!!!” I capped the message off with the winky emoji and a loving heart emoji.

I hit send.


To be continued...