The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Time Manipulation Mind Control

by mypenname3000

Chapter 6: Hot Teacher’s Frozen Passion

Justin Sampson

I glanced at my time-frozen friend, beset by bewilderment. Sam couldn’t have a crush on me. She was almost a robot at times. Today, talking about this time dependency, was one of the few times I’d ever heard her sound so emotional. Right before my little sister froze time, Sam was excited about the fact that the atomic clocks around the world had gotten minutely out of sync with each other, detecting the nanosecond or so it took for time to stop everywhere. So to find out as she had a crush on me...

It had me blinking in confusion.

“No, there’s no way she has a crush on me,” I said to my sex slave. “She doesn’t like anyone.”

“Oh, Master, she got super jelly of me,” Aurora said. My sex slave wasn’t frozen by time because she was clinging to my arm when my sister stopped it. I extended... a bubble of influence around Aurora, immunizing her against the paused moment. I didn’t know why my sister and I both could stop time; It didn’t make any sense.

But we could do it, so that’s all that mattered.

“I know she was brusque with you, but that doesn’t mean she’s jealous,” I said. I studied Sam, dressed in her usual baggy sweatshirt, her black hair gathered in a loose braid just to keep it out of her face. She didn’t do it to make herself look cute, though it did help. With her glasses, she had a nerdy vibe that would be hot if she just put a little more effort into her appearance. “You just don’t know Sam that well. That’s just how she acts. She’s... blunt. Direct.”

“Oh, Master, she totally has a crush on you,” she said. “Why else would she hang out with you all the time? I bet she just doesn’t know how to tell you.” My sex slave moved before Sam, Aurora’s blonde ponytail swaying down her back.

Aurora looked so naughty with my jizz drying on her face. Before we left my house to head to our college that morning, her and my mother gave me a blowjob. It was such a hot way to start the day. I came on both their faces. Aurora already was a complete slut before I made her my sex slave by whispering into her ear while she was frozen. So she’d posted the pic of her kissing my mother, snowballing my jizz back and forth between them, on Instagram.

That probably wasn’t a smart idea to let her do that, but it was so hot.

A mischievous grin crossed my sex slave’s face. Her green eyes twinkled as she grabbed the hem of Sam’s sweatshirt and yanked it up before I could stop her. She exposed Sam’s pale stomach and small, firm breast dusted with light freckles.

I gaped at the sight of my friend’s tits. I never expected to see them. Apparently, Sam didn’t wear a bra. She probably thought they were too much effort and didn’t require one since she had A cup titties. They were fucking lovely. I groaned as Aurora grabbed them, squeezing Sam’s firm breasts.

“Mmm, these are nice, Master,” Aurora said. Her tongue flicked across her pink lips. “Look at those areolas. So puffy and pink. I bet they swell up when she gets excited.” Aurora’s finger swept across them, stimulating my friend’s nubs. Even though time was stopped for Sam, her body would still have physiological reactions to being stimulated. Aurora could make my friend’s nipples hard, or even make Sam cum.

No! That was my friend. Sam wasn’t a slut like Aurora or Cassandra, the other girl I messed with yesterday. Anger surged through me. “Stop playing with her tits, slut!”

Aurora jerked her hands away, thrusting them behind her back. Shock crossed her face. “I’m sorry, Master. I thought—”

“She’s my friend, not a whore like you and the sluts you used to hang out with!” I growled.

“Of course, Master,” Aurora said. Something naughty flicked across her face. Her green eyes looked me up and down. She’d thought of something.

My cheeks suddenly warmed with embarrassment. Did I just give her more evidence that I had a crush on Sam? I mean, Sam was the only real friend I had at our college. It was Sam, Eddie, and me until Eddie transferred to another school. Now it was just her and me.

And Aurora.

I glanced at Sam and her freckled cheeks; pink tinged of them. My eyes fell down on her still-exposed breasts, her sweatshirt frozen before it could fall back down and cover them. I yanked it down, covering her. I grit my teeth. I didn’t have a crush on my nerdy friend.

Aurora only smirked more.

“She doesn’t have a crush on me,” I growled. “Come on, we have things to do.”

“Well, you could make her have a crush on you.” Aurora shivered. “You could... hypnotize her.”

I gave my sex slave a hard look.

“I don’t mean that you should make her a whore like me, Master,” Aurora continued, her voice breathless. “But, at the very least, you can confirm that she does have a crush on you.”

An idea rippled through my head. I studied my friend as my plans swelled and blossomed. I swallowed, then leaned towards her ear. I don’t think I had to whisper to someone’s ear, but it just felt... right. I carefully formed the words in my mind, not wanting to change who Sam was, nor wanting to make her love me. She was the one girl at my college, that one woman I knew, who didn’t deserve to be made into a whore. She was... above all that.

If I had a crush on her, I would totally make her hot for me. Which only proved that I didn’t have a crush on her because I didn’t want to do that.

I whispered my carefully thought out commands into her ear: “Sam, if you have a crush on me, you’re going to want to confess to me. You’re going to feel the urge to ignore any fears or other concerns that have kept you from admitting your feelings to me. But that is only if you have romantic feelings for me.”

I hesitated, then I added, “In addition, if you do like me, you won’t be jealous of any sex slaves I have. Or any other girls I fuck. Not even my mother or my sister. None of that will bother you, not even incest between me and my family.”

I don’t know why I added that. I didn’t have any feelings for her.

She was Sam.

Then the perverse thought of seeing Sam with our English professor, Miss Daisy, shot through me. I already had fantasies that the busty, redheaded teacher was a lesbian that had a crush on Sam. My dick throbbing in my jeans, I hastily added, “Also, you have bisexual desires that you want to explore. You won’t be shy about experimenting with a girl, even a teacher, if they come on to you.”

Aurora giggled. “That’s my perverted Master.”

I glanced at her and arched a warning eyebrow at her.

She put on a look of contriteness I knew was utterly false. Her mischievous, green eyes shone with too much amusement.

I shook my head, unable to help myself from enjoying her playfulness. Aurora just had such a zesty cuteness about her. Her horny playfulness was endearing. I put my arm around my sex slave’s shoulder and glanced up the street towards the entrance to our college.

I smiled at who stood there frozen. “It’s time to get to work.”

* * *

Krystal Sampson

The moment I stopped time, I left my friend, and now lover, Ji-Yun behind. I darted onto our college’s grounds, just so eager to get back at my bully. I froze everything the moment I spotted the mean bitch lounging with a couple of the asshole punks who flocked to her.

My pigtails danced behind me as I darted past the paused students, weaving through them frozen in midstep, mouth open as they talked to each other. Many had their faces illuminated by the screens of their phones.

I was a little breathless by the time I reached Pearline’s side. She had such a dumb name. Pearline. She should be the one bullied, but the Black girl stood tall, holding herself with such confidence. She was gorgeous, too. Like Beyoncé gorgeous, with that same coffee-cream hue to her skin. Her hair was a thick, braided weave flowing down her head, half the strands bleached blonde. She had her sycophants fawning over her, guys dressed like they were straight out of a heavy metal album cover. All just a bunch of posers preening for her attention.

It was so sick.

As far as I knew, she never fucked any of the guys who fawned over her and did her bidding in a vain hope that they would get a taste of her Black cunt. Well, I thought that sort of devotion should be rewarded. Because it was such a shame that Pearline was such a cock-tease. I might be gay, but I thought guys deserve to get their dicks wet.

Especially in the cunt of a burgeoning slut like Pearline.

With glee, I set about stripping the Black girl naked. It was difficult, with her leather boots and skin-tight, vinyl pants, but I tugged and pulled and yanked. I grunted and groaned, working off those boots followed by those tight, skinny pants.

I was sweating, my face flushed as I stood up, seeing her in her panties. They were skimpy, a thong. The back strap vanished between her perky butt cheeks. I smacked her rump and giggled as my handprint froze in her flesh.

“Have fun, baby sis,” Justin said as he and his sex slave sauntered by into the school.

“Oh, I intend to,” I said

Before Justin and his sex slave vanished inside, he called out, “I’m off to deal with our college’s president.”

“Good,” I said, attacking Pearline’s thong next. I ripped it down her muscular thighs, exposing a trimmed bush. It was shaved close enough on the side for the narrow cloth to cover it while leaving her with pussy hair so she didn’t look like a complete slut.

I would have to change that.

I held her panties to my nose, savoring the tart musk of her pussy, before I thrust the skimpy thong into my skirt pocket. Licking my lips, I peeled off her biker’s jacket next, throwing it onto the ground and stepping on it for good measure. She wore a halter top beneath, no evidence of a bra. It cupped her round breasts into a lovely pair of jiggling mounds that she would shake in front of the pathetic guys’ faces to manipulate them. When I pulled it off, it left her tits frozen in mid-jiggle, suspended against gravity, waiting for time’s flow to resume to affect them.

I gave her left tit a smack, giggling as it jiggled back and forth for a moment then paused. I loved freezing time.

I set about posing her next, bending her like a living doll. I soon had her on her hands and knees, perched like a bitch about to get fucked from both ends. I tilted her head, pried open her mouth, and lifted her rump to accept cocks. She was about to get spit-roasted. I wasn’t a fan of the next part, but I hurriedly posed two of her sycophants so that their dicks, stroked hard by some fast pumps, were thrust into her mouth and buried into her cunt.

Everyone in position, I nuzzled up against Pearline’s ear and whispered my commands, my pussy clenching in delight: “You are a slut, Pearline. You love taking every single dick you can into any one of your holes. You love it when guys cum in you, even jizz on you.” The memory of Justin’s spurting his spunk onto our mother’s breasts last night burned through me. He turned our mother into a whore. “You’re such a whore now, Pearline. All you want to do is satiate your cunt. You never, ever want to bully another person, especially me!” I paused. “Also, sluts like you keep their pussies shaved.”

I shuddered, bounding to my feet. My pussy was so juicy. I pulled out her panties and breathed in her tart musk one more time. From now on, her pussy would be soiled. It would be filled with nasty spunk.

Grinning, I gave her male sycophants quick commands to enjoy her body whenever they wanted, to not care if they were seen, then I scampered into the main building. I had desires of my own to satiate.

I was off to see my favorite teacher. Miss Daisy.

I skipped through the halls, weaving through the time-frozen students. My pussy was on fire, eager for me to play with the busty, redheaded professor’s body. Miss Daisy was young, fresh out of graduate school. I would make the associate professor cum so hard. I would finally get to taste her pussy.


I paused when I passed the cutest girls, giving them the naughty command I came up with. “Whenever you pass me, Krystal Sampson, your pussy will instantly flood with juices. Then you will take off your panties and give them to me, saying, ‘Please, enjoy the scent of my hot cunt on my panties.’”

I giggled every time I said that to a hottie. I would have such a collection of cute girls’ panties.

Soon I reached Miss Daisy’s classroom. I burst in to find her before her desk, getting set up for the day. She wore a low-cut, ruffled blouse, light blue in color. It set off her green eyes. Her slender glasses were perched on her nose. As always, she wore a skirt with pantyhose. That would make things difficult for me to steal her panties, but I was resourceful.

I loved my powers.

I darted around her desk, my pigtails flying behind me, and started arranging her. I bent her back, bracing her hands on her desk. Then I nudged her thighs apart, maneuvering them to look like she was about to be taken from behind. If I had a strap-on, I would take her from behind. But instead I would just have to satiate my hunger by feasting on her pussy.

Frozen time actually helped me take off her pantyhose. Because gravity didn’t truly affect her, the moment I lifted her feet off the ground to take off her heels and let go of her body she just sorta... hung there. She was falling, but I could reposition her before she hit the ground.

Her shoes off, I hiked up her tight, dark-gray skirt to unveil her dark-brown pantyhose clinging to her ass. Her panties were a dark, triangular shadow bleeding through the material. With the greatest care, I hooked my fingers into the nylons’ waistband. My pussy clenched and fluttered as delight washed through me. I worked down the nylons slowly. I unveiled her black panties, cut in bikini fashion, along with the round plumpness of her ass. I squeezed my thighs together, pressing against my clit as I whimpered. Bit by bit, I unrolled the nylons down her lush legs.

“Oh, yes, yes, Miss Daisy,” I purred, such hunger burgeoning inside of me. Finally, I had the pantyhose rolled down to her calves, to her feet.

Then they were off. I set them to the side and went at my true goal: her panties. I pressed my face right into her crotch, inhaling deeply. I could just breathe in her sweet musk of her pussy. I groaned, my nose pushing the gusset of her panties into the folds of her pussy. I rubbed up and down her groove, inhaling her musk over and over. Her scent grew stronger and stronger.

Then I felt her wet heat. She was growing aroused. My touch was stimulating her. I groaned, nuzzling harder into her panties, pushing the thin cloth into the folds of her pussy. My tongue flicked across the gusset next, tasting fabric and sweet cream.

I almost came.

I moved with haste now, yanking her panties down her legs, dragging them so fast I thought they would tear. I just had to eat her. The rapid movement pressed her thighs and together as I unveiled her fiery bush. I glimpsed her thick, butterfly-wings-like labia. Those pussy lips thrust out of her curls

I swooned at the sight of her cunt. I jammed her panties into my pocket, joining Pearline’s, then spread her thighs apart again. She was floating before me, suspended by frozen time, cradled in paused reality. An angel. A heavenly being just for me to enjoy.

My hand trembled as I reached for her pussy. I parted those wing-like folds of her pussy, groaning as I unveiled her pink, wet depths. My head drifted closer and closer to her, the scent of her sweet passion filling my nose. I was drunk on her. This heady rush shot through me.

I buried my lips in her labia. My tongue licked. I devoured my professor’s pussy. I fluttered my tongue up and down, gathering her sweet cream. I reveled in the flavor. I drank down her juices.

It was heaven.

With my right hand holding open her pussy lips, allowing my tongue to root through her silky folds, my left hand had to take care of my cunny. I shoved it down between my thighs, pressing up beneath my skirt to find my bare pussy.

My drenched pubic hair tickled my digits as they slid through the curls to rub my virginal flesh. I need to get a dildo so Ji-Yun or Miss Daisy, or even Mom, could pop my cherry. I shuddered at that image of her kneeling on the ground and getting fucked, groaning into Miss Daisy’s pussy.

The pleasure built faster in my virgin cunny as I rubbed my flesh. My juices flowed over my fingers, soaking my digits in moments. I groaned into Miss Daisy’s juicy snatch, her thick labia caressing my cheeks. I had my tongue buried so deep in her.

She just tasted so yummy.

I really, really loved pussy.

Before yesterday, it was only a theory if I liked pussy. And then I accidentally turned my friend Ji-Yun into my lesbian girlfriend. Now I knew I loved hot, juicy cunt. I wanted to feast on so many different girls’ cunnies.

And I could!

When I stopped time, I could molest them all. I could enjoy any girl I wanted. Just eat any tasty snatch and make any girl cum without her even knowing it. I was such a wicked lesbian. I was just as perverted as Justin. Maybe that was a requirement to stop time: to be huge perverts. Though, really, I didn’t care why I could do it.

The heel of my hand ground on my clit, massaging my bud. Sparks of delight showered through me as I flicked my tongue up to Miss Daisy’s bud. I sucked on it hard, nursing on her clit. All my fingers danced along my tight folds.

I imagined the sound she would moan if she wasn’t frozen. “Oh, yes, that’s so good, Kristi!” I fantasized her screaming. “Just get that tongue swirling around my clit. Ooh, I’m going to flood your mouth with all my pussy juices.”

“Yes,” I moaned into her pussy. I ground the heel of my hand harder into my clit, my bud almost aching from the pressure.

It just felt so good.

“Drown me in your juices, Miss Daisy!”

Her cream trickled down my chin to my neck. There was so much of it. It was just spilling out of her. I felt so naughty and wanton for doing this. For enjoying this delight. I was such a wicked girl. My pleasure swelled in the depths of my pussy. Every rub of my fingers up and down my groove brought me closer and closer to exploding.

I nipped Miss Daisy’s clit.

“Ooh, you naughty girl!” she moaned in my imagination. “I love naughty girls like you! You sexy things make me cum!”

It was almost like my imagined words triggered her bliss, because her juice suddenly gushed over my face. A warm flood of her sweet cream spilled across my cheeks and poured into my mouth. In moments, I was gulping down all of her wonderful cream.

I’d made my favorite professor cum. And my reward was to drown in her sweet passion. My eyes squeezed shut. A throaty groan rose in my throat as my tongue lapped across the thick folds of her pussy. My clit drank in the pressure of my heel of my hand.

I joined her in rapture.

My hot cream squirted around my fingers. Effervescent joy rushed through my body. It bubbled out of my convulsing cunny. My pussy begged to be filled by a dildo or a woman’s slender fingers. Stars burst across my vision even with my eyes closed. Such spectacular detonations celebrating my orgasm.

I quivered and trembled. I moaned out such joy as I drank down the last of her fluids. I buzzed in rapture as my pleasure carried me to such heights of ecstasy.

My mind floated on the euphoria. I hung on an eternity of pleasure that lasted for a few heartbeats.

Then I fell back onto my rump, panting, my face smeared with pussy cream. I stared at my teacher’s cunt, her labia still spread open wide from my fingers, her pink depths exposed to me. Juices beaded on her flesh and on her silky pubic hair. All the drops were frozen. There were even some droplets caught suspended in the air.

Feeling naughty, I leaned forward and sucked one out the air into my mouth, getting a quick taste of sweet cream.

I loved stopping time.

It took me a few minutes to recover from the ecstasy, just sitting on the ground and panting. Then I went to work. I pulled on her silky nylons, taking such care not to give her any runs. It was so much fun feeling her calves and her sleek thighs through the silky pantyhose. I enjoyed watching the nylons stretch over her skin, her flesh bleeding through the fabric. I groaned as I covered her gorgeous rump with them and hid her pussy. The nylons molded to her thick lips.

“God, you are so hot, Miss Daisy. The hottest professor teaching at our college!”

I slipped on her shoes and brought her feet back to the floor. I pulled down her skirt and straightened her up, trying to remember her pose from when I found her. I had no idea what it was, though. Would she realize that she suddenly changed position when time flowed? Would she be confused for a few moments?

I had no idea.

I licked my lips, savoring her sweet cream as I leaned into her ears and whispered a final set of instructions: “Miss Daisy, you like girls. You like them a lot. You hit on girls, especially your student Krystal Sampson. You want to have special study session with Krystal and Ji-Yun Myung after classes. Naughty lessons. Teach them lesbian delights like pussy licking.”

I giggled. It was like something straight out of porn. I loved it.

Now that I had satiated this delight, I moved out of the classroom to spread my panty command to more girls. Plus, there was this cutie that was in my chemistry class. I just knew she would have a yummy tasting pussy.

Giggling, I skipped down the halls past the time-paused students.

* * *

Justin Sampson

“Oh, my God, Master, I can’t wait to see what those two do when time unfreezes,” Aurora chortled beside me as we walked away from her two friends.

I nodded my head, eager to see how Paris and Petra would interpret those naughty orders I gave them. I was working through all the orders I wanted to give today before having fun. I started my plan to seduce my sister, I made sure that President Brooks wouldn’t interfere in our fun, and now I ensured that Paris and Petra would become my sex slaves. Well, after they had humiliated themselves a bit.

The cunts deserved it.

Aurora and I strolled through the hallway, weaving through the time-frozen students. I had such a hardon. I hadn’t yet fucked a single paused girl. I had one person in mind that I wanted to enjoy. Someone I was looking forward to slipping my dick into. We rounded the corner in the hallway, and I caught a glimpse of my little sister vanishing around the far corner, her black pigtails dancing behind her.

I wondered what she was up to?

The door to Miss Daisy’s classroom was open. She taught my first class of the day. I normally sat in the back with Sam. Just yesterday, I was thinking that Miss Daisy might have a crush on Sam. That maybe the young, associate professor was a lesbian or was bi.

Such naughty fantasies danced through my thoughts as I led Aurora through the classroom. We moved around Miss Daisy’s desk, the teacher standing there looking like she was getting ready for the day. I frowned, smelling something in the air.


Aurora’s nose twitched as she inhaled. “I think... your sister was in here.”

“Yeah,” I said. “It does smell like... hot cunt.”

Aurora nodded her head.

Miss Daisy had a flushed look about her face, the sort of expression a woman who just climaxed would have. And there was something about her clothing. It was bunched up in weird ways, like someone had adjusted it, only gravity hadn’t taken effect on the changes. Then I noticed the small puddle of clear juices on the floor. I bent down, swabbing my finger through it. The fluid was creamy like pussy juices. I brought it to my nose, inhaling.

Smelled fresh. A delicious scent. Was this little sister’s pussy cream? Had she eaten out our teacher while masturbating herself? Did she squirt all over the floor? The scent reminded me of the taste of cunt that was on my mom’s lips last night. And that was definitely my little sister’s cunt.

“Damn,” I said standing up. “My little sister has great taste in women, doesn’t she?”

Aurora nodded her head in agreement, licking her lips as she stared at the redheaded professor. “Miss Daisy is definitely the hottest teacher in our college.”

“Yeah, she is,” I said. As I unzipped my jeans to pull out my cock, I ordered, “Slave, get her in position to be fucked.”

“Yes, Master,” Aurora said.

As I stroked my dick, I watched my submissive sex slave pose the teacher. Aurora’s blonde ponytail danced behind her as she bent Miss Daisy over the desk, bracing the teacher’s hands upon the smooth surface. Then Aurora hiked up Miss Daisy’s skirt, exposing her rump covered in pantyhose.

But no panties.

“Did my sister steal Miss Daisy’s panties?” I asked as my sex slave rolled down the tight nylons, uncovering the professor’s naked rump followed by her pussy adorned by a thick, red bush. Her pussy lips still gaped open, like someone had tried them apart, and juices glistened on those strands. My sister had definitely feasted on that cunt.


“I think your sister must have taken Miss Daisy’s panties, Master,” Aurora said, her hands digging into Miss Daisy’s butt-cheeks. My sex slave leaned down, her tongue flicking across the curving rump and down into the teacher’s butt-crack. “Mmm, you have such a naughty, little sister.”

“Yes. Yes, I do,” I groaned. I wanted to fuck my sister even more.

I brought my dick to Miss Daisy’s pussy, pressing my tip against those thick labia. I slid my cock up and down her flesh, savoring the silky feel of them. The naughty caress sent tingles down my dick. I groaned, enjoying this while Aurora’s tongue licked down to Miss Daisy’s pocket also.

My sex slave rimmed the time-paused teacher while I thrust my dick deep into Miss Daisy’s tight cunt. I groaned at the hot embrace of her pussy. I had dreamed of being inside my teacher for weeks. Ever since she first stepped forward before class and introduced herself. My balls smacked into her clit when I buried into the hilt in her.

I stayed engulfed in her for a moment. I just savored being in her, reveling in this moment while Aurora kept licking and sucking and kissing the teacher’s asshole. Then I drew back my hips, that silky friction sending pleasure shooting down my shaft to my balls. My nuts drank in the delight, my cum growing hotter. I groaned and rammed deep into my teacher’s cunt, balls thwacking hard into her flesh.

Her pussy clenched just for a moment about my dick.

These time-pausing rules were strange, but I was getting used to how weird they were. I didn’t care if none of this made sense. It was just hot to fuck this teacher when she had no idea. My thrusts grew harder and harder, the pleasure building and building in my balls. I slammed into her silky cunt again and again.

“Oh, fuck, yes!” I growled.

“Ooh, you’re enjoying her naughty cunt, aren’t you, Master?” Aurora moaned, staring up at me with her shiny, green eyes.

I seized her blonde ponytail, gripping it hard while I fucked our teacher. “You know I will. Keep licking her asshole, slut. I want to taste Miss Daisy’s sour musk on your lips when I finish.”

“Yes, Master!” she moaned before I pressed her face back down into Miss Daisy’s butt-crack.

I loved holding my sex slave’s head down as I fucked the professor hard. It was so hot seeing flashes of Aurora’s tongue swirling about the teacher’s puckered asshole. It was so hot, so nasty knowing that my sex slave would obey me. Would do anything to increase my pleasure.

I don’t know if that made Miss Daisy’s cunt feel hotter about my dick, but the teacher’s snatch was molten. I gripped her hips, thrusting away. As I plowed into her, euphoria raced through me. My dick drank in the sensations. It was such a heady rush. It left me dizzy, my body swaying with every powerful plunged into the teacher’s cunt.

“You love my cock, Miss Daisy!” I growled.

“Yes, yes, you love his cock, slut-teacher!” Aurora moaned between rimming licks.

I twisted her ponytail about my hand, nodding my head in agreement. “That’s right! Every time you see me, your pussy gets wet, Miss Daisy. You think I’ll be an amazing fuck. You wonder about it, thinking you’ve already fucked me, wanting it again and again and again!”

“Yes, yes, you’ll remember it as such an amazing fuck!” Aurora moaned.

My balls tightened. Having my sex slave praise me while fucking another woman was such a turn on. My hips thrust harder and harder, driving my dick into my teacher, my balls thwacking over and over into her bush. Her juices coated my shaft, my balls. The cream flowed out of her. That strange, weird rules of frozen time allowing her passion to soak me.

She clenched down at me, loving my dick. I could feel her passion. The pleasure rushed through my body, reaching my mind. Little stars danced before my vision while my orgasm swelled and swelled in me. I couldn’t hold out for long.

“I’m fucking Miss Daisy’s cunt!” I bellowed at the top of my lungs.

Aurora whimpered her agreement, making such an obscene, slurping sounds as she ate out our teacher’s ass.

My strokes became more and more powerful. I thrust hard into my teacher’s hot snatch. The ache at the tip my dick swelled and swelled, growing every time I buried into her silky cunt, bringing me closer and closer to erupting. My balls tightened. I clutched Aurora’s ponytail as I rammed my dick deep into my teacher’s cunt.

My balls boiled over.

My cum exploded into her depths.

I pumped so much jizz into her. Over and over, blast after blast of my spunk flooded into her. I grunted through clenched teeth as the pleasure burned through my mind. The ecstasy rippled through my body.

“Shit!” I grunted as the final blast of my jizz fired into her.

I groaned as her pussy began spasming about my dick. Right there at the end on my climax. Her orgasm spilled over her, caressing my dick. She was eager for more. And why couldn’t I give her more? I didn’t go soft thanks to my powers.

I drew back through her convulsing pussy, my hyper-sensitive dick throbbing as I pumped in and out of her juicy depths. Amazing, I just came in her, and now I was thrusting into her pussy again. Her cunt was so sloppy.

Full of my jizz.

Aurora’s head shot up. She stared at me with her glassy, green eyes. “Are you still fucking her? After cumming in her cunt, Master?”

“Her pussy is writhing about my dick!” I growled.” I can’t help it. This feels incredible. Miss Daisy’s cunt is convulsing about me! Fuck, it’s driving me to keep fucking her!”

Aurora squealed and threw her arms around my neck. Her mouth met mine, sour with my teacher’s asshole. It was such a naughty taste. She kissed me with such passion. Our tongues dueled together, caressing each other as I fucked into the convulsing depths of my teacher’s cunt.

Miss Daisy would be overcome with rapture when time resumed. From me. From my sister. Even from Aurora’s ass rimming. The sexy, young teacher wouldn’t know what we did to her. She would explode. She would quiver. She would collapse onto the ground, crying out in ecstasy, confused why her body was beset by so much pleasure.

Her cunt was filled with two loads of my cum.

I thrust faster into her cunt’s silky grip. She convulsed harder and harder about me like her orgasm was intensifying. If she weren’t frozen, she would cry out in ecstasy, throwing back her head and screaming out in rapture. This was amazing.

I fucked her harder and broke my kiss with Aurora. “You want me to spill so much of my jizz into you, Miss Daisy, don’t you?” I asked “You love it when my cum is in you!”

“That’s right!” Aurora moaned. A feverish light flicked in her green eyes. Both her hands were now shoved beneath her skirt, rubbing her pussy.

Seeing my sex slave masturbating while I fucked my professor sent such a rush through me. This was so incredible. I loved my powers. I drove my hips forward hard, burying my cock into the depths of Miss Daisy’s sloppy cunt.

I threw back my head and came in her convulsing cunt again. Her orgasming snatch milked my dick. She was so hungry for my cum. Her flesh rippled about me, hungry for every bit of my spunk I could fire in her.

“Yes!” I groaned as ecstasy slammed into my mind again and again.

Stars burst across my vision. It was so incredible. I wanted it to last. But it was over in seconds. Then I was gasping, savoring my teacher’s still-climaxing cunt convulsing about my dick. She wrung out the last few drops from my balls as my entire body buzzed from the euphoric high.

“Yes, yes, yes, Master!” Aurora gasped. She shuddered beside me, her head thrown back, her green eyes closed. Her entire face scrunched up with pleasure. Her body shuddered as she orgasmed.

I grinned at her, loving how beautiful she looked. I owned her. It was such a heady thought. And soon I would own her two bitchy friends, too. At the end of the day, I knew Petra and Paris would be mine. They would be on their knees beside Aurora, staring up with at me with such worship in their eyes.

“Good orgasm, slut?” I asked as I ripped my dick out of Miss Daisy’s pussy. Frozen time kept my cum trapped inside of her.

Aurora mewled and nodded her head, still trembling through her pleasure. Then she fell to her knees before me, swallowed my cock, and sucked my teacher’s juices off of it.

I had such a good sex slave.

As Aurora nursed on my cock, I leaned forward and seized Miss Daisy’s shoulders. I straightened her so I could nuzzle past her fiery hair and whisper into her ears. I had commands for her.

“You have a crush on Sam Shapiro,” I told her. My dick throbbed in Aurora’s sucking mouth. “You’re going to seduce her. You’re going to make Sam cum over and over.” I smiled, proving once again that I didn’t have a crush on Sam. If I did, why would I set her up to have some incredible orgasms from this beautiful teacher?

I licked my lips, one more command popping into my head. My little sister had whispered some something into Miss Daisy’s mind. I could take advantage of that. I smiled and spoke my next set of orders.

* * *

Krystal Sampson

“There you are, brother!” I shouted as I raced through the halls. He strutted with his sex slave. I wish I had included Ji-Yun in the fun, but I hadn’t set her up to properly understand how all this worked. I totally would. I would make sure she wasn’t jealous at all.

I would make sure she got to have as much lesbian fun as me!

“I’m ready to get time moving,” I said. I bounced in place, my pigtails dancing about my head. “I can’t wait to see the commands I whispered take effect.”

I was going to get so many pairs of cute girls’ panties.

“We been looking for you,” my brother said. “We’ve gotten all our fun for this time. You know what you’re going to do in an hour when I freeze time?”

I nodded my head. “Do naughty things with Ji-Yun!”

He grinned at me, a naughty twinkle in his eye. My brother was such a pervert. He was probably thinking about watching Ji-Yun and me, imagining our nubile bodies writhing together in lesbian passion. Just thinking about him watching us was making me get all juicy. I needed to have my pussy licked. I only masturbated during this time-frozen session.

But I would have Ji-Yun with me for the next one. I couldn’t wait to feel her tongue lapping through my cunt. But with whom should I enjoy my orgasm? And whose pussy should I eat?

Aurora whispered something to my brother and the pair of them laughed. I ignored them, skipping ahead to where I stood when I paused everything. I smirked the moment I burst outside, passing that bitch Pearline ready to be doggy fucked. It would be the first naughty thing I would get to enjoy. I squealed on my way to Ji-Yun who still stood frozen at the entrance to the college’s grounds.

What side of Ji-Yun was I standing on again? I should’ve noted that. Next time...

I normally stood on her left side. I moved there and it felt right. I think. I adopted what I hoped was a normal walking pose, trying to look like I was in midstep since I was walking when I stopped time. It was hard pose maintain when you weren’t paused.

My brother swept past me, walking to that dorky friend of his who was a half a block farther down the road. I trembled, grinding my teeth, waiting for him and his slut to get into place. I was so eager for the fun to begin. My pussy clenched. I let out a squeal of eager anticipation.

Then I remembered to give Ji-Yun her commands. “Ji-Yun, you don’t get jealous when I’m with other girls, and you love sharing them with me!”

As I finished, my brother and his whore reached their position beside Sam.


I grinned as the two boys instantly began hammering Pearline, fucking her from both ends. Ji-Yun blinked beside me, giving me the weirdest look before she gasped. “Oh, my God, you stopped time again, didn’t you?”

I nodded my head, slipping my arm around her shoulder. “Just enjoy the show.”

* * *

Salome “Sam” Shapiro

“—like something around here is producing gravitons. Isn’t that...?” My words trailed off as I blinked. Had Justin... teleported? I could’ve sworn he was in a different pose and walking a foot ahead of me instead of right beside me. It was almost like he flickered back a step between my eye blinks.

“Something wrong?” Justin asked me, a boyish grin growing on his lips. He always had such a dumb, joking expressions on his face. He liked to pretend he wasn’t as much of a nerd as he was, acting like an idiot to hide how smart he was. It was kind of endearing.

The waves of warmth bubbled up through me. He always made me feel so giddy, almost like I was out of breath, and so warm. It always started deep inside of me. It spread out, radiating through my pussy, making my nipples itch and tingle. I wanted to squirm and rub my thighs together. I ached to take the pressure off my body, but it was a waste of my time to masturbate. I didn’t see the point of spending twenty minutes rubbing myself until I was gasping in bliss. Sure it felt nice, but there were better things I could be doing.

Things with Justin...

My cheeks warmed even more. That impulse to confess my feelings rose inside of me. Like it always did when I was around Justin. I was always so scared to tell him. Afraid that he would reject me. He wouldn’t want to date a mousy girl like me. A girl who wore baggy sweatpants and loose shirts, who didn’t put on makeup or make her hair look all cute and pretty. Like Aurora did.

“You okay?” Justin asked me.

“It looks like you have something to say, Sam,” his sex slave said. She shot a naughty grin at me from the other side of Justin.

I frowned. What happened to Justin’s seed? It was coating her face just a moment ago. She was smeared in it. Now was it all gone like she’d washed her face. I blinked. Had I just imagined it? Weirder, I didn’t even feel that jealous anger at her any longer. It didn’t bother me at all that she was here now.

“Quiet, slave,” Justin said, his voice thick with something... Annoyance?

Aurora grinned but didn’t make a sound.

I squirmed more and more. All the logical reasons I had not to tell Justin—it could destroy our friendship, I wasn’t pretty, it was a distraction from my schoolwork, doing all that sex stuff was messy, I was scared he would be too rough with me the first time, and that he was too immature to even make a good partner—all dwindled. My emotions for him swallowed them up.

It was like... none of my excuses mattered any longer. Maybe it was seeing him with this newfound confidence he had today. His back was straight, his shoulder set back, his head held high. He wasn’t... balled up any longer. He didn’t cringe. Maybe gaining his sex slave had infused him with a level of maturity that my body responded to. I bet it was all hormonal, my drive to reproduce with a healthy male combining with my infatuation for my friend was pushing me past my fear.

I just had to say it.

No holding back.

“Justin,” I said. All thought of gravitons banished. I didn’t care about discussing that any longer. “Justin, there’s something very important I need to tell you.”

His posture shifted ever so slightly. It was like he grew... taut. Like something stretched him. “What?”

Deep breath. “Justin, I like you. I like you a lot. I want you to be my lover.”

Aurora burst into laughter as Justin’s jaw dropped. I kept walking beside him, watching as he shook his head. I hardly noticed the gray van that pulled up to the sidewalk beside us, barely noting out of the corner my eye the garish and loud logo painted on the side. My focus was on my friend, waiting for his reaction.

Would he reject me? See, this is why I never spoke about it. All these emotions... They were such a waste of time.

“Well, Justin?” I asked as the sliding door the van opened and a workman in gray jumpsuit stepped out. “Do you want me to be your lover?”

“Fuck me,” Justin said.

Aurora laughed louder.

To be continued...