The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Tutor Being Tutored: Weekend Sleepover

By Sonya Esperanto

A month ago Bob Dole had hypnotized his beautiful Asian tutor Jessica Tan into becoming his personal love slave. He took her to his friend’s house on that same weekend and had her entertain their fantasies by making her dress up as some video game babe for their pleasure as well as having her have sex with them.

Bob Dole then taught his two other friends Michael and Ian how to trick their own tutors into allowing the boys to hypnotize them and also turning them into their own personal obedient loving tutor-slaves.

One fine day at school Ian invited Bob Dole, Michael as well as some other friends into coming over to his house for a sleepover on Friday Night. That one fine day was a Tuesday. The good news is that Ian’s parents would be out for the weekend. The better news is that Ian, Bob and Mikey can have some real fun, since Ian was going to give the butler the weekend off too.

Ian was wealthy and lived in a three-storey mansion with a swimming pool, a Jacuzzi and a pool table room.

On Wednesday evening all three boys were talking to each other online and discussing about their slaves and what they were going to make them do…..on the weekend night.

Friday Night 7PM

Everyone was sat down on Ian’s lounge, watching a movie on his new flat screen television. It was Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen. Everyone was sat on the sofas, eating crisps from bowls and heated up garlic bread and also drinking cola from the bottles too.

“Man she is so fucking hot,” commented a fat nerd named Doug. Doug was a Caucasian-American with wavy brown hair and deep set blue eyes.

“I’d like to fuck her,” commented another fat nerd named Gregory. Gregory had freckles, curly red hair and a stout nose.

As for who was it that this boy wanted to “fuck” was the actress named Megan Fox, playing in that giant-robots movie.

All the boys in Ian’s living room were fat nerds, all standing at 5′7.

“Hey Ian didn’t you say that you have a tutor who looks like Megan Fox,” Gregory looking over to Ian.

“Sure do,” Ian nodded.

“Man you are so fucking lucky,” cried a fat nerd named Alvin, who had wavy brown hair and brown eyes.

“Oh he sure is. Hey do you think she can like tutor us all at the same time,” cried an excited fat nerd named Gomez, a fourth-generation Hispanic-American.

Ian looked at Bob and Michael. All three boys smiled at each other. After all they had a plan.

Ian’s tutor looked like Megan Fox with her long black hair, her blue eyes, her tan, her fit sexy body and most importantly her good looks. Ian’s tutor name was Samantha. She was a fit raven-haired bird at 22 and she also was of mixed Scandinavian and Native American descent.

As for how many boys were present in Ian’s house were 8 boys. All fat nerds. All high school friends with no girlfriends and high unpopularity. There was Bob, the guy who was the first to hypnotize his tutor. He shared her with two other people in that house, Ian and Michael. Ian was a Chinese-American and Michael was African-American. Later both boys hypnotise their own tutors. The other five were Gregory, Doug, Alvin, Gomez and a guy named Kraven who did nothing all day but eat, eat, eat. He was eating the crisps far more than anyone else.

“If he ate pussy like how he is eating, he should be getting all the cheerleaders in his bed,” Gomez chuckled to Alvin. Both boys laughed, knowing that Kraven paid no attention.

Kraven was not an American but originally from Moscow, Russia.

By 8PM

“That was a great film. What else you got Ian?” Alvin asking Ian.

“The Blue Ray Discs are all on the table,” Ian pointing to his Blue Ray Discs, piled up nicely on his wooden table.

Gregory and Doug were looking through the film covers.

“Hey how does anyone feel about pizza? My treat,” Ian screaming excitedly at everyone.

All 5 boys (exc Bob, Ian and Michael) were screaming with joy.

“Yeah. Yeah. Pizza,” 5 boys screamed in unison.

“Ok. I will call them to be here but if it is a big delivery they will be here by nine sharp,” Ian getting up from the sofa seat in which his father normally sat down on.

Ian motioned for Bob and Mike to get up and follow him.

All 3 boys followed Ian outside…to where his swimming pool was.

“So what is the plan?” Bob asking Ian.

“We will call them to come here and bring pizza for us. We will ask them to pay for the pizzas and I think each of them should bring about four party-sized boxes each. I already told Samantha to come dressed up as Jennifer from Jennifer’s body,” Ian nodded with excitement.

Jennifer’s Body was a teen horror where Megan Fox had also played as the character Jennifer.

“Awesome. I already asked Natasha to be prepared to come here tonight and dressed up as Anna Kournikova in her tennis outfit,” Michael said.

“Cool,” Ian licking his lips.

Michael’s tutor was 6 foot tall and she looked like the Blond Russian tennis player Anna Kournikova.

“I also told her what I expect her to do tonight,” Michael licking his lips.

“And mine,” Ian licking his lips.

“And mine,” Bob nodded.

All 3 boys took out their cell phones and made their calls. Tonight they were giving the other five boys a treat, likes of the one they never got in their miserable video game lives.

By 9PM

All 9 nine boys were sat in the lounge, watching another film X Men Origins Wolverine until the door bell rang.

“Pizza is here,” Kraven sounding excited, licking his lips.

“You guys sit here. I’ll go get it,” Ian getting up, headed towards where the front door was.

“We’ll come with you,” Bob said, tugging at Mike’s arm.

“Yeah we will give you a hand,” Mike smiled.

Bob and Mike got up, following Ian. When both boys followed Ian, Ian looked at them and opened his front door.

“We have your pizzas master,” all 3 brainwashed tutors answered in their sexy voices.

Samantha, Ian’s tutor, was really dressed up as Megan Fox’s character in Jennifer’s body. She smiled like her. She had a top small leather jacket on and this was one where she can easily strip from. She carried 4 pizza boxes on her hand.

“So you still remember what to do in the living room,” Ian smiled at his tutor-slave.

“Yes Master,” Sam smiled.

She knew what she was going to do and how to behave and operate once she is in front of the other boys in the living room.

“Do you still remember what to do,” Michael talking to Natasha.

“Yes I still remember how I am supposed to act once I am in front of the other boys in the living room,” Natasha smiling, starting to talk in a fake Russian accent, while dressed up and looking like Anna Kournikova. She had a white mini skirt on and she had an upper white tennis outfit on her upper body. Her blond hair was tied up in a pony tail and she also wore a cap. She also carried 4 boxes of pizza.

“And you my beautiful slave do you still remember what I want you to do,” Bob talking to Jessica.

“I do master,” Jessica smiled sexily.

Jessica was dressed up as Chun Li from Street Fighter II the video game.

All 3 boys let their slaves walk inside the front hallway. The 3 babysitters walked behind the 3 boys, following them all the way into the living room.

“Ok guys. Pizza is here,” Ian screamed.

All 3 tutors were smiling sexily at the 5 boys, carrying their pizza boxes.

“Oh my goodness. Anna Kournikova is delivering pizza to my living room,” Gregory getting excited looking at Natasha.

Natasha just giggled at him.

“Hi boys,” Samantha looked at all five boys, smiling and flirting with them.

“Guys meet my tutor Samantha,” Ian putting a hand on her back, slowly moving it down towards her ass.

“Megan Fox you have come to us,” Alvin, Gomez and Doug were dumbfounded, looking at Samantha’s……big tits.

“My tutor Natasha,” Michael introducing Natasha, who was smiling and winking at the boys.

Alvin winked back too.

“Hey don’t forget me boys,” Jennifer giggling like Chun Li in Street Fighter II.

“My tutor Jennifer,” Bob introducing Jennifer to the gang.

“Chun Li,” Gomez thought with excitement.

Jennifer just giggled.

“We invited them over for the sleepover too,” Ian telling the gang.

“She can sleep with me tonight,” Doug mesmerised by all 3 beautiful tutors.

None of the other boys dared ask why these babes were dressed up, looking like women they wanted to have sex with. They thought that they were playing some game with the boys. No one asked why Jessica was dressed up as Chun Li and behaving like her.

Ian was kindly instructing the 3 tutors to place the pizza boxes on the table. The table was big enough to hold 6 opened up pizza boxes.

The boys dug in but still mesmerised and excited that 3 beautiful tutors were here with them. A dream come true. But in reality all 8 boys’ cocks were stiffening under their pants. They wanted to fuck the hell out of these babes.

As they ate pizza, they were sat down on the couch, watching some horror movie on television. It was the Friday the 13th 2009 remake.

Before the clock reached midnight, Ian whispered to Mike’s ears and then Bob’s. As Bob was sat next to Jessica, he whispered to her ears. Mike who was sat next to Natasha whispered something to her ears. Ian whispered something to Sam’s ears.

Later all 3 boys (Bob, Ian and Mike) got up and left the living room. Jessica followed the 3 boys.

The 3 masters had something planned for midnight.


The Living Room

The grandfather clock in the living room was making a “banging sound”. Sam got off the sofa, walked over to the television and turned it off.

“Ok boys you shouldn’t watch too much movies,” Sam purposely bending her ass over while turning off the television. While her ass was protruding towards the 5 remaining boys in the living room, she turned her face backwards. She smiled sexily at them.

All 5 boys were thinking the same thing: am I dreaming? Is this really happening?

Natasha got up and she turned the CD player on. She was playing a song from the Black Eyed Peas.

“Boys you are in a treat tonight,” Sam smiling at them.

Sam started swerving her ass for them. The boys’ cocks stiffened. Sam started dancing sexily, moving her body to the music rhythms She ripped her open jacket wider, juggling her breasts like jugs, as they were being held together by her strong black bra.

“Boys. Is this what you want,” Sam flirting with them.

All 5 fat boys nodded their heads. Sam started dancing sexily, touching her legs and then slowly unbuttoning her jacket.

Natasha joined Sam, winking and shaking her body sexily.

“Now you boys must behave,” Natasha speaking in her fake Russian accent.

As Sam was completely unbuttoning her jacket, Natasha was getting out of her upper white tennis clothes, tossing them aside. She now wore a bra, her mini skirt and her shoes.

When Sam finished unbuttoning her jacket, she tossed it aside. She then slowly got off her shoes, like what Natasha was doing.

Sam and Natasha continued dancing and stripping down to their bras and panties.

All 5 boys’ cocks stiffened.

“Now who wants to be a good boy and help us off these clothes,” Sam fondling with her breasts, pushing them together.

All 5 boys put up their hands.

“Then come here and help us off these clothes. We are just so hot in them,” Natasha winking like a Russian slut.

Alvin, Gomez, Doug, Gregory and Kraven got up instantly and went over to where the 2 tutors stood.

Both tutors were taller than the 5 boys. Kraven went behind Natasha and unclipped the back of her bra. He also said something to her in Russian. Gregory placed his hand son her bra cups and slowly pulled them off her, revealing her large beautiful pale breasts.

Gomez was behind Samantha, unclipping her bra from behind while Alvin removed her bra from her upper body. Alvin started groping her breasts. Gregory was groping Natasha’s breasts.

While both tutors’ breasts were being grope by the guys in front of them, the guys behind them went down and slowly pulled own their panties, making them raise their feet over them.

Alvin and Doug started kissing and nibbling at Samantha’s nipples while Gomez was kneeling and kissing her ass cheeks. Samantha was playing with both boys’ hair but every two minutes would go and move her hand towards Gomez’s hair, fondling with it.

Kraven and Gregory took Natasha by the hand.

“What would you boys want me to do?” Natasha smiling lovingly at them.

Kraven unzipped and pulled down his pants. He got off his pants and he pulled down his underwear. He laid his back on the floor.

“Gregory my friend. Are you thinking what I’m thinking,” Kraven smiling at Gregory.

“Hell yeah,” Gregory smiled.

Gregory whispered at Natasha’s ear. She smiled she got on top of Kraven, grabbing hold of his stiffening cock and moving it into her cunt. She was impaling her cunt on his cock.

“Aaahhhh,” Natasha started moaning.

“Hey would any of you guys like a blow job?” Gregory screamed at the other 3 guys.

“I do,” Gomez said.

Gomez went over to where Natasha’s face was. Gomez unzipped and pulled own his pants. He then pulled down his underwear and started stroking his cock towards Natasha’s face.

“Open your mouth,” Gomez cried with excitement, as he grabbed a handful of Natasha’s Blonde hair.

Natasha opened her mouth and Gomez shoved his cock into her jaw. She started sucking on him, causing him to ejaculate a lot of sperm into her mouth. As both her holes were being used, Gregory got off his pants and underwear and came up behind Natasha. Gregory shoved his cock up her ass. All three holes were being filled with cum and Kraven was squeezing her breasts.

Samantha was being made to lie her back on the floor by Alvin and Doug. Doug was already naked. He sat on her tummy, placed his cock between her tits and pushed her tits together against his cock, sandwiching it in between.

“I want you to make your tits squeeze my cock so that I can ejaculate,” Doug said.

Samantha pushed both her breast against his cock, making him cum a lot faster. His cum started shooting out against her breasts and her face. Her face was covered with so much cum.

“Man Megan Fox is such a good bitch,” Doug imagining that he is face fucking Megan Fox and not Samantha.

As Doug was sat on Sam’s tummy, Alvin bent his face over her pussy and started licking her pussy. He always dreamt of licking pussy.

1AM in the Morning

Sam was spread eagled on the floor while Alvin was licking her pussy, Doug was lying beside her and playing with her breasts, and Gomez and Kraven were stroking their cocks against Sam’s face and opened mouth, ejaculating lots of sperm into her mouth and beautiful face. In the background Natasha was on all fours while Gregory was ramming his cock into her asshole while pulling on her loosened Blonde hair at the same time.

Meanwhile in Ian’s bedroom

Michael was lying on Ian’s bed. His cock was impaling Jessica’s small pussy. Jessica did not have her Chun Li skirt and panties on. Jessica was also sucking on Bob’s cock, swallowing his sperm. Ian was fucking her ass from behind.

Tonight all 3 of Chun Li’s (err….Jessica’s) were being fucked.

“This is the best night of my life. We have succeeded where M Bison has failed. Me and my two best friends are fucking Chun Li and fucking her holes,” Mike smiled, while squeezing Jessica’s breasts and twisting her nipples.

“Me too,” Ian grunted as he was really ramming Jessica’s asshole with his cock. His sperm dripped from her ass to his bed.

“Me Three,” Bob grunted, as he was putting his hand on Jessica’s head while still having her suck his cock and drink his juice.

The 3 boys fantasised that it was Chun Li, not Jessica, whom they were fucking tonight. Chun Li was supposed to be the most powerful woman in the world and she took no shit from any man (in the video game of course) but tonight she was taking shit as well as hell from these 3 fat nerds.

If Jessica wasn’t under mind control she would have kicked the crap out of these 3 boys. But she was under mind control and so these boys’ pleasure slave.

Back in the Living Room

Samantha and Natasha were performing position 69 on each other. Samantha’s back was to the floor while Nat was on her. They were licking each other’s pussy. Gomez was wanking his cock over Natasha’s blond hair, ejaculating lots of sperm over her beautiful blonde hair. Kraven was fucking Natasha’s asshole. Doug and Alvin were fondling and touching Natasha’s sweaty back.

“Man I should get her to come and tutor me sometimes,” Alvin said.

“Tutor you….in sex,” Doug said.

Both boys looked lovingly at the Blonde tutor, admiring her body and glad that they had sex with her and Megan (errr…..Samantha).

4AM in the Morning

Living Room

Natasha, Samantha, Gomez, Alvin, Kraven, Doug and Gregory were all lying on the floor. Tired. Exhausted. The boys had made the two tutors lick the cum off their cocks and off each other. Only Sam’s and Nat’s hair were still covered with sticky cum.

Samantha looked towards the ceiling. Her blue eyes looking exhausted. Alvin rested his head on Sam’s tummy while his finger was massaging the outer layers of Sam’s pussy. He then lifted his head and kissed Sam’s pussy.

Kraven and Doug lied on both Sam’s side, massaging her breasts lightly.

“Thank you for a good time Megan,” Kraven was in bliss.

“You really made it our night,” Doug moving his finger around Sam’s nipple.

“We just wanted you boys to happy. That’s all,” Sam said in an exhausted tone. “You are such good boys that you deserve it.”

On Natasha’s side, Gomez was playing with her Blonde hair and her breasts, admiring them and kissing each nipple every three minutes. He also then kissed her lips too.

I want to marry a Blonde like this one day, Gomez thought.

Gregory was pulling at Nat’s Blonde pubic hair, smelling it and telling himself that she was a real Blonde and not some dyed faker.

“So what are we going to do tomorrow,” Gomez asking Nat.

“Whatever you boys want,” Natasha said in low monotone.

In Ian’s Bedroom

A naked Jessica lied on her back. Ian was to her left. Bob was to her right. Both boys were sucking her nipples. Mike was licking her pussy.

Ten minutes later, all 4 of them lied on the bed. Exhausted. Tired. All four of their bodies were sweating.

“I don’t know about you guys but I’m whacked,” Bob said. Bob laid his head beneath Jessica’s right breast.

“Me too,” Ian said. Ian laid his back beneath Jessica’s left breast.

“Me three,” Mike said. He was laying his head onto Jessica’s pussy.

All 3 boys used the Asian-American babysitter as a human pillow but as far as Jessica was concerned “if they are happy then I am happy”.

Tomorrow was another day and all 8 boys were going to have a good time……at the expense of all 3 beautiful tutors.