The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Tutor Being Tutored: Weekend Sleepover

By Sonya Esperanto

Part 2

Saturday Morning

Ian’s Bedroom

A naked Jessica lied on Ian’s bed. She was spread-eagled. Her beautiful face, mouth and pussy were covered in dried cum. Earlier that morning she had been used as a human pillow by the three fat nerds. They woke up before her. Bob woke her up.

“Slave. Wake up,” Bob cried, as he was tugged on her arm.

Jessica woke up.

“Man my cock still has cum on it,” Mike looking at his naked body.

“How about we take a shower,” Ian suggested.

The 3 boys and Jessica went to what looked like a large shower room (similar to the ones they have in prison). Jessica was made to scrub all 3 boys clean. She also scrubbed herself clean.

Ian spoke, as Jessica was scrubbing his back and her nipples moved up-and-down his body.

“We are going to have a great time today you guys!”

“I agree!” the 2 other boys said in unison.

After shower, they all dried themselves with towels and put on their clothes. Jessica put back on her Chun Li outfit.

“Now you remember how you are to behave,” Bob asking Jessica.

“I remember Master. I will behave today like how I behave yesterday,” Jessica smiled sexily.

They all went downstairs. They went to the living room. Inside the living room were seven people sleeping naked. Two of them were being used as human pillows by the other five. Gregory and Gomez laid their heads on Natasha’s naked upper body. Doug, Alvin and Kraven laid their heads on Samantha’s body.

“Rise and shine guys,” Ian screamed at the top of his voice.

All seven of them slowly woke up.

“Bathroom is upstairs you guys. You remember which floor,” Ian crying.

Gomez, Alvin, Gregory, Doug and Kraven slowly got off the floor, and walked to where the stairs where. They were going to walk upstairs.

Ian tugged on Samantha as she was getting up. He whispered something to her ear. She followed the other five boys. Mike whispered something to Natasha’s ears. She did the same thing Sam did.

“I will have towels ready for you,” Ian shouting.

Inside the special shower room, the 2 tutors were rinsing and cleaning the other 5 boys. They seemed to have enjoyed it as they felt the tutors’ nipples touching their backs each time they got cleaned. Between where the showers were and where the shower door was a small corridor (like in gyms) where there was a bench. Ian had placed 7 towels there for them.

When the boys finished showering, they all went downstairs. The other 2 tutors only wore towels covering their waists but not their tits.

“Ok guys. Breakfast will be served in the dining hall. Just wait in the living room and play with my PS3. Then I’ll call you guys when to come to the table,” Ian suggested.

While the 5 boys were in the living room playing video games, the other 3 boys were in the kitchen. As for the 3 tutors they were already in the dining hall. They were given special orders as how they are to serve for breakfast.

When breakfast was ready, Ian went to the living room and looked at the 5 guys.

“Ok guys. Breakfast is served,” Ian cried.

The 5 boys followed Ian to the dining hall. Once they got into the dining hall, they were very surprised. They instantly recalled what they all did the night before.

“Holy shit,” Gomez was excited.

Gomez’s cock was stiffening.

On the table laid 2 naked women. Jessica and Samantha resembled naked Japanese women who would lie down on tables for hours while customers would pick sushi off their bodies.

Ian ushered the 5 boys to join Mike and Bob and take a seat.

On top of Jessica’s body were piles and piles of small of pancakes. On top of her pussy was a leaf with some syrup on it. Both her breasts were covered with honey. Her eyes were covered with pickles.

“Awesome,” Gregory smiled, licking his lips.

Jessica’s body faced one side of the table and Samantha’s body laid next to hers but that they did not lay parallel. Their heads and feet were to each other’s.

Samantha’s body was piled up with sausages, freedom fries, toasted slices of bread, fried eggs and fried bacons. Her breasts were covered with tomato sauce. Her pussy was covered with a leaf that had tomato sauce on it. She too had pickles on her eyes.

Each boy had a glass and there were four jugs of orange juice.

“So what do you say to us ladies,” Mike speaking to the two “nyotaimoris”.

“Enjoy your breakfast boys,” Sam and Jes said in unison, sexily.

The boys dug in, picking up food pieces from the two women’s naked bodies.

“This is the breakfast I ever had,” Doug smiled.

Doug took a piece of small pancake and used it to scoop syrup from the pussy leaf on top of Jessica’s pussy.

“Ohhh. Oohhh,” Jessica moaned.

The pancake brushing against the leaf, further brushing against her pussy, was causing her to be sexually excited.

“Yup she likes that alright,” Kraven chuckled.

“Oohhh. Oohhh,” Samantha really moaned.

The boys were dipping their fries and sausages on her tomato sauce covered breasts and leaf-covered pussy.

“Now who’d imagine that! We are all having breakfast and eating food off Megan Fox,” Ian stated.

There was laughter and Ian raised his glass. The other boys raised their glasses too.

“To friendship,” Ian cried.

“Friendship,” the other boys cried with excitement in unison.

Both tutors’ breasts and pussies felt being touched roughly by food pieces and sometimes the boys would forget that they were dining on two human beings, when they would really scoop as much as honey or syrup or tomato sauce off their tits and pussies as possible.

“Ooohh. Oohhh,” the two tutors would cry.

But when the tutors cried like that the boys just laughed.

An hour was over until there was no more food left on Sam’s and Jes’s naked bodies. There were still some honey stains left on Jessica’s breasts.

“I am still hungry,” Kraven complained.

“Why don’t you go lick the honey off her tits before I serve desert,” Ian suggested.

Kraven licked his lips as he looked at Jessica’s honey covered tits. He moved over to where Jessica’s tits were and started lapping his tongue on her breasts. Jessica would just moan sexually. Kraven was licking and lapping the honey off her nipples sometimes even sucking on them to get as much honey stains off as possible.

“Ooohhh. Ooohhh,” Jessica would frantically shake her head, as his sucking was hurting her. She felt “pain” but not that the boys cared.

Kraven finally erased every last bit of honey on her body.

“Ok guys why don’t we all go to the living room and play some more video games,” Mike suggested.

The boys got up, following Mike to the living room. The moment the 6 boys were out of the dining hall, Bob and Ian whispered something to the ears of their slaves. The two slave tutors got off the table.

If the 2 tutors had been their true selves and not some MC slaves, they would have cried “rape” and even claim that they have never suffered such sexist treatment and degrading humiliation before (probably having broken into tears telling the boys they tutored “How Could You????”).

In the living room the 5 boys were huddled together while playing 2 of them would take turns on the Joystick, playing a game called God of War 3 and another one called Assassin’s Creed 3.

Mike left the other 5 boys and joined Ian and Bob in the kitchen.

“So guys what’s the plan?” Mike asked.

He already knew what’s the plan.

“Oh you know what the plan is?” Ian smiled.

“Hey where did the other two go?” Mike asked.

“We sent them to take showers. We don’t want them to smell like food all day,” Bob said.

“So should I go and tell her to come and lie down on the table?” Mike asked.

“Yes. Then I will call the other guys to come again for desert,” Ian said.

Mike went to the shower room where a naked Natasha stood in the corridor.

“Ok. Come down,” Mike said.

“Yes….Master,” Natasha smiled.

In the background Mike could hear the shower water working.

Natasha followed Mike down to the dining hall where she laid straight on top of the dining table. All 3 boys poured ice cream all over her body. Her nipples. Her breasts. Her long legs. Her arms. Her neck. Even on her beautiful angel-like face. And most important of all her Blonde pussy.

Once they were done working on her, Ian went to call the boys to come and eat. All 8 boys were licking the ice cream off Natasha’s naked body. Gomez was lapping his tongue away on her right breast while Mike was lapping his tongue on her left one. Kraven was lapping his tongue on her right leg. Bob was lapping his tongue on her left arm. Ian was licking the ice cream off her tummy. Doug was licking off her face. Gregory was lapping off her other arm. Alvin was really licking the ice cream off her pussy.

When the 8 boys were done licking ice cream off Nat’s naked body her body looked like it was stained with cream. Mike and Ian helped her get up. Mike whispered to her ear. She left the 8 boys in the dining hall.

“That was the best ice cream I ever had,” Gomez was excited licking ice cream off a naked Blonde who looked like Anna Kournikova.

“Me too,” Alvin said. He enjoyed having licked ice cream off a pussy.

The boys played some video games but the 5 boys were always failing to ask why were these 3 gorgeous women allowing these high-schoolers (and of all people some fat nerds) to have sex with them and let them eat food off their bodies. They just loved the fact that they could and were not looking for logical explanations.

After video games all 3 tutors were back in the living room. The boys had another orgy, just like the night before (actually early morning).

All 3 of Samantha’s holes were being put to use. Her pussy was being rammed by a lying Bob, ass being fucked by Kraven and her mouth sucking off Ian’s cock and drinking his sperm.

On another corner was a Natasha whose pussy was being eaten by a Jessica on all fours. Jessica’s ass was being fucked by Doug. Natasha’s mouth was sucking both Mike’s and Gregory’s cocks, with their sperm going down her throat. They were also squeezing her boobs.

Alvin was using his cell phone to “record” all this.

“Now the whole school is gonna believe that even fat guys like us can get beautiful babes,” Alvin looking at his cell phone, making sure his cell phone camera was taking a good picture of all this.

“There is a God. There is justice,” Gomez cried with excitement.

It took 3 full hours with every boy enjoying into some form of sexual orgy with the 3 tutors one way or another and having sex with them in different forms and different positions.

5PM - The Outdoor Swimming Pool

All 11 of them were swimming inside the swimming pool. The 8 boys had swimming trunks on. The 3 tutors swam around naked. At first they were all playing some water ball game. The boys got excited when any of the tutors would jump up and hit the ball, hence making their big tits bounce too.

When the water ball game was over, they were playing another game of some sort. Mike and Ian got off the pool and used their cell phones to record what their next game was going to be like.

Samantha was being pinned to a corner inside the pool while Gregory and Alvin were sucking on her nipples. Natasha was being pinned on another corner while Bob and Doug were sucking hard on her nipples. It was the same with Jessica. Her nipples were being sucked on by Kraven and Gomez. Each tutor’s eyes were closed, moaning in pain and tears falling down their cheeks. These boys were hard on them, even if the boys didn’t think they were.

“I am getting Megan Fox here and boy oh boy. Her nipples are being used by my buddies. He he,” Mike smiled. Mike was recording Samantha’s breasts being “drank” on.

“I am getting Anna Kournikova here,” Ian smiled.

Ian was filming Natasha being used by the other 2 fat boys. After recording Natasha being nipple-sucked, he would then go to film Jessica being nipple-sucked.

After having fun in the swimming pool, all 8 boys showered themselves in the shower room with the 3 tutors cleaning 2 to 3 boys each. When Jessica was cleaning Bob, he was massaging and playing with her breasts. When Natasha was cleaning Mike, he did likewise to Bon. It was the same with Samantha and Ian.

When shower was over, everyone had dinner in the dining hall. Ian ordered for pizza. The three tutors had been made to dress up as French Maids which barely covered their upper thighs and featured their deep v-necks.

The 3 tutors would get their drinks for the 8 boys while they sat down and ate their pizza and garlic bread and chicken wings and nuggets.

As the tutors delivered mugs of coca cola they filled from the cags in the kitchen and passed around the bowl of garlic bread crusts, they felt hands all over her body. They understood that were there at the pleasure of the young fat boys, to serve and to do as they are told - all evidenced by pats on their asses, hands going under their tiny skirts or touching their breasts, and eyes fixed on their pushed up breasts or swaying asses.

Walking around and doing their maidly work was made even more difficult on their six inch heels which they were ordered to wear, with continuous probing from the fat high school nerds around them. The fat nerds apparently enjoyed their power over the beautiful tutors, rapidly giving them orders, watching them swaying their asses as they hurried back and forth on her high-heels, trying to respond to all their requests.

When dinner was over, Ian told the 3 tutors to go and clean up the dishes. Each boy had an ice cram to ear for dessert. Ian, Mike and Bob went into the kitchen. The 3 boys obviously had plans for the tutors, once they finish cleaning up.

* * *

“Ok guys. How about we go to the pool room for a game of pool. I mean we can’t just watch movies and play video games all the time now can we,” Ian sounding sarcastic.

“Will we get to play with your tutors again,” Alvin asked.

“Of course you shall,” Mike said.

The 5 boys followed the other 3 boys to where the pool room was. Once they were inside the pool room, they saw 5 pool tables but two of them had occupants on top. Natasha and Jessica were each sat down on a pool table. Their backs faced the end of the table and their legs were spread up. Their pussies revealed themselves.

“Cool,” Alvin cried.

“Ok guys these are the rules. The winner is the one who can hit the most pussies,” Ian said.

Mike and Bob placed racket of balls on each table. They also brought the pool sticks and let them lay on the pool tables’ side which had both tutors.

“Mike. Alvin. Gomez. You three come with me. We got cell phones to download. Soon the whole school and the world will know that 8 fat nerds can get laid and get even the best pussies that only money can buy,” Ian cried.

Mike, Alvin and Gomez followed Ian out of the pool room. Samantha was still dressed up as French maid, serving the remaining 4 boys their drinks.

Bob and Kraven took a stick each and placed the balls directly in front of Jessica.

“Ok I go first,” Kraven told Bob.

Kraven placed a ball in front of his stick and with one strike, he hit the edge of the stick against the ball and it hit Jessica’s right upper thigh. Jessica made a weak scream.

“Ok my turn,” Bob smiled.

Bob placed a ball in front of his stick and with one lucky strike he hit the ball exactly against Jessica’s tight pussy.

“Aaaahhhh,” Jessica screamed, tears flowing down her beautiful Asian cheeks.

There was another “aahh” scream coming from the Doug/Gregory table. Doug smiled as his ball made a fats strike against Natasha’s Blonde pussy.

“Blondes are a real screamer,” Doug chuckled.

Natasha’s tears flowed down her pale cheeks. It really hurt but she had no right to protest, just like Jessica.

The game went on and on for hours. All 4 boys made records of how many pussy strikes they have made.

The Record:

Bob - 120 pussy hits Kraven - 95 pussy hits Doug - 89 pussy hits Gregory - 50 pussy hits

The boys also took turns to grope Sam’s ass and tits whenever she bent over to give them their drinks.

As for the 2 tutors they were crying….in pain.

In Ian’s Bedroom

Ian was sat down by PC while the 3 other fat guys huddled around him. Ian was downloading all the sex actions from their cell phones today into Ian’s PC. Ian was downloading all of it on his online youtube account, his facebook account and his twitter account. He also sent attachments to many people’s e mail addresses. Mass E-mail sendings.

“Soon the whole school will respect us. Soon they will be looking up to us,” Ian sounding like some egomaniac. He sounded serious. Dead serious.

“Hey can we watch a movie after this?” Alvin asked.

“I’m starved,” Gomez moaned.

Back in the Pool Room

Natasha and Jessica were still on the same pool tables where the boys “played” with them. This time they laid face down on the pool table. Their asses faced the ceiling.

All 4 boys were huddled by Jessica as Kraven was pushing the other end of the pool stick into her asshole. With one quick insertion, the pool stick was up Jessica’s ass. Jessica screamed like Hell, tears flowing down her cheeks.

While Kraven and the other two boys laughed, Bob felt a bit guilty. Originally he wanted his tutors to make them all feel like men, equal to the popular jocks in school. Here he had his beautiful Asian American tutor giving them a good time. Kraven was taking things too far, inserting up a stick into her sensitive small asshole. Hitting balls against their pussies was 1/100 of a pain compared to having a stick inserted up their assholes.

“Good one Kraven. You’re the man,” Doug cried.

Doug and Gregory were giving Kraven high-fives.

“Its bitches like these who put us down in schools,” Kraven becoming melodramatic.

Bob went over to Samantha over for a drink. He was drinking from a glass of cola, tying to forget the next scream he was hearing from: Natasha’s.

Back in Ian’s Bedroom

There was a knock on Ian’s bedroom.


“Come in,” Ian said, while his eyes still glued to the screen.

The bedroom door opened. It was Ian.

“Mike. Ian. Can I have a word with you guys!” Bob said.

“Alvin. Gomez. Could you guys go downstairs and see how the others are doing,” Ian telling Alvin and Gomez.

Alvin and Gomez walked out of the bedroom. Bob closed the bedroom door behind them.

“Kraven and the rest are taking things too far. He inserted the pooling stick up both Natasha’s and Jessica’s ass,” Bob complained.

“That does not sound cool man. That could damage them for life,” Mike starting to get annoyed with what he had just heard from Bob.

“I think I am finished downloading. Just let me close this and I’ll have a word with Kraven,” Ian said.

When Ian finally shut down his PC, he and the 2 other boys went down towards the pool room. Once they were inside the pool room all 3 boys saw all 3 tutors crouching around as they each had an empty bottle shoved up their assholes. Even Samantha now was also completely naked like the other two. Tears flowed down their cheeks while at the same time they were pinching, twisting and squeezing their own nipples, making chicken noises.

Kraven, Doug and Gregory laughed hysterically. Even Alvin and Gomez laughed hysterically.

“Ok guys. Enough,” Ian shouted.

The 5 boys saw Ian, Bob and Mike removing the empty bottles from their tutor-slaves’ assholes. They even ordered them to stop acting like chickens and pulling at their own nipples, and go clean themselves up ion the shower room.

“Man I never had such a fun time in my life man,” Kraven laughed hysterically.

“You do something like this again and I’ll kick you out of my house,” Ian shouted at the top of his lungs.

Gregory gulped… fear.

“Oh come on. They were just playing man,” Gomez whimpered.

“How would you like to have a stick or an empty bottle shoved up your ass!” Mike screaming angrily at the rest of them. “Oughtta be ashamed of yourselves.”

For the rest of the night the 8 boys did nothing but watch horror movies. Ian wanted to forget what just happened. As for the tutors they were ordered to shower themselves and that once they were done, they should just sleep naked inside the shower room. They were not going to be “used-and-abused” anymore for the rest of the night.

“Hey Mike. Ian. We’re still buddies right,” Kraven gulped.

“Yeah sure Kraven. Just forget about it,” Ian sounding like he wanted to forget what happened earlier in the pool room.

“Just don’t do something like this anymore ok,” Mike said in low monotone.

“No problem Mike. No problem,” Kraven whimpered.

Sunday Afternoon

Ian watched all 5 other boys leave his house. They were going to take the bus back home. Only Mike and Bob remained. Ian told them that he would have his chauffeur come and drive them home, like after 7 in the evening.

They were all in Ian’s bedroom. Each boy had his cock being sucked off by his tutor-slave while sitting down on Ina’s chair or the bed.

“So what time will your parents be back?” Mike asked, as Natasha was on her knees and sucking his cock.

“Probably midnight,” Ian said, while sat down on his desk chair and having Samantha suck off his cock.

“So what do we do with them,” Bob asked, obviously referring to all their tutor slaves. Bob’s cock was being sucked on by Jessica.

“After what happened yesterday the least I could do is have the butler drive them home too,” Ian said.

“So it is all on the internet then?” Bob asked.

“Yup. On youtube. On Myspace. On facebook. I also sent it on massive e mails to people I know,” Ian said.

“Too bad we are going to have to go back to school tomorrow,” Mike sighed.

“But at least we all had a good weekend,” Bob smiled to Mike, then to Ian.

“Amen to that bro. Amen to that,” Ian smiled.

“Best weekend of my life…..ever,” Mike screamed with joy.

All 3 boys enjoyed the blow jobs they got from their beautiful tutors.

After everything that happened that weekend their lives would never be the same again.