The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Uniforms Control Your Mind

by Mr. Scade

Ocean’s Last Song

The foam took her, and the foam returned her.

How long had it been, that didn’t matter. She had a mission.

Her uniform was from the sea, part of it, one with it. And now one with her. She knew this, but didn’t know how. She didn’t question. She walked out of the sea, pulling in stares, pulling in people’s thoughts.

“Yes, look at your Mistress. The sea beckons, children. And she wants you all.” She heard her voice, no longer human, and now more like the crashing of waves against cliff, and of rolling foam on sand.

Her suit was from the sea, her uniform. She now remembered, or thought to remember—she was Wua’thon, the Foretakers. She was here to create new sisters, to create new brothers. She had been like them, once, so long ago, she knew this. But the Sea had changed her. Made her better. She smiled; it was like staring at a chest full of pearls.

“Yes, look at your Mistress. And obey.” She said, in her sea-like voice.

The beach was crowded; families, women and men and children and more. They all stopped to stare at her. At her face, at her uniform, at the Sea.

The Sea had claimed her. The Sea had made her something better. And she was here to return the favour.

“Yes, looka t your Mistress, and join the Wua’thon.”

Her voice reverberated in the air, and then it reverberated in their beings. It was the sounds of a billion whales singing, it was the sound of boiling seas in the beginning of the world, it was the sound of every starving ship crew when they saw land. It was mesmerizing.

“Come, and become one with the Sea.”

Everyone walked into the sea.