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Victoria’s Mansion: Chapter 7

Rose was lost in a dream of lust and beautiful submission, cumming so perfectly that she thought it would go on forever. But a scream pierced the passionate haze and she snapped awake, confused. She was sitting on the couch, still trapped in the mansion. Rose spun in every direction anxiously but her Mistress was nowhere to be seen. She’d already surrendered and become a slave to the house. Hadn’t she?

Rising uncertainly, everything seemed normal. Marie and Katie were still fast asleep on the floor. And she didn’t have the sudden urge to brainwash them like she did kneeling before Valeria. So had it been a dream? She thought of Valeria and her body trembled with need, hands grinding against her pussy to feel how wet it was through her pants. She still wanted her Mistress, wanted to serve. But standing in the strange mansion Rose still felt like herself. How was she supposed to know if she had been corrupted or not?

The panicked scream came again and Rose realized with dread that Mac was missing. Instantly she ran off to the kitchen, even forgetting to wake her friends. The sturdy wooden door that kept Hillary locked in the pantry was standing wide open. She slid to a halt, afraid of a trap, but there didn’t seem to be anywhere that someone could hide in the small kitchen. Nowhere but in the pantry.

She advanced slowly, her heart screaming for her to rush in and save Mac, while her mind kept her restrained so as not to run in blind. But there was a third voice too, the slick sensual voice of her Mistress Valeria. “You’ve already lost to me, what does it matter if they enslave you again?” And to that Rose didn’t have an answer.

The black girl peered around the corner and gasped at the sight before her. Hilary was on her knees, nude body glistening as she sat on top of Mac’s face, the bigger girl’s body shaking in her own orgasm. The shame of failure stung into Rose, piercing into her heart. She was supposed to protect her friends and instead she’d given in to her own temptations. And now Mac was…

“Mhm, she’s enjoying herself,” Hillary suddenly purred, as if reading her thoughts. “Mac is sooooo good at licking pussy, you have to try it for yourself. Or you can join her in being a slave,” the brainwashed girl said while caressing her breasts, “and get a taste for yourself.”

Rose flushed with anger and determination. “Never! I’m going to free her!”

“That’s no fun,” Hillary replied with a pout. “Besides you should let her have fun and not be selfish. After all the spirits told me where you were, getting to play with that sexy sorceress.” Rose’s anger was snuffed out almost instantly as a wave of shame overtook her. “I’ll have to meet Valeria, you should let her come out and play with us.”

Try to imagine walking into a room and seeing a new hallway you’ve never noticed before. A part of you so obvious but always hidden away. And now Rose realized she could feel Valeria below the surface, waiting to be released. Her lovely body swimming in dark waters, circling, promising pleasure.

“Let me out, Rose,” the voice purred. “It’s what you want, after all. To watch as I take control, brainwash your friends into lovely slaves, just like you.”

‘B-but I’m not a slave,’ Rose thought desperately. She woke up, was freed. Wasn’t she?

“I want them, want to collar both of those girls and make them kneel and worship me. Don’t you want to watch as I enslave them to my will?” Rose did, oh god how she did. Panties already soaked, or were they still soaked through from before? It was all happening again, Valeria tempting her and Rose surrendering in the end.

But not this time, Rose decided. She couldn’t deny the pleasure, couldn’t deny this part of herself that wanted to be enslaved and enslave others too. But she had to save Marie and Katie, get them to safety. Even save Hillary and Mac if that was still possible. And if it wasn’t, Rose decided that she would be the kindest mistress and make their new lives happy. She owed them that much.

“I won’t turn on my friends, no matter what you say.”

Hillary scowled, so far gone in the fantasies the spirits had filled her with. It seemed so simple to the redhead. The Mistress wanted them to be devoted slaves, so that is what they all must become. Why did the others have to be so difficult about something so obvious?

Hillary lifted her hips, Mac sliding out from beneath her. The curvy girl’s face was smeared in juices, eyes clouded over with lust. The other slave leant over Mac and slid her tongue along her cheek, Hillary licking her own taste off of her friends face. Rose shuddered with horror and desire, wondering how both emotions could be so compelling at once.

“Then you’re just going to make this more fun for us.”

Rose barely had a chance to react to the threat before she saw her hair rise up in front of her, as if someone were lifting it. No that wasn’t right, it was more as if she was dangling down. And then instantly she was, the ground sweeping away beneath her as she felt gravity tilt. Rose shot out her arms, catching the edges of the pantry door in time to stop herself from falling completely into the dark room. Instead her body swung up, leaving her parallel to the floor.

She took in her position with disbelief, dangling above the ground as if the ghosts had tilted the house over on its side. Now she was barely keeping herself up, feet pointed at the pantry wall. Then she caught sight of Hillary and Mac getting to their feet grinning, completely unaffected by the strange gravity. Rose tried to kick at them, not wanting to hurt her friends but not wanting to let the nude slaves catch her. She knocked Hillary back, but Mac caught her overextended leg and pinned it with the other one, trapping her completely.

“Help! Marie! Katie!” Rose cried out desperately, knowing that if she let go of the door she’d fall away into the pantry, helplessly pinned to the wall against the supernatural force. Completely exposed for her two brainwashed friends to manipulate. Of course with Mac keeping her legs pinned tight, she was already helpless. Hillary slipped to her side, smiling wickedly.

“Why try to fight? You already know how perfect the submission is. Giving in completely, letting them own your mind and body…” Hillary shivered with joy, hands sliding into Rose’s pants to cup her soaked mound. “Mhm, see how wet you are already? You’re loving this.”

“That’s not true,” Rose said in anguish, trying to ignore the bliss spreading through her at Hillary’s touch. Delicate fingers playing with her through the soaked panties.

“Doesn’t matter if it’s true or not,” Hillary said, unsnapping Rose’s jeans. “Which it completely is, for the record. But the point is you don’t have a choice at all.” The redheaded slave licked her lips with anticipation as she pulled down the captive girl’s pants, dark wet panties sliding right after them to leave her completely exposed. “So beautiful, don’t you think, Mac?”

“I want to bury my tongue in her cunt, make her cum for me over and over,” Mac agreed enthusiastically. “Please Rose, I wanna eat you out so bad.”

“No you don’t, Mac! It’s them trying to control you. They want to change you into- into a—”

“Sex crazed lesbian slave?” Mac offered helpfully and smiled. “Sounds perfect to me.”

Hillary’s fingers dived between Rose’s pussy lips, her tongue easily finding her clit and circling slowly. Rose bucked helplessly, body trembling at her touch. ‘I can do this,’ Rose thought and gritted her teeth. ‘Just gotta stop myself from cumming, can’t give in.’

Suddenly her fingers slipped at the doorway, her body dropping an inch before she gripped on again. Then she realized the danger she was in. She might be able to hold out from cumming, might be able to resist the brainwashing. But only if she held on. If she fell into the pantry, the ghosts locking her in and using her for hours and hours, fucking her and playing with her body and mind…

She knew she’d never be able to escape and Rose let out a long pleading moan. Rose felt the strength leaking out of her, every thrust of Hillary’s fingers, each press and lick of her tongue sending shivers through her. It was slowly chipping away at her resolve, hands already shaking and sliding slowly to drop her into the pantry.

Strong hands took hold of her wrists and Rose closed her eyes, sensing the inevitable. But instead she felt herself being pulled away from the pantry. She looked up and cheered at the sight of Katie and Marie, each taking an arm and using every ounce of strength to try and pull her to safety. The pantry was a black hole trying to suck her into its dark embrace, yet Rose felt herself slowly moving away.

“You can’t have her!” Hillary roared as she wrapped her arms around Rose’s hips, fighting to drag Rose away. Even as she took hold of her prey Hillary still had her fingers knuckle deep in Rose’s pussy, keeping her on the edge of orgasm even as her muscles cried out from being pulled in both directions. But for once Rose was happy she’d been so turned on from being captured. She bucked her hips hard and Hillary’s hands suddenly lost their grip, too soaked in the black girl’s dripping juices.

Rose slipped out of her grasp, Hillary and Mac tumbling into each other as she was pulled to safety. The instant her feet passed the frame of the pantry gravity righted itself and she fell tumbling to the ground, falling ungracefully on her ass. Katie, still exerting herself, went tripping onto her back as well. But Marie righted herself quickly and leapt at the pantry door.

Hillary was already on all fours, crawling after them and yowling like a wild animal, a cat in heat. Marie quickly slammed the door shut and jammed herself against it, fighting off the crazed slave.

“It’s not fair! She was supposed to join us! They said so!”

“Well I’m not letting those ghost bitches take another one of my friends,” Marie called back, shoving the key into place and locking the door. The wood door rattled in its frame as Hillary and Mac slammed their fists against it, but they were no match against it. Marie gave a sigh of relief, honestly not sure if it was going to hold. She turned around and saw Katie helping Rose up, the African girl blushing with shame and trying to cover her soaked crotch with her hands.

“They got my pants,” she said weakly.

“Welcome to the club then,” Marie added, her own jeans torn crotchless and covered up with her shirt. Katie grinned at this, her skirt long gone. “Are you alright? What happened?”

“I-I don’t know,” Rose muttered. She knew exactly what happened, she’d been tricked into surrendering to her desires and Mac had paid the price. But she couldn’t tell Marie that. They both thought of her as the smart one, the one who’d be able to figure this all out and help them escape. It would crush their spirit to know how easily they’d gotten to her. And probably make them doubt how long they themselves would last.

“Mac went to get food from the kitchen and…and I stayed behind to watch over you. But then I heard a scream so I ran to check and that’s when I saw that she’d…that Mac was…” Rose began to tear up, unable to say it. “I let her down.”

Marie quickly hugged her friend. “Don’t think like that. It’s these fucking ghosts doing this to us. You can’t blame yourself.”

Rose sniffed back the tears, wanting to confess that it really was her fault. But then the pantry door shattered out into the kitchen as if a bomb had gone off, chunks of wood bouncing off of the walls. The girls stared in shock, completely taken back by this display of power. Slowly Hillary stepped out of the pantry, grinning a manic smile.

“We’re baaaack,” she sang venomously, the atmosphere instantly changing. As if they could sense the presence of the army of ghosts haunting the house and it was clear they were done toying with them.

Katie grabbed the hands of the other girls and went off sprinting, dragging them after her. They made a mad dash down the hallway, not caring where they were running so long as it was away from the kitchen. Marie glanced back, heart racing at the sight of Mac and Hillary running after them nude and laughing. And the air seemed to warp around them, the halls groaning and expanding as the supernatural force followed in their wake.

“We’ve got to get out of here!” Marie cried desperately, but the hall didn’t seem to end. And even worse all of the doors had vanished, swallowed up into the wallpaper without a trace. They were trapped with no way out. Katie was nearly ready to try kicking through the wall to make an exit when they spotted a set of doors down at the end of the hall. Rose instantly sprinted towards it, ready to take any refuge.

“Don’t, Rose! It’s got to be a trap!”

“Then stay in the hall and wait for them to catch you!” She called back over her shoulder. Hillary and Mac were gaining, running with a chorus of mocking laughter echoing at their heels, invisible women ready to claim the living girls as their new slaves. Katie swore and took off after Rose and Marie.

The heavy set of double doors opened grudgingly, coated in decades worth of dust. Katie charged in after them, quickly spinning and using her momentum to slam the doors shut. They waited terrified, hearts pounding as the hurricane of hungry voices grew closer and closer. The walls shook suddenly, the wave of ghosts breaking against it at full force. But thankfully the doors held.

Marie faced the dark room, barely able to see her hand in front of her. Light from the hallway wasn’t even able to filter through the heavy doors, but she was willing to accept that if it meant the ghosts didn’t have a way of getting in. Then she realized how ridiculous it was to think that ghosts were like mice slipping under doors. If they wanted in, they’d find a way. She reached into her pocket and pulled out her phone, not surprised to see there was still no signal. Marie flicked on the flashlight app and her phone revealed enormous stacks of ancient books.

“Oh sure, now we find the library,” Katie said bitterly.

“Be careful, Marie. They kept this room hidden from us before and now they just herd us right into it? It’s definitely a trap.”

“Every inch of this place is a trap, Rose. It’s time to stop being afraid and just face it head on,” Marie said with determination, shining the bright beam of light along the shelves in hopes of finding some clue. They marched into the murky darkness, the only sound the angry echoes of their own footsteps traveling back to them in the vast library.

The light shone ahead and revealed a grey desk, so covered in dirt it made Marie and Katie think of a slab of granite. But to Rose the image of a stone altar flashed in her heart, the memory of lying naked and exposed for Valeria to use her. She clamped the moan in her throat, desperate not to reveal her feelings to the others. Marie swept the dust aside with her hand, coughing at the thick cloud that billowed up at them. The desk appeared ancient, a mahogany antique that would no doubt make some shop a ton of money. But Marie didn’t care about that. She was more interested in the book left open for them to find, the paper aged but without a trace of dust.

Marie and Rose leaned in to read, while Katie turned to keep an eye behind them. Even if it was impossible to see someone coming up on them she still hoped that she’d be able to sense an attack. Rose studied the cursive writing, writing in ink from a quill. Realizing that Marie wasn’t able to make out the scratchy writing, she began to read aloud.

“ ‘December 12, 1806. We’ve hired a new maid today, a young woman named Victoria. She is a much welcome relief from the agitated Mrs. Moore, our previous maid. I feel an instant connection to Victoria, her youthful energy making this enormous house come to life. Normally when my husband is away on business I will be left alone with my own sad thoughts, but now I do not fear his days away. I believe I have found a true friend to weather through these times.

‘December 24. An unexpected development today. With Walter gone to Atlanta I dined with Victoria for Christmas dinner. I fear we were both overcome with drink and I allowed myself to speak to openly of my gratitude for her arriving to our home. Victoria kissed me then, suddenly. I ran to my room, afraid of the strange feelings inside of me. I know such a thing must be sinful, but why did my chest grow with such desire at the touch of her lips?’ ”

Suddenly the library filled with soft blue light, the girls whirling to face a glowing bank of blue mist. The fog opened before them to reveal a vision of a young woman in a blue gown, red hair tied behind her shoulders and freckles adorned on her cheeks. She was bent over a desk writing with a quill in a book. This book, Rose realized. She was blushing, visibly excited, but her eyes clouded with confusion. A loud knock made them all jump in shock, but the noise only existed in the strange hallucination. The door to the woman’s room opened and Victoria appeared in the fog, the spitting image of the painting they had seen of her. But the truth was that the painting hardly did the woman’s beauty justice. Even in a simple maid’s uniform she was stunning and sensual.

“Madame Milberg? Irene?” Victoria called out, hands wringing her dress. “I’m sorry if I offended you at dinner. If you wish me to leave this house I understand.”

“No, I would never kick you out,” Irene replied rising to her feet. Her eyes met Victoria’s and Irene quickly turned away, staring out the window. “You’re a dear friend to me, Victoria. My husband…I had thought he loved me once, but he never shows it. He is always away on business and even when he is here he merely acts as if he tolerates me. But you,” Irene turned to face the maid now. “You’ve shown me such kindness, such friendship. I’ve…never felt so strongly for someone before.”

Victoria took a step forward, hopeful, but Irene’s shrank back from her. “You have to understand, what you did was wrong. It’s indecent for two women to…”

“Love each other?” The maid advanced, this time Irene stayed still and allowed Victoria to take her hand. “I love you, Irene, and I know you feel the same.”

“But we’ll go to hell for our feelings.”

“Be honest with yourself, do you really care?”

Irene studied Victoria’s green eyes, which she had found herself lost in so many times before, and she had her answer. The two women met in a passionate kiss, Victoria’s hands nimbly moving to remove her dress. Naked the pair made their way to the bed, exploring one another’s bodies.

“Well this is just great,” Katie said aloud. “Now we have to watch her old sex tapes.”

As if offended the vision vanished, leaving them in darkness once again. But after a few moments the luminous blue fog reappeared, this time showing the past lovers in the pantry, Victoria kissing her way up Irene’s leg and disappearing beneath her dress. Suddenly a soft voice began to speak, Irene’s voice, reciting from her journal. “It was the happiest year of my life, being able to truly love one another. We had to hide our feelings from the rest of the town and stay our wandering hands whenever my husband returned. But he would quickly find some excuse to leave on business, no doubt to the other mistresses I’d heard stories of from the other wives. But I did not mind. My husband had his women, and now I had my own lovely Victoria. I thought such happiness would never end.”

Suddenly the pantry door swung open, a grave man in a black suit studying the two women. Victoria pulled her head out from between Irene’s legs, falling backwards onto her knees and staring up terrified. The color drained from Irene’s face at the sight of her husband.

“Walter! This isn’t what you think!”

The vision swirled away into the fog, but when it returned Irene was alone in her room, staring out the window and crying. Out into the woods the girls could see the blaze of a large bonfire as a tree burned. “My husband has accused Irene of witchcraft. Told the village that she had bewitched me, had attempted to curse him. The church has its own punishment for such offenses.”

The three girls stared at the distant fire, understanding what it meant. Marie began to feel pity for Victoria, what she must have went through would twist anyone. But the memory of her friends reduced to shameless slaves brought her own fury back quickly. No matter what she had suffered it was no excuse for what Victoria had put them all through. Time went by in the vision, the fire burnt out and Irene left to cry alone in her room.

“Irene,” a dead voice called softly. The redhead acted in surprise, leaping to her feet at the sight of her lover returned, naked and unharmed. The other girls were hardly impressed, they’d already had plenty of experience with the spirits.

“You’ve returned to me,” Irene said with disbelief.

“Of course, my love. They could never destroy my love for you with fire.” The ghost embraced Irene, the girl trembling at the cold touch of the spirit. “I’ll always be with you, as you will always live with me.” Victoria took Irene’s head in her hands, forcing her to lock eyes with her. “And we will make the village pay for what they have done to us.” Irene trembled, terrified of what she had planned. But to have Victoria again, for all eternity, she’d follow her through any sin.

“We began our new mission then, slowly, so none would notice.”

The fog showed them a view of the mansion, gone by in ages. An elderly Irene answered the door, her looks weathered away just as the house had endured the harsh touch of time. A plump blonde woman entered, gazing about the place in wonder. Marie gasped, recognizing her even before her European accent gave her away. It was so hard to imagine the cruel slave girl Evelyn, who had been so intent on breaking her in the ballroom, as simply an innocent young woman.

“This house is lovely,” Evelyn cooed with appreciation. “I’m so grateful for the chance to work under you.”

“I’m always happy to take new help. It’s hard to maintain such a large piece of property ever since my husband’s untimely death.” If there was a secret smile on the elderly woman’s face Evelyn missed it.

“It’s funny to think that people in town tried to warn me away from here. They tried to say that girls had gone missing in this mansion, that it was cursed.” The voluptuous girl giggled and shook with laughter, while Irene simply smiled.

“Oh but my dear, it is.”

Evelyn turned grinning, the laughter dying when she saw the seriousness in Irene’s face. Suddenly mist began to fill the room, softly burning with red light as the cloud encircled the frightened girl. Shadows began to flick through the fog, too fast for her to catch at first, like fish flashing through a pond. But slowly her eyes began to track them, the shapes of young woman dancing and whirling and laughing menacingly.

Evelyn suddenly spun and ran, only to stop in her tracks as a figure emerged before her, red mist clinging to her body. Victoria wore an intricate crimson gown, her eyes shining with dark power. “Leaving so soon, my dear? You’ll miss all the fun.”

The European woman turned to Irene for help, but the red mist had already claimed her. As the fog washed over her body the aged wrinkles softened and vanished, her skin becoming smooth and vibrant. Her gray hair flared to life with fire, becoming a bright red. She looked no older than Evelyn herself. “Simply look at her body dear. So full and beautiful.”

“Mhm, yes. She’ll make a lovely addition to our home,” Victoria replied. The ghost snapped her fingers, more figures emerging from the mist to encircle Evelyn. They were all young and beautiful, bodies sensual and made perfect in the supernatural light. Each wore a thin white robe or nothing at all. She tried to fight them off but there were too many, the girls eager to take hold of Evelyn and strip her down. Before long she was helpless, a dozen girls pinning her to the floor with her breasts and pussy laid bare.

Victoria knelt beside her, smiling tenderly. “It’s alright to be afraid dear, such strong emotions only spice up the evening and make it so much more memorable. Before long you’ll be beyond fear, beyond shame or guilt or restrictions. I will set you free, just like my other lovely slaves.” Evelyn screamed and writhed as Victoria and Irene set upon her, fingers and tongue teasing and driving her wild.

Marie and the others watched terrified, wondering if this is what Mac and Hillary felt as they were taken. Evelyn’s cries of terror slowly transformed into moans of passion, but Marie already knew what her fate would be. But surely there was still a way for them to escape.

“It still frightens you, seeing the girl’s being turned.”

Rose wondered what Irene’s voice meant, before she realized that the ghostly voice was speaking to them directly. The orgy faded into the blue mist, colors muting and disintegrating as a woman appeared in the darkness. Irene was dressed simply, still as young as they saw in the visions.

“Why are you showing us this?” Marie demanded, leaning back on her heels to be ready to run if the ghost attacked.

“Because I want you to understand. You’ve met more of the other women in my home, surely you’ve sensed their happiness here now.”

“Sure, now that they’ve been brainwashed not to have a choice.” Katie put her hand on the chair at the desk, ready to spin and use it as a weapon if she had to.

“Victoria is not evil. She does not change who you are, merely exposes the hidden parts of your own selves. Just as she revealed my own desires.”

Rose clutched the book to her chest, Irene’s words resonating inside her. Everything she had went through with Valeria in her dream, it was just as she said. “And what about those who don’t want to be here? Will you let them go and only take the girls who accept your offer?”

Marie and Katie looked at her with shock, wondering if she was willing to sacrifice Mac and Hillary to get away. They couldn’t have guessed that she was ready to stay if it meant saving her friends.

“We take great care not to draw attention to ourselves. Letting women spread stories of their friends being abducted would only bring us trouble.”

“So you’re refusing to let us out even when we keep fighting you so much?”

“You misunderstand me, Marie. I mean that our doors are locked to all outsiders. Only those willing to accept our offer are allowed to even enter.” Irene smiled and spread her hands out to them. “The very fact that you entered at all means that part of you loves the pleasure we can offer and is eager for more.”

“You’re lying!” Marie shouted, but the memory of the ballroom was still fresh before her eyes, experiencing the endless bliss of the slaves and their Mistresses, nearly cumming and surrendering. She would have surrendered too if her friends hadn’t saved her. But that’s because the ghosts were tricking her. It’s not as if she’d really wanted to experience that pleasure for all eternity.

“You can lie to us, even to your friends. But you cannot deceive yourselves. The truth will be revealed soon.” Irene’s eyes met Rose and she smiled secretly, as if she had seen her surrender to her own imaginary Mistress. Most likely she had too, the ghosts no doubt getting off on watching her submit to Valeria. But the thought of an audience only made her body more excited.

“Please, Irene. You have to help us escape. Everything Victoria’s done, all those women she’s enslaved. We can stop her.”

The red headed ghost suddenly burst into gales of laughter, clutching her sides. “Oh my sweet darlings, you truly are naïve. I’ve spent two hundred years watching the woman I love enslave dozens of young woman. Do you truly think I would go along with her schemes if I didn’t enjoy breaking their wills just as much as her?”

Katie and Marie backed up, ready for her to attack. But Irene made no move against them. “Don’t worry, if I was the one brainwashing you I assure you that you girls would already be at my feet singing obedience to me. But it’s Victoria’s turn and she enjoys drawing out the chase much more than I. You’re at her mercy now.”

Suddenly the library filled with light, candelabras igniting on their own to spread bright light over everything. The girls blinked in surprise and discovered that Irene had vanished. In her place was Victoria, her green gown split open to reveal her luscious body.

“That wife of mine is an amazing lover, but god that woman enjoys talking. And she thinks that I draw things out.”

Katie scoffed. “Then work it out in therapy, don’t put your frustrations into enslaving others.”

“But we want you to join our house. To become part of our enormous family. All of the other girls are dying to meet you.” Victoria swept her hand up to the ceiling, still shrouded in darkness where the candle light could not reach. Marie flicked her eyes up but what she saw kept her eyes locked to the ceiling. It was as if she couldn’t see anything, only darkness, and yet she sensed their presence. So many of them, all the spirits of the house above them now. Watching with anticipation.

“Not to mention your friends. They’re truly looking forward to getting to know you more intimately now.” The girls turned back to Victoria and saw Mac and Hillary standing on either side, grinning with eyes lost in obedience to their Mistress. Hillary winked at Katie, licking her lips hungrily.

“But I think we’ve had enough foreplay. My girls are too eager to wait any longer. Let’s get on to the big event.” Marie watched as Victoria smiled slowly, the meaning behind the confident grin all too clear. She was planning to break them now, and with an army beside her Marie wasn’t sure if they’d be able to save themselves.