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Victoria’s Mansion: Chapter 8

Victoria grinned at the three girls resisting her, ready to finish this hunt and make them obedient slaves. And she’d be able to use their already brainwashed friends to do it. “Girls, front and center to start the fun.”

Mac and Hillary obediently stepped forward, allowing their Mistress to place a hand on their head. Marie and the others held their ground, not sure of what to expect. Suddenly Victoria’s eyes flashed to pure white as she began speaking in a strange language, the very air crackling with supernatural power.

Before their eyes strange black lines began to appear on the bodies of the two slaves, tattoos sliding across their skin like living creatures as they swam and multiplied. Soon they created intricate swirls and patterns on the girls’ arms and legs, while characters from that strange language sat proudly across their chests like a brand.

“What? Are you trying to scare us with bad tribal tattoos?” Katie hoped she sounded confident and flippant, because inside she was terrified. Give her a monster to hit and she’d be fine, but that spell certainly felt powerful. And whatever it was the magic involved using her friends somehow.

“If you’re so confident then why don’t you come over here and hit me yourself?” Victoria mocked. “Go ahead, I won’t fight back at all.” The witch turned to offer her cheek, hands behind her back. Katie wasn’t going to let herself be goaded into anything so stupid, but when she went to take a step back she found that she couldn’t. When she tried to move her foot it felt bolted to the floor, as if she was trapped in quicksand. Alarmed she tried to look down, but her head was fixed in place too. What the hell was this?

“Marie, I can’t move!”

She’d been bracing herself for whatever the spell brought so Marie had already been standing frozen in place, but now that she tried to move found that she was trapped as well. Marie wasn’t even able to turn her head to look at her friends.

“What did you do to us?” Marie cried, mind racing. If she had a spell so powerful it could trap them in place why hadn’t she used it before? It would have made them an easy target from the very beginning.

“It’s a lovely little spell isn’t it? Sadly it needs a very special ingredient that I was in short supply of.” Victoria came up behind Mac, kissing the slave girl on the neck. Marie suddenly shivered, feeling her soft lips on her own neck. “There are quite a few misconceptions about real magic. For instance no one realized that voodoo dolls require a living slave to act as the doll. Girls, take care of their clothes.”

Hillary and Mac nodded obediently and in unison Katie and Marie nodded as well. They were powerless as they felt themselves starting to move, Katie’s hand shedding off her torn shirt while Marie pulled off her bra. Across from them the two tattooed slaves seem to mimic them perfectly, but in truth they were the ones in control. Mac hooked her thumbs into an invisible belt and slowly slipped her hands lower, Marie bending with her to pull down her pants.

“Hillary you have to stop this, please! You don’t want to do this to us?”

“That’s the thing Katie, I really do.” The former prudish girl grinned with joy as she watched Katie following her movements, kicking away her pants and leaving the blonde party girl completely naked. “It’s not just about the control, which just makes you feel such absolute purpose in your life. It’s because I want to be with you, make you feel as much pleasure as I am. And now that Mistress Victoria linked us together, we can.” Suddenly the redhead slave smacked her own ass hard, Katie’s hand instantly striking her own ass and making her shout in shock. She’d always enjoyed sex a little rough and was no stranger to being spanked, but this felt far more intense. It was as if…she felt Hillary’s pleasure at the same time as her own.

“Even if I haven’t enslaved your minds yet you won’t have any choice but to experience the same bliss my two lovely slaves feel for me. And being made to feel their pleasure, their happiness from serving me, do you truly think you can hold out for long?”

At a snap from her fingers the two slaves quickly knelt for their mistress, Katie and Marie helplessly forced to obey as well. The two girls fought the power with every ounce of strength, but the constricting supernatural force was like a straightjacket, leaving them locked tight in whatever position their friends were in. As soon as the slaves moved invisible strings pulled them to copy perfectly, making them little more than puppets.

Suddenly Rose stepped in front of them and the two trapped girls cheered. Clearly Victoria had needed two slaves to use the spell on the two of them, which meant that there was no one linked to Rose to control her.

“Rose, run while you can! Try to find a way out of here!”

The black girl stood indecisively. Should she leave them, try to find some way to break the spell in the library? Surely there must be a clue in here somewhere on how Victoria learned such magic. But then there were the other spirits in the house that will come after her, besides the fact that her friends might not be able to resist this spell long enough.

“Now we’re left with one girl without a partner. What am I to do with you, Rose?” Victoria laughed as she bent down, idly playing with a nipple on each slave girl. As she pulled and rolled a nipple in each hand Marie and Katie groaned in agony as desire began to blossom unbidden. “But a special girl like you should be fine on her own.”

Rose stood her ground confidently, ready to do whatever it took to free her friends. But then a lithe figure emerged from the shadows and she felt her composure crumble instantly, as if her will were nothing more significant than a sand castle overpowered by a tidal wave. Valeria’s black gown trailed behind her, lips painted black and standing starkly against her pale skin. The evil Queen grinned as she stepped before Victoria and her two kneeling slaves, taking in the sight approvingly. Then her eyes fixed on Rose and her heart began racing with exhilaration. Just her gaze alone made her tremble.

“I have to say, Victoria, I do enjoy this mansion of yours. So many fun girls to play with.” The fantasy character waved a pale hand to the ceiling, the unseen masses of lesbian spirits roiling with desire for the regal sorceress. With her slave girls cooing at the sight of this new dominant woman Rose thought she saw a hint of jealousy flash over Victoria’s face and it made her smile wickedly. Good, let this smug woman feel uncertain about her place. Even if she’s more powerful than Valeria, Rose knew for a fact how deviously clever her Queen was. But then again it was really her own clever mind she was confident of, her own desires to make Victoria pay for what they’ve all gone through. Rose was too weak to do anything, but Valeria…she would make the witch pay.

The dark Queen raised her hand invitingly to Rose, sensing she was finally ready. Katie and Marie both cried out with concern as their friend began walking slowly towards the mysterious woman.

“Don’t go to her, Rose! Whatever they’re doing to you is a trick, don’t let them take you!”

Rose turned back, but she didn’t look conflicted or scared. Instead she was smiling sadly. “It’s alright, Marie. She’s not one of the spirits in the house. She’s actually…well, she’s part of myself.”

“No! It’s probably just Victoria lying to you,” Katie screamed, struggling to break free. She could manage to shake her hands in her anger, but only for a few inches before the supernatural bonds snapped her back into position with Hilary.

“That’s what I thought at first too. When they tried to seduce me as I first arrived, I was certain they were manipulating my writing. But the truth is she’s telling the truth. There really is a part of me deep down that wants this. That really gets off to all of this.”

Valeria came behind Rose, letting her delicate fingers trace along her sides as Rose shivered in delight. “This is the part of me that I’ve buried for so long, all my pent up desires and dominance. But I’m ready to accept her now. Just as Mac and Hillary accepted their own needs.” The two slaves smiled sweetly at her, happy that she was finally able to understand the gift that their Mistress had granted them. Of their own will each girl had slid a hand between their legs, the marked slaves wanting to enjoy Rose’s submission fully. And linked by the curse both Marie and Katie fought the hand that snaked underneath them, moaning as their fingers began to manipulate their soaked pussies.

Rose watched the two girls still struggling, still denying the pleasure they felt.

“It’s going to be okay, Katie. You can let yourself enjoy it. Being played with, the thrill of being so helpless. You too, Marie, I know you want this too.”

“N-no, not true,” Marie mumbled, shaking at the intense feeling. She felt pleasure not only from her own hand but from Mac’s fingers playing with her pussy as well. It was just like in the ballroom, linked to the other girls as their own pleasure increased and magnified impossibly.

Rose smiled, wanting them to know it will be okay. “Don’t be scared, okay? I know you two are still fighting it, so this might seem scary. But I want this, I honestly do. Try and enjoy watching it, if you can.” Before they could respond Rose turned and lowered herself before Queen Valeria, joining the other four girls on their knees. Eyes pleading, heart racing, she stared up at the pale sorceress, this hidden shadow of herself. She was ready.

“Please, Queen Valeria, I surrender myself to you. Completely for all eternity. I’m ready to be yours now. Make me your slave in every sense of the word.” Valeria trembled at her words, Rose proud of the effect she could have on her new owner. The Queen grinned and placed a hand over her, resting the palm on her forehead.

Victoria and the spirits of the house drew in, their excitement and desire filling the library with lust. Mac and Hillary moaned and rubbed at their cunts faster, the two free willed girls forced to copy their enthusiasm. Against the supernatural pleasure Marie was ready to cum, Katie straining to stop herself from climaxing as well. If they came they’d be lost, become a slave like the others. Be owned and controlled just like Rose was begging the woman to do to her.

“Very well, Rose,” Valeria spoke aloud. “You are my slave.” Lightning flashed, Rose’s body jerking instantly as pure bliss overwhelmed her mind. Marie was forced to watch helplessly, fingering herself faster and faster. Behind them all Victoria gasped in appreciation, cupping her own body quickly. The very mansion shook as the spirits came, when from every era moaning and climaxing with one another as they watched the enslavement of the young girl. Finally the bright light vanished, receding into Valeria’s porcelain skin as she took her hand away.

Rose stood slowly, everything falling silent. Marie had even stopped masturbating thankfully, she’d been brought so close to the edge. But the break from the torturing pleasure was only because Mac and Hillary were staring spellbound at their friend. Even Victoria seemed truly impressed. Marie couldn’t hold back her curiosity at what had happened to Rose, but as the black girl began to turn around she was left speechless.

On Rose’s forehead was imprinted a deep red brand, a circle marked with intricate characters. The finality of it struck Marie deeply, stirring things in her she didn’t dare acknowledge. A permanent mark to display her as a slave, as property for this other woman. Rose grinned wide, as if she could read the thoughts her friend was trying so desperately to suppress. But staring at her friend the thought emerged in Marie’s mind against her will: What would she look like with a slave brand like that?

Marie suddenly reached out with her left hand and slid it between Katie’s legs, fingers finding their way into her warm pussy folds. Katie quickly did the same, her fingers invading Marie and making her moan at the sensation. Behind Rose and her new owner Valeria she could make out their enslaved friends, Mac and Hillary getting the other off. They grinned, the four of them locked together in pleasure now as the curse made the experience intensify so incredibly. And now Rose was stripping and playing with herself, Valeria running her hands over her new slave possessively. Katie realized that with Rose brainwashed like the others there was no one left to save her and Marie.

“I’m sorry, Marie,” the blonde suddenly said, unable to conceal the moan that followed. “I should have been stronger, could have fought them off to save you.”

“No, it’s all my fault for bringing us here.” Marie struggled to turn her head slightly, locking eyes with Katie. They knew this was the end, no hope anymore. All they had left was each other and the knowledge that soon they’d be together for eternity, as brainwashed slaves to the mansion. “At least we’ll be together.”

Victoria cooed happily, patting a head on each of her tattooed slaves. The two girls nuzzled their heads into the touch, Katie and Marie doing the same and feeling her loving touch. “All together, that’s the perfect way to view it, Marie. I’m glad you’ve finally accepted the truth. Once you’ve been broken, freed of your own will, you will understand the pleasure I can give you.”

Katie wanted to argue but knew it was pointless. Mac and Hillary turned to face each other, sliding forward to embrace in a passionate kiss. Victoria watched giddily as Katie and Marie were forced to do the same, the two free girls making out passionately and fingering each other. The lust and desire they felt magnified, spreading through all four of them like a wildfire. Such a perfect ending, Victoria thought to herself. Sensing their climax coming near, the orgasm that would break them completely, she enhanced the power of the curse and sent the pleasure spiraling higher.

Marie moaned into Katie’s mouth, feeling the impossible orgasm rising up within her. This was how it was all going to end then, cumming against her best friend’s body and losing her mind forever. Closing her eyes she kissed Katie passionately, wanting to make it the last act of her own free will. Show Katie how much she cared, that she wished there was anything she could have done differently. And by the way Katie returned the kiss Marie knew her friend felt the same.

They broke the kiss, breathing heavily and staring into one another’s eyes. It was nearly time now, bodies burning with utter bliss. Katie turned her head to stare at the others, Mac and Hillary gazing at each other with lust, wanting to make their friends cum and enslave them. Even Victoria had her eyes rolled back in bliss, playing with her wife Irene as the two fingered each other. They would all watch together as the final two girls were broken and taken into the mansion.

Marie thought she saw something flash in Katie’s eyes, but they were locked by the curse to mimic the two marked slaves. She wasn’t going to delude herself with false hope. It was all over for them now, best to just enjoy the last orgasm of her life as a free woman. And her first as a slave. Katie looked back at her now, smiling ruefully.

“I’m sorry, Marie.”

She smiled back, not wanting any regret to follow them. “It’s alright, Katie. I’m right here with you as it happens.”

“No, I mean I’m sorry for this.” Suddenly Katie leaned back and Hillary felt herself yanked back, bending backwards at the waist. Everything came to a stop, Victoria and the other spirits all freezing in their masturbation. And with all eyes on her Katie propelled herself forward and slammed her head against Marie’s with a loud crack, bright pain erupting between her eyes.

The lesbian spirits cried out in horror as Hillary instantly did the same, headbutting Mac with an equally loud smack. Victoria stared with an open mouth, terrified. How could this have happen? They were locked in place by the spell, she could have never-

But then Victoria realized her mistake. By increasing the power of the spell she’d enhanced the pleasure, so certain of her victory. But the added power had somehow made the control travel in both directions, allowing Katie to take control of Hillary instead. Instantly she shifted the energy, returning the spell to its normal strength. Clearly she’d attempted to knock out either Mac or Hillary with the attack, free the one they were linked to. But all four girls were still conscious, her plan failed.

Mac and Hillary instantly sensed the desire of their Mistress, ignoring the pain echoing in their heads and spinning to drop to all fours. They’d lock their friends in place and allow Victoria to punish them as their owner saw fit. The two slaves looked up, eager to see Marie and Katie on hand and knees, exposed to be spanked and whipped and tortured with exquisite pleasure. But instead the two blonde girls were rubbing their heads, knocked back onto their asses. The two slaves exchanged an uncertain look, trying to force themselves to stay in position more forcefully, yet their friends still refused to copy them.

Victoria swore bitterly. “What are you doing? Lock them in place!”

Hillary turned around to face her Mistress. “I’m sorry, I don’t know why but it’s not working.” The lesbian ghost swore again, ready to increase the power of the spell when she finally saw what was causing the horrible situation. The seal she’d inked onto the girl’s head had been smeared away, ruined by the attack. She quickly checked Mac and saw that the mark on her head had been rubbed away as well. Katie had taken the chance at control to destroy the inked characters and break the spell.

Someone began laughing loudly, Victoria turning on them furiously. It was Queen Valeria, leaning easily against one of the bookshelves with Rose between her legs, lapping at her wet mound obediently. “Seems they’ve gotten out of your little trap, Victoria. I suppose you were too confident for your own good.”

Victoria fumed, no one in the mansion dared to address her that way. And after she’d gone through the trouble of releasing her from the nerd girl. Irene wrapped her arms around her suddenly, catching her attention by kissing her neck. “Dear wife, I think you’re losing focus on what’s really important.” Victoria followed her gaze and saw that her two victims had pried open the double doors. They were still rubbing their heads and shaky on their feet but had still managed to escape while the witch had been distracted.

Fury in her voice she shouted up to her countless slaves, the ghosts responding to her will. “Capture those girls! I won’t be cheated out of my new slaves!” Instantly the library swelled as the invisible spirits raced for the door, eager to carry out their Mistress’ command. But they suddenly froze as a new voice rang out.

“You girls could go off chasing them,” Valeria shouted sweetly, “Or you could stay here and see what new forms of pleasure I can offer you.” Dark energy swirled across her fingertips, crackling with power. The spirits muttered in confusion. They were used to obeying Victoria, but then after several hundred years they were dying for new experiences. And this new Queen seemed every bit as dominant as their Mistress.

Rose pulled herself away from Valeria’s cunt, making a show of licking her lips as her red slave brand shone brightly with supernatural power. “Believe me, there’s so much my Queen can offer. She’s already shown me such perfect control, how to truly treat a slave. Come down here and submit, join me at her feet.”

The sight of the sibilant slavegirl worshipping the dark sorceress helped make up the minds of the ghosts as they began floating down towards her, eager to submit. Victoria stared in horror as her slaves abandoned her. She certainly never minded the other dominant spirits to have their fun but this was ridiculous. They were supposed to be helping her bring new slaves into the house, not selfishly indulge in their own desires.

“You’re doing this on purpose,” Victoria snarled, pointing an accusing finger at Valeria. The pale queen grinned, invisible spirits cumming at her fingertips as she gave each their own delicious brand on their souls. “You just want to help those two escape!”

“I may be the dark and perverted part of Rose’s soul, but they’re still my friends.” Valeria’s hand began to pet the slave half of herself, Rose eagerly returning back between her legs. “And I won’t have you cheating and merely overpowering them with the help of these spirits. If you want to enslave them you’ll have to earn it for yourself.” Grinning wickedly the sorceress continued to enslave the lesbian ghosts to her will, lining them up so she and Rose could live out every deviant fantasy they’d ever had.

Victoria stamped her foot in irritation, Mac and Hillary standing up uncertainly. At least they’d been brainwashed recently enough to still follow her. Beside them more girls began to materialize, Evelyn first among them. Always such a loyal pet. “I want you girls to find them, herd them to where I can take them. I’ve been lazy about this for so long, letting my slaves and spells do all the work. I should do this right, brainwash and break their wills personally.

“Now get to work,” she called out, the ghosts instantly setting to the task. The girls had gotten ahead, but the house was their playground. Mac and Hillary took off running, still bound by physical bodies. But they’d be helpful in breaking the girls still. Victoria kissed her wife Irene, the redhead returning the kiss passionately.

“Come on, my love. Let’s break our new slaves together.”

Irene smiled, shaking her head. “Nope, our agreement still stands. You get those two all to yourself. In the meantime,” Irene began making her way towards Valeria and her assembled slaves, removing her gown. “I’m eager to learn what our new Queen is capable of.”

Victoria scowled, watching as Valeria and Rose took hold of her wife and branded her as a slave to their will. Once Marie and Katie were obedient slaves she’d certainly have to have a conversation with them. This was still her mansion and it was time she proved her place at the top.

But first there were two slaves who needed to be put in their place.