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Web of Trust — Chapter 8

Note: this chapter contains incest between two brothers. If this bothers you, stop reading now.


“Hey, Kev, it’s me!”, my brother said after I answered my phone. “I was wondering if you had some time this weekend. I’ve hardly seen you since you got back—mostly my fault, I know—but I thought maybe we could hang out together and shoot some hoops or go to the paintball place, or maybe just go see a movie if you’d rather.”

Mitch had always liked competitive sports, but I wasn’t such a fan myself. I’d always looked up to him, though, so I usually went along with whatever he felt like doing. I wasn’t even sure if he realized I didn’t care for competitive sports all that much. I preferred more cooperative, friendly physical activities like hiking or cycling. A movie could be good, though. I certainly wouldn’t have minded that, but as usual, I left it up to him. “Sure, whatever you want. It’ll be great to get together again—I missed hanging out with you while I was in Europe!”

“Yeah, me too!”, he replied. “How about I swing by on Saturday after lunch and we’ll figure it out from there.”

“Sure, sounds great! Looking forward to it.” In truth, I’d been a little bit annoyed at him for not stopping by the house more often since I’d gotten back, so I was happy that he’d finally found time for us to get together. I knew he’d been busy with work lately, and I could understand that, but he’d also mentioned spending a lot of time with some new friend he’d made, which was the part that annoyed me. Not that there was anything wrong with him spending time with friends, of course, but it wasn’t like him to do so at the expense of family. I figured it was probably a new girlfriend he was infatuated with, though if it was, he was being unusually coy about it—normally, he bragged to anyone and everyone whenever he had a new girlfriend.

Mitch called me after lunch on Saturday to tell me he’d be around in about ten minutes. I brushed my teeth and then sat outside on the porch to wait for him. There was really no reason for him to come in, since Mom and Dad were out doing groceries and stuff anyway. Not long after I sat down, I saw him pull up on the street and wave at me.

“Hey, bro, how’s it going?”, I asked, walking up to the beat-up used car he’d gotten sometime while I was away.

“Not too bad. I’m feeling a bit off, though, so I was thinking maybe we could do a movie today instead of something more active. That okay with you?”, he asked. Naturally, I said it was fine and we started checking out show times online. “Dammit, the only thing I see that we’d both enjoy started half an hour ago; the next one isn’t for almost another two hours”, he said disappointedly. I agreed—there was nothing else until then that we’d both be interested in, only a rom-com that I kind of wanted to see, but I knew Mitch would hate.

“That’s okay, though”, he said after double-checking the show listings to make sure we hadn’t missed anything. “I promised a friend I’d drop by his place sometime today, so we can pop by there for a little bit and then just shoot the breeze after that until movie time”, he suggested. “How’s that sound?”

“Sure, that works”, I agreed. “Is this the new friend you mentioned at dinner the other day?”, I asked.

“Yeah. His name’s Peter. I think you’ll like him.” That settled that, it definitely wasn’t a girlfriend. I wondered what was so exciting about this guy that Mitch spent so much of his time there.

As we drove, I started talking about my trip to Europe. Mitch was very interested, listening to everything I had to say, commenting that he’d like to take a trip there too someday. There was so much to talk about, though—in the fifteen minutes it took to get to Peter’s house, we’d only barely scratched the surface of all the things I’d done. He’d seen various posts and pics online, of course, but that sort of thing didn’t always give the whole story. Plus, there were a few things, like checking out one of the many “coffee shops” in Amsterdam, that I wasn’t going to post anywhere that Mom and Dad could see. I hadn’t actually tried any “coffee” while I was there—it just wasn’t my thing—but there was no way I was visiting Amsterdam without checking one out, at least!

Looking at the house we’d driven up to, I guessed that Peter must still be living at his parents’ place, like me, because it wasn’t the kind of place someone our age could typically afford on their own. I dismissed the idea that it was some kind of house-sharing arrangement, like where Mitch lived, because it was way too well kept up for a bunch of students.

“You sure you don’t want me to just wait in the car?”, I asked as Mitch opened his door. “I don’t want to intrude.”

“Nah, you might as well come in. Sometimes Peter and I can get talking, and I’m sure he’d like to actually meet you for a change, instead of just hearing about you”, Mitch told me. “Besides, he’s renting out a couple of rooms. I don’t know what your plans are, but if you’re at all thinking about moving out, you might want to take a look.” Maybe this was some kind of house-sharing thing after all.

“Okay”, I agreed, hopping out of the car, though I doubted I’d actually be moving out any time soon. At the very least, I’d need a job—maybe even two—and jobs weren’t easy to come by these days. Still, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to have a look at the place. If nothing else, I could get a feel for what was available at what price. The two of us walked up to the front door together and Mitch rang the bell.

“Hey, Peter!”, my brother said once the door opened. “My brother and I are planning on going to a movie, but it doesn’t start for a while yet, so I thought I’d pop in and see if you had a few minutes. Is now a good time for you?”

Peter grinned broadly, but with a hint of a laugh, almost as if at some inside joke. “Oh, sure, Mitch. C’mon in! And obviously, this is the brother I’ve been hearing about”, Peter said, turning to me. Both Mitch and Peter had mentioned talking about me; I was starting to wonder just why I was such a fascinating subject.

“Uh, yeah, I’m Kevin”, I replied a little uncertainly. Peter shook my hand, his grip firmer than I would’ve expected, and stepped aside to let us in. I figured when Mitch had said a friend, he’d meant someone his own age, but that clearly wasn’t the case—Mitch’s new friend had to be in his early forties, at least. It occurred to me then to wonder why it was that Mitch had wanted to stop by. I’d been so busy telling him about Europe on the way here that I’d never thought to ask.

“I was just about to put on a pot of coffee. Can I offer you guys any?”, Peter asked.

I looked at Mitch tentatively and after an unspoken exchange, we both accepted. Unlike the euphemistic coffee in Amsterdam, I loved real coffee. Peter walked us into the living room and suggested we sit down while he continued on into the kitchen. After a minute of hearing him putter around, I followed him. “Can I give you a hand with anything?”, I offered.

“Not much to do at this point, really, but you can grab the milk out of the fridge if you really want”, he suggested. After I’d done that, I grabbed three mugs out of the still-steaming dishwasher and lined them up neatly on the counter near the coffee machine.

“You’re just one of those people that likes to be helpful, aren’t you?”, Peter chided with a slight smile.

“Yup, that’s me!”, I smiled back. Once the coffees were ready, I took mine and Mitch’s, leaving Peter to bring his own in.

The three of us chatted for a few minutes while we each sipped at our coffee. At a lull in the conversation, I leaned over to Mitch and quietly reminded him that he’d said there was something specific he was here for, mostly because I was curious. He seemed oddly flustered and looked to Peter for help.

“What’s up?”, Peter asked, obviously not having heard what I said.

“Ummm…I was just trying to figure out why…errr…how to explain to Kevin why I’m here”, Mitch replied, looking a bit embarrassed. The way he was stumbling, I almost thought he didn’t know why he was here.

“Ah, yeah, I can see where it would be a little hard to put into words”, Peter smiled, relaxing back against the couch with a look of understanding. “I guess the blunt approach is probably the best”, he suggested.

“I’m a trauma counsellor by profession”, Peter began, “though your brother is actually what I like to refer to as an ‘extra-curricular’ client. What I mean by that is that he has no serious issues in his life that would warrant my usual professional services, just something minor that he wanted a bit of help with. Many of my colleagues could’ve just as easily helped him, but I like to take on clients like your brother from time to time, usually in an unofficial capacity, just as a break from the more serious issues I normally deal with. In the same vein, Mitch liked the relaxing atmosphere of being able to talk to someone in a warm, friendly home rather than a cold, clinical office”, Peter explained.

“You’re saying my brother has issues?”, I asked, grinning. “Geez, Mitch, you didn’t need to see a counsellor—I could’ve told you that!”, I ribbed. We all laughed, though there was definitely something odd about Mitch’s behavior here.

“Like I said, it’s nothing major at all, but beneath his confident exterior, Mitch can actually be a little insecure at times”, Peter explained. That certainly described how he looked at the moment! I wondered if Peter should be telling me that, but Mitch didn’t seem to mind. I looked over at him somewhat skeptically. Leaving aside his current uncertainty, I’d never known him to be anything other than what I would describe as comfortably confident.

“There are numerous ways that we could have approached it”, Peter continued, “but the way he chose was through hypnosis. So, he comes over every once in a while for a session. Most of the time, though, he’s here to visit my partner, which was how I met Mitch in the first place.”

“By partner, you mean….” I paused, not quite sure how to finish the sentence.

“I mean my lover, Jeff, not a business partner”, Peter confirmed. “He’s not here right now, or I’d introduce you.” Mitch had a couple of friends who were gay, not to mention one of his roommates, and he was as comfortable with them as I was, but I hadn’t heard of Jeff before.

“So, that’s why your brother’s here, Kevin. Once we’re done our coffee, the two of us will get started. It usually only takes about ten minutes or so. If your brother’s okay with it, you’re welcome to stay and watch, just as long as you stay quiet.” I looked at Mitch and, after he shrugged his indifference, I told Peter I’d stay. It sort of interested me, more because I’d never seen anyone hypnotized in real life than any interest in hypnosis, specifically.

It was obvious from the moment Peter started that Mitch was fairly used to the whole process. Peter had my brother close his eyes and relax, then counted him down from a hundred. Mitch didn’t even reach ninety before starting to lose his count. The whole thing went much faster than I would’ve thought, though I’d heard somewhere before that people could get better at hypnosis with practice.

The suggestions Peter gave him seemed fairly generic, perhaps even simplistic. Mostly, they were geared towards centering himself and remembering feelings of confidence whenever he felt insecure, letting the confident feelings push the insecurity aside. I asked Peter when he was done how something so straight-forward could work, and he explained that the subconscious didn’t filter things out when you were hypnotized the same way it would when you were awake, so simpler wording and ideas worked best.

“What does it feel like?”, I asked, not really directing the question to either Peter or my brother.

“Man, it’s incredible!”, Mitch answered. “I mean, I go into it feeling pretty much like my normal self, but then when he brings me out of it again, I feel so energized and on top of things, but also very calm or centered or whatever the word is. It’s hard to explain”, Mitch floundered.

“I can show you if you’d like”, Peter offered. “If you’ve got the time, it’ll only take about fifteen minutes to run you through a basic induction and give you an idea of what it feels like. You’ll be in full control the whole time, and when we’re done, you’ll be able to remember everything.”

“You should try it, Kev”, my brother suggested. “It’s a real blast in its own way—the sort of thing you’d enjoy, I think.”

“Okay, sure—could be interesting”, I agreed with them. My brother’s recommendation was definitely part of my decision to try it, but even if he hadn’t said anything, I was curious to try it now that I’d seen him go under.

“Great. You finished your coffee?”, Peter asked, waiting for my confirmation before he started. “Okay, so just sit back and make sure you’re comfortable and we’ll get started. The first thing I want you to do, Kevin, is to close your eyes.” He paused for a second while I did. “And open them again.”

I did that too, giving him a quizzical look. “You’re not going to tell me that that was hypnosis!”

“You’re right, Kevin, I’m not. By any reasonable definition, that wasn’t any kind of hypnosis. There are many different methods of inducing hypnosis, but the process I’m going to show you today is commonly called fractionation. I’m not sure, but I suspect the term comes from the chemical process of the same name, where things are separated by repeating the same few steps over and over, each of them a fraction of the entire process.

“In that same way, the hypnotic version of fractionation involves putting you under quickly and repeatedly. It has the advantage that you, the subject, can control how deeply you want to go under. Each time I bring you out of it, you’ll be able to decide if you want to try it again and go a little deeper. You can also give me any feedback in between each one to let me know how you’re enjoying it or if you have some minor problem like having an itch or needing to go to the bathroom”, Peter explained. I wasn’t sure whether it was coincidence or psychosomatic, but I realized I had an itchy leg just as he finished speaking and reached down to scratch it. I definitely didn’t have to go to the bathroom, though.

“So, that first time was just to establish a baseline for the rest of the process”, Peter continued. “I literally asked you to close your eyes and open them again as the very first step, and now it’s up to you to decide if you want to go deeper. As I said a couple of minutes ago, it’ll be entirely up to you to tell me when you feel like you’ve gone deep enough. Hypnosis can feel different for each person, and they tend to have varying expectations of what hypnosis should feel like, so it’ll be up to you to tell me when you feel that you’ve been hypnotized deeply enough to appreciate what it’s like, alright?”

Now that he’d explained, his first step made more sense. It gave me a much better feeling of control to know that I would be the one deciding how deep I’d go. “Yeah, sure, that works. Okay”, I confirmed, nodding at him, “let’s go a little deeper this time.”

“Sounds good. So this time, I want you to close your eyes and just take a few slow, deep breaths, in and out. Each time you breathe out, pause for a few seconds and relax, then take another breath, letting yourself become more deeply relaxed each time.”

I followed Peter’s instructions, breathing deeply and feeling myself relax a bit more after each breath. After maybe a dozen breaths or so, he told me to open my eyes again. “So, how was that?”

“Good, but I definitely don’t feel like I was hypnotized, I just feel a bit calmer than I did a minute ago”, I told him.

“That’s natural, since that was only a brief second step. I would’ve been surprised if you’d said anything else. So, you want to go deeper, then?”, he asked. I nodded.

“Okay, so this time, I want you to relax, but focus on the idea of going a little bit deeper, like you said. Just like the last time, close your eyes and take slow, deep breaths. Make them just a bit slower than last time, though.” He walked me through breathing for a few breaths. “You may begin to notice your heartbeat as you sit there, perhaps in your chest or neck, or just a sensation of movement against the couch. If you can feel it, you may notice it slowing a little bit as you become more relaxed.”

At first, I couldn’t sense it, but as I became calmer and thought more about the fact that absolutely no other part of my body was moving, I began to realize that there was just a slight movement of my torso against the couch, roughly every second, as my heart beat. It was a bit longer this time, but soon Peter asked me to open my eyes.

“What did you think?”, he asked.

“That’s really relaxing, and I was indeed able to feel my heartbeat slowing slightly once I really focused on it, but I still don’t really think I’ve been hypnotized”, I told him. “Let’s go deeper.”

“Okay, so this time, I want you to close your eyes, focus on your breathing and your heart rate, and in a minute, we’ll move on to the next step.” Again, I did as he asked, breathing in and out a few times and focusing on my heartbeat. After several breaths, he added something new. “You want to go a bit deeper this time, Kevin, so imagine a candle in your mind. Picture the stem and how it rises up, with a wick at the end and a small flame at the top. The flame is at a comfortable level, not too bright but not too dark. I want you to focus all your awareness on the flame and let yourself go a little deeper into the trance.”

I focused on the flame for a minute and listened as Peter guided me a bit deeper this time, but it wasn’t long before he brought me out of it again. He didn’t actually ask me how I was feeling this time, he just waited for me to tell him, since I obviously knew the drill.

“I think we’re closer, but I’d like to try going a bit deeper than that”, I volunteered a bit dreamily. My focus was mostly on Peter at this point, but I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Mitch was watching me with a gentle smile on his face. I knew that smile. It was the one where he was feeling all big-brotherly and watching over me to make sure I was alright. That in itself was reassuring.

“Okay, then”, Peter told me, “close your eyes again and take a deep breath. Now, let it out and form the image of the candle in your mind again. You want to go deeper, so think about the flame and notice that it’s slowly starting to dim. As it dims, you relax your mind and body more and go a bit deeper. You want to go deeper. Breathe in…breathe out…and go deeper. And each time the candle gets a bit dimmer, you want to go a little deeper”, he told me.

I was definitely starting to feel like this was closer to “real” hypnosis. I felt very relaxed and centered now. I was focused almost entirely on Peter’s voice and the candle flame that was getting smaller ever so slowly. I let myself relax even further as the candle got dimmer. I was going deeper as it got dimmer and I wanted to go deeper still. Soon enough, though, I was fully conscious again.

“I want to go deeper”, I said almost as soon as my eyes were open. Mitch shifted slightly to get more comfortable, but other than noticing that, my attention was all on Peter now.

“Okay then, Kevin, close your eyes again and let’s go even deeper this time. Think about your breathing, feel your heartbeat, and imagine the candle glowing ever so softly. You want to go deeper this time. Like I said, each time we do this, you want to go even deeper than the time before. You can see the candle flame getting dimmer, taking you deeper and deeper. Your body is so relaxed now and all you can focus on is going deeper. Breathe in…breathe out…relax…and go deeper. It’s so routine that it’s all blending together as you go deeper towards a hypnotic trance each time. The flame is so low now, but it can still get lower, and each time it does, you relax more and more, focusing only on my voice and how you want to go deeper.”

My eyes were open again, but this time, I definitely felt different. My gaze was unfocussed and I couldn’t really look much higher than my knees. I was pretty sure I’d been hypnotized deeply enough to know what it felt like, but all I could think about was that I wanted to go… “Deeper”, I said, my eyes already closing in anticipation as I nestled closer to my brother on the couch.

“The candle’s dimming even quicker this time, Kevin. It’s almost out now. And as the flame gets lower and lower, it’s taking you deeper all the time. All you can think about now is that you need to go deeper still. The flame is getting lower and you’re going deeper as every part of your body relaxes completely. You want to go even deeper. Relax and go deeper.

“Everything’s blending together, and it’s so easy to forget about anything but the sound of my voice and the tiny little bit of candle flame that’s left. There’s only a very small flame left, but still you’re doing deeper. It’s so hard to remember anything except that you want to relax even further and let yourself go deeper. The flame is so tiny now—almost down to nothing—and it’s hard to imagine how it’s still lit. You’re going deeper; it’s taking you deeper; you want to go deeper still. There’s nothing you want more than to be hypnotized again and go deeper.” The flame was out now, and Peter’s voice was still there. I was very deeply hypnotized now, but I wanted to go deeper still. I knew it in the very core of my being. I was all about going deeper.

I was only vaguely aware of telling Peter to take me deeper when he brought me out of it the next time, doing so more by instinct than any conscious thought process. It just felt so good to relax and listen to his voice. I had a distant sense of my brother beside me, and a part of me focused on the comfort that gave me, but mostly I concentrated on what Peter was saying about how relaxed I felt, how good I felt, and how easy it was to be open with him about anything.

This time, when he brought me out of it, I didn’t feel the need to be hypnotized again quite so strongly, at least not right away. I definitely wanted to go under again sometime, though—the deeper the better. Peter told me that I appeared to be getting tired and suggested we give it a rest for a few minutes. We talked for a while about various things, mostly about me. Peter asked whether I’d ever had any girlfriends, and I told him that I hadn’t because I was asexual. I’d never told anyone that before—not even my brother—but I just felt so relaxed and open, able to talk to Peter about anything.

“Really? I’ve never met any true asexuals before”, Peter told me, “at least, not that I was aware of. In my job, sometimes people will experience a temporary aversion to sex as a reaction to some trauma, and they’ll sometimes call it asexuality, but that’s not the same as thing as people like you, who truly are asexual and always have been. I’m curious whether relationships interest you or not, and if they do, how you’d feel about sex in that context.”

It was obvious Peter was interested on a professional level, and it felt very liberating to be able to talk to someone openly about it at long last. “I definitely want a relationship at some point, but where other guys mostly fantasize about…well…the physical act”, I hesitated, slightly embarrassed, “I only imagine the emotional aspects. I like the romance, the idea of being there for your partner when they need you, doing things for them, that sort of thing. And yeah, I figure ‘doing things for them’ would probably include sex unless I met another asexual, but that’s all it would be for me: doing what they enjoy because I know they enjoy it.”

“I notice you were using gender-neutral language there. I take it you don’t have a particular preference when it comes to your partner’s gender?”, Peter asked.

“Well, I mostly imagine having a relationship with a woman, but I don’t really think it would matter all that much to me. I mean, I have close friends who are guys and I don’t really feel much different about them than I do about girls. It’s more that we do different things, things that aren’t really what I picture in a relationship, you know?”, I asked, hoping he’d get it because I wasn’t sure I could explain it much better than that.

“Yeah, I think I get it. When you’re with guys, I’m guessing you do things like sports or playing video games or whatever it is you do with your guy friends, but when you’re with girls, you do things like going out to dinner or a movie together—things you picture as more traditional relationship activities. Is that what you’re getting at?”

“Yes, that’s it exactly!”, I agreed, glad that he understood.

We talked a bit about Mitch, too. I told Peter how much I’d always looked up to Mitch, and how I really admired and loved him. It wasn’t that Mitch didn’t know that, of course, but I’d never said it quite that directly before. We even talked for a bit about how good it made me feel to follow Mitch’s lead, how naturally that came to me, and how I’d always done it, sometimes without even realizing it until I thought about it afterwards.

The conversation drifted onto other things for a while before Peter suggested putting me under one last time. I was kind of disappointed that there wouldn’t be more, but Peter was right, I was starting to feel mentally exhausted from all of it. One more time was probably about all I was capable of at this point.

The final time was both rewarding and disappointing. On the one hand, it had felt great to be hypnotized again—even better than the times before—but on the other hand, I remembered absolutely nothing about it. I had a sense of having been under, of time having passed, but the specifics were just gone. Peter promised he’d hypnotize me again soon, though—maybe next weekend—which pretty much made it all better.

It was funny how quickly things had changed. When we’d first come here, I hadn’t understood why Mitch was friends with someone as old as Peter. Even with how little I’d known about him, it had been obvious that the two of them were at very different places in their lives. Now, though, I understood completely. Peter was just a really great guy, very friendly and outgoing, and absolutely wonderful to spend time with. Add to that the fact that he could hypnotize me, and I couldn’t imagine someone I wanted to be friends with more. It was easy to see why Mitch had been spending so much time here now.

“So, Mitch tells me you might be looking for a place to live”, Peter prompted me after I’d woken up fully. “Why don’t I show you the place and you can see if you’re interested.” I still wasn’t sure that I could afford to live on my own yet, but I definitely wanted to have a look at the house. Even without having seen much of the place yet, I could really picture myself living here.

Peter and I stood up, but Mitch remained seated. He caught the questioning look in my eyes and told me to go on ahead with Peter, his face flushing slightly. I wasn’t sure what was going on, but I shrugged it off and followed Peter as he led me into the kitchen.

By the time we’d made it upstairs, I knew that this was where I wanted to live. I’d even picked out which bedroom I wanted, though it wasn’t actually meant to be a bedroom at all. It was an open space above the garage that was probably almost as big as the living room, though it felt smaller with a sloped ceiling on either side. I was short enough not to be too bothered by that, but Peter kept swearing whenever he’d bump his head.

“You like it?”, he asked, clearly seeing my interest as I looked around the room, imagining where furniture would go.

“I do! And I really wish I could move in, but I haven’t even found a job yet. There’s just no way I could afford it. Just so I know, though, how much are you asking?”

“We’re flexible. Obviously, we’ll want some rent money, but we can cater it to your income to some degree…perhaps in exchange for helping around the house or something. But listen, don’t say ‘no’ right away. Let me get you a friend’s number. He’s well-placed in an accounting firm, and he might be able to help you find work there, if you’d like. He’s actually one of Timmy’s fathers”, he informed me, referring to the guy living in one of the bedrooms I’d just passed by. “I’ll tell him to expect your call—I’m sure he’ll be able to find you something”, Peter asserted confidently.

“Wow, thanks!”, I grinned appreciatively, looking back around the bedroom once more. I really wanted to move in here. Peter just made me feel right at home, and who knew, maybe he’d even hypnotize me again once in a while.

I heard Mitch coming up the stairs and looked at my watch. “Oh, we should get going!”, I said. “We’ve been here well over an hour and there’s only ten minutes left until the movie.” Thankfully, we weren’t all that far from the theater.

“I’ll let you two go then”, Peter smiled. “Mitch, if you have some time later, drop by. I’m sure Jeff would love to see you again.” Mitch grinned, his eyes sparkling. Like me, he obviously really enjoyed Peter’s company, and Jeff’s too, apparently. I didn’t doubt that he’d find time to drop by later one way or another.

We said our goodbyes hurriedly and all but ran out to the car. We were only a couple of minutes late getting to the theatre, but they were still showing previews, so we didn’t miss anything. I enjoyed spending time with Mitch more than I ever had before, probably because we were older now and it felt less like I was an extra wheel, plus there was the fact that we were actually doing something I wanted for a change.

I had to laugh when Mitch suggested we both go home for dinner after the movie was over. I was thinking of earlier when Peter had suggested that those were the kind of activities I’d normally do with a girl. I wasn’t so sure that Mitch would appreciate the joke, though, and made some lame excuse for why I’d laughed.

Mitch left shortly after dessert, claiming he was a bit tired, but a shared look between us told me what I pretty much already knew: he was heading back over to Peter and Jeff’s. I envied him, being able to spend more time there.

I called Peter’s friend later, surprised to find that that was his personal cell number and not a business number. I apologized and offered to call him during business hours, but he was very reassuring and told me that Peter had already called him. He felt confident that he’d be able to find me something a little better than the mailroom…perhaps someone’s personal assistant, given my skills and interests.

I found myself thinking of Mitch a lot the next day, and as soon as I was done lunch, I hopped on a bus and went over to see him, not even bothering to call first to let him know I was coming over. He didn’t seem surprised to see me. His two roommates, Scott and Dylan, were both there as well.

While I’d met them both before, Dylan seemed to pay a lot more attention to me this time. He not only greeted me at the door, but he also struck up a conversation with me, asking me first about Europe and then about the movie Mitch and I had seen the day before. I knew Dylan was gay, and I wondered if maybe he was hitting on me, but I figured I was just imagining things. After all, he never had before.

The conversation drifted to Mitch and me having visited his friend, Peter, which somehow led us on to the topic of hypnosis. I noticed that Scott and Mitch were quite interested in the topic, both of them focusing completely on Dylan and me as we talked about it. It struck me as more than a little odd, and I asked them about it after a minute or two. It was Dylan who answered, though, explaining to me that he hypnotized both of them on a regular basis.

Deeper! my mind screamed at me. Suddenly, being hypnotized was all I could think of. It was like Dylan read my mind, because the next thing I knew, without even asking, Dylan was putting me under just like Peter had the day before. It felt absolutely fucking awesome!

When I came out of it, I was sitting beside Dylan on the floor, cuddled up against him, his arm resting comfortably around my shoulders. Mitch and Scott were both busy doing other things, though they were clearly keeping an eye on the two of us while they worked. They both had these manic grins on their faces like they’d just won the lottery or something. I couldn’t see why, given that all they were doing was housework. It took me longer than it should have to notice that they both had hard-ons.

“What the hell?”, I asked quietly, mostly to myself, more curious than bothered by it. Dylan heard me, though, and answered.

“It’s okay, Kevin. They’ve just been hypnotized to really enjoy doing housework.” I liked the sound of his voice; it made me feel very comfortable and relaxed when he spoke.

“Yeah, I can see that!”, I smirked. “Wait, are you saying you’ve hypnotized them to want to do the housework? As in…more than their fair share of it, maybe?”, I asked, pretty sure I already knew the answer.

“You always were the smart one”, Dylan grinned back at me.

For the most part, the two of us just sat there and watched Mitch and Scott going about their work, though Dylan took a few minutes to explain their motivation in a bit more detail while they worked. He told me how he’d made housecleaning a turn-on for both of them, and how he’d encouraged them to think that it was a fair trade for them to clean the house, do his laundry and groceries, and pretty much anything else he wanted them to do, in exchange for being hypnotized whenever he felt like it.

Sure enough, while Dylan and I watched, both of them moved about the house, cleaning pretty much everything they could, their pants bulging very obviously the whole time. Apparently, they did the same thing every weekend. It didn’t dawn on me at first, but I realized after watching them for a bit that they were both wearing loose pants—Scott in track pants and my brother in flannel pants—which might have just been for comfort, but I was guessing was probably another suggestion from Dylan so that he could better admire what he’d hypnotized them to show off.

I knew I should’ve been somewhat alarmed, but the whole situation amused me more than anything. I mean, Dylan had hypnotized me without asking and he’d hypnotized my brother and Scott to basically be his house slaves, and all I could think about was how much fun it was seeing the results of Dylan’s work with them. I knew I’d enjoy being hypnotized again too, if he wanted. It was like some kind of drug—and I was absolutely hooked!

I was sitting with Dylan for a good half hour or so before it dawned on me that he had a hard-on too. I blushed when I realized, and started to fidget, suddenly uncomfortable with the fact that I was cuddled up against him. I’d always been a cuddler, and I’d done group cuddles with both guys and girls any number of times, but it was very different cuddling with a guy who had an erection!

When he asked what was wrong, I told Dylan how I was feeling. I was kind of embarrassed to tell him in a way, but much like it had with Peter yesterday, the truth just spilled out of me. I felt like there was just no need to hold back with either of them about anything. Dylan told me he understood completely, and that he was surprised that I hadn’t noticed anything until now, since he’d been hard the whole time we’d been cuddled up together.

Just hearing his reassurances made me feel better. Or, for all I knew, maybe there’d been something hypnotic in there as well. It amused me to think that he might’ve hypnotized me to feel comfortable with him having a hard-on without me even realizing it. Whether or not he had, I felt a lot better by the time he was done speaking and cuddled back up against him to watch my brother and Scott work. Not helping started to bug me, though, so after confirming with Dylan that it was okay, I got up to help my brother do the dishes. He washed, I dried.

I headed back home not long after that, having hardly spoken with my brother at all. Despite that, I’d really enjoyed spending time with him and I promised him and Dylan that I’d be back to see them both later in the week.

When I came back on Tuesday morning, though, it was just me and Dylan there. After spending a good part of Sunday afternoon cuddling with him, I felt very comfortable around Dylan, and hardly gave a second thought to the fact that my brother wasn’t there. The two of us really hit it off, and we talked for quite a while. I made him lunch while we were talking, and washed the dishes afterwards, letting him have finish his beer as he fondled himself.

Much like Sunday, I cuddled up against him after I was done and watched what he was doing. I was really quite comfortable with him being hard now, even naked and playing with himself as he was. I’d never really watched anybody jerk off before, or even seen another guy this close up while he was hard. His cock looked like it was probably a little shorter than mine, but not by much. The skin was a bit darker as well, and where my pubic hair was light brown, his was nearly black. After he was done his beer, I took the bottle into the kitchen for him before returning to cuddle up against him some more until he came. Once he’d had a few minutes to relax, I went and got a towel and wiped everything up for him.

All in all, it had been a fun afternoon. I’d always liked doing things for others, and Dylan really brought that out in me. Naturally, it occurred to me that he might’ve hypnotized me at some point, but I couldn’t remember him doing so and was actually thrilled by the idea that he might have done so without me knowing. The more I thought about it, the more I thought he must have, because all I could think about now was how badly I wanted to get hypnotized again, yet I hadn’t thought of it even once when I was there. Then again, unlike Scott and my brother, I hadn’t been hard once while I was there, so maybe he hadn’t. Either way, the cuddling had been nice, especially cleaning him up after he was done, so I had no complaints.

Friday night, I was back once again for dinner. Mom had jokingly complained as she drove me over that Mitch had probably seen me more than she had this week. I knew she was only teasing me, though—she seemed quite pleased that Mitch and I were spending so much time together. I didn’t tell her that I hadn’t actually seen Mitch at all on Tuesday.

I wasn’t surprised that Mitch and Scott did all the work for dinner. Dylan told me that he was going to put me under again while we waited. If he hadn’t, I never would’ve known that he’d hypnotized me.

“Mitch, Scott, can you come here for a sec?”, Dylan asked just before we sat down to dinner. “You’re both part of my web of trust”, he told them when they came over. “It would really be much more enjoyable for the two of you if you ate dinner completely naked. There’s no reason to worry about being naked in front of Kevin; it’s no different being naked around him than it is with me.”

Sure enough, as I watched, both Mitch and Scott stripped out of their clothes, their perpetually hard cocks jumping out of their underwear as they did. Dylan kept his clothes on throughout dinner, as did I, but Scott and Mitch were both naked as the day they were born and seemingly quite happy about it.

“Do they realize?”, I asked Dylan quietly at one point, looking between them to indicate what I meant.

“Oh, sure they do! Go ahead, ask them about it and see what they say”, Dylan told me.

Turning to talk to the two of them, I realized that I didn’t have the first clue what to say, exactly. I mean, how do you ask your brother and someone you barely know if they realize that they’ve been hypnotized to be naked and hard for their gay roommate? I decided to approach it a little more obliquely, instead.

“So, Mitch, I’ve kind of been wanting to ask you. Ummm…have you ever been hypnotized by anyone other than Peter?” There, that should be sufficiently indirect so as to not sound strange.

“Oh, yeah, sure! Dylan hypnotizes me and Scott all the time—sometimes just one of us or sometimes both of us at the same time. We love it!”, he assured me.

“But…what about…well…what he makes you do?”, I asked, still trying to figure out how best to approach the whole subject.

“What, ‘making’ us do chores, you mean?”, Mitch seemed amused. “Yeah, I kinda thought that was unfair at first, but the truth is, I love doing shit like that for him! I know he’s just hypnotizing me to love it, but that doesn’t change the fact that I do. I do all sorts of shit for him, and most of the time, I don’t even realize it’s because he hypnotized me to do it unless he points it out, which he usually doesn’t bother to do anymore”, my brother grinned. “I’m pretty sure it’s a power trip for him.”

“But what about things like…you know…taking your pants off and stuff? I mean, aren’t you pissed at him for making you do things like that?”, I asked. It wasn’t the sort of thing that bothered me all that much, but I was pretty sure it should bother Mitch, or at least that it would’ve if he weren’t hypnotized.

“Nah! I mean, even when I think back and realize I was doing really strange things…like, gay things and what-not…I still remember how much I enjoyed doing it at the time. Then, I usually start to think about how much I love being hypnotized to do stuff like that, which gets me turned on, and then I want to be hypnotized all over again, even knowing he’s gonna have me doing gay shit. Honestly, I don’t think there’s anything he could ever have me do that I would hold against him. I mean, he loves hypnotizing me to do shit, and then, once he has, I love doing it! It’s a total win-win, really.”

“Same goes for you, Scott?”, I asked.

“Oh yeah, totally! I mean, it was Peter that first introduced me to hypnosis”, Scott stated, reminding me momentarily that it had been the same for me, “but Dylan’s the one who uses it on me every day now. I’m totally addicted to it. And really, when you get right down to it, it’s pretty harmless. Like your brother said, what does it matter if we’re doing all the housework and whatever, as long as we’re enjoying ourselves. Every time he puts me under, at least when I’m aware of it, I know he’s gonna make me do things I wouldn’t otherwise want to do, but then when he’s done, I do want to do it. So, where’s the harm in that?”, he asked rhetorically.

“Okay, so, next question: do either of you even know you’re doing something unusual right now?”, I asked. I looked over at Dylan to see his reaction, but he was just grinning.

“What? You mean us being naked?”, Scott laughed. “Like I said, where’s the harm in that? I mean, sure, Dylan’s gay, and now that you make me think of it, I know he’s enjoying it, but so what if he gets an eyeful? It’s all in good fun, and he’s very respectful about not pushing either of us to do more than we’re willing to. Anytime I feel uncomfortable with anything, I just let him know and he helps me get through it.”

“Does he ever take it further than just looking?”, I asked.

“Why don’t you let me field this one, guys?”, Dylan suggested. “Scott, you’re part of my web of trust and you’re feeling really turned on by this whole conversation. You always love being hypnotized or given post-hypnotic suggestions. When I snap my fingers, you’re going to stand up, come over here next to me, and let me get a good look at your nice, hard cock. You love showing it off to me, and letting me play with it, and you feel very comfortable doing it in front of Kevin too. It’s a perfectly normal, natural thing to do, and you won’t give it a second thought.

Mitch and I smirked as Dylan snapped his fingers and Scott got up. He wasn’t anywhere near as big as the rest of us, but he was clearly unfazed by that, or pretty much anything else. “So yeah, basically, the guys don’t really mind me doing whatever I want, whenever I want, just like I told you the other day”, Dylan grinned at me as he started stroking Scott’s dick.

“Just as long as you keep hypnotizing us”, Scott insisted. “I’m surprised you haven’t done so already, actually. You usually love to show off how hypnotized we are to each other, and now you’ve got a new audience member to show off for.

“Oh, don’t worry, I’ll get around to it”, Dylan replied. “In the meantime, you don’t mind if I play with your ass too, do you, Scott.” It was clearly a statement, not a question, and a few seconds later, he had his spit-lubed middle-finger jammed up Scott’s ass. For his part, Scott clearly had no idea that there was anything unusual going on at all. It was just a normal part of dinner to have a gay guy finger your ass at the table, of course.

Mitch and I watched for a minute, both of us fascinated more by the suggestions Dylan was giving than what was actually going on. I couldn’t speak for Mitch, but at least for me, I kept hoping he’d hypnotize me again too at some point, even knowing the sorts of things he might do with it. Eventually, I worked up the nerve to ask him if he would.

“Maybe some other time, Kevin”, Dylan replied, much to my surprise. “Don’t get me wrong, it’s been a blast hypnotizing you, and you’re pretty fucking hot, but…I dunno…I just feel like I shouldn’t take it any further than I have, you know?”

I didn’t understand at all, and I felt kind of disappointed, but I let it go at that. Mitch offered me a lift home after we were done dinner and he’d put his clothes back on, and on the way, I told him how I was feeling.

“Don’t worry about Dylan blowing you off, bro”, he told me. “There are other things going on with him that I can’t really tell you about right now. It’ll all make sense in time.”

I was happy when he put his arm around me and gave me a hug. It felt good just being in his arms and having him comfort me. Despite the oddness of the evening, I’d really enjoyed spending time with him and getting to know what his life was like now. I felt closer to him than I ever had before. Even after we’d stopped talking about Dylan, the two of us stayed cuddled up together in the car for probably five or ten minutes before I finally went inside.

My disappointment from the night before was forgotten when I got up Saturday morning. I had a real urge to get up and go somewhere. After breakfast and a quick shower, I told Mom and Dad that I was heading out to bike around the city, and not to wait on me if I wasn’t home in time for dinner.

The tight black jeans and nearly form-fitting, long-sleeved, burgundy t-shirt that I’d thrown on after my shower weren’t really suited for biking, but they did look good on me. I didn’t figure it would matter much what I wore—mostly I just wanted to get out and enjoy what a beautiful day it was…maybe stop for lunch somewhere, head to the park…whatever.

Hopping on my bike, I headed out randomly with no idea where I was going. It was about fifteen minutes later when I pulled into Peter’s driveway and parked my bike in his garage. I didn’t even bother to knock as I went in the garage door—I knew I was both expected and welcome.

To my surprise, Mitch was there, seated comfortably on the couch. I got to meet Jeff and Timmy this time too. I wasn’t good at judging these things, but they seemed to me like they were both very attractive guys. Jeff was about the same age as my brother or maybe a couple of years older, of middling build, with sandy-colored hair and an almost pretty all-American look. Timmy, on the other hand, was more of the boy-band type. He looked to be only a little older than me, a bit scrawny, with medium-brown hair, and what looked to be a new tattoo on his neck—a large spider web with a stylized P in the middle of it that could almost be mistaken for part of the web if you didn’t look too closely. I wondered what that was about.

Even though I’d only just met the two of them, we all got along famously, and they really made me feel comfortable. They both gave me a congratulatory hug when the conversation drifted around to who I was and I told them that Peter’s friend had gotten me a job starting in just over a week and that I was hoping to become their roommate soon.

“It’ll take me some time to build up enough to be able to afford food and rent, but if the offer’s still open…” I left it hanging, turning to look at Peter hopefully.

“For you, always!”, he grinned, though it seemed more than friendly. “In fact, you’re welcome to move in anytime—you don’t need to wait. We can work something out, I’m sure.”

“I appreciate it, Peter, but I wouldn’t want to impose”, I told him, though my heart wasn’t in it. Truthfully, it had started pounding a mile a minute as soon as he’d told me I could move in anytime. I wanted to live with him more than anything.

“Oh, trust me, you won’t be imposing at all. You’re part of my web of trust, Kevin, and I want you to move in just as soon as you can do so without your parents thinking there’s anything unusual about it.”

“Well…I did tell Mom and Dad last weekend that I’d looked at a place. If I tell them you offered to give me a break on the rent at first in exchange for helping around the house, like you said last week, I can probably move in in a few days! I mean, they’ll probably think it’s sudden, but I don’t think they’ll be all that surprised”, I assured him, “especially if I tell them that there was someone else looking at the room and I didn’t want to lose my chance at it. Yeah, that works!”

“That sounds like a good idea, Kevin. Why don’t you do that when you get home. For now, though, I thought maybe you’d like me to hypnotize you again, and you can go even deeper this time.”

My mouth was suddenly dry and I could barely even give him an answer. More than anything in the world, I wanted to go deeper! I waited impatiently while Peter told Jeff and Timmy that he wanted some time alone with me and Mitch, and I watched Peter closely as he looked from them back towards me. “Kevin, it’s time for another session.”

Somehow, Peter had put me under without me even realizing it. I knew because I was suddenly cuddled up with Mitch, my eyes opening to see his bare chest and lean stomach. It felt good being curled up against him. As I became more aware of my surroundings, I could tell that Mitch had a huge boner under his jeans—button-fly jeans, I realized. It was nothing I hadn’t seen the times Dylan had hypnotized him, though, and I was way too comfortable to worry about anything like that right now anyway.

“So, how are you feeling, Kevin?”, Peter asked me as I turned my head slightly and looked towards him.

“I’m fine”, I told him, nuzzling back against Mitch and breathing in deeply, my hand resting on his chest.

“And how about you, Mitch? How are you feeling right now?”, Peter asked him. “Remember, Mitch, you’re part of my web of trust and you can be completely honest and unembarrassed by anything you might be feeling.”

“Yeah, of course”, he acknowledged. “Truthfully, I’m feeling really horny right now. Every time you or Dylan hypnotize my brother, I get so fucking hard! Ever since you put him under last week, that’s all I can think about whenever I jerk off is one of you hypnotizing him.” I smiled as I saw my brother’s dick throb in his pants. He certainly wasn’t lying about being horny!

“How does that make you feel, Kevin?”, Peter asked me. “Remember, you’re also part of my web of trust and I want you to be just as honest about what you’re feeling as your brother was.”

“I just want my brother to be happy. I love him so much, and if me getting hypnotized makes him feel as good as it obviously does”, I chuckled, waving my hand in the general direction of his pants, “then I want to be hypnotized even more. It makes me so happy to know that he enjoyed you putting me under.”

“Kevin, I want you to look up at your brother now. Look at his face and really feel the love you have for him. Let it fill you up as you look at him. Mitch, I want you to do the same. Look down at your brother and really feel how much you love him too”, Peter told us. “You’d both do anything to make each other happy.”

I followed Peter’s directions without thinking and found myself absorbed deeply in my brother’s face. All I could think about right now was how much I loved him, how much we loved each other, and I could tell by the look in his eyes that he felt the same. I’d always loved him, but I’d never really felt free to express it like this before. With Peter, though, I knew that I didn’t need to worry about what society thought was right and wrong, I could just be myself.

“Kevin, you want to make your brother happy. Just relax and focus on that idea. All week, you’ve been feeling closer and closer to him, and the only thing you can think about is making him happy. Anything he wants to do, you want to do too, because you love him so very, very much.

“Mitch, all you can think about right now is how protective you’ve always been of your brother, and how you’d do anything to make him happy. All week, you’ve been feeling closer and closer to him, and you’ll do absolutely anything for him. Your brother wants a relationship, but he’s never had the chance, and more than anything in the world, you want to give him that chance. You’re so comfortable around guys now, and your brother’s no different. More than anything, you know you can just relax and show him how much you love him, the same way you would if he were your girlfriend, Mitch”, Peter told him.

I could sense more than see Mitch absorbing Peter’s suggestion. He leaned forward towards me, his lips parting as he breathed in deeply. It was obvious that he wanted to kiss me, and I wanted him to be happy, so I opened my lips slightly as well to give him what he wanted. I’d never experienced a kiss before, not like this, and my lips parted even further as my brother’s tongue invaded my mouth. He was patient with me, knowing that I was inexperienced, letting me figure out exactly what to do as I started kissing him back.

We kissed tenderly for several more minutes before settling back into a cuddle at Peter’s direction. “Did you two have fun?”, he asked, prompting both of us to smile at one another and nod our heads.

“Good. Now, Kevin, I want you to keep focusing on how much you want to please your brother. It comes naturally to you to follow his lead and do whatever it takes to make him happy. Look down at his pants, Kevin. You can see he wants more than just kissing right now, can’t you?

“Mitch, you’re part of my web of trust and it makes you so horny to see your brother following my post-hypnotic suggestions. Your cock is getting harder and harder by the minute, and all you can think about is having your hypnotized brother lick you and kiss you all over. You can’t resist letting him do whatever I tell him to.”

I could see Mitch’s dick throbbing harder and harder in his pants as I nuzzled my head against his bare chest. I’d slowly started to realize that Peter had been hypnotizing my brother for more than just giving him self-confidence, but that last bit had made it crystal clear. This was the same sort of thing that Dylan had done last night.

“That’s good, Kevin. Remember, you’re part of my web of trust. You know how horny your brother is right now. You know he’s been hypnotized to be hornier than anything, and all you can think about is making him happy. There’s no need to hold back—just relax and do whatever comes naturally.”

My lips started kissing my brother’s chest even as Peter was still speaking. I didn’t think about what I was doing; I just did it. I knew that licking and kissing him all over would make him happier and hornier than ever. It didn’t matter that he’d been hypnotized to want it, he still wanted it more than anything in the world, so I was going to do whatever it took to make him happy.

I kissed his chest where my head was resting, then kissed it again, my tongue coming out to taste his skin. It wasn’t a bad taste at all—it was the taste of my brother. I could see the effect I was having on him, and not just his cock. His whole body shivered under my tongue, making me even more eager to please.

I worked my way around his chest, licking everywhere I went, stopping once in a while to kiss it. At Peter’s suggestion, I sucked on Mitch’s nipples, ignoring the little bit of hair around them as it got into my teeth. Working my way down, I kissed Mitch’s stomach, following the line of hair down from his belly button to the waist of his pants. I could hear Peter encouraging us, but my attention was focused entirely on my brother, and I massaged his crotch gently for a moment before lingeringly unbuttoning his jeans. He wasn’t wearing any underwear, and I could see a mass of dark brown hair sprouting out as I went, followed quickly by the throbbing bulk of his erection.

I paused before continuing, listening to Peter’s voice as I stared at my brother’s cock. I could see how badly he wanted me to suck it, Peter’s suggestions constantly adding to Mitch’s need and to mine, both of our needs spiraling together, each increasing the other.

When Peter told me to, I didn’t hesitate for a moment to grab my brother’s cock and take it as far into my mouth as I could. It tasted like skin, yet it tasted like so much more too. He needed this as badly as I needed to do it for him. His dick was surging and spewing forth precum like nuts, so I just kept going down on him as much as I could, taking more and more of him into me every time I moved up and down his shaft.

As horny as he was, he couldn’t take much of it, and I felt his load hit the back of my throat after only a couple of minutes. It felt so incredible to take it into me, to swallow it for him like I knew he wanted me to. After a few spurts, I eased off, examining and slowly licking off the little bits of cum that were left. “Boys, it’s time for another session”, Peter told us just moments after I’d finished eating the last of Mitch’s cum.

“So, how did you enjoy being hypnotized this time?”, Peter asked me once I was awake again.

“Uh…dude! What the hell?”, I asked, making a face at Peter’s unexpected nakedness. What was worse, he was hard, obviously from having hypnotized my brother and I to have sex for his entertainment, I realized as I thought back to everything that had just happened. I didn’t actually mind that Mitch and I had had sex, but it was super-creepy that Peter had hypnotized us to do it and gotten off on it and didn’t even have the decency to try to cover it up afterwards.

“Oh, crap!”, Peter exclaimed. “I’m so used to having your brother so deeply hypnotized and compliant, I completely forgot that Dylan only made you comfortable with seeing him, Scott, and your brother naked, not me. We didn’t want to push you too far too fast, though you actually came along much faster than I expected.”

Mitch didn’t react at all to the exchange or anything else I’d said. He just sat there with the remnants of a hard-on—the hard-on I’d just been sucking on not that long ago, I remembered—further confirming Peter’s assertion that Mitch had been hypnotized to the point of doing just about anything for him now. I couldn’t believe that my perfectly straight brother would ever have let me suck him off, otherwise. I subconsciously licked my lips when I saw Mitch’s cock stiffening back up again as he listened to Peter talk about me being hypnotized.

“Wait, how do you know what Dylan did or didn’t do? Whoa! Hold on! Have you—” I left it hanging as the overwhelming realization of what was really going on finally hit me. Peter had hypnotized everyone or, at the very least, Dylan, Mitch and me. That’s why Dylan had blown me off! He’d been hypnotized to get me to a certain point and then hand me back over to Peter!

“I do apologize, Kevin. That was my mistake”, Peter said, standing up and coming towards me, his cock bobbing around as he moved. I was so caught up in the revelation of what Peter had done that it took me a moment to figure out that he was still talking about being naked.

I screwed up my face even more, backing into the couch as far as it would let me as he got closer, and yet I knew what was coming. He was going to hypnotize me again…and I wanted him to! I could see Peter reading my face as he looked down at me, his eyes lighting up predatorily as he did.

“Prick!”, I muttered, though my heart really wasn’t in it. Despite everything that was going on, I was looking forward to being put under again. Peter drew it out for almost a minute, his cock only inches from my face, and me doing my best to maintain my glare. He chuckled as I lost the fight and my glare fell away. “Just do it already, will you?”, I asked, my tone far more pleading than I would’ve liked.

“Kevin, you’re part of my web of trust. You don’t mind that I’m naked or hard. As you think back on the past few minutes, you’ll realize that you’ve been hypnotized to feel that way, but that’ll just make you feel even better about hypnosis than you already do, and you’ll be even more excited about getting hypnotized again anytime I want. You’re going to find it very easy to forgive my mistake. Forgive and forget. You’re already moving past it, and you’re having a hard time even remembering what it is that I’m talking about.” I sat there for a moment, absorbing what Peter was saying, before he continued. “So, how’re you feeling now?”, he asked, thumbing his cock downwards slightly, then letting it rise back up again as he spoke.

“I’m fine”, I told him. “Why do you ask?”

“Oh, no reason”, he grinned wickedly as he gave his dick a couple of quick strokes.

“You’ve hypnotized me to do something, or not to notice something, haven’t you?”, I smiled up at him. “Dylan did the same thing to Scott while I was there last night.”

“Yup”, Peter affirmed. “Are you comfortable with that? Are you still okay with me hypnotizing you?”

“Are you kidding? I can’t wait for you to do it again!”, I enthused, knowing just how ridiculously eager I sounded.

“No problem, Kevin! From now on, I’ll hypnotize you pretty often, actually.” He snickered at the look on my face as he told me that. “Now, on to what I actually wanted to ask about. How do you feel about everything you just did with your brother?”, Peter asked.

I turned to look at Mitch before I replied. “That was great!”, I told Peter, not taking my eyes from Mitch, who was smiling back at me warmly.

“In fairness, I suppose I should tell you that Dylan and I have both been working on you to let your barriers down a bit. To feel like you could really express your love towards your brother, letting it grow more and more as the days went by”, he told me. I had the impression he might’ve been probing me, but I wasn’t sure. I’d seen Dylan do it with my brother and Scott once or twice.

“That’s cool”, I replied nonchalantly. I didn’t really care all that much what he or Dylan had done while I was under. “It’s strange, though, somehow it doesn’t surprise me that you and Dylan have working together, hypnotizing me with the same goal. I don’t know how I know this, but you’ve hypnotized him too, haven’t you? You hypnotized him to get him to hypnotize me”, I asserted, looking up at Peter for confirmation.

“That’s right, Kevin”, he nodded. “In fact, I’ve hypnotized everyone in this house repeatedly and I enjoy hypnotizing new guys fairly regularly as well. You’re very comfortable with the idea of me hypnotizing a lot of different people, but especially your brother.”

“Yeah, sure, I’m cool with that”, I agreed. There was precum oozing out of Peter’s cock now, which was kind of grossing me out, though I supposed it was to be expected given how hard he was. “Are you done probing me now to see how hypnotized you’ve gotten me?”

Peter laughed. “I love it when guys are as self-aware as you are. I just want to reconfirm one last time: I’ve hypnotized you and your brother, either directly or through Dylan, to have sex with each other, and you’re good with that?”

I smiled back. “Of course I am! Don’t think for a moment I don’t realize it’s incest, but that doesn’t bother me. What’s important is that you’ve really let me express what I’ve always felt towards my brother.” I winced and pulled away slightly as Peter’s precum, which had been pooling about half-way down his cock, started to drip down from it in one long thread. It was going to fall off and hit me soon, which was kind of grossing me out. As we’d been talking, though, I’d been settling back in against my brother without even realizing it and I didn’t want to leave his side…preferably not ever.

“What’s the matter, Kev— Oh, I see! Just relax, Kevin, there’s nothing wrong with a little precum dribbling on you. It’s actually kind of neat the way it slides down my cock and drips onto your clothes.”

It was kind of neat, actually, now that he mentioned it. Or had he mentioned it? It was oddly hazy. He’d said something about it, but a part of me realized that either I was still hypnotized or there was some kind of post-hypnotic suggestion going on. A lot of what he said seemed to defy conscious, logical thought. Of course, that was what hypnosis was all ab—DRIP!

My eyes tracked Peter’s precum as it finally fell and soaked into my jeans. I must have been hypnotized to let that happen. Looking up at Peter, I shook my head in feigned irritation, still grinning like an idiot. “What could possibly be the matter?”, I answered him somewhat belatedly. “I’m sitting with my arm wrapped around my naked brother, wondering if he wants me to blow him again, and watching my hypnotist’s precum dribble onto my lap. I know there’s something wrong with all of that, but it’s like those rules just don’t apply to me or my brother…or anyone else you’ve hypnotized.”

“That’s excellent, Kevin”, Peter praised me, “I think you’ve done very well. Why don’t we take a quick break for lunch and then we’ll resume.

Peter called Jeff downstairs and told him to make lunch for all of us—soup and sandwiches. Timmy joined us as well after asking if everything was okay. I wasn’t sure what he meant by that at first, but it dawned on me about half-way through lunch that I was the only one in the entire house who still had clothes on. He’d been making sure that I was comfortable with that.

“So, listen, Kevin, I’ve been experimenting with a new technique lately, and having some moderate success with it. One of Timmy’s dads took to it very well, and you responded pretty well to it yourself earlier. I’d like to take it a bit further now.” My attention was suddenly riveted on Peter. He didn’t need to clarify that he meant a hypnotic technique, it seemed to be all he ever talked about, and somehow I wasn’t surprised that he’d hypnotized Timmy’s dads as well as Timmy himself. “There’s an idea that I’d like you to consider.

“You want to please your brother more than anything in the world. You love him, you respect him, and it’s always made you happy to do things that he enjoys. Is that a fair assessment?”, Peter asked.

“Yes, that’s the truth. You’ve changed how I express my feelings towards him, but they’re still the same basic feelings I’ve always had. I generally like doing things for people, but especially for Mitch”, I agreed.

“Mitch, in turn, absolutely adores me and wants to do anything I tell him to.” I noticed as Peter was speaking that Timmy’s right arm was bobbing up and down in his lap. Jeff, for his part, had a beatific smile on his face, like Peter could do no wrong. His smile seemed slightly amused, too, but in a very passive sort of way… like he was watching a funny movie he’d seen several times before. “Sure, he only feels that way because I’ve hypnotized him to feel that way, but that doesn’t make it any less real”, Peter asserted. “So, consider this, then: if you want to make him happy, and he wants to make me happy…”

My mind finished the logical fallacy instinctively, and I laughed. “It doesn’t quite work that way, Peter!”

“Mitch”, he said, turning towards my brother, “you’re part of my web of trust. You love pleasing me more than anything. You trust me completely, and there’s nothing you wouldn’t do for me. The idea of me hypnotizing your brother gives you a boner every time you think about it.” I should’ve clued in before, but as Peter spoke, I suddenly realized why Mitch hadn’t stood up after watching me be hypnotized last week. “Right now, more than anything, you want him to please me, you want him to want to please me. You want me to hypnotize him to want to please me.”

I watched as Peter’s suggestions sunk into my brother’s subconscious and Mitch’s eyes started darting back and forth between the two of us as he thought about it more. “What are you thinking right now, Mitch?”, Peter asked.

Naturally, Mitch dutifully mouthed what Peter had just told him. The fucked up thing was that even knowing he only said it because Peter had told him to, I still knew that it would make him happy—it would make him insanely happy!—and I was already thinking how much I’d enjoy being hypnotized to want to please Peter because I knew how much Mitch would enjoy it. I looked at Peter with a somewhat perplexed look. I wasn’t quite sure how to react here or what to think.

“Kevin, you’re part of my web of trust now”, Peter told me, my cognitive dissonance disappearing completely at his words. “You know I’ve hypnotized you and your brother repeatedly and you love that idea more than ever. It doesn’t matter to you if the logic doesn’t quite work, the fact is that you want to please me because you know it will please him. In a way, it’s even better when you’re pleasing me because you’re making both of us happy at the same time. Pleasing people—especially me—is all you’ve ever really wanted, and you’re grateful that I’ve helped you to be who you truly are.

“Just take a few minutes and think about that, Kevin. You don’t need to say anything, just close your eyes, sit back, and focus on everything I’ve just said. You love me, you love your brother, you want to make him happy by making me happy. You’d do anything for me. Just sit back and focus on that. Take as much time as you need, feeling the truth of it increasing the longer you think about it all”, he finished.

I did as he suggested, the idea that this was the technique he’d been talking about flitting briefly through my head before I focused on everything Peter had just said. I thought about my brother. I thought about him being hypnotized, him getting a hard-on at the idea of me being hypnotized. After a while, I even cracked my eyes open for a moment to look at him, his cock now hard with a tiny bit of precum already drying at the tip. It occurred to me that I hadn’t even been able to see his cock a few minutes ago, the way we were sitting, but now I could. He was standing right in front of me, in fact, and I focused on how beautiful he was and how much I loved him. I’d do anything for him.

I remembered him being hypnotized by Peter, being told what to tell me. He wanted me to please Peter. He wanted me to want to please Peter. I wanted to make him happy. I wanted to make them both happy. Looking over at Peter, I started to really think about that idea. Doing what Peter wanted would make him and my brother happy. I wanted to make Peter happy more than anything! I’d do just about anything for him. I actually loved him in a way, though it was different than how I felt about my brother. It was more than I felt about my brother.

Peter snapped his fingers and I opened my eyes. When had I closed them? The last thing I remembered, he’d been talking about some technique he’d wanted to use on me. Jeff and Timmy were gone now, but Peter, Mitch and I were still seated in the open area near the table.

“You’ve been under very deeply, Kevin, several times”, Peter told me as I regained my awareness. I blushed somewhat shyly as he told me that. I knew how much he enjoyed hypnotizing guys, and I loved that I’d been able to make him happy by letting him do it. It was all so new, though, and I didn’t know what to say or do. “Just take a moment or two to recover.”

“If you’re awake enough now”, he prompted after a bit, “there are some things I’d like to talk about. Why don’t you come over here and stand in front of me while we talk.”

I did as he asked, standing comfortably as he rested his hands on my hips. “Now, Kevin, the last time we really talked about your sexual interests, you told me that you were asexual. Is that still true for you?”

“Yes”, I confirmed.

“Even though you sucked your brother off earlier?”, he prompted.

“Even then. I did it because I knew he enjoyed it and that he wanted me to do it”, I replied.

“And how do you feel about me?”, Peter asked, his fingertips sliding underneath my t-shirt as his hands made their way up my sides.

“I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone in the world. I want to be with you, to do things that make you happy, forever and ever.” It sounded overdone to me, but it was the simple truth.

“Like letting me run my hands all over your body?”, he asked, his fingers playing with my nipples under my shirt.

“Whatever you want.” He stood up, pulling my shirt over my head and tossing it on the kitchen floor.

“Kevin”, he said, sitting back down, “I want you to look at me. Look at my naked body. Does it do anything for you at all?”

“No, not really. I mean, I love your body, in a way, but it’s not a sexual thing, if that’s what you’re getting at”, I told him haltingly. I felt bad about saying that, because I wanted him to be happy, and I thought he might be disappointed that I didn’t want him that way, but I knew he wanted me to tell him the truth, too. “Sorry.”

“You have nothing to be sorry about, Kevin. Now tell me”, he continued as his hands made their way down my body and started unbuttoning my jeans, “how do you feel about what I’m doing now? You haven’t seen me do all that much yet, but I can assure you, I’m even more of a sexual pervert than Dylan is, so you have some idea where this is going. How does that make you feel?”

“I want you to do whatever you enjoy”, I told him lovingly as he unzipped my jeans. Putting my hand on his face, I caressed it. “Maybe it’s the hypnosis or maybe it’s not, but I feel like this is truly who I am. You’re letting me be completely and totally me for the first time in my life. If touching my body makes you happy, then I want you to touch my body, wherever you want.” He pushed my jeans down, leaving me only in my briefs.

His hand started massaging the front of my underwear. I got the impression it took a bit longer than he expected, but eventually, I rose to the occasion. Even if I didn’t really have any specific interest in sex, I knew the equipment functioned, and his massaging did feel pretty good.

“One last thing, Kevin”, he said as he slid my underwear down my legs and took in my entire body. The lust in his eyes was plain. “I’m a very sexual person. I hypnotize and have sex with the guys around the house—and like I said before, new guys as well—on a fairly regular basis. I hypnotize them, I fuck them, and sometimes, I keep them. Your brother would have been a keeper if circumstances were right, but they weren’t. As it is, I still fuck his brains out at least a couple of times a week.” Peter’s cock was throbbing and dripping all over the place now.

“You’re even hotter than he is in my mind”, he informed me as he started playing with my cock. “If you’re living here, you’ll be hypnotized often, and it’s pretty much guaranteed that we’ll be having sex almost every day—maybe even a few times a day in the beginning. Often, your brother will be involved as well. How are you going to feel about all of that?”

“Like I said back when we first talked about it, I’ve always expected that I’d have sex with my partner because they wanted it. It’s making them—making you—happy that makes me happy. I kind of always thought it would be a girl, but I’m really glad it’s you. I know you think it’s because you hypnotized me, but I can’t thank you enough for letting me live here, and doing the things you’ve done and the things that you’re going to do to me.

“The very first day I was here, before you ever hypnotized me, I was helping you make the coffee, and feeling kind of sheepish about it because I knew I wasn’t like other people that way. Now, I don’t feel sheepish at all. You want me to help you make coffee, I’ll help you make coffee. You want to strip me and play with my cock”, I smiled looking down at his hand as he massaged my cock, his hand moving down to my balls even as I spoke, “…okay, and my balls…then you can strip me and play with my cock and balls. There’s only one rule in this relationship as far as I’m concerned—”

I stopped suddenly as that idea really hit me. I was in a relationship now! Shaking my head, I continued. “One rule: you let me make you happy. That’s all I’ve ever wanted. So hypnotize me all you want, have me thinking and doing whatever messed up things you want. As long as you’re not doing anything insanely harmful, if you enjoy what you’re doing, I’ll thank you for it every single time!”

Peter seemed a little taken aback by my fervor, but he recovered quickly. “Congratulations on being the first subject to confuse me completely about whether you’re saying what you are because I hypnotized you to say it or because you really mean it. I knew you liked helping people from the very beginning—the help with the coffee-making was a dead giveaway—and I built on that, but I’m not so sure I built it up quite that much.”

I smirked down at him. “Maybe you freed the wild beast instead of taming it. Anyway, what did I say about the one rule?” I arched my eyebrow at him expectantly as his hand continued fondling me, pushing him to take it as much further as he wanted.

“Why do I suddenly feel like I’m not the one in charge here?”, Peter shot back with a look that was half amusement and half exasperation. “But seriously, Kevin, if you want to make me happy, turn around!”

I knew exactly what he was thinking; I was both nervous and excited by the idea. To my surprise, Mitch was there, watching us both, his dick as hard as it could possibly be, with a small puddle of precum pooling in his belly button. He’d been there the whole time, of course, but I’d gotten so absorbed with Peter that I’d forgotten all about Mitch. I felt kind of ashamed of that, but looking at him, I really didn’t think Mitch had noticed.

At first, what Peter was doing was nice enough. It was odd letting someone touch my ass, but I knew Peter really wanted to, so I really wanted him to. He started with just groping my butt cheeks and massaging them. Then I could feel his massaging become more directed, intermittently spreading my ass crack to get a better look at it. It was almost a tickling sensation as he started rubbing lightly around my asshole after a minute or two, but not quite enough to make me squirm or anything. It got less ticklish as he put more pressure.

“Mitch, why don’t you go get some supplies from under the coffee table. I think just the lube will be fine. I don’t want to do too much to the poor boy on his first day”, Peter suggested. Mitch’s face was almost funny as he got a pained look at having to stop watching us for even a few seconds, but knowing that things were going to go even further when he got back.

Peter stood up beside me as Mitch left, his finger starting to probe my ass more firmly and his hard cock pressing against my butt cheek. Leaning into me slightly, he spoke softly into my ear and asked how I was doing. I hadn’t been expecting anything like that at all from what I’d seen so far, and turned to look at him in surprise, even as I told him I was doing fine, my eyes asking the question I didn’t quite have the words for.

“I’m a pervert by just about any definition there is”, Peter replied to my unspoken question, “and I violate people’s boundaries almost without a second thought, but each in their own way, I care for the people I invite into my life. I hypnotize you to enjoy what I do because I want us both to enjoy ourselves. Of course, that’s not all of it”, he chuckled. “Enjoying what they do makes my boys much more likely to obey my suggestions without question, too.”

Just as he said that, Mitch returned with a bottle of what I assumed was the lube Peter had asked for. I’d never even seen a bottle of lube before. “You’re part of my web of trust, Mitch. Just relax and enjoy everything that’s happening. You’ve wanted to see your brother hypnotized and fucked so much, and you couldn’t be happier for him that it’s happening. It’s so hot! It doesn’t matter what either of you do, just as long as you’re a part of it. You love your brother and me so much, and you just want to make us both happy.”

At Peter’s direction, Mitch squirted some lube into Peter’s hand and then set the bottle down nearby. I could feel Peter’s finger probing my hole more intently now, and I tensed up nervously as I felt that it was about to go in. It didn’t help that the lube felt so…slimy. “Relax, Kevin”, Peter’s voice encouraged me. “It’s so easy and enjoyable to just relax your ass and let me in.” It was hard to tell whether or not he was giving me suggestions or whether it was the simple fact of a reassuring voice, but either way, I relaxed quickly, feeling his finger sliding in all the way to his knuckles. It was a surprisingly pleasant feeling.

At first, Mitch just stood there letting Peter stroke his cock with the hand that wasn’t up my butt, but with a little encouragement, he moved forward a few inches and started to kiss me, very deeply and very passionately. In his mind, I was better than any girlfriend he’d ever had—I was his brother. I’d never thought of him as an intimate person before now, but that was the best word I could think of to describe how he was with me.

I wasn’t sure quite when it happened, but at some point as we were kissing, Peter had gotten out of the way and now Mitch and I were standing toe-to-toe…or, more accurately, cock-to-stomach. His cock was so hard, and I knew he wanted to be with me so badly. I reached down and caressed him lovingly, feeling him throb wildly in my hand. My cock was soft, of course, and Mitch apparently understood that there was no need to reciprocate. With him being several inches taller than me, it would have been difficult for him to reach it anyway the way we were standing.

Leaning my head back as Mitch got even more turned on and thrust his tongue deep inside my mouth, I realized that I was actually leaning on Peter’s shoulder. I could feel his hands on my hips as his long, hard dick thrust in and out of me. Had he just started, or had he been at it for a while? I didn’t know, and I didn’t really care. I loved the feeling of having him inside me, knowing how much pleasure it gave him, just as I loved knowing that at least some of what I was doing was because I was hypnotized to…and how much pleasure that gave him.

Peter leaned his head down slightly, pulling my mouth away from my brother’s and towards his as he continued fucking me. I eagerly switched my attention to him, enjoying the feel of his tongue probing into me even more than I had my brother’s. Mitch’s cock was dry-humping my stomach now, and I reached one hand forward to encourage him to thrust harder even as my other hand reached back to encourage Peter to do the same.

The three of us tongued each other wildly, largely at Peter’s direction, of course. Even though he was busy fucking me, I could feel Peter’s hand reaching around me to fondle my brother’s ass as well. The sandwich tightened, their sweaty bodies rubbing up and down on me as I did my best to pleasure them both, and soon, I could feel Peter getting almost violent in his thrusting. Turning all my attention to him, I opened my mouth and offered it, feeling him respond eagerly, but somewhat uncoordinatedly as his climax hit and I felt him spew inside of me.

The pride I felt—the sense of accomplishment—was indescribable as I understood for the first time what it was like to provide that ultimate pleasure to someone. I knew that I had brought him to that point, that I had done that for him. Yes, of course, Mitch had had his part too, but there was no question in my mind that I had been primarily responsible, and I loved it!

The three of us stood together panting for some time before Peter finally withdrew. Mitch looked at Peter with the eyes of a puppy waiting to see what else his master might want. He’d been looking at him that way pretty much the whole time I’d seen the two of them together, both last weekend and this one, but he’d been hiding it to a certain degree. I was more attuned to it now, though, making it as clear as day to me. I understood that Mitch was all about hypnosis at this point in his life, and that he’d do anything Peter wanted him to, just as I would.

Leaning back against Peter even more, looking slightly up at him, I pulled Mitch into me, stroking his cock once again. Even though he seemed to be expecting something of Peter, Mitch responded to my own “suggestions”, even if they were more physical rather than hypnotic. As Mitch enjoyed me, and I enjoyed him enjoying me, I reached my arm back around Peter’s neck and squeezed, knowing he was watching what I was doing.

Maybe it was Peter’s idea, and he just made me think it was mine, or maybe it was my idea and I made Peter think it was his—either way, Peter whispered in Mitch’s ear, and Mitch came alive once again, paying every bit as much attention to me as he had been while Peter was fucking me, if not more.

The two of us made out while Peter watched, but it didn’t take me long before I pushed my brother into the living room and down onto the couch, grabbing the bottle of lube on my way by. Climbing onto his lap so that I now had the upper position, I grabbed Mitch’s head and pushed him back against the couch, thrusting my tongue into him for a change. He understood what was coming and I could feel his hands on my hips as I squirted out some lube and massaged it along his entire length.

Lowering myself down on him, I watched the absolute ecstasy on his face as I began to ride him, my mouth not letting up on his for a second. Even though I loved Peter more now, I owed it all to my brother, and there was an entire lifetime of loving him that I brought into what I was doing. Bobbing up and down, I kissed my brother over and over, as he responded with a different but equal passion in grabbing my hips and thrusting into me.

For the second time in less than an hour, I felt the thrill of getting someone off, knowing that they were doing so entirely because of me. I felt a transcendent joy as the two of us panted and heaved, Mitch still slowly thrusting into me.

I couldn’t say what happened after that, exactly, but the next thing I was aware of, my brother and I were cuddled side-by-side on the couch, and Peter was sitting across from us. He had a feral, predatory look on his face, but one that was, for the moment, satisfied. I looked forward to satisfying it again!

Later that evening, as Mitch drove me home, I found myself thinking of everything that had happened that afternoon. “Did we really do all that?”, I asked, knowing that we had, yet not quite believing it at the same time.

Mitch laughed. “I gave up asking myself that question a long time ago. I often don’t remember what I’ve done when I’ve been with Peter, and even when I do, it’s pretty harmless stuff, so I don’t worry about it too much. I think the more important question is whether or not you had fun.”

“Yeah, yeah, I think I did. No, I definitely did!”, I told Mitch, giving his leg an affectionate squeeze. My mind could picture what was under his jeans quite clearly, while at the same time, I felt like it was a distant memory from a thousand years ago, maybe even a dream. It didn’t change how I felt about him one way or the other, though. I wondered if he even knew that he’d fucked me, given what he’d just said. It didn’t matter—I was sure we’d be doing it again one way or another. The look on Peter’s face when he’d woken up had spoken volumes.

I left my hand on Mitch’s leg for only a few seconds, but I wasn’t entirely surprised when he put his hand over top of mine and squeezed. Whatever he remembered or didn’t, our relationship would never be the same again, and neither of us was complaining.