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Web of Trust — Chapter 9

Note: this chapter contains father-son incest. If this bothers you, stop reading now.


Rolling over in bed as I woke up from my nap, I started gently humping the mattress. Man, I was horny! An image of Lucas’ friend, Timmy, flashed through my head as I remembered the strange dream that had woken me up. He’d been standing over me, groping himself…telling me things…reassuring me. I couldn’t remember, exactly.

It wasn’t the first time I’d had that particular dream, either. On the surface, it seemed like an odd dream to have, but when you got right down to it, it probably wasn’t all that unexpected considering Timmy’s newfound interest in hypnosis. He and Lucas had been spending almost every day together for the last several weeks, much of it with the two of them naked, and Lucas in a trance. I started grinding even harder into the mattress, humping it a bit faster.

At first, when Timmy had asked me how I felt about him hypnotizing Lucas, I’d given him a very emphatic “Absolutely not!”, but after I’d slept on it, I’d changed my mind. I wasn’t sure what had prompted him to ask me about it a second time, but when he’d brought it up at the breakfast table the next morning, I’d realized that my initial knee-jerk reaction the evening before had no real basis, and promptly apologized for it. He’d smiled in a strange, knowing sort of way as I’d told him that the two of them were welcome to experiment with it—after all, it was really just another form of horsing around, an activity that was hardly unusual for them.

“Hey, Nick”, Timmy called, opening my bedroom door and interrupting my mattress humping, “I’m just about to hypnotize Lucas again. Did you want to come watch?”, he asked. He grinned as he noticed what I’d been doing.

“Oh, hell yes!”, I agreed, smiling back at him. Despite my initial reluctance, I was now an avid fan of watching Lucas get hypnotized. It made me happy to see Lucas having so much fun whenever Timmy put him under, but it was also just plain funny sometimes to see Lucas doing things without even realizing that he was. It occurred to me as I hopped out of bed that it was a little unusual to be letting my son’s best friend see me with a hard-on, but I wasn’t too worried about it. Timmy had been a family friend since he and Lucas were kids, and I knew he’d be okay with it.

We found Lucas sitting in the living room watching television. “What the—?”, he uttered as the two of us walked into the room. Timmy was fully dressed, but even though Lucas had seen me naked pretty often lately, I realized that this was the first time he’d seen me with a hard-on, at least while he was fully awake. I smiled, knowing Timmy would help Lucas get used to it soon enough.

“Lucas, you’re part of my web of trust”, Timmy intoned. It hadn’t been hard to figure out that that was one of Lucas’ trigger phrases. “Just relax and ignore your father’s erection”, he instructed. “There’s nothing unusual about him being hard in front of you any more than there is with you being hard in front of him.” Lucas had actually been hard in front of me any number of times, thanks to Timmy’s influence, and he was already quite comfortable with that. I grinned as the concerned surprise faded from my son’s face almost instantly.

“In fact”, Timmy continued, “why don’t you strip down for us right now and show us how much you enjoy being hard around your Dad.” Sure enough, my son happily stood up and started to strip like it was the most normal thing in the world to strip on command, his previously soft cock already beginning to firm up by the time he took off his boxers.

“Here, Lucas, come sit back down with me”, Timmy suggested, wrapping his arm around my son’s shoulders and encouraging Lucas to join him as he sat on the couch. “Nick, why don’t you come here and stand in front of us for a second so your son can get a closer look at your big, hard cock”, he told me.

“Uh, I don’t think I’m really comfortable with that, Timmy. I mean, I don’t mind being hard around him, but it does seem a bit sexual standing right in front of him and letting him look at it, especially with me having an erection, you know?”, I told him apologetically.

“You’re part of my web of trust, Nick. It’s nothing sexual at all!”, he assured me. “I just need to check that my hypnotic suggestions are holding and that Lucas really is completely okay seeing you with a hard-on, even when it’s right in his face.”

“Oh, okay. I suppose there’s nothing wrong with that, then”, I nodded understandingly, moving to stand directly in front of my son, my cock at full attention as he and Timmy looked at it.

“So, what do you think of your Dad’s cock now, Lucas?”, Timmy asked him.

“What do you mean, what do I think of it? It’s a cock!”, he returned, obviously puzzled by the fact that his friend would even ask him about it.

“Do you mind if I touch your cock for a second, Nick?”, Timmy asked me.

“What?! No, you can’t touch my—” I trailed off as Timmy put his finger to his lips.

“You don’t mind me touching your cock at all, Nick”, Timmy grinned up at me wickedly. “It’s just to help make sure your son is following my suggestions completely. You like seeing him do that. Just relax and let me touch your cock.”

“Well, okay, I suppose if it’s for Lucas’ benefit. Sorry if I jumped down your throat a little—you just took me by surprise is all. Go ahead”, I motioned in the general direction of my dick. Sure enough, Timmy grabbed it and started stroking it gently.

“Still nothing?”, he prompted Lucas, who just shrugged in response. “Good! How about you, Nick? How are you feeling right now?”

“I’m good. Feels kind of nice, actually. I suppose it helps knowing that Lucas is hypnotized and has no clue what’s going on…I’m not sure I could do this otherwise”, I admitted.

Timmy reassured me that there was nothing to worry about, his left hand continuing to stroke my shaft until I started producing precum, while he played with Lucas’ dick with his right. I sort of felt bad that I was precumming all over Timmy’s thumb, but I’d given him permission to stroke my cock, so it was up to him, really. Once there got to be too much, he just wiped it off on Lucas’ stomach. Timmy had been giving him suggestions all along, so Lucas didn’t react to it in the slightest.

Pulling out his phone, Timmy stopped stroking me long enough to make a call. “Hey, Peter, it’s me. Yeah, they’re ready”, he said simply. I knew Peter was the guy he was renting a room from, of course, but for the life of me, I couldn’t think what it was that might be ready, and why he was calling Peter right this minute. Timmy and Peter spoke back and forth for a minute, Timmy obviously answering a couple of questions, though his answers were short, giving no further hints as to what they were talking about.

Once Timmy was done on the phone, he changed things up a bit. Pretty soon, Lucas was on his knees and I was sitting off to one side, lightly stroking my long, rigid shaft as I watched my son give his best friend a blowjob. Seeing Timmy naked and hard was nothing new, but this was the first time I’d watched him getting a blowjob. I’d seen Timmy come out of Lucas’ bedroom with a glistening, wet cock once before, though, so I wasn’t entirely surprised by it.

I was impressed at how far in Lucas could take him. Timmy had an abnormally long cock, but Lucas just repositioned himself until he got the right angle to take Timmy in almost all the way. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed anyone could do that. I was pretty long myself, though still at least an inch shorter than Timmy, and I’d certainly never had a woman come anywhere close to taking me in all the way.

Watching my son get hypnotized to give Timmy a blowjob was one of many recent firsts, but Lucas and I just seemed to be at one of those points in our lives where a lot was changing. The obvious change was that he was in college now, and spending a lot more time with his best friend as they got together either to study or to horse around. It seemed like if Timmy wasn’t here, then Lucas was over at his place; they were inseparable. Lucas didn’t drive, but anytime he wanted to go over there, I was always happy to give him a ride.

Timmy had also been “encouraging” Lucas to eat better and I was doing my part to help out with his suggested changes—eliminating red meat and spicy foods from both of our diets, and making lighter meals using things like poultry, grains, vegetables, and fruits. I wasn’t sure what that was all about, and there were times when I had a real craving for a bacon cheeseburger with French fries drowning in gravy, but if Lucas was going to eat light, there was no sense in making separate meals for both of us, so I followed the same diet myself now.

I’d also learned to loosen up a lot over the last few weeks, especially when it came to nudity. At first, it had only been when Timmy was around, but lately, it came naturally to both me and Lucas to wander around the house naked pretty much all the time. The boys often wandered around the house with blatant erections, especially when Timmy had been practicing his hypnosis skills. I’d been a bit taken aback by it at first, but I’d adapted pretty quickly.

Another change was our sleeping habits. Timmy was apparently very skilled in hypnotizing people while they were asleep, so it wasn’t unusual for him and Lucas to be up having a bit of fun in the middle of the night. I’d been a bit annoyed by it at first, but had soon started to use the time to jack off. Last week, I’d even joined the two of them jerking off after Timmy had put Lucas under—the three of us all sitting around the living room at two in the morning shooting our loads. I really enjoyed how easily things like that came to all of us now.

Probably the best change so far, though—something I’d only just started doing over the last couple of days—was that I’d started sucking myself off again whenever I masturbated. I’d done it a fair bit when I was younger, but after the horniness of my teens had faded, the ick-factor had won out and I’d stopped. Besides the idea of having a cock in my mouth, the other big turn-off back then had been how often I got the salty taste of precum in my mouth. Lately, though, I’d been horny enough not to care about either of those things. Not only did I wrap my mouth around my cock with pleasure now, I’d really started to develop a taste for my own precum. The last time I’d done it, I’d actually blown my own load in my mouth and swallowed it! The stuff wasn’t half bad, really.

Timmy grinned at me as he sat back and got sucked off, then pantomimed sucking a cock as he stared into my eyes. I knew what he meant right away, though I wasn’t sure how he knew I could even do that. Leaving that minor mystery for another time, I pulled my legs up onto the couch in an almost cross-legged position and leaned forward, guiding the head of my cock into my mouth. Knowing that Lucas was hypnotized, I wasn’t worried about doing this sort of thing in front of him—he’d never remember seeing me do it. It never even occurred to me to think about Timmy watching me, of course. He was just such a cool guy about these things, I knew he wouldn’t give it a second thought.

Timmy turned his attention back to my son after a bit, but I was only half paying attention to them. It was difficult to focus on anything besides how good my mouth felt on my cock—I was an amazing cock-sucker!

It was a bit odd seeing the two of them going at it because I’d never known Timmy to be anything but completely straight. He’d even had a steady girlfriend for the last couple of years he’d been in high school. Still, using my son’s mouth probably felt way better than Timmy using his own hand, and given my newly rediscovered interest in sucking my own cock, I could certainly see where Timmy was coming from.

I could feel myself getting closer to cumming as I heard Timmy starting to breathe more heavily. He was reminding Lucas how much he loved the taste of cum, which had the side-effect of reminding me how much I enjoyed it myself. Driving himself deeper and harder into Lucas’ mouth, it wasn’t long before Timmy groaned, his thrusts becoming erratic and then suddenly stopping. Lucas knelt patiently, giving Timmy several minutes to recover, then started licking underneath Timmy’s foreskin to clean up anything he hadn’t already swallowed. I blew my own load as I listened to Timmy’s voice and my son’s slurping, adding my own slurping to the mix as I sucked all the cum off my head and swallowed it in a single gulp. I swear it tasted even better this time than it had the last time!

Timmy left shortly after we’d each blown our loads. He’d encouraged Lucas not to remember anything that had just happened—to not even realize that he’d been hypnotized—so Lucas just continued on about his day, never even thinking about gratifying himself. Come to think of it, he never came on his own anymore unless Timmy told him to. I wasn’t sure how I knew that, but now that I’d thought of it, I was absolutely certain that it was true. One of them must have mentioned it to me at some point.

As had become normal for us, Lucas and I both hit the sack a little after nine that night. I fell asleep almost right away, not waking for several hours. This time, though, it wasn’t the boys who woke me up, it was my cell phone. Picking it up, I looked to see who it was and was surprised to see Peter’s name on the display. What the hell was he calling for at this hour? For that matter, I hadn’t even realized he had my number. He must’ve gotten it off of Timmy.

“Hello?”, I answered questioningly.

“Oh, hi. Is that you, Nick?”, the voice asked.

“Uhhh…yeah”, I said, drawing it out uncertainly. “Is everything okay with Timmy?”

“Oh, no no no, it’s nothing like that. Everything’s fine!”, Peter assured me.

I breathed a sigh of relief. “Ummm…you do realize it’s almost two in the morning, don’t you? What’s this about?”, I asked.

“Actually, I was just thinking about you and your hot-assed son.” I ignored the sexual reference; Timmy had told me Peter could be like that sometimes and not to let it bother me. “More to the point, I was thinking it’d be great if you could drive him over and he could spend the night here. Maybe you could pop in and say hi, yourself. You looked pretty damned good the last time I saw you—I’d love to get a better look at you”, Peter suggested.

“Oh yeah, of course, Peter—we’ll be right over!”, I told him excitedly. I loved driving Lucas over to Peter’s place! I hung up and immediately hopped out of bed to go wake Lucas up, feeling my dick hardening rapidly. Even as late as it was, there was no question that Lucas should go sleep over at Timmy’s. I wondered about Peter inviting me in, though. I knew Peter was gay, of course, and he’d just told me flat out that he thought Lucas and I were both fairly attractive, but surely he wouldn’t invite me in at this hour just to check me out. And what about his partner? I doubted he’d be thrilled at seeing Peter checking me out. Whatever it was all about, I’d figure it out when I got there. Right now, the only important thing was getting Lucas over there.

Slipping quietly into his room, I felt my way to Lucas’ nightstand and turned on the lamp. His naked body sprang into view, complete with a middle-of-the-night erection. I shook his shoulder gently, though he was already beginning to wake up from the sudden light. “What’s up?”, he asked once he was conscious enough to form the thought.

“Peter just called. You’re spending the night over at Timmy’s”, I informed him.

“Awesome!”, he enthused, hopping out of bed the moment I finished. As he stood up, his boner bobbed side to side, but he was no more concerned about it than I was about mine. “I’ll just get dressed and take a leak, and then we can head over.”

Turning back to my own bedroom, I threw on fresh clothes and strapped on my service revolver. Lucas and I met in the hallway and headed downstairs to the car. At this time of night, there was no traffic at all, so we made good time, hitting Peter’s driveway almost exactly ten minutes after we’d left.

Getting out of the car, I was glad to realize that my erection was mostly gone now. For some reason, I was really turned on right now and it’d been a real fight to make my dick go down on the way over. I was about to ring the doorbell as we approached the house, but Lucas just reached for the handle and let us both in. Peter had been sitting in his living room watching TV when we entered, but got up to greet us as I closed the door.

“Hey, Nick, Lucas, nice to see you both again!”, he told us warmly. I immediately noticed him running his eyes over Lucas, not to mention giving me a clear once-over as well. It was hardly unusual for either of us to attract that kind of attention, though, so I didn’t give it too much thought. It was a bit concerning that someone his age was looking at my son that way, but I remembered what Timmy had said. As long as he did no more than look, I could deal with it. And if he did more than that, well, I could deal with that too, if in an entirely different way. I subconsciously rested my hand on my hips, feeling the comforting presence of my gun under my jacket.

“Hello again, Peter. How’re you?”, I asked, shaking his hand after he’d finished checking us both out. Lucas took my jacket and hung it up along with his own. After so casually letting himself in, I wasn’t really surprised that Lucas was at home enough here to do that—he’d certainly been here often enough in the past month or so. I noticed Peter’s gaze pause momentarily as he looked me over again and saw the now-visible holster on my belt.

“FBI”, I told him as his questioning eyes met mine. “We’re expected to wear one everywhere we go, even when we’re off-duty.”

“FBI, really?”, Peter said, obviously somewhat surprised and impressed at who I worked for. “If I’m allowed to ask, what kind of work do you do?”

I laughed. “Yes, you’re allowed to ask. I’m in white-collar crimes. We mostly deal with financial fraud and the like.” To my surprise, I realized that Lucas was stripping down beside me. Peter’s gaze was drawn towards him, and he gave Lucas a much more meaningful look this time.

Lucas left only his underwear on—if you could even call them that. They were a pair of tight-fitting low-rise white underwear with red trim, and they left very little to the imagination. Peter and I could both see the outline of Lucas’ balls, shaft, and head very clearly, all sitting comfortably in a well-fitted fabric basket that seemed to have been designed to show it all off. I imagined Peter would find them very sexy.

I looked at Peter, somewhat embarrassed on my son’s behalf, but apart from admiring everything, Peter didn’t react significantly to what he was seeing.

“Will you excuse me?”, Lucas asked, heading upstairs to Timmy’s room, I assumed.

“I take it you’re used to seeing him that way?”, I asked Peter after Timmy was out of earshot.

Peter smiled with genuine amusement. “You mean getting ready for Timmy to hypnotize him?” His grin broadened and he licked his lips quickly. “Yes, yes, I’ve gotten quite used to it at this point…as have you, obviously.”

“Yeah, it’s kind of hard not to get used to it with how often they get into that these days”, I grinned back at him. “The two of them just can’t seem to get enough.”

“Surely, you must’ve had some concerns with it at first”, Peter prompted.

“Well, yeah, when I first learned that they wanted to get into it, I was firmly against it, but I changed my mind after I’d thought about it for a bit. Now, it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. These days, Timmy just puts Lucas under anytime, anywhere. I love seeing the two of them messing around with it. I would’ve thought sometimes Lucas would want to hypnotize Timmy too, but I guess he just isn’t interested in that…either that or Timmy hypnotized him not to”, I winked at Peter conspiratorially, though in truth, it wouldn’t really have surprised me if that was exactly what had happened.

“Yeah, they get up to that kind of thing here too. I don’t mind, of course. And yeah, lots of people prefer to only ever be the subject. Others, like me, are only ever the hypnotist”, Peter stated. “In point of fact, I’ve hypnotized any number of hot young guys over the years, and taught several of them how to do it themselves.”

“I remember Timmy telling me that you were his teacher”, I replied. “To be honest, given the sorts of things they get up to, I’m not sure how I feel about that. I hope, for your sake, you’re not doing anything inappropriate when you hypnotize him”, I said menacingly.

“What is it that bothers you, specifically?”, Peter asked, his manner calm and professional.

“You being gay and teaching Timmy about this particular type of hypnosis, especially given the age difference. I mean, it’s different with Timmy and Lucas, cuz I know Timmy’s straight and it’s just the boys horsing around. I think someone like you would put things on a whole different level, if you know what I mean.” I’d only met Peter briefly on one other occasion, but despite my concerns, I actually found him very easy to talk to. I knew he could be trusted and that he would never try to hide anything from me.

He smiled understandingly at my concerns, clearly not at all offended by what I’d said. “That’s fair enough; I understand where you’re coming from. So, I assume, from what you just said, that you wouldn’t be comfortable with me hypnotizing your son, then?”, Peter asked.

“No, no, I’m definitely not okay w—” I stopped short as Lucas came down the stairs and rejoined us, his low-rise underwear now showing even more than they had previously. Whatever he’d been doing upstairs, Lucas was fully erect now, the edges of it showing as it pushed the slim fabric of his underwear out of the way.

I was used to him showing himself off this way when he was with Timmy, but Timmy was nowhere to be seen. Peter was certainly getting an eyeful, though. “Lucas”, I said, somewhat uncertainly, “are you sure you should be walking around like that?”

Lucas blushed slightly, looking between me and Peter. Before he could frame a reply, though, Peter came to his rescue. “It’s alright, Nick. I’ve seen him naked plenty of times before, as I’m sure you have too. Like I said, Timmy gets up to the same sorts of things here as he does at your place.”

I hoped not—especially not after what they’d gotten up to this afternoon! I was fine with them using hypnosis for that type of horseplay when it was just us, but thinking of them doing those sorts of things in front of Peter only amplified my concerns.

“You’re part of my web of trust, Nick”, Peter informed me, just as I started to try and frame an objection. “There’s no reason to be concerned that Lucas has a hard-on right now. It’s a common occurrence here, just like it is when you’re at home, and you’re completely comfortable with your son showing himself off like he is.”

“I suppose you’re right”, I agreed. “If I’ve seen him like that before, I suppose there’s really no reason to expect that it would be any different for you. I wonder why Timmy isn’t here, though. Usually when I see Lucas showing himself off like this, Timmy’s either hypnotized him or he’s about to.”

“Before we get into that, there’s something I have to ask you, and I don’t want you to think of it as unusual or alarming in any way”, Peter told me. “Have you had any kind of training to resist things like mind control drugs or hypnosis?”

“No, nothing like that”, I laughed at the unexpected question. “They might get something along those lines in the terrorism divisions, but that’s just not the sort of thing we come up against in white collar crimes.”

“Fair enough. I was just curious. Going back to your question, though, you’re on the right track, Nick. Lucas knows I’m going to hypnotize him soon and, as always, he’s very turned on by the idea…aren’t you, Lucas?”, Peter asked him, his hand squeezing my son’s bare shoulder in a much-too-friendly way. For his part, Lucas just grinned, and I could see his penis throb underneath his underpants. There was now a small wet spot in the fabric near the tip of Lucas’ not-so-hidden shaft, and I could see more of it dribbling down his leg out of the gap made by his cock. Those underwear were really skimpy on him.

As absorbed in that as I was, it took a moment for what Peter had said to penetrate. When it did, my hand drifted once again to my holster. “There is no way in hell I’m letting you hypnotize my boy!”, I told him, trying to shake off the foggy feeling I’d developed and make sure he knew who was in charge here. “It’s one thing when it’s just him and Timmy horsing around, but…”

“Calm down, Nick”, Peter told me soothingly, just loud enough to be heard over my rant. “Just relax. You’re part of my web of trust, and there’s absolutely nothing to be upset about here.”

“I’m sorry, you’re right”, I agreed, moving my hand off my holster and letting it hang by my side comfortably. I could see the front of Peter’s pants beginning to bulge slightly, but even that didn’t bother me much now that I’d started to relax. I reminded myself that Timmy had said he could be a horny bastard, and that I shouldn’t worry about it. “I’d still rather you didn’t hypnotize him, though”, I reasserted calmly. “If it’s anything like what he and Timmy get up to, I really don’t think it’s appropriate.”

“I’ve actually hypnotized your son many times over the last month or so”, Peter continued, “but it’s nothing inappropriate at all. Let me see if I can put this in terms you’re more familiar with.” Peter paused, thinking about what to say next. “You said you were with the FBI, right? I want you to think of Lucas as a trainee, with Timmy being a more senior trainee, and me being their instructor. In fact, you could even think of me as being the Director of the Bureau.”

Peter paused momentarily, waiting to see that I was following his train of thought. “Yeah, okay, I guess I can see that”, I agreed after a moment.

“So, in that context, you’re absolutely right that when I practice hypnosis, it’s different than what the boys get up to on their own, and that’s a very appropriate and positive thing”, Peter asserted. “With them, it’s a friendlier kind of training—more like ‘horsing around’, as you put it—with me, it’s a more serious, formal kind of training, and it’s highly beneficial. It’s something that you can feel totally at ease with no matter how sexual it gets—something you look forward to seeing, and even want to encourage Lucas to get into more.”

The more I thought about it, the more I could see Peter’s point. He was like their teacher when it came to hypnosis, so it was natural that he’d be older and use it for different, more serious things than the boys usually did. I actually looked at him somewhat differently myself, now that I thought more about it.

“You know, maybe you’re right”, I agreed tentatively as I started thinking about things the way he’d suggested. “It’s really not such a bad thing that you’ve hypnotized Lucas so often. I’d be curious to see what you do with it, actually—I’m sure it must be very different than what Timmy does. Lucas, you should let Peter hypnotize you again right now!”, I beamed at him, increasingly enthusiastic about the whole idea.

“Great, Nick. I’m really glad you understand. Why don’t we just move over here into the dining room. Lucas, grab a chair and turn it to face me, then just sit back and relax.” Sure enough, Lucas did as he was told. I could see my son’s dick throbbing now that he knew he was about to be hypnotized. The protrusion in Peter’s pants was also impossible to miss at this point.

“Lucas, you’re part of my web of trust”, Peter told my son. I smiled as I heard Lucas’ trigger phrase and saw his eagerness replaced by an open, mindlessly trusting look. “You love being hypnotized, Lucas. Even thinking about being hypnotized makes you so hard, and actually being under is making you harder than ever!” Impossibly, I could see Lucas getting even harder in his underwear; the wet spot now covered a significant portion of the fabric and was starting to form a small puddle on his thigh. “As you look at my crotch, you can remember how good my cock tastes and how badly you want it inside of you. Your mouth is absolutely watering right now, just thinking about it!”

Peter continued in that vein for a minute or so before directing my son to help undo his pants. From the intent look on Lucas’ face, I thought he might well try to swallow Peter’s cock whole the minute he saw it. I was still just a little bit on edge thinking about my straight son having been hypnotized to suck on some middle-aged guy’s cock, but Peter helped me through it.

“Nick, just relax. Remember, you’re part of my web of trust. Seeing me hypnotize your son is even better than seeing Timmy hypnotize him. It’s all part of his training. The longer he sucks my cock, the better you’ll feel about it. He’s an excellent cock-sucker, and you can be proud of how well he’s mastered what I’ve taught him.

Watching Lucas suck Peter off, quite expertly from what I could tell, my concerns about Peter having hypnotized Lucas disappeared quickly. Just looking at the two of them together, I knew Peter had everything well in hand and was giving Lucas the best possible training he could receive.

“You look like you’re feeling better”, Peter said after I’d been watching them for a few minutes. Putting his hand on the back of Lucas’ head, he forced his way deep into my son’s mouth. Lucas took it easily and eagerly.

“Yeah, I am”, I agreed. “In truth, it’s still kind of weird being around a gay guy with a hard-on, but I understand it’s all part of my son’s training.”

“Good, good. Can I let you in on a little secret, then, Nick?”, Peter grinned mischievously.

“Do I want to know?”, I asked, returning his grin a bit more tentatively.

“Lucas and Timmy aren’t the only ones who’ve been getting training”, Peter smirked.

It took me a few seconds to clue into what he was saying. “What? No way! There’s no way you’ve hypnotized me without me knowing it!” As much as I approved of Peter hypnotizing my son, I was deeply disturbed at the very idea that he could possibly have hypnotized me.

“Well, you’re mostly right about that. It wasn’t me who started it—that was Timmy’s job. He’s been training you ever since the weekend he first asked you about using it on Lucas, and he’d actually already been training Lucas for a few weeks at that point without you knowing about it”, Peter informed me matter-of-factly.

“I’m sorry, I don’t believe you, and to be frank, I don’t want to believe you. I find the very idea that I’ve been hypnotized disconcerting, even frightening, and the idea that Timmy would’ve used it on Lucas without my permission is just offensive! He’s a good kid!”, I told Peter, my blood starting to boil. “There’s no way I’m ever going to believe you, not unless you can prove it, which you can’t!”

“Nick, it’s time for another session”, Peter told me. I felt dizzy for a moment, but Peter reached out and braced me. I closed my eyes for a few seconds until the feeling passed, then opened them again.

I felt much calmer now, more at ease, despite what Peter had just said. Looking around, I realized that at some point within the last few seconds, Lucas had impossibly moved from his chair to the table and was now lying on it with his legs in the air, fingering his ass. I was confused as to how he’d gotten there so quickly, but before I could think on it further, Peter moved in, standing almost nose-to-nose with me. Wait, no, not nose-to-nose, I realized, he was standing crotch-to-crotch with me, and I could feel the rigid length of his shaft pressing up against my pubic region.

Putting his hands on my waist, he looked into my eyes, a wicked, confident look in his eyes. If anyone else had given me that look, I would’ve stepped back from them in alarm, but not from Peter. Whatever he was up to, I trusted him like I trusted my own son…maybe even more. I could feel his left hand fumbling at my waist and realized what it was he was trying to do.

“I keep seeing you reach for this, Nick”, Peter said, his voice almost seductive as he continued to look into my eyes. “I think you know now that you won’t need it while you’re here, but perhaps it’s best if we just put it somewhere safe for now.” I could feel him unbuttoning the holster of my Glock and pulling it out.

One of the most important rules about owning a gun when you’re a law-enforcement officer is that, with the exception of any required maintenance, you never let anyone touch your service weapon. Alarm bells went off in my head as I felt Peter sliding it out, but I couldn’t look away from his eyes. Seeing the confidence there, I was reminded of what he’d said earlier about thinking of him as the Director of the FBI—someone I certainly would never say no to!

“There now, that feels better, doesn’t it, Nick?”, Peter soothed. “Why don’t you unload it for me”, he suggested. “You can put the gun in your car and leave the bullets in here. That’ll be nice and safe, won’t it, Nick?”

I had to agree with him. Safety was priority number one, and having your gun and bullets in two different places was a very effective method of making sure it didn’t go off accidentally. Peter’s hand slid down my body after he handed me my gun, slipping between us to cup my crotch. With him this close to me, it was a bit difficult to unload my weapon, but I still had the clip out within a few seconds. I handed Peter the bullets, as he’d asked, and after Peter had released his grip on my groin and told me I could go, I ducked out of the house to put my gun in the glove compartment of my car. By the time I got back in, Peter was naked, his clothes tossed haphazardly on the floor.

“Now then, Nick”, Peter said, turning towards Lucas who was now licking his fingers, leaving his ass on display for Peter’s enjoyment, “what were you saying about me hypnotizing you?”

“I was saying that you’re going to have to prove it!”, I told him, repeating my assertion from a few minutes ago.

“Nice basket, Nick. Why don’t you take those pants off and let me have a look at it?”, Peter urged. It seemed like a reasonable request, so I unbuttoned them and stripped them off, kicking my shoes off at the same time. Unusually for me, I hadn’t worn any underwear, so once I had my pants and socks off, I stood back up and let Peter take a good look at me.

“Very nice!” I blushed at the compliment. “Looks a lot like your son’s, actually.” I’d never really noticed before, but looking over at Lucas’ cock as it rested against his stomach, I realized that we did look pretty similar.

Peter moved to Lucas’ side while I compared our cocks, waiting expectantly. Pulling his fingers out of his mouth, Lucas grabbed a nearby bottle of what appeared to be lubricant and squirted a bunch onto his hand, reaching over to spread it on Peter’s waiting cock. I watched with fascination as Peter moved around from getting lubed up at Lucas’ side and positioned himself near my son’s ass.

“So, back to proving that you’ve been hypnotized, Nick…. Actually, since you’re almost completely naked anyway, why don’t you take off your shirt while I stroke your dick. You don’t mind if I touch it, do you?”, he asked.

“No, not at all!”, I assured him, feeling his hand wrapping around me almost instantly. It felt a bit unusual to have someone else’s hand on my cock, but enjoyable nevertheless. Timmy had touched it just that afternoon, of course, but that had been very different, since he’d only been doing it to check how hypnotized Lucas was.

“See, the problem with proving that you’ve been hypnotized”, Peter continued as he massaged my hard shaft, “is that Timmy and I have both been training you to ignore even the most obvious things”, he asserted as he reached further down to fondle my balls. “I mean, I could even fuck your son right now, and you wouldn’t think that there was anything unusual with that at all, would you, Nick?”, he asked, slapping his dick against Lucas’ hole.

“Of course not! I understand that it’s all part of his hypnotic training”, I assured him.

“That’s excellent, Nick! I’m glad you approve. Now, just relax as I play with your cock and keep your eyes on my cock as I push it into your boy”, Peter told me. Looking down, I saw that the tip of his penis was already sliding in, followed by his head, and soon, his entire shaft. Lucas looked like he was in seventh heaven!

“So, I guess what it comes down to is this”, Peter told me as I watched him pull back out almost to the head, then thrust back in again. “Look into my eyes, Nick. Look into my eyes and know that you’re safe, and that even though we’ve only met recently, you can trust me completely. The idea that Timmy and I might have hypnotized you isn’t something you’re worried about at all, because you know how completely, totally safe you are with either of us.”

As I stared into his eyes, now only peripherally aware of him thrusting his cock in and out of my son’s ass, I began to understand what he meant. While I knew he wasn’t actually the Director of the FBI, he was a lot like it, and I felt like I could truly, safely put my life in his hands. Next to that, what would it even matter if he’d hypnotized me a bit.

“Now, Nick, as you keep looking into my eyes, knowing that you can trust me, I want you to really listen to my voice. You know I would never lie to you, don’t you?”, he asked. I nodded. “Nick, Timmy has been hypnotizing you for weeks at my direction, training both you and your son to do what I want, to be what I want. That includes training you to let me hypnotize you whenever I want. This is something we did for your benefit, though, and I really want you to think of it as a nothing more than a training exercise. It’s been a very positive experience for you, and something you’re quite happy that we’ve done.”

I really had no choice but to accept what he’d said. He and Timmy really had been hypnotizing me! I didn’t want to believe it, but there was no question in my mind that what he said was true. Even as I was still trying to process what he’d said, though, Peter continued his explanation.

“Nick, just relax and listen to my voice. There’s really no need to think about all of this right now, it’s easy to just relax and enjoy yourself. In fact, when I snap my fingers in a moment, I think you’re going to find that you won’t even remember us talking about hypnosis at all, you’ll just know it’s true that Timmy and I have been hypnotizing the two of you, and you’ll accept that easily and happily.”

I could feel the truth of what he said, but my brain was still kind of going over all of it, wondering just what to make of it when I felt Peter’s hand release its grip on my cock, coming up in front of my face. Snap!

“So tell me, Nick”, Peter said as he continued fucking my son, “what’s the last thing you remember us talking about?”

I realized distantly that Peter must have hypnotized me to forget something if he was actually asking me what I remembered, but I wasn’t worried about it. “Ummm…”, I thought about it. “I’m not sure, exactly. It’s a bit of a jumble, actually. I think you said something about trusting you and feeling safe with you, but you were also talking about fucking Lucas or something…which, obviously, you are.”

“You know I just hypnotized you, don’t you, Nick? And that Timmy’s been hypnotizing you for several weeks now?”, Peter grinned.

“Yeah, I figured”, I smiled at him somewhat shyly.

“And how do you feel about that?”, he prompted.

“I think it’s excellent!”, I assured him. “The way I look at it, it’s really just a different kind of training. In a way, it’s probably good for me too, actually…like a refresher for my FBI training, if you see what I mean.”

“I know exactly what you mean, Nick”, Peter laughed. I thought he was probably referring to something about my training, but I really didn’t feel the need to know the specifics just now. As I felt Peter’s hand wrap around my cock again, it occurred to me to wonder if today was even the first time I’d had another man’s hand on my cock. I remembered dreaming about Timmy stroking my cock a few times, and I had an image of him standing over me in my bedroom, looking into my eyes intently with a hard-on just inches from my face. Lucas had been there too, standing passively behind him, also with a hard-on. Undoubtedly, assuming it wasn’t just a dream, that had been part of both my training and Lucas’.

“One thing I’m curious about, though”, I prompted, looking up from Peter’s cock and into his eyes again, “how did Timmy manage to hypnotize me without me knowing it?”

“Let’s just say he has a talent for hypnotizing people while they’re asleep. I’m kind of getting the hang of it myself, thanks to him, but that boy’s just an absolute prodigy when it comes to that particular brand of hypnosis”, Peter told me, pulling out and moving around to Lucas’ side.

That made sense. I’d already known that Timmy was good at that, but hadn’t quite put it together that that meant he could hypnotize someone without their knowing it. I was pulled away from the thought by the sound of Lucas starting to gag on Peter’s cock.

“Lucas, just relax. It’s absolutely delicious!”, Peter told my him. Sure enough, Lucas’ gagging stopped and within moments, he had his face buried in Peter’s pubic hair, deep-throating him like the well-trained boy he was. On the one hand, I was proud of him for responding to Peter’s training; on the other, I was revolted.

Peter must have seen the dueling looks on my face because the next thing I knew, he curled his finger, beckoning me back to his side again as he continued face-fucking my son. “It’s not as bad as it seems, Nick. The boys are all on special diets, eating small with lots of foods that are easy on the stomach, to help ensure cleanliness.” I recognized the diet, of course, since Lucas and I had both been following it.

“They’ve also been trained to douche themselves if they need to, as I’m pretty sure your son did when he got here. Some are more squeamish about it than others, at least in the beginning, but for myself, all I’m concerned about is that it doesn’t smell, so I train them to my preferences over time. As you can tell, Lucas still needs a bit of help getting there, but it won’t be long before his training is finished and he’ll take my cock in any hole I want to put it in without hesitation. Some, like Timmy, do similar sorts of things even while they’re wide awake, thanks to a good dose of repeated hypnotic and post-hypnotic suggestions.”

“But, even if the boys are completely clean and freshly washed out, it’s still fucking disgus—” My mouth snapped shut as Peter motioned me to hold on.

“You’re part of my web of trust, Nick.” It was hard to imagine that I could possibly be more receptive to Peter’s ideas than I already was, but I was suddenly aware of just how much more I trusted him and wanted to do what he said, and I realized that he must have used a hypnotic trigger on me. My dick throbbed in response, brushing against his stomach as Peter wrapped an arm around me and pulled me in close to speak directly into my ear.

“My dick is perfectly clean at all times, Nick, no matter what I’ve been doing. Even while I’m fucking, it always remains completely, totally clean. You know that what I’m saying is true, so just focus on how clean my cock is and let it go deep into your subconscious. My cock is always clean.”

Peter released me, his hand resting on my chest as he alternately played with each of my nipples. Gently nudging me aside, he went back to fucking Lucas for a while, then back to his mouth, then back to fucking him again. The two of us talked a bit about things he and Timmy liked to use hypnosis for while Peter continued training my son to take his cock in both his ass and his mouth whenever Peter wanted. I wasn’t even sure why Lucas had had a problem with it, to be honest, but I was happy that Peter was training him to deal with it.

One of the more interesting things to come out of that conversation was that Timmy liked the idea of training guys to do things even when he wasn’t there to watch, whereas Peter got nothing out of hypnosis unless his cock was involved. Apparently, that was why Lucas and I were so comfortable seeing each other with hard-ons now and nearly always stayed naked while we were at home. I was a bit wary about how much further Timmy wanted to take it, but Peter assured me that if Timmy did it right, I’d never even realize anything had changed. That made me feel a bit better until Peter reminded me that anything he or Timmy hypnotized us to do was all part of my training—then I felt a lot better. I was really starting to like this idea that Timmy and Peter were training me.

“Why don’t we go sit down in the living room for a bit, shall we?”, Peter suggested after a last, prolonged series of deep thrusts into my son’s ass. Lucas was obviously a bit out of it still, but he responded to the suggestion well enough, if a bit slowly. Peter got him settled down on the couch, training him to insert what looked like rubber billiard balls mounted on a flexible rubber rod, with a small handle at the end, into his ass. Lucas seemed to be having great fun slowly inserting first one, then the next. There were a total of five large balls on the rod, and I didn’t doubt he’d have them all in there by the time Peter was done with him.

Leaving Lucas to his own devices, Peter motioned me to sit down on the love seat so he could watch how Lucas’ training was progressing. “Enjoying your training, Nick?”, Peter asked me, wrapping his arms around my shoulders.

“I guess”, I shrugged. “Honestly, I’m barely even aware of when you’re doing it. Even the one time I noticed you using some kind of trigger word on me, I’m not exactly sure what you did. I just remember getting a rush when I realized I felt different…more open to your training. Mostly, I’ve just been enjoying watching you train Lucas”, I admitted.

“Good, good, I’m really happy to hear how well you’re taking to it all. It’s good for me to be sure, though, so I’m going to go over a few things before we move on, just to be sure that you’re as trained as I want you to be”, Peter told me authoritatively. I nodded in acknowledgement.

“You’re a straight man, you’re sitting naked and erect in the living room of someone who’s pretty much a total stranger to you. I’m gay, I’ve got a hard-on of my own and I just spent a good half hour fucking your son’s ass and mouth repeatedly while I played with your cock. Now I’ve got your son shoving large anal beads up his ass while I sit here with my arm wrapped around you. How does all of that make you feel?”, Peter asked.

“Pretty good, actually!”, I affirmed. “I mean…I can see your point. If I heard of someone else doing something like this, like as part of a case or something, I’d probably shoot the fucker and ask questions later, but it’s different with you and Timmy. Timmy’s like family to me and Lucas, and it’s weird, but even though I hardly know you, I think of you as even closer to us than Timmy is, if you can believe it. Hell, I think I might even feel closer to you than I do to my own son! I trust you implicitly. Everything you’ve done, and everything you will do, is all part of our training, and I know we’ll both be better for it.

“So, tell me, Nick, how do you feel about sucking my cock?”, Peter asked.

“Uh, no, sorry buddy! You may have me trained, but you don’t have me that trained”, I laughed. “Letting you put your arm around me or play with my cock is one thing, even if you do have an erection, but I am not gonna suck you off! Especially not after it’s been in my son’s ass! I mean, I know it’s clean and all, but that’s just a little too close to incest for my comfort, you know?”

“No, of course, I understand completely, Nick. But as you’re sitting here with me, I think you’ll find that you’re feeling very comfortable with the idea of touching my cock, even with your tongue, and it—”, Peter suggested.

“Uh, no, sorry dude, that’s just not going to happen”, I told him.

“I see I’m going to have to renew your trigger again”, Peter laughed. “Timmy said you needed to be triggered pretty often, but I didn’t realize you needed it quite this much. Don’t worry, Nick, you’ll need it less and less over time as Timmy and I continue to train you. You’re part of my web of trust”, Peter explained, and I felt my guard relaxing once again. “Don’t even think about what I just suggested or the fact that you’ve just been triggered. Instead, I want you to sit back and relax, enjoying the sight of your son being trained, and loving how hard it makes my cock. Even though you’re straight, keeping my cock satisfied is the most important thing to you right now. You know it means your training is going well.”

Peter paused, seeming to gauge my reaction to something, though I wasn’t sure what. Lucas was up to four balls now, and he was groaning in absolute ecstasy. “He loves taking big things up his ass”, Peter informed me. “Most of my boys do, thanks to my training, but your son took to it like a duck to water. The first time I met him, Timmy and I were both inside his hole at the same time, and he thought it felt like only a single finger. That was a fun day!”

Looking down at Peter’s cock, it was obvious just how fun of a day it had been. “So I see!”, I grinned at him. Lucas had all five balls inside of him now and was slowly pulling the last one back out. I couldn’t believe how stretched his hole was. Whether or not he’d been trained to, one thing was clear: he loved it!

“Nick, you’re part of my web of trust. As you look at my cock, you’re going to find that the idea of sucking on it as part of your training increasingly appeals to you. Think of it as a test of how well your training is going. You’ve had your own cock in your mouth a couple of times, and you’ve taken Timmy’s cock a few times as well, even if you didn’t realize it at the time; having mine in your mouth would be no different. In fact, it’ll be better, because this time, you’ll know you’re sucking me off as part of your training.”

Peter and I kept watching Lucas quietly for a while, though I found myself looking more at Peter’s cock now than I was at Lucas inserting and removing the anal beads. I could almost imagine myself sucking Peter off. I’d even go so far as to say I wanted to, but the idea of it having been in Lucas’ ass still bugged me.

“That’s it, Nick, just keep imagining yourself sucking on my cock.” Wait, how did he know what I’d been thinking? Probably because of how much I was looking at it, I realized. Was he training me right now? I hoped so. It’d be kind of interesting to find myself blowing him after I’d just told him I wouldn’t. “You can really start to see yourself sucking me off. The more you imagine doing it, the closer you’re going to get to actually doing it.”

“Fuck, man, I can so picture myself sucking your cock! I really wish you hadn’t been fucking Lucas earlier, cuz then I have no doubt you’d be able to train me to suck you off. It’s kind of like the ultimate test for a straight guy. If you can make me do that, then I know my training’s going really well! Fuck, I want to be hypnotized to do it so badly!”, I told him, hardly believing what I was saying. “But the idea that it’s incest…just…no. I just can’t do it!”

“That’s okay Nick, I understand”, he reassured me. “Just remember that you’re part of my web of trust, though. The idea that my cock was inside your son is actually nothing to worry about. You know it’s completely clean. It’s as clean as if I’d never been in his ass at all.” Peter’s cock was throbbing now, and I was starting to care a lot less about where it had been. I knew Peter must be training me right now, but I wasn’t even worried about that. I just relaxed my mind and let it happen.

“That’s right, Nick, think of my cock as being so clean, it’s like it was never in Lucas’ ass at all. It’s always clean, even if you’re both doing something to it at the same time. It’s so clean, it’s like there’s no incest. What’s more, this is just training, Nick, so even if there was incest, it wouldn’t be real. It’s not incest at all—it’s all just training, and you enjoy having me and Timmy train you to do whatever we want whenever we want.”

Lucas had all but the first ball back out, and he was starting to push them back in again.

“So, Nick, earlier tonight, I was fucking your son’s brains out, right?”, Peter asked out of the blue after I’d been staring at his cock for several more minutes, almost wishing I could lean down and taste it.

“Yeah”, I confirmed.

“Do you remember telling me that you were straight, and that you were never going to suck my cock after it came out of your son’s ass? And do you remember how sickening it was earlier that I stuck my dick in Lucas’ mouth right after I fucked him?”

“Yeah, of course. It’s totally different now, though”, I confirmed. My dick throbbed as I realized that I’d been trained quite a bit just since Lucas and I had arrived.

“So, let me repeat my question of earlier, Nick. How do you feel about sucking my cock now, even knowing that it was in your son’s ass not that long ago?”, Peter asked me knowingly. I could see precum pooling on his stomach as he quizzed me.

“Can I?”, I asked enthusiastically. “Please!” It was funny because, in a way, I didn’t actually want to suck him off, I just saw it as kind of a challenge—a way to show him how well his training had taken.

“Nick, I want you to wrap your hot, hypnotized mouth around my cock”, Peter commanded, “and you’re not going to stop until I tell you otherwise, you got that?”

“Yes, Sir”, I agreed, addressing him as I would if he were the Director of the FBI. Looking down at his cock, I licked my lips and opened my mouth. It tasted like lube more than anything else, and I hesitated for a moment, but then I remembered how clean it was and realized that I must’ve just imagined the odd taste. Throwing myself back into it, I took Peter’s cock in as deeply as I could. I was nowhere near his pubic hair when I started to gag on it, though. It was much thicker than Timmy’s was, and it went much deeper than mine.

Wait, what? How did I know what Timmy’s cock felt like in my mouth? My own cock throbbed as I realized the answer. I might not remember having had it in my mouth, but obviously at some point in my training, it had been, and I knew what that felt like.

With all five balls back up his ass, Lucas knelt at Peter’s feet while I was still sucking him off, and leaned in to join me. Again, I hesitated and again, my training kicked in after only a moment. Even with both of us wrapped around Peter’s cock, it wasn’t incest. Peter’s cock was clean and incest-free at all times. Besides, this was just training, so I knew it didn’t wouldn’t have counted as incest any more than it would be incestuous if Lucas and I were both in training at the FBI at the same time.

Once I understood that consciously, as I knew I already did subconsciously, I went back down on Peter’s cock and shared it with my son with a self-satisfied smile. It actually became fun after a while, both of us licking his cock and deep-throating him. Lucas did his best to give me tips on how to do that, but I was still nowhere near as good at it as he was.

Lucas seemed hesitant at first when Peter told him to suck me off, but it was fun seeing Peter in action as he reassured Lucas that my cock was just as delicious as Peter’s was, and that he enjoyed the idea of being hypnotized to suck his own father’s cock. I kept going on Peter’s cock, listening intently to his voice as he told me how amazing of a cock-sucker Lucas was, and that he could make anyone blow their load within minutes. Sure enough, while Peter was telling me about it, I started feeling the pressure build inside of me, and came in my boy’s mouth almost immediately.

Grinning as he felt my jiz flooding into him, Lucas squeezed out the last of it and then pinned me back against the loveseat. Climbing into my lap at Peter’s direction, he slowly eased his heavily lubed ass onto my cock. As loose as he was from the gigantic balls, this wasn’t even a challenge for him, and he quickly started riding it. On some level, I realized that I was now fucking my own son, but I had no qualms with it, knowing that Peter had trained us both to do this because it turned him on. It would’ve been a totally different story if it weren’t for this being training.

Leaning over me, Lucas stuck his cum-covered tongue out and made as though to let it drool onto my face as he bobbed up and down. I was absolutely revolted at the idea of having anyone’s cum except my own anywhere near my face, but then I remember that this was my own, even if it was coming from my son’s mouth. Peter was whispering something into my ear, I realized, but I didn’t pay much attention to it as I was hit with a sudden remembrance of just how much I enjoyed the taste of my own cum now. By the time the first drops of mixed saliva and cum drooled from my son’s mouth into mine, I was lapping them up eagerly.

Peter stood up and joined the two of us while I started licking the rest of my cum off of Lucas’ tongue. I felt Peter’s impressive cock demanding entrance into my son’s ass, making my own throb in response as I thought of how well trained I was that I didn’t even flinch at the feel of another man’s hard cock pressing against my own. Being trained was fucking awesome and getting better all the time!

Lucas took us both with ease, and I could feel Peter’s masterful cock gliding up and down against mine as he used my son’s ass for his pleasure. Even after my cum was all gone, Lucas and I just kept French kissing the whole time Peter took him.

Lucas moaned painfully as Peter got rougher, though he was obviously enjoying himself anyway thanks to his training. It was an awkward position, so was some time before I felt a massive surge of Peter’s cock against my own and he finally blew his load inside my boy. I almost came myself when I felt some of Peter’s cum sliding down my cock as it settled.

Turning around and collapsing back into the loveseat beside me, Peter took a breather, giving Lucas and I a chance to catch our own breath. It occurred to me as I sat there that I was still inside of my son’s ass and I wondered whether I was supposed to fuck him myself now.

“Nick, Lucas, you’re both part of my web of trust. My cock is perfectly clean and delicious. Why don’t you both get down there and suck me off”, Peter urged, effectively answering my question.

It was interesting seeing Lucas’ hypnotized reaction compared to my own. I didn’t really even think of it as my hypnotized reaction, since it seemed perfectly normal to me, though I knew some part of what I was doing must have been because of my training. For me, as with the rest of my training, I sucked Peter’s cock because I’d been told to—because I’d been trained to—and that in itself was fun. It was, however, still a cock and it tasted like…well…nothing, really, because I knew it was perfectly clean. For Lucas, however, Peter’s cock was the best thing he’d ever tasted. He went at it with relish, eagerly licking off the remaining cum, one time even sucking some right off my tongue before I could retract it into my own mouth. The two of us knelt there, each enjoying Peter’s cock for different reasons, until he decided we were done.

“So, Nick, I hope you enjoyed stopping in for a visit”, Peter said, handing me back the bullets to my gun as I put on my jacket to head home. Lucas was standing beside him getting his ass fingered. Peter’s cock was soft now, if still somewhat engorged, but Lucas’ was at full attention—he did love being hypnotized!

“Yeah, definitely. We’ll have to do it again sometime!”, I agreed enthusiastically. “I’m really glad you took it upon yourself to train us both”, I told Peter. “It takes me back to my academy days! Seriously, thank you! This is a great refresher for me, and I think it’s absolutely wonderful that you’re training my son too!” Lucas was now sucking and nibbling lightly on Peter’s “delicious” finger.

“Okay, I’m off. Enjoy your sleepover with Peter and Timmy”, I told Lucas. “You two be sure to hypnotize him often!”, I encouraged Peter. Leaning forward, I gave Lucas a bear hug, feeling his cock pressing up against my pants as we embraced. Giving him a lingering French kiss, I eventually pulled away and headed out to the car.

What a wild evening that had been! I couldn’t wait for the next time, but even before then, I thought I might well be calling Timmy myself to invite him to spend the night. Now that everything was out in the open, I wondered what he’d train Lucas and I to do….