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The Ladies of Victory #1: The Influence of Social Media

by TheStork

Added 18 November 2023

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A new super-villain and his busty, bimbo, brainwashed henchwomen are easily stopped by the resident team of heroines, The Ladies of Victory. Chloe and her teammates, satisfied with a job well done, settle back into their daily routine which for her includes going back to class at the local university. It looks to be another boring regular day, if everyone else could remember they’re at a school and just get off their phones...

Chapter Length Added
Chapter 1 9416 words 18 Nov 2023
Chapter 2 10928 words 18 Nov 2023
Chapter 3 10480 words 18 Nov 2023
Chapter 4 13098 words 18 Nov 2023
Chapter 5 4942 words 18 Nov 2023