The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

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A1 Bots, Inc. mc mf md rb
The Adventures of Carmine Belch, PI: If I Had a Nipple for Every Time… mc ff rb
The Adventures of Eggy Remixed — Book 4 — Vicky’s Week mc mf ff md fd hu hm gr la bd rb
All My Sins in Silver mc mf md rb
Androids R Us mc ff rb
Angela’s Harem Outfit mc mf md fd rb sf gr
Another Day of Filming...? mc mf md rb
Athame mc ff sf rb
Attachments and Other Options mc mf md rb
Autonomy mc ff rb
The Bank (Roboman127) mc ff rb
Beating the.... Christmas Rush: A Perfect World Christmas mc mf md fd rb
Beauty Contest mc mf md rb
Becoming a Robot.....At Last! mc mf md rb
Bedazzled (Mr. Scade) mc ff ft rb
Being a Drone mc mf gr rb sf
Being Human mc mf md sf rb
The Benefits of a Health Spa mc mf ff md fd rb
The Best Damned Sex-Bot Ever mc mf ff rb
Betsy Visits River City mc mf ff mm md fd ds bd gr be rb ts sc cb hu
Bike Sycophants mc mm rb
The Bimborg mc mf ff md rb
Bimborg 2: Invasion of the Bawdy Snatch-Revelers mc mf md rb gr
Black Ops: Sabre mc mf ff md rb
Blob’s Story mc mf md rb
Blue-Lit Room mc mf md bd ft rb
BODI — Body On Demand Inc. mc ff mf rb ft
The Body Electric mc mf ff fd ma rb
Bottie and Soul mc ff mf fd rb sf la
Brain Trust : Reality Is Overrated mc mf ff md la rb
Breezing By mc mf md fd rb ds
Bubble Universe mc mf md ts sf rb
A Budding Film Star mc mf md rb
Bypass The Subconscious mc mf md rb bd
Captain Amy mc ff rb
Carnigals mc mf md fd rb
The Carolina Experiment mc mf md fd rb
The Chip mc mf md rb
The Choice: Roger Takes Silver but Goes for Gold mc mf md sf rb
Choose Your Own Transformation: Building a Better Relationship mc mf md rb
Chrome mc mf md rb
Cloned mc mf ff md fd rb
The Club (Roboman127) mc ff rb sf
Commuter Transmute Her mc mf ff rb
Compliant mc ff rb
Computer Virus mc mf md rb
Confessions of a Robo-Hottie mc ff rb sf bd ds
The Contest mc ff gr rb fu ft
The Convention mc ma rb fd
Conversion mc mf md rb
Copy mc mf md rb
Creating A Fantasy Girl mc ff rb
Crescent City Stories: What the Villains Did Next mc ff mf bd cb rb
Crimson Azure mc mf md rb
The Cutler Chronicles: Devotee 15 mc mf mm fd bd gr hm rb
Dedicated to Their Duty mc ff rb
Digits mc mf ff md ft rb
Djinn-ding Machine mc mf ff mm ma gr hu bd ft ex ts la rb fu be
Doctor, Doctor! mc mf ff md rb ft
Doll Parts mc ff ma rb
Dolly Mommy mc mf fd rb
Dr. Tereon’s New Creation mc ff fu rb
Dressing Deborah mc ft rb
Driven mc mm rb
Droids R Us mc mf md in rb sf
DTA: Don’t Trust Anyone mc mf md rb
Educating Kandice mc mf md rb
Eight to Five mc mf gr rb
Emma and the Celestial Gynarchy mc ff ft bd rb
Emma and the New World Order mc ff rb sf
Emma and the Tholian Webinar mc ff rb sf
Emulator mc mf md rb
Enciphered mc ff bd rb
The Enemy Of My Enemy… mc ff rb sf
Entry to the Brotherhood mc mm sf rb
Errant mc ff sf rb
Experimental Interface mc mf ff md gr ma in rb
Face to Face mc mf md rb
Fancy Dress Frolics mc mf md rb gr
Fast Cars...Faster Women mc md ma rb sf
Flashes of Silver: A Garden Anthology mc mf ff md fd in rb
Fleshlight mc ma rb sf
Forever Your Girl mc mf md cb rb
Free Willie mc mf ff rb
Game City mc mf rb
Girl Crush mc ff rb
Girl Next Door (Jukebox) mc mf ff fd ma rb
Girls Are Always Right mc mf fd rb
Girls Girls Girls mc ff mf fd ma rb
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun mc mf fd rb
Girls With Guns (Jukebox) mc mf fd rb
Goddess from the Machine mc mf fd rb sf
Goldilocks mc ma sf rb
The Great Debate mc mf md ft bd ds ex rb sf ts
Happy Little Helper mc mf md rb
Harnessing a Fembot Army mc mf md rb
The Harvesters (Roboman127) mc ff rb sf
Hijacked mc mm rb
Hillbilly Dominatrix mc mf ff fd ft rb hu
Hired Help mc ff ft rb
His Living Doll mc mf md rb
Hive Mind mc ff mf fd hu rb sf
Hornet’s Nest mc ff rb ft sf
Hotel Receptionist mc ff rb
Hotel Robotica mc mf md rb
House Of Dolls mc ff rb
How Badly Do You Need a Loan? mc ff rb
How I Became A Teenage Robot mc mf md rb
Human mc mf ff gr ft rb
Human Pet mc mf md rb
Humanity mc ff rb sf
Hypnotic Doll mc mf fd sf rb
I Am a Drone mc mf ff md fd rb
I Dream of Wires mc ff rb
I Just Can’t Say No mc mf ff md in ds rb
I Married a BrothelBot from Outer Space mc ff rb sf
I Robot? (Wesley King) mc mf ff md rb
I Was Made For Loving You mc mf md rb
I-Toys mc mf ff mm fd md gr ma rb sf hu
Implications of a Well Meant Present mc mf ff fd ft rb
In a Perfect World mc mf md fd rb ft
In The Back of My Mind mc ff rb
Inevitability mc mf md gr ft rb
Institute of Improvement mc mf ff rb ft
An interesting visit to Mistress R mc mf fd bd rb
Jane’s New Job mc mf md fd rb
Jessica’s Summer Internship mc ff rb ft
Joseph — The Programmable Boy mc mm rb
Julie’s Gifts mc mf md rb ft
Just Add Water mc mf rb
K-9 Unit mc mm sf rb
Karen On Loan mc ff ft rb
The Kind Men Like mc ff rb
The Kind of Girl I Could Love mc ff rb
The Ladies’ Man mc mf md rb
The Last of the Masters mc mf ff md rb sf
The Legend of Lecherous Lenny, the Lascivious Leprechaun mc mf ff rb gr hu ex
Lesbian Robot Women from Outer Space mc ff rb fu sf hu
Libyan Girl Bully’s Slave mc ff bd hm rb
LIDA IX mc ff rb sf
Little Friends mc mm rb
LivingSilicone mc ff rb gr ma
Lojacked mc mm rb gr
Love You in Latex mc mf md ft rb
Mac’s Vacation mc mm rb
Made For Duty mc mf ff md rb
Made for Pleasure mc mf md rb sf hu
Made for Pleasure (FF Version) mc ff rb sf hu
Maid mc mf ff rb
Maid to Steal mc mf ff md rb
The Making of Lesbot J4n3 mc ff mm mf rb fd
Man and Machine mc mf sf rb
Mechanica’s Maelstrom (Challenge Rating: Thirty) mc ff cb rb
The Meeting of Two Minds mc mf md rb
Merchandise (Tang) mc mf md ft rb sf
The Merits of Military Training mc mf md rb
Metal Harvest mc mm rb sf
Metal Harvest 2.0 mc mf rb
Metal Harvest Beta: Earth Defense Force mc mm rb
Metal Maid mc mf md rb
Metallic Mayhem mc mm rb
Micki — If That Is Your Real Name mc mf md rb
Million Dollar Cherry: Special Presentation mc ff rb
Mind Control Interface mc mf md gr rb sf
The Mind Control Powers Of One Cassandra Wentworth mc ff in gr la rb
The Mind Enhancer mc ff rb
Mistress Inc. mc ff ft rb
My Girl Imogen mc mf md rb
My Life As A Robot mc mf md rb
My Name is #304842 mc rb
MyBot mc ff rb
MyBot: Three Reasons mc ff mf fd rb
Mysterious Suits mc mf ff md rb ft
The Nanny mc ff rb
Nanonanny mc ff rb
Never Talk to Strangers mc mf md rb
New Assignment mc ff ft rb
The New Housemaid mc mf ff md fd rb
The New Job (Roboman127) mc ff rb sf
The New Job... (LatexDude) mc mm ft rb
New Life (Robotunit8) mc mf ff rb
A New Menu Item—Adventures in Sushi mc ff rb
The New Shower mc mf md in gr rb
Nick Vegas Must Die mc ff ft ws hu rb
No Time for Boys mc mf md rb
Nothingness mc ff rb
Nu-Wife, Inc. mc mf md ft rb
Number 16 mc mm ft rb
Number 17 mc ff ft rb
The Offer mc mf md fd rb
The Offer, Part 2 mc mf md fd rb
The Offer, Part 3 mc mf md fd rb
One Quick Shower Later... mc ff rb
One Way to Cure Those Pre-Wedding Nerves mc mf md rb
Out of Mind-Control — A Murder Mystery mc ff mf ft rb
Overwrite mc mf md rb
Panic Button mc ff mf md fd rb
Penny’s Turn-On mc mf ff md rb
The Perfect Body mc mf md rb
The Perfect Guy mc mf ff md fd rb
The Perfect Roommate mc mf fd rb
Personal Companion Unit SX-69 mc mf mm ff md fd rb
Pleasure Crews of the Ultimate LoveDolls mc mf ff md rb ft
Pleasure of Business mc mf md rb ft
The Pleasure Toy mc mf ff md rb
Pleasurebot 8 mc mf md rb
Possessing Katy’s breasts mc ff mf fd gr la sf rb
Presents for my Piano Teacher mc ff hm rb ft
A Pretty Doll’s Soul mc mf rb
The Prodigal Slave mc mf fd rb
The Product mc mf md ma in rb
Project 26X mc mf fd rb
Project Sexbot mc mc mf rb
Property of Sun Central mc ff rb
Psyche vs. Robotica: Only Human mc mf md cb rb
Psychogynecology mc mf ff rb sf
Psychophrenia mc ff cb rb
Puppet of His Master mc mm sf rb
The Quantum Leap mc mf md sf rb
Rachel’s New Figure mc mf md rb gr
Raggedy Anne mc ff gr rb
Random Tales from Exhibitions mc mf ff md fd rb
Re-creational Resort mc mf md ft rb
A Real World Robotisation mc rb
Red Buttons mc mf md rb
Remote Control Mommy mc mf md rb
Remote Location mc mf md fd rb
Resistance and Nothingness mc ff rb
The Resort mc mf md rb
Retailing mc mf md rb
Return of the Ultimate LoveDolls mc mf md bd gr rb
Rick Summer, Ace Detective mc mf md rb sf
Rise of the Tessabots mc mf fd rb
River City Stories: An Anthology mc mf ff md fd rb cb
Roaming Canvas mc fd ma ft ex ds rb
The Robot Teacher mc mf md rb
Room Number 8 mc rb
Rouge mc ff rb
The Runaway mc mf ff md rb
S.I.R.E.N. mc ff rb
Sabrina’s Robounit mc ff ft rb
Seduced by Silver mc ff ft rb
See-Saw mc mf ff md fd gr rb
The Sereotech Affair mc mf md ft rb
Sex Machine (Lisa Teez) mc ff rb
Sexbots In Space mc ff ft rb
Sexbots In Space: Sensuous Slime mc ma rb ft
Sharon, Helena, and Monica mc ff in bd rb
Shiny Happy People mc ma rb
Simon mc mm rb
A Sister-In-Law to Worship mc mf ff fd ft rb
Software Blunders mc mf md rb
Software Support mc mf rb
Some Annoying Aliens mc mf md fd sf hu ma rb
Sometimes It’s What’s Inside That Counts mc mf md rb
Stacie Sex Toy mc mf ff md rb
Stephanie’s New Master mc mf md rb
Student-Teacher Relationship mc mf md rb
Synthetic mc ff rb
Synthetic (MoldedMind) mc ff rb
The Takeover (anonymousarchitects) mc mm gr sf rb
Tether mc ff rb in
The Third Dimension mc md rb
Tiffany Red Vs. Sonya Green—Spy on Spy mc ff hu ds rb sf
Tiger Eyes mc mf mm ff md fd rb in ft
To Serve Master mc mf fd rb
Total Reconditioning mc ff mf fd rb ft
Traci’s Toy mc ff rb
The Transformation of a Superheroine mc mf md gr cb rb
Trinity B mc mf md rb
Trojan Doll mc mf gr rb
Trying Life as a Fucktoy, Be Careful What You Wish For! mc mf md rb
Two A.M. Sushi: A Supermarket Love Story mc mf rb
The Ultimate Lovedoll mc mf ff md bd rb
Unfettered mc ff ma cb la gr rb ft
Uniforms Control Your Mind mc ff mf fd in rb ma ds ft
User Manual mc mf md rb
Visual Aid mc mf md fd ft rb
Void mc rb
Wares mc bd ds rb
Watchwork Dolls mc ff mf md rb
The Way We Whirr mc mf md ma ex rb hu cb
A Weird Day Walking the Dog mc ff ft hm ft gr rb
Welcome to Rothlord Academy mc mf ff md ma ds ex ft in rb
Well It’s Somewhere to Stay for the Last Couple of Nights! mc mf ff md rb
What a Girl Wants (Jukebox) mc ff sf rb
What Girl Is This? mc mf md rb ds
A Wish Comes True mc rb
Women’s Lubrication Movement mc mf ff md ma fd rb ts
Wynter’s Slavery mc ma ex ft hm fu gr rb
Your Deepest Fantasy mc ff ft rb
You’re Not an Ordinary Girl mc ff rb