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Stepford’s Agony Aunt

Chapter Seven

Dear Agatha

Okay major problem, my body’s still aggressively developing. Three days after buying that bigger bra, my boobs burst out of it and my Mom laughed and said, “It’s back to the bra shop with you, young lady.”

She insists I’m way too old for the tomboy crap anyway, and she’s parading me around in high heels and dresses. I suppose I should be mad, in theory, no nonsense Harry should be allergic to the girly stuff, but nowadays I don’t hate it as much.

Maybe it’s that I’m still reeling from ballooning into a bosomy lady, maybe it’s that I’m too dazed and confused and maybe it’s um…

That guy I like. He might like the new me.

Me and him have been talking like crazy over the phone, sometimes he’s telling me how much he misses me. Sure, he’s having a great time meeting people and all, but it’s not the same without his best friend. Yeah, I’m his best friend, I can live with that, and chatting over the phone makes it okay.

I mean lying on my bed and hearing his voice makes me purr, makes me…well you know what we girls do when we’re alone, picturing guys who drive us wild.

He’s been making me jealous too, when he talks with joy about recruiting cute girls into the Stepford flock, I wanna yell out “You think she’s something, wait till you see the new me!”

But I’m keeping this a secret from him, I really wanna surprise him, you know.

I’m feeling sexy these days too. I’ve caught myself posing in front of my bedroom mirror a few times. God, I should hate myself for acting girly, I’m supposed to be a tomboy. I hated those vain bitches back in my old school but Christ nowadays I can understand that whole “if you’ve got it, flaunt it” routine! Being sexy and knowing people find you sexy feels kinda nice. It’s something I’ve never felt before.

So yeah, discovering my feminine side isn’t that bad a deal. It’s just I don’t know how feminine I’m going to get.

* * *
Dear Harriet

I’m so thrilled to hear about your progress, goodness, doesn’t embracing the real you feel so delightful? Many a girl denies her femininity for most of her adolescence but when she finally gives in, she discovers it’s the most natural thing in the world.

Your Mom’s happy and when that guy you like gets back, he’ll simply adore the new you.

Please keep me posted on your progress love, don’t worry about how far your body’s changing, just go along for the ride.

* * *
Dear Agatha

I should be ashamed that I’ve gotten fired from my job but it’s more like I lost interest and stopped coming.

I don’t regret leaving that particular post really, it’s just now I’m totally at the mercy of my boss, I asked him how I could hope to pay the rent on my apartment, and he laughed and told me to come live with him.

Which I have, and it’s been everything I feared it would be. I’m mad at how happy I am; I live with a wonderful provider, in the richest part of town. I’m safe and stress free, waking up every morning and knowing I’ll never have to go back to that horrible office, and keeping my boss’s home spic and span is nothing short of bliss. Making a perfect meal, seeing his face light up when he takes that first bite warms my heart and knowing that afterwards he’ll carry me upstairs for a passionate fucking session is just too much!

God it’s been a year since I first slept with him, but the sex hasn’t tapered off, if anything it’s gotten more intense, and no protection means…

Yeah, I feel a longing whenever I see babies in push prams mixed with envy at their happy mothers.

It’s just that I was going through my old belongings yesterday and I found a graduation photograph. There I was, the young ambitious go getter, ready to roar, and as I looked into the mirror at the new me, I sobbed.

God what happened? This isn’t what I wanted, I’m happy but it feels like I’m being forced to be happy and that deep down the real me is weeping.

Please. I need someone, anyone sane.

* * *
Dear Zooey

Ah my dear, don’t worry, it’s normal to feel a little conflicted. We’ve all got a case of failed dreams and ambitions, but this is just a phase, it’ll soon pass and then you’ll be perfectly happy.

I wouldn’t worry too much, just keep making sure your hubby merrily screws you and soon when you hold that baby up against your breast, you’ll feel nothing but contentment and raising a child means you won’t have time to think.

Best wishes
* * *
Dear Agatha

We just had another cock sucking lesson in class, and guess who joined us?

It was him, that cute hottie who attended the final meeting of the “Fuck Stepford” group, he just stood there, and oh god I swear he locked eyes with me, making me go weak and shake a little as the professor announced he had a special request.

He hadn’t taken his gaze from mine and he pointed and said, “I want you!”

“Wh-what?” I managed to stammer out

The dude pulled up his shirt, so tight against his powerful chest and then unbuckling his belt, shoved down his jeans. Oh jeez, he stood like a Greek statue, his cock was erect and straining hard…

“Suck it.”

Before I could respond, a dozen arms were upon me, shoving me forwards. And when I stood in front of him, I was aware that my classmates, my professor and this handsome Adonis, were all waiting for me to…

Oh god I don’t know what came over me, but I dropped to my knees and just stared at his uncircumcised cock, so BIG, smooth and tight with such a strong manly smell. Feeling hot and light-headed, my jaw slowly dropped and…

I took his prick in my mouth to the cheers and yoops from the class. Oh, the smile of approval he gave me as I caressed his large balls was wonderful and I gagged when he shoved my head against his beast as it twitched and shot out jet after jet of semen. I thought I’d throw up, but I held fast and encouraged by the audience’s chanting gulped down buckets of cum. Goddamn it tasted fantastic, made me feel energized and ready to run a million miles.

As I finished and rose on light legs, the handsome hunk pinched my cheek and said, “That’s was amazing girl.”

That made me blush and giggle, and in a merry daze I walked back to my seat to thunderous applause.

It’s crazy but I haven’t felt this good in a really long time and ever since I drank his jizz, something in my mind’s clicked and class now makes perfect sense. I’ve improved a lot, in terms of baking or washing clothes, my professor has slapped my shoulder and said, “See I knew you’d get the hang of it in the end.”

Her validation was so satisfying.

But don’t think this means I’ve given in, I’m just letting you know, that the Stepford way wasn’t as bad as I first thought, just a little misguided. but that’s all. I’m still going to resist.

Best wishes
* * *
Dear Brix

Ah now, didn’t I say giving in would lead to happiness and if it’s all right with you, I think you’d ought to share your experience with the world and let them know just how wonderful the Stepford way can be.

After all pride is a dangerous thing and conformity can be virtuous. Dare say we need a poster girl or two, care to partake?

* * *
Dear Agatha

There is something very sinister going on in your town.

Last afternoon I was in a little café right on the square where the First Church sits, ordering a latte and going over a few documents. Now as I sat back in my chair and thinking how sick I was of this place, I stared out of the window, and noticed a sedan, pull over by the kerb. A stern looking middle age couple emerged and then alarmingly dragged out a very destressed girl.

She was red faced with tears rolling down her cheeks “I’m not going, you can’t make me!” she cried out.

I stood up to watch as her father dragged her in a tight grip, her mother, annoyed but trying to remain calm, helped by shoving the girl forward.

I turned to the door, ready to leave the café, ready to find out what was going on, but a firm force pressed against my shoulder and pushed me back down on my seat.

“Don’t interfere” the man sniffed.

Yeah, another gym addict, another frat-bro, bossing me around.

“That’s just family business,” he grunted “don’t get involved.”

Another stern looking man had stood up and was blocking the front door, like a bouncer guarding backstage.

It was clear that everybody in that café, Stepford locals all of them, were looking at me with a threatening expression that adults usually reserve for disobedient children. Looking out of the window, I saw the family slowly advancing towards the church, the unwilling daughter being dragged and shoved every step of the way.

As the family passed through the threshold and the church doors closed behind them, the man blocking the café’s entrance, sat down, at last allowing me to leave. Which I did, shuddering all the while from the dozens of cold stares.

I cleared the square, knocked on the doors of the church, but got no response.

I waited for five minutes, hammering on the door a few times but still nothing.

What was going on?

Even walking around the clattered building and peeking in through the windows gave no clues. Some rooms had their blinds drawn and others were in total darkness.

Whatever happened in that Church, they didn’t want it to be seen.

Well I waited on a park bench for a while. Had my phone out and was begging friends from college to let me stay with them when after an hour, the church doors opened and the family emerged, but get this, the girl was now merrily leading the way.

I gulped, the sobbing wreck had become ecstasy itself and before she had been cladded in jeans and a T-shirt, she was now dressed in a pink skirt and cardigan, total teen bop.

But that was nothing to her changed figure, previously I had seen a skinny, flat chested kid, now she was pure hourglass, her clothes tightly hugged her curvy frame and even her face seemed different.

Unless my memory’s faulty, the impossible has happened. She’s been given a rhinoplasty in addition to a boob job in under an hour.

Oh man.

Just what’s going on in that church Agatha? Are people (and I don’t mean to sound melodramatic) being brainwashed and altered in some way? The hostility displayed by the locals scares me too, and I don’t think I’m welcome here anymore either.

* * *
Dear Thad

Well what’s the problem? The girl was miserable and now she’s happy.

And that she changed in the blink of an eye, are you sure you’re not seeing things? Sometimes a changed in outfit and attitude can make someone seem completely different. And naturally kids grow up so, fast don’t they?

You need to relax honey, try having a lie down, your suspicions honestly seem a tad foolish. And you have to admit, sticking your nose in a private family affair can come across as frankly a bit rude.

My advice is to be more accepting of Stepford’s way of discipline, and that what goes on in a family stays in that family.