The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Stepford’s Agony Aunt

Chapter Eight

Dear Agatha

I don’t know how it happened but as I was sitting in class, one of the cheerleaders whom I thought I had nothing in common with, called me over to her table and told me I looked a little lonely. Since my crush is still out on missionary work, I found that I did need somebody to talk to and before I knew it, I was chatting with her and her pals.

I mean just hanging out with them, gossiping and joking and stuff. Never had any real girlfriends before but these girls are kinda cool.

It’s funny, when you hang out with somebody, you start picking up their habits. I was chewing the cud with one of the girls last week, when she told me I was beautiful, but I didn’t know how to own it. So, I was talked into trying on makeup. I didn’t protest because I wanted to be nice and I’ll admit I did look kind of pretty when she was done with me.

You can see where this is going, waking up next morning I felt naked without makeup. Yeah, I hate the stuff but still I sat myself down and attempted to doll up my face five times before I was satisfied with the results.

Hell, Mom gave a glowing nod when I walked out the front door. And other folk at school or around town did likewise which despite my stubbornness, made me proud and happy. So, I now put on makeup every day as a matter of habit.

And when I outgrew my bras and panties yet again, (my friends told me that they went through second puberties too, which makes me feel less of a freak) they took me on a full day trip to the mall.

God, you’ve seen those chick-flicks where the ladies have a clothes shopping montage. Yeah, that was us, trying on all kinds of cool outfits, I mean that cute little skirt called to me and I knew I could rock that yellow sweater! Was I betraying the tomboy code? It’s hard to care when you’re having a blast!

Plus stepping out of the changing room, striking a pose and watching the girls applaud was like a hit of pure cocaine. God is this what I’ve been missing?

Nail manicures, gossip, chick flicks and girly TV shows, chatting about which boy is the cutest. Girl-World is a sphere I’ve always disdained but now I realise, it’s pretty damn amazing. Plus, I can see I’ve got myself a bad case of arrested feminine development and these girls are helping me make up for lost time.

Sorry for the ramble but gosh, this has been one long and thrilling month.

Best wishes
* * *
Dear Harriet

Oh, my word, I’m so pleased to hear you’re having such a wonderful time being girly. Once you try it, you’re hooked.

And don’t worry, us folk at Stepford understand completely if you’re a little awkward at being feminine, just give it a few weeks and you’ll be a pro.

It’s great that you’ve made some new friends too, they’ll be more than happy to guide you through the confusing but rewarding experience of being a woman.

Best wishes,
* * *
Dear Agatha

Fuck you.

This morning, I woke up in the arms of that bigoted monster and in a burst of clarity, I remembered who I really am, and I shudder at the monotony of my life. Why the fuck would I ever consider sitting in a house and cleaning shit paradise?

I’m going home, currently on a train travelling back to my sister’s place and then I’ll let people know just what exactly Stepford Inc is doing to women.

Yeah, they’re coming for you, bitch!

* * *
Dear Zooey

Oh, I’ll doubt you’ll read this letter but fine by all means my dear run away, goodness knows plenty of confused women do likewise, they all come crawling back of course. You’ll find yourself missing the Stepford way too.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: the big secret about Stepford is that there are no secrets! Truth is there’s no brainwashing or anything unnatural about us, rather our way of life is very natural and healthy. The reason why someone like you found yourself gradually adapting to it, is that deep down you’ve always wanted this life.

Yes, I’m sorry to say but you are a woman, and every woman needs a strong man. Even though she may profess feminism and independence, deep down she longs for a dominant, masculine husband to put her in her place.

Stubborn pride got to you, oh modern society told you to be self-sufficient but when you met a real man, your deep-rooted feminine instincts eventually eroded your pride. It’s been a slow process, and this last gasp won’t last. You may hate to hear it, but you’ll soon fully submit to your husband and completely embrace this better lifestyle.

Talk to you soon,
* * *
Dear Agatha

My life’s taken a sharp turn!

Attending yet another lecture where a number of girls sucked cocks left me feeling so horny, but when I came home for a marathon wanking session, I noticed the trash hadn’t been taken out and that the living room carpet seemed a tad muddy.

(I’d best explain that I live in a shared student house with two sloths, so it’s always a dump.)

I had some growing OCD which I tried to ignore but as I lay on my bed and kept on wanking, I found I couldn’t get the state of the house out of my mind and jerking off was useless because I couldn’t cum.

So, what did I do? Got out the hoover and dustpan and spent hours, making the place spick and span like a mindless little housewife.

It felt stupid but I had to, felt I couldn’t cum otherwise.

It was when I was elbow deep in dirty dishes, that I heard the jangle of keys in the front door and someone marched down the hall into the kitchen.

Oh god it was him, that handsome guy who I blew in class. He didn’t have that boy band aura anymore but looked manlier and sterner. I felt this overwhelming sense of authority exude from him and it made my legs tremble.

This guy smiled at me, probably at how housewifely I now was, like he had expected it. He then yawned and said “I’ll be in the living room. Oh, and I’d love a glass of scotch.”

That entitled, condescending tone annoyed me, but I was horny, doing the housework had increase my arousal and his command brought it to unbearable levels.

I should have flat out told him to get out of my house but instead I cursed that we were out of scotch. Not missing a beat, I ran out of the backdoor, crossed over to the corner store just a block away and hastily purchased a crate of the stuff.

I felt proud, really proud that it took me less than five minutes to conjure up the requested drink. Strolling into the living room with the glass of scotch on a silver tray, I presented it to the man like a dutiful little waitress.

As he took the glass from my tray, I don’t know why but I fell to my knees by some deep-rooted womanly instinct. Sipping it, he remarked it wasn’t bad, and a wave of relief washed over me as he then told me to return to my work.

I gladly did so, carefully scrubbing and washing the dishes and cutlery, burning with pleasure before he called me back into the living room. I almost bounded in, ready to obey him.

“Bend over,” he commanded

I didn’t need any further instructions, I spun around and lifting up my skirt, dropped to my knees and gasped as he violently tore off my panties before oh god, he shoved his large, and I mean LARGE cock into my tight twat.

He fucked me, fucked me in ways I’d never been fucked before. It was amazing, my rubber gloved fingers dug into the carpet, my tongue hung open as I panted like the obedient bitch I was.

My master slammed into me, dominated me, screwed me senseless as if I were his own personal cum bucket. It was humiliating, degrading and I loved it. I felt so powerless, so helpless, so completely and utterly at his mercy and let me tell you every second was bliss.

As he erupted into me, I felt such great pride in helping my master cum, but it wasn’t enough.

I whimpered.

“What’s wrong?” asked Master

“I-I…” I said “I haven’t…”

I felt so selfish focusing on my own pleasure.

“What?” he demanded, “Tell me.”

“I haven’t cum,” I replied

He laughed, a deep throaty laugh and then vigorously rubbed my lips and as his fingers pinched my throbbing clit, he firmly stated, “Now you may cum!”

That command allowed me to climax. I yelled and the world shook, walls shattered, mountains moved as the most intense, mind blowing orgasm I had ever experience tore me in two.

I wept tears of ecstasy and screamed my voice hoarse as I collapsed on the floor, cum dripping out of my battered pussy whilst Master surveyed me in satisfaction.

He stood up, zipping up his trousers before demanding that I: “Clean up this mess.”

“Yes, master” I dutifully replied.

Well that was a week ago, and so far, ever day has been just as brilliant.

I hate to admit it but you dear Agatha were right. As a woman complete and total submission to a real man made me happier than I’ve ever been. I was a total fool as a feminist, thinking men and women could stand toe to toe when the greater joy for female kind is to admit their inferiority and throw themselves at the feet of men worthy to bow down to.

Thank you for all your advice and I’m sorry, I was so rude to you. I still do have a few nagging doubts but by and large life makes so much more sense now.

Sincerely yours,
* * *
Dear Brix

Ah see now, wasn’t that fun and golly your letter brings a smile to my heart as I recall the early days of my marriage. Goodness weren’t they wonderful, still are as a matter of fact.

The best part of this utter bliss is that it’ll never leave, and you’ll never regret it, trust me. And let’s not forget the joys of your hubby kissing your big fat belly and then hearing the pitter-patter of tiny feet.

Don’t worry about those lingering doubts either love, they’ll soon pop like bubbles and then you’ll feel just great.

Lots of love
* * *
Dear Agatha

I failed, I completely failed. I’ve doomed myself and my girlfriend and that’s all that can be said about it.

I kept observing that church, noting how it was usually the most stubborn and angry people being forced to visit and then they’d leave as merry natives.

They’re betrayed by their families and friends, parents turn on their kids, husbands discipline their wives. My mistake was thinking my own father at least wouldn’t stoop so low, but he could, and he has.

Let me explain, this morning, I was killing time at the shopping mall when I got a phone call from a friend of mine, telling me that his roommate had moved out and he now had a room going spare so would Susie and I like to hang at his place for a few weeks before the next semester started?

Fuck yeah, was my response.

So, I texted Dad, letting him know of the change in arrangement, saying how sorry I was but I was going off to hang with my friends. And Dad replied telling me it was a little late for that.

Odd response, and the old man wore a smug expression when I turned up back at his place.

“Son, son,” he chuckled “You wanna leave? Fine, go right ahead, but I think your girlfriend might have different ideas. She’s been over at that church and has had a talk with the elders.”

When he mentioned the church, I felt an icy stab in my heart, Oh, god, I hadn’t spoken to Susie that day. We hadn’t been talking to each other for a while and my Dad had…I must have looked mad because he was saying stuff like: “Hey, I didn’t lay a finger on her. I’ve got my principles; a father doesn’t intrude on his son’s territory! She’s in your bedroom waiting for you.”

Had I been a bit smarter, I would have just fled that house there and then, because if Susie had already visited the Church she was already a lost cause, but I think I had some idea that if I whisked her away from Stepford, she might recover. Hell, at this point I didn’t know the extent of what had happened to her.

So, I flew up the stairs, opened my bedroom door and did a double take. For sitting upon the bed was a beautiful woman, who I did not recognise at all.

“Hi Thad,” she said in a breathy voice “good to see you.”

I blinked because this bombshell was my girlfriend! Plump lips, healthy pink skin, blonde hair cascading down her shoulders in rich waves rather than the dandruff ridden mess it had always been. No shredded jeans or Dragon Ball T-shirt, no more wristbands or glasses. She wore a black and white checker dress that clung to her curvaceous figure and that photogenic quality which shines from all the locals now illuminated from her.

Yes, I should have run away, knowing she was beyond hope, but I was too shocked to think straight! All I could do was shake my head and ask what had those bastards at the church done to her. She giggled and said “Nothing, I just grew up is all.”

Oh god, this was terrible! There I stood, trying not to cry, cursing this town whilst a complete stranger cooed at how great she felt and how we completely misjudged Stepford. God, I don’t know why but I scooped Susie up in my arms and instantly realised that was a mistake.

I could smell her natural body odour, musky, warm and so soothing. She then smothered her breasts against my chest, pressing her crotch against mine.

“Oooh wanna hug?” she whispered, “or do you wanna do a bit more?”

Wham! My dick strained against my jeans, throbbing hard and aching for attention. Hadn’t been this aroused since I was fourteen, but still I shoved Susie away. She hit the mattress and laughed.

“Oh Thad, don’t you want to play with me?” she pouted, batting her eyelids.

Why was I so horny? I’ve seen sexy women before, but this was intense! Had to think about something else, had to remind Susie who she was.

I asked her what she thought about Dragon Ball, her favourite show ever. She frowned as if trying to recall something long ago, “Oh that silly Japanese cartoon?” she said at last “Barely remember it. Why?”

Now that should have frightened me, Dragon Ball had been a way of life to this girl, and yet despite my fear at what had happened to her and what they might do to me, somehow I found it a relief that my girlfriend no longer cared for anime and was in fact acting like…

Like a real woman, an adult? Oh god! Something strange was happening in my mind.

“Remember Star Trek,” I was clutching at straws now “you and me marathoned all the good Trek movies in a single sitting, best night of my life! I told you it made me so happy that I could share my love of Trek with someone. You said you were happy just spending time with me.”

Susie laughed a hearty ho-ho.

“Thad, if we had any sense, we should have ignored the TV and just focused on each other.”

She yawned a deep throaty yawn and kicking off her high heels added “All this recollection is boring. Why worry about the past? Let’s have some fun.”

She stretched out her arms in an inviting manner.

“I need you.”

I shuddered, I hated myself for preferring this new sexy Susie to the old one, but she certainly was no stunted adolescent.

Stunted adolescent? Did I just think that? Here was the beautiful cheerleader, not the dork from band practice. A real woman and…and…

She was all mine.

“Oh, poor boy,” she pursed her lips “still need some persuasion?”

Rising from the bed with a devilish grin she unzipped her dress, letting it fall to the ground, leaving her in her pink underwear. Ugh, I’m getting hard just picturing it, how she stood there, sporting wide hips, thick legs, and before she had been an ironing board, she now boasted a rack of bulbous udders.

“Aren’t you going to join me?” she pouted “I’m so lonely and you…” she snorted at the sight of my dick straining against my jeans “really need some help with that.”

I should have been aggrieved but the growing lust I felt was intoxicating.

God, do all red-blooded men feel this way? I almost cursed my adolescence years, all the time wasted locked up in my room watching goddamn Star Trek when I could have been dating a woman!

Yeah, I just insulted my favourite TV show of all time. But at that moment, I had a hot babe desiring me, it was getting harder to care about anything else.

“Oh shoot,” Susie frowned “I think this bra’s too tiny to contain my boobies.”

She unclasped her bra and then flashing a gleeful smile, let it fall to the ground, freeing her magnificent breasts.

God, they were big to be sure, hefty and oh…the lovely pink nipples hardened as soon as they hit the air, and her boobs swayed a little as she moved.

As intense images flashed through my mind, such as my cock wedged between those mammaries, I felt something strange going on in my pants. As my eyes were transfixed upon my girlfriend playfully flicking her nipples, I shoved my hands past my waistband, and shook at the confirmation. My dick had grown, not just gone erect, but physically had become bigger.

I was changing, transforming just like Susie. Whatever force lurks in this town and transforms normal people into mindless baby makers was now working on me. It had to be! Meaning that the real me would soon be dead and a brainless jock would take my place. In that moment I went as far as to contemplate running to the bathroom and opening up my wrists as a means of escape.

But a small part of me welcomed this change.

My clothes then tightened around me, courtesy of my now expanding muscles. My mind raced, worrying just how far would I descend on the frat-bro spectrum? Those pricks on the high school tracking team, those star athletes, dating the hot babes, always teasing and bullying those helpless scrawny nerds.

But then new thoughts crept into my head, alien thoughts, thoughts I never had before. Something was telling me that those nerds deserve to be bullied. They were ugly, pathetic, and wasted their time playing D and D rather than going outside like normal…

I tore off my sweater because it was so close to being ripped to shreds by my emerging body. Christ I was making such progress. My skinny twig arms had bulked up, my ribs were no longer visible, and my soft belly had hardened.

“Oh, I like what I see,” sighed Susie as she, lying on the bed peeled off her panties, exposing her tight pussy.

My dick drooled at that sight and unable to take the pressure building around my thighs, I yanked off my jeans too. Jesus, I had a body now! I was conflicted for a growing part of me loved what I was becoming.

Had my deep-rooted hatred of jocks always been envy? Was it that the hunks I knew in high school and whom I loathed, were everything I had always longed to be?

My girlfriend was sighing in sympathy, saying stuff like “You poor, poor man. Your dick’s so swollen, it looks painful. Come here, you need a woman’s touch.”

“No,” I whimpered trying to strengthen my diminishing resistance “I can’t…”

“If you’re not going to seduce me,” Susie teased “then perhaps I should get another man to do the job? Maybe your Dad…”

Something inside me snapped! The idea of someone else touching my woman drove me mad. Nobody was laying a finger on Susie, because goddamn it, she was mine!

That jealousy was yet another catalyst! My cock, no longer the size of a pinkie finger, grew to stallion territory. My once pea sized balls swelled to the size of eggs!

I was ready!

I advanced towards Susie, ensuring she couldn’t leave. Total lust brimmed in her eyes and her manicured fingers, frantically massaged her moist pussy.

“Thad honey,” she moaned “I need you.”

With a deep growly voice I grunted I my own desire.

So, what did I do? Fucked her! I thrust my harden cock deep inside her cunt, groaning because this was the first time, we had screwed bare backed. God, such sensations! Sex had never been this good before.

And selfishly I didn’t care for her pleasure, I just mercilessly rammed into her. My cock hammering the walls of her womb and she moaned in surrender.

“Thad,” my girlfriend cried “stay with me, protect me. I’m your woman.”

My woman? I liked the sound of that!

I held her in my powerful arms, drooling as her large boobs bounced at the sheer force of my thrusts. Damn they were hypnotic, so I let my mouth slather and maul those offensive tits.

Susie rolled her head back and bellowed. A flood of tears burst from her eyes, her face was blood red, her expression a daze.

Thoughts were now flashing through my mind. Of coming home to find Susie making me dinner, of her breast feeding my baby and…and…

“Susie,” I growled not believing the words that came out of my mouth “You’re all mine, my woman, my property, you belong to nobody else, you hear?”

“Yes,” she moaned in bliss “I’m all yours Thad, to do whatever you want with me.”

“You’re going to submit to me completely!” I snarled “Honour me as your husband.”

“Yes,” she screamed in ecstasy “Oh god yes.”

“I’m going to shoot my seed into your womb, and you will bare my kid.”


I held my screaming woman against my strong chest as my dick exploded. The waves of pleasure were almost too much, but I gritted my teeth and rode the bastard out, letting my dick and balls do their duty. Susie was reduced to a bundle of shaking nerves.

God, what’s happened to me? I should have called a taxi or a bus and got out of town! But instead I’ve been fucking my woman, almost non-stop.

Had more sex today than I’ve had in months. My dick has been ground to powder. No joke, I’ve cum five times in under an hour!

Downtime I’ve been posing in the mirror, grinning with such idiotic pride at what I’ve become. I’m a hunk, an Adonis. Plus, I’m convinced that Susie is pregnant, and that knowledge means some deep-rooted masculine pride is satisfied. I’m going to be a dad and the respect that comes with it makes me grin.

But this isn’t me, is it?

As I write this, Susie’s asleep and my lust is sated, for now. I’m sitting in bed, despairing at what’s happened. I’ve been brainwashed, like you were and deep down I suspect we’re all miserable. And I mean everyone in this town.

There is something very wrong with Stepford, either a supernatural force or some unknown science is at work. Whatever it is, I’ve failed to stop it, and I’m depressed because I know I could have.

I guess I’ve writing to tell you that evil has triumphed.

In a few hours, I’ll feel the lust again and Susie and I will be back at it, soon forgetting who we once were. I’ll be a mindless little drone, a happy conformist but deep down at the core psyche of my being, I’ll still be weeping.

I still hope one of us will escape. Might even be you.

Maybe one day, someone will blow the lid off this place. I’m upset by the fact it wasn’t me.

* * *
Dear Thad

Oh golly, what a wonderful little letter, I did indeed have a hot time reading it and it gave my husband and I, a delightful boost last night.

And as for all that rot about you being miserable? That’s just a little smidgen of pride my dear, it’ll soon pass and you, you hunky young man, will find Stepford such a haven through your new eyes.

But let’s not forget that you’ll be a Dad, (well done) which of course means you’ve got something so thrilling and life changing ahead of you. I suspect your wife might write in for parenting tips and pass them on to you when you’re on babysitting duties.

Finally, I can assure you there’s nothing supernatural or anything diabolical going on around here. You change because you wanted to. Simple as that. Don’t worry love. Soon it’ll all make sense.

Best wishes