The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Aunt Rani’s World

by Nialvan

Added 08 January 2006

Updated 06 May 2007

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A young heir who has recently inherited his fortune is ensnared by his two beautiful Indian aunties who hypnotise and enslave him and then fleece him of his wealth.

Chapter Length Added
Part One: Aunt Rani and Aunt Geetha 20478 words 08 Jan 2006
Part Two: The Wicked Stepmother 19878 words 05 Mar 2006
Part Three: The Genesis of Goddess Pavani 33566 words 03 Sep 2006
Part Four: The Five Incarnations of Goddess Pavani 47791 words 05 Nov 2006
Part Five: The enslavement of Fred Jones 35281 words 14 Jan 2007
Part Six: The Revenge of Goddess Radha 32619 words 29 Apr 2007
Part Seven: The Willing Victim 28971 words 06 May 2007