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Likes: Mostly male-dominant, but also some fd and ff. As I have begun to evolve as a writer I have drifted away from the stories where the controller is a jackass, unless he ends up getting his comeuppance in the end. Karma or payback stories are great as long as the punishment isn’t too cruel like never being able to orgasm again for as long as they live. I also like for the controlled to get some pleasure out of the arrangement, especially if it’s one of those permanent, lifelong slave relationships.

“Release” by D. Holzer

In this story, a Master tries to release his slave after she has completed his pennance, but she decides she wants to stay under his control. This story takes the old saying to new places. (In case you can’t tell which old saying I’m referring to, it’s “If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, it is yours forever. If it doesn’t it was never yours to begin with.") It’s nice when the MCer isn’t some demented freak out to subjugate womankind and give male hypnofetishers a bad name. We’re not all bad.

“Suziemesmerizedfantasticsexytrancehypnosis” by Hypknot Eyes

Don’t worry if you can’t get your brain around the title. I know it’s a whopper. H.E. knows it’s a whopper. If the title were any longer, it would crash blind people’s text-reader systems. The triggers have the virtue of being the kind that tend not to come up in common conversation. It’s a nice tale of a man who shows up just in time to rescue his ex-lover from the clutches of the evil Dr. Spiral. Muahahahahahaha! Those of you who like a little more depth on the villains’ side might want to try something else further down the list.

“Relax and Obey” by EWSPY87

Hmmmm...what would you do in this person’s position? You get into an accident, which gives you weird powers, including the ability to read and/or control minds. Would you be able to get out of the room without at the very least fucking the nurse or getting a B.J. first? If you liked it, then you’ll like “Zen Lightning,” “Crash Course,” “Accidents: Origin” and my story “Cammy Captured.”

“Alternate Hypnosis” by Rezzz

This story’s take on hypnosis was different from your typical Svengali fare relying on pendulums and shiny things or spooky gazes. Guy ends up sitting next to the beauteous Wendy on a band trip, and moves her into an altered state of consciousness by first lulling her into the deepest of the four possible sleep-states through oxygen deprivation, then awakening only her subconscious. Then he learns that his trick doesn’t work as well through the use of a trigger phrase, so he has to think up an alternate route once more, and bypasses Wendy’s morals. Then he has a moral attack of his own. All in all, well worth reading through all four chapters.

“Cromwell’s Court Case” by Downing Street

It’s a conspiracy story, but it’s not dealing with government coverups or censorship or one industry dominating and/or controlling another in an unfair manner which would get them arrested if they didn’t have half of Congress in their back pocket (I’m talking about the Credit Card Companies’ near-total control over any and all internet commerce, and even the viewing of most erotic sites). Nope, this one deals with kidnapping and reprogramming women who screw men over. Why don’t WE ever get the good conspiracies?

“A Perfect World” by Trent Wolf

An old inmate passes on his gift and passes away just before the gift’s new owner gets out of prison. This is a wicked tale of revenge and seduction with a good deed or two tossed in here and there.

“Highway Hypnotist” by FranZAM

On a long road trip, a man’s female colleague succumbs to highway trance. He helps her with her driving problem, and in return, she becomes his temporary hypnotic subject through the course of the trip.

“Drawing From Life” by Daphne

A young artist’s paintings have the power to change the subjects according to his artistic license. Now, if only my stories were that way...grin This story served as the inspiration for my story “Life Imitating Art.”

“Above That Ye Are Able” by Daphne

Stan’s girlfriend, Clarissa, is the victim of a previous person’s mental tampering. She becomes a mindless sex zombie when she hears the words “Sassy little fuckdoll.” I also think it’s cool how, in the end, Stan gets Clarissa to tell him how she was enslaved so he can use the same techniques on Clarissa’s friend, Kendra.

“Flying High” by Anynom

Two rebellious fighter pilots get the ultimate lesson in following orders. Something about this story makes me want to ask Anynom to do a sequel where the pilots get back at their commanding officer somehow, but I’m not quite sure how to go about it. Oh, well, it’ll come to me eventually. smirk

“Caretaker” by artie

Another great story that deviates from the evil mind-controller theme predominant in MC literature. In this one, the caretaker of a block of homes in Silicon Valley gets help relaxing from a family of Asian tenants living in one of his houses.

“The CD”, “The D.A.T.” and “The D.V.D.” by Trent Wolf

Special edition digital recordings and recording material from Empire Records and Videos gives lonely and frustrated fanboys and musicians an advantage in the area of getting laid. All you have to do is impress the cashier—a classically archetypical, black-haired, goatee-wearing fellow whose description causes one to expect that he may come back later in the story/series to collect the souls of those he “helps”—and he’ll give you something special. Sorry, guys, but I don’t have directions to this place, you’ll have to ask Mr. Wolf.

“Alan” by Julian Coreto

“Nice guy” Alan Marshall gets a special gift—the Seed—from his dying grandfather’s dying roommate. The Seed allows Alan to control people, move objects, and even alter his physical characteristics. More powers begin to develop later.

“April Fooled” by Anynom

When bitchy April finds out that the geeky Murray plans to hypnotize her, she plays along to embarrass him. But playing along when one’s mind is at stake is never a smart thing to do.

“Chrono Trigger” by J. Darksong

Girlfriends seldom understand guys’ so-called “childish” hobbies—models, puzzles, video games—but for Joseph Stockton and his girlfriend, Nisha, all it takes is time.

“Against Her Will” by J. Darksong

What do you do when your woman’s secret desire is to be raped by a stranger? This guy had a novel idea.

“Rest Period” and “Camping Trip” by J. Darksong

Two stories about a man and his wife who is a willing hypnotic subject.

“Mind Trans-4-ance” by J. Darksong

Myself, I would have called it “Mind Trans-4-mation” but, that’s just me. Maybe he could use that title for a sequel (hint, hint). Lovely plot device, that chamber and its smaller, handheld unit. It deserves to get at least as much of a fan-response as my Scribe’s Gate did!

“My Cousin the Hypnotist” by Hypno S

I wish the ff potential had been explored a little more, and maybe a notation about what happened to Lisa later, but that can be dealt with in a sequel. You will find that it is easy to ignore the insignificant typos. So easy to relax and ignore the insignificant typos. Just relax and enjoy the wonderful story. ;)

“Return of an Old Flame” by Wraith

Scott’s girlfriend comes back hoping to get her claws into his money, but he has other plans. After all, she’s still as good a hypnotic subject as she was in college. I hope Wraith decides to write more.

Lida IX by Graphic Paul

‘Tis best to be careful when messing with stuff that doesn’t belong to you. Especially stuff which was originally created by Communist black-ops.

Hypno-Pygmalion and Unladylike Behavior by Anynom

In the first one, a gentleman turns a cockney flower girl into a lady of quality. In the second one, the new lady defends her position as such from two who would knock her off her pedestal. Everyone loves a good sequel (not to be confused with a sequel created merely for sequels’ sake), right?

True Love by bw

A former Goth turned cheerleader falls from grace, and her former girlfriend is there to catch her and console her and make her feel better.

“Speak Softly While My Master Sleeps” by AMOWAT

A different take on the classic guy-gets-cool-powers-after-an-accident genre.

“Adolescent Fantasies” and “Guilty Pleasures” by AMOWAT

Who hasn’t fantasized about kinky sex with their partner dressed as a superheroine? Okay, so this guy takes it in a different direction, but then, isn’t that kind of what MC fiction is all about?

“Breaking the Girl” by J. Darksong

Karma can be a cruel mistress, but not all masters and mistresses are quite so cruel.

“Change of Mind” “Change of Conviction” and “Change of the Heart” by J. Darksong

First, a lesbian whom the MCer is attracted to helps him get this preppy bitch who dissed him (enslaving preppy bitches is always cool, IMHO). Then the lesbian gets greedy, and pays the price. Finally, two girls who decide to make trouble for our hero get their own comeuppance. A great trilogy thankfully not subject to the Sucky Sequel Syndrome of so many movies. Then again, this isn’t hollywood, this is the Internet, where the writers have talent. ducking to avoid flying subpoenas

“Cromwell’s Court Case (Homer Vargas)” by Homer Vargas

Homer’s take on Downing Street’s story “bears” a reading even if you’ve already read the original. It could “conceive”ably be one of the best remakes ever! I’d go on, but I can’t think of any more pregnancy puns.

“Anal Princesses” by bw

Brett helps his submissive girlfriend get over some of her hangups. What could be sweeter?

“A Mind Apart” by Michael McCallum

It starts out as your typical wake-up-in-a-hospital-with-superpowers story, but then morphs into a darker version of “Zak’s Gift” without the aliens. Dark, but fun.

“Busman’s Holiday” by Wiseguy

There’s a lot of fun to be had at Uninhibited, an adult resort where just about anything goes. Especially when two attractive young women ask the hero to teach them hypnosis. After all, a good teacher needs visual aids, right?

“The Wives De-Programming Club” by Stealth

It’s always nice when the guys have the girls’ ahem best interests at heart.

Dating Serviced by Abe Froman

Who doesn’t love a good karma story—or is it a “bad karma” story? This is way more interesting than having your nose get long any day!

The Swingers and the Hypnotist by hypnoololook

Never understood the whole “swingers” thing, but then, maybe I’ve got subconscious possessive tendencies or something. But, once you’ve done everything, what else is there to do, but seek professional help.

“Dream State” by JiMC

Destiny (and evil government conspiracies) play a role in the lives of Jim and those he loves. Keep a box of Kleenex on hand for the ending.

“Good to the Last Drop” by Mister Harvest

The male lead is just bad enough to make the story fun, but not so evil that you start to hate him. The induction device is unusual, but in a good way, and the girls’ reactions while under its influence are also really hot.

“Bishoujo Land” (both seasons) by NGMEZ

There’s the hot, sexy parts, and the hilariously funny parts, that all somehow work together to create the Excel Saga of mind-control fiction. Or, something like that...

“The Doors of Her Mind” by Mountain Man

Many of the stories here on the Archive show the victim being turned into a slave in one chapter, or two paragraphs. It’s kind of refreshing to see it drawn out over several chapters.

Free Universal Carnal Knowledge by Londonchap

Tons of hot sex, mixed in with a bit of slow corruption and moral dilemma along with a variety of females that put this above and beyond your usual pheromone fare.