The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Mind Control Stories: Z

Z Is For Zeus
mc mf ff md
by Hugoland
Added 26 November 2006

A archeology students gets the powers of the Greek Gods.

Z to S
mc fd
by me-chan
Added 07 January 2017

An American gets introduced to some British English.

mc mf md
by Jukebox
Added 14 April 2018

Amber tries to remember the mysterious word that a stranger just said to her. It’s really the only thing she can think about anymore.

Zaal the Breeder
mc mf md
by Chrysostomon
Added 24 August 2019

A policewoman investigates an unusual assault.

mc ff mf fd ft hm
by Captain Eazy
Added 19 March 2006
Updated 02 July 2006

Cassandra wants to wean her boyfriend from an addictive video game. She’ll do, well, ANYTHING....

Zac the Wrestler
mc mm
by Jimmyhypno69
Added 22 January 2011

Angelo discovers that Zac is actually the slave of an alien.

Zack and Millie
mc mf md
by scifiscribbler
Added 26 October 2019
Updated 01 February 2020

Zack and Millie have a detailed flatmate’s agreement, but only one of them knows about it.

Zak’s Foundation
mc mf ff md cb
by URN My Power
Added 10 September 2010

Howard is invited to join a team of metahumans and aliens.

Zak’s Gift
mc mf md
by URN My Power
Added 20 April 2002
Updated 15 March 2009

Zak, an alien gives Victor some special powers and enhancements.

Zak’s Retraining
mc mm
by The Slaver
Added 01 March 2009

Biff captures, retrains and sells an intruder who breaks into his desert home.

Zak’s Revenge
mc mm
by The Slaver
Added 22 February 2009

Zak turns the tables on the men who kidnapped and brainwashed him.

mc ff
by Jukebox
Added 29 August 2020

Olivia finds a creepy doll at the second-hand shop and brings it home to join her collection of goth decorations. She jokes with roommate Heather about its sinister curse... but it soon becomes apparent that Zannalee is no joke.

mc mf md
by Jukebox
Added 06 October 2012

A mad scientist finds the sex slave of his dreams. But a girl like that needs to be seduced into obedience.

mc mm
by Wrestlr
Added 13 June 2015

An enterprising young life coach expands his clientele.

Zaretia and the Hypnotist
mc mf md
by Anynom and Mesmer Eyes
Added 11 November 2000
Updated 13 January 2001

A sword-wielding heroine goes up against a hypnotic opponent.

Zebediah Clark: Restraints Rescinded
mc mf ff md fd
by DazzlingLady and J. Darksong
Added 16 July 2022
Updated 03 February 2024

Zeb has always lived a life of restraint, knowing his limitations, and abiding by them, but when a new friend provides him the chance to surpass his limitations and grow stronger in his powers, he accepts, moving forward boldly into a new adventure and accepting his true destiny.

mc mf
by Wiseguy
Added 17 April 2004

It was a simple card game, designed to help them practice their hypnotic language skills. As often happens, though, suggestions can get increasingly suggestive.

Zed and Two Noughts
mc ff
by Jukebox
Added 29 May 2021

Jill comes dangerously close to finding out what happened to her missing friend.

Zen and the Art of Princess Maintenance: An Inquiry Into Values
mc mf ff md fd gr la hu
by Tax and Tithe
Added 18 July 2015
Updated 01 August 2015

A Fairy Godmother must assist a princess to get married.

Zen Chamber
mc mf md ma
by Austerity
Added 09 May 2020

Samantha goes to a spa with her friend Julia to achieve enlightenment.

mc mf md
by Jukebox
Added 04 April 2020

At solar midnight on the bottom of the world, a bored astronomer talks to a man who reminds her that his power over her is at its height.

Zenith Night
mc ff mf md fd
by EyeofSerpent
Added 20 May 2000

Madame Mischief rescues a girl from white slavers in Egypt.

The Zenquar
mc ff ft in
by Guy Compton
Added 23 September 2001

Becky returns home from Asia with a special souvenier.

mc ff
by Twilightsight
Added 29 December 2001
Updated 05 January 2002

Nicole returns from LA, she unexpectedly breaks up with her boyfriend, and finds herself in a nearby hotel room where she finds out exactly what happened to her in LA.

Zero (Jukebox)
by Jukebox
Added 19 December 2010

A mathematics-themed hypnotic induction.

Zero Degrees of Separation
mc mf md
by Mudak
Added 15 December 2012

The latest season of a popular reality show is different from previous seasons for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that one tribe has a professional hypnotist competing.

Zero Dumb Game
mc mf md fd
by Jukebox
Added 21 October 2017

Shanna’s twin sister picks a bad time to take advantage of their psychic bond.

Zero Freedom
mc mf md
by URN My Power
Added 30 October 1999
Updated 26 May 2001

Several short domination vignettes.

Zero In
mc mf md in
by Chrysostomon
Added 20 August 2022

Once a vampire decides who he wants, there’s nothing his victims can do.

Zero Percent
mc mf md
by Jukebox
Added 16 November 2019

Stasia plays games while waiting for her ride and winds up getting drained. Oh, and her phone battery is low, too.

Zero Signal
mc mm
by Jukebox
Added 29 September 2018

Nathan snaps out of an obedient fugue to find out that Zachary’s taken the opportunity to make a few changes to his mind.

Zero Tolerance
mc ff
by Jukebox
Added 30 October 2021

Melissa runs afoul of her college’s zero tolerance drug policy when her purse is found with a bottle of pills inside it. But the Dean has an inventive plan to help her prove her innocence.

Zeroes (Zauberei Book 2)
mc mf md in
by Lxndr
Added 04 July 2009
Updated 09 March 2013

Eric must manage his growing harem whlie being pursued by a man with powers similar to his.

Zeroman vs. Ecdysia
mc mf ff fd cb
by A Sinister Bent
Added 26 October 2003
Updated 08 November 2003

Ecdysia the Temptress, self-proclaimed Goddess of Desire, is on the loose again, and novice super-hero Zeroman must foil her latest scheme—if he can.

mc md ma
by Jukebox
Added 03 September 2022

A professor of mythology finds a new sex toy in her apartment that’s simply divine.

mc mf ff
by Kris P. Kreme
Added 29 August 2009

As a child, Rose learned a lesson in sacrifice. Years later she faced an opportunity to pass on that lesson.

mc mf md
by Jukebox
Added 21 September 2008

A man makes a hypnosis video for a girl at work.

mc mf md
by Jukebox
Added 16 April 2022

Cleo struggles with an old trigger that refuses to fade away.

mc mf md
by Jukebox
Added 01 July 2023

Josie tries to figure out the tricks a charismatic fortuneteller is using on her, and misses the one she’s playing on herself.

Zoe Rain: Slavery and Redemption
mc ff mf fd
by DazzlingLady and Zoehypno
Added 18 November 2023

As she goes about her day, she ponders the enormous changes in her life since getting hypnotized by Lady Casey. When the unexpected happens, she finds herself in the unexpected position to make a choice, one that will likely affect the course of her life.

Zoe Takes a Break
mc mf fd
by Anostus
Added 16 April 2016
Updated 03 September 2016

Zoe borrows a prototype helmet from her job in order to have a little fun. Things don’t quite go according to plan.

mc mf ff md
by Jukebox
Added 02 January 2021

Wilma and the Mystery Gang investigate the Case of the Spectral Centurion! She suspects that he might not really be an ancient Roman ghost, but is she prepared for what she’s really going to find?

Zoltana: Dracula’s Hound
mc mf ff be
by Chrysostomon
Added 08 June 2024

A dog gets bitten by a vampire and becomes one of the undead.

mc mf md
by Jukebox
Added 15 May 2010

In Haiti, Griffith Sunderland demonstrates a fascinating medical curiosity to his friend, Addison Burke.

Zombie Blood Nightmare
mc mf md
by Jukebox
Added 10 June 2017

Dahlia decides to beat her fear of scary movies by watching one all by herself.

Zombie Cheerleaders
mc mf md
by S. P. Riley
Added 12 August 2023

A guy explains how he made a group of zombie cheerleaders his slaves.

mc mf
by MoldedMind
Added 06 March 2021

Ute and her friends from work are asked to work late at the office one night, but something seems to be wrong with one of their other coworkers, Travis.

mc ma
by Jukebox
Added 11 May 2024

When a wave of physical and mental transformations breaks out on campus, Anastasia and her friends have to find somewhere to hole up to escape the hordes of ditzy, horny women. But is anywhere truly safe?

Zone Out
by Jukebox
Added 27 February 2016

A hypnotic induction that doesn’t require you to focus on anything in particular.

Zoners (Zauberei Book 1)
mc mf ff md
by Lxndr
Added 27 April 2008
Updated 13 May 2012

Strange things happen to Eric on a trip to Europe.

Zoo Revue
mc mf md
by Anynom
Added 12 March 2000

Peter uses an exotic animal to help hypnotize Simmone.

Zoo Time
mc ff md
by Jukebox
Added 02 December 2023

Marissa attracts the attention of another woman at the bar and learns that she fits the profile of a mind controller’s very particular fetish.

Zoom In
mc mf md
by Jukebox
Added 04 February 2023

When Joyce watches a video of her fellow professor hypnotically seducing one of his students, she’s furious. But is there some tiny flicker of submission at the center of her anger?

Zoroaster Met Himself
mc ff
by SveltPig
Added 24 August 2019
Updated 21 March 2020

Elise, a hard working graduate student, has her academic plans badly disrupted when an ill-advised night of drinking turns out to signify more about her than just a few bad decisions.

Zusa Goes Shopping
mc mf fd
by Milo Minderbinder
Added 01 December 2018

Zusa finds someone at the mall to help her with her shopping.

Zusa’s Toy Chest
mc fd
by Milo Minderbinder
Added 20 April 2019

A group of people, all with amnesia, try to figure out where they are.

mc mf md
by Jukebox
Added 29 June 2019

Miku’s a competitive woman, and she’s determined to hold out a little bit longer than last time before she sinks into Chris’s obedient trance. But even something as simple as reciting the alphabet backwards becomes complicated when you’re being hypnotized.

mc mf md cb
by Jukebox
Added 23 February 2019

Madame Macabre faces a theft from her magical library, but this time Silas the Somnomancer has a few new tricks up his sleeve.