The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Mind Control Stories: Y

mc mf ff fd md ft sf gr
by Fool’s Page
Added 03 February 2008
Updated 06 July 2008

A shipwrecked crew struggle for their lives and freedom on a savage planet.

Y B Lonely?
mc mf ff md ma gr in
by Captain Eazy
Added 17 June 2007
Updated 12 August 2007

Sandy knew that after high school her life would change. What she didn’t know was that the neighborhood computer geek would be deciding just how it would change....

Y Chromosome
mc mf md
by Sonya Esperanto
Added 09 April 2006

Emmanuel, a Filipino-American high schooler and one of the last surviving males on Earth, puts his deceased friend’s mom, aunt and sister under mind control and has fun with them.

Yard Sale
mc mf ff
by zmuppet28
Added 03 January 2010

Angela is confused about precisely which items are for sale at her yard sale.

The Yard Sale (Hokan)
mc mf ff md
by Hokan
Added 02 July 2022

Rebecca and Susan are exposed to a hypnotic gas at a yard sale.

Yard Sale (Voltaire)
mc gr ex ft
by Voltaire
Added 23 October 2021

An unfortunate group of customers get more than they bargained for at a yard sale.

Yard Work
mc mf fd ft
by Latexman
Added 24 June 2007

A helpful friend lends a hand when Tommy gets overheated doing yard work.

Year 3000
mc mm sf
by Topaz172
Added 24 August 2003
Updated 03 April 2004

The bad news is that Silver, the Thief of New Orleans, is lost in time armed only with a 1000-year-old Slavemaker laser. The good news, It’s the year 3000, and his great great grand nephew’s is pretty fine..yeah, yeah.

A Year Ago, I Didn’t Realize How Much This Would Change Me
mc mf
by AskJeeves
Added 09 May 2020

Juliet is underperforming at work, but maybe a new exercise bicycle will help with her self-confidence.

A Year in the Life
mc mf md
by Flibinite
Added 28 May 2011

At a Valentine’s Day dinner to celebrate her one-year anniversary as Michael’s slave, Jennifer’s entire world gets turned upside down.

Year of the Bunny
mc ff
by Kallie
Added 10 June 2023

Lihua, a sullen goth girl, finds her school spirit at a pep rally after meeting a bubbly bunnygirl who’s more than she initially appears.

Year of the Cock
mc mf ff md
by Mudak
Added 24 February 2008

Mark’s brothers take him to Chinatown to celebrate his birthday, where he receives a mysterious lucky charm that he wears around his neck. He soon learns just how lucky this charm is.

Year of the Kat
mc mf fd
by JHB
Added 11 December 2010

An ancient magi encounters a Celtic goddess.

A Year with Santa Claus
mc mf md ts
by SleepyTimeSlut
Added 15 December 2018

A girls receives a special visitor on Christmas Eve.

Years Beyond the Passion
mc ff
by EyeofSerpent
Added 06 October 2001

“In nature, there is less death and destruction than death and transmutation.” -Edwin Way Teale

Yelena and the Thirty Lovers
mc mf ff md fd
by InescapableTales
Added 22 June 2024

Yelena, a young reporter, is kidnapped by a couple of wealthy libertines after she starts asking questions at their lavish party, and is subjected to a series of sexual adventures beyond her control.

mc ff
by Tabico
Added 20 April 2003

An evil sorceress disposes of her prisoners in a most unusual way.

The Yellow Eye
mc mf md
by Spidey
Added 04 July 2004

A floating yellow eye gives Therin hypnotic powers.

Yellow Journalism
mc ff
by Kallie
Added 07 May 2022

A prudish student interviews a popular hypnodomme, and inadvertently ends up becoming her newest assistant.

The Yellow Necklace
mc ff
by Libertine
Added 06 March 2010

A telepathic heirloom gives its owner anything they desire, for a terrible price.

Yellow on White
mc ff hm
by S. B.
Added 29 July 2023

Dr. Vanessa Madsen humiliates an old acquaintance of hers over something that happened twenty years ago.

The Yemmens Stone I: The First Stone
mc mf md
by Thomas J. Hyde
Added 19 July 2003

A high school nerd uses his wish-granting stone to enslave a couple of cheerleaders.

Yes (Means It’s Hard to Say No)
by Jukebox
Added 10 December 2016

An affirmation-themed hypnotic induction.

Yes I Am an Alien
mc mf md
by Jukebox
Added 17 September 2022

Shauna makes a lucky guess when she says that the weird guy leering at her is acting like some sort of alien. And as it turns out, he’s got a plan for her.

“Yes Master”
mc mf md
by Flem the Raven
Added 20 January 2024

Helen likes calling her husband master, but when she accidentally does it at a dinner party, she becomes the focus of the neighborhood’s gossip. Her friend comforts her by saying “everyone does it” and it soon begins to feel like that’s true.

Yes Ma’ams
mc mf md fd hm hu
by Hypno-Eretica
Added 18 April 2020

Dean takes his three totally consenting girlfriends to his father’s cabin for winter break, only for the tables to quickly turn on him.

Yes Sir
mc mf md
by Jukebox
Added 06 July 2024

Morgan meets the literal man of her hypnotic fantasies, and convinces him to give her a chance as his submissive.

Yes, Chloe
mc mf fd ft ex gr
by Pariah
Added 22 January 2022
Updated 26 February 2022

An ex-popular girl schemes to reclaim her throne with the help of a hot new boyfriend...even if she has to make him from the ground up.

Yes, Daddy
mc mf in
by Chrysostomon
Added 19 February 2022

Synopsis: Brian learns that after almost two decades his daughters are not his. His wife Mabel had kept this secret from him… and that she had continued her affair with Roger, Brian’s wayward brother. Brian left them and Roger moved in with ‘his’ family. Brian gets his revenge.

Yes, Doctor
mc mf md hm
by Mesmerr
Added 17 February 2008

Tom poses as a doctor and performs a pregnancy test on a gullible patient.

Yes, I’m Ready
mc ff
by Jukebox
Added 01 July 2017

When Hope finds that her body is no longer under her control, all she can do is observe as she begins a new life of lesbian submission.

Yes, Mustard!
mc mf md hu
by Wiseguy
Added 06 April 2008

Dani’s first hypnosis session takes a bit of a strange turn.

Yes, Mustard! — Sexual Healing
mc mf fd md
by Wiseguy
Added 22 April 2017

Dani hates to see Great Mustard in pain, so she comes up with a way to distract him until the meds take effect.

Yes, M’Lord
mc mf md
by Mesmerciless
Added 28 March 2020

A prideful princess refuses to marry. Perhaps the Royal Physician can change her mind...

The Yesmaster
mc mf md
by A Sinister Bent
Added 27 September 2003
Updated 04 October 2003

After a throat operation, a man discovers women will do anything he tells them to.

mc ff gr
by Jukebox
Added 10 September 2011

Joy explains the crazy day she had yesterday.

Yesterday Was Just a Dream
mc mf md
by Jukebox
Added 14 September 2019

Emma’s come over to apologize for sleeping with her best friend’s dad... but Tony has some surprising news for her.

Yesterday, It Just Grew
mc mf md gr
by Hypknot Eyes
Added 19 January 2002

Dr. Julia Harper gets a big surprise when she examines her patient.

mc ff
by Valasania the Pale
Added 14 April 2018
Updated 09 June 2018

Lilith Yew, powerful leader of the Martian colonization movement, faces off against the pernicious influence of the rival Hive colony of Slave Mistress Isis Pines.

Yew and Me
mc ff
by Writer345
Added 06 April 2019
Updated 22 June 2019

Lilith Yew, powerful leader of the Martian colonization movement, faces more threats to her efforts to establish human colonies on Mars.

Yew — Strike
mc ff sf
by Valasania the Pale
Added 10 December 2022

Lilith Yew set a precedent when she ascended to the role of Mistress of her own Hive. In the years since, the Red Planet has changed, and new Hives dot the Martian soil, hungry to challenge the existing order. Will their arrogance see their ascendance, or destruction?

Yielding to Implications
mc fd
by me-chan
Added 17 March 2018

A long-time fan of Lee Allure’s gets to have a special session with her at a convention.

mc mf md
by Anynom
Added 06 May 2000

Robbie uses his subliminal technology on his sister’s best friend.

mc mf md fd
by DeLarge
Added 24 June 2007

Beverly and Jeremy attempt to put spells on each other.

The Yoga Instructor
mc mm
by potentialsinner666
Added 22 June 2019
Updated 06 July 2019

A yoga instructor who takes advantage of his female students is instead taken advantage of by one of his male students.

mc mf md
by Cal Toy
Added 03 July 2021
Updated 11 December 2021

A girl tries hypnosis to improve at yoga and finds that she likes it for other reasons.

Yogyakarta Nights
mc mf md
by A Nony Mouse
Added 04 November 2000

Lisa, who works for the UN, investigates reports of kidnapping in Indonesia.

mc mf md
by URN My Power
Added 03 October 1999

Kyle secretly plants a mind-control drug into the supply of a high school’s favorite chocolate beverage.

Yoo-Hoo 2: Bottled Passions
mc mf md
by URN My Power
Added 11 January 2003

Mike and Andrew discover that the entire school has been given a mind-control drug.

mc mf fd
by saturnlovesme
Added 23 December 2012

Your afternoon bike ride unexpectedly turns into more.

You Already Know
mc ff
by Jukebox
Added 20 January 2024

Scatterbrained Jess thinks she’s confused about why she came to see Yumiko. But deep down, she already knows.

You Always Get Your Way
mc ff
by Jukebox
Added 12 August 2023

Rose finally loses her temper with her preening, pampered co-worker and discovers why she’s the boss’s favorite.

You and Me Against the World
mc ff cb
by Jukebox
Added 17 April 2021

Epiphany and the Dilettante are tasked with uncovering the mastermind behind the breakout at the Carcerem Aeternum. Will the universe finally lead her to the true identity of the villain at last? And if so, is even the will of the universe enough to keep her safe?

You Are Not A Lobster!
mc fd
by robotbrainhumanheart
Added 01 August 2015

You are not a lobster. What a silly idea!

You Bet Your Brain!
mc mf ff md fd
by MrGrey
Added 07 December 2002

Three intelligent women are contestants on a game show where the losers are made stupid and docile.

You Better Watch Out
mc ff bd ds ft hm hu
by J. F. Gargiulo
Added 05 December 2020

When two elves rebel against Santa’s workshop, will they succeed or regain the Christmas spirit?

You Broke Like Glass
mc mm
by Jukebox
Added 06 April 2019

Wayne doesn’t think he can be hypnotized, but Jerry keeps telling him it’s happened before.

You Can do Magic
mc mf md in
by Chrysostomon
Added 01 April 2023

Bob gets a magic kit he bought from a comic book ad. How real can it be?

You Can Feel It All Over
mc mf md
by Mudak
Added 22 September 2012

A mysterious customer in the record store decides he likes Leonard, so he’s got a little gift for the clerk.

You Can Go Back
mc ff fd hu
by Lisa Teez
Added 21 October 2007

A girl goes back in the Enchanted Forest but the results are far different from the time.

You Can’t Deny It
mc ff
by Jukebox
Added 12 February 2011

Emily insists that Vanessa’s chemical concoctions haven’t made her into a submissive lesbian, but Vanessa’s arguments are getting harder and harder to resist.

You Can’t Keep a Secret From a Good Hypnodomme, The Saga of Dr. Samantha Dominique—Part Three
mc mf fd ft
by Latexman
Added 09 November 2002

Bobby is way too distracted at work for his own good, but he soon finds himself under the care of a doctor who probes for the real reason.

You Can’t Look Away
mc mf fd
by Jukebox
Added 01 February 2020

Louis volunteers to be hypnotized by Tommi, a young woman he has a crush on, and finds that it stirs some strong feelings.

You Can’t Outspeed Reality
mc ff cb hm
by Madam Kistulot
Added 18 March 2023
Updated 25 March 2023

What does a petty reality-warping woman get? Whatever she wants, and that certainly includes watching a sexy heroine break before her eyes.

You Can’t Resist It
mc mf md
by Jukebox
Added 09 April 2022

A sinister brainwasher has captured his latest victim, and is convinced that his efforts to subjugate her will be irresistible. He doesn’t know she has a plan....

You Could Be a Winner Too
mc ma fd
by C&C
Added 26 August 2023

An aspiring Las Vegas headliner who claims to have re-invented the gambling industry shows her new machine to a casino magnate.

You Don’t Have Any Problems
by S. B.
Added 24 February 2024

There’s apparently nothing wrong with you and yet...

You Don’t Have to Worry
mc mf md
by Jukebox
Added 07 November 2020

Amanda is abducted from her tour group by a mesmerizing stranger, but she’s not concerned at all. Because he told her not to be.

You Get What You Pay For
mc mf md
by The Scrivener’s Paradox
Added 07 January 2023

‘You get what you pay for’ isn’t just a saying, it can also be a curse...and a blessing.

You Give Love a Bad Name
mc ff mf fd
by Lisa Teez
Added 06 February 2010
Updated 13 February 2010

A helpful bartender offers to help Ryan find love, but will Ryan really get what he wants?

You Go to My Head
mc mf fd
by Jukebox
Added 09 April 2016

Jake helps his new neighbor move in, and discovers that she’s got an intoxicating aroma.

You Have a Big Heart but a Small Penis
mc mf mm fd hu
by Maximilian Cummings
Added 24 June 2007

Randy Alto has a personal problem—will mind control solve it?

You Have a Problem
mc mf fd
by S. B.
Added 28 July 2018

There’s something wrong with you. Luckily, she knows how to make everything right again.

You Have Another Problem
mc mf fd
by S. B.
Added 26 January 2019

You need help again and that’s okay. She knows just what to say and do.

You Have to Meet Her
mc ff
by Evelynn
Added 22 August 2020

All of the narrators friends seem to have a new crush that they want her to meet.

You Know That Magic Trick?
mc mf md
by Quiet Hypnotist
Added 18 August 2018

It’s just another day of young Lucia spending the day with her neighbor Nate. He’s charming, polite and on top of that knows some funny tricks! Now if only she wouldn’t keep on forgetting stuff all the time.

You Know What They Say About Eavesdropping
mc mf md
by Juni
Added 02 January 2005

A chinese exotic dancer is captured by gangsters.

You Make Me Hot
by Jukebox
Added 02 October 2021

A fire-themed hypnotic induction intended to condition the audience to experience increased arousal on command.

You May Be Right
mc mf md fd ma
by Jukebox
Added 20 November 2010

Mandy and Clarice argue about whether or not Mandy is brainwashed.

You Ray
mc ff
by Autumn Oldaker
Added 19 December 2020
Updated 02 October 2021

A fairy gives Azel a mind control gun.

You Reap What You Sow
by S. B.
Added 29 April 2023

Gina discovers a startling truth about her mother after she passes away. A supernatural, magical, mind-control piece.

You Remember
mc mf md
by Meleva and Scalar Seventh
Added 16 March 2019

Caught in the act, thrown in jail, stripped bare and held by chains, Terezen finds himself slated for a speedy execution. But now you remember how he escaped, don’t you?

You Should Beware of the Quiet Ones
mc mf ff fd ma hm ds
by Kinkyswitch78
Added 17 March 2018

Lauren finds herself acting different after a Vegas Hypnosis Show.

You Shouldn’t Read This
mc ma md
by Rilawild
Added 15 October 2022

An email to a woman discussing the possibility of real and subtle subliminals in stories.

You Spin My Head Right Round
mc mf
by Kris P. Kreme
Added 25 July 2009

A diverse group of students find that whether they spin the bottle or the bottle spins them is all dependent on the bottle.

You Tart
mc mf md
by miketheFable
Added 02 September 2007
Updated 30 September 2007

Amanda gets a new set of beliefs spanked into her.

You! Play Like a Girl!
mc ds hm
by Flying Decadent
Added 07 July 2018
Updated 11 August 2018

Kate Adebayo is a tomboy. Tall, muscled, plays on the boys’ basketball team, and never goes near girly stuff, being a tomboy is the one thing her classmates know about her. When the skinny bookworm Petra Sakimoto bets Kate that she can beat her in an arm wrestle, Kate doesn’t realise she’s betting her entire reputation. Kate doesn’t realise she may want to lose.

You, But Kinkier
mc ff
by Madam Kistulot
Added 14 April 2018

Whitney meets a woman who makes some very outrageous claims that she has an incredibly difficult time disputing.

Young Gods
mc mf ff
by Jukebox
Added 20 October 2018

Mindy’s masturbation creates a god of pleasure, and they turn Mindy’s sex into their sustenance.

Young Lust
mc mf ff md in
by lost
Added 30 June 2007

A teenager discovers that his next-door neighbor is a mind-controller.

Your Bedtime Story Is Scaring Everyone
mc ff
by Jukebox
Added 09 October 2021

When a group of college students holds a slumber party, Christine tells a story that puts everyone to sleep. At least... it’s probably the story....

Your Deepest Fantasy
mc ff ft rb
by Sabalom Glitz
Added 17 December 2000

An experiment in body painting transforms women into their fantasy beings.

Your Horoscope for Today
mc mf ff fd
by Jukebox
Added 28 April 2018

An unusual town has hypnotic horoscopes.

Your Idea
mc mm
by T. T. Fletcher
Added 09 March 2024

A high school demonstration in hypnosis brought the football quarterback into my bed.

Your Ideal You
mc mf md gr
by Kal Spiro
Added 19 February 2011

A man has an offer for a group of pretty girls at a nightclub.

Your Man: Agent Moran
mc mf ff md fd
by Hypno S
Added 20 January 2001
Updated 24 February 2001

A hypnotist is entrapped and forced to join a special FBI task force on dealing with hypnosis crimes.

Your Master Commands You Texts
mc mf ff md fd
by S. P. Riley
Added 24 December 2022

A mysterious text is controlling people’s minds, and turning women at a gym into obedient slave sluts.

Your Monthly Review
mc fd ma
by scifiscribbler
Added 23 January 2021

Roddy’s boss is a little too wishy-washy to keep the company afloat. Roddy likes his job, knows hypnosis, and wants her to take charge. What to do?

Your One Desire
mc mf fd in
Added 10 March 2018

Ellen has always been the black sheep in her family. But when they all gather together she’ll finally have the chance to make sure they love her completely.

Your Place or Mine
mc mf fd
by BadChoices
Added 29 June 2013
Updated 15 February 2014

A man is controlled by a woman who picks him up in a bar, yet he never loses his freedom of choice.

Your Shampoo, Sir
mc mm
by PutU2Sleep
Added 26 July 1998

A hair stylist hypnotizes his influential clients for favors.

Your Soul Becomes a Shimmering Arch Through Which I Enter; Your Mind, An Empty Landscape Which I Fill
mc mm
by Julian Obedient
Added 15 May 2005

An office worker chooses another sort of life.

Your Type
mc ff gr
by Kallie
Added 25 May 2024

Paige goes on a date with a reality-warping lesbian who is determined to mold her into ‘her type’

Your Wish
mc mf md
by URN My Power
Added 29 December 2001

A djinn tries to find a way to return to her reborn master.

Your Wish Is Granted
mc mf md gr
by Ferris
Added 19 September 2009

Darren meets a genie and wishes for total mental and physical control over women.

Yours, Body and Soul
mc mf md
by Vinividiemcee
Added 20 November 2011

Mary is hypnotized by her husband, who adjusts her attitude during a series of relaxation sessions.

Yours, Truly
mc mf fd
by Grant Armstrong
Added 23 April 2006

Amanda and Eagle have some playtime together.

The Youth of the Dark Lord
mc mf md ma hm
by Jennifer Kohl
Added 05 August 2007
Updated 02 March 2019

An apprentice magician has a plan for getting laid.

You’d Love Me If You Knew Me
mc ma md
by Louis The Rogue
Added 03 October 2004

Elsa is unhappy with a life of unfulfilled dreams. That is, until a stranger walks into her life and shows her what it means to live.

You’ll See Things More Clearly
mc ff ft
by Latexman
Added 05 March 2005
Updated 15 December 2012

A lady looks forward to improving her vision with a visit to an eye Doctor; the eye Doctor looks forward to changing the lady’s view of things as well.

You’re All Mime
mc mf md
by Cait
Added 16 February 2003

Finally, a use for these annoying street performers... and bitchy girlfriends with too much of nothing to say.

You’re Gonna Love It
mc ff ma
by Sammynona
Added 09 April 2022

Brandy doesn’t care for modern music, but agrees to listen to a song that her crush says she’ll love. And Brandy does love the strange electronic music as it puts her into a trance and tells her to become a tranceslut.

You’re Late for Dance Class
mc ff mf fd md ft
by Hokan
Added 17 February 2024
Updated 11 May 2024

Caronline is compelled to join a dance studio that she passes on her way home from work each day.

You’re Marrying Him?
mc mf fd
by mcguy101
Added 20 February 2010

Lee matches wits with a former classmate, when she receives a mysterious wedding invitation and a worrying phone call from her old friend, the bride-to-be.

You’re My Temptation
by Jukebox
Added 04 July 2020

A young woman poses a nearly-irresistible temptation to an amateur hypnotist.

You’re Not an Ordinary Girl
mc ff rb
by Jukebox
Added 02 December 2017

Charity has a very specific fantasy in mind for her Girl™, one that requires a little...customization.

You’re Not Leaving Me
mc mm
by drinkthevodka
Added 07 April 2002

Sean gets upset when his boyfriend threatens to leave him.

You’re So Vain
mc mf ff fd
by Jukebox
Added 20 July 2008

Marcy has finally gotten sick of her study partner’s stuck-up, arrogant insistence that she can seduce anyone, and she’s finally said so to Violet’s face.

You’re the Boss
mc mf ff md ft
by Pan
Added 04 November 2017
Updated 24 November 2018

A boss’s hires a new female employee, and suddenly all of his employees are acting more submissive towards him.

You’re the Inspiration
by Jukebox
Added 30 May 2010

A victim of a meme passes it along to you.

You’re Under Arrest
mc mf fd
by S. B.
Added 01 April 2023

Hypnotist and findomme extraordinaire Maureen Roberts is forced to deal with an overzealous cop after a morning shopping spree.

You’re, Like, the Best
mc mm
by Dabbler.X
Added 22 August 2009

Tad invites some buddies home from the ski slopes, and they meet Tad’s Dad.

You’ve Got the Look
mc ff
by Jukebox
Added 04 March 2023

Maddy discovers that she may have fallen victim to covert hypnotic infiltration, and is tested for susceptibility to mind control.

You’ve Heard Of Elf On The Shelf
mc ff
by HypnoticHarlequin
Added 16 December 2017

Irma decorates the apartment for her roommate Racheal.

Yuma Blood Farm
mc ff mf fd
by Chrysostomon
Added 12 October 2019

Two refugees are recruited into Lilith’s harem.

Yummy Mummy gets Candy for her Baby Girl
mc ff gr la ft
by Amethyst
Added 24 September 2011

To celebrate their success, Mummy treats Aunty Bellinda to a life changing night of pampering.

Yummy Mummy Looks After Her Own
mc ff fd la hm
by Amethyst
Added 10 September 2011

When the CEO of a large corporation needs a new PA, he feels he needs to interview the candidates personally. But a last minute addition to his list may make him reconsider his attitude to his staff.

Yvette’s Eyes
mc mf fd
by Trey Gallant
Added 12 December 1999

A man keeps going back to a health club, even though he knows that he will be hypnotized by the lovely Yvette.

Yvonne’s Immersion
mc mf md
by URN My Power
Added 04 May 2002

Yvonne really gets into the homemade anime that was drawn by Tim.