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Bimbo or Billionaire: Custom Karma

by Master GEO

Added 18 May 2019

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Rachel is a cute gold digger that has had a veritable goldmine dropped into her lap by very lucky circumstances! As her soon-to-be husband asked her to be in Bimbo or Billionaire, it was even more perfect as a friend of hers had gotten secret tech to restore her when it was all over! Super lucky! Surely it’s all coming up Rachel, right?

Chapter Length Added
Introduction 2353 words 18 May 2019
Round 1 5141 words 18 May 2019
Round 2 4557 words 18 May 2019
Round 3 4691 words 18 May 2019
Round 4 and 5 2820 words 18 May 2019
Epilogue 503 words 18 May 2019