The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Mind Control Stories: Q

Q & A
mc mf fd
by Neo Whyachi
Added 13 September 2003

Tony agrees to let Sai hypnotize him.

mc mf fd
by artie
Added 27 August 2006

Ed tries to figure out how his business rival Peter, and his assistant Christine, are so successful.

Quality Control
mc mf md fd la
by Captain Eazy
Added 20 August 2006
Updated 17 September 2006

When Myra threatens his job, cosmetics biochemist Blake offers to share his new formula with her, even though it causes certain . . . side effects.

Quality Control (Jukebox)
mc ff
by Jukebox
Added 12 May 2012

You know those customer service hotlines that brainwash the hapless women who call them? Well, this is what it sounds like from the other side.

Quantum Brainwashing
mc mf ma
by SleepyTimeSlut
Added 14 April 2018

He’d done it! He’d successfully leapt into the body of his sexy next-door neighbor! ... So now what?

The Quantum Leap
mc mf md sf rb
by Frictionwriter
Added 20 April 2002

Boy meets robogirl in his dreams.

Quantum of Horace
mc mf ff
by Lisa Teez
Added 28 October 2012

Being dead never stopped Horace from doing what he was doing, but something else did.

Quantum Tatas
mc mf fd
by LincolnAndSunset
Added 13 December 2014
Updated 21 March 2015

A young blonde secretary hears voices coming from her new implants.

mc mm
by Pan
Added 19 March 2016

When a virus hits the small colony of Deltasol, all of the men have to be quarantined.

mc mf md
by Paul Andretti
Added 01 April 2000

An intelligent alien macrovirus invades Earth, seeking to reproduce.

mc ff
by trilby else
Added 26 June 2004
Updated 24 February 2007

A captured survivor of the Life Guard struggles to save her entranced fellow captives before a vampire can return and enslave them all.

mc mf fd
by Wiseguy
Added 22 August 1999

A group of people get together at a party, are hypnotized and then play a game of strip quarters.

mc mf ff fd
by MindBender
Added 29 September 2001

After a hard day at work, a man comes home to find a strange woman in his bedroom, waiting for him.

The Queen Bee
mc ff
by InLeaves
Added 28 September 2013

A group of cloistered women are visited by a strange being.

Queen Cleopatra: And Where Have You Been?
mc ff mf fd
by The OverMind
Added 08 June 2008

Linda is upset because her husband spends so much time with his life coach, Cleo.

Queen Cleopatra: Moving Story
mc mf fd
by The OverMind
Added 04 May 2008

Cleopatra gets to meet her new neighbor when she moves into a new flat.

The Queen Has Arrived
mc ff
by J Swafford
Added 24 September 2006

A woman projects false memories for her own pleasure.

The Queen of Diamonds
mc mf fd
by Orion 1961
Added 13 September 2008

Agent Spencer is sent to capture the Queen of Diamonds, but it soon turns out to be the other way around.

Queen of Hearts
mc ff
by Jukebox
Added 22 December 2018

Jo and Chantal attend a command performance by Madam Columbina, and the cards start playing tricks on them.

Queen of the Silver Dollar
mc mf fd
by Jukebox
Added 10 March 2018

A coin collector gets invited to look at a very rare and special coin.

The Queen Transformed
mc mf gr
by izenrann
Added 19 November 2016
Updated 02 September 2017

The Queen attempts to hide from those who are attempting to usurp the throne.

Queen’s College
mc mf md
by Hypno S
Added 27 November 2005

Lisa finds herself confronting her worst fear, her own hypno-fetish.

Queen’s College Revisited
mc mf md
by Hypno S
Added 08 March 2014

Lisa’s old boyfriend, the hypnotist Richard Gaze, returns for a visit.

The Queen’s Companion
mc ff sf
by Cybernetic Changeling
Added 05 March 2011

The Queen brings a new companion to her bedroom to begin the Transfer.

Queen’s Gambit
mc ff
by Iago
Added 06 May 2001
Updated 15 December 2012

A programmer is upset when her boss hires a new management intern.

The Queen’s Knight
mc mf fd
by rdnkrdhd26
Added 04 July 2009

Dire teaches his Mistress hypnosis so that he can be hypnotized by Her.

Queen’s Pawn
mc ff
by Iago
Added 08 September 2001
Updated 15 December 2012

The Covenance seeks answers to the mysteries surrounding Fillmoore Academy.

Quentin and His Wonderfully Magically Terrible Voice
mc mf md
by asianpersuasion
Added 07 September 2013

Kyle’s best friend comes up with a concoction that gives him remarkable powers of persuasion, but the power goes to his head, and it destroys their friendship.

A Question of Humanity
mc mf fd
by Matches
Added 12 April 1998

Lucille is able to replace people’s memories and change their lives.

A Question of Lust
mc ma
by Jukebox
Added 29 January 2011

Megan becomes a contestant on “A Question of Lust”, trying to answer brain-teasers while the Eroticon teases her body. Will she win, or will the urge to masturbate become too strong to resist?

A Question of Time
mc mf md
by Jukebox
Added 02 February 2002
Updated 28 October 2007

Maggie meets a stranger who says that he wants to rescue her from a man who would enslave her.

Questionable Tactics
mc mf md
by Anynom
Added 29 April 2000

Dwayne requires first-hand knowlege regarding Jasmine’s affair with a Congressman.

Questionable Theraputic Value
mc mf ff md fd
by URN My Power
Added 08 January 2000

Short vignettes about unethical therapists and the patients they control.

mc mf md gr
by miketheFable
Added 04 November 2012

Stacey can’t understand why she and her friends agreed to become office bimbos.

Questions of Ownership
mc ff
by Cafetray
Added 05 March 2011
Updated 25 November 2012

Sarah takes ownership of Diya, and things go south from there.

mc mf md fd
by Interstitial
Added 15 August 2015

Einstein used to say an hour spent with a nice girl flies by like a minute, whilst a minute sat on a hot stove feels like an hour... and he had a point. But what happens when the rate at which time passes for different people really starts to diverge?

Quick and Dirty Anthology
mc ff gr ma be
by Aerosol Kid; Arclight; EyeofSerpent; Iago; Tabico; thrall and trilby else
Added 14 November 2004
Updated 15 December 2012

Seven meditations on a theme by some of EMCSA’s longest-standing active contributors.

Quick and Easy
mc mf fd
by Wiciarus D.
Added 01 March 2003
Updated 15 December 2012

A rather unusual Female lawyer stumbles upon a man in her office, and has a little bit of fun to make up for his intrusion.

Quick Fix
mc ff md fd ft
by Latexthom
Added 01 March 2009
Updated 21 March 2009

The CEO of a development company hears of an impending dilemma and contracts a young hypnotist to make it go away.

Quick Learner
mc mf md
by Rhetoric
Added 01 March 2003

Professor Johnson demonstrates how proficient he’s become at hypnosis.

Quick Lunch
mc mf fd
by soccerfan1965
Added 08 October 2011

A man acts like a jackass and is taught a lesson.

Quick Tempered
mc mf md
by EyeofSerpent
Added 17 December 2000

An Egyptian Special Agent and Fariq Lyr arrive in Cairo to rescue her mind-controlled sister from one of the most dangerous of Ancients, The Temple That Walks.

Quick Time
mc mf md ts
by EyeofSerpent
Added 09 December 2000

An Egyptian Special Agent finds a man named Fariq Lyr to help her rescue her mind-controlled sister, but the man proves as dangerous as he is helpful.

Quick Wit
mc mf ff md
by EyeofSerpent
Added 02 December 2000

Does light dispel darkness, or does darkness hide light? A rogue Egyptian agent pursues a personal quest into danger.

mc mf ff md
by Downing Street
Added 24 September 2005

A repository for short, descriptive mind control stories, unencumbered by characterization, background, or plot

mc ff mf md ft gr
by Jukebox
Added 16 October 2011

Shauna and Vicki get lost in the jungle and run afoul of an icky, sticky goo that comes from a very strange type of latex rubber tree.

mc mf ff fd
by Chris Chris
Added 12 November 1997

A woman investigates the disappearance of her friend Janet, who was abducted by aliens.

The Quiet Company
mc mf fd
by Pinky
Added 20 April 2002

Two software executives negotiate the buyout of another company.

Quiet on the Set
mc mf fd md
by Chrystal Wynd
Added 30 January 2010

Darcy gets star treatment at Chrystal Heights Productions.

Quiet Time
mc mf md
by J. Darksong
Added 18 October 2009

Recovering from a really bad cold, Shelley just wants to get out of bed, and attempt to get on with her day, but her Master feels she could do with some more down time... whether she thinks so or not.

Quiet Time (Jukebox)
mc mf md
by Jukebox
Added 19 November 2016

Kirsten will do anything for a little peace and quiet. And Thomas knows it.

The Quiet Type
mc ff
by Jukebox
Added 01 August 2015

Brandy has a little trouble communicating with her shy study partner. Coincidentally, she has inexplicable urges to get naked and have lesbian sex.

Quiet Your Mind
by Jukebox
Added 21 July 2018

A hypnotic induction distracts you into trance.

Quill Pen Feather
by Jukebox
Added 30 September 2017

A hypnotic induction that writes new commands into your brain.

The Quintumverate
mc mf md
by Lord Valesti
Added 13 April 2002
Updated 27 April 2002

Five of the most powerful mind controllers are brought into a war of elder species and massive armies, finding that they had just made themselves known to the source of their power.

Quitting While You’re Behind
mc ff
by Mudak
Added 20 October 2012

Amelia doesn’t believe that her latest customer will be able to keep her resolution to work out more and get into better shape.

Quiver and Quake
by Jukebox
Added 06 May 2017

An imaginary seismometer is used to measure the intensity of your thoughts.

Quizmaster Deluxe for SINtendo Whee!
mc mf in
by Kris P. Kreme
Added 18 July 2009

The trivia game Kevin plays with his family stimulates more than the mind through reward and punishment.