The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Mind Control Stories: K

K-9 Unit
mc mm sf rb
by Spot, Master Jason’s dog
Added 03 August 2002

Roy’s brain is transplanted into robot dog.

K.O. Con — SHR
mc mf md fd
by Sleepy Hypno
Added 04 February 2023
Updated 18 February 2023

Sleepygirl and a group of her friends are approached by a rather quirky inventor, who persuades them to attend a very unique kind of convention.

mc mf md ft
by jjboss60
Added 27 March 2021
Updated 08 July 2023

Kacie has some IT problems at work.

Kala’s Birthday Hypnotism
mc mf md
by All These Roadworks
Added 29 February 2020

Kala gets to indulge in her fantasy of being hypnotized. But exactly how far does she want to take things?

Kaleidoscope Mind
mc ff
by Tabico
Added 13 January 2001
Updated 15 December 2012

The girls at a retreat for summer camp counselors are the target of a powerful mind controller.

mc mf ff md
by The Lycanthrope
Added 09 July 2011

Looking for native culture in Hawaii, Tamara and Jenna find much more than they expected.

The Kami Stone
mc mf md
by Hypnotic Teddy Bear
Added 24 March 2001

Byron’s life seems a whole lot better, now that he is the keeper of a sacred stone.

Kant Was a Sub
mc mf md
by calledbyflowers
Added 25 March 2023
Updated 15 April 2023

Two philosophy students have a serious philosophical discussion about philosophy and don’t just turn into babbling idiots and suck each other off.

by Garden Variety
Added 06 June 2015

Lulu winds down her career in porno.

Kara Kraft and the Serpent’s Kiss
mc mf ff md ma
by scifiscribbler
Added 15 February 2020
Updated 13 June 2020

Seeking to rescue or avenge her brainwashed mother, Kara Kraft follows a lead on a mental manipulator operating out of a small island off the coast of Florida.

Kara Kraft and the Swiss Academy
mc mf md ma
by scifiscribbler
Added 13 August 2022
Updated 10 December 2022

After her eighteenth birthday, Kara and her friend Michelle discover the true purpose of the finishing school they enrolled in—too late? Part of the Kraft-Bimbeau Saga, but designed to stand alone.

Karaoke is the Work of the Devil
mc mf ff md
by Writerzblocked
Added 12 February 2011

Bob likes singing karaoke in his favorite bar. But the Devil himself shows up one night to complicate things.

Kara’s Survival Training
mc mf md be
by Tamedwolf
Added 09 January 2005
Updated 05 February 2005

In order to become a park ranger, Kara must undergo survival training with a mysterious man who lives in a cabin in the woods.

Karen On Loan
mc ff ft rb
by Nick Vegas
Added 31 March 2001
Updated 18 August 2001

Rhonda James loans hypnotized submissive: Neighbor Karen to Exotic Trio of Flight attendants while she jets out of town.

Karen Returns
mc ff ft hu
by Nick Vegas
Added 24 November 2001
Updated 07 April 2012

Karen is deprogrammed and going to live happily with Isabelle...or is she?

Karen Reveals Herself
mf mc md
by Master
Added 01 August 1996

A man tries out hypnosis on a female coworker, with surprisingly good results.

Karen Who
mc mf md ft
by bendherovr
Added 18 October 2009

Karen wakes up in her car not knowing who she is. She can only find a business card about some maid service and a nametag with her name on it. Surely she is not a maid? It is the only lead she has, so she heads there to find her identity.

Karen’s Gratitude
mc ff
by Nick Vegas
Added 29 October 2000
Updated 04 November 2000

Rhonda hypnotizes her new neighbor into being a deeply submissive slave.

Karen’s Last Day
mc mf md ft
by Circleloopz
Added 12 October 2002

Karen is kidnapped and enslaved by an evil alchemist with enchanted nylons.

Karen’s Ready for Play Time
mc mf ff fd
by Dr. Gass
Added 13 January 2001

He woke up to find two nurses, who, with a little injection and little gas and a hypnotized girl, could get him to do anything.

mc mf md gr
by Paladin
Added 03 May 2014

A lonely tech is surprised when a young woman tries to hide in his shop, then is further surprised by what he learns about her.

Kari’s Awakening
mc mf ff md
by Villainy
Added 06 May 2007
Updated 24 May 2007

Kari and her friend awaken in a strange room and try to piece together what’s happened to them.

Karma Dog
mc mf md gr
by Tristmegistis
Added 03 September 2011

Paul’s photo manipulations start to become reality.

KarmaCheck86 — A Bimbofication Story
mc ex gr la
by Fahzbehn
Added 16 May 2020

An online feud between two camgirls is mediated by a mysterious stranger.

Kary, The Friendly Teenage Ghost
mc mf ff ma hm
by Mania
Added 05 January 2019
Updated 14 June 2019

Sometime in eighties a local girl was cruelly pranked at the big school dance when it turned out her date asked her out on a dare. She still haunts the town to this day.

Kasha: The Addiction
mc mf fd
by ancientwisdom
Added 21 September 2008

A man finds himself in a funk, so he calls on Goddess Kasha to recuperate.

Kat and Mouse
mc ff mf fd md
by SoVeryFascinated
Added 27 July 2019
Updated 31 August 2019

Kat and Marisa love to play around with hypnosis. But their encounter with a mysterious music file is no game.

The Kat Came Back
mc ff
by SoVeryFascinated
Added 07 November 2020
Updated 12 December 2020

Kat has to go undercover to catch a cult recruiter.

Kate Gets a Lesson for Christmas
mc mf md hm
by Bee Bee
Added 17 December 2022

Santa shows up in Kate’s bedroom, who finds out what happens to naughty girls.

Katherine Anne and Me
mc mf fd
by Polo
Added 13 May 2017

Gene happens to run into his favorite Internet hypnotists on the street.

Katherine Anne and Me, Again
mc mf fd hm ft
by Polo
Added 13 June 2020
Updated 17 October 2020

Gene has more encounters with his favorite hypnodomme.

Katherine Goes Under
mc mf md
by K35night
Added 25 July 2004

Katherine wants to explore her submissive fantasies for real.

Kathy’s Power
mc ff gr
by Civ27
Added 25 September 1997

Unpopular highschooler Kathy Johanson discovers her special power.

Katie’s Downfall
mc mf md
by Hazel Grace
Added 05 August 2023

Just because she’s pretty and rich, Katie’s used to getting away with everything. Not anymore.

Katrina Blaze—A Tale of Intrigue
mc mf fd
by semore123
Added 07 August 2004
Updated 14 August 2004

A detective investigates a series of corporate crimes linked to a nightclub hypnotist.

mc ff
by SoVeryFascinated
Added 31 July 2021

Marisa doesn’t like pet play. But Kat has an idea to change her mind.

Katy Becomes A Whore
mc mf md
by Archer Stories
Added 20 November 2021

Katy agrees to help a creepy professor with his research.

Kat’s Cradle
mc ff
by SoVeryFascinated
Added 12 August 2023

Kat and Marisa are hired to investigate a nanny who uses hypnosis for suspicious reasons.

Kayla’s Secret
mc mf md
by MichelleLovesTo
Added 19 September 2004

Kayla suddenly has a great interest in wearing fancy lingerie.

Kayley Goes Shopping
mc ff md fd ma
by Saddle Rider
Added 13 April 2019

Kayley Samuels visits a college party.

Keep an Eye on Summer
mc ff
by Jukebox
Added 27 October 2018

In a world where aliens can turn seemingly anyone into brainwashed traitors, paranoia isn’t just healthy—it’s a survival trait. But can anyone be paranoid enough to escape the K’zarim’s control?

Keep It Between the Lines
mc ff
by Jukebox
Added 09 December 2023

Doctor Zee presents another case study, this one on the effects of conformity and groupthink as applied to lesbian orgies.

Keep It in the Family
mc mm in bd
by MTL Bear
Added 28 August 2005

When Roger’s nephew comes for a visit, “Little Jakey” shocks his uncle by wanting much more than a place to stay.

Keep It Simple
mc mf fd hu
by nadiencendia
Added 20 April 2003

A female hypnotizer tries to seduce a young man at the park, and gets an unexpected result.

Keep It Simple
by Jukebox
Added 26 February 2022

A hypnotic induction with themes of conditioning and intelligence reduction.

Keep Looking Where Your Eyes Are Looking Now
mc mf fd
by Jukebox
Added 16 March 2019

Sam helps Leah practice her erotic hypnosis skills, and turns out to be an enthusiastic subject.

Keep Myself Awake
mc mf md
by Jukebox
Added 02 August 2009

Doctor Linders describes the strange case of Courtney Styles, a teenage girl who becomes convinced she’ll be enslaved by the god Hypnos if she falls asleep.

Keep Your Eyes Open
mc mf md
by Jukebox
Added 13 June 2020

Detective Chou’s investigation of a kidnapping attempt leads her to a hypnotherapist who’s both expert witness and prime suspect.

Keeper of the Flame
mc mf fd
by Jukebox
Added 20 August 2016

Tomas learns from Isra that he has a very special destiny, one she will help him to fulfill.

Keeping Kayfabe
mc mf md
by scifiscribbler
Added 25 June 2022

When a famous MMA star is assigned a grizzled veteran pro wrestler to train her, her biggest obstacle is getting into character. But he has some ideas for how to help her...

Keeping Up Appearances
mc mm
by Wrestlr
Added 22 February 2014

Just an average day in the life of a logistics expert for the Super Villains Union.

Keeping Up with the Joneses
mc mf md
by Grape Marmalade
Added 27 January 2008

Bill’s wife develops an unhealthy obsession with competing with their new next-door neighbors.

Keeping Your Man Happy
mc mf md
by Archer Stories
Added 20 November 2021

Tess finds she has a new goal in life after her boyfriend plays a special DVD for her.

mc ff
by Jukebox
Added 21 January 2023

A young woman is hypnotized on a train and receives a souvenir of the experience.

Keiko’s Salon
mc ff
by BedHead
Added 12 June 2021

Keiko uses her exclusive salon to drug and extract information from foreign diplomats.

Keiko’s Salon — The Ambassador
mc ff
by BedHead
Added 26 June 2021

The Canadian Ambassador intends to visit Keiko’s—but her security detail have concerns.

Keily’s Plant
mc ff sf
by Homealone_447
Added 08 June 2008

Keily discovers a strange, phallic-shaped plant.

Keisha Joins the Hive
mc ff
by Chrysostomon
Added 25 June 2022

After Keisha is infected by a parasite, she begins a joyous learning experience as her Master introduces her to a wider world.

Keith’s Revenge
mc mf ff fd md ft
by Latexthom
Added 24 January 2015
Updated 02 May 2015

A university student manufactured a device to make hypnosis unbreakable and embarks on a revenge cycle.

Kelly Awakens
mc ff md in
by Chrysostomon
Added 11 May 2019

Kelly awakens after a year in a coma, and discovers that everything has changed.

Kelly Gets a Cock
mc ff mf fd
by TexTrance
Added 18 April 2020

Michelle uses her hypnotic power to make it seem like her strap-on is a real cock.

Kelly’s Transformation
mc mf md
by mark_la688
Added 30 September 2007

Kelly moves to California and gets a new job.

Kennel Club
mc be
by Chrysostomon
Added 04 April 2020

Being a pet owner has other rewards.

Kennel Club II — Doggy Style
mc mf ff be
by Chrysostomon
Added 11 April 2020

Kennel Club takes on new membership. Stay. Sit.

Kennel Club III — The Pack
mc be
by Chrysostomon
Added 05 December 2020

Cara and her four-legged master expand their conquests.

Kennel Club IV — The Pound
mc mf ff be
by Chrysostomon
Added 12 December 2020

Helen and her daughter Sonja are now confirmed dog-sluts. They to to the pound to get paired up with their masters.

Kennel Club IX — Bitch School
mc be
by Chrysostomon
Added 09 January 2021

Forty 18 year olds are enslaved by dogs.

Kennel Club Thirteen — Cat Fight
mc mf ff mm
by Chrysostomon
Added 15 May 2021

A pride of cats rises up to challenge the dog pack.

Kennel Club V — Dog Walker
mc be
by Chrysostomon
Added 19 December 2020

A continuation of the Kennel Club stories.

Kennel Club VI — California Girls
mc be
by Chrysostomon
Added 26 December 2020

The Kennel Club series continues.

Kennel Club VII — Master Class
mc be in
by Chrysostomon
Added 26 December 2020

Fido controls a whole family.

Kennel Club VIII — Origins
mc be
by Chrysostomon
Added 23 January 2021

Part of the Kennel Club series; a look at how it all began.

Kennel Club X — Master Plan
mc be
by Chrysostomon
Added 06 February 2021

A continuation of the Kennel Club series.

Kennel Club XI — Dog Paddle
mc be
by Chrysostomon
Added 23 January 2021
Updated 30 January 2021

Butch finds himself in Hawaii and he needs bitches.

Kennel Club XII — College
mc be
by Chrysostomon
Added 06 February 2021

A continuation of Kennel Club IX — Bitch School

Kennel Club XIV — Dog Fight
mc mf mm md be
by Chrysostomon
Added 15 May 2021

The dog pack assembles for it’s final showdown.

Kennel Club XV — Cataclysm
mc mf ff md fd be
by Chrysostomon
Added 22 May 2021

The conclusion to the Kennel Club saga.

Kennel Club — Strays
mc mf be
by Chrysostomon
Added 21 May 2022

Lana and Rex are on the run.

Kennel Corp
mc mf md be
by JoeForest
Added 29 January 2022
Updated 08 October 2022

Archie wants to encourage his girlfriend Susie to let him indulge in his petplay fantasies. Luckily, he just happens to work for a dog-breeding company with lax safety protocols.

mc ff
by Sara H
Added 26 March 2006
Updated 15 December 2012

Two agents are sent to investigate a suspicious health club and find less—and more—than they expected.

Kerry, Queen of the Dark
mc ff gr
by William Pratt
Added 04 November 2007
Updated 16 December 2007

A ring gives Kerry incredible new powers.

Kevin’s Story
mc mf md
by Blackstone
Added 17 August 1998

An adolescent boy discovers his psychic powers.

The Key
mc ff
by Kallie
Added 10 August 2019

Hatsue’s friend Laila decides to turn Hatsue’s body into her own worst enemy.

Key of Dreams
mc mf md fd
by S. B.
Added 15 August 2010

The darkest secret of the Penderghast family is about to be revealed….

A Key to Nothing
mc ff
by Jukebox
Added 24 June 2023

Kara brings Leonora over, and the keepsake on her wall catches Leonora’s eye. And Leonora uses it to catch Kara’s mind.

The Key to Rebecca
mc mf md
by A Sinister Bent
Added 19 December 2004

A woman is subjugated by a man she despises.

Keys to My Heart
mc mf md
by Jukebox
Added 25 January 2020

A young woman takes dictation from a writer of hypnosis porn and finds out that it’s very easy to turn off her brain and just type.

Keys to the Mind
mc ff mf md ma ft gr hm ex in la
by JessiGirl
Added 04 January 2014

Jessica is the subject of a long-term drug testing trial.

The Khepri Curse
mc mf
by Yazzers
Added 09 December 2023

Donna ignores the warning about touching a statue at the University museum.

Kiara’s Curse
mc mf mm
by Trixie Adara
Added 17 February 2018
Updated 29 September 2018

Robert’s reaction when he discovers the hot woman picked up at the bar is really a transexual causes her to put a vicious curse on him.

Kiara’s Submission
mc mf md bd
by kiara kitten
Added 26 March 2000
Updated 13 January 2001

Kiara listens to an email attachment that turns her into the perfect pet when her trigger phrase is used.

Kidnap Kove — SHR
mc mf md
by Sleepy Hypno
Added 09 July 2022

Sleepygirl recants a hypnotically induced dream where her and a group of other girls are… collected… while relaxing on the beach.

The Kidnap Show
mc mf md
by Jukebox
Added 16 December 2017

Lexi finds a bizarre late-night public access show that appears to be kidnapping and brainwashing women live on the air.

mc mm
by Petey [2]
Added 12 November 2006

A man is kidnapped and made to like boys.

Kidnapped! (A Sinsiter Bent)
mc mf fd
by A Sinister Bent
Added 18 September 2021

A spoiled rich girl is kidnapped but turns the tables on her abductor.

mf nc mc
by Mountain Man
Added 18 November 1996

A man kidnaps a beautiful woman and uses bondage and hypnosis to break her to his will.

A Kidnapping Gone Oh So Right and Oh So Wrong
mc mf ff fd md rb
by PhoenixianSirenanna
Added 28 March 2020

Three high school student’s plan to kidnap two popular girls for money goes awry.

Kidnapping, Torture and Pleasure
mc mf ff md bd gr
by Twilightsight
Added 17 September 2000
Updated 25 November 2000

Angela is kidnapped and implanted with nanotechnology.

Kid’s Games
mc mf md in
by Veron
Added 16 January 2005

Simon wants his namesake game to be real for him.

Kill 4 U
mc mf md
by Jukebox
Added 19 May 2018

Service Unit 4U must evade other perfectly trained slaves in order to deliver a set of instructions to a hired killer.

Killer Eyes: The Making of a Hypnotiste
mc mf md fd
by Arel Gaze
Added 11 October 2003

Miki develops an interest in hypnosis.

Killing Me Softly
mc mf md
by Jukebox
Added 02 August 2008

Detective Patricia Mulholland meets a woman who claims her husband is trying to murder her by erasing her personality.

Kimiko’s Dream House
mc ff
by Jukebox
Added 27 March 2021

Kimiko goes house-hunting with her real estate agent, Lorelei, and finds a house that’s right out of her dreams. Her sexy, lesbian dreams.

Kim’s Tale
mc mf md
by Psionic_X
Added 29 October 2006

A stripper is controlled by a man with psychic powers.

Kim’s Transformation
mc ff ft
by Gizma Grizot
Added 29 August 2009

A girl that gets transformed into a latexclad being by a secret society led by a Mistress.

The Kind Men Like
mc ff rb
by Daphne
Added 31 August 1998

Kelly, who was the model for a mass-produced pleasure android, finally meets up with one of the units—her duplicate.

The Kind of Girl I Could Love
mc ff rb
by Jukebox
Added 03 December 2016

A replacement Girl™ struggles to understand why Melinda’s first Girl couldn’t satisfy her.

A Kind of Magic
mc mm in
by Dreamreaper2k
Added 07 August 2005

A college student asks his brother for some help getting the girl of his dreams.

Kind Offer
mc mf
by MoldedMind
Added 20 January 2024

Lucinda stumbles into a bookshop during a stressful period of her life; the proprietor is kind enough to extend the offer of alleviating her stress.

mc ff
by Cafetray
Added 28 August 2005
Updated 16 April 2006

Lily and friends go camping for the weekend, but have trouble getting a fire started. Luckily, Lily has just what they need.

Kindling (FruChocs)
mc mf ff fd
by FruChocs
Added 21 July 2018

Jasmine and Michael are ensnared in a hypnotic conspiracy while on holiday on a tropical island.

The Kindness of Strangers
mc mf
by Lisa Teez
Added 16 October 2010

Some strangers want to help out Courtney out when they find her sitting alone.

The Kindness of Strangers (Pan)
mc mf ff md fd ex
by Pan
Added 02 March 2013
Updated 08 February 2019

Yasmine’s new friends in the big city teach her all she needs to know.

The King and I
mc mf md
by Chrystal Wynd
Added 06 May 2017

In Chrystal Heights, appearances are often deceiving, as three girls learn when they try to bully an old man at Windchaser Park.

The King Experience
mc mf ff gr
by William Pratt
Added 17 April 2010
Updated 26 June 2010

Tracy gets an education in old testament horror.

King Nerd
mc mf md
by Hipno 24
Added 12 February 2022

A nerd with no chance with girls decides to try his luck with a magic potion.

King of the World
mc mf md
by TimT85
Added 11 July 2010
Updated 03 October 2010

An old man explains why everyone in the bar is acting strangely.

The King of Wet Dreams
mf md mc
by Chintaya
Added 01 August 1996

Heather joins Cindy on a visit to Kevin, the dorm nerd. She soon learns that Kevin has an insidious power, one which will most likely ensnare her soon.

King Pleasure Time
mc ma
by Jukebox
Added 08 July 2017

A new ad campaign for personal massagers has one woman seeing red...and hearing the endless buzz of sex toys wherever she goes.

Kingdom of Lost Memories
mc ff
by nevermind
Added 06 July 2019

When the Queen demands her tribute, a peasant girl is carried off to the far-away capital. In the royal castle, she learns of the terrible truth behind the regent’s rule, and of her own power.

A Kingdom Taken
mc mf md
by InLeaves
Added 13 May 2017

A kingdom is ruled by two powerful women, the queen and her royal sorceress. But one night, the mage makes a grave mistake and frees an incubus.

Kingdom’s Fall
mc ff
by Arclight
Added 09 June 2001

In a kingdom of light in a dark world, at its heart stands one woman. She is its downfall.

Kink City Bimbos
mc mf ff md fd ma la gr ft fu ds ex sf cb
by Eric Stray
Added 15 August 2020

After the Shift, no place was the same. Some places turned to chaos, others into bastions. Kink City is a little of both: a hotbed of perversion and superpowered conflict who’s boundaries blur at a moment’s notice. Whether hero or villain, on your knees or on top, there’s always a place for deviance in Kink City.

Kip and Jason
mc mm
by Sub Aiden
Added 09 January 2010

Jason travels 2,000 miles across the country to meet a man he chatted online about hypnosis with.

Kirsty and the Slob
mc mf md
by EngineX
Added 19 January 2002
Updated 09 March 2002

Kirsty takes an instinctive dislike to an unpleasant stranger on the train, but soon finds herself compelled to do exactly as he says. For his own part the stranger finds Kirsty a very attractive proposition and is soon planning for her long term future. The plans have little to do with the young woman’s welfare and everything to do with his own satisfaction...

The Kiss
mc mf md be
by BZ"2"
Added 09 July 2006

Danielle is hypnotized by Dr. Svenson to act like a dog.

Kiss (Jukebox)
mc ff
by Jukebox
Added 16 July 2011

WildRose is ambushed by the ineffectual supervillainess Sangria. She’s managed to avoid Sangria’s drugged lipstick every other time they fought, but this time, Sangria has a host of brainwashed superheroes on her side. Can she possibly resist? (No.)

Kiss and Control
mc ff cb
by Jukebox
Added 31 August 2019

Sharpe finds herself in the cross-hairs of an old enemy who plans to use her to get to WildRose.

Kiss and Make Up
mc ff mf
by BimbosAndDolls
Added 26 May 2018

A powerful mind-controller, Mr. Legion, encounters a group of young people caught in a conflict. How will he help them out?

Kiss and Tell
mc mf md
by Sara H
Added 04 November 2000
Updated 15 December 2012

Randy demonstrates his powers of manipulation to Mia.

Kiss and Tell (Maxamillion Saberhagen)
mc md gr ft
by Maxamillion Saberhagen
Added 23 September 2017

A high powered business exectutive with a history of stepping on otheres has an encounter in her office with a strange being. The curse the being lays on her will take her down a long road to bimbohood where she’ll happily bring others with her.

Kiss From a Rose
mc mf ff md fd cb
by Gbrn32e and J. Darksong
Added 18 June 2016
Updated 24 September 2016

Venus Satore moves forward with her plans; Rose takes a vacation; Eugene searches; Katie is a wildcard.

A Kiss Is Just a Kiss
mc mf
by Misty Fog
Added 05 June 2010

A diabolical threat is spreading through college campuses, in the form of kissing.

Kiss Me Deadly
mc fd
by Jukebox
Added 25 July 2009

A journalist is trapped in a cell with a very unusual prisoner, one who needs something very special from the journalist if they’re to escape.

Kiss Me While I’m Down
mc ff cb
by Jukebox
Added 11 September 2021

Sangria finally defeats WildRose, and she learns the secret behind all her easy victories over the mind controlling villainess over the years.

Kiss Me, I’m Iris
mc ff mf
by Lisa Teez
Added 12 March 2011

Iris has a life changing experience.

Kiss My Ass
mc mf ff md gr
by Captain Eazy
Added 26 July 2008
Updated 02 August 2008

Young Roman patrician Lucius is as well-endowed as an ass. Unfortunately, he is an ass–can his love for a beautiful victim of a love potion restore him to human form?

Kiss of Breath
mc ff
by EyeofSerpent
Added 29 July 2000
Updated 15 December 2012

The last of her tribe, Kisiki, receives the breath from an ancient.

Kiss of Life
mc mf fd
by Anynom
Added 06 January 2001

Keri teaches Chloe and Leelee how to meet guys.

Kiss of the Vampire
mc mf ff md fd
by J. Darksong
Added 20 October 2002
Updated 09 November 2002

Iliana, a two thousand year old vampire slave, searches for her missing Master, who disappeared in a small town in Connecticut.

Kiss on the Neck
mc ff ft
by Jukebox
Added 31 October 2020

Megan attends a professional gathering for women in STEM and finds herself with a new fetish for turtleneck shirts.

A Kiss So Deadly
mc ff bd ds
by Trixie Adara
Added 17 February 2024
Updated 06 April 2024

When her wife goes missing, Detective Miranda Knox investigates and gets trapped in a cult of witches looking to corrupt women with symbiotes for a sinister master plan.

Kiss the Doll
mc ff md
by nonlocal
Added 30 May 2020

Two women volunteer to take part in a hypnosis experiment.

Kiss the Girl
mc ff
by bubblepopmei
Added 25 January 2014

Mei and Christina have a revelation while watching The Little Mermaid.

Kiss Your Ass
mc ff
by Jukebox
Added 06 August 2022

Caitlin gets lost in a beautiful posterior.

The Kissing Bargain
mc mf fd
by GigglingGoblin
Added 03 August 2019

An adventurer finds himself pressured into a deal with a ditzy imp. With every sweet kiss, she gives him a useful secret. But what is she taking from his mind in exchange?

The Kissing Booth
mc mf fd
by Milo Minderbinder
Added 04 March 2023
Updated 27 January 2024

After Brad kisses Lorelei at a charity kissing booth, he finds he will do anything to get more.

Kissing Cousins
mc mf md in
by BB Zed
Added 25 August 2012

Angelique suddenly starts doing whatever her cousin tells her to.

Kissing Disease
mc ff mf fd md
by Jukebox
Added 06 February 2016

Ordinary student Carrie tries to cope with a new strain of mono that threatens to become a pandemic.

The Kissing Factor
mc mf fd md
by S. B.
Added 14 March 2020
Updated 19 February 2022

Six friends get together for their quarterly reunion. When one of them claims to have become a master hypnotist, things take a turn for the unexpected.

The Kissing Spell
mc mf fd
by me-chan
Added 26 November 2016
Updated 10 December 2016

A small office grievance and mistake lead to something unexpected for two people.

mc mf ff md in
by Pan
Added 11 June 2016

Arnold wants to know why his sister is always so affectionate with her female friends.

mc mf md
by URN My Power
Added 30 October 1999

Kit discovers an alien device that gives him absolute power.

mc ex gr
by IridescentGentleman
Added 16 March 2024

Finance major Victoria Parker is looking to get rich quick by investing in crypto. But when she takes an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the new “KitsuCoin”, she’ll find out she’s investing more than her money in the digital currency.

Kittens and Tigers
mc mf ff md
by nighcon187
Added 15 March 2009

Christy and Ashley let themselves be hypnotized.

Kitty and Cammi in Church Country
mc mf ff md gr hu
by Cristina Prince
Added 31 December 2011

Two girls learn the meaning of friendship and bond during a weekend visit to Cherub Cove, becoming inseparable. It’s the kind of trip that lasts a lifetime!

Kitty Kat
mc mf md in
by Pan
Added 23 July 2016

Duncan’s lesbian sister keeps having dreams that she’s turned into a cat.

Kitty Psi
mc mf fd hm
by Dark Wynd
Added 20 August 2011

A girl decides to show off her power to the sorority she wants to pledge.

Kitty’s Cookies
mc mf ff md in
by Redsliver
Added 19 November 2022
Updated 29 April 2023

Jordan is too polite for his own good, when his best friend’s little sister bakes him cookies, he smiles and says they’re amazing, overdosing on the greatest baking disaster of all time. But as they say: What doesn’t kill you, gives you mind powers...

Klaatu Barata Nikto
mc mf md in sf
by sourdough
Added 21 November 2004
Updated 31 October 2009

Klaatu meets his father and begins to learn his destiny.

mc mf fd
by Chew Toy
Added 09 February 2019

Graham tries out a kneeling meditation class at a BDSM convention.

Kneel Before The Mistress of Power
mc mf ff fd
by Enthralledo
Added 15 April 2017
Updated 06 May 2017

Mistress Y goes from web video performer to the most powerful person in the world.

A Knight in the Forest
mc mf mm
by Julian Obedient
Added 03 July 2005

A knight endures a series of enchantments.

Knights of the Teorsas
mc mf md ma hu
by Maximilian Cummings
Added 25 August 2012
Updated 01 September 2012

Tacey is taught a lesson when she is overheard making a joke about erections. The Knights of the Teorsas are listening and take such things very, very seriously indeed.

mc mf md
by IIvx
Added 02 February 2002

Jill fantasizes about being gang-raped, and desires a safe but realistic way of living out her fantasy.

mc mf md
by Anynom
Added 29 April 2000

While taking a boxing class, Nia is hypnotized by her trainer.

Knowing Your Place
mc mf fd
by Vez’Roth
Added 19 October 2008
Updated 22 November 2008

Miakoda, the woman that Ulfr moved across the country to get away from, suddenly walks back into his life.

The Knowledge of Good and Evil
mc mf md
by SoulBlazer
Added 30 May 2009
Updated 14 June 2009

Mandy has her whole life changed one day by an old mysterious book.

mc mf md hm ex ts rb
by Xban
Added 15 August 2020
Updated 26 September 2020

A high-tech collar alters Emma’s life and position at work.

mc mf fd
by Centurea Montana
Added 09 November 2013

Oliver plays video games with his friend’s Mom.

Korea Conseling
mc mf ff
by Mudak
Added 13 April 2013

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un inherited quite a few strategic experiments from his father, Kim Jong-Il. One such experiment involved the kidnapping of a family of bonobos, an endangered species of a close relative to human beings. What would a megalomaniacal dictator want with a species of primate known for its sexual proclivities? United States spy agencies don’t know but they intend to find out...

The Kota Cock
mc mm
by Kota
Added 03 March 2012
Updated 22 September 2012

Once Dan sees the Kota Cock, all he wants to do is kneel before it and please it.

mc mf md ds
by MyndHold
Added 15 December 2012

An ancient, dark force arises in the modern night to spread terror in the dark, waining days of Autumn.

mc mf md
by Edward Nigma
Added 20 December 2009

Mary discovers her boyfriend’s stash of mind control stories—all written by one author.

Kreme’s Fairy Tales — Rumpletitswell
mc mf md gr
by Kris P. Kreme
Added 08 August 2009

Grace makes a deal with a stranger to give her bigger tits overnight.

Kreme’s Fairy Tales — Sleeping with Beauty
mc mf
by Kris P. Kreme
Added 26 June 2010

Once upon a time, a beautiful princess suffered a most unusual curse. To save her virtue, her kingdom became nightly pawns in acting out her whorish dreams over the course of a hundred years.

Kreme’s Fairy Tales — The Slut who cried Wolf
mc mf md
by Kris P. Kreme
Added 30 May 2009

Kelly, a beautiful girl with an ugly attitude, learns a very important lesson.

Kristine’s Conscience
mc ff mf mm fd ma
by Sarhom
Added 08 November 2014
Updated 04 June 2016

A girl with unlimited psychic powers calls upon her childhood friend to act as her moral guide. Can he stop her from imposing her perverted whims on everyone around her? And more importantly, will he want to?

Kurs Uv Da Ware-Bimbo
mc ff
by J. Darksong
Added 15 February 2014

Dr. Candice Hamilton. Physician, Scientist. Simply looking for a way to tap into the inner sexual goddess that all women have. But then an altercation with a sex-crazed bimbo forever alters her body chemistry. Now, whenever she becomes aroused or turned on, a startling metamorphosis occurs. Don’t make her horny—you’ll REALLY like her when she’s horny!